Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum xxxiiij

SOo the duke departed / and sir Gareth stode there alone and there he sawe an armed knyght comyng toward hym / Thenne syre Gareth toke the dukes shelde / and Page  267 [leaf 134r] mounted vpon horsbak / and soo withoute bydyng they ranne to gyder as it had ben the thonder / And there that knyȝt hurt syr Gareth vnder the syde with his spere / And thenne they alyghte / and drewe their swerdes / and gafe grete strokes that the blood trayled to the ground / And soo they foughte two houres / At the last there came the damoysel Lynet that somme men calle the damoysel saueage / and she came rydynge vpon an ambelynge meule / and there she cryed al on hyghe / syr Gawayne syr Gawayne leue thy fyghtynge with thy broder syre Gareth / And whan he herd her saye soo he threwe aweye hys shelde and his swerd / and ranne to syre Gareth / and tooke hym in his armes / and sythen kneled doune and asked hym mercy / What are ye said syr Gareth that ryght now were soo stronge and soo myghty / and now so sodenly yelde you to me O Gareth I am your broder syr Gawayn that for youre sake haue had grete sorou and labour / Thenne syr Gareth vnlaced his helme / and knelyd doune to hym / and asked hym mercy / thenne they rose both and enbraced eyther other in their armes and wepte a grete whyle or they myghte speke / and eyther of hem gaf other the pryce of the bataille / And there were many kynde wordes bitwene hem / Allas my faire broder said sir gawayn perde I owe of ryghte to worshippe you / and ye were not my broder / for ye haue worshipped kyng Arthur and all his courte / for ye haue sente me mo worshipful knyghtes this twelue moneth than syxe the best of the round table haue done excepte sir Launcelot / Thenne cam the damoysel saueage that was the lady Lynet that rode with sir gareth soo longe / and there she dyd staunche sir gareths woundes / and sir gawayns Now what wille ye doo said the damoysel saueage / me semeth that it were wel do þt Arthur had wetyng of you both for your horses are soo brysed that they may not bere / Now faire damoysel said syr Gawayne / I praye you ryde vnto my lord myn vnkel kynge Arthur / and telle hym what aduenture is to me betyd here / and I suppose he wille not tary long / Thenne she tooke her meule and lyghtly she came to kynge Arthur / that was but two myle thens / And whan she had told hym tydynges the kynge bad gete hym a palfroy /

¶ And whan he was vpon his bak he badde the lordes and ladyes come after who Page  268 [leaf 134v] that wold / and there was sadelyng and brydelyng of quenes horses and prynces horses / & wel was hym that soonest myght be redy / Soo whan the kynge came there as they were he sawe syr Gawayn and syr Gareth sytte vpon a lytel hylle syde / & thenne the kynge auoyded his hors / And whanne he cam nyghe syre Gareth / he wold haue spoken but he myghte not / and therwith he sanke doune in a swoune for gladnesse / and soo they starte vnto theyr vnkyl / and requyred hym of his good grace to be of good comforte / Wete ye wel the kyng made grete ioye and many a pyteous complaynte he made to syr Gareth / And euer he wepte as he had ben a chyld / With that cam his moder the quene of Orkeney dame Morgause / And whan she sawe syr Gareth redely in the vysage she myghte not wepe but sodenly felle doun in a swoune / and lay there a grete whyle lyke as she had ben dede / And thenne syr Gareth recomforted his moder in suche wyse that she recouerd and made good chere / Thenne the kynge commaunded that al maner of knyghtes that were vnder his obeissaunce shold make their lodgyng ryght there for the loue of his neuewes / And soo it was done and al manere of purueaunce purueyd that ther lacked nothyng that myghte be goten of tame nor wylde for gold or syluer / And thenne by the meanes of the damoysel Saueage syr Gawayne and syr Gareth were heled of their woundes / and there they soiourned eyght dayes / Thenne said kyng Arthur vnto the damoysel saueage I merueylle that your syster Dame Lyones cometh not here to me / and in especyal that she cometh not to vysyte her knyghte my neuewe syre Gareth that hath had soo moche trauaille for her loue / My lord said the damoysel Lynet ye must of your good grace hold her excused / For she knoweth not that my lord syr Gareth is here / Go thēne for her said kynge Arthur that we may be apoynted what is best to done accordyng to the plesyr of my neuewe / Syr said the damoysel that shal be done / and soo she rode vnto her syster / And as lyghtely as she myght made her redy & she cam on the morne with her broder syr Gryngamor / and with her xl knyȝtes / And so whan she was come she had alle the chere that myghte be done bothe of the kynge and of many other kynges and quenes Page  269 [leaf 135r]