The Works of William Herebert, OFM

Poem 8: Veni Creator Spiritus; Fol. 207v

Com, Shuppere, Holy Gost, ofsech oure þouhtes;
Vul wyth grace of heuene heortes þat þou wrouhtest.
Þou, þat art cleped uorspekere and ȝyft vrom God ysend,
Welle of lyf, vur, charite, and gostlych oynement,
Þou ȝyfst þe seuene ȝyftes, þou vinger of Godes honde,
Þou makest tonge of vlesȝe speke leodene of uche londe.
Tend lyht in oure wyttes, in oure heortes loue,
Þer oure body is leoþewok ȝyf strengþe vrom aboue.
Shyld ous vrom þe veonde, and ȝyf ous gryth anon,
Þat wœ wyten ous vrom sunne þorou þé lodesmon.
Of þé Uader and þé Sone þou ȝyf ous knoulechinge,
To léue þat of boþe þou euer boe Louinge.
Wœle to þe Uader and to þe Sone, þat vrom deth aros,
And also to þé Holy Gost ay boe worshipe and los.