Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55
Thomas Austin
Page  112


[typographic ________________] [leaf 5.]

Peynreguson̄—Nym resons & do out ye stones, and bray it in a morter with pepir & gingiuer, & salt and wastel bred; tempre hit with wyn, boille hit, dresse hit forth.

Amendement of salt mete.—Tak a fare lynne clout / & do therynne a disshful of ote-mele, byne hit, & hange it in thy pot doun to ye boteme. Set it from ye fuyr & let hit kele / suththe set hit aȝen to ye fuyr / & drawe out thy clout & that is goude.

For to make amydon̛.—Nym whete at midsomer / & salt, & do it in a faire vessel / do water therto, that thy whete be yheled / let it stonde ix days & ix nyȝt, & eueryeday whess wel thy whete / & at ye ix days ende bray hit wel in a morter / & drie hit toȝenst ye sonne / do it in a faire vessel / & kouere hit fort, thou wil it note.

Teste de cure.—Nym rys, whas hem / drie hem / & bray hem al to doust in a morter, & amydon̄ therwith: tempre it vp with almand mylk / cast therto poudur and safron̄ / & sugur / nym luys, turbot, and elys / & gobete hem in mosselys, & sauge & perceli / mak coffyns of thi past / do thy fissh therynne; cast aboue goud poudur & sugur; kerue it, bake it, and ȝif hit forth.

Sweteblanche.—Nym chikons or hennes, skald hem, drawe hem in morselys, & seth hem with good beofe. nym yolkes of eyren ysoden hard / & almande mylk, and grind to-gedere / nym ye floures of ye rede vyne, & salt, & bray al in a morter: boille hit / nym thy chikons or thy hen̄, ondo hem in disshes, do thy sewe aboue / & also myȝt thou do fissh days with lyuere of turbut or of other manere fissh with almand mylke.

[leaf 5b.] *. [see p. 55.]

Ryschewys close? [supplied by ed.] .—Nym flour and eyren, & kned to-gedere/nym figus, resons, & dates, & do out ye stonys, & blanchid almandis, & goud poudur,Page  113 & bray to-gedere / make coffyns of ye lengthe of a spanne / do thy farsour therynne, in euerych cake his porcion̛ / plie hem & boille hem in water / & suththe roste hem on a gridel & ȝif forth.

Bukenade.—Nym fressh flessh, what it euere be. Seth hit with goud beof, cast therto mynsed oynons & good spicerie, & lie hit with eyren, & ȝif hit forth.

Cyuele—Nym almandes, Sugur & salt, & payn de mayn, & bray hem in a morter / do therto eyren, frie hit in oylle or in grese, cast theron sugur, & ȝif hit forth.

Caudele.—Nym eyren, & sweng wel to-gedere / chauf ale & do therto / lie it with amydon̛, do therto a porcion̛ of sugur, or a perty of hony, & a perti of safron̛; boille hit, & ȝif hit forth.

Saug saraser.*. [ i.e. Sauce Sarrasine. ]—Tak Almandes, frye hem in oille, & bray hem, tempre hem with almand mylke & red wyn, & ye thrudde perty shal be sugur / & if hit be noȝt thikke ynow, lie it with amydon̛ or with flour de rys; colour hit with alkinet, boille hit, dresse it, florissℏ hit aboue with pomme-garnet, and ȝif forth.

Rape.—Nym luyss or tenge, or other manere fissh / frye hit in oille de olyue; nym crostes of whyt bred, resons, & canele, bray hit, tempre it vp with good wyn, drawe it thorw a colonur / let hit be al ycoloured with canele, boille hit, cast therto clous, maces, and quibibes, do thi fissh in thi disshes, & thi rape aboue, messe hit, & ȝif forth.

[leaf 6.]

Egredoucetes.—Tak luyȝs or tenges, kerf hem in mosselis, fri hem in oille: nym vynegre / & ye thrudde perty sugur, mynce oynons, & boille smal, & clous, maces, & qibibus, & dresse hit forth.

Figee.—Nym figes, & boille hem in wyn, & bray hem in a morter with lied bred; tempre hit vp with goud wyn / boille it / do therto good spicere, & hole resons / dresse hit / florisshe it a-boue with pomme-garnetes.

Pomesmoille.—Nym rys & bray hem in a morter, tempre hem vp with almande milke, boille hem: nym appelis & kerue hem as small as douste, cast hem yn after ye boillyng, & sugur: colour hit with safron̄, cast therto goud poudre, & ȝif hit forth.

Rys moilles.—Nym rys, bray hem, tempre vp with almand mylke: boiƚƚ hem, cast therto sugur / & salt hit, & dresse hit forth.

Apple moys.—Nym appeles, seth hem, let hem kele, frete hem thorwe an her syue: cast it on a pot / & on a fless day cast therto goud fat broth of bef, Page  114 & white grese, sugur & safron̛, & on fissh days almand mylke, & oille de oliue, & sugur, & safron̛: boille hit, messe hit, cast aboue good poudre, & ȝif forth.

Soupes dorrees.—Nym oynons, mynce hem, frie hem in oille de olyue: nym oynons, boille hem with wyn, tost whit bred, & do it in dishes / and cast almand mylke theron̛, & ye wyn & ye oynons aboue, & gif hit forth.

[leaf 6b.]

Peys de almayne.—Nym white peson & boille hem / & thanne tak hem vp, & wash hem clene in cold water, fort that ye holys go of: do hem in a clene pot / do water therto that hit be a-wese / let hem sethe vppon̛ colys / that ther be no lye / couere thi pot / that ther go no breth out / whenne hit beth ysode, do hem in a morter & bray hem smal, tempre hem vp with almande milke, & with flour de rys, do therto safron̄ & salt, & boille hit & dresse hit forth.

Tauorsay.—Nym ye hed of ye codlyng & ye liuere, & pike out ye bones / cast therto goud poudre of piper & gyngiuer, and gif forth.

Haddoke in Cyuee.—Shal be yopened & ywasshe clene / & ysode & yrosted on a gridel; grind peper & saffron̛, bred & ale / mynce oynons, fri hem in ale, & do therto, and salt: boille hit, do thyn haddok in plateres, & thi ciuey aboue, & ȝif forth.

Chauudon̛ of fissh.—Nym ye liuere & ye poke. Seth hit, hakke hit smal / grind peper & safron, bred & ale, tempre hit with ye broth / boille hit, do salt therto, & messe hit forth.

Mortrowes of fissh.—Tak ye rowys of fissh / & ye liuere, seth hit, hakke hit, grind peper, bred & ale, tempre hit with ye broth: do salt therto, boille hit, & messe hit forth.

Blaumanger of fissh.—Nym a pond of ris, seth hem fort hit berste, let hem kele: cast therto mylk of two pond of almandes / nym ye perch other ye loppestere or drie haddok, tese therto, and boille hit / cast therto sugur, & ȝif forth.

Potage of ris.—Nym ye ris, whess hem clene, seth hem fort hit breke: let hem kele, do therto almand mylke, other of kyn,*. [i.e. kine: cow milk. ] colour it with safron̛, salt hit, & ȝif forth.

Numbles.—Shall be ywhess clene in water & salt, & ysode in water / nym Cetera desunt [supplied by ed.] .