An anthology of Chancery English

1437SC8/27/1308Petition concerning the estate of Thomas Norton of Bristol

To the right wise and discreet Comons of this present parlement Besechen mekely Thomas Norton Water Norton
Page  246 of Bristowe Gentilmen Sonnes and executors of the testament of Thomas Norton late of Bristowe Gentilman Thomas
Halewey Nicholas Deuenyssh and Iohn Papenham and Iohn Shepward of Bristowe Marchantȝ that it please you
to considre how that oon Thomas Stamford before our souerain lord the kyng at westminstre for certein
trespasses falshedes and disceites doon vnto the same Thomas Norton the fader atte the suyte of the same Thomas by bylle
was found gylty by verdite of xij notable men of the seid Toun of Bristowe to the harmes of the seid Thomas
Norton of iiijc marc wherupon it was awarded that the same Thomas Norton shuld recouere the seid somme of iiijc
marc ayens the seid Thomas Stamford. And that the seid (Thomas) Stamford shulde be take to satisfie
our seid souerain lord of his redempcion by cause of the seid trespaces falshedes and deceites of whiche he was
conuicted. And after that the seid Thomas Stamford beyng atte barre at westminstre by fore our lord the
kyng at the peticion of the same Thomas Norton was comytted to the Marchall in prison to abide vnto tyme that he hadde
aswell satisfied the same Thomas Norton of his seid damages as our souerain lord of his seid redempcion. After
whiche the same Thomas Stamford pretendyng a fals othe to be made by the seid xij men in the seid suyte sued
atteynt therupon in due fourme of lawe. in whiche it was founden be xxiiij notable men of the seid Toun that the seid
xij men in the premisses hadde made good and true othe Wherupon the seid Thomas Stamford was by Iuggement barrid
of his seid atteynt and awarded ouere by the Court. that he shulde abide in prison vnto the tyme he hadde made
an other greet fyn with our lord the kyng for the same. After whiche tyme Thomas Stamford so beyng in prison
encresyng his greet vntrouthe and malice by favour supportacion and help of his keper there and by comfort of other vntrue
persones by sotill and malicious menes purposing to hurt vexe and vndoo your seid suppliantȝ and to make
hem waste and lese her godds and her bodyes to her greet hyndryng ymagined (contrevyd) & feyned diuers
vntrue accions of trespases and fals enprisonementȝ in foreyn shires. that is to wite in london tweyn ayens the
seid Thomas Norton water Norton Thomas halewey & Iohn Papenham iiij of the seid bisechers by the names of
Thomas Norton and water Norton of Bristowe Gentilmen and Thomas Halewey and Iohn Papenham of Bristowe
marchauntȝ. And in Southrey oon ayens the same Thomas Norton water Norton and Iohn Papenham
by the same names and Nicholas Deuenyssh and Iohn Shipward (of Bristowe marchauntȝ supposyng)
that thei shulde haue beten and enprisoned hym. where in trouthe thei were neuere gilty þerof ne som of
hem com not in suche places Page  247 ther the trespaces ys supposid to be doon by x yere before the trespaces supposid and somm of
hem neuere. and in this fourme before seid the seid suppliantȝ (ben grevousely vexed and labored
dailly) and so ben likly by longe tyme to endure. by cause that if þe seid Thomas Stamford perceyue
that eny enquest woll not passe with his entent he woll be nonsuyd and þerupon he will begynn a newe feyned sute
ayen. so supposyng to labore the seid suppliantȝ infenytly by vntrue sutes withoute your good help and
socour. And now late our seid souerain lord enformed of the greet mysgouernaunce of the seid
Thomas Stamford hadde ayen hym and his liege peple for dyuers causes that meved him and his rightwys Counseill
the seid Thomas Stamford from the prison callid the kynges benche was remeved vnto his prison in london
y callid the fflete be his (lettres vnder his prive seale)þhe whiche Thomas Stamford sueth now to our seid
souerain lord to be remeued and remyttid ayen to the seid prison of kynges benche to that entent that he myght be
there at large as he was before and there to enbrace the Iurours ayenst the seid suppliantȝ and also to be an
enfourmour a techer and a Counceillour as well be his writyng as otherwise to alle the prisoners
and mysdoers beyng in the seid prison of the kynges benche As he was before to the gret hurt and derogacion of oure
souerain lord and of his liege peple as it is openly knowen. Please it to your wise discrecions to consider these
premisses. and that diuers of the seid suppliantȝ for greet age ben impotent to laboure.
And therupon to praye our souerain lord the king by the assent of his (lordes espirituelx) and
temporell in this present parlement assembled and by aucorite of the same parlement to ordeyne and
establie that the seid Thomas Stamford may abide and remayne still in the seid prison of fflete and in the kepyng and
warde of the wardeine of the same prison for the tyme beyng withoute eny remevement to be hadde of hym
into the seid prison called the kynges benche or into eny oþer prison out of the kepyng. and warde of the seid
wardeyn of fflete for the tyme beyng till the seid fynes and alle other thynges of the whiche the seid (Thomas Stamford
standeth charged ayens oure souerain) lord be satisfied and (determyned). And the seid
executors fully agreed and satisfied of the seid iiijc marc as lawe woll and requireth. and that for the
loue of god and in wey of charitee

*. [(31 more lines in RP) [Printed RP IV.509.38] [rubbed, stained] [creased]]