Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
(1) (Proem)
Aprochen gan the fatal destyne. [fol. 93a] *. [[Teseide IX. i.]] [ 1]
That Ioues hath in disposicioun.
And to yow angry parcas sustrein iij.
Commytteth to don execucion. [ 4]
ffor which Criseid moste out of the town.
And Troilus shal dwellen forth in pyne.
Til lathesis his thred no lengere twyne. [ 7]
(2) (The Story)
The goldtressed phebus heyght on lofte. *. [[Teseide II. i.]] [ 8]
Thries hadde al with hir bemys cleene.
The snowes melte / and ȝephirus as ofte.
Ibrought ayein the tendre leues greene. [ 11]
Syn þat the sone of Ecuba the queene.
Bigan to loue hir first for wham his sorwe.
was al þat she departe sholde amorwe. [ 14]
fful redy was at pryme diomede. [ 15]
Criseid vnto the grekis oost to leede.
ffor sorwe of which she felte hir herte bleede.
As she þat nyste what was best to reede. [ 18]
And trewely as men in bookys reede.
Men wiste neuere womman han the care.
Ne was so loth out of a town to fare. [ 21]
This Troilus withouten reed or lore. [ 22]
As man þat hath hise Ioyes ek forlore.
was waytinge on his lady euere moore.
As she þat was the sothfast crop and more. [ 25]
Of al his lust / or Ioyes hir bifore.
But Troilus now farewel al thy Ioye.
ffor shaltow neuere sen hir eft in Troye. [ 28]
Page  230(5)
Soth is þat whil he bood in this manere [ 29]
He gan his wo ful manly for to hide.
That wel vnnethe it sene was in his cheere.
But at the yate ther she sholde out ride. [ 32]
with certein folk he houed hir tabide.
So wo bigon / al wolde he naught him pleyne.
That on his hors vnneth he sat for peyne. [ 35]
ffor ire he quok / so gan his herte gnawe. [fol. 93b] [ 36]
whan Diomede on his hors gan hym dresse.
And seid vnto hymself this ilke sawe.
Allas quod he thus foul a wrechchednesse. [ 39]
why suffre ich it / why nyl it ich redresse.
were it nat bet atonys for to dye.
Than euere moore in langour thus to drye. [ 42]
Why nyl .I. make atonys riche and poore. [ 43]
To han Inoght to doone or þat she go.
why nyl I brynge al Troye vpon a roore.
Why nyl I slen this Diomede also. [ 46]
why nyl I rather with a man or two.
Stele hir awey / why wol ich this endure.
why nyl ich helpyn to myn owne cure. [ 49]
But why he nolde don so fel a dede. [ 50]
That shal I seyn / and why hym liste it spare.
He hadde in herte alweyes a manere drede.
Liste þat Criseide in rumour of this fare. [ 53]
Sholde han ben slayn / lo this was al his care.
And ellis certein as I seide yoore.
He hadde it don withouten wordes moore. [ 56]
Page  231(9)
Criseide whan she was redy to ride. [ 57]
fful sorwfully she sighte and seide allas.
But forth she mot for aught þat may bitide.
Ther nys no oother remedy in this cas. [ 60]
And forth she rit ful sorwfullische a pas.
what wonder is though þat hir soore smerte.
whan she forgoth hir owene deere herte. [ 63]
This Troilus in wise of curtasie. [ 64]
with hauk on honde / and with a huge route.
Of knyghtes / rod and dide hir compaygnye.
Passynge al the valeye fer withoute. [ 67]
And forthere wolde han riden out of doute.
fful fayn / and wo was hym to gon so soone.
But torne he moste / and it was ek to doone. [ 70]
And right with þat was Antenor Icome. [fol. 94a] [ 71]
Out of the grekes oost / and euery wight.
was of it glade / and seide he was welcome.
And Troilus / al nere his herte light. [ 74]
He peyned hym with al his ful myght.
Hym to withholde of wepynge at the leeste.
And Antenor he kiste and made feest. [ 77]
And therwithal he moste his leue take. [ 78]
And caste his eye / vpon hir pitously.
And nere he rod his cause for to make.
To take hir by the honde al sobrely. [ 81]
And lord so she gan wepyn tendirly.
And he ful softe and sleyghly gan hir seye.
Now hold your day and doth me nat to deye. [ 84]
Page  232(13)
With that his courser torned he aboute. [ 85]
with face pale / and vnto Diomede.
No word he spak ne non of al his route.
Of which the sone of Tideus tooke heede. [ 88]
As he þat koude more than the crede.
In swich a craft / and by the reyne hir hente.
And Troilus to Troye homwarde he wente. [ 91]
This Diomede þat ledde hir by the bridell. [ 92]
whan þat he saught the folke of Troye aweye.
Thoughte al my labour shal nat ben on ydel.
yif þat I may for somwhat shal I seye. [ 95]
ffor at the worste / it may yit shourt oure weye.
I haue herd seyd ek tymes twyes xij.
He is a fool þat wol foryete hymselue. [ 98]
But natheles thus thoughte he wel Inoght. [ 99]
That certeinlisch I am aboute naught.
yif þat I speke of loue or make it thought.
ffor douteles yif she haue in hir thought. [ 102]
Hym þat I gesse he may nat ben Ibrought.
So soone awey / but I shal fynde a meene.
