Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum liiij

RYght soo as they stood thus / there came sir Palomydes And whanne he sawe the shelde of bleoberys lye on the erthe /

¶ Thenne said Palomydes he that oweth Page  504 [leaf 252v] that sheld / lete hym dresse hym to me / for he smote me doune here fast by at a fontayne / and therfore I wylle fyghte for hym on foote / I am redy said Bleoberys here to ansuer the / for wete thow wel syr knyȝt it was I / and my name is Bleoberys de ganys / wel arte thou met saide Palomydes / and wete thow wel my name is Palomydes the sarasyn / and eyther of them hated other to the dethe /

¶ Syre Palomydes sayd Ector wete thow wel there is neyther thow nor none knyght that bereth the lyf that sleeth ony of oure blood / but he shalle dye for hit / therfor and thow lyste to fyghte goo seche sire laūcelot or sir Tristram and there shalle ye fynde your matche / with hem haue I mette said Palomydes / but I had neuer no worship of them / was there neuer no maner of knyghte said sire Ector but they that euer matched with yow / yes sayd Palomydes / there was the thyrdde a good knyght as ony of them / and of his age he was the best that euer I fond / for and he myghte haue lyued tyl he had ben an hardyer man / there lyueth no knyghte now suche / and his name was syre Lamorak de galys / And as he had Iusted at a turnement / there he ouerthrewe me / and xxx knyghtes moo / and there he wanne the degree / And at his departynge there mette hym syre Gawayne and his bretheren / & with grete payne they slewe hym felonsly vnto alle good knyghtes grete domage / Anone as sir Percyuale herd that his broder was dede syr Lamorak / he felle ouer his hors mane swounynge / and there he made the grettest dole that euer maade knyghte /

¶ And whan syr Percyuale aroos / he said / Allas my good and noble broder syre Lamorak / now shalle we neuer mete / and I trowe in alle the wyde world a man maye not fynde suche a knyght as he was of his age / and hit is to moche to suffre the dethe of our fader kynge Pellenore / & now the dethe of our good broder sir Lamorak / Thenne in the meane wyhle there came a varlet from the court of kyng Arthur and told them of the grete turnement that shold be at Lonaȝep / and how these landes Cornewail / & Northgalys shold be ageynst alle them that wold come