Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
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(1) (Proem: as the last Stanza of Book IV.)
AProchen̄ gan̄ / the face of destyne [lf. 48] *. [[Teseide IX. i.]]
That Iovys hath / in disposicion̄
And to you Angry / parcas Sustren̄ thre
Commytted to doon execucion̄ [ 4]
For wych Creseyde / mote oute of the tovn̄
And Troilus shal dwelle forthe in peyne
Tyl lathesys hys threde / no lenger twyne [ 7]
Explicit .ij.da pars .V.ti Libri.
(2) (The Story)
THe goldetressed Phebus Hyght on̄ lofte *. [[Teseide II. i.]] [ 8]
Thryes hade / al wyth hys bemes clere
The snowes molte / And Ziphirus as ofte
I-brought a-yen̄ / the tendre leues grene [ 11]
Syn̄ that the sone / of Ecuba the quene
Began loue hir first / for whom̄ hys sorowe
was al that she depart shulde on̄ morowe [ 14]
Ful Redy was at pryme dyomede [ 15]
Creseide vnto / the grekys hooste to lede
For sorow of wych / she felt hir hert blede
As she that nyst / what was best to Rede [ 18]
And trewly as men̄ in bokes Rede
Men wist neuer woman̄ haue the care
Ne was so lothe / oute of the tovn̄ to fare [ 21]
Thys Troylus wyth-oute Rede or lore [ 22]
As man̄ that hath / hys Ioyes eke for-lore
was waityng on̄ / hys lady euermore
As she that was / sothfaste Rote and more [ 25]
Of al hys lust / Ioyes eke byfore
But Troilus farwel / now al thy ioye
For shalt thou neuer see hyr efte in Troye [ 28]
Page  230(5)
Sothe is whyle he abode in thys manere [ 29]
he gan̄ hys woo / ful manly for to hide
That wel vnneth hit seen̄ was in hys chere
But at the yate / there she shulde oute Ryde [ 32]
wyth certein folk / he houed hir to abide
Soo woobegon̄ / al wolde hym not pleyne
Than on̄ hys hors / vnnethe he sate for peyne [ 35]
For Ire he quoke / so gan̄ hys hert to gnawe [ 36]
whan̄ Diomede / on̄ hors gan̄ hir distresse
And seide vnto / hym-self thys Ilke sawe
Allas quod he / thus foule a wrecchedinesse [ 39]
Why souffre I hit / why nyl not I hit Redresse
Were it not bette / at onys for to dye
Than̄ euermore / in langour thus to drye [ 42]
Why nyl I make it / onys Ryche or poure [ 43]
To haue ynogh / to doon̄ or that she goo
why nyl I bringe / al Troye vpon̄ a Rore
Why nyl I slee / thys Dyomede also [ 46]
Why nyl I Rather wyth a man̄ or twoo
Stele hyr awey / why wyl I thus endure
Why nyl I helpe / to myn̄ one cure [ 49]
But Why he nolde / doo so felle a dede [leaf 48, back] [ 50]
That shal I seyn̄ / and why hym lyst spare
he hade in hert alway a maner drede
lest that Creseide / in Rumour of thys fare [ 53]
Shulde haue be slayn̄ / loo thys was of hys care
And elles certeine as I seyde yore
he hade hit doon̄ / wythoute wordes more [ 56]
Page  231(9)
CReseyde whan̄ that / she was Redy to Ryde [ 57]
Ful sorowfully she syght and seyde allas
But forthe she moste / for aught that may betyde
And forthe she went / ryght sobrely a pas [ 60]
Ther is non̄ other Remedy in thy cas
what wonder is / thogh she sore smerte
whan she forgoth / hir one dere herte [ 63]
Thys Troilus in wise of curtesie [ 64]
wyth hauke on̄ honde / and with a huge Route
Of knygħtes Rode / and did hir companye
Passing Al the wey / fer wyth-oute [ 67]
And further wolde / haue Ryden̄ oute of doute
Ful fayn̄ / and woo was hym to goo so soone
But turne he muste / and eke it was to doone [ 70]
And Ryght wyth [that] was Antenor I-come [ 71]
Oute of the grekys hoste / and euery wygħt
was of it glade / And seide he was welcome
And Troilus / al ner his hert lyght [ 74]
he peyned hym / wyth al is ful myght
Hym to wyth-olde / fro weping At the leste
And Antenor he kyssed and made feste [ 77]
And herwythaule / he muste hys leue take [ 78]
And caste hys eye / vpon̄ hyr pitously
And ner he Rode / and gan̄ hym cause make
To take hyr by the hande / al sobrely [ 81]
And lorde soo she can̄ wepe tendrely
And he ful softe / and slyghly gan̄ hir seye
Now holde your day / and doo me not to deye [ 84]
Page  232(13)
Wyth thys hys courser / tourned he A-boute [ 85]
with face pale / And vnto Dyomede
No worde he spake / ne non̄ of al hys Route
Of wych the sone of Thydeus toke hede [ 88]
As he that cowde / more than the crede
I swych a crafte / And by the Reyne hir hente
And Troilus homward / to Troye wente [ 91]
Thys Dyomede that ladde hyr by the brydyl [ 92]
whan that he saught / the folke of Troye away
Thought al my labour / shal not ben̄ in Idel
yf that I may / for somwhat shal I say [ 95]
For At the worst / it may hit short your way
And eke I haue / herde sey tymes twelue
he is A foule / that ay foryeteth hym-selue [ 98]
But nathlees thys thought he wele ynogħ [ 99]
That certainly / I am but noght
yif that I speke of loue / or make it tough
For douteles yf she haue / in hir thought [ 102]
hym that I gesse / he may not be wrought
So soone Away / but I shal fynde a meen̄
That she nat wit / As yit shal what I meen̄ [ 105]
Thys Dyomede / as he that cowde hys gode [ 106]
whan tyme was / gan̄ falle forthe in speche
Of thys and that / and axed why she stode
I swyche disese / and gan̄ hir eke beseche [ 109]
That yf that he / encrecen̄ myght or ecche
wyth any thinge / hir ese ande that she wolde
Comande it hym / and seide he doon̄ it wolde [ 112]
Page  233(17)
For truly he seyde / And swore hir As A knyght [leaf 49] [ 113]
That ther nas thing / with wych he myght hir plese
That he nyl doon̄ his hert and al his myght
To doon̄ it for to doon̄ hir hert an ese [ 116]
And preyd hir she wolde / hir hert Appese
And seyd ywys / we grekys can̄ haue Ioye
To honour you / as wel as folk of Troye [ 119]
he seyde eke thus / I wote ye thinke straunge [ 120]
No wonder is / for that is you newe
Thacquayntance of thys Troians to chaunge
For folke of grece / that yit ye neuer knewe [ 123]
But wolde neuer gode / but yif as trewe
A greke a-monge / vs alle ye shulde fynde
As Any Troyan / is and eke as kynde [ 126]
And by that cause / I swere you Ryght loo now [ 127]
To bee your frynde / and helping to my myght
And for that more / Acquayntance eke of you
haue I hade / than A-nother straunge wyght [ 130]
So fro thys / forth / I pray you day and nyght
Commandeth me how sore that it me smerte
To doon̄ al that / that may lyke to your herte [ 133]
And that ye me wolde / as your brother trete [ 134]
And takyth not my frensschyp in despite
And though your sorowes / ben̄ for causes grete
Ne wote I not why / but oute of more Respite [ 137]
Myn̄ hert hath tamende it / grete delite
And yf I may / your harmes not Redresse
Than am I sory / for your hevinesse [ 140]
Page  234(21)
For though the Troyans / with vs grekys wrothe [ 141]
haue ben̄ many day / alwey yit pardee
O gode of love / in sothe we serven̄ bothe
And for the loue [of] gode my lady free [ 144]
whom soo ye hate / and bethe not wrothe with me
For truly ther can̄ no wyght you serue
That halfe soo lothe / youre wrouthe wolde deserue [ 147]
And ner it that / we ben̄ so nygħ the tente [ 148]
Of Calcas wych that seyn̄ vs bothe may
I wolde you telle of thys al myn̄ entente
But that enseelled / til a noither day [ 151]
yefe me your hande / I haue and shal ben̄ ay
Gode helpe me soo / while that my lyfe may dure
your owne / abouen̄ any creature [ 154]
Thys seyde I neuer / or now to woman̄ born̄ [ 155]
For gode myn̄ herte / as / wysly glade soo
I loued neuer woman̄ herbeforn̄
As paramoures / ne neuer shal no moo [ 158]
And for the loue of gode / beth not my foo
Al can̄ I not to you my lady dere
Compleyne a-Ryght for I am yit to lere [ 161]
And wondryth not 1. [[not overlined later.]] my lady bryght [ 162]
Thogh that I speke of loue / to you thus blyue
For I haue herd / or thys many a wyght
hath loued thing / he neuer saw hys lyue [ 165]
Nor I am not a power for to stryue
A-yenst the gode / of loue but hym to obeye
I wolde alwey / and mercy I you preye [ 168]
Page  235(25)
Ther ben̄ so worthy / knyghtes in thys place [ 169]
And ye so faire / that euerich of hem̄ alle
wole peyne hym̄ to stonde in youre grace
But myght me so faire a grace be-falle [ 172]
That ye me for your servant wolde calle
So lowly ne so trewly you to serue
Nyl noon̄ of hem / as I shal tyl I sterue [ 175]
CReseide vnto that purpos lytel Answerde [leaf 49, back] [ 176]
As she that was / with sorow oppressed soo
That in effect / she nought hys tales herde
But here and there / now here A worde or twoo [ 179]
Hir thought hir sorowful hert / brast on̄ twoo
For whan̄ she gan̄ / hir fadres tent Aspie
whel nyghg dovn̄ / of hir hors she gan̄ to sye [ 182]
But nathlees / she thanked Dyomede [ 183]
Of al hys trauaille / and hys gode chere
And that hym lyst / hys frendchippe hir to bede
And she Accepted hit in gode manere [ 186]
And wil doo fayn̄ / that hym ys leue an dere
And trusten̄ hym / she wolde for wel she myght
As seide she / and from̄ hir hors shalyght [ 189]
Hir fadir hath hir / in his Arme nome [ 190]
And twenty tyme / he kyste his doughter swete
And seide O doughter dere / myn̄ welcome
She seide she was / glade with hym to mete [ 193]
And stode forth / mewet And mansuete
But here I leue hir / with hir fadyr dwelle
And forthe I wole / of Troilus you telle [ 196]
Page  236(29)
To Troie is comen / wooful Troilus [ 197]
In sorow allone / And sorowes smerte
with felon̄ loke / and face dispotous
Tho sodenily / dovn̄ from his hors he sterte [ 200]
And thugh his paleys / with a folowen herte
To chaumbre went / of no wyght toke he hede
Ne noon̄ to hym / a worde dar speke for drede [ 203]
And there hys sorowes / that he spared hade [ 204]
He yaue hym yssue / large and dethe he cryede
And in this sorowes / frantyk and made
