Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

Capitulum xix

THēne after the departyng of kyng Ban and of kyng Bors kynge Arthur rode vnto Carlyon / And thyder cam to hym kyng Lots wyf of Orkeney in maner of a message / but she was sente thyder to aspye the Courte of kynge Arthur / and she cam rychely bisene with her four sones / gawayn Page  65 [leaf 33r] Gaherys / Agrauaynes / and Gareth with many other knyghtes and ladyes / for she was a possynge fayr lady / wherfore the kynge cast grete loue vnto her / and desyred to lye by her / so they were agreed / and he begate vpon her Mordred / and she was his syster on the moder syde Igrayne / So ther she rested her a moneth and at the last departed / Thenne the kyng dremed a merueillous dreme wherof he was sore adrad / But al this tyme kyng Arthur knewe not that kyng Lots wyf was his syster / Thus was the dreme of Arthur / hym thought ther was come in to this land Gryffons and Serpentes / And hym thoughte they brente and slough alle the peple in the lād And thenne hym thoughte / he faughte with hem / and they dyd hym passynge grete harme / and wounded hym ful sore / but at the last he slewe hem / Whanne the kynge awaked / he was passynge heuy of his dreme / and so to put it oute of thoughtes / he made hym redy with many knyghtes to ryde on huntynge / As soone as he was in the forest / the kynge sawe a grete hert afore hym / this herte wille I chace said kynge Arthur / And so he spored the hors / and rode after longe / And so by fyne force ofte he was lyke to haue smyten the herte / where as the kynge had chaced the herte soo long that his hors had loste hys brethe and fylle doune dede / Thenne a yoman fette the kynge another hors / So the kyng sawe the herte enbusshed and his hors dede / he sette hym doune by a fontayne and there he fell in grete thoughtes / And as he satte so hym thoughte he herd a noyse of houndes to the somme of xxx / And with that the kynge sawe comyng toward hym the straungest best that euer he sawe or herd of / so the best wente to the welle and drank / and the noyse was in the bestes bely lyke vnto the questyng of xxx coupyl houndes / but alle the whyle the beest dranke there was no noyse in the bestes bely / and therwith the best departed with a grete noyse / wheros the kyng had grete merueyll / And so he was in a grete thoughte / and therwith he fell on slepe / Ryght so ther came a knyght a foote vnto Arthur / and sayd knyght full of thought and slepy / telle me yf thow sawest a straunge best passe this waye / Suche one sawe I said kynge Arthur / that is past two myle / what wold ye with the best said arthur Syre I haue folowed that best long tyme / and kyld myne Page  66 [leaf 33v] hors / so wold god I had another to folowe my quest / ryȝte so came one with the kynges hors / and whan the knyght sawe the hors / he prayd the kyng to yeue hym the hors / for I haue folowed this quest this xij moneth / and other I shal encheue hym or blede of the best blood of my body / Pellinore that tyme kynge folowed the questynge best / and after his deth sir Palamydes folowed hit