Fifty earliest English wills in the Court of Probate, London : A. D. 1387-1439 : with a priest's of 1454
Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court.
Frederick J. Furnivall


[Bequests of Bed-clothes, Table-cloths, Gowns, Hoods, Towels, Daggers, Bows, Hose, Purses, a Cope, and small Debts.]

(More, 3 Com. Court of London, lf. 50 bk.)
[lf. 50 bk.]
B. Fynk. T. Iohannis Rogerysson̄. non habent acquietanciam. In margin.]

Thes betℏ the godes that y, Ioℏn̛ Rogerysson̛, leve in a chyste in the hous of Roberd̛ Leget dwellyng in the parysℏ of seynt Benet Fynk // And þis ys my wylle yf þat y dye, that Anneys Tukkys-wortℏe have þe beste bedbere, and Richard̛ Gery þe nyxte, and Roberd̛ Legat ij payre of schetis, and to þe same Roberd̛ my Blewe gowne and my ℏode of Rede and Blak; And to Thomas Pykot my whit Ray gowne, and my rede Hode; and to Anneys Tukkyswortℏ my best bordclothe, and the Towayle; and Rychard̛ Gery the nexte bordclothe And Towayle; and Robard̛ Legat iij quarters of white and Isabeƚƚ hys wyf a bordclotℏ and a towayle; and to Wyllyam Pertnale, A payre schetis and a red doblet, and a keverlet of Blewe; Page  42And to Anneys Tukkyswortℏ iiij noblis and the forseyd Cheste; And to Thomas Pertenaƚƚ a peyre of sℏetis, and a dagger̛, and a Bowe wyth-owte pecis, and a payre hosen̛ of grene; and to Anneys Tukkys-wortℏ the beste purse, and Thomas Pertnale the nyxte, and Isabeƚƚ Leget the Thridde, and Alson̛ Okenden̛ the fourþe. And alle-so y bequethe to þe Churcℏ of seynt Benet a cope. And alle-so Wyllyam Rote and Ioℏn Skelton̛ owen̛ to me xiiij s'. the whiche Symmykyn̛ Eyre shaƚƚ reseyve of them at Esterne nyxte comynge; and y wiƚƚ þat Rychard̛ Gery reseyve hit of the forseyd Symkyn̛; and vj s viij d̛ of þat mony .I. bequethe to þe Churche Clerk̘ of Seynt Benet; & vj s' viij d̛ to Ioℏn̛ Cley, and viij d̛ for my sowle. and alleso Roberd̛ Leget owytℏ to me xv s', and alle thyng a-counted̛ by-twene vs, of the whiche y forgyf hym vj s' viij d̛; and þe remenaunt of þat Mony, Y wiƚƚ hyt be do for my sowle. And alle-so Rychard̛ Gery oweth me viij s', and alle thyng a-counted̛ by-twene vs bothe; of the whiche viij s' y be-qwetℏ iiij s' to Thomas Pertnale, And iiij s' to Wyllyam Pertnale. And y beqwethe to Rychard̛ Gery vj s' viij d̛, to be payd of that he fyndetℏ in the forseyd Cheste; And to Anneys Tukkyswortℏ A Sylure Spon̛; and my Sylvryn̛ Gyrdyƚƚ to Thomas Pertnale; and to Robard̛ Leget my pesid̛ Bowe. And the overe-plus of alle thys, y wiƚƚ hit be dysposed̛ for my sowle. And, blessyd be god, y owe no thyng. And y Ordeyne þe forseyd Rychard Gery & Robard̛ Leget myne executors to fuƚƚ-fiƚƚ alle thyngys a-bove wretyn̛, As they wille [answere] a-fore god̛ at þe Dome. And to Thomas Pertnale my dagger̛ / And alle-so y wille that yf Anneys of the Countour cleyme of me or of my executours a pursse and xx s'. or eny maner good ellys, þat thenne þe godes in the bille be rekeuered̛ of her̛; And yf sche make no cleyme, Stonde hit for no dette, but on for a-nother̛. Probatum est hoc testamentum coram nobis Iohanne Bodeman clerico, Reuerendo &c̘ Commissario generali. Primo die Mensis Februarii, Anno domini Millesimo CCCCmo xixno. Et comissa est administracio omnium bonorum & c̘ Executoribus in dicto testamento interius nominatis & c̘.