Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis

TO THE EARL OF OXFORD 1454, 03, 31

Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I recomaund me to yowre Page  81gode lordshep, besechyng youre lordshep that ye take not to displesauns thow I write you as I here say: that Agnes Denyes, be the meanes of your lordshep and of my lord the Cardynall, hos sowle God assoyle and forgeve, was set in preson beyng with child; which, and the sorough and shame there-of, was nygh here deth, and yet dayly is vexed and trobled, and here seruauntes in like wyse, to the vttermest distruccion of here person and godes. In which, my lord, at the reuerens of God, remembre that she was maried be you, and be my meanes be your comaundment and writyng, and drow there-to full sore a-geyn here entent in the be-gynnyng, and was worth v c marc. and better, and shuld haue had a gentilman of this contré of an c marc. of lond and wele born, ne had be your gode lordshep and writyng to here and me. And this considered in your wise discrecion, I trost, my lord, thow here prisonyng were of oderes labore ye wuld help here; and if she be distroyd be this mariage my conscyens thynketh I am bownd to recompense here after my pore and sympill power. My lord, ye know I had litill cause to do for Thomas Denyes, savyng only for your gode lordshep. Also, my lord, I know wele that Watere Ingham was bete, the matere hangyng in myn a-ward, right fowle and shamefully; and also how the seid Thomas Denyes hath this last terme, a-geyn your nobill estat, right vn-wysely demened hym to his shame and grettest rebuke that euer he had in his lyve; where-fore it is right wele do his person be ponysshed as it pleaseth you. But this not withstondyng, for Goddes loue, my lord, remembre how the gentilwoman is accombred only for yowre sake, and help here; and if aught lyth in my powere to do that that myght please yowre lordshep, or cowde fynde any wey for Water Ingham a-vayll and wurchep, I wull do it to my powere, and the rathere if your lordshep support the jentilwoman, for I know the matere and that longe plee is litill a-vayll, and euery thing must haue an ende. I haue told my brothere Mathew Drury more to enfourme yowre lordshep than I may haue leysere to write for his hasty departyng. Right wurchepfull and my right especiall lord, I besech Allmyghty God send you asmych joy and wurchep as euer had any of my lordes yowre aunceteres, and kepe you and all yowres. Wretyn at Norwich the iiij Sonday of Lent. Yowre seruaunte to his powre, John Paston Page  82