Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum Quartum

THe kynge was ryghte gladde of his wordes / and said vnto the good man / syr ye be ryghte welcome / and the yonge knyȝte with yow / Thenne the old man made the yong man to vnarme hym / and he was in a cote of reed sendel / & bare a mantel vpon his sholder that was furred with ermyn / and put that vpon hym / And the old knyghte sayd vnto the yonge knyght / syr foloweth me / and anone he ledde hym vnto the sege peryllous / where besyde sat syr Laūcelot / and the good man lyfte vp the clothe / and fonde there letters that said thus this is the sege of Galahalt the haute prynce / Sir said thold knyghte / wete ye wel that place is yours / And thenne he sett hym doune surely in that syege / And thenne he sayd to the old man / syr ye maye now goo your way / for wel haue ye done / that ye were commaunded to doo / & recommaunde me vnto my graunt sir kynge Pelles / and vnto my lord Petchere / and say hem on my behalf I shalle come and see hem as soone as euer I may / Soo the good man departed / and there met hym xx noble squyers / and so took their horses and wente their way Thenne alle the knyghtes of the table round merueylled gretely of sir Galahalt that he durst sytte there in that syege perillous / and was soo tendyr of age / and wist not from whens he came but al only by god / and said this he by whome the Sācgreal shal encheued / For there sat neuer none / but he / but he were mescheued / Thenne syr launcelot beheld his sone and had Page  617 [leaf 309r] grete Ioye of hym / Thenne Bors told his felawes vpon payne of my lyf this yonge knyghte shalle come vnto grete worship / this noyse was grete in alle the Courte / soo that it cam to the quene / thenne she had merueylle what knyght it myght be that durste auenture hym to sytte in the syege peryllous / many said vnto the quene / he resembled moche vnto sire Launcelot I may wel suppose said the quene / that syr Launcelot begatte hym on kynge Pelles doughter / by the whiche he was made to lye by / by enchauntement / and his name is Galahalt / I wold fayne see hym said the quene / for he must nedes be a noble man for soo is his fader that hym begat I reporte me vnto alle the table round / So whanne the mete was done that the kynge & alle were rysen / the kynge yede vnto the syege Peryllous and lyfte vp the clothe / and fonde there the name of Galahad / & thenne he shewed hit vnto syr Gawayne / and sayd fayre neuewe now haue we amonge vs syr Galahad the good knyght that shalle worshippe vs alle / and vpon payne of my lyf he shal encheue the Sancgreal / ryght as sir launcelot had done vs to vnderstande / Thenne came kyng Arthur vnto Galahad and said syr ye be welcome / for ye shall meue many good knyghtes to the quest of the Sancgreal / and ye shal encheue that neuer knyghtes myght brynge to an ende / Thenne the kynge took hym by the hand and wente doune from the paleis to shewe Galahad the aduentures of the stone /