An anthology of Chancery English

1454-55C1/24/79Petition of Richard Sturgeon, Clerk of the Crown

To the right noble and gracious lord the Erle of Salesbury Chaun celer of Englond
Mekely bisech Richard Sturgeon that where he and on William hall were sesed in hure demene as in fee symple yn a certayn
parcell of lond yn the parych of Tottenham Called Sokettis lond and the saide Richard and William so sesed. the same (ha)ll
by hure dede yaf to on Iohn lurchon and Nicholas Baly and to hure heires yn fee. to that entente that when they were required they
shulde make a st(at)e ayen of the same parcell to the saide Richard and to his heires and his assignes yn fee for euermore.
And how be it that þe saide Iohn diuers tymes hath ben required by the same Richard to make to hym astate of the
sa(id)e parcell accordyng to thentent of his feffement of the same parcell. that to doo the saide Iohn hath refused and yet doth to
make any such astate to the saide Richard. but kepeth still thesstate Page  191 to hym in this party made as ys a fore saide. to grete hurte to the
saide Richard / Wherfor like it to youre goode lordship to graunte seuerall. writtis sub pena directe to the saide Iohn as Well
as to þe saide Nicholas to a pere before you yn the Chauncery and there to be examyned vppon the content of this bill
and to doo as r(ight an)d concience asketh and requireth for the loue of god and yn way of charite

*. [ (Latin notation of securities follows.) [torn] [rubbed] ]