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
He cursed teres / bachus and Cupide
hys birth hym selfe / hys face and eke nature
And saue hys lady / euery creature [ 210]
To bedde he gothe / and weylleth there and turneth [ 211]
In furye as dothe / the Tucius in helle
And he thys wyse / nygħ to day soiourneth
But tho began / hys hert a lite vnswelle [ 214]
Thurgh terys / wych that gan̄ vp to welle
And pitously he cryed vp-on̄ Creseide
And tyl hym-selfe Ryght thus he spake & seide [ 217]
Where is myn̄ one lady lief and dere [ 218]
where is here white / breste where is it where
where ben̄ hir Armes / And hir eyen̄ clere
That yesterday / thys tyme wyth me were [ 221]
Now may I wepe / allone many a tere
And graspe Aboute I may but in thys place
Saue a pilow / I can̄ not fynde tenbrace [ 224]
Page  237(33)
[How schal I done when schal sche come a-yene [ 225]
I note allas why lett I. hir to goo *. [[Addit. MS. 12,044,]] [leaf 94]
As wolde god I had as þo ben slayne
O. herte myne Criseide O swete foo [ 228]
O lady myne þat I loue and no moo
To whome for euermore myne herte I dowe
See howe I deie ȝe me not rescowe] [ 231]
Whoo seyth you now my Ryghtfull lode-sterre [ 232]
why sitte Ryght now / or stant in your presence
who can̄ conforten̄ / now your hertis werre
Now I am goon̄ / whom̄ yeue ye Audience [ 235]
who speketh for me / Ryght now in myn Absence
Allas noo wyght / And that is al my care
For wel wote I / as euel as I ye fare [ 238]
How shulde I thus / ten dayes ful endure [ 239]
whan I the first nyght / haue al thys tene
How shal ye / eke sorowful creature
For tendrenesse / how shal ye eke sustene [ 242]
Such [wo] for me o pitous pale and grene
Shal be here fressh womanly face
For longgyng / or that she tourne in-to this place [ 245]
And whan he fel in Any slombrynges [leaf 50] [ 246]
A-non̄ bygynne / he shulde to grone
And dreme of dredfullest thinges
That myghten̄ / as mete her where allone [ 249]
In place orible / makyng ay thys mone
Or meten that / he was a-monges Alle
hys enemys / in hir hondes like to falle [ 252]
Page  238(37)
And therwythalle / hys / body shulde sterte [ 253]
And with a sterte / al sodenily a-wake
And swych a tremour / falle aboute his herte
That wyth the drede / his hert shulde quake [ 256]
And therwythalle he shulde a noyse make
As thogh / he shulde falle depe
From hye on̄ lofte / And than̄ he wolde wepe [ 259]
And Rewen̄ on̄ hymself so pitously [ 260]
That wonder was / to here hys fantasie
A-nother tyme / he shulde mygħtily
Comfort hym selfe / and seyn̄ it was folye [ 263]
Soo causeles suche drede and woo to drye
And efte began̄ hys Aspres new
That euery wyght / myght on̄ hys sorewes Rewe [ 266]
Who cowde telle a-Ryght / or ful discryue [ 267]
hys who hys pleynt / his langour and his peyne
Not alle the folkis / that haue or ben̄ a-lyue
Thou Rather maist / thiself ful wel diuine [ 270]
That suche a woo / my witte can̄ not diffine
On̄ ydel to writte / yit shulde I swynke
Syn that my witte / is wery it to thinke [ 273]
On̄ heuen̄ yit / the sterres werre y-seen̄ [ 274]
Al-though ful pale / y-woxen̄ was the mone
And whiten̄ gan̄ / thorisent shene
Al estwarde / as it wont is to donne [ 277]
And phebus with / hys Rosy carte soone
Gan̄ afftyr that / to dressen̄ hym to fare
whan̄ Troilus hadde sente / after pandare [ 280]
Page  239(41)
Thys Pandare that al the day beforn̄ [ 281]
Ne myght han comen̄ / Troilus to see
Al-though that he / on̄ his hede hade sworn̄
For wyth the kynge pryam al day was he [ 284]
Soo that it lay / not in his libertee
Now here to gon̄ / but on̄ the morow he wente
To troilus whan that he for hym sente [ 287]
For in his herte / he cowde wele diuine [ 288]
That Troilus al nyght / for sorow woke
And that he wolde / telle hym of hys pyne
Thys knewe he wele / ynogh with-oute boke [ 291]
For wycħ to chaumbre / streyght the weye he toke
And Troilus / ful sobrely he grete
And on̄ hys bedde / ful soone he gan̄ hym sette [ 294]
My pandare quod Troilus the sorow [ 295]
wych that I drye / may not longe endure
I trow I shal not / lyue vnto morow
For wych I wolde / alwey on̄ a-venture [ 298]
To the devisen̄ / of my sepulture
And of my moeble / the fourme thou dispone
Ryght as the semeth / best is for to doone [ 301]
But of the fire / and flame funeral [ 302]
I wyche my body / brennen shal to glede
And of the festes / and pleys palestrial
At my vigil / I prey the take gode hede [ 305]
That al be wele / and offre mars my stede
My swerde my helme / and leue brother dere
My shelde to Pallas / yeue that shyneth clere [ 308]
Page  240(45)
The pouder in Wych my hert I-brent shal turne [lf. 50, bk.]
That prey I the / thou take and it conserue
In a vessel that men̄ / clepith an̄ vrne
Of golde / And to my lady that I serue [ 312]
For loue of whom / thus pitously I sterue
Soo yeue it hir / and Do me thus plesance
To prey hir to kepe / it for a Rememberance [ 315]
For wele I fele by my maladie [ 316]
And by my dremes now / and yore a-goo
That certeinly / I must nedles dye
The oule eke wych / that hyght Eschaphiloo [ 319]
hath aftyr me shryght / al this nyghtes twoo
And gode mercurie / of me wooful wreche
The soule gyde / And whan the lust it fecche [ 322]
Pandare Answerd / and seid Troilus [ 323]
My dere frende / as I haue tolde the yore
That it is folye / for to sorowen̄ thus
And causeles / for wych I can̄ nomore [ 326]
But who so nyl not / trowen̄ Rede ne lore
I can not seyn̄ / in hym no Remedie
But let hym worthen̄ / wyth his fantasie [ 329]
But Troilus I prey the telle me now [ 330]
yif thou trowe or thys / that ony wyght
haue loued paramoures / as wel as thou
Ye gode wote and fro many A worthy knyght [ 333]
hath his lady goon̄ a fourthynyght
And he not yit / made haluendel the fare
what cause hastow / to make al thys care [ 336]
Page  241(49)
Syn day by day thou may thy-self see [ 337]
That from̄ hys loue / or elles from̄ hys wyfe
A man mote twynne / of necessite
Ye though he loue hir / as his one lyf [ 340]
Yit nyl he wyth hym self thus make stryfe
For wel thou woste / my leue brother dere
That alwey fryndys / may not be in fere [ 343]
How doon̄ thys folk that seen̄ hir loues wedded [ 344]
By fryndes myght / as it betyt ful ofte
And seen̄ hem̄ / in hir spouses bed I-beddede
Gode wote they take it / wysly fayr and softe [ 347]
Forwhy gode hope / holt vp hir hert on̄ lofte
And for they konne a tyme / of harde endure
A tyme hem hurt / a tyme doth than̄ hem̄ cure [ 350]
So sholdestow / endure and lat it slyde [ 351]
The tyme / and fonde to be glade and lyght
Ten dayes nys not / so longe tabyde
And syn she the / to comen̄ hath behyght [ 354]
She nyl hir heste / breken̄ for no wyght
For drede the nought / that she fynde a way
To come a-yen̄ / my lyf that durst I ley [ 357]
Thy swyuenes eke and al suche fantasie [ 358]
Dryue oute and lat hem̄ fare vnto myschance
For they proceden̄ / of thy malencolye
That dothe the fele / in slepe and suche penaunce [ 361]
A Strawe for a swyuen̄ signifiance
Gode helpe me soo / I counte hem̄ not a ben̄
Ther wote no man̄ a-Ryght / what that they meen̄ [ 364]
Page  242(53)
For prestes of the temple tellen̄ thys [ 365]
That dremes ben̄ the Reuelacions
Of goddes and as thay tellen̄ y-wys
That that / they ben infernal illusions [ 368]
And leches seyn̄ / that of complections
Proceden̄ they / or faste / or glotonye
Who wote in sothe / thus what they signifie [ 371]
EKe other sey / that thurgh inpressiouns [leaf 51] [ 372]
As yf A wyght / haue faste a thinge in mynde
That therof cometh / swycħ a-visiouns
And other sey / as they in bokes fynde [ 375]
That Aftyr tymes / of the yere by kynde
Men̄ dremen̄ / And that the effecte gothe by the mone
But leue no dreme / for nought it is / to doon̄ [ 378]
Wel worth of dremes / thes wolde wyses [ 379]
As Ravenes qualme / or shrykung of thes oules
And trulych eke Augurye of thys foules
For feer of wych / meen̄ wenen̄ to lese hir wyues [ 382]
To trowen̄ on̄ it bothe / fals and foole is
Allas Allas / so noble A Creature
As is a man̄ / shal drede swycħ ordure [ 385]
For wych wyth al my hert I the beseche [ 386]
vnto thyself / that al thys thou for-yeue
And Ryse now vp / wythoute more speche
And lat vs cast / how forth may beste be dryne [ 389]
Thys tyme and eke / how fresshly we may lyue
whan that she commeth / the wych shal be Ryght soone
Gode helpe me soo / the best is thus to doone [ 392]
Page  243(57)
Rise lat vs speke / of lusty lyf in Troye [ 393]
That whe han̄ ledde / and forthe the tyme dryue
And eke of tyme / commyng vs Reioye
That bringe shal our blisse now so blyue [ 396]
And langour of thys dayes twyes fyue
we shal ther-wyth / further or oppresse
That wel vnnethe / it shal doon̄ vs duresse [ 399]
Thys tovn̄ is ful / of lordes al aboute [ 400]
And trewes lastith / al thys meene while
Go we pley vs / in som lusty Route
To sarpedon̄ / not hens half a myle [ 403]
And thus thou shalt / the tyme wel bygyle
And dryue it forthe tyl on̄ the blesful morowe
That she shal come / that cause is of thy sorowe [ 406]
Now ryse my faire brother Troilus [ 407]
For certis it non̄ honouur / it is to the
To wepe and in thy bedde to Iowren thus
And trewlych of oo thing trust thou me [ 410]
yif thou thus ligge / A day or two or thre
The folk wole seyn̄ / that thou for cowardise
The feynest syke / And that thou darst not Ryse [ 413]
Thys Troilus Answerd / o brother dere [ 414]
This knowen̄ folke / that han endurede peyne
That thogh he wepe / or make a sory chere
That feleth harme / and smert in euery veyne [ 417]
No wonder is / and thogħ *. [[thogħ in margin.]]
