Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum vij

YEt somme men say in many partyes of Englond that kyng Arthur is not deed / But had by the wylle of our lord Ihesu in to another place / and men say that he shal come ageyn & he shal wynne the holy crosse. I wyl not say that it shal be so / but rather I wyl say here in thys world he chaunged his lyf / but many men say that there is wryton vpon his tombe this vers

Hic iacet Arthurus Rex quondam Rex que futurus / Thus leue I here syr Bedwere with the hermyte that dwellyd that tyme in a chapel besyde glastynburye & there was his ermytage / & they lyuyd in theyr prayers & fastynges & grete abstynence / and whan quene Gueneuer vnderstood that kyng Arthur was slayn & al the noble knyȝtes syr Mordred & al the remenaunte / Than the quene stale aweye & v ladyes wyth hyr / & soo she wente to almesburye / & there she let make hir self a Nonne / & ware whyte clothes & blacke & grete penaunce she toke as euer dyd synful lady in thys londe / & neuer creature coude make hyr mery / but lyued in fastyng prayers and almes dedes / that al maner of peple meruaylled how vertuously she was chaunged

¶ Now leue we quene Gueneuer in Almesburye a nonne in whyte clothes & blacke and there she was abbesse and rular as reason wolde Page  852 [leaf 426v] and torne we from hyr / and speke we of Syr Launcelot du lake /