Two fifteenth-century cookery-books : Harleian MS. 279 (ab 1430), & Harl. MS. 4016 (ab. 1450), with extracts from Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, & Douce MS. 55
Thomas Austin
[leaf 27 bk.]


.I. Brawn in comfyte.—Take Freysscℏ Brawn & sethe yt y-now, & pare it & grynde it in a mortere, & temper it with Almand mylke, & draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a potte, & caste þer-to Sugre y-now, & powder of Clowys, & let boyle; þen take floure of Canelle, & pouder of Gyngere; & þen take it out of þe potte, an putte it in a lynen cloþe & presse it, but lat it boyle so longe in þe potte tylle it be alle þikke; þan take it vppe & presse it on a cloþe, & þen leche it fayre with a knyff, but not to þinne; & þan ȝif þou wolt, þou myȝht take þe Rybbys of þe bore al bare, & chete*. [Set, see Douce MS. No. 48. ] hem enlongys þorw þe lechys, an so serue forth a leche or to in euery dysshe.

.ij. Blaunche Brawen.—Take Freysshe Braun, & mynce hem smal, & take gode þikke mylke of Almaundys y-blaunchyde, & putte alle in-to a potte, & Sugre, & lat boyle alle to-gederys tyl it be ryȝt styffe; þen caste it vppe, & caste it in a fayre cold basyn, & lette it stonde þer-in tyl it be cold; & þen leche .ij. or .iij. in a dysshe, & serue forth.

.iij. Pynade.—Take Hony & gode pouder Gyngere, & Galyngale, & Canelle, Pouder pepir, & graynys of parys, & boyle y-fere; þan take kyrnelys of Pynotys & caste þer-to; & take chyconys y-soþe, & hew hem in grece, & Page  35 caste þer-to, & lat seþe y-fere; & þen lat droppe þer-of on a knyf; & ȝif it cleuyth & wexyth hard, it ys y-now; & þen putte it on a chargere tyl it be cold, & mace*. [A. make. ] lechys, & serue with oþer metys; & ȝif þou wolt make it in spycery, þen putte non chykonys þer-to.

.iiij. Gyngerbrede.—Take a quart of hony, & sethe it, & skeme it clene; take Safroun, pouder Pepir, & þrow þer-on; take gratyd Brede, & make it so chargeaunt*. [stiff. ] þat it wol be y-lechyd; þen take pouder Canelle, & straw þer-on y-now; þen make yt [leaf 28.] square, lyke as þou wolt leche yt; take when þou lechyst hyt, an caste Box leves a-bouyn, y-stykyd þer-on, on clowys. And ȝif þou wolt haue it Red, coloure it with Saunderys y-now.

.v. Leche lumbarde.—Take Datys, an do a-way þe stonys, & sethe in swete Wyne; take hem vppe, an grynd hem in a mortere; draw vppe þorw a straynoure with a lytyl whyte Wyne & Sugre, And caste hem on a potte, & lete boyle tylle it be styff; þen take yt vppe, & ley it on a borde; þan take pouder of Gyngere & Canelle, & wryng it, & molde it to-gederys in þin hondys, & make it so styf þat it wolle be lechyd; & ȝif it be noȝt styf y-nowe, take hard ȝolkys of Eyron̛ & kreme*. [Crimme; crumble. ] þer-on, or ellys grated brede, & make it þicke y-now; þen take clareye, & caste þer-on in maner of a Syryppe, when þou shalt serue it forth.

.vj. Auter maner leche lumbarde.—Take fayre Hony, and clarifi yt on þe fyre tylle it wexe hard; þen take hard ȝolkys of Eyroun, & kryme4 a gode quantyte þer-to, tyl it be styf y-now; an þenne take it vppe, & ley it on a borde; þen take fayre gratyd Brede, & pouder pepir, & molde it to-gederys with þine hondys, tylle it be so styf þat it wole ben lechyd; þan leche it; þen take wyne & pouder Gyngere, Canelle, & a lytil claryfyid hony, & late renne þorw a straynour, & caste þis Syryp þer-on, when þou shalt serue it out, instede of Clerye.

.vij. Soupes of Salomere.—Take boylid Porke, & hew yt an grynd it; þen take cowe Mylke, & Eyroun y-swonge, & Safroun, & mynce Percely bladys, & caste þer-to, & let boyle alle y-fere; & dresse vppe-on a cloþe, & kerue þer-of smal lechys, & do hem in a dysshe; þen take almaunde mylke & flowre of Rys, and Sugre an Safroun, & boyle it alle y-fere; þen caste þin*. [Thine. ]sewe on þin*. [Thine. ] lechys, & serue forth alle hote.

[leaf 28 bk.]

