Everyman :
A. C. Cawley

Scene 9

O, to whome shall I make my mone
For to go with me in that heuy iournaye?
Fyrst Felawshyp sayd he wolde with me gone;
His wordes were very pleasaunt and gaye,
But afterwarde he lefte me alone.
Than spake I to my kynnesmen, all in dyspayre,
And also they gaue me wordes fayre;
They lacked no fayre spekynge,
But all forsake me in the endynge.
Than wente I to my Goodes that I loued best,
In hope to haue comforte; but there had I leest,
For my Goodes sharpely dyd me tell
That he bryngeth many in to hell.
Than of my selfe I was ashamed,
And so I am worthy to be blamed;
Thus may I well my selfe hate.
Of whome shall I now counseyll take?
I thynke that I shall neuer spede
Tyll that I go to my Good Dede.
But, alas, she is so weke
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That she can nother go nor speke;
Yet wyll I venter on her now.
My Good Dedes, where be you?