An anthology of Chancery English

1417C81/1364/36Signet of Henry V

By þe kyng Worshipful fader in god. ffor as muche as We haue ordeined and assigned our Welbeloued seruant Robert Rodyngton.
to be surueour of þe makyng of our toures at Portesmouth. We wil þat ye do make vnder our greet seel
a Commission to þe same Robert. suche as ye þenke resonable and necessarie for þe goode and hastie spede.
of our werkes forsaid. during while vs lust. Yeuen in oure Towne of Caen þe .ve. day of Septembre vnder our signet S

*. [ [Calendared Kirby 809. Appointment recorded 5 Sept. 1417, CPR 1416-22, p. 122.] ]