Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum xxxix

THenne there came syre kay the Seneschal vnto kynge Marke / and there he hadde good chere shewyng outeward / Now sayre lordes said he wille ye preue ony aduenture in the forest of Morris in the whiche I knowe wel is as hard an aduenture as I knowe ony / Syr said sir kay / I wille preue hit / And sir Gaheryse said he wold be auysed For kynge Mark was euer ful of treason / and there with al syr Gaheryse departed and rode his waye / And by the same waye that syre Kay shold ryde / he leyd hym doune to reste chargynge his squyer to wayte vpon sir kay / and warne me whanne he cometh / Soo within a whyle sir kay came rydynge that way / and thenne sir Gaheryse tooke his hors and met hym and sayd sire kay ye are not wyse to ryde at the request of kynge Mark for he deleth alle with treason / Thenne said sire kay I requyre you lete vs preue this aduenture / I shal not fayle Page  403 [leaf 202r] you said sir Gaherys / and soo they rode that tyme tyl a lake / that was that tyme called the peryllous lake / And there they abode vnder the shawe of the wood /

¶ The meane whyle kyng Marke within the castel of Tyntagyl auoyded alle his barōs & alle other sauf suche as were pryuy with hym / were auoyded oute of his chamber / And thenne he lete calle his neuewe sir Andred / and badde arme hym and horse hym lyghtely / & by that tyme it was mydnyght / And soo kynge Marke was armed in blak hors and alle / and soo att a pryuy posterne they two yssued oute with their varlets with them / and rode tylle they came to that lake / Thenne sir Kay aspyed them fyrst and gat his spere / and profered to Iuste / And kynge Mark rode ageynst hym / and smote eche other ful hard / for the mone shone as the bryght day / And there at that Iustes sir Kayes hors fylle doune / for his hors was not so bygge as the kynges hors and sir kayes hors brysed hym ful sore / Thenne sire Gaherys was wrothe that sir kay had a falle / Thenne he cryed knyght sytte thou fast in thy sadel / for I wille reuenge my felawe / Thenne kynge Marke was aferd of syr Gaherys / and so with euyl wylle kynge Marke rode ageynst hym / and sir Gaherys gaf hym suche a stroke that he felle doun / So thenne forth with all syr Gaheryse ranne vnto syr Andred and smote hym from his hors quyte that his helme smote in the erthe / and nyhe had broken his neck / And there with al syr Gaherys alyghte and gate vp sir Kay / And thenne they yode bothe on foote to them / and badde them yelde them / and telle theire names other they shold dye / Thenne with grete payne sire Andred spak fyrst & said hit is kynge Marke of Cornewaile / therfore be ye ware what ye do / and I am sir Andred his cosyn / Fy on you bothe said sir Gaheryse for a fals traitour / and fals treason hast thou wrouȝt / and he both vnder the fayned chere that ye made vs / it were pyte said sir Gaherys that thou sholdest lyue ony lenger / Saue my lyf said kynge Marke and I wil make amendys & consyder that I am a kynge anoynted / it were the more shame said sir Gaherys to saue thy lyf / thou arte a kynge enoynted with creme / and therfore thou sholdest holde with alle men of worship / And therfor thou arte worthy to dye / With that he lasshed at kyng Mark without sayeng ony more &Page  404 [leaf 202v] couerd hym with his sheld and defended hym as he myghte / and thenne sir kay lasshed at sir Andred / and there with all kynge Marke yelded hym vnto syr Gaherys / And thenne he kneled adoune / and made his othe vpon the crosse of the suerd that neuer whyle he lyued he wold be ageynst arraunt knyghtes / And also he sware to be good Frende vnto sir Tristram / yf euer he came in to Cornewaile / By thenne sir Andred was on the erthe / and sir Kay wold haue slayne hym / lete be said sir Gaherys / slee hym not I pray you / It were pyte said syre kay that he shold lyue ony lenger / for this is nygh cosyn vnto syr Tristram / and euer he hath ben a traytour vnto hym / & by hym he was exyled oute of Cornewaile / and therfor I will slee hym sayd sir Kay / ye shalle not said Gaherys sythen I haue gyuen the kynge his lyf / I pray you yeue hym his lyf / and there with alle sir Kay lete hym goo / And soo sir Kay and syre Gaherys rode their way vnto Dynas the Seneschal for by cause they herd say that he loued wel sir Tristram / Soo they reposed them there / and soone after they rode vnto the royamme of Logrys / And soo within a lytel whyle they mette with sire Launcelot that alweyes had dame Bragwayn with hym / to that entente / he wende to haue mette the sooner with sir Tristram / and syr launcelot asked what tydynges in Cornewaile / and whether they herd of sir Tristram or not / Syr Kay and sir Gaherys ansuerd and said that they herd not of hym Thenne they told sir launcelot word by word of theire aduenture / Thenne syr launcelot smyled and said / hard hit is to take oute of the flesshe that is bred in the bone / and soo maade hem mery to gyders