.viij. Lette lardes.—Take kowe mylke, & do þer-to Eyroun y-swonge; þan take ryȝt fatte Porke y-sothe, & hew it smalle, & sethe it; take pouder Gyngere, Galyngale, or Pepir; caste þer-to, colour it wyth Safroun, & caste Page  36 all þese to-gederys, & boyle it, & gadre þe croddes to hepe with-al; þen take vppe þe croddys to hepe with Ale, & presse hem on a cloþe; þan kerue þer-of lechys, & Roste it on a gredyre, & strawe Sugre y-now alle a-bowte; & ȝif þou wolt make þat on syde Rede, an þat oþer ȝelow, Take Pannes, & make as I haue sayd, & coloure þat on panne with Saunderys, an þat other with Saffroune, an ley on a cloþe to-gederys, þe Rede fyrste on þe cloþe, an lat [supplied by ed.] þe ȝelow be abouyn þe Rede, & presse hem to-gederys, & that on syde wol ben rede, & þat oþer ȝelow. An ȝif þow wolt haue it Motley, take þre pottys, & make letlardys in eche, & coloure þat on with Saunderys, & þat oþer wyth Safroune, & þe þrydde on a-nother degre, so þat þey ben dyuerse; an when þey boyle, caste al to-gederys in-to on, an stere hem a-bowte with þin hond, & þan presse hem, and he wol be Motley whan he ys lechyd.

.ix. Mange Moleynne.—Take Almaundys, an blaunche hem, an draw þorw a straynoure a þicke mylke in-to an potte; þan take brawn of a Capoun, an hew it smalle, an do it in a potte, an lye it with Floure of Rys; an do þer-to whyte grece, & sethe alle to-gederys; an when it is y-sothe, take vppe of þe fyre, & do þer-in Sugre y-now; þen take blaunchyd Almaundys, & frye hem, & ley .iij. lechys on a dysshe, & on euery leche prycke .iij. Almaundys; an þan serue it forth.

.x. Vyaund de leche.—Take whyte Wyne a god quantite, [leaf 29.] an putte it on a potte; þen putte þer-to raw ȝolkys of eyroun y-tryid, & pouder of clowys, & pouder canel y-now, an Safroun y-now; þan lat it boyle tyl it be ryȝth chargeaunte, an þen sette it doun; & take an sette ouer a panne of cowe milke, & þrow Saunderys y-nowe þer-on; þen make a styf poshote*. [Posset. ] of Ale; þen take þe croddys, an lat it honge on a pyn in a cloþe, an lat it cleue euer þerueowt;*. [Throughout? ]þen take þe cawdel forsayd, & melle hem to-gederys in a cloþe, with þe poshotte;*. [Posset. ] þen put þer-on Sugre, Canel, pouder Gyngere y-now; presse hem vp sware,*. [Square. ] an leche it, & serue it forth.

.xj. Vyaund leche.—Take cowe Mylke, & set it ouer þe fyre, & þrow þer-on Saunderys, & make a styf poshotte of Ale; þan hang þe croddys þer-of in a pynne, in a fayre cloþe, and lat it ouer-renne; þan take it & put hony þer-to, & melle it y-fere; þen feche þe croddys of þe deye,*. [Dairymaid. ] & melle hem to-gederys, & lay it on a chesefatte or it be torne, .iij. fold or iiij. fold, in lynen cloþe, & salt it, & leche it; & þanne serue it forth.

.xij. Vyaund leche.—Take Eyroun, þe whyte & þe ȝolke, and caste hem in a morter, an breke hem wyl; þan take cowe mylke & caste þer-to, & menge Page  37 hem wyl to-gederys; þan put al in a panne, & lat boyle; & with ale make it to a poshotte; þen hange þe croddys in a pynne, & let it ouer-renne; melle þe croddys with hony; þen take þe bladys of Barlyche, or of Percely, & stampe hem, & wrynge þorw a cloþe; & so alle þe grene, melle it a-mong þe croddys; þenne take þe cruddys þat comen fro þe deye, melle hem to-gederys, presse hem, & serue hem forth; an þe coloure wyl ben þan Motley.

.xiij. Vyaund leche.—Take a gode quantyte of Brawn, an Hony, & a lytil brede, & let sethe to-gederys pouder Pepir, Clowys, [leaf 29 bk.] Maces, an Safroun, & draw it þorwe a straynoure, & chafe it a litel, & caste it in fayre dysshis, an let it kele, & þan serue forth.

.xiiij. Vyaunde leche.—Take Hony a gode quantite; þen take pouder Pepir, & Safroun, & Canel, & caste þer-to; & þen caste it on a dysshe, & let it kele, & serue forth.

.xv. Storioun*. [Sturgeon. ] leche.—Take an howe*. [Hock. ] of vele, & let boyle, butte fyrst late hym ben stepid .ij. or .iij. owrys in clene Water to soke out þe blode, & whan it is tender y-sothe, take hym vppe as fast as þou may; þan take harde ȝolkys of Eyroun redy sothe, & caste also þer-to, & pouder Pepir y-now, & also choppe a-mong þe ȝynes*. [Sinews. ] of þe fete clene y-pikyd, & a lytil Salt, nowt to moche, & presse hem on a clowte tyl a-morwe*. [To-morrow. ]; þan leche it, & lay hem in dysshis, an pore þer-on [supplied by ed.] a quantyte of Venegre, & Pepir, & Percely, & Oynonys smal mencyd, & serue forth.

