An anthology of Chancery English

Before 1413E28/29/69Petition of Cecily Tikell of London

Worschipfull Sires and my dere maistres In whom is my souereigne treste Bifore alle Creatures of my knoweleche
I comand me vnto ȝowr worthinesse with alle manere obeianse and mekenesse
Thokynge gor [deleted in MS] gou with alle myn herte for þe grete godenesse and noble maisterschipe yat
ȝe hauen shewede to me Bifore þis tyme withouten eny cause of deserte in me Bishechynge ȝou þat ȝe
wol ben my helpe and cause of eacynge of myn Importable payne of longe enprisononement As I shal eueremor and with
oute fayuour do ȝou seruyce and plesance to my symple power Also speciali I praye ȝou þat In ese of me and
fortherynge of my simple persone ȝe wolde labor and trauaile for me to I myȝte Be brouȝte In to þe
kyngesbenche and so I meinprised to go at large vnderstandynge Gracious sires þat as touchyng . . .costes þat ȝ e
spenden in þis nede I shal so do to ȝou þat ȝe shul holde welapaide as sone þat I may speke with
my frende . . . euermor deytyned woll þat I stonde destitute of alle manere helpe and frendschipe saue
only of goddes poruoiaunce In grete hynderance and destruci on of my powre astate And In þis manere I Biseche
ȝou of helpe and þis to be done as hasteli as ȝe may to sende me a answer what ht plese ȝou to done In.
þis mater I write in grete haste in þe prisone of Neugate In þe feste of seynte luke þe iij day of
Nouembre Le vre pour seruant Cecily Tikell þat dwellede . . . poules gate

*. [ [cancelled] [torn] [rubbed]]