Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis


Vn-to my ryght welbelouyd Voluntyn John Paston, squyer, be þis bill + delyuered, &c.

Ryght reuerent and wurschypfull and my ryght welebeloued Voluntyne, I recommande me vn-to yowe full hertely, desyring to here of yowr welefare, whech I beseche Almyghty God long for to preserve vn-to hys plesure and ȝowr hertys desyre. And yf it please ȝowe to here of my welefare, I am not in good heele of body ner of herte, nor schall be tyll I here from yowe; For þer wottys no creature what peyn þat I endure, And for to be deede I dare it not dyscure. And my lady my moder hath labored þe mater to my fadure full delygently, but sche can no more gete þen ȝe knowe of, for þe whech God knowyth I am full sory. But yf that ȝe loffe me, as I tryste verely that ȝe do, ȝe will not leffe me þerfor; for if þat ȝe hade not halfe þe lyvelode þat ȝe hafe, for to do þe grettyst labure þat any woman on lyve myght, I wold not forsake ȝowe. And yf ȝe commande me to kepe me true where-euer I go Iwyse I will do all my myght ȝowe to love and neuer no mo. And yf my freendys say þat I do amys, þei schal not me let so for to do, Myn herte me byddys euer more to love ȝowe Truly ouer all erthely thing. And yf þei be neuer so wroth, I tryst it schall be bettur in tyme commyng. Page  663No more to yowe at this tyme, but the Holy Trinité hafe ȝowe in kepyng. And I besech ȝowe þat this bill be not seyn of non erthely creature safe only ȝour-selfe, &c. And thys lettur was jndyte at Topcroft wyth full heuy herte, &c. Be ȝour own M. B.