.xvj. Chare de wardoun leche.—Take Perys, & seþe ham, & Pike ham & stampe ham, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & lye it with Bastard; þen caste hem in-to a potte, & Safroun with-al, and boyle with Maces, Clowes, pouder Canel, Quibibes, & a litel pouder Pepir, & Rolle hem vppe with Brede, þe cromes with-in þin hondys, & serue forth.

.xvij. Vyaund leche [supplied by ed.] .—Take calfes fete an hepe, & lat stepe in cold watere; þen boyle hem smal; þan take þe broþe & gode Milke of Almaundys, & choppe þe Syneys*. [Sinews. ] in-to þe same milk rythte smal; þan boyle it ouer þe fyre, & coloure it with Saunderys, & put Sugre y-now in-to þe potte; & ȝif þou wolt haue hym of .ij. colour, þan take an coloure but half with Saunderys, & caste þat oþere half in a dysshe, & lat it kele; & whan it is cold, þen þat is y-colouryd with Saunderys, het it, & euene*. [Euenly. ] melle it hote; caste hem a-bouyn þe oþer, & lat kele, an þan serue forth. Than take Sugre, a quantyte [leaf 30.] of swete Wyne, & Blaunche pouder þer-on, & make Sawce þer-of; And so colde, ley it in þe dysshis, be-helyd,*. [Covered. ] & serue forth.

Page  38

.xviij. Vyaund leche.—Take a Tenche, an steue hym in a potte with Wyne; when he is y-now, pyke owt þe bonys, take an stampe hem in a morter; þen take a lytil of þicke Almaunde mylke, & putte þer-to; þen take hem vppe, & putte hem in þe broþe forsayde, þat it was y-soþe in, & þat y-straynid; caste þer-to Maces, Clowes, pouder Pepir, & Pouder Canelle; þan caste Safron þer-to; þen caste him in a dysshe, & lat hem kele; þen put Vynegre, pouder Gyngere, Canel y-now in ye botmond*. [ Bottom. ] þer-of, vnneþe y-helyd.*. [Scarcely covered. ]

.xix. Pome dorres.—Take Fylettys of Raw porke, & grynd hem wyl; do Salt and [supplied by ed.] pouder Pepir þer-to; þan take þe Whyte of the Eyroun and [supplied by ed.] þrow þer-to, & make hem so hard þat þey mow ben Rosted on a Spete; make hem round as an Appil: make fyre with-owte smoke; þen take Almaunde mylke, & y-bontyd*. [Bolted, sifted. ] flour, do hem to-gederys; take Sugre, & putte in þin*. [Thine. ] bature; þen dore hem with sum grene þing, percely or ȝolkys of Eyroun, to-geder, þat þey ben grene; & be wyl war þat þey ben nowt Browne; & sum men boyle hem in freysshe broþ or þey ben spetid; & whan þey ben so boylid, þen þey must ben sette an kelid, & þan Spete hem, & dore hem with ȝolkys of Eyroun y-mengyd with þe Ius of haselle leuys.

.xx. Yrchouns.—Take Piggis mawys, & skalde hem wel; take groundyn Porke, & knede it with Spicerye, with pouder Gyngere, & Salt & Sugre; do it on þe mawe, but fille it nowt to fulle; þen sewe hem with a fayre þrede, & putte hem in a Spete as men don piggys; take blaunchid Almaundys, & kerf hem long, smal, & scharpe, & frye hem in grece & sugre; take a litel prycke, & prykke þe yrchons, An putte in þe holes þe Almaundys, every hole half, & eche fro oþer; ley hem þen to þe fyre; when þey ben rostid, dore hem sum wyth [leaf 30 bk.] Whete Flowre, & mylke of Almaundys, sum grene, sum blake with Blode, & lat hem nowt browne to moche, & serue forth.

.xxj. An Entrayle.—Take a chepis wombe; take Polettys y-rostyd, & hew hem; þen take Porke, chese, & Spicery, & do it on a morter, & grynd alle y-fere; þen take it vppe with Eyroun y-swonge, & do in þe wombe, & Salt, & seþe hem tyl he be y-nowe, & serue forth.

.xxij. For to make floure Rys.—Take Rys, an lese hem clene; þen drow hem wyl in þe Sonne, þat þey ben drye; þan bray hem smal y-now; & þerow a crees bunte syfte hem, & for defaute of a bonte, take a Renge.*. [Ring strainer. ]

.xxiij. Pome-Garnez.—Take lene Raw Porke, & lene raw Flesshe of hennys, & raw eyroun, & rent þe flesshe fro þe bonys, & hew it smal; take Page  39 þanne Salt, Gyngere, & Safroun, Salt, Galyngale, þer-of y-now, & caste it in a morter, & bray it smal; take þan þin fleysshe, & caste it in-to þat morter to þe Spycery, & þat it be wyl y-grounde; þanne make þer-of pelettys, as it were Applys, be-twene þin hondys; loke þou haue a fayre panne sething ouere þe fyre, & do þer-on þin pelettys, & late hem nowt sethe to swythe, & þan lat hem kele; & whan þey ben cold, ȝif hem a fayre spete of haselle, & be-twyn euery, loke þer be an ynche, & lay hem to þe fyre: & þan make þin baturys, þe on grene, & þat oþer ȝelow; þe grene of Percely.

