An anthology of Chancery English

c 1428C49/22/19Bristol Deposition

The certyficate of the Meyr and Baillyffes of Brystowe Page  297 Remembrance that the fryday next after þe fest of the
Exaltacion of the holy Croyce the sexte yer of the kyng that nowe ys: Iohn Baylly late the Clerk of Phelip Excestre: come a
fore Robert Russell that tyme Meyr Roger lyuedon and Water Milton the yonger Baillifs. And many other worthy men syttyng yn open
Court And seyd openly yn heryng of alle men: that ther were that serteyn day and yere: he shewed to Thomas Stamford a dede
ensealed that Crystyan Nele somtyme of Brystowe made vnder her seal. And also vnder the Meyres seale: to Willyam Combe som tyme
Burgeis of Bristowe: of certeyn londes And tenementes: yn the towne: and þe subarbes of Bristowe: And whan he had
shewed the same dede: vn to the same Thomas: the same Thomas toke the seales yn his honde: and desyred the foresaid dede: And
for the same Iohn Bailly. wolde not delyuer hit hym: he pulled of the seales. that he helde yn his honde: and putte hem yn his
sleue: And whan the same Thomas hed harde these wordes: he said . that sothe hit was: that þe said Iohn Baylly shewed hym
suche a dede: And. yn struglyng be twene hem bothe: he brake of the seales: and so he knoweleched the brekyng ther of: openly
a fore alle the Court / and said these wordes: I didde hit. what wolle ye sey ther to: take youre auauntage: