Lincoln diocese documents, 1450-1544
Andrew Clark
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XVIII: Will, 1465, and Codicil of Richard Welby, of Moulton (near Spalding), Lincolnshire.

*. [From bishop John Chedworth's Register at Lincoln, lf. 72 bk.]

[I. English Text of Will.]

[leaf 72 bk.]

In the Name of the fader sone and holy goste, I, Richard Welby, the secund day of August, beyng in hole mynde, make my testament in maner that folows:

ffirst, I beqweth my sowle to the moste eternall god that made it and with his bitter passion redemyd it and to oure lady seint Mary and to all the felaship of hevyn; my body to be buryed in seint katerin qwere.

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Item, x li. to the high Auter, pro Decumis oblitis; Item, xx s. to the kirk wark; Item, xl d. to euery light.

Item, to the kirkwark of weston, vj s. viij d.

Item, to oure lady werk of lincoln, vj s. viij d.

Item, to the Sisters by seint kateryn's, iij s. iiij d.

Item, to the kirkwark of ffarlesthorp, vj s. viij d.

Item, for my Mortuary my Bay fole that goth in to the marsche.

The Residue of my goodis I put in disposicion of myn executours, which shall be Ionet my wiff, sir Iohn Welby, Richard Welby my sone, and sir Robert Swet — thei to dispose my goodis to the plesyng of god & to the helth of my soule.

[II. English Text of Codicil.]

This is the last wille of Richard Welby of Multon, made there, the xij. day of the moneth of August the yere of oure lord Ml cccc lxv.

ffirst, I wol haue cc. masses doon and al so many dirigies for my soule, vpon day (if it may be), and ellus al so shortly as thei may be don after my deth; And euery prest or man of Religion to haue for synging of them, iiij d.; Item, I wol that oon c. of the said Masses be said of the Trinite and a other c. of oure blessed lady.

Item, I wol that the iiij. howses of the Chartirhows haue euery howse, for synging dirige and masse for my sowle, xl s.; And, ouer that, that euery prest of them to say a masse for my sowle of the which iiij. howses Mountgruce to be oon (which is content), The Chartirhows at london a nother, the Chartirhowse at Shene, & the Chartirhowse at hull.

Item, I wol haue ij. prestis to sing for my sowle in Multon kirk the space of ij. yere, euery prest to haue for his salary c s.; And, ouer that, thei or ich of them dayly to say dirige, if thei be disposed, for my soule.

Item, I wol haue c. gownes giffen, in holand and in other places where my lyflode lygges, to the moste poer men, withoute any favour shewed.

Item, I wol that ther be bought as many shetis andPage  121 couerlectes, and thei to be giffen in maner and fourme as is afore rehersed, to the somme of xxviijti markes.

Item, I wol that my dettis be payed before all other bequestis, And if any man can prove that I haue had any godis of him vnrightwisly I wol he be restored agayn.

Item, I woll that any mony that Breknok owith to me for wolle, sumtyme bought by Thomas heire, of my ffader and me, go to the ffulfilling to the last wille of my said ffader in that he bequethed to my ij. sisters part theroff, and the other parte to by ij. Copis to the said kirk of Multon.

Item, I wol that the Conuent of the Monastery of Croyland haue giffen to them for doyng of a Dirige and Masse for my sowle, xl s., And, ouer that, euery prest of them to say a masse of Requiem for my sowle.

And also, I wol that the Couent of the Monastery of Spalding do in maner and fourme as is before rehersed, and thei to be rewarded in lyke wyse.

Item, I wol that the Conuent of the Monastery of Bardney haue for doyng of the same obseruaunce, xxvj s. viij d.

And also, I wol that the couent of the Monastery of Stykeswold do syng a dirige and masse for my sowle, and thei for to haue for theire reward, xxvj s. viij d.

Item, I wol that the iiij. orders of ffreris in Boston do the same obseruaunce, and thei to haue euery order, xviij s. iiij d.

Item, I wol that myn Executours giff after my decesse, yerly, by the space of 6 yer, xij. gownes of ffrice for my sowle.

Item, I wol, as for my land, that my feoffies suffer myn Executours to entir in all the Meses landes and tenementes within holand that thei haue to my vse within holand; and, ouer that, halsted, with thappurtenaunceȝ, Carleton and other townes longing to the said halsted in those parties, thei to receyue the profutes of the same, payng yerely to my brother sir Iohn xxxvjti. markes at iiij. termes of the yere, And also thei to fynde with the said profutes ij. of my sones which I fynde at Cambrige, and other ij. that I haue at home to the scole, as theire naturell disposicion is giffen to them, And my sone Morys to be fownde at london.

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Item, I wol that a Chist be ordeyned, with ij. lokkes & ij. kayes, and set in the Abbey of Croyland, the Abbot for to haue j. kay, & myn executours the other; And the ouerpluse that commyth yerely of the said lyvelod to be put in the said chiste, and this to be continued to all my Childern comme to playne age, And all the Issueȝ & profutes of the maner of ffarlesthorp to be put in the same chist by the space of v. yer.

Item, I wol that my feoffies suffer Richard my son to entir in Wynthorp, immediately after my decesse, with all thappurtenaunceȝ.

Item, I wol that, if my wyff can fynde sufficiant sewerty to myn executours that she shall nevir haue housbond after my decesse, that thanne she be my chieff executrix; and ellus to be noon, nor to haue no more but her Ioynter and the oon halff of my stuff of howshold (except plate and that Napery that I bought of the Executours of my lord Cromwell: wich Napery I wol be sold: it cost me xxti markes, & I had it as it was preysed).