Or Alwey wepe / I Am nothing to blame
Syn̄ I haue lost / the cause of alle my game [ 420]
Page  244(61)
But sithen̄ of fyn̄ force / I mote A-Ryse [ 421]
I shal a-ryse / as soone as euer I may
And gode to whom / myn̄ hert I sacryfice
So sende vs hastely / the tenteth day [ 424]
For was ther neuer / folkis so fayne of may
As I shal ben̄ / whan̄ that she cometh in Troye
That cause is / of my tourment and my Ioye [ 427]
But whider is thy Rede / quod Troilus [ 428]
That whe may pley vs / beste in al thys tovn̄
By gode my counseyle is / quod pandarus
To Ryde And pleye vs / wyth kynge Sarpedon̄ [ 431]
So longe they spaken̄ / of thys vp and dovn̄
Tyl At the leste / Troilus gan̄ Assente
To Ryse / and forthe to Sarpedon̄ they wente [ 434]
Thys Sarpedon̄ / As he that honorable [leaf 51, back] [ 435]
was euer hys lyue / and ful of hygh largesse
with al that myght / y-served be on table
That dente was / al coste it grete Rycchesse [ 438]
he fedde hem / day by day that suche noblenesse
As seiden̄ bothe / the meste And eke the leste
was neuer sayn̄ / or that day At the feste [ 441]
Nor in thys worlde / is non̄ instrument [ 442]
Delicious thurgh wynde / or touche on̄ corde
As ferre any wyght / hath euery y-went
That tonge telle / or hert may Recorde [ 445]
That At the feste / it nas wel her[d] Accorde
Nof ladyes / eke / so feyre companye
On daunce / or thoo nas neuer seyen̄ with eye [ 448]
Page  245(65)
But what availleth / this to Troilus [ 449]
That for his sorow / nothing of hit Rought
For euer in oon̄ / his hert pitous
Ful besely / Creseyde hys lady sought [ 452]
On̄ hir was euer / Al that his hert thoght
Now thys now that / so fast ymagynyng
That glade y-wys / can̄ hym not festynge [ 455]
T[h]ese ladyes eke / that At the fest ben̄ [ 456]
Syn̄ that he saugh. hys lady was a-way
hit was his sorow / vpon̄ hem̄ for to seen̄
Or for to here / on Instrumentis so to pleye [ 459]
For she that of his hert beryth the keye
was Absente / lo thys was his fantasie
That no wyght / shulde make melodie [ 462]
Nor there nas houre / in al the day or nyght [ 463]
whan he was there As no man̄ myght hym̄ here
That he ne seyde / O lufsom̄ lady bryght
how han ye han fare / syn̄ that ye wheyr here [ 466]
welcome ywys myn̄ one lady dere
But welaway / al thys nas but a mase
Fortune is owne / intendethe bet to gase [ 469]
The lettres that she eke / of olde tyme [ 470]
hade hym y-sent / he wolde allone Rede
An hundred sithe / betwyx noone of pryme
Refiguryng hir shappe / on̄ hir womanhede [ 473]
Wythin hys hert / in euery worde And dede
That passed was / And thus he drof tanende
The ferth daye / And thennes wolde he wende [ 476]
Page  246(69)
And seide leif brother pandarus [ 417]
Intendestow / that whe shal here bylyue
Tyl Sarpedon̄ / wyl forthe congen̄ vs
Yit were it fayrer / that we toke our leue [ 480]
For goddys loue / lat vs now soone at eve
Oure leue take / and homward let vs turne
For trewly I can̄ not thus soiorne [ 483]
Pandare answerde be we comen̄ hider [ 484]
To feche fyr / And Renne home ageyn̄
Gode helpe me soo / I can̄ not tellen̄ whider
whe myghten̄ goon̄ / yf I shal sothely seyn̄ [ 487]
There any wyght / is of vs more fayn̄
Than̄ Serpedon̄ / and yf we hennes hie
Thus sodenily / I ho[l]de it vylanye [ 490]
Syn that we seyd / that we wolde bleue [ 491]
whyth hym A woke / and now thus sodenily
The first day / to take of hym̄ our leue
he wolde wondren̄ on̄ it trewly [ 494]
lat vs holde our purpos fermely
And sithen̄ that he that hyght hym for tabyde
holde forward now / and aftyr lat vs Ryde [ 497]
Thus Pandare with al peyne and whoo [leaf 52] [ 498]
Made hym to dwelle / and At the wekes ende
Of Sarpedon̄ they toke leue to goo
And on̄ hir weye / thei spedden̄ hem to wende [ 501]
Quod Troilus / now gode me grace sende
That I may fynde At my home commyng
Creseide I-come / And ther-with gan̄ to singe [ 504]
Page  247(73)
Ye haliswode / thought y-wys Pandare [ 505]
And to hym selfe / Al softely he seyde
wote gode Refreyde / may al thys hote care
Or Calcas sende / Troilus Creseyde [ 508]
But nathles / he Iapith forthe And pleyde
And swore y-wys / hert hym wel be-hyght
She wolde come / As soone As euer she myght [ 511]
Whan vn-to they paleys they 1. [[they overlined later.]] were ycomen̄
Of Troilus / tho doun of hors they lyght
And to the chaumbre / her wey han they nomen̄
And vn-to the tyme / hit gan̄ to nyght [ 515]
They speken of Creseyde / the bryght
And afftyr thys / whan that hem bothe liste
They spedden̄ hem̄ / from̄ souper vnto Reste [ 518]
On morowe As soone / As day began̄ to clere [ 519]
Thys Troilus / gan̄ of his slepe tabreide
And to Pandarus / his one brother dere
For loue of gode / ful pitously he seyde [ 522]
As go we seen̄ the paleys of Creseyde
For syn̄ we may / haue non̄ other feste
Soo lat vs seen̄ / hir paleys At the leste [ 525]
And therwythalle his meyne for to blende [ 526]
A cause he fonde / in tovn̄ for to goo
And to Creseides hous they gon̄ wende
But lord thys sely Troilus was ful woo [ 529]
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
For whan̄ he sawe / hir dores spered alle
whel nygh A-dovn̄ / for sorow he gan̄ to falle [ 532]
Page  248(77)
And eke whan he / was ware gan̄ be-holde [ 533]
how shitte was euery / wyndow of the place
As frost hym thought / his hert gan̄ to colde
For wych wyth chaunged / dedely pale face [ 536]
wyth-oute worde / he for-by by-gan̄ to pace
And as gode wolde / so faste he gan to ryde
That no wyght / of his contenance Aspiede [ 539]
Than seyd he thus / o place desolate [ 540]
O hous of houses / whylom best ylyght
O paleys empty / And disconsolate
O thy lanterne / of wych quenchyd is thy lyght [ 543]
O paleys whylom / day that now Art nyght
wel ougħtestow / to falle and I to dye
Syn she is went / that wont was vs to guye [ 546]
O paleys whylom / crowne of houses alle [ 547]
Enlumynde wyth sonne / of alle blisse
O Rynge fro wych / the Ruby is oute falle
O cause of woo / that cause hast ben̄ of blys [ 550]
Bete syn I may not bet / I wolde yit kysse
Thy colde dores durst I for thys Route
And farewel shryne / of wych the sent is oute [ 553]
Therwyth he cast / on pandarus hys eye [ 554]
Wyth changede face / And pitous to beholde
Ay as he Rode / to pandarus he tolde [ 557]
And whan̄ he myght hys tyme A-Ryght beholde [ 556]
hys newe sorowes / And eke hys Ioyes olde
So pitously And wyth so dede A hewe
That euery wyght [myght] on̄ his sorowes Rewe [ 560]
Page  249(81)
FRo thensforth / he Rydeth vp and dovn̄ [leaf 52, back] [ 561]
And euery thinge / come hym to Remembrance
As he Rode forby / places of tovn
In wyche he whylom / hade hys plesance [ 561]
loo yonder saugħ I last my lady daunce
And [in] that temple / wyth hir eyen̄ clere
Me caught first / my Rygħt lady dere [ 567]
And yonder haue I herde ful lustyly [ 568]
My dere hert laugħ / and yonder pley
Saw I hir onys / eke ful besely
And yonder onys / eke ful besely [ 571]
Now gode swete / loue me wel I prey
And yonder so godely / gan̄ she me beholde
That to the dethe / my hert is to hyr holde [ 574]
And at 1. [[At overlined.]] that corner / in the yonder hous [ 575]
herde I myn̄ / Alderleuest lady dere
So womanly / wyth voys melodius
Syngen̄ so wel / so godely And so clere [ 578]
That in my soule / yit thinketh me [I] here
The blysful sovn̄ / And [in] that yonder place
My lady fyrst / me toke vnto hir grace [ 581]
Than̄ thought he thus / o blisful Cupide [ 582]
what I the proces / haue in my memorye
How thou me hast / weryede euery syde
Men̄ myght A boke make / lyke story [ 585]
what nede is the / to seke on me victorye
Syn̄ I am̄ alwey / At thin one wille
what Ioye hastow / thin one folke to spille [ 588]
Page  250(85)
Wel hastow lorde / y-wroke on̄ me thyn̄ Ire [ 589]
Thou myghtful gode / And dredful for to greue
Now mercy lorde / thou wost wyl I desire
Thy grace moost / of alle lustes leef [ 592]
And lyue And dye / I wole in thy beleue
For wyche I ne axe / in guerdon̄ but A boon̄
That thou Creseide / ayen̄ me sende soone [ 595]
Distreyne hir herte / As fast to Retourne [ 596]
As thou doost myn̄ to longgyn̄ hir to see
Than wote I wele / she nyl not longe soiorne
Now blisful lorde / so cruel thou ne bee [ 599]
Vnto the blode / of Troye I prey the
As Iuvo was / vnto the blode thebane
For wych the folke / of thebes caught hir bane [ 602]
And afftyr thys he to the yates wente [ 603]
There as Creseyde oute rode a ful gode pas
And vp and dovn̄ there made he many a wente
And to hym self / ful ofte he seyde allas [ 606]
From hennes Rode my blys and my solas
And wolde blysful gode now for hys Ioye
I myght [hir] seen̄ commyng / in-to Troye [ 609]
And to yonder hille / I gan̄ hir guyde [ 610]
Allas And there I toke of hir my leue
And yonder I sawe hyr to hyr fadyr Ryde
For sorow of wych / my hert wole to-cleve [ 613]
And hyder home I come whant it was eve
And here I dwelle / oute caste from̄ alle Ioye
And shal tyl I may / seen̄ hir efte in Troye [ 616]
Page  251(89)
And of hym-self ymagined he ful ofte [ 617]
To ben̄ defect / and pale and waxen̄ lesse
Than̄ he was wont / and that men̄ seyd soft
what may it be / who may the sothe gesse [ 620]
why Troilus / hath al thys hevinesse
And thys nas but hys malyncolye
That he hade of hym-self / suche fantasie [ 623]
Anoither tyme ymagyn̄ he wolde [leaf 53] [ 624]
That euery wyght that went by the weye
hade of hym Routhe / And that they seyn̄ shulde
I am̄ ryght sory That Troylus wyl dye [ 627]
And thys he drof forthe A day or twey
As ye han herde / such lyf Ryght can̄ he lede
As he that stode / betwyx hope And drede [ 630]
For wych he lyked in hys songes shewe [ 631]
Thentencion̄ of hys woo / as he best myght
And made A songe / of wordes but a fewe
Somwhat hys wooful / hert for to lyght [ 634]
And whan̄ he was / from̄ euery mannes syght
wyth softe voys / he of hys lady dere
That Absent was gan̄ singe as He may here [ 637]
(92) (Troylus's Song for Cressid)
O sterre of wych / lost haue I the lyght [ 638]
wyth hert sore / wel ought I to be-waille
That euer derke / in tourment nyght by nyght
Towarde my dethe with wynde in stere I saille [ 641]
For wych if that / the tentyth nyght I faille
The guyding of thy bemes bryght an̄ houre
My shippe And me / karybdys wyl deuoure [ 644]
Page  252(93)
Thys songe whan̄ he hade songen̄ sone [ 645]
he fil ayen̄ vnto hys sikes olde
And euery nyght as he was wonte to don̄
he stode the bryght mone to beholde [ 648]
And al hys sorow to the mone he tolde
And seyde y-wys / whan̄ thou Art horned newe
I shal be glade / yf al the worlde be trewe [ 651]
I saugh thyn̄ hornes / olde by the morowe [ 652]
whan hennes Rode my Ryght lady dere
That causes al my tourment And my sorowe
By lenger way / than / it was wont to dooun̄ [ 655]
And seyde ywys me dredith euermor
For whan̄ tyn̄ hornes / new ben̄ sprongen̄
Than̄ shal she come / that may me blisse bringe [ 658]
The dayes more / and lenger euery nyght [ 659]
Than they be wont to be he thought thoo
And that the sonne went hys cours vnRyght 1. [[vn overlined.]]
