Everyman :
A. C. Cawley

Scene 19

This morall men may haue in mynde.
Ye herers, take it of worth, olde and yonge,
And forsake Pryde, for he deceyueth you in the ende;
And remembre Beaute, V. Wyttes, Strength, & Dyscrecyon,
They all at the last do Eueryman forsake,
Saue his Good Dedes there dothe he take.
But be-ware, for and they be small,
Before God he hath no helpe at all:
None excuse may be there for Eueryman.
Alas, how shall he do than?
For after dethe amendes may no man make,
For than mercy and pyte doth hym forsake.
If his rekenynge be not clere whan he doth come,
God wyll saye, 'Ite, maledicti, in ignem eternum.'
And he that hath his accounte hole and sounde,
Hye in heuen he shall be crounde.
Vnto which place God brynge vs all thyder,
That we may lyue body and soule togyder. Page  28
Therto helpe the Trynyte!
Amen, saye ye, for saynt charyte.
Thus endeth this morall playe of Eueryman.
Imprynted at London in Poules
chyrche yarde by me
Iohan Skot.