Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis


To my cosyn Margret Paston and to Jon Dawbeney and Richard Call. Page  132

I [unclear] recumman [deleted in MS]d me to yow, and haue receyvid a letter from yow and a-nother fro Richard Call be John Colman [unclear] and on be Roos, and I haue receyvid of Colman the plate and mony acordin [deleted in MS]g to [deleted in MS] Richard Callis letteris.
Item, I can yow thonk ye send me word the pri [deleted in MS]se of corn.
Item, as for yowre sone: I lete yow wete I wold he dede wel, but I vnderstand in hym no dispocicion of polecy ne of gouernans as man of the werld owt to do, but only leuith, and euer hath, as man disolut, with-owt any prouicion, ne that he besijth hym nothin [deleted in MS]ge to vnderstand swhech materis as a man of lyuelode must nedis vnderstond. Ne I vnderstond nothin [deleted in MS]g of what dispocicion he porposith to be, but only I kan thynk he wold dwell ageyn in yowr hows and myn, and ther ete and drink and slepe. þerfor I lete yow wete I wold know hym or he know myn enten [deleted in MS]t, and how wel he hath ocupijd his tym now he hath had leyser. Euery pore man þat hath browt vp his chylder to the age of xij yer waytyth than to be holp and profitid be his childer, and euery gentilman that hath discrecion waytith that his ken and seruantis þat levith be hym and at his coste shuld help hym forthward. As for yowr sone, ye knowe well he neuer stode yow ne me in profite, ese, or help to valew of on grote, sauyn [deleted in MS]g at Calcot Hall whane he [deleted in MS] and hes brothir kept it on day ageyns Debenha [deleted in MS]m, and yet was it at iij þe coste that euer Debenham sones put hym to; for be her policé they kepe Cotton at my cost and with the profitis of the same. Wherfor geff hem no favor tyle ye feel what he is and will be.
Item, Call sendith me word that Master Phylip hat entrid in Drayton in my lord of Suffolk name, and hat odir purpose to entre in Heylisdon, and he askith myn auyse; whech is that ye conforte my tenantis and help hem til I come hom, and let hem wet I shall not lese it; and that the Dewk of Suffolk that last dijd wold haue bouth it of Fastolff, and for he mygth Page  133 not haue it so he claymyd þe maner, seyin [deleted in MS]g it was on Polis, and for his name was Poole he claymid to be eyr. He was ansueryid þat he com nothin [deleted in MS]g of that stok, and how someuer were kyn to the Polis þat owth it, it hurt not for it was laufully bowth and sold; and he neuer kleymid it after.
Item, I am in purpose to take assise ageynse hem at tis tyme, and ell I wold haue sent theder streyt be a letter of atorney to entre in my name. Neuer the les ye be a gentilwoman, and it is worshep for yow to confort yowr tenantis; wherfor I wold ye myth ryd to Heylisdon and Drayton and Sparha [deleted in MS]m, and tari at Drayton [deleted in MS] and speke with hem, and byd hem hold with ther old master til I com, and that ye haue sent me word but late, wherfor ye may haue non answer yet. And informe hem as I ha wrete to yow [deleted in MS] with-in, and sey oupinly it is a shame that any man shuld set anny lord on so ontrwe a mater, and speciall a preste; and lete hem wete as sone as I am com hom I shall see hem.
Item, that as for distreyn for rent or ferm, thow the Dewk had tytill, as he hath not, he may non ask til the next rent day after his entré, that is Michelmes. And seye þat ye will be paijd euerj pené, and aske hem it, and make mech of men of Cossey becawse þey wer owr welwilleris when we wer neyboris ther; and lete hem wete þat þe begynneris of shech mater had neuer worchip ner profite of me, ne shall, and desyr god will of yowr neyboris, &c., and fynd [deleted in MS] all othir menis þat ye kan to plese þe pepill. And lete yowr tenantes wete that þe Dewke may neuer be lawe compel hem to torn from me, and do all so well as ye can. And if any entyr be mad in Heylisdon [deleted in MS], shuff him owt and set sum man to kepe þe plac [deleted in MS]e if ned be, not with-standin [deleted in MS]g it longith not to þe maner.
Item, I wold fayn haue sum man to be baylé of Heylisdon and Drayton, &c., þat mygth go amongis the tenantis; and ell I wolld han Richard Charllis to go among hem tyl I com hom, and also Richard Call whan he may.
Item, he sent me word that the tenantis of Drayton wold not come to the Dewkis cort, and if þey will be so sted [deleted in MS]fast to me and kepe hem Page  134strawnge and froward from the Dewkis cowncell, all this mater shall turn to a jape and not hurt hem ner, and if þey [deleted in MS] be wauerin [deleted in MS]g it shall hurt hem.
Item, I lete yow wete þis is do to cause me to seese my labor ayens hym for Dedham, whe [deleted in MS]ch I wil not for it. God kepe yow. Wret the Thursday be-for Sent Petris Day.
Item, tel Richard Call jf I [deleted in MS] haue wittene [deleted in MS]ssis redy I wol spede this mater spirituall befor Estern.