By lenger wey than̄ it was wont to doone [ 662]
And seyde ywys me dredyth euer mor
The sonnes sone / pheton̄ be on̄ lyue
And that is fadir cart Amys he dryue [ 665]
Opon̄ the walles / faste he wolde falke [ 666]
And on̄ the grekys coste / he wolde see
And to hym selfe / Ryght thus he wolde talke
loo yonder is my lady fair and free [ 669]
Or elles yonder / ther thoo tentes bee
And thennes cometh / thys Air that is so sote
That in my soule / I fele dothe me bote [ 672]
Page  253(97)
And hardely thys wynde that more and more [ 673]
Thys stoundemele encreceth in my face
Is of my ladyes / depe sykes sore
I preue it thus / for in noon̄ other place [ 676]
Of al thys tovn̄ / sauf oonly in thys space
Fele I no wynde / þat sovneth so lyke peyne
hit seyth Allas / why twynned be we tweyne [ 679]
Thys longe tyme / he dryueth forth Ryght thus [ 680]
Tyl fully passed / was the nynte nygħt
And ay besyde hym / was thys pandarus
That besely dide al hys myght [ 683]
hym to comfort And make hys hert lyght
Yeving hym hope / Alwey the tentith morowe
That she shal come / And stynte Al hys sorowe [ 686]
Opon̄ that other syde Was eke Creseyde [leaf 53, back] [ 687]
wyth women fewe A-monge the grekys stronge
For wych ful ofte A day Allas she seyde
That I was born̄ / wel may myn̄ hert longe [ 690]
Afftyr my deth / for now lyfe I to longe
Allas And I ne may / not it Amende
For now is worse / than euer yit I wende [ 693]
My fadyr wyl / for nothing do me grace [ 694]
To goon̄ A-yen̄ / for nothing I can̄ hym queme
And yf so be / that terme of me passe
My Troilus shalt / in hys hert deme [ 697]
That I am fals / And so it may wel seme
Thus shal I haue vnthank on̄ euery syde
That I was born̄ / so welawey the tyde [ 700]
Page  254(101)
And yf that I putte me in Iupartie [ 701]
To stele Away / by nyght And it befalle
That I be caught / I shal ben̄ holde A spie
Or loo thys drede I moost of Alle [ 704]
Yif in the hondes / of som wreche I falle
I nam but lost / Al be myn̄ herte trewe
Now myghty gode / thou on̄ my sorow Rewe [ 707]
Ful pale y-woxen̄ / was hyr brygħt face [ 708]
hir lymmes lene / As she that Al the day
Stofte 1. [[? MS.]] when̄ she durst / And loked on̄ the place
There she was born̄ / And there she dwelt hade Ay [ 711]
And Al the nygħt / weping Allas she lay
And thus despired / oute of Al Cure
She ledde hyr / lyf thys woful Creature [ 714]
Ful ofte A day / she sighed for distresse [ 715]
And in hir-self / she went portrayng
Of Troilus / the grete worthinesse
And Alle hys godely / wordes Recordyng [ 718]
Syn̄ first that day / hir loue began̄ to springe
And thus she sette / hir wooful hert Afyre
Thurgħ Rememberance / of that she can̄ desyre [ 721]
In al thys worlde / nys so cruel herte [ 722]
That hade hir herde / complayn̄ in hir sorowe
That nolde han̄ wepte / for hir peynes smerte
So tendrely / she wepte bothe eve And morowe [ 725]
hir nedith no terys / for to borowe
And thys was yit / the worst of al hir peyne
Ther was no wyght / to whom she durst hir pleyn̄ [ 728]
Page  255(105)
For Rewfullych / she loked vpon̄ Troye [ 729]
Be-hielde the toures / hie and eke the hawlys
Allas / quod she the plesance And the Ioye
The wych / that now turned in to galle is [ 732]
haue I hade ofte / wythin the yonder wallys
O Troylus what dostow now she seyde
Lord whetwyx thou / thinke yit vpon̄ Creseyde [ 735]
Allas I ne hade [trowed] on̄ youre lore [ 736]
And weynt with you / As ye me Redde or thys
Than hade I not now / sighed half so sore
who myght han̄ seyde / that I hade dovn Amys [ 739]
But stele Away / wyth suche oon̄ As he is
But al to late / cometh the letuarye
Whan̄ men̄ the corse vnto the grave carye [ 742]
To late is now to speke of that matere [ 743]
Prudence Allas / oon̄ of thyn̄ eyen̄ thre
Me lackede Alwey / or that I come here
On tyme passede / wel Remembre I me [ 746]
And present tyme / eke cowde wel I seye
But future tyme / or I was in the snare
Cowde I not seyn̄ / that causeth now my care [ 749]
But nathles / Betyde What Betyde [leaf 54] [ 750]
I shal tomorow At nyght by est or west
Oute of thys hoste / stele in som̄ manere syde
And wyth Troilus gan̄ goo / As hym were lyste [ 753]
Thys purpos wole I holde / And thys is beste
No force of wycked tonges Iangelorye
For euer in loue / wrecches haue envye [ 756]
Page  256(109)
For who so wyl of euery worde take hede [ 757]
Or Reule hym by euery whyghtes witte
Ne shal he neuer thryven̄ oute of drede
For that that som men̄ blamen̄ euer yit [ 760]
loke other manere folke commenden̄ hit
And as for me / for Al suche varyance
Felicite clepe I my soufficiance [ 763]
For wych with-oute 1. [[oute overlined.]] wordes moo [ 764]
To Troye I wyl as for conclusion̄
But gode it wote / or monethes fully twoo
She was ful ferre / fro that entencion̄ [ 767]
For bothe Troilus / and Troies tovn̄
Shal knotles thurhgħ / oute hir herte slyde
For she wyl take / a purpos for tabyde [ 770]
Thys Dyomede of hom you I telle gan̄ [ 771]
Gothe now with-ine hym self ay arguyng
wyth al the sleyght and al that euer he can̄
how he may beste / with shortes taryng [ 774]
Into hys nette / Creseides hert brynge
To thys entent / cowde he neuer fyne
To fysshen̄ hyr / he leyde oute hoke and lyne [ 777]
But nathles / wel in hys hert he thought [ 778]
That she nas not / with-oute a loue in Troye
For euer sithen̄ / that he hir hens brought
Ne cowde he see hir / laugħ ne make Ioye [ 781]
he nyst how beste / hir hert for to Coye
But for to Assaye / he seide it not ne greuyth
For he that noght / assaithe noght acchiveth [ 784]
Page  257(113)
Ȝit seyde he to hym selfe vpon̄ a nyght [ 785]
Now am I not a foole / that wote wel how
hyr woo fir loue / is of A noither wyght
And hervpon̄ / to gon̄ Assaye hir newe [ 788]
I may wel witte / it wyl not by my prowe
For wise folk / in bokes it expresse
Men̄ wyl not wow / a wyght in hevinesse [ 791]
But who-so myght / wynne suche A floure [ 792]
From hym for whom / she mourneth nyght and day
he myght sey / he were A conquerour
And Ryght A-non̄ / As he that bolde was Ay [ 795]
Thought in hys hert / happe what happe may
Al sholde I dey / I wole hire hert seche
I shal no more lese / but myn̄ owne speche [ 798]
Thys Dyomede / As vs bokes declare [ 799]
was in hys nedys / prest and eke couragyous
With sterne voys / and myghty lymmes square
hardy testyfe / strong and chiualerous [ 802]
Of dedys like / hys fadyr Thideus
And som men̄ seyn̄ / he was of tonge large
And lord he was / of Calidoignne And Arge [ 805]
CReseyde mene was / of hir stature [ 806]
Therto of shappe / of face and eke of chere
Ther myghte be / no fairer Creature
And ofte tymes / thys was hir manere [ 809]
To goon̄ in-tressede / with hir heres clere
Doune by hir coloure / At hir backe by-hynde
wycħ with a threde / of golde she wolde bynde [ 812]
Page  258(117)
And saue hir browes Ioned in fere [leaf 54, back] [ 813]
Ther was no lake / in ougħt I can̄ aspien̄
But for to speke of hir eyen̄ clere
loo trewly wryten̄ / tho that hyr seyn̄ [ 816]
That paradys stoude fourmed in hyr eyne
And wyth Ryche beute euermore
Stroue loue in hyr Ay wych of hem̄ was more [ 819]
She sobre was / eke simple and wise withale [ 820]
The best y-norysshid that mygħt bee
And godelicħ in speche al general
Charitable / estalicħ lusty and free [ 823]
Ne neuer moo / ne laked hir pitee
Thendere hertede / slydynge of coryage
But trewly / I can̄ not telle hir Age [ 826]
And Troilus wel woxen̄ was in heygħt [ 827]
And complet fourmed by proporcion̄
So wel that kynde / it not Amende mygħt
Yonge Fressħ / stronge / hard as a lyon̄ [ 830]
Trewe as stele / in eche condicion̄
Oon̄ of the best / entechede creature
That is or shal / while that world may dure [ 833]
And certeinly in story it is fonde [ 834]
That Troilus was / neuer to no wygħt
As in hys tyme / in no degre seconde
In duryn̄g doone / that longeth to a knygħt [ 837]
Al myght A Ieant / passe hym of mygħt
his hert Ay with the first And with the beste
Stode paregal to dur hir what hym̄ lyst [ 840]
Page  259(121)
But for to telle fourthe of Dyomede [ 841]
hit fyll that Afftyr / on̄ the tentetħ day
Syn̄ that Creseyde oute of the Citee yede
Thys Dyomede as fressħ as braunche in may [ 844]
Come to the tente / there As Calkas lay
And feyned hym with Calkas / haue to doone
But what he ment / I shal you tellen̄ soone [ 847]
CReseide at shorte / wordes for to telle [ 848]
welcomed hym / and dovn̄ hym̄ by hir sette
And it was eitħe y-now / to make dwelle
And after thys / wythoute lenger lette [ 851]
The spices and the wyn̄ / men̄ fortħ hym fette
And forth they speken̄ / of thys and that in fere
As frendes doon̄ / of wycħ / som̄ shal ye here [ 854]
Began̄ first fallen̄ / of the werre in specħe [ 855]
Be-twyxen̄ hem̄ / and folk of Troie tovn̄
And of the tasseiage / he gan̄ hir eke by-seche
To tellen̄ hym̄ / what was hir opinion̄ [ 858]
Fro that demande / he soo descended dovn̄
To Axen̄ hyr / if that hir straunge thougħt
The grekes guyse / And werkes that they wrougħt [ 861]
And why hir fadyr / taried so longe [ 862]
To wedden̄ hir vnto / som̄ worthy knygħt
Creseide that was / in hir peynes stronge
For loue of Troilus / hir one knygħt [ 865]
As ferfortħ as she / connynge hade or mygħt
Answerd hym tho / but of hys entente
hit semed not / she wist what he mente [ 868]
Page  260(125)
But nathles / thys ilke dyomede [ 869]
Gan̄ in hym selfe / Assure and thus he seyde
yif ycħ a-Rygħt / haue taken̄ of you hede
Me thynketħ / thus lady myn̄ Creseyde [ 872]
That syn̄ I first / honde on̄ your brydel leyde
Whan̄ ye oute come / of Troie by the morowe
Ne cowde I neuer / see you but in sorowe [ 875]
Can I not Seyn̄ What the cause may bee [leaf 55] [ 876]
But yif for loue / of som̄ Troian̄ it were
The whycħ Rygħt sore wolde a-thynken̄ [me]
That ye for any wygħt / that dwelleth there [ 879]
Shulden̄ spille / a quarter of A tere
Or pitously / your-seluen̄ so begyle
For dredles yt is not / worth the while [ 882]
The folke of Troie as who seith al and some [ 883]
In̄ pryson̄ bee / As ye your-seluen see
Nor thennes shalt / not A lyue come
For Al the golde / bytwyx londe And see [ 886]
Trustetħ wele / and vndirstondith me
Ther shal [not] oon̄ / to mercy goon̄ on lyue
Al were he lorde / of worldes fyue [ 889]
Suche wreche on̄ hem̄ / for fecching of Eleyn [ 890]
Ther shal be take / or that we hennes wende
That names / wycħ that goddes ben̄ of peyn̄
Shul ben a-gaste / that grekes wolle hem̄ shende [ 893]
And men̄ shul drede / vnto the worldes ende
From̄ henfortħ to Ranysshen̄ any queyn̄
So cruel shal our wreke / on̄ hem̄ [ben] seen̄ [ 896]
Page  261(129)
And but if Calcas / lede vs by ambages [ 897]
That is to seye / wytħ double wordes sly
Sucħ as men clepen̄ / a word with two visages
Ye shal wel knowe / that I nogħt lye [ 900]
And al thys thinge seen it were your eye
And that a-non̄ / ye nyl not trow how sonne
Now taketħ hede / for it is for to dōōn̄e [ 903]
What wene ye / your wyse fadyr wolde [ 904]
Han̄ yeuen̄ Antenor / for you anon̄
yif ye ne wiste / that the Citee shulde
Distrowed be / why nay so mote I gon̄ [ 907]
he knowe ful wel / ther not scapen̄ oon̄
That Troian is / And for the grete fere
he durst not ye dwelled / no lenger there [ 910]
What wole ye more / louesom lady dere [ 911]
let Troy and Troyan̄ / from your hert passe
Dryue oute the bitter hope / and make gode chere
And clepe Ayen̄ / the beaute of your face [ 914]
That ye wytħ salt terys so deface
For Troye is brougħt / in suche a Iupardie
That is to save / is now [no] Remedie [ 917]
