Everyman :
A. C. Cawley

Scene 13

Here at your wyll we be all redy.
What wolde ye that we shold do?
Good Dedes.
That ye wolde with Eueryman go,
And help hym in his pylgrymage.
Aduyse you / wyll ye with him or not in that vyage?
We wyll brynge hym all thyder,
To his helpe and comforte / ye may byleue me.
So wyll we go with hym all togyder.
Almyghty God, loued may thou be!
I gyue the laude that I haue hyder brought
Strength, Dyscrecyon, Beaute, & V. Wyttes. Lacke I nought.
And my Good Dedes, with Knowlege clere,
All be in company at my wyll here.
I desyre no more to my besynes.
And I, Strength, wyll gy you stande in dystres,
Though thou wolde in batayle fyght on the grounde.
Page  21
V. Wyttes.
And though it were thrugh the worlde rounde,
We wyll not departe for swete ne soure.
No more wyll I vnto dethes houre,
What so euer therof befall.
Eueryman, aduyse you fyrst of all;
Go with a good aduysement and delyberacyon.
We all gyue you vertuous monycyon
That all shall be well.
My frendes, harken what I wyll tell:
I praye God rewarde you in his heuenly spere.
Now herken, all that be here,
For I wyll make my testament
Here before you all present:
In almes / halfe my good I wyll gyue with my handes twayne
In the way of charyte with good entent,
And the other halfe styll shall remayne
In queth, to be retourned there it ought to be.
This I do in despyte of the fende of hell,
To go quyte out of his perell
Euer after and this daye.
Eueryman, herken what I saye:
Go to Presthode, I you aduyse,
And receyue of hym in ony wyse
The holy sacrament and oyntement togyder.
Than shortly se ye tourne agayne hyder;
We wyll all abyde you here.
V. Wwyttes.
Ye, Eueryman, hye you that ye redy were.
There is no Emperour, Kynge, Duke, ne Baron,
That of God hath commycyon
As hath the leest preest in the worlde beynge;
For of the blessyd sacraments pure and benygne
He bereth the keyes, and therof hath the cure
For mannes recempcyon — it is euer sure —
Whiche God for our soules medycyne Page  22
Gaue vs out of his herte with grete pyne.
Here in this transytory lyfe, for the and me,
The blessyd sacraments vii. there be:
Baptym, confyrmacyon, with preesthode good,
And the sacrament of Goddes precyous flesshe & blod,
Maryage, the holy extreme vnccyon, and penaunce.
These seuen be good to haue in remembraunce,
Gracyous sacraments of hye deuynyte.
Fayne wolde I receyue that holy body,
And mekely to my ghostly fader I wyll go.
V. Wyttes.
Eueryman, that is the best that ye can do.
God wyll you to saluacyon brynge,
For preesthode excedeth all other thynge:
To vs holy scrypture they do teche,
And conuerteth man fro synne, heuen to reche;
God hath to them more power gyuen
Than to ony aungell that is in heuen.
With v. wordes he may consecrate,
Goddes body in flesshe and blode to make,
And handeleth his Maker bytwene his handes.
The preest byndeth and vnbyndeth all bandes,
Bothe in erthe and in heuen.
Thou mynystres all the sacramentes seuen;
Though we kysse thy fete, thou were worthy.
Thou arte surgyon that cureth synne deedly;
No remedy we fynde vnder God
But all onely preesthode.
Eueryman, God gaue preest that dygnyte,
And setteth them in his stede amonge vs to be;
Thus be they aboue aungelles in degree.
If preestes be good, it is so, suerly.
But whan Iesu hanged on the crosse with grete smarte,
There he gaue out of his blessyd herte
The seuen sacraments in grete tourment; Page  23
He solde them not to vs, that Lorde omnypotent.
Therfore Saynt Peter the apostell dothe saye
That Iesus curse hath all they
Whiche God theyr Sauyour do by or sell,
Or they for ony money do take or tell.
Synfull preestes gyueth the synners example bad:
Theyr chyldren sytteth by other mennes fyres, I haue harde;
And some haunteth womens company
With vnclene lyfe, as lustes of lechery.
These be with synne made blynde.
V. Wyttes.
I trust to God no suche may we fynde;
Therfore let vs preesthode honour,
And folowe theyr doctryne for our soules socoure.
We be theyr shepe, and they shepeherdes be
By whome we all be kepte in suerte.
Peas! For yonder I se Eueryman come,
Which hath made true satysfaccyon.
Good Dedes.
Me thyhnke it is he in ded.
Now Iesu be your alder spede!
I haue receyued the sacrament for my redempycon,
And than myne extreme vnccyon.
Blessyd be all they that counseyled me to take it!
And now, frendes, let vs go with-out longer respyte.
I thanke God that ye haue taryed so longe.
Now set eche of you on this rodde your honde,
And shortely folowe me.
I go before there I wolde be. God be our gyde!
Eueryman, we wyll not fro you go
Tyll ye haue done this vyage longe.
I, Dyscrecyon, wyll byde by you also.
And though this pylgrymage be neuer so stronge,
I wyll neuer parte you fro.
Eueryman, I wyll be as sure by the
As euer I dyde by Iudas Machabee.
Alas, I am so faynt I may not stande;
Page  24
My lymmes vnder me do folde.
Frendes, let vs not tourne agayne to this lande,
Not for all the worldes golde;
For in to this caue must I crepe
And tourne to erth, and there to slepe.
What, in to this graue? Alas!
Ye, there shall ye consume, more and lesse. [signature C.ii]
And what, sholde I smoder here?
Ye, by my fayth, and neuer more appere.
In this worlde lyue no more we shall,
But in heuen before the hyest Lorde of all.
I crosse out all this. / Adewe, by Saynt Iohan!
I take my tappe in my lappe and am gone.
What, Beaute, whyder wyll ye?
Peas! I am defe. I loke not behynde me,
Not & thou wolde gyue me all the golde in thy chest.