The Harley lyrics

Brook 12; Ker 44

In may hit murgeþ when hit dawes
In dounes wiþ þis dueres plawes
ant lef is lyht on lynde
blesmes bredeþ on þe bowes
al þis wylde wyhtes wowes
so wel ych vnderfynde
y not non so freoli flour
ase ledies þat beþ bryht in bour
wiþ loue who mihte hem bynde
so worly wymmen are by west
one of hem ich herie best
from Irlond into ynde Page  45
wymmen were þe beste þing
þat shup oure heȝe heuene kyng
ȝef feole false nere
heo beoþ to rad vpon huere red
to loue þer me hem lastes bed
when heo shule fenge fere
Lut in londe are to leue
þah me hem trewe trouþe ȝeue
for tricherie to ȝere
when trichour haþ is trouþe yplyht
byswyken he haþ þat suete wyht
þah he hire oþes swere
wymmon war þe wiþ þe swyke
þat feir ant freoly ys to fyke
ys fare is o to founde
so wyde in world ys huere won
in vch a toune vntrewe is on
from Leycestre to Lounde
of treuþe nis þe trichour noht
bote he habbe is wille ywroht
at steuenyng vmbe stounde
ah feyre leuedis be on war
to late comeþ þe ȝeynchar
when loue ou haþ ybounde
wymmen bueþ so feyr on hewe
ne trowy none þat nere trewe
ȝef trichour hem ne tahte
ah feyre þinges freoly bore
when me ou woweþ beþ war bifore
whuch is worldes ahte
al to late is send aȝeyn
when þe ledy liht byleyn
ant lyueþ by þat he lahte
ah wolde Lylie leor in lyn
yhere leuely lores myn
wiþ selþe we weren sahte