Everyman :
A. C. Cawley

Scene 11

Eueryman, I wyll go with the and be thy gyde,
In they moost nede to go by thy syde.
In good condycyon I am now in euery thynge,
And am holy content with this good thynge,
Thanked be God my creature.
Good Dedes.
And whan she hath brought you there
Where thou shalte hele the of thy smarte,
Than go you with your rekenynge & your Good Dedes togyder,
For to make you ioyfull at herte
Before the Blessyd Trynyte.
My Good Dedes, gramercy!
I am well content, certaynly,
With your wordes swete.
Now go we togyder louyngly
To Confessyon, that clensynge ryuere.
For ioy I wepe; I wolde we were there!
But, I pray you, gyue me cognycyon
Where dwelleth that holy man, Confessyon.
In the house of saluacyon;
We shall fynde hym in that place,
That shall vs comforte, by Goddes grace.
Lo, this is Confessyon. Knele downe & aske mercy,
For he is in good conceyte with God Almyghty.
O gloryous fountayne, that all vnclennes doth claryfy,
Wasshe fro me the spottes of vyce vnclene,
That on me no synne may be sene.
I come with Knowlege for my redempcyon,
Redempte with herte and full contrycyon;
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For I am commaunded a pylgrymage to take,
And grete accountes before God to make.
Now I praye you, Shryfte, moder of saluacyon,
Helpe my Good Dedes for my pyteous exclamacyon.