.xxiiij. Waffres.—Take þe Wombe of A luce, & seþe here wyl, & do it on a morter, & tender chese þer-to, grynde hem y-fere; þan take flowre an whyte of Eyroun & bete to-gedere, þen take Sugre an pouder of Gyngere, & do al to-gederys, & loke þat þin Eyroun ben hote, & ley þer-on of þin paste, & þan make þin waffrys, & serue yn.

[leaf 31.]

.xxv. Hagws of a schepe.—Take þe Roppis*. [Guts. ] with þe talour,*. [Tallow; fat. ] & parboyle hem; þan hakke hem smal; grynd pepir, & Safroun, & brede, & ȝolkys of Eyroun, & Raw kreme or swete Mylke: do al to-gederys, & do in þe grete wombe of þe Schepe, þat is, the mawe; & þan seþe hym an serue forth ynne.

xxvj. Frawnchemyle.—Nym Eyroun with þe whyte, & gratid Brede, & chepis talow, Also grete as dyse; nym Pepir, Safroun, & grynd alle to-gederys, & do in þe wombe of þe chepe, þat is, þe mawe; & seþe hem wyl, & serue forth.

xxvij. Appraylere.—Take þe fleysshe of þe lene Porke, & seþe it wel: & whan it is soþe, hew it smal; nym þan Safroun, Gyngere, Canel, Salt, Galyngale, old chese, myid*. [Crumbed. ] Brede, & bray it smal on a morter; caste þin*. [Thine. ]fleysshe in to þe spicery, & loke þat it be wil y-ground, & temper it vppe with raw Eyroun; þan take a longe Pecher, al a-bowte ouer alle þat it be ransched;*. [Rinsed. ] þan held*. [Cast. ] out þin grece, & fulle þi Pechir of þin farsure, & take a pese of fayre Canneuas, & doble it as moche as þou may ceuyr þe mouþe with-al, & bynd it fast a-bowte þe berde,*. [Rim. ] & caste hym to seþe with þin grete Fleysshe, in lede oþer in Cauderoun, for it be wyl soþin; take þen vppe þin Pecher, & breke it, an saf þin farsure; & haue a fayre broche, & broche it þorw, & lay it to þe fyre; & þan haue a gode Bature of Spicerye, Safroun, Galyngale, Canel, & þer-of y-now, & flowre, & grynd smal in a morter, & temper it vp with raw Eyroun, & do þer-to Sugre of Alisaunder*. [Alexandria. ] y-now; & euer as it dryit, baste it with bature, & sette forth in seruyce.

Page  40

.xxviij. Cokyntryce.—Take a Capoun, & skald hym, & draw hem clene, & smyte hem a-to in þe waste ouerþwart; take a Pigge, & skald hym, & draw hym in þe same maner, & smyte hem also in þe waste; take a nedyl & a þrede, & sewe þe fore partye of the [leaf 31 bk.] Capoun to þe After parti of þe Pygge; & þe fore partye of þe Pigge, to þe hynder party of þe Capoun, & þan stuffe hem as þou stuffyst a Pigge; putte hem on a spete, & Roste hym: & whan he is y-now, dore hem with ȝolkys of Eyroun, & pouder Gyngere & Safroun, þenne wyth þe Ius of Percely with-owte; & þan serue it forth for a ryal mete.

.xxix. Milke Rostys.—Take swete Mylke, an do it in a panne; take Eyroun with alle þe whyte, & swenge hem, & caste þer-to; colour it with Safroun, & boyle it so þat it wexe þikke; þan draw it þorw a straynoure, & nym that leuyth,*. [Take what remains. ] & presse it: & whan it is cold, larde it, & schere on schevres,*. [Shivers; thin strips. ] & roste it on a Gredelle, & serue forth [supplied by ed.] .

.xxx. Alows de Beef or de Motoun.—Take fayre Bef of þe quyschons,*. [Cushions. ] & motoun of þe bottes, & kytte in þe maner of Stekys; þan take raw Percely, & Oynonys smal y-scredde, & ȝolkys of Eyroun soþe hard, & Marow or swette, & hew alle þes to-geder smal; þan caste þer-on poudere of Gyngere & Saffroun, & tolle hem to-gederys with þin hond, & lay hem on þe Stekys al a-brode, & caste Salt þer-to; þen rolle to-gederys, & putte hem on a round spete, & roste hem til þey ben y-now; þan lay hem in a dysshe, & pore þer-on Vynegre & a lityl verious, & pouder Pepir þer-on y-now, & Gyngere, & Canelle, & a fewe ȝolkys of hard Eyroun y-kremyd þer-on; & serue forth.

