The Works of William Herebert, OFM

Poem 10: Conditor alme siderum; Fol. 208r

Holy wrouhte of sterres brryht,
Of ryht byleue ay-lastyng lyht,
Crist, þat bouhtest mon wyth fyht,
Her þe bone of mœke wyht.
Þou hédest ruþe of wordl vorlore þorou déth of sunfol rote;
Þou sauuedest monkun þeruore; to gulty ȝéue bote.
Toward þe wordles ende
Þy wylle was t'alende
In on maydenes bour.
Ase spouse of chaumbre alóne,
Out of þat clene wóne
Þou come t'oure honour.
To whás stronge myhte
Knœn of alle wyhtes
Béndeth hœm ymóne,
Of heuene and ek of eorþe,
And knoulecheth hym wóurþe
Vor bouwen to hym one.
Holy God, wœ byddeth þe, þat shalt þys wordle déme,
Vrom oure fykel fohes spere þou þylke tyme ous ȝéme.
Herying, worshype, myhte, and weole, to Uader and þe Sone,
And also to þe Holy Gost, and euer myd heom wone.