An anthology of Chancery English

1421SC8/24/1168Petition of the Soldiers in Calais

To the worthy wise and discrete persones Speker of this present parlement and to alle the
knyghts of the Shires Prayen and requiren on goddes behalue the pore liege men and Soudeours in the
Tovn of Caleys that hit like to ȝoure wise and gode discrecions tenderly to considere how that
the pore Soudeours be the space of V ȝeer a quarter except ( . . . bodies) and here
godes han truly serued the saufgarde of the forsaid Tovn with oute any plein paiement sauyng apprest
and vitaille the whiche vitaille hath be so high supporta cion to the Soudeours that ellis here continuaunce
myȝt not haue be born So (that there is) due to the forseid Soudeours in especial of the retenu
of oure worthy and gracious lord oure Capitaign the Erle of warre wyk be iuste rekenyng betuene the officers of oure
soueraign lord the king And the officers of oure forsaide Capitaign vnto the (iij day) of
ffeuerer last passed Atte whiche day be the comaunde ment of oure soueraign lord there was abitted vjxx
Soudeours on horsback vnpaid so atte that day there was due to the forsaid Capitaign and Soudeours the
somme of xxvj ml. Dccxliij (l. xiij s. x d q.) wherefore like vnto ȝoure high discrecions to
haue recomaunded amonge alle ȝoure other petici ons the forseid Tovn and for to be gode menes to oure
most douty lord oure naturell soueraign lege lord the king (to that conclusion that þurgh)
ȝoure gode and graciouse mediacion so to be proferred that the pore Soudeours may haue in
partie of paiement the somme that is receiued of the assignement last apointed be oure forsaid soueraign
lord as fer as hit wold strecche and for the remenaunt that is due vnto hem to ordeigne as best
liketh to ȝoure gode and graciouse lordship in releuyng of the grettest necessite that euere ȝ our
forseid Page  209 Soudeours stode ynne saue hope of ȝoure habundant grace and mercy atte reuerence of god (and) yn wey of charitee

*. [ [Printed RP IV.159.5] [rubbed]]