An anthology of Chancery English

1455 SC8/28/1387Petition of Thomas Yong for restitution after his arrest for speaking out in Parliament

To the right wise and discret Comons in this present parlement assembled Bese(cheth) humbly Thomas yong that where
as he late beyng oon of the knyghtes for the shire and towne of Bristowe in dyuers parlementes holden afore this demened
him in his saiyng in the same as wele faithfully and with alle suche trewe diligent labour as his symplenesse couthe or might
for the wele of the kyng oure souerain lorde and this his noble Realme and notwithstonding that by the olde liberte
and fredom of the Comyns of this londe had enIoyed and prescribed fro the tyme that no mynde is alle suche pers ones
as for the tyme been assembled / in eny parlement for the same Comyns ought to haue theire fredom to speke and sey in the
hous of there assemble as to theym (is)þhought conuenyent or resonable withoute eny maner chalange charge or punycion
therefore to be leyde to theym in eny wise Neuerthelesse by vntrewe sinistre reportes made to the kinges highnesse of
your said bisecher for matiers by him shewed in the hous accustumed for the Comyns in the said parlementes He was
therefore taken arrested and rigorously in open wise led to the Toure of London and there greuously in grete duresse long
tyme emprisoned (ayenst)þhe said fredom and liberte and was there put in grete fere Page  289 of ymportable punycion of his body and
drede of losse of his lif withoute eny enditement presente ment appele due originall accusement or cause laufull had or sued
ayenst him as it is openly knowen: the not mowyng come to eny answere or declaracion in that partie whereby he not oonly suffered
grete hurt payn and disese in his body (but) was by the occasion therof put to ouer grete excessyue losses and expenses of his
good amountyng to the somme of Ml. mark and muche more Please hit your grete wisedoms tenderly to consider the premisses And
thervpon to pray the kyng our souerain lorde that hit like his (highness) of his moost noble grace to graunte and prouide
by thavice of the lordes spirituell and temporell in this present parlement assembled that for the said losses costes damages
and imprisonment your said bi(secher) haue sufficient and resonable recompense as good feith trouthe and conscience requiren

*. [ [Printed RP V.337.15] [torn] [rubbed] ]