Le Morte Darthur
Syr Thomas Malory
William Caxton, H. Oskar Sommer

¶ Capitulum x

THenne syr Trystram asked hym what de dyd in those countreyes / syr he sayd / I came hyder with syr Gawayn for to be made knyght / And yf it please you of your handes that I may be made knyghte / Awaite vpon me as to morn secretely / and in the feld I shal make you a knyght / Thenne had la beale Isoud grete suspecyon vnto Tramtryst that he was somme man of worship proued / and ther with she comforted her self / and cast more loue vnto hym than she had done tofore

¶ And soo on the morne syr Palamydes maade hym redy to come in to the feld as he dyd the fyrst day / And there he smote doune the kynge with the C knyghtes and the kynge of Scottes /

¶ Thenne had la beale Isoud ordeyned and wel arayed syr Trystram in whyte hors and harneis / And ryght soo she lete putte hym oute at a preuy posterne / & soo he came in to the feld as it had ben a bryght angel / And anone syr Palamydes aspyed hym / and ther with he feutrid a spere vnto syr Tramtrist / and he ageyne vnto hym / And Page  288 [leaf 144v] there syr Trystram smote doune syr Palamydes vnto the erth And thenne there was a grete noyse of people / some sayd / syre Palamydes hadde a falle / some said the knyght with the blak shelde had a falle / And wete you wel la beale Isoud was passynge gladde / And thenne sire Gawayne and his felawes ix had merueille what knyghte it myght be that had smyten doune syr Palamydes / Thenne wold there none Iuste with Tramtryst / but alle that there were forsoke hym / moost & lest / Thenne syr Trystram made Heles a knyght / and caused hym to put hym self forthe / and dyd ryght wel that day / So after syr Heles held hym with syr Trystram / And whan syre Palamydes had receyued this falle / wete ye wel that he was sore ashamed / And as pryuely as he myght / he withdrewe hym oute of the feld / Alle that aspyed syre Trystram / and lyghtly he rode after syre Palamydes and ouertoke hym / and badde hym torne / for better he wold assaye hym / or euer he departed / Thenne syr Palamydes torned hym and eyther lasshed at other with their swerdes / But at the fyrste stroke syre Trystram smote doune Palamydes / and gaf hym suche a stroke vpon the hede that he felle to the erthe / Soo thenne Tristram badde yelde hym / and doo his commaundement or els he wold slee hym / whan syre Palamydes beheld his countenaunce / he dredde his buffets soo / that he graunted al his askynges / Wel said / said sir Tristram / this shalle be your charge / Fyrst vpon payne of your lyf that ye forsake my lady la beale Isoud / and in no maner wyse that ye drawe not to her / Also this twelue moneth and a day / that ye bere none armour nor none harneis of werre /

¶ Now promyse me this or here shalt thou dye / Allas saide Palamydes for euer I am ashamed /

¶ Thenne he sware as syr Trystram hadde commaunded hym / Thenne for despyte and anger / syre Palamydes cutte of his harneis / and threwe them aweye / And soo syr Trystram torned ageyne to the Castel where was la beale Isoud / and by the weye he mette with a damoysel that asked after syre launcelot that wanne the dolorous gard worshipfully / & this damoysel asked sire Tristram what he was / For it was tolde her that it was he that smote doune syr Palamydes / by whom the x knyghtes of kynge Arthurs were smyten doune / Page  289 [leaf 145r] Thenne the damoysel prayd syr Trystram to telle her what he was / And whether that he were syr Launcelot du lake / for she demyd that there was no knyght in the world myghte do suche dedes of armes / but yf it were Launcelot / Fayre damoysel sayd syr Trystram wete ye wel that I am not syr launcelot for I was neuer of suche prowesse / but in god is al that he maye make me as good a knyght as the good knyght sir laūcelot / Now gentyl knyght said she / put vp thy vysure / & whan she beheld his vysage / she thouȝt she sawe neuer a better mās vysage / nor a better farynge knyght / And thenne whan the damoysel knewe certaynly that he was not syre launcelot / thenne she took her leue and departed from hym / And thenne syre Trystram rode pryuely vnto the posterne where kepte hym la beale Isoud / and there she made hym good chere and thanked god of his good spede / Soo anone within a whyle the kynge and the quene vnderstood that hit was Tramtryst that smote doune syre Palamydes / thenne was he moche made of more than he was before