An anthology of Chancery English

1427E28/48/19:4Petition of the Mayor and Citizens of Southampton

To owre souerayne lord the kyng & to hys ryȝt worthy wyse & discrete Counsell bysechyth well humblely hys powre trewe
liege men the Mayr Aldremen & Burgeysys of Suthampton / that hyt dysplese nat vn to owre sayd souerayne lord / þe Kyng
ne to hys sayde worthy Counsell / that the sayd Mayr Aldremen & Burgeysys buth nat of power / for grete nede and pouerte
of ham selfe to make eny appreste of money / vn to owre sayd souer ayne lord the Kyng at thys tyme / for trewly þe sayd towne
of Suthampton ys at thys tyme ryȝt powre & all moste desolate / for to that place ryȝt nowe comyth all most no maner of
peple neythere by water ne by londe / for the wheche cause grete partye of the dwellerys of that towne buth sodeynly departyd
Page  215 & ago (&) meny howsys ben yshutte vppe & grene gras grewyth at hare dorys and in diuerse placys of euery strete of the
towne / Whar for / for / the grete nede & pouerte of ham selfe / the sayd Mayr & burgeysys now in all haste moste make agrete Tallage by
thynne ham selfe / to gadery money to paye to Quene Iohane hare fee ferme of the towne / The wheche grete & greuouse fee ferme / þe
sayd Mayr & burgeysys ne may but alytyll whyle here after bere ne paye / by thowte þat / that they have helpe socowr & pardon
of hare sayde fee ferme of hare sayd souerayne lord þe kyng & of the sayde Quene / thorwe helpe & prayer of þe sayd worthy Counsell:

*. [ [rubbed] ]