.xxxj. To make Stekys of venson̛ or bef.—Take Venyson or Bef, & leche & gredyl it vp broun; þen take Vynegre & a litel verious, & a lytil Wyne, & putte pouder perpir þer-on y-now, and pouder Gyngere; & atte þe dressoure straw on pouder Canelle y-now, þat þe stekys be al y-helid þer-wyth, & but a litel Sawce; & þan serue it forth.

.xxxij. A Siryppe pur vn pestelle.—Take gode Wyne, & a-lye yt [leaf 32.] with raw ȝolkys of Eyroun; þan late hem boyle to-gederys a whyle; þen put pouder Pepir, & þrow it þer-on; loke þat it be bytyng of Pepir. Take Clowys, macys, Safroun, & caste þer-to; & atte þe dressoure þorw on þin Sirip on þi pestelle, & kreme hard ȝolkys of Eyroun þer-to, & serue forth. [ forht ].

.xxxiij. Pygge y-farsyd.—Take raw Eyroun, & draw hem þorw a straynoure; þan grate fayre brede; take Safroun & Salt, & pouder of Pepir, & Swet of a schepe, & melle alle to-gederys in a fayre bolle; þen broche þinPage  41 Pygge; þen farce hym, & sewe þe hole, & lat hym roste; & þan serue forth.

.xxxiiij. Poddyng of Capoun necke.—Take Percely, gysour, & þe leuer of þe herte, & perboyle in fayre water; þan choppe hem smal, & put raw ȝolkys of Eyroun .ij. or .iij. þer-to, & choppe for-with. Take Maces & Clowes, & put þer-to, & Safroun, & a lytil pouder Pepir, & Salt; & fille hym vppe & sew hym, & lay him a-long on þe capon Bakke, & prycke hym þer-on, and roste hym, & serue forth.

.xxxv. Capoun or gos farced.—Take Percely, & Swynys grece, or Sewet of a schepe, & parboyle hem to-gederys til þey ben tendyr; þan take harde ȝolkys of Eyroun, & choppe for-with; caste þer-to Pouder Pepir, Gyngere, Canel, Safroun, & Salt, & grapis in tyme of ȝere, & clowys y-nowe; & for defawte of grapis, Oynons, fyrst wil y-boylid, & afterward alle to-choppyd, & so stuffe hym & roste hym, & serue hym forth. And ȝif þe lust, take a litil Porke y-sode, & al to-choppe hit smal a-mong þat oþer; for it wol be þe better, & namely for þe Capoun.

.xxxvj. Pokerounce.—Take Hony, & caste it in a potte tyl it wexe chargeaunt y-now; take & skeme it clene. Take Gyngere, Canel, & Galyngale, & caste þer-to; take whyte Brede, & kytte to trenchours,*. [two trenchers, big slices. ] & toste ham; take þin paste whyle it is hot, & sprede it vppe- [leaf 32 bk.] on þin trenchourys with a spone, & plante it with Pynes, & serue forth.

.xxxvij. Sauoge.—Take Pigis fete clene y-pekyd; þan tak Freysshe broþe of Beff, & draw mylke of Almaundys, & þe Piggys þer-in; þen mence Sawge; þan grynd hym smal, & draw owt þe Ius þorw a straynoure; þan take clowys y-now, & do þer-in pouder Gyngere, & Canelle, Galyngale, Vynegre, & Sugre y-now; Salt it þan, & þanne serue forth.

.xxxviij. A Kyde a-Forsyde.—Take a pigge, & make hym clene, and Skynne hym, & Fylle it ful of suche mete as þou dost a capoun; þan take þe fleysshe, & vntrusse hym on a spete, in þe maner of a kede, & roste hym; & endore hym with ȝolkys of Eyroun as an kede, & þan serue forth.

.xxxix. Eyroun in lentyn.—Take Eyroun, & blow owt þat ys with-ynne atte oþer ende; þan waysshe þe schulle clene in warme Water; þan take gode mylke of Almaundys, & sette it on þe fyre; þan take a fayre canvas, & pore þe mylke þer-on, & lat renne owt þe water; þen take it owt on þe cloþe, & gader it to-gedere with a platere; þen putte sugre y-now þer-to; þan take þe halvyndele, & colour it with Safroun, a lytil, & do þer-to pouder Canelle; Page  42 þan take & do of þe whyte in the neþer ende of þe schulle, & in þe myddel þe ȝolk, & fylle it vppe with þe whyte; but noȝt to fulle, for goyng ouer; þan sette it in þe fyre & roste it, & serue forth.

.xl. Puddyng of purpaysse.—Take þe Blode of hym, & þe grece of hym self, & Ote-mele, & Salt, & Pepir, & Gyngere, & melle þese to-gederys wel, & þan putte þis in þe Gutte of þe purpays, & þan lat it seþe esyli, & not hard, a good whylys; & þan take hym vppe, & broyle hym a lytil, & þan serue forth.

