Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century, Part I
Paston family
Norman Davis
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Syr, plesyth it to vndyrstand that i conceyue by your lettyr whyche þat ye sent me by Jwdé þat ye haue herd of R.C labor whyche he makyth by ouyr vngracyous sustyrs assent; but wher as they wryet that they haue my good wyll ther-in, sauyng your reuerence þey falsly lye of it, for they neuer spake to me of þat mater, nor non othyr body in ther name. Louell axyd me onys a qwestyon whedyr þat i vndyrstood how it was betwyx R. C. and my sustyr. I can thynk þat it was by Callys menys, for when i axyd hym whedyr C. desyird hym to meue me þat qwestyon or not, he wold haue gotyn it aweye by hummys and by hays. But i wold not so be answeryd, wherfor at þe last he told me þat hys oldest sone desyird hym to spere whedyr þat R. C. wer swyr of hyr or nowt, for he seyd þat he knew a good maryage for hyr. But i wot he lyeyd, for he is hole wyth R. Cale in þat mater; wher-for, to þat entent þat he nor they shold pyek no comfort of me, i answerd hym þat and my fadyr, whom God asoyle, wer a-lyue and had consentyd ther-to, and my modyr and ye bothe, he shold neuer haue my good wyll for to make my sustyr to selle kandyll and mustard in Framlyn [deleted in MS]gham; and þus, wythe mor wyhche wer longe to wryet to you, we departyd. Page  542And wher as it plesythe yow in your lettyr to crye me mercy for þat ye sent me not syche ger as i sent yow mony for, i crye yow mercy þat i was so lewde to encomber yow wyth eny so sympyll a mater, consyderyng the grette maters and weyghty þat ye haue to doo; but need compellyd me, for in thys contré is no syche stuffe as i sent to yow for. Also, wher as it plesyth yow to send to Rychard Calle to delyuer me monye, so God help me i wyll non axe hym for my-sylfe, nor non had i of hym, nor of non othyr man but of myne owne, syne ye depertyd; but þat lytyll þat i myght for-bere of myn owne i haue delyueryd to Dawbeney for howsold, and payd it for yow in menys wagys. And ther-for who euer sendys yow word þat i haue spent yow eny mony syne ye went hens, they must geue yow an othyr reknyng, in sauyng in met and drynk, for i eete lyek an horse of purpose to eete yow owte at the dorys; but þat nedythe not, for ye com not wyth-in them, wher [deleted in MS]for, so God help me, the felaushep her thynkys þat ye haue forgetyn vs alle. Wherfor, and eny thyng be ille rewlyd when ye come home, wyet it your-selfe for defawt of ouer-syght. Also i vndyrstand for verry ser [deleted in MS]teyn, and it is sent me so woord owt of my lordys howse, that thys Pentcost is my lordys consell at Framlyngham, and they purpose thys week and the next to hold coortys her at Caster and at all othyr maners þat wer Syr John F., purchasyd of Yelluerton and of Syr T. H., whom God asoyle; and how that my demenyng shalbe it is to late to send to yow for auyse, wherfor [unclear] and i do well i axe no thank and if i do ille i pray yow ley the defawt on ouyr lytyll wyte. But i purpose to vse the fyrst poynt of hawkyng, to hold fast and i maye; but so God help me, and they myht pulle downe þe howse on ouyr hedys i wyet hem not, whyche i trust to God to kep hem from. For, by God that bowght me, the best erle in Inglond wold not dele so wyth my lord and my lady as ye do wyth-owt makyng of some menys to them; so God help me, who so euer auyse yow to do so, he is not your frend. And i may, i tryst to God to se yow a-bowght Mydsomer or be-for, for in good feythe i wene ye purpose yow þat it shall be Estern er ye come hom; for all your seruauntys her wen that ye purpose no more to dele wyth them, but to leue hem her in ostage to my lord of Norfolk. Al [deleted in MS]so, syr, i pray yow puruey what jne þat my brodyr Edmun [deleted in MS]d shall be in, for he losyth sore tyme her, i promyse yow. I pray yow send me word by the next messenger þat comyth, and i shall eythyr send hym or bryng hym vp wyth me to London. Page  543Also, syr, we pore sanz deners of Caster haue brook iij or iij stelle bowys; wherfor we beseche yow, and ther be eny maker of steelle bowys jn London whyche is verry kunnyng, þat ye wyll send me woord, and i shall send yow the bowys þat be brokyn, whyche be your owne greet bowe and Roberd Jaksonys bowe and Johon Pampyngys [unclear] bowe. Thes iij haue kast so many caluys þat they shall neuer cast qwarellys tyll they be new mad. I praye yow fynd the menys that my lord may haue some resonable meane profyrd so þat he and my lady may vndyrstand that ye desyir to haue hys good lordshep. I promyse yow jt shall do yow ease, and your tenauntys both. And God preserue. J.P.

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