And thenketh wel / ye shul in grekys fynde [ 918]
More parfit loue / or it be nygħt
Than̄ Any Troyan̄ is / and more kynde
And bet to serven̄ you wol doon hys myght [ 921]
And yf ye vouche-saufe / my lady brygħt
I wole be he to serve you my selfe
Ye leuer than̄ be kyng of greces twelue [ 924]
Page  262(133)
And wytħ that worde / he gan to waxen Rede [ 925]
And in hys speche / a litel wygħt he quoke
And cast a-syde / a litel whygħt hys hede
And stynt A while / and aftyrwarde awoke [ 928]
And soubrely / on̄ hir he threw hys loke
And seide I am / al be it you no Ioye
As gentil a mān̄ / as any wygħt in Troye [ 931]
For [yf] my fadyr Thideus he seyde [ 932]
Y-leued had / I hade y-ben̄ or thys
Of Calidoign̄e / And Arge / a kynge Creseyde
And so hope I / that I shal y[e]t y-wys [ 935]
But he was slayn̄ / the more harme is
Vn-happly / a Thebes al to Rathe
Polymytes / And many a man to scathe [ 938]
But hert myn̄ / syn̄ that I am̄ your one man̄ [leaf 55, back]
And bethe the first / of whome I seche grace
To serve you as hertely as I can̄
And euer shal while / I to lyue haue space [ 942]
So or that I depart / oute of thys place
That ye me graunte / that I may tomorowe
At bettur leyser / telle you of my sorowe [ 945]
What shulde I telle / the wordes that he seyde [ 946]
he spake ynougħ / for oo day At the leste
hit preuetħ wele / he spake soo that Creseide
Graunted on̄ the morowe / At hys Requeste [ 949]
For to speke with hym / At the leste
Soo that he nolde / speke of suche matere
And thus she to hym / seyd as ye may here [ 952]
Page  263(137)
As she that hade hir hert on̄ Troilus [ 953]
Soo faste that non̄ mygħt it arrace
And straungely spake she / And seyd thus
O Dyomede I loue that ylke place [ 956]
There I was born̄ / And Ioves for hys grace
Deliuere it soone / of al that dothe it care
Gode for hys mygħt / so leue it wele to fare [ 959]
That grekes wolde / hir wrathe on̄ Troye wreken̄ [ 960]
yif that they mygħt / I knowe it wele ywys
But it shal not fallen̄ as ye speken̄
And gode to-forn̄ / And further ouer thys [ 963]
I wote my fader / wys And redy is
And that ye haue me bougħt / As ye me tolde
So dere I am̄ the more vnto hym̄ holde [ 966]
That grekys ben̄ of higħ condicion̄ [ 967]
I wote eke wele / but certeine men̄ shal fynde
As worthy folke / withine Troye tovn̄
As konnyng As parfit / And as kynde [ 970]
As ben̄ betweyn̄ / Orkades and Inde
And that ye cowde / wel your lady serve
I trowe it wele / hir thonke for to deserve [ 973]
But as to speke of loue ywys she seyde [ 974]
I hadde a lorde / to whome I wedded was
The whos myn̄ hert / Al was tyl that he dyed
And other loue As helpe me now Pallas [ 977]
Ther in my hert nys / ne neuer was
And that ye be / of noble and hygħ kynrede
I haue wel herde it / tellen̄ oute of drede [ 980]
Page  264(141)
And that 1. [[that overlined later.]] doth me / to haue so grete wonder
That ye wyl scorn̄ any womman̄ soo
Eke gode wote loue / And I ben fore A-sondre
I am̄ disposed bete / so mote I goo [ 984]
Vnto my dethe / to pleyne / and make woo
What shal I afftyr / doon̄ I can̄ not seyn̄
But trewly as yit / me lysteth not to pley [ 987]
Myn̄ hert is now / in tribulacion̄ [ 988]
And ye in harmes / besy day by day
herafter whan̄ ye wonnen̄ haue the tovn̄
Paraunter than / it shapen̄ may [ 991]
That whan̄ I see / that I neuer say
Than̄ shal I werke / that I neuer wrougħt
This worde to you / y-nougħ soufficen ought [ 994]
To morowe eke wyl I speken̄ wyth you fayn̄ [ 995]
So that ye speken̄ / nogħt of thys matere
And whan̄ ye lyst / ye may come here A-gayn̄
And Ar ye goon̄ / thus moche I sey you here [ 998]
As helpe me pallas / with hir erys clere
yf I shulde / of ony greke haue Routhe
It shulde be your-selven̄ by my trouthe [ 1001]
I sey not therfore / that I wyl you loue [leaf 56] [ 1002]
Ne sey not nay / but in conclusion̄
I meen̄ wel by gode / that sitte a-boue
And therwyth-Al she caste hir eyen̄ dovn̄ [ 1005]
And gan̄ to syke / And seyde O Troye tovn̄
Yit bidde I godde in quiete And in Reste
I may you seen / or doo my hert breste [ 1008]
Page  265(145)
But in effect Al shortly to sey [ 1009]
Thys Dyomede as fressħly new a-yon̄
Gan̄ presen̄ on̄ / And fast hir mercy prey
And afftyr thys to sothe afftyr to seyen̄ [ 1012]
hir gloue he toke / of wycħ he was ful fayn̄
And finially / whan̄ it was woxen̄ eve
And al was wele / he Roos and toke hys leue [ 1015]
The brygħt venus / folowed and ay taugħt [ 1016]
The wey there brode / phebus dovn̄ a-lygħt
And Cinthea / hir chare-hors ouer Rougħt
The whirle oute / the lyon̄ yf she mygħt [ 1019]
And signifer hys candeles / shewyth brygħt
Whan̄ that Creseyde / vnto hir bedde wente
In-wytħ hir fadres brygħt tente [ 1022]
Retournyng in hir soule vp and dovn̄ [ 1023]
The wordes of thys sodein Dyomede
hys grete estat And peryl of the tovn̄
And that she was / Allone and hade nede [ 1026]
Of frendes helpe / And thus began̄ to brede
The cause why / the sothe for to telle
That she toke purpos / for to dwelle [ 1029]
The morowe come / and gostely for to speke [ 1030]
Thys Dyomede commen is / vnto Creseyde
And shortly leste ye my tale breke
So wel he for hym selfe / spake and seyde [ 1033]
That Alle hir sykes / sore dovn̄ he leyde
And finially / the sothe for to seyn̄
he Refte hir of the grete / of al hir peyne [ 1036]
Page  266(149)
And afftyr thys / the story telleth vs [ 1037]
That she hym yaf / the fayr bay stede
The wych of hym / onys whan Troylus
And eke a broche that was ful lytel nede [ 1040]
That Troilus was / she yaf thys Dyomede
And eke the bette / from̄ sorow hym̄ to Releue
She made hym were / a pensel of hir sleue [ 1043]
I fynde eke / in the story elles where [ 1044]
whan̄ thurgħ the body / hurt was Dyomede
Of Troilus / tho wepte she many a tere
whan̄ that she sawe / hys wyde woundes blede [ 1047]
And that she toke / to kepen̄ hym gode hede
And for to hele hym / of hys sorowes smerte
Men̄ seyn̄ I not / that she yaf hym hir herte [ 1050]
But therwytħ the story telleth vs [ 1051]
There made neuer woman more woo
Than̄ she / whan that she falsed Troilus
Quod she Allas / for now is clene A-goo [ 1054]
My name of trouthe / in loue for euermoo
For I haue falsed / oon̄ the gentillest
Thas euer was / And oon̄ the worthiest [ 1057]
a l las of me / vnto the worldes ende [ 1058]
Shal neither bee / y-wryten̄ nor y-songe
No gode worde / for thys boke wyl me shende
Or Rolled shalle I be on̄ many A tonge [ 1061]
Thurgħ-oute the worlde / my belle shal be Ronge
And wommen wyl hate me moste of alle
Allas that suche A cas shulde me byfalle [ 1064]
Page  267(153)
They Wyl seyn̄ / in As moche in me is [leaf 56, back] [ 1065]
I haue hem doon̄ dishonour whelaway
Al be I not the first that dide A-mys
what helpith yit to doon̄ my blame a-wey [ 1068]
But syn I seyn̄ / ther is no bettur away
And to late is now for me to Rewe
*. [[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]]
But Troilus syn I no bettur may [ 1072]
And sithen̄ that thus / departen̄ ye And I
yit prey I gode / so yiete you Rygħt gode day
As for the gentillest trewly [ 1075]
That euer I say / to serven̄ feytħfully
And best can̄ Ay / hys lady honour kepe
And with that worde / she brast vnto wepe [ 1078]
And certeys you / ne haten̄ shal I neuer [ 1079]
And frendys loue / that shal ye haue of me
And my gode worde / Al shuld I lyue euere
And trewly I wolde sory be [ 1082]
For to seen̄ you in Aduersite
And gylteles / I wote wel I you leue
And al shal passe / And thus make I my leue [ 1085]
But trewly how longe / it was betwene [ 1086]
That she forsoke hym̄ / for thys Diomede
Ther is non̄ Auctor / telleth it I wene
Take euery man̄ / to hys bokes hede [ 1089]
he shal no terme fynde oute of drede
For thougħ that he began̄ to wowe hir soone
Er he hir wanne / yit was ther more to doone [ 1092]
Page  268(157)
Ne me ne lyst / thys sely womman chyde [ 1093]
Further than the story wyl devise
hir name Allas / ys punysshyd so wyde
That of hir gilte / it ougħt y-now suffice [ 1096]
And yf I myght / excusen hir Any wyse
For she so sory was / for hir vntrouthe
I-wys I wolde / excuse hir yit for Routhe [ 1099]
Thys Troilus as he beforn̄ haue tolde [ 1100]
Thus dryveth forthe / As wel as he had mygħt
But ofte was hys hert colde And hote
And namly that ylke tentyth nygħt [ 1103]
Wycħ in the morow / she hade hym byhygħt
To come a-yen̄ / gode wote ful litel Reste
Hedde he that nyght / nothing slepe hym lyste [ 1106]
The laurer crovned / phebus with hys hete [ 1107]
Gan in hys cours / vpwarde as he wente
To warmen̄ of the est see / the wawes wete
And Nysus dougħter / songe with ffressħ entent [ 1110]
whan Troilus / hys pandare Aftyr sente
And on̄ the walles / of the tovn̄ the pleyde
To loke yf they / can̄ seen̄ ougħt of Creseide [ 1113]
Tyl it was noone / they stoden̄ for to see [ 1114]
who that ther come / And euery manere wyght
That come fro fere / they seyden̄ it was she
Tyl that they cowde / Knowen̄ hem arygħt [ 1117]
Now was is hert / double now was it lygħt
And thus beiapede / stoden̄ for to stare
A-boute nought / thys Troylus And Pandare [ 1120]
Page  269(161)
To pandare thys Troylus tho seyde [ 1121]
For Augħt I wote / before noone sykerly
In-to thys tovn̄ / ne cometh not Creseyde
She hath ynow to doo sykerly [ 1124]
To wynne fro hyr fadyr so wene I
her olde fadyr / wyl yit make hir dyne
Er that she goo gode yeue hys hert pyne [ 1127]
Pandare Answerd it may wel be certein [leaf 57] [ 1128]
And for-thy let vs dyne I the beseche
And Afftyr noone / thou maist come A-yen̄
And home they goo / with-oute more speche [ 1131]
And come Ayen̄ / but longe they may seche
Er that they finde / that they Afftyr gape
Fortune hem bothe / thinketh for to Iape [ 1134]
Quod Troylus I see wel now that see [ 1135]
Is taryed with / hir olde fadyr soo
That er she come / it wyl nygħ even̄ be
Come fortħ I wyl / to the yate goo [ 1138]
Thes porters ben̄ vnkonnynge euermoo
And I wyl doon̄ hem̄ / holde vp the yate
As nogħt ne were / Al-thogħ she come late [ 1141]
The day gotħ faste / And Aftyrward cometħ eve [ 1142]
And yit cometh not / to Troilus Creseyde
he loketh forth / by hegge by tree And greue
And ferre hys hede / ouer the walle he leyde [ 1145]
And At the laste / he tourned hym And seyde
By gode I wote / hyr menynge quod pandare
Almoste y-wys / Al newe was Al my care [ 1148]
Page  270(165)
Now douteles thys lady can̄ hir gode [ 1149]
I wote she meneth / Ryden̄ pryuely
I commende hir wysdom̄ / by my hode
She wyl not maken̄ / peple nycely [ 1152]
Gaure on̄ hir / whan she cometħ but softely
By nygħt in-to the tovn / she thinketh Ryde
And dere brother / ne thinke longe tabyde [ 1155]
We haue not ellys / to Doon̄ y-wys [ 1156]
And pandarus / wyltow now trowe me
haue here my trouth / I see hir yonde she is
heue vp thyn eyen̄ / may thou not see [ 1159]
Pandare Answerde / nay so mote I the
Al wronge by gode what seestow man̄ where Arte
That I see yonde / nys but A fayre carte [ 1162]
Allas thou seyst / ful sothe quod Troilus [ 1163]
But hardely / it is nogħt al for nogħt
That in my hert / I Reiose now thus
hit is a-yenst / som gode I haue A-thougħt [ 1166]
But I not how / but syn̄ that I was wrought
Ne felte I suche / A conforte suth to sey
She cometħ to-nyght / my lyf that durst I ley [ 1169]
Pandare Answerd / it may be wel y-nougħ [ 1170]
And hiel with hym / of al that euer he seyde
But in hys herte / he thougħt and softe lougħ
And to hym selfe / ful sobrely he seyde [ 1173]
From̄ hasylwode / there Ioly Robbyn̄ pleyde
Shal come al that / thou abidest here
