Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55
Thomas Austin

¶ Atte the stalling of Joℏn Stafford, Archibisshoppe of Caunterbury, the xxj yere of king Harry the vj. A.D. 1443. [supplied by ed.]

  • Brawne with Mustard.
  • Furmenty witℏ Veneson̄.
  • Mawmeny.
  • Fesaunte.
  • Swan̄.
  • Capon̄.
  • Carpeis of Veneson̄.
  • Heron̄ sewe.
  • Grete breme.
  • Leche cremy ryaƚƚ.
  • Custard ryoƚƚ.
  • A sotelte. Seint Andrew, sitting on̄ an̄ hie Auter of a-state, witℏ bemes of golde; afore him knelyng, þe Bisshoppe in pontificalibus; his Croser kneling behinde him, coped.
    ¶ The second course.
  • Bruet Mon̄ amy.
  • Viaund cypre.
  • Crane rosted.
  • Veneson̄ rosted.
  • Conyng.
  • Betore.
  • Partricℏ.
  • Curlewe.
  • Graunte carpe.
  • Leche Frutour.
  • Tard riaƚƚ.
  • A sotelte: þe Trinite sitting in a son̄ of gold, with a crucyfix in his honde. Seint Thomas in þat one side, Seint Austin in that oþer, my lorde kneling in pontificalibusafor him. behinde him, his croser coped with the armes of Rouchestre. behinde him, in þat o side, a blak Monke, prior [folio 2.] of Cristes chircℏ; in þat other side, the Abbot of Seint Austyns.
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    ¶ The thirde course.
  • Creme Vine.
  • Gely departed.
  • Browes.
  • Chekenos boiled.
  • Melons p̄p̄uƚƚ.
  • Plouer rosted.
  • Rabettes.
  • Votrelleȝ.
  • Rales.
  • Quayles.
  • Dew doues.
  • Blanke singuler leche.
  • Frutoure Rasyn̄.
  • Quynes bakyn̄.
  • A sotelte. A godhede in a son̄ of gold glorified aboue; in the son̄ the holy giste voluptable. Seint Thomas kneling a-for him, with þe poynt of a swerd in his hede,*. [ 'honde' crost through, and 'hede' written after. ] & a Mitre there-vppon̄, crownyng S.T. in dextera parte, maria tenens mitram; in sinistra parte, Johannes Baptista; et in iiij. partibus, iiij. Angeli incensantes.