Everyman :
A. C. Cawley

Scene 17

O Iesu, helpe! All hath forsaken me.
Good Dedes.
Nay, Eueryman, I wyll byde with the.
I wyll not forsake the in dede;
Thou shalte fynde me a good frende at nede.
Gramercy, Good Dedes! Now may I true frendes se.
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They haue forsaken me, euerychone;
I loued them better than my Good Dedes alone.
Knowlege, wyll ye forsake me also?
Ye, Eueryman, whan ye to Deth shall go; [signature C.iii]
But not yet, for no maner of daunger.
Gramercy, Knowlege, with all my herte.
Nay, yet I wyll not from hens departe
Tyll I se where ye shall be-come.
Me thynke, alas, that I must be gone
To make my rekenynge and my dettes paye,
For I se my tyme is nye spent awaye.
Take example, all ye that this do here or se,
How they that I loued best do forsake me,
Except my Good Dedes that bydeth truely.
Good Dedes.
All erthly thynges is but vanyte:
Beaute, Strength / and Dyscrecyon do man forsake,
Folysshe frendes and kynnesmen that fayre spake —
All fleeth saue Good Dedes, and that am I.
Haue mercy on me, God moost myghty,
And stande by me, thou moder & mayde, Holy Mary!
Good Dedes.
Fere not; I wyll speke for the.
Here I crye God mercy.
Good Dedes.
Shorte our ende and mynysshe our payne;
Let vs go and neuer come agayne.
In to thy handes, Lorde, my soule I commende;
Receyue it, Lorde, that it be not lost.
As thou me boughtest, so me defende,
And saue me from the fendes boost,
That I may appere with that blessyd hoost
That shall be saued at the day of dome.
In manus tuas, of myghtes moost
For euer, Commendo spiritum meum.
Now hath he suffred that we all shall endure;
The Good Dedes shall make all sure.
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Now hath he made endynge;
Me thynketh that I here aungelles synge
And make grete ioy and melody
Where Euerymannes soule receyued shall be.