Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis


To my cosyn Margret Paston.

I recummand me to yow and thank yow of yowr labowr and besynes with þe vnruly felechep that cam befor yow on Monday last past, wherof I herd report be John Hobbis; and in god feyth ye aquyt yow rygth wel and discretly, and hertyly to yowr wurchep and myn and to þe shame of yowr aduersarijs. And I am wel content þat ye avowid þat ye kept possescion at Drayton, and so wold doo; wherfor I pray yow make yowr word god if ye may, and at þe lest let myn aduersarijs not haue it in pees if ye may. Jon Hobbys tellith me þat ye be seekly, whech me lekith not to here, prayin [deleted in MS]g yow hartyly þat ye take what may do yow eese and spare not, and in any wyse take no thowth ne to moch labor for þes materis, ne set it not so to yowr hert þat ye fare þe wers for it. And as for þe mater, so þey ouercome yow not with fors ne bosting I shall have þe maner sewrlyer to me and myn þan þe Dewk shall haue Cossey, dowt ye not. Page  135And jn cas I come not hom within thre wekis, I pray yow come to me; and Wykes hath promisid to kepe the plase in yowr absens. Neuertheles, whan ye come set it in sech rewle as ye seme best and most suer bothe for Castre and Heylisdon, if þe werre hold. In cas ye haue pees, send me word. As for that it is desyrid I shuld shew my tytill and euyden [deleted in MS]s to þe Dewk, me thin [deleted in MS]kyth he had euyll cowncell to entre in opon me trustin [deleted in MS]g I shuld shew hym euydens. And ye seme it may do yow god or eese, lete my lord of Norwich wet that þe maner of Drayton was a marchantis of London callid Jon Heylisdon longe er any of þe Polis þat þe seyd Dewk comyth of wer borne to any lond in Norffolk or Suffolk; and if þey wer at that tyme born to no lond, how may þe seyd Dewk klaym Drayton be þat pedegré? As for þe seyd John Heylisdon, he was a por man born, and from hym þe seyd maner dessendid to Alise his dowtyr, hos estat I haue; and I suppose þe seyd Dewk comyth not of hem.
Item, as for the pedegré of þe seyd Dewk, he is sone to William Pool, Dewk of Suffolk, sone to Mychell Pool, Erl of Suffolk, sone to Mychel Pool, þe furst Erl of Suffolk of þe Polis, mad be King Richard seth my fader was born. And þe seyd furst Mychell was sone to on William Pool of Hull, whech was a wurchepfull man grow be fortwne of þe werld, and he was furst a marchant and after a knygth, and after he was mad baneret. And if any of þees hadde þe maner of Drayton I woll los c li., so þat any persone for þe Dewk will be bond in as mech to proue þe contrary. And I wot weel þe seyd Dewkis cowncell wil not claym þe seyd maner be þe tytill of þe fader of þe seyd William Pool. And what þe fader of þe seyd William was, as be þe pedegré mad in þe seyd last Dewkis fadiris daijs, I know rygt weell; wherof I jnformyd Herry Boteler to tell my old lady of Suffolk, be-cawse he is of her cowncell, and more will I not tell in þes mater but if I be desyrid or compellid.
Item, let my lord of Norwich wete þat it is not profitabl [deleted in MS]e ner þe comen well of gentilmen that any jentilman shuld be compellid be an entré of a lord to shew his evidens or tytill to his lond, ner I nil not begine þat exsample ne thralldam of gentilmen ner of othir. It is god a lord take sad cowncell or he begyne any sech mater. And as for þe Poolis that owth Drayton, if þer were c of hem leuyng, as þer is non, yet haue they no tytill to þe seyd maner. God kepe yow. Wret þe Satirday, &c. Yowr Jon Paston I pray yow be as mery with yowr feluchep as ye kan. Page  136
Item, I send hom writt and proses for yowr [deleted in MS] seruantis and myn.
Item, I may sell yowr [deleted in MS] woll for xl d. þe ston redi mony, as Arblaster can tell yow, and malt for iiij s. þe quarter at daijs xxj for xx deliuerid of Yermoth mesur. If ye fayle mony ye most make it of yowr wole or malt. I send yow hom writtis of repleuin for þe shep and þe hors þat wer take, and avise yow lete þe writtis be deliuerd be-for my lord of Norwich and god rekord; and if ye may make men with fors to take þe catell ageyn [deleted in MS] be waran of repleuyn, spar not rather than fayle.