The Works of William Herebert, OFM

Poem 7: Ave maris stella; Fol. 207r-v

Hayl, Leuedy, se-stœrre bryht,
Godes moder, edy wyht,
Mayden euer vurst and late,
Of heueneriche sely ȝáte.
Þylk "Aue" þat þou vonge in spel
Of þe aungeles mouhþ kald Gabriel;
In gryht ous sette and shyld vrom shome,
Þat turnst abakward Eues nome.
Gulty monnes bond vnbynd,
Bryng lyht tyl hœm þat bœth blynd.
Put vrom ous oure sunne
And ern ous alle wynne.
Shou þat þou art moder one,
And he vor þe take oure bone,
Þat vor ous þy chyld by com,
And of þe oure kunde nom.
Mayde one, þou were myd chylde,
Among alle so mylde;
Of sinne ous quite on haste,
And make ous meoke and chaste.
[folio 207v]
Lyf þou ȝyf ous clene;
Wey syker ous ȝarke and lene
Þat we Iesus ysœ,
And euer blyþe bœ.
To Uader, Cryst, and Holy Gost beo þonk and heryinge;
To þreo persones and o God, o menske and worshypinge.