The Works of William Herebert, OFM

Missus est.

Ysend was þ'aungel Gabriel vrom God þe Trinite
Into þe lond of Galilee, to Nazareth cite,
To a mayde þat hedde o mon ykald Ioseph to spouse,
Þat was of grete kunne, of kyng Dauidþes house.
Þé mayde to whóm Gabriel ysend was on hye,
Hϫ rediliche to wysse ynemned was Marie.
And when þ'aungel was in-wend to speke wyth þe mayde,
Hendeliche he grette hyre on þys wyse and sayde:
"Hayle bœ þou, vol of grace, oure Louerd ys wyth þe;
Among alle wymmen þou yblessed bœ."
When hœ þys herde, a was ystured in þ'aungles spekynge,
And inwardlyche þouthte whuch was þys gretynge.
Þœnne sayde þ'aungel bryht, "Marye, dred þou nouht.
Þou hauest yuounde grace touore God ysouht.
Lo, in þe conceyue þou shalt and sone bere,
Whom þou shalt 'Iesu' nemnen, þat Englys ys 'helere.'
Þes shal bœ muchel, and nemned 'worth,' 'þe alre hextes Sone,'
And oure Louerd hym shal ȝeue hey stoede uor to wone.
Hys oune uadres see, Dauid, and he shal bœ regnynge
In Iacobes house wythouten ey endynge,
And hys kyneryche shal boen aylastinge."
Þœnne spak Marie to þ'aungel anon,
"Hou may þys bœn? uor knoulechyng haue ich of no wepmon."
Þ'aungel hyre onsuerede and sayde to ryhte,"
Þe Holy Gost vrom bouenuorth in þe shal alihte,
And þe shal byshadewen þe alre hextes myhte.
[folio 211v]
And loo þér Elyzabeth, þy cosyne on þe heelde,
Haueth conceyued ane sone in dawes of hyre eelde,
Vor noþyng impossible nys to God þat al may welde."
Þœnne spak Marye and mœkelyche sayde,
"Loo me hér alredy my Lordes hondmayde.
To me bœ do, vollyche also, ase þou raþer saydest."
Who so nule nouht lye þat maketh trœwe asay,
Of oure leuedy Marie þys ys seynt Lukes lay,
To hœuene hœ make ous stye at oure endeday. AmeN.