Ye farelwel al the froste of feruere [ 1176]
Page  271(169)
The warden̄ of the yates gan̄ to calle [ 1177]
The folke wycħ that / wyth-oute the yates were
And bade hem dryven̄ / In her bestes Alle
Or al the nyght / the moste beleue there [ 1180]
And fer wyth-in / the nyght with many A tere
Thys Troylus / gan̄ homward for to Ryde
For wele he seyth / it helpitħe not tabyde [ 1183]
But nathles / he gladded hem̄ in thus [ 1184]
he thougħt he mys accompted had hys day
And seyde I vndyrstonden̄ haue a-mys
For thylke nyght / that I last Creseyde say [ 1187]
She seyde .I. shal be here / yf that I may
Or that the mone / O dere hert swete
The lyon̄ passe / oute of thys Aryete [ 1190]
For Wycħ she may / yit holde al hyr byeste [leaf 57, back]
And on̄ the morowe / he to the yate Went
And vp And dovn̄ / by west And eke by est
Vpon̄ the walles / made he many a wente [ 1194]
But Al for nougħt / hys hope Alwey hym̄ blente
For wych At nygħt / in sorowes And sykes sore
he wente hym home / with-houten̄ any more [ 1197]
Hys hope al clene / oute of hys hert fledde [ 1198]
he nathe wherin̄ / now lengur for to longe
But for the peyne hym / thougħt hys hert bledde
So were hys throwes / sharpe And wondur stronge [ 1201]
For whan he saw / that she A-boode so longe
he nyst what he iugen̄ of it mygħt
Syth she hath broken̄ / that she hym behygħt [ 1204]
Page  272(173)
The thryde forthe / fyfte syxte day [ 1205]
Aftyr tho dayes / ten of wych I tolde
Betwyxen̄ hope / And drede hys hert lay
yit somwhat trusten / on̄ hir hestes olde [ 1208]
But whan̄ he sawe / she nolde hir terme holde
he can̄ now seen̄ / noon̄ other Remedie
But for to shape / hym soone for to dye [ 1211]
Ther-with the wycked spirit gode vs blesse [ 1212]
wyche that men clepe / the wode Ialosie
Gan in hym crepe / in al hys hevinesse
For wych by cause / he wolde soone dye [ 1215]
he ete ne dranke / for hys malyncolye
And eke from̄ euery companye he fledde
Thys was lyf / that al the tyme he leyde [ 1218]
He so defeit was / that no manere mane [ 1219]
Vnnethe myght hym̄ / knowe there he wente
Soo was he leene / And Also pale and whan̄
And feble that he / walked wyth a potente [ 1222]
And with hys Ire / he thus hym self shente
But who so axede hym / wherof he smerte
he seyde hys harme / was al a-boute his herte [ 1225]
Pryam ful ofte / And eke hys moder dere [ 1226]
hys brethern̄ And hys sustres / gan̄ hym freyne
Why he sorowful was / in al hys chere
And what thinge was / the cause of al hys peyne [ 1229]
But Al for nougħt / he nolde hys cause pleyne
But seyde he felte / a greuous maladye
A-boute hys hert / And fayne he wolde dye [ 1232]
Page  273(177)
Soo on̄ A day he leyde hym̄ dovn̄ to slepe [ 1233]
And so befelle in his slepe / hym thougħt
That in a forest / faste he welk to wepe
For loue of hyr / that hym thys peyne wrought [ 1236]
And vp And dovn̄ / as he the forest sougħte
hym mette he sawe / A boor with tuskes grete
That slepe Ayen̄ / the brygħt sonnes hete [ 1239]
And by thys boor / fast in armes folde [ 1240]
lay kyssynge ay / hys lady brygħt Creseyde
For sorow of wych / whan he it gan̄ beholde
And for despite / oute of hys slepe he breyde [ 1243]
And lowde he cryede / on pandarus and seyde
O pandarus now knowe I knope and Rote
I nam but dede / ther nys noon other bote [ 1246]
My lady bryght / Creseyde hathe me betrayed [ 1247]
In whom I trusted / most of Any wyght
She elles where / hath now hyr hert apayede
The blysful goddes / thurgħ hyr grete mygħt [ 1250]
han in my dreme / y-shewyd it ful Ryght
Thus in my dreme / Creseyde I haue beholde
And al thing / to pandarus he tolde [ 1253]
O my Creseyde / Allas what subtilitee [leaf 58] [ 1254]
what new lust what new beaute
what wrathe of Iust / cause han ye to me
what gylte of me / what felle experience [ 1257]
hath fro me Rafte / Allas thyn Aduertence
O truste / O feyth / o depe Asurance
who hath me Rafte / Creseyde al my plesance [ 1260]
Page  274(181)
Allas why let I you / from̄ hennes goo [ 1261]
For wych wel nygh / oute of my witte I 1. [[witte I overlined.]] breyde
who shal nowe trowe / on any wothes moo
Gode wote I wende / O lady bryght lady Crescyde [ 1264]
That euery worde / was gospel that ye seyde
But who may bete / begyle if that hym lyste
Than he on̄ whome / men̄ weneth best to truste [ 1267]
What shal I doon̄ my pandarus Allas [ 1268]
I fele now soo sharpe And newe peyne
Syn that ther lyeth / no Remedye in thys cas
That bete were hit / with myn̄ own̄ hondes tweyn̄ [ 1271]
My self I slougħ / than Alwey thus to pleyne
For thurgh the dethe / my woo shulde haue an̄ ende
That euery day / my self with lyf I shende [ 1274]
Pandare Answerde And seyde Allas the whyle [ 1275]
That I was born̄ / haue I not seyde or thys
That dremes may a maner man̄ begyle
And why for folke expounen̄ hem̄ Amys [ 1278]
How darstow sey / that fals thy lady is
For any dreme / Rygħt for thyn one drede
let be thus thougħt / thou canst not dremes Rede [ 1281]
Peraunter there thou dremest of thys boor [ 1282]
hit may so ben̄ / that it may signifie
hir fadyr wycħ / that olde is And eke hore
A-yenst the sonne / lygħt in poynt to dye [ 1285]
And she for sorow / gynneth wepe And crye
And kysseth hym / there he lyetħ on̄ the grovnde
Thus shuldestow / thy dreme A-Ryght expounede [ 1288]
Page  275(185)
How myght I than quod Troilus [ 1289]
To know of thys / ye were it neuer so lyte
Now seystow wysly quod pandarus
My Rede is thys / sith thou canst welɫ endite [ 1292]
That hastely A lettre thou hir wrytte
Thurgh wych thou shalt / bringe it wel A-boute
To know A sooth / of wych thou Art in doute [ 1295]
And see now why / for thys I dar wel seyn̄ [ 1296]
That if so is / that she vntrew be
I can̄ not trowen̄ / she wyl wryten̄ a-yen̄
And yf she wryte / thou shalt Ryght soon̄ see [ 1299]
As whether she hatħ / any libertee
To come A-yen̄ / or elles in som clause
Yif she be lete / she wole assygne A clause [ 1302]
Thou hast not wryten̄ hir syn she wente [ 1303]
Nor she to the / and that 2. [[that overlined]] durst I leye
There may suche cause / be in hyr entente
That hardely / thou wylt thy self seye [ 1306]
That hyr abode the best is for you tweye
Now write I hir than̄ And shalt fele soonne
A sothe of al / there nys no more to doone [ 1309]
Accordede ben̄ to thys conclusion̄ [ 1310]
And that a-non̄ / thes ylke lordes twoo
And hastely / satte Troilus A-doovn̄
And Rolletħ in hys hert to And froo [ 1313]
How he may best / discryven̄ hir hys woo
And to Creseyde / his one lady dere
He wrote Rygħt thus / And seyde as ye may here [ 1316]
Page  276(189) (Troilus's Letter to Criseyde)
Rygħt fressh flour Whos I been̄ haue And shal [leaf 58, back]
Wythouten part / of elles where seruise
wyth hert. body / lyf / lust and al *. [Litera Troili]
I wooful wyght / in euery humble wyse [ 1320]
That tonge telle / or hert may deuyse
As oft as matere / occupieth place
Me recomaunde / vnto your noble grace [ 1323]
And like it you / to witen̄ swete hert [ 1324]
As ye wel know / how longe tyme a-gon̄
That ye me lefte / in aspre peynes smerte
whan that ye went / of wych yit boote noon̄ [ 1327]
Haue I yit hade / but euer worse begon̄
Fro day to day / I am And so / mote dwelle
while it you list / of wele and woo me welle [ 1330]
For wych to you / whyth dredful hert trewe [ 1331]
I write as he that sorow dryueth to wryte
My woo that euery houre encrecith newe
Complenynge as I can̄ and dar endite [ 1334]
And that defacede is / that may wite
The terys wycħ / that fro myn̄ eyen̄ tweyn̄
That wolden̄ speke / yf that they cowde and pleyn̄ [ 1337]
You first beseche / I that your eyen̄ clere [ 1338]
To loke on̄ hys defouled / ye not holde
And ouer al thys / that ye my lady dere
Wyl vouch-saufe / thys lettre to beholde [ 1341]
And by the cause eke / of my cares colde
That sleeth my witte / if aught amys masterte
For-yeue it me myn̄ / owne swete hert [ 1344]
Page  277(193) (Troilus's Letter to Criseyde, continued)
Yif any seruant / durst or augħt A-Rygħt [ 1345]
Vpon̄ hys lady / pitously compleyne
Than wene I that I ougħt be that whyght
Considered thys / that ye thys monethes tweyne [ 1348]
han taryed / there ye seyde sothe to seyne
But dayes ten / ye nolde in host soiourne
But in two monethes / yit ye not Retourne [ 1351]
And for as moche / as me mote nedys lyke [ 1352]
Alle that you lust / I dar not pleyne more
But humbly / wyth sorowful sykes syke
You write I myn̄ vnresty / sorowes sore [ 1355]
Fro day to day / desiring euermore
To knowen̄ fully / yif your wille it were
how ye han ferde / and don̄ while ye ben̄ there [ 1358]
The whos welfare and hele eke and encrece [ 1359]
In honour suche / that vpward in the gre
hit grow alwey / soo that it neuer cese
Ryght As your hert / can̄ ay my lady free [ 1362]
Devise I prey gode / so mote it be
And graunt it soone / that ye vpon̄ me Rewe
As wisly as in al / I am vnto you trewe [ 1365]
And yf it lyke you to know of the fare [ 1366]
Of me whos woo / ther may no wyght discryue
I can̄ no more / but cheste of euery care
At wrytynge of thys lettre I was on̄ lyue [ 1369]
Al Redy oute / my wooful gost to dryue
wyche I delay / and holde hym yit in honde
Vpon the sygħt / of matere of your sonde [ 1372]
Page  278(197) (Troilus's Letter continued)
Myn eyen̄ twoo / in veyne wyth wych I see [ 1373]
Of sorowfulle terys / salte ar woxen̄ welles
My songe my pleynt / of myn̄ aduersite
My good in harme / myn̄ ese eke woxen̄ helle is [ 1376]
My Ioye in who / I can̄ sey you not ellys
But tournede is / for wych my lyf I warye
Euery Ioye / or ese in hys contrarie [ 1379]
Nych With your commynge / A-yen̄ to Troye [leaf 59] [ 1380]
ye may Redresse And more thousand sithe
Than̄ euer I hade / encrecen̄ in my Ioye
For was ther neuer / her[te] yit so blithe [ 1383]
To haue hys lyf / as I shal ben̄ as swyth
As I you see / And though no manere Routhe
Come in you / yit thenkyth on̄ your trouthe [ 1386]
And yf so be / my gilt dethe haue deserued [ 1387]
Or yf you lust / no more vp-on̄ me see
In guerdon yit / of that I haue you1 serued 1. [[you overlined; first deserued]]
I Be-seche you / myn̄ one lady free [ 1390]
That thervpon̄ ye wolde write me
For loue of gode / my Ryght lode stere
That dethe may make / an ende of al my were [ 1393]
Yif other cause / Aught dothe you for to dwelle [ 1394]
That with your lettre / ye me Reconfort
For though to me / your Absence is an helle
wyth pacience y wyl / my woo conforte [ 1397]
And wyth your lettre / of hope I wyl disport
Now writeth swete / And lat me thus not pleyne
wyth hope or dethe / deliuereth me from̄ peyne [ 1400]
Page  279(201) (Troilus's Letter continued)
I-wys myn̄ one dere hert trewe [ 1401]
I wote that whan̄ ye me next see
So lost haue I myn̄ hele And eke myn̄ ewe
Creseyde shal not knowe me [ 1404]
I-wys myn̄ hertis day my lady fre
Soo thrusteth ay my hert to beholde
Your beaute / that vnnethe my lyf I holde [ 1407]
I sey no more / al haue I for to sey [ 1408]
To you wel more than I tellen̄ may
But whetwyx that ye do me lyue or dey
yit prey I gode / so yeue you Ryght gode day [ 1411]
And fareth wel godely feyr fressh may
As she that lyf / or deth me may commaunde
And to your trouthe / ay I me Recommaunde [ 1414]
Wyth hele swych / but that ye yeuen̄ me [ 1415]
The same hele / I shal noon̄ hele haue
In you lieth whan ye list that it so be
The day on wyche / me clothen̄ shal my graue [ 1418]
In you my lif / in your myght for to save
Me from̄ disese / of alle peynes smerte
And fare now wele / myn̄ one swete herte [ 1421]
[Letter ends.]