.xli. Raynolleȝ.—Nym sode Porke & chese, & seþe y-fere, & caste þer-to gode pouder Pepir, Canelle, Gyngere, Clowes, Maceȝ, [leaf 33.] an close þin comade in dow, & frye it in freysshe grece ryȝt wel; an þanne serue it forth.

.xlij. Froyse in lentynne.—Take Fygis & Roysonys, & grynde hem in a mortere, & draw vppe with kreme of Almaundys; þan take Rys þorw a cloþe; þan take þe Luce, an þe Perche, & þe Schrympe, & seþe hem, & do a-way þe bonys, & þe hedys, & grynde hem in an Mortere, & draw hym vppe with þe creme of þe Almaundys; þen take Rys, & do hem on a potte ouer þe fyre, Whan þey ben clene, with a lytil Watere, late hem seþe til þey ben drye, & þat þey schorge; þan take & hew on a borde, & do þer-to; þen take Sugre, & Safroun a goode quantyte, & gode pouder, & caste þer-to, & boyle it y-fere, & frye it in oyle, & make þer-of a Froyse, & serue forth.

.xliij. Payn pur-dew.—Take fayre ȝolkys of Eyroun, & trye hem fro þe whyte, & draw hem þorw a straynoure, & take Salt and caste þer-to; þan take fayre brede, & kytte it as troundeȝ rounde; þan take fayre Boter þat is claryfiyd, or ellys fayre Freysshe grece, & putte it on a potte, & make it hote; þan take & wete wyl þin troundeȝ in þe ȝolkys, & putte hem in þe panne, an so frye hem vppe; but ware of cleuyng to the panne; & whan it is fryid, ley hem on a dysshe, & ley Sugre y-nowe þer-on, & þanne serue it forth [ forht ].

.xliiij. Meselade.*. [See Malesade in Douce MS. ]—Take Eyroun, þe ȝolkys an þe whyte to-gedere, & draw hem þorw a straynoure; & þan take a litil Botere, & caste in a fayre frying panne; & whan þe boter is hot, take þe drawyn Eyroun, & caste þer-to; þan take a Sawcere, an gadre þe Eyroun to-gedere in þe panne, as it were þe brede of a pewter dysshe; & þan take fayre peceȝ of Brede, þe mountance of a mosselle of Brede, vppe-on þe Eyroun, & turne þan thy [supplied by ed.] brede downward in þe panne; þanne [leaf 33 bk.] take it of þe panne, & caste fayre whytePage  43 Sugre þer-to, & serue forth; an to euery good meslade take a þowsand Eyroun or mo.

.xlv. Brawune fryeȝ.—Take Brawune, & kytte it þinne; þan take þe ȝolkys of Eyroun, & sum of þe whyte þer-with; þan take mengyd Flowre, an draw þe Eyroun þorw a straynoure; þen take a gode quantyte of Sugre, Saferoun, & Salt, & caste þer-to, & take a fayre panne with Freyssche gres, & set ouer þe fyre; & whan þe grece is hote, take þe Brawn, an putte in bature, & turne it wyl þer-yn, an þan putte it on þe panne with þe grece, & late frye to-gederys a lytil whyle; þan take it vppe in-to a fayre dyssche, & caste Sugre þer-on, & þan serue forth.

.xlvj. Longe Fretoure.—Take Milke, an make fayre croddes þer-of, in þe maner of a chese al tendyr; þan take owt þe whey as clene as þou may, & putte it on a bolle; þan take ȝolkys of Eyroun & Ale, & menge floure, & cast þer-to, a gode quantyte, & draw it þorw a straynoure in-to a fayre vesselle; þan take a panne with fayre grece, & hete it on þe fyre, but lat it nowt boyle, & þan ley þin creme a-brode; þan take a knyff, & kytte a quantyte þer-of fro þe borde in-to þe panne, & efte a-noþer, & let it frye; & whan it is brownne, take it vppe in-to a fayre dyssche, and caste Sugre y-now þer-on, & serue forth.

.xlvij. Rapeye.—Take dow, & make þer-of a þinne kake; þanne take Fygys & raysonys smal y-grounde, & temper hem with Almaunde Milke; take pouder of Pepir, & of Galyngale, Clowes, & menge to-gederys, & ley on þin kake a-long as bene koddys, & ouer-caste þin kake to-gederys, & dewte on þe eggys, an frye in Oyle, & serue forth.

.xlviij. Ryschewys in lente.—Take Fygys & sethe hem uppe in Ale; þan take whan þey ben tendyr, & bray hem smal on a Mortere; [leaf 34] þan take Almaundys, & schrede hem þer-to smal; take Perys, & schrede hem þer-to; take datys, & schrede hem þer-to; & nym Milwel or lenge, þat is wel y-wateryd, & tese þer-to; þan make þin farsure, & rolle a-long in þin hond, & ley hem in flowre; þan make þin bature with ale & Floure, & frye hem vppe brown in Oyle; ryȝt so, make round-lyke Fretourys in þe maner be-for-sayd, & frye hem vppe, & þat ben y-clepid Ragons, & þanne serue hem forth.

