An anthology of Chancery English

1455SC8/28/1388Petition of the Citizens of Oxford

To the right wise and discret Comuns of this present parlement Besechen (mekely) your contynuell Oratours the
Mair and Burgeises of the towne of Oxenford that where þe said towne is charged to þe kyng our souerayn lorde
yerely of a fee ferme of xl li beside and other charge of xxiij li v d And ouer that at euery xvme & xe of xxiiij. li
And howe þat the said towne in þe dais what tyme the same towne was thus charged with þe said
sommes was full enhabited with marchauntes artificers and grete multitude of lay people And now is desolate for the
more parte be cause of diuerse statutȝ in diuerse parlementȝ made that noo man shulde take noon apprentices
but if the fadres or þe modres of þe apprentices myght spende yerely xx s of free hold So that the said lay people
nowe in þe said towne of dyuers craftes may not bere þe charges aforsaid ne serue and plese the Clergie
beyng in þe vniuersyte that is there Wherfore many scolers withdrawe theym and voide the said vniuersyte seyng þat
they may not haue artificers to serue theym at their nede to þe perpetuell anyentesyng of þe said towne and grete
hyndryng of the said Clergie / Please it vnto your wisdoms the premysses tendrely considred to pray the kyng our souerayn
lord that it lyke his highnesse by þaduise Page  290 and assent of his lordes spirituell and temporell in this present parl ement
assembled to ordeyne by auctoryte of þe same þat it be liefull to euery Burgeys of the said towne of
Oxenford to take apprentece or apprentices such as to hem semeth behofull in semblable maner as þe Citezens of the Citee
of london doo and vse how be it that þe fadre or fadres of the said apprentice or apprentices haue not ne
neuer had eny free holde in londes tenementes rentes seruices or eny other possessions within þis
Roialme and þat (noon) of the said Burgeyses of the said towne for takyng of eny such apprentice contrarie to the
said statuȝ by our said souerain lord ne his heires nor noon other persone be disturbed inquieted greved vexed
or empeched eny statute afore þis tyme made to þe contrarie not withstondyng Savyng allwey to the Chaunceller of
þe vniuersyte of Oxenford and to his successours ther custumes and priueleges of old tyme hadde and vsed. Prouyded
alwey that noon of the said Burgeises ne dwellers within the said toun shall take to apprentice eny scoler withoute þassent
and avise of þe fader and moder or þe speciall frendes of þe same scoler And this atte reuerence of god and in way of Charitee:

*. [ [Printed RP V.337.16] [torn] [rubbed] ]