Thys lettre forth / was sent vnto Creseyde [ 1422]
Of wych hir Answere / in effect was thys
Ful pitously / she wrote A-yen̄ and seyde
That al so sone / As / she myght ywys [ 1425]
She wolde come / And mende that was A-mys
And finially she wrote hym and seyde thanne
She wolde come / ye but she nyst whanne [ 1428]
Page  280(205)
But in hir lettre / made she festes [ 1429]
That wonder was / And swerith she loues hym best
Of wych he fonde / but bottomles behestes
Tut Troilus thou maist / now est or west [ 1432]
Pype in an Ivy lef / yf that the list
Thus gothe the worlde / And shel vs from̄ mischance
And euery wyght / that meneth treuthe Avanche [ 1435]
Encrecen gan̄ / the woo fro day to nyght [ 1436]
Of Troilus / for taring of Creseyde
And lassen̄ gan̄ hys hope / And eke hys myght
For wych a-doon̄ in hys bedde hym ledde [ 1439]
Ne note ne dranke / ne slepe ne worde ne seyde
Imagenynge ay that she was vnkynde
For wych wel nygh he wex oute of hys mynde [ 1442]
Thys dreme of wych I haue tolde eke be-forn̄ [leaf 59, back]
May neuer come oute of hys Remeberance
he thynketh Alwey / he hade hys lady lorn̄
And that Ioves of hys purpiance [ 1446]
Hym̄ swede hade in slepe the signifiance
Of hyr vntrouthe / And of hys disaventure
And that the boor was shewed hym in figure [ 1449]
For wych he for Gibile hys suster sente [ 1450]
That called was Cassandre eke Al aboute
And al hys dreme he tolde hyr Ar he stynte
And hir besoughte / Assoilen hym the doute [ 1453]
Of the stronge boor with hys tuskes stoute
And finially with-in a litel stounde
Cassandre hym gan̄ Ryght thus hys dreme expounde [ 1456]
Page  281(209)
She gan̄ first smyle / And seyd o brother dere [ 1457]
Yif thou a sothe / of thys desirest know
Thou most a few / of olde storyes here
To purpos how that fortune ouer-throwe [ 1460]
[Left out in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
Thou wel thys boor / shal know And what kynde
He comen̄ is As men in bokes fynde [ 1463]
Dyane Wych / that wrouthe And in Ire [ 1464]
For goddes nolde / hir doon̄ sacryfyce
Nencence vpon / hir Atter sette Afyre
She for the grekys gonne hir so despise [ 1467]
wrake Ire in a wonder cruel wyse
For wyth a bore / As grete As oxe in stalle
She made vp frete / hir corn̄ and vynes Alle [ 1470]
To slee thys boor / was Al the contre Reysed [ 1471]
A-monges wych ther com thys boor to see
A mayde / oon̄ of thys worlde y-preysede
And Meliagre / lord of that contre [ 1474]
he loued soo / thys ffresshe mayde fre
That with hys manhode / or he wolde stynte
Thys boor he slough / And hir the hede he sente [ 1477]
Of wych / as olde bokes tellen̄ vs [ 1478]
Ther Rose A contek / And grete envie
And of thys lord descended Thydeus
By lygne / And elles olde bokes lye [ 1481]
But how thys Meliagre gan̄ to dye
Thurgh hys moder / wil I not you telle
For Al to longe / it were for to dwelle [ 1484]
Page  282(213)
She tolde eke how Thideus or she stynte [ 1485]
Vnto the stronge Citee of Thebes
To clammen kyngdom̄ of the Citee wente
For hys felawe / Dam polymytes [ 1488]
Of wych the brother / Dam Ethiocles
Ful wrongfully / of Thebes hielde the strengħte
Thys tolde she by proces al by lenghe [ 1491]
She tolde hym how homonydes asterte [ 1492]
whan Thydeus slough fyfty knyghtes stoute
She tolde eke / alle the prophecies by herte
And how / .vii. knyghtes wyth hir Route [ 1495]
Bysegeden the Cite Al a-boute
And yf the holy / serpent And the welle
And of the furyes alle / she gan̄ hym telle [ 1498]
[Argument of the 12 Books of Statius's Thebais.]
Associat profugum / Thideo primus polimitem
Thydea ligatum / docet insidias-que secundus
Tercius homededen / canit et vates latitantes
Quartus habet Reges / ineuntes prelia septem̄
Mox furie lennie quinto narratur et Anguis
Archemory bustum / sexto ludique leguntur
Dat grayos thebes / et vatem septimus vmbris
Octauo cecidit / Thydeus spes vita phalesgis
ypomedon̄ nono / moritur cum partonepea [leaf 60]
Fulmine percussus / Decimo cappaneus superatur
Vndecimo sese perimunt per vulnera fratres
Argyua flentem narrat duodonus et ignem
Page  283(215)
Of Archymorys / buriynge of the pleys [ 1499]
And how Amphorax / felle thurgh the grounde
How Thideus was slayn̄ / lord of Argyes
And how ypomedon / in litel stounde [ 1502]
was dede And dreynt / parthenope of wounde
And eke how kynge / cappaneus the proude
Wyth thondre dynte / was slayn̄ that cryed lovde [ 1505]
She gan̄ eke telle hym / how that eyther brother [ 1506]
Ethiocles And polomyte Also
At A scarmyssħ / eche of hem slough other
And of Argyves / weping And hir woo [ 1509]
And how the tovn̄ was brent she tolde eke Also
And so descendeth dovn̄ from̄ gestes olde
To Dyomede / And thus she spake And tolde [ 1512]
Thys ylke boor / betokeneth Dyomede [ 1513]
Thydeus sone / that descended dovn̄ ys
Fro meliagre / that made the boor to blede
And thy lady where she be Ywys [ 1516]
Thys Dyomede / hir hert [hath] And she hys
wepe yf thou wylt / or lef for oute of doute
Thys Dyomede / Is inne and thou Art oute [ 1519]
Thou seyst not sothe / quod he thou sorceresse [ 1520]
with al thy fals gost of prophecyes
Thou wenest be a grete diuineresse
Now seest now / thys foole of fantasies [ 1523]
Peyneth hir / on̄ ladyes for to lye
A-wey quod he there Ioues yeue the sorowe
Thou shalt ben̄ fals paraunter yit to morowe [ 1526]
Page  284(219)
Alswel thou myghtest lyen on̄ Alceste [ 1527]
That was creature but men lye
That euer wheren̄ / kyndest and the beste
For whan̄ hir vsbonde / was in Iupartie [ 1530]
To dye hymself / but yf she wolde dye
She chees for hym / to dye and goo to helle
And starf anon̄ / as vs the bokes telle [ 1533]
Cassandre goth / And he with cruel hert [ 1534]
For-yat hys woo / ffor Angre of hyr speche
And from hys bedde / Al sodeinly he sterte
As thogh / al hool hym hade made a leche [ 1537]
And day by day / he gan̄ enquere And seche
A sothe of thys / with al hys ful cure
And thus he dryveth forthe hys Aventure [ 1540]
Fortune 1. [[-tune overlined later.]] wych that permutacion̄ [ 1541]
Of thinges hath / as hit is committed
By purpiance / And disposicion̄
Of high Iuves / as Reignes shal be flitted [ 1544]
Fro folk in folk / or whan̄ they shal be smitted
Gan pulle awey / the ffetheres bryght of Troye
From day to day / tyl they be bare of Ioye [ 1547]
Among al thys / the fyn̄ of the paradoie [ 1548]
Of Ector gan̄ / approchen̄ wonder blyue
The face wolde / hys soule shulde vnbodye
And shapen̄ hade / a meen̄ hit oute to dryue [ 1551]
A-yens wych face hym helpeth not to stryue
But on̄ a day. to fyghten̄ gan̄ he wende
At wych Allas he caught hys lyues ende [ 1554]
Page  285(223)
For wych me thynketh euery manere wygħt [ 1555]
That haunteth Armes oughte to be-wayle
The dethe of hym that was so noble a knygħte
For as he drowe / A kynge by the ventaille [leaf 60, back]
Vnware of this / Achilles thurgħt the maille
And thurght the bodi / gan̄ him for to Ryve
And thus this worthy knight was brogħt / of lyue [ 1561]
For whom as olde bokes tellen̄ vs [ 1562]
Was made suche woo / that tonge it may not telle
And nameli / this sorowfull Troilus
That next hym was / of wurthines the welle [ 1565]
And in this woo / gan̄ troillus to dwelle
That what for sorow / loue and for vnreste
Full ofte a day / he bad his hert breste [ 1568]
But natheles / thurgh he gan̄ hym dispeir [ 1569]
And dredde that his Lady was vntrewe
Yit ay on hir / his hert gan̄ Repaire
And as thes louer / doon̄ he sough alle newe [ 1572]
To gete ageyn / Creseide bright of hewe
And in his hert / he wente hir excusinge
That Calkas caused / al hir taryinge. [ 1575]
And often̄ tymes he was in purpos grete [ 1576]
Hym selfe like a pilgrime / to disgise
To seen hir / but he may not contrefete
To be vnknowen̄ / of folke that weren̄ wise [ 1579]
Ne fynde excuse / a-Right that may souffise
Yif he a-monge the grekes knwen̄ were
For whiche he wepte / ful ofte and many a tere [ 1582]
Page  286(227)
To hir he wrote / ful ofte tyme al newe [ 1583]
Ful pitousli / he left it for no slouthe
Besechinge hir / that sithen he was trewe
That she wolde come / ayen̄ and holde hir trouthe [ 1586]
For whicħ Creseide / vpon̄ a day for Routhe
I take hit soo / touchinge alle this matere
wrote him ayen̄ / and seide as ye may here [ 1589]
(228) (Criseyde's Letter to Troilus)
Cupides sone / ensample of godelyhede [ 1590]
O. swerd of knyghthode / cours of gentilnesse
Howe myght a wight / in tourment and drede
And heleles / you sende as yit gladnesse [ 1593]
I hertles / I sike I / in distresse
Syn ye withe me / ne I withe you may dele
You neither sen I / hert may nor hele [ 1596]
Youre lettres full / the papere al I-pleynted [ 1597]
Conceyued hath / my hertis pitee
I haue eke seen̄ / withe terys al depaynted
Þoure lettre / and how that / ye requeren me [ 1600]
To come ayen̄ / which yit ne may not bee
But whi / lest that this lettre yfounde were
No mencion̄ make I now for fere. [ 1603]
Greuous to me / god wote is your vnreste [ 1604]
Þoure haste / and that the goddes ordinaunce
Hit semeth noght / ye take it for the best
Nor other thinge / is in youre Remembraunce [ 1607]
As thinkithe me / but oonly youre plesaunce
But beth not wroothe . and that I you beseche
For that I tarye / is alle for wikked speche [ 1610]
Page  287(231) (Criseyde's Letter continued)
For I haue herde wel more that I wende [ 1611]
Touchinge vs too / how thinges han̄ I-stonde
Whiche I shaɫɫ / withe dissymelinge amende
And bethe not Wrothe / I haue eke vnderstonde [ 1614]
How ye ne doon̄ / but holden̄ me on honde
But nowe no force / I can̄ not in you gesse
But aɫɫ treuth / and eke aɫɫ gentelnesse [ 1617]
Come I wilɫ but yit in swicħ disioynt [ 1618]
I stonde as now þat what yere or day
That this shall be / that can I not appoynt
But in effecte / y pray yow as I may [leaf 61]
Of your gode worde / And frendchype ay
For truly while that my lyf may dure
As for a frende / ye may in me Assure [ 1624]
Yit pray I you / on̄ euyl ye ne take [ 1625]
That it is shorte / wych that I to you wryte
I dar not there I am wel lettres make
Ne neuer yit / cowde I wel endite [ 1628]
Eke grete Affecte / men̄ write in place lite
Then̄ entent is al / And not lettres space
And fareth now wel / god haue you in hys grace. [ 1631]
[Letter ends.]