.xlix. Hanoney.—Take an draw þe Whyte & þe ȝolkys of þe Eyroun þorw a straynoure; þan take Oynonys, & schrede hem smal; þan take fayre Boter or grece, & vnneþe kyuer þe panne þer-with, an frye þe Oynonys, & þan caste þe Eyroun in þe panne, & breke þe Eyrouns & þe Oynonys to-gederys; Page  44 an þan lat hem frye to-gederys a litel whyle; þan take hem vp, an serue forth alle to-broke to-gederys on a fayre dyssche.

.l. Hagas de Almaynne.—Take Fayre Eyroun, þe ȝolke & þe Whyte, & draw hem þorw a straynour; þan take Fayre Percely, & parboyle it in a potte with boyling broþe; þan take þe ȝolkys of Eyroun hard y-sothe, & hew þe ȝolkys & þe Percely smal to-gederys; þan take Sugre, pouder Gyngere, Salt, & caste þer-to; þen take merow, & putte it on a straynourys ende, & lat hange in-to a boyling potte; & parboyle it, & take it vppe, & let it kele, & þan kytte it in smal pecys; þan take þe drawyn Eyroun, & put hem in a panne al a-brode, & vnneþe ony grece in þe panne, & cowche ye ȝolkys & þe Percely þer-on in þe panne, & þan cowche of þe Marow pecys þer-on, & þan fold vppe eche kake by-neþe eche corner in .iiij. square, as platte, and turne it on þe panne oneȝ; let lye a litel whyle; þan take it vp & serue forth.

[leaf 34 bk.]

.lj. Cryspeȝ.—Take Whyte of Eyroun, Mylke, & Floure, & a lytel Berme, & bete it to-gederys, & draw it þorw a straynoure, so þat it be renneng, & not to styf, & caste Sugre þer-to, & Salt; þanne take a chafer ful of freysshe grece boyling, & put þin hond in þe Bature, & lat þin bature renne dowun by þin fyngerys in-to þe chafere; & whan it is ronne to-gedere on þe chafere, & is y-now, take & nym a skymer, & take it vp, & lat al þe grece renne owt, & put it on a fayre dyssche, & cast þer-on Sugre y-now, & serue forth.

.lij. Ryschewys of Marow.—Take fayre Flowre & raw ȝolkys of Eyroun, & Sugre, & Salt, & pouder of Gyngere, & Safroun, & make fayre cakes; & þan take marow, Sugre, & pouder of Gyngere, & ley it on þin cake, & fold hem to-gederys, & kytte hem in þe maner of Rysschewes, & frye hem in freyssche grece, & þanne serue forth.

.liij. Lesynges de chare.—Take fayre Buttys of Porke; hewe hem, & grynd hem, & caste þer-to Raw ȝolkys of Eyroun, & þen putte it in-to a fayre Vesselle; & take Roysonys of corauns, & dates myncyd, & pouder of Gyngere, Pepir, & Safroun, & Sugre, an melle all þes to-gederys; & make fayre past of Sugre & Safroun, & Salt; temper þer-in, & make .ij. fayre flat cakys þer-of, & lay þe stuf þer-on al a-brode on þe cake al flat; & þan take þat oþer cake, & lay hym al a-brode þer-on; & þan kytte the [supplied by ed.] cakys þorw with an knyf in maner of lesyngys; & þan make fayre bature of Raw ȝolkys of Eyroun, Sugre, & Salt, & close þe sydys of þe lesyngȝ þer-with, & þan frye hem in fayre grece, & serue forth.

.liiij. Fretoure.—Take whete floure, Ale ȝest, Safroun, & Salt, & bete Page  45 alle to-gederys as þikke as þou schuldyst make oþer bature in fleyssche tyme; & þan take fayre Applys, & kut hem in maner [leaf 35.] of Fretourys, & wete hem in þe bature vp on downne, & frye hem in fayre Oyle, & caste hem in a dyssche; & caste Sugre þer-on, & serue forth.

.lv. Chawettys Fryidde.—Take & make fayre past of flowre & water, Sugre, & Safroun, & Salt; & þan make fayre round cofyns þer-of; & þen fylle þin cofyns with þin stuf, & keuere þin cofyns with þe same past, & frye hem in gode Oyle, & serue forth.

.lvj. Tansye.—Take fayre Tansye, & grynd in a morter; þanne take Eyroun, þe ȝolkys & þe whyte, & strayne hem þorw a straynoure; & strayne also þe Ius of þe Tansye, & melle to-gederes; & take fayre Freysche grece, & put þer-on ouer þe fyre, tylle it melte; þan caste þe stuf þer-on, & gadere to-gedere with a Sawcer or a dysshe, as þou wolt it, lasse oþer more, & turne it in þe panne; & þan serue it forth.

