An anthology of Chancery English

1427E28/48/18Winchester Indenture

Thys endenture (y) made by Walter hore mair of þe Cite of Wynchestre & Cyteȝyns of the same Cyte þe
þrydde. day of September þe ȝer of þe regne of kyng (henry) þe .vj. þe .v. wytennssuth þat
oure worshupful. & holy. fadur in god henry by þe grace of god Bysshup of Wynchestre & þe worthy Clerk / Abbot of
Beaulieu Walter Sandes knyght & Iohn Vuedale Squyer Com missioners of oure sayde liege lorde by. hys lettres of
priue seal. lat were. y.sende to þe sayde Mayr & Cyteȝ ins to trete wyth hem to haue en. apprest of hem. a. notable
somme in (helpyng of þe w)erres of oure sayde liege lord by twext whyche Commissioners. Mayr & Cyteȝins
diuerseȝ comunicacions .y.hadde to fore þe. day bwesaid & also diuerseȝ comunicacions &
dayes. y. hadde by. þe sayde Mayr & . Citeȝins by. twext hem self / to fore þat day / (& so) (the day A) forsayde
the Mair & Cyteȝins answered & sayde þat wyth. diuer se late pestylenceȝ te þryftyust men &. so grete. a. multi tude
of peple ys dede in oure cyte þat. þe þrydde man ys nat. y.left. a lyue þer ynne & þe kyngus
ferme of þat Cyte & oþer many diuerseȝ char geȝ fallyng vpon þat Cyte fro day to day buþ now
as grete as euur þey were (as) whan þe Cyte of peple & goud stovde most in prosperite & so for grete char ges
fallyng vpon hem. day by day þey mowe vnneþe lyve but buþ. so pore. þat aprest. hy buþ nat in power
to make but and. hyt were in. here power to make. aprest or (of power to) do plesance to oure (liege) lord wyth here goud. hy
wolde do hyt as tendurly & with. as goude hert &. wyll as eny man þat lyuuth.

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