Thys Troilus / thys lettre thougħt al straunge [ 1632]
Whan he yt saugh / And sorowfully sygħt
hym thougħt it like / a kalendes of a chaunge
But finially / he fulɫ ne trowen̄ mygħt [ 1635]
That she ne wolde hym holde as she hygħt
For wycħ ffull evyl wyl lyst hym to leve
That louetħ wel / in suche cas thogħ hym greve [ 1638]
Page  288(235)
But natles men̄ seyn At the laste [ 1639]
For Any thinge / men̄ shal the sothe see
And suche A cas betyde And that as faste
[Left out in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.] [ 1642]
Nas not so kynde / as that hir ougħt to bee
And finially he wote now oute of doute
That al is loste / that he hath gon̄ A-boute [ 1645]
Stode on̄ a day / in hys malyncolye [ 1646]
Thys troilus / And in suspecion̄
Of hir for whom̄ / he wende for to dye
And so befelle / that thorogh Troye tovn̄ [ 1649]
As was the gyse / born was vp and dovn̄
A manere Cote Armere as seyth the storye
Beforn̄ Dephebe / in sygne of hys victorye [ 1652]
The wyche Cote / as telleth lollius [ 1653]
Deiphebus it hade Rente fro Dyomede
The same day / And whan Thys troilus
hit saugħ / he gan̄ to take of hit hede [ 1656]
A-vising of the lengetħ And of the breyde
And al the werke / but as he gan̄ beholde
Ful sodeinly / hys hert gan̄ to colde [ 1659]
As he that on̄ the coler fonde with-ine [ 1660]
A broche that he / Creseyde yaf that morow
That she from̄ Troye / must nedeles twynne
In Remememberance / of hym And of hys sorow [ 1663]
And she hym leyde / hir feyth to borow
To kepe it ay / but now fulɫ wel he wyst
Hys lady vas no lenger on̄ to truste [ 1666]
Page  289(239)
1. [[The usual large Initial letter is omitted here.]] he gothe hym whome and gan̄ ful sone sende [ 1667]
For pandarus / and al thys newe chaunce
And of thys broche / he tolde hym worde and ende
Compleynynge / of hir hertis variance [ 1670]
hys longe loue / hys trouthe And hys penance
And afftyr dethe wyth-oute wordes more
Ful fast he cryede / hys Reste to hym Restore [ 1673]
Than spake he thus / o lady myn̄ Creseyde [ 1674]
where is your feytħ / And where is your beheste
where is your loue / were is your trouthe he seyde
Of Dyomede / haue ye now al thys feste [ 1677]
Allas I wolde / han̄ trowed atte leste
That sythe he nolde / in trouthe to me stonde
That ye thus nolde / halden̄ me in honde [ 1680]
Who shal now trowe on̄ any othes moo [ 1681]
Allas I wolde / neuer wened or thys
That ye Creseyde cowde han changede soo
Ne but I hade A-gylte and dovn̄ A-mys [ 1684]
Soo cruel Wende I not your Hert ywys [leaf 61, back]
To slee me thus / allas your name of trouthe
Is now fordovn̄ / and that is al my Routhe [ 1687]
Was there non̄ other broche / you liste lete [ 1688]
To feffe with your / new loue quod he
But thilke broche / that I with terys Wete
you yaf as for A Rememberance of me [ 1691]
Non̄ other cause / allas ne had ye
But for despite / and eke for that ye mente
Alɫ bitterly to shew / your entente [ 1694]
Page  290(243)
Thurgh wycħ I see / that clene oute of your mynde [ 1695]
Ye han me caste / and I ne can̄ nor may
For al thys worlde / with-ine my hert fynde
To vnlouen̄ you / a quarter of a day [ 1698]
In cursed tyme / I born̄ was welaway
That ye that doo me / al this 1. [[this overlines]] world endure
yit loue I beste / of any creature [ 1701]
Now gode quod he / me sende yit thy grace [ 1702]
That I may mete with thys Dyomede
And trewly yf I may haue mygħt and space
yit shal I make / I hope hys sydes blede [ 1705]
O gode quod he / that oughtest take hede
To further trouthe / And wronges to punyce
Wy nyl thou / doo a Vengeance of thys vice [ 1708]
O Pandare that in dremes for to truste [ 1709]
Me blamed hast / And wont oft vpbreyde
Now maistow seen̄ / thisel / yf that the liste
how trewe is now thy nece brygħt Creseyde [ 1712]
In sondry fourmes / gode yt wote he seyde
The goddes shewen̄ / bothe Ioye And tene
In slepe / And by my / dreme it is now seene [ 1715]
And certeinly / with-oute more speche [ 1716]
From̄ henforth / as ferforth as I may
Myn̄ one dethe / in Armes wol I seche
I Recche not how soone / by the day [ 1719]
But trewly / Creseyde swete may
Whom I haue ay / with al my mygħt yseruede
That ye thus doovn̄ / I haue it not deservede [ 1722]
Page  291(247)
This pandarus that aɫɫ thes thinges herde [ 1723]
And wyst wel he seyde A sothe of thys
he not a worde / ayen̄ to hym answerde
For sory of hys frendes sorow he is [ 1726]
And shamed / for hys nyce hath doon̄ A-mys
And stant A-stoned / of thes cases tweye
As stylle as ston̄ / a worde ne cowde he seye [ 1729]
But at the last / thus spake he and seyde [ 1730]
My brother dere / I may doo þe nomore
what sholde I seyn̄ / I hate ywys Creseide
And gode wote I wyl / hate hir euermore [ 1733]
And that thou me / besoughtest of youre
Hauynge vnto my honour and my reste
Ryght no Rewarde / I dide al that the liste [ 1736]
Yif I dide ougħt / that myght liken̄ the [ 1737]
It is my lief / and of thys treson̄ now
Gode wote that it a sorow is vnto me
And dredles / for hertes ese of you [ 1740]
Ryght fayn̄ I wolde / a-mende wyst I how
And fro thys worlde / almygħty gode I pray
Deliuer hir soone / I can̄ nomore seyn̄ [ 1743]
Grete was the sorow / And pleynt of Troylus [ 1744]
But forthe hir cours / ay fortune gan̄ to holde
Creseyde loueth / the sone of Thideus
And Troilus mote wepe in cares colde [ 1747]
Suche is the Worlde / Who-so can̄ it beholde [leaf 62]
That in suche thinge / is litel hertis Reste
God leve vs / for to take it for the beste [ 1750]
Page  292(251)
In many cruel bataille oute of drede [ 1751]
Of Troilus thus ylke noble knygħte
As men̄ may in thys olde 1. [[olde overlined.]] bokes Rede
Was seen̄ hys knygħthode / And hys grete myght [ 1754]
And dredles hys Ire / day and nygħt
Ful cruelly thy grekys ay a-boughte
And alwey most / thys Dyomede he sougħt [ 1757]
And ofte tyme I fynde that they mete [ 1758]
With blody strokes / and with wordes grete
Assaing / how hir speres weren̄ whette
And gode wote / with many cruel hete [ 1761]
Gan̄ Troilus vpon̄ / hys helme to bete
But natlees fortune / hit ne wolde
Of others hande / that either dyen̄ shulde [ 1764]
And yf I hade taken̄ for to write [ 1765]
Tharmes of thys ylke Worthy man̄
Than wolde I of his batailles endite
But for that I to writen̄ first I began̄ [ 1768]
Of hys loue / I haue seyd as I can̄
Hys worthy dedes who-so lust hem̄ here
Rede Dares / he can̄ telle aɫɫ in fere [ 1771]
Beseching euery lady / bryght of hewe [ 1772]
And euery gentilwoman̄ what she be
That al be it / Creseyde was vntrewe
That for that gilt / ye be not wrothe with me [ 1775]
Ye may hir gilt / in other bokes see
And gladelyer wole I / write yf that ye lyst
Penelopes trouthe and gode Alceste [ 1778]
Page  293(255)
Ne sey I not thus / oonly for thys men̄ [ 1779]
But most for women̄ / that betrayed be
Thurgħ fals folk / gode yeue hem̄ sorow Amen̄
That hir grete witte / and subtelte [ 1782]
Betrayeth so you and thus comeuethe me
To speke and in effecte / I you al pray
Beware of men̄ / and herken̄ what I seye [ 1785]
Goo litel boke my litel Targedye 1. [sic] [ 1786]
There gode thy makere / yit or that he deye
Soo sende mygħt / to make in comedie
Som̄ litel boke / causink noon̄ envie [ 1789]
But subget to 2. [[to overlined.]] be / to al posye
And kysse the stappes / where as thou seest space
Virgile . Ouyde . Omer / Lucan and stace [ 1792]
And for there is so grete diuersitee [ 1793]
In englissħ / and in writinge of your tonge
So prey to gode / that noon̄ myswrite the
Ne the mysmetre / for defaute of tonge [ 1796]
And Redde whersoo thou bee or elles songe
That thou be vnderstonde / gode I beseche
But yit to purpos / of my Rather speche [ 1799]
The wrathe / as I be-gan̄ you for to seye [ 1800]
Of Troilus the grekes boughten̄ dere
For thousandes / hys hondes maden̄ dye
As he that was wythouten̄ any pere [ 1803]
Save Ector in hys tyme as I can̄ here
But welaway / wyth-oute goddes wille
Ful pitously / hym slough the fiers Acchille [ 1806]
Page  294(259)
1. [[The usual large initial letter is wanting here, and in the margin is nota.]] And whan̄ that he was slayn̄ in thys manere [ 1807]
hys lyght goost ful blisfully wente
Vp to the holownesse / of the seuentħ spere.
In conuers lotyng · euerich element / [ 1810]
And there he saugh with fuɫɫ a-visemente [leaf 62, back]
Therratyk sterres herkenynge hermonye
With sovnes fuɫɫ / of heuenesse melodie [ 1813]
And dovn̄ fro thennes fast he can̄ Avise [ 1814]
Thys litel spotte of erthe / that with the see
Enbraced is / and fully gan̄ devise
Thys wrechyd worlde And hield al vanite [ 1817]
To Respecte of that pleine felicite
That is in heuen̄ A-boue and at laste
There he was slayn̄ / hys lokynge dovn̄ he caste *. [[Addit. 12,044 ends here.]] [ 1820]
And hym self lougħ Ryght at the woo [ 1821]
Of hem̄ that wepten̄ / for hys deth so faste
And dam̄pned alle / oure werkes that folowyth soo
The blynde lust / the wycħ may not laste [ 1824]
And shulden̄ al oure hert in heuen̄ caste
And forth he wente / shortly for to telle
There as mercurye / shortetħ hym to dwelle [ 1827]
Swych fyn̄ hath loo / thys Troilus for loue [ 1828]
Suche fyn̄ hath alle / hys grete worthynesse
Swycħ fyn̄ hatħ hys estat ryal a-boue
Suche fyn̄ hys lust / suche fyn hys noblesse [ 1831]
Swycħ fyn̄ hatħ / worldes brotelnesse
And thus be-gan̄ / hys loving of Creseyde
As I haue tolde / and in thys wyse he dyede [ 1834]