An anthology of Chancery English

1426E28/47/83Petition of Baltazar Vivald of Genoa

To my lord of Bedford and oþer lordys of þe worþy counsel of England Besekeþ mekely Balta gar vivald
marchant of Iene of yowr special grace to commaun de þe Tresorer and Barons of þe Chekker to restore
and delyuer to þe seid Baltaȝar þe Cloþ is longyng to þe same Baltaȝar. þe whych þe
Awner of london arestid and haþ browȝth in to þe Chekker Reccyuyng of þe seid Baltaȝar xxv. mark.
þe which somme he is acordit with þe seid Tresorer to paye to owr souereyn lord as for fyne of þe Cloþis aforeseyd (Signatures) H. gloucestre H Cantuar. I Ebor Cant T dunelm P Elien I Bathon Cromwell Typtot