Item, I wol that, if my wyff wol not dwelle in my place & kepe housholde, that than Richard, my sone, inmediatly after my decesse, haue the said place & all the landis & tenementes that I haue in Multon by the decesse of my fader.

And, ouer that, when all my Childer that be lyvyng comme to theire playne age that thanne my feoffies make astate to the said Richard in all my landis & tenementes that I had by my fader.

And as for ffarlesthorp, to the said Richard my sone, not bydinge [leaf 73] the age of the said Child.

Item, I wol that Morys, and my feoffies se that he wol thryue & be vertuously disposed, haue halsted to him & to his heirs; And ellus Iohn my sone to haue it, in like wyse, if Iohn be no prest.

And if he be a prest, he to be presented, when it fallith, to the Churche of gedney; And if he haue not halsted, nor be no prest, that then he haue a Mese in Gosberkirk called Belneys, with all other landis & tenementes that I haue in the samePage  123 Towne, And also the ij. saltcotys that I haue in quadring, with a Cotage that I purchased in Spaldyng, to him and to his heirys.

Item, I wol that Maister Thomas my sone be presented to the Churche of Pynchebek, when it fallyth.

Item, I wol that William my sone, if he haue not all that lyuelod that my lord of wynchester hath in Saltfletby (other ellus al so good by his lordship), that then he haue Wynthorp, to him & to his heirys, when he commyth at his playn age.

Item, I wol that Robert my sone (if Iohn be a prest) haue all those landis & tenementes beqwethen to the said Iohn, And (if Iohn be no prest) he to haue the said benefice of Gedney.

Item, I wol that Roger my sone haue my mese in Quadryng, with all other landis that I haue in the same Towne, except before beqwethed; And, ouer that, Barnewell, with thappurtenaunce, and all those landes & tenementes that I purchased of Thomas Erle & of Richard Barbour of Boston, And the landis that I purchased of Thomas Skirbek in Multon & of Coker in Whaplode & of Tyryngton in fflete, to him & to his heirys.

Item, I wol that Richard my sone haue my saltcote that I haue made in Multon, to him & to his heirys.

Item, in case that Iohn haue halsted, that than Roger haue those landis & tenementes to Iohn beqwethed & his owne beqwest also, so that Robert be a prest; and ellus Robert to haue that parte beqwethed to Iohn in Gosberkirk & quadring.

Item, I wol that euery Child haue xl li. of monye when he comme at his playne age, And that all the goodis leide in the Chist afore said, before thabbot of the said place and myn Executours, be euenly devyded among my said Childern, except the eldist.

Item, that Richard haue all maner stuff perteyning to housbondry, as hors, carte, plough, with all theire apparelles; And also xij. kye & bulles.

Item, I wol that the other halff of my stuff be euenly devyded among my Childern, provided alway that if my eldist sone wol by any parte theroff, that he haue it, giffing therfore as it is preysed to him that owith hit.

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Item, I wol if Richard dye (as god forbede) that then his brother that hath halsted haue that that is beqwethed; And halsted to go to him that is next in descender; And so, in lyke wyse, if any of them dye, it remayne to his brother in descendyng, not resortyng so that oon haue not ij. partes; And if all dye except the eldyst, all to resorte to him, he forto haue it to him and to his heyris.

Item, I wol that my eldest sone haue all the stuff of my Chapell, except plate and the hole vestument of Sateyn figury.

Item, in case that my Executours & feoffies se that any of my Childer to whom any thing I haue beqwethed to, wille not thryve nor be vertuouse, that then his parte to be taken fro him, and to be giffen to him that wol thryve, hauyng regard to noon.

Item, I wol that myn Executours kepe vp my yereday and my Auncestours, aslong as thei haue the profet of my lyvelod (And after that my heire to kepe it vp), spending at my yereday, xx s.

Item, I wol haue all my plate leid in the said Chist at Croyland, there to be kept to my Childern comme at playn age, if case any purchase falle, And if myn Executours can make any purchase to the valour of v. or vj. c. markes that then the said plate by them to be sold to pay for the said purchase, And that so purchased to be giffen among my Childern where as moste nede is; And in case ther can noon be goten or thei come at playn age, that then my plate to be devyded amonge my childern after theire age by theire discrescion, hauyng a speciall ye to my eldist sone.

Item, I wol my Naunte haue, xx s.; my sister haugh, xx s.; my sister Braunche, xx s.

Item, I wol that euery executour have v. markes for his labour; And when he laboreth anything aboute me, for to haue for his costes, and to take for his labour, after his discrescyon; And that myn Executours onys in the yere take accomptes of the bayly.

Item, that euery yoman that I haue, haue a Iak & Salet & his hole yere wages; Item, that Solhed haue xl s. and my horse I ride vpon and oon of my gownes; Item, that Sargeaunt haue xxvj s. viij d. & j. horse of my stabull &c.

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[III. Latin Text of Probate.]
Approbacio eiusdem testamenti cum codicillo.

Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum, vna cum codicillo eidem annexo, coram Reuerendo patre, domino Iohanne, lincolniensi episcopo, in Castro suo de Sleford; & commissa fuit administracio executoribus in eodem nominatis (domino Iohanne welby duntaxat excepto) viz. […] die mensis […] Anno domini Millesimo cccc lx quinto; & iurati sunt; & habent acquietanciam.

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