An anthology of Chancery English

1438E28/62/35Privy Seal: Warrant transmitting Petition of the Weavers of Oxford

HENRY by þe grace of (god) Kyng of Englande and of ffraunce and Lorde of Irlande: To þe worshipfull fadre in
god þe Bisshop of Bath oure Chaunceller gretyng: Nowe late hathe shewed vnto vs þe weuers and fullers of oure
toune of Oxonford þat when kyng Edward þe furst oure progenitour by his lettres patentes graunted vnto þe
weuers and fullers of oure saide Toune þat þey sholde haue here Gilde and all þeire libertees and franchesies þ at
þey had in þe tyme of kyng henry Aieul of kyng Iohan and in þe tyme of þe noble kyng fadre of þe saide kyng
Edward so þat euery yere þey shoulde paye to þ e saide kyng Iohan a marc of golde and þat no man shoulde
werke þe saide crafte of weuers. withynne fyue myle aboute þ e saide toune but oonly withynne þe saide toune & by
men of þe saide crafte of weuers of þe saide toune / And aftirward þe saide kyng Edward hauyng consideracion þat
where þe nombre of þe saide craft of weuers in þe saide toune were wont to be of .lx. persones and more in þ e
tyme of þe Aieul of þe saide kyng Iohan and howe þ ey were but .xv. persones in his tyme and þan þey
were so poeuere and nedy þat þey myght noght paye to þe same kyng Edward þe saide marc of golde. þe which amo unteth
to vj. li. of sterlinges: of his speciale grace by his lettres patentes pardoned to þe saide weuers of
oure saide toune. þe saide Rent of a marc of golde yerely and þarrerages of þe same: and forthermore graunted by his lettres patentes: þat þe
saide weuers fro þat tyme forthe shoulde paie yerely by þe handes of þe
Maire and Bailliefs of þe saide toune þat for þe tyme shoulde be .xlijs. halfe at michelmesse and half at þe feste
of Pasque in þe same maniere as þey were wont and accus tumed to paie þe saide marc of golde: as in þe lettres
patentes of þe confirmacion of kyng Richard þe seconde after þe conquest made vpon þat / is conteyned Page  251 more plainely /
And nowe it is so. þat þer been in þe saide toune at þis tyme but .ije. persones of þe saide
crafte of weuers and þey be soo poeuere and nedy as it is saide þat þey haue noȝt for to paye þe saide .xlijs.
yerely by cause þat oþer þat been of þe same crafte duellyng withoute þe saide toune cometh
dayly within þe saide Toune and .v. myle aboute and þer þey purchace and take þe mater appertiegnyng
to þe same crafte and carie it awaye oute of þe saide toune and wirkith it into grete hinderyng of þe paiement of
þe saide .xlijs. yerely and also into grete damage and destruc cion of þe saide persones of þe (saide) crafte of
weuers in þe saide toune. but yf þey by vs be socored in þis partie. We þees premisses consideryng and
also þe symple nombre of folke of þe saide craft of weuers þat been present duellyng in þe saide toune and
þat þey bee soo poeuere of her goodes þat þey may noght paye to vs þe saide yerely rent of
xlijs. haue of oure grace especiale graunted vnto þe saide folke of þe craft of weuers and ffullers of
þe saide toune to þayme and to þeire successours for euer more to haue a Gilde entiere to gedre in þe
saide toune with all þeire libertees and fraunchises soo entierely and frely as þe saide folke of þe crafte of
weuers and her predecessours of þe saide toune euere haue had in þe tyme of oure noble progenitour aforsaide
and þat þe saide folk of þe craft of weuers and ffullers of þe saide toune þat nowe er and þeire
successours þat for þe tyme shall be. shall paye þe saide xlij s yerely by þe handes of þe saide maire and
bailliefs of þe saide toune at þe festes aforsaide withoute beryng or supportyng for þe abouesaide cause
any oþere charge And þat þe saide folke of þe craft of weuers and ffullers and þere success ours
among oþere franchises and libertees fro þis tyme furth haue suche libertees and franchises þat þey yerely
in þe feste of þe holy cros in September may assemble þeire two craftes in o place at þeire pleasure in þ e
saide toune and þere chese two persones of þe moost wyse and discrete men of þe saide craftes þat oon
of þat oon craft and þat oþere of þat oþere crafte þe which ije maistres shall haue þe gouuernance of
þe saide craftes within oure saide towne by þe yere and þat noo persone werke ne occupie by hym selfe
ne by oother þe saide craftes ne any of þe saide craftes ne take any manere matier appertiegnyng vnto þe
saide craftes. other to any of hem withynne þe saide toune and fyue myle aboute. but oonly þe folk of þe
saide craftes & of the saide toune vpon þe payne of forfai ture to vs suche matere by þayme so taken. And þat þe
saide two maistres of þe saide craftes shall make þeire serches fro tyme to tyme for þe saide forfaiture
when it shall like hem for suche matere so taken within Page  252 þe saide toune and .v. myle aboute or to be caried oute of
þe saide toune and .v. myle aboute as it is aforsaide. And also þat þe saide Maistres of þe saide craftes
þe which for þe tyme shall be haue souficeante autoritee and poaire to make and ordeigne amonges þe saide craftes all
gode constitucions and ordinances for þe gode conseruacion of þe saide craftes as oft tymes as hem like withouten eny
empeschement of vs other of oure heirs or officers what euere þey bee paiyng yerely to vs and to oure heirs xlij s by
þe handes of þe Maire and Bailliefs of þe saide toune for þe tyme beyng at þe
termes of Pasque and michelmesse by euen porcions. We woll and charge you þat herevpon ye doo make oure lettres
patentes vndre oure grete seal en deue forme. Yeuen vnder oure priue seal at oure Manoir of Sheene þe .xiij.e day
of Iuyll. The yere of oure regne xvije.

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