.lvij. Froyse out of Lentyn.—Take Eyroun & draw þe ȝolkes & þe whyte þorw a straynoure; þan take fayre Bef or vele, & sethe it tyl it be y-now; þan hew cold oþer hote, & melle to-gederys þe eggys, þe Bef, or vele, & caste þer-to Safroun, & Salt, & pouder of Pepir, & melle it to-gederys; þan take a fayre Frying-panne, & sette it ouer þe fyre, & caste þer-on fayre freysshe grece, & make it hot, & caste þe stuf þer-on, & stere it wel in þe panne tyl it come to-gederys wel; cast on þe panne a dysshe & presse it to-gederys, & turne it onys, & þanne serue it forth.

.lviij. Ryschewys close & Fryez.—Take Fygys, & grynd hem smal in a mortere with a lytil Oyle, & grynd with hym clowys & Maces; & þan take it vppe in-to a vesselle, & cast þer-to Pynez, Saundrys, & Roysonys of Coraunce, & mencyd Datys, Pouder Pepir, Canel, Salt, Safroun; [leaf 35 bk.] þan take fyne past of flowre an water, Sugre, Safroun, & Salt, & make fayre cakys þer-of; þan rolle þin stuf in þin hond, & couche it in þe cakys, & kyt it, & folde hym as Ruschewys, & frye hem vppe in Oyle; and serue forth hote.

.lix. *. [? MS. N or M. ]Nese Bekys.—Take Fygys & grynd hem wel; þan take FreysscheSamoun & goode Freyssche Elys wyl y-sothe, & pyke owt þe bonys, & grynd þe Fyssche with þe Fygis, & do þer-to powder Gyngere, Canelle; & take fayre past of [supplied by ed.] Flowre, & make fayre cakys ryth þinne, & take of þe fars, & lay on þe cake, & close with a-noþer; þen take a Sawcere, & skoure þe sydis, & close þe cake, & Frye hem wyl in Oyle; & ȝif þou wolt haue hym Page  46 partye, coloure hym with Safroun, Percely, & Sawnderys; & serue forth for a gode fryid mete.

.lx. Myleȝ in Rapeye.—Take Fygys & wasche hem clene, and boyle hem in wyne, & grynd hem smal, & draw hem vppe with þe Wyne þat þey were sothyn in; þan take flowre of Rys, & Wyne, & draw þorw a straynoure, & do þer-to pouder Gynger, Canelle, Maceȝ, Quybibeȝ, & þen take Freyssche Samoun, oþer Pike or gode Freyssche Codlyng; seþe it wyl, & pike owt þe bonys; þan take perys y-coryd, & grynde hem ryȝth smal & wyl with þe Fyssche; þan take hard ȝolkys of Eyroun soþin, & grynd it wyth-al, & do it in-to þin veselle, & take with Sugre & pouder Gynger, & meng it with þe farcere*. [Farcure; stuffing. ] wyl, & presse hem to-gederys; þan make a gode bature of Almaunde mylke & Floure, & do þer-in, & frye hem wyl in Oyle, & ley hem yn a dyssche, & pore on þe Sew, & serue forth.

.lxj. Cruste Rolle.—Take fayre smal Flowre of whete; nym Eyroun & breke þer-to, & coloure þe past with Safroun; rolle it on a borde also þinne as parchement, rounde a-bowte as [leaf 36.] an oblye;*. [Oble, sacramental wafer.] frye hem, & serue forth; and þus may do in lente, but do away þe Eyroun, & nym mylke of Almaundys, & frye hem in Oyle, & þen serue forth.

.lxij. Chawettys a-forsed.—Take Merybonys & Porke; hew it an Raw ȝolkys of Eyroun, & melle to-gederys with pouder Canelle, Pepir, Gyngere, & Safroun, & Sugre y-now; kyuere hem, frye hem vp in Grece, & serue forth.

.lxiij. Fretoure owt of lente.—Take Flowre, Milke, & Eyroun, & grynd Pepir & Safroun, & make þer-of a bature; pare Applys, & ster hem, & frye hem vppe.

.lxiiij. Towres.—Take & make a gode þikke bature of ȝolkys of Eyroun, & marow y-now þer-on, pouder pepir, Maceȝ, clowes, Safroun, Sugre, & Salt; & ȝif þou wolt, a litel soþe Porke or vele y-choppid; þer-to take þen þe whyte of Eyroun, & strayne hem in-to a bolle; þan putte a lytil Saffroun & Salt to þe whyte, & sette a panne with grece ouer þe fyre, & be-war þat þin grece be nowt to hote; þan putte a litel of þe Whyte comade in þe panne, & late flete al a-brode as þou makyst a pancake; þen, whan it is sumwhat styf, ley þin comade of þin Eyroun, þat is to saying, of þe ȝolkys, in þe myddel, & caste by þe cake round a-bowte, & close hym foure-square, & fry hem vp, & serue hem forth for Soperys in Somere. [gap: ] *. [four pages and a quarter blank here in the MS. ]