An anthology of Chancery English

1445C146/C3584London Indenture

This bille endentid made be twyn Robert Clopton Ceteseyn and Alderman of london on the on party And Iohn Gerveys of
Bury Seynt Edmunde on the other party witnessith that where as the seid Robert hath certeyn londes and tene mentes
in Bury afor seid And in the feldes of the same Toun And in the tounes of ffornham Alhalwyn fforn ham
Martyn Berton And in other Tounes there with here apper tenances the seid Robert hath solde alle the
seid londes and tenementes with the apper tenances to the seid Iohn for CCCC marc for to be payd
at the ffestes vnderwrete / that is to sey At the feste of halumesse next comyng: xl marc and at the seid feste of
Candelmesse that shall be in the yer of our lord MlCCCCxlvj. xx. marc and so yerly at the seid feste of Candelmesse
xx marc into the tyme that þe seid sume of CCCC marc be fully content and paid to the seid Rober t
or his certeyn Attorney And the seid Robert shall make or do make to the seid Iohn and to othere sweche as the seid Iohn
will name A sufficiaunt estate in all þe seid londes and tenementes with Page  298 the appertenances at
the seid feste of halumesse / at wheche tyme the seid Iohn shal fynde to the seid Robert And to sweche as he wil haue suffi ciaunt
suerte for the seid paiementes be a vis of Counsel of þe seid Robert And for the more suerte of the seid
Iohn that he hys heires and assignes shulen haue the seid londes and tenementes withowte ony
recouere of the seid Robert or his heires The seid Robert shal make or do make to the seid Iohn and his heir es
a. resonable suerte of An Annuyte in his Maner of wyndey in the Counte of Caumbregge or ellys in othere fee symple londes
to the value of xx marc yerly be a vis of Counseyll of þe seid Robert and Iohn that the seid Iohn shal haue
the seid londes and tenementes in Bury and in the other Tounes aforseid to hym hys heires and assignes pes ybly
for the forseid Robert hys heires and assignes wi thowtyn ende And also Iohn harpour fermour of the seid londes
shal haue fre entre and issu to thresshyn fannyn and caryen all his Cornes straw and chaf howsyd in the Bernes there in to the feste
of Estryn nest commynge And also it shal be leful to the seid Robert And his Attorney for to distreyne in all the
forseid londes and tenementes for ony rente or ferme be hynde for the terme of Mighelmesse nest comyng or ellys
before / into the feste of Estryn aforeseid In witnesse where of either of the seid parties to other chaungeably haue put to these
present bill endentyd her seales: at the xx day of Iull In the yere of kyng herry the vjt the xx iij.

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