Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55
Thomas Austin
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  • Sauces pur diuerse viaundes: Chaudoun … PAGE 108
  • Sauce alepeuere … 108
  • Sauce galentyne … 108
  • Sauce gingyuer … 109
  • Sauce for a gos … 109
  • Sauce camelyne … 109
  • Sauce rous … 109
  • Sauce for stokefysshe … 109
  • Sauce for stokfysshe in an-other maner … 109
  • Sauce for peiouns … 109
  • Sauce for shulder of moton … 110
  • Sauce vert … 110
  • Surelle … 110
  • Sauce percely … 110
  • Sauce gauncile … 110
  • Piper for feel and for venysoun … 110
  • White sauce for capons y-sode … 110
  • Black sauce for capouns y-rostyde … 110
  • Sauce newe for malardis … 110
[leaf 36.]

Sauces pur diuerse viaundes. Chaudoun.—Take gysers, and lyuers, and hert̘ of Swanne; and if þe guttys ben fat̘, slyt̘ them clence thaym*. [added after them in different ink.], and caste þem þer-to, and boile þem in faire watre: and þanne take þem up, and hew þem smal, and thanne caste þem in-to þe same broþe, (but strayne hit þurgℏ a straynour firste); and caste þer-to poudre peper, canel, and vynegre, and salt̘, and lete boile. And þanne take the blode of the Swanne, and freysshe broþ, and brede, and draw þem þurwe a straynour, and cast̘ þer-to; and lete boile to-gedre. And þenne take poudre of̘ gyngere, whanne hit̘ is al-moste y-now, & put̘ þer-to, and serue fortℏ with the swan.*. [added in different ink. ]

Sauce alepeuere.—Take fayre broun̄ brede, toste hit, and stepe it̘ in vinegre, and drawe it̘ þurwe a straynour; and put̘ þer-to garleke smal y-stampyd, poudre piper, salt, & serue forth.

Sauce galentyne.—Take faire crusteȝ of̘ broun brede, stepe þem in vinegre, and put̘ þer-to poudre canel, and lete it̘ stepe þer-wyþ til it be broun; and þanne drawe it þurwe a straynour .ij. tymes or .iij., and þannePage  109 put þerto [supplied by ed.] poudre piper and salte: & lete it̘ be sumwhat̘ stondynge, and not to þynne, & serue forth.

Sauce gingyuer.—Take white brede, stepe it̘ wiþ vynegre, and draw it .ij. or .iij. tymes þurȝ a straynour; and thanne put þer-to salt*. [added in different ink. ] poudre gingere, and serue forþe.

Sauce for a gos.—Take percelye, grapis, clowes of garleke, and salte, and put̘ it in þe goos, and lete roste. And whanne þe goos is y-now, schake out̘ þat̘ is wiþ-in, and put al in a mortre, and do þer-to .iij. harde ȝolkes of̘ egges; and grynd al to-gedre, and tempre it̘ vp wiþ verious, and caste it̘ upon the goos in a faire chargeour, & so serue it̘ forth.

Sauce camelyne.— [leaf 36 bk.] Take faire brede, and cut̘ it̘, and toste it; and take vynegre and wyne, and stepe hit̘ þer-in, and draw it þurwe a straynour wiþ poudre canel, and draw it .ij. or .iij. tymes, til it be smothe. And þanne take poudre ginger, sugre, and poudre of clowes, and cast þer-to. And loke þat̘ it̘ stonde wil by clowes, & by sugre; and þanne put̘ þer-to a litil safroune, and salt, and serue hit forþ þicke y-nowe.

Sauce rous.—Take brede, and broyl it vpon þe colous, and make it broune, and ley hit̘ in vynegre, and lete it̘ stepe; and þanne take piper, canel and notemyggeȝ, and a fewe of clowes, and cast̘ it̘ to-gedre in-to a mortre; and take þe brede out̘ of þe vynegre, and bray þer-wyþ. And whanne it̘ is y-brayd y-now, tempre it̘ wytℏ wyne and vinegre, and draw it̘ þurgℏ a straynour as þou woldiste galyntyne.

Sauce for stokefysshe.—Take faire broþe of elys, oþer of pyke, or els of̘ freysshe Samon, and strayne it þurwe a straynour: and take faire percely, and hewe it̘ smal, and put þe broþe and þe percele in-to a faire erþyn vessel; and put þer-to poudre gingere, and a litil verious, & lete boile to-gedre. And þanne take faire sode stockefysche, and ley it in faire hote watre: and whanne þou wilt serue it forþe, take þe fysshe fro þe watre, and ley it in a clene disshe; & cast þe sauce al hote þer-on, and serue it forth.

Sauce for stokfysshe in an-other maner.—Take curnylles of walnotys, and clouys of garleke, and piper, brede, and salt̘, and caste al in a morter; and grynde it smal, & tempre it̘ up wiþ þe same broþe þat̘ þe fysshe was sode in, and serue it̘ forþe.

[leaf 37.]

*. [Heading in margin.]Sauce for peiouns.—Take percely, oynouns, garleke, and salt̘, and mynce smal the percely and þe oynouns, and grynde þe garleke, and temper it wiþ vynegre y-now: and mynce þe rostid peiouns and cast the sauce þer-on a-boute, and serue it̘ forth.

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Sauce for shulder of moton.—Take percely, and oynons, and mynce þem and þe rostyde shulder of Moton; and take vynegre, and poudre gingere, salt, and cast̘ a-pon þe mynced shulder, and ete hym so.

Sauce vert.—Take percely, myntes, diteyne, peletre, a foil or .ij. of̘ cost̘marye, a cloue of garleke. And take faire brede, and stepe it with vynegre and piper, and salt̘; and grynde al this to-gedre, and tempre it vp wiþ wynegre, or wiþ eisel, and serue it̘ forþe.

Surelle.—Take Surel, wasche hit, grynde it̘, put̘ a litil salt̘, þer-to, and strayne hit̘, and serue forth.

Sauce percely.—Take percely, and grynde hit̘ wiþ vynegre & a litel brede and salt̘, and strayne it̘ þurgℏ a straynour, and serue it̘ forþe.

Sauce gauncile.—Take floure and cowe mylke, safroune wel y-grounde, garleke, peper, salt*. [added in different ink.] and put in-to a faire litel pot̘; and seþe it̘ ouer þe fire, and serue it̘ forthe with the goos.

Piper for feel and for venysoun.—Take brede, and frye it̘ in grece, draw it vp wiþ broþe and vinegre: caste þer-to poudre piper, and salt, sette on þe fire, boile it̘, and melle it̘ forþe.

White sauce for capons y-sode.—Take almoundis y-blaunchid, and grynde þem al to douste; tempre it̘ up wiþ verious and poudre of gingere, and melle it̘ forþe.

Black sauce for capouns y-rostyde.—Take þe Lyuer of̘ capouns, and roste hit wel; take anyse, and grynde parysgingere, and canel, and a litil [leaf 37 bk.] cruste of̘ brede, and grynde hit̘ weƚƚ aƚƚ to-gedre; tempre hit up wiþ verious, and þe grece of the capon, þanne boile it̘ and serue forþe.

Sauce newe for malardis.—Take brede, and blode y-boilid, and grynde it to-gedere, and draw þurw a cloþ withe vynegre; do þer-to poudre gyngere, and piper, and þe grece of the malarde; salt̘ it̘ and boile, and melle it forthe.