That she nat wite as yit shal what I meene. [ 105]
This Diomede as he þat koude his good. [fol. 94b] [ 106]
whan tyme was / gan fallen forth in speche.
Of this and þat / and axed why she stood.
In swich disese / and gan hir ek biseche. [ 109]
That yif þat he encresce myght or eche.
with any thing / hir ese þat she sholde.
Comaunde it hym / and seide he don it wolde. [ 112]
Page  233(17)
ffor trewelisch he swor hir as a knyght. [ 113]
That ther nys thing / with whiche he myght hir plese.
That he nyl don his herte and al his myghte.
To don it / for to don hir herte et ese. [ 116]
And preyde hir she wolde hir sorwe apose.
And seide Iwis we grekys kan haue Ioye.
To 1. [honouren—Troye over erasure.] honowren yow as wel as folk of Troye. 1. [honouren—Troye over erasure.]
He seide ek thus / I wot yow thinketh straunge. [ 120]
No wonder is / for it is to yow newe.
Tha queyntaunce of thise Troians to chaunge.
ffor folk of Grece þat ye neuere knewe. [ 123]
But wolde neuere god / but yif as trewe.
A grek ye sholde amonge vs al fynde.
As any Troian es / and ek as kynde. [ 126]
And by the cause I swer yow right lo now. [ 127]
To be your frend and helply to my myght.
And for that moore aquentance ek of yow.
Haue ich had / than another straunger wight. [ 130]
So fro this forth I prey yow day and nyght.
Comandeth me how soore þat me smerte.
To don al þat may like vnto your herte. [ 133]
And that ye me wolde as youre brother trete. [ 134]
And takith naught / my frendshipe in despit.
And though yowr sorwes ben for thinges grete.
Not I nat why / but of on moore respit. [ 137]
Myn herte hath for tamende it gret delit.
And yif I may yowr harmes nat redresse.
I am right soory / for yowre heuynesse. [ 140]
Page  234(21)
ffor though ye Troians with vs grekis wrothe. [fol. 95a] [ 141]
Han long Iben / alwey yit parde.
O. god of loue in soth we seruen bothe.
And for the loue of god my lady fre. [ 144]
whom so ye hate as beth nat wroth with me.
ffor trewely ther kan no wight yow serue.
That half so loth yowre wraththe wolde deserue. [ 147]
And nere it þat we ben so neyght the tente. [ 148]
Of Kalkas / which þat sen vs bothe may.
I wolde of this yow telle al myn entente.
But this enselid til another day. [ 151]
yif me yowr honde I am and shal be ay.
God help me so whil þat my lyf may dure.
yowre owene abouen euery creature. [ 154]
Thus seide I neuere or now to woman born. [ 155]
ffor god myn herte as wysly glade so.
I louede neuer womman her biforn.
As paramours ne neuere shal no mo. [ 158]
And fore the loue of god beth naught my fo.
Al kan I naught to yow my lady deere.
Compleyne aright / for I am yit to leere. [ 161]
And wondreth nanght myn owene lady bryght. [ 162]
Though þat I speke of loue to yow thus blyue.
ffor I haue herde or this of mony a wight.
Hath loued thing he neuer say his lyue. [ 165]
Nor I nam nat of power for to stryue.
Ayeins the god of loue / but hym obeye.
I wol alwey / and mercy I yow preye. [ 168]
Page  235(25)
Ther ben so worthy knyghtes in this place. [ 169]
And ye so fair / þat euerich of hem alle.
wol peynen hem to stonden in yowr grace.
But myght me so fair a grace falle. [ 172]
That ye me for yowr seruant wolde calle.
So lowghly ne so trewely yow serue.
Nil non of hem / as I shal til I sterue. [ 175]
Criseide vnto this purpos lite answerde. [fol. 95b] [ 176]
As she þat was with sorwe oppressed so.
That in effect she naught his tales herde.
But her and ther / now here a word or two. [ 179]
Hir thought hir sorwful herte brast atwo.
ffor whan she gan hir fader fer espie.
wel neygh down of hir hors she gan to sye. [ 182]
But natheles she thonked Diomede. [ 183]
Of al his trauaile and his good cheere.
And þat hym liste his frendshipe hir to bede.
And she accepteth hit in good manere. [ 186]
And wol do fayn þat is hym lef and deere.
And trusten hym she wolde and wel she myght.
As seide she and from hyr hors shalighte. [ 189]
Hir fadir hath hir in hise armes nome. [ 190]
And xx tyme he kiste his doughter sweete.
And seide .o. deere doughter myn welcome.
She seide ek she was fayn with hym to meete. [ 193]
And stood forth Muwet / mylde and mansuete.
But here I leue hir with hir fader dwelle.
And forth I wol of Troilus yow telle. [ 196]
Page  236(29)
To Troye is come this woful Troilus. [ 197]
In sorwe / abouen alle sorwes smerte.
with feloun look / and face dispitus.
Tho sodeynly down from his horse he sterte. [ 200]
And thorwgh his Paleys with a swollen herte.
To chaumbre wente / of no wight took he heede.
Ne non to hym dar speke a worde for drede. [ 203]
And there hise sorwes þat he spared hadde. [ 204]
He yaf an issue large and deth he cride.
And in his throwes frenetik and madde.
He corseth Ioue / appollo and ek Cupide. [ 207]
He corset Ceres / Bacus and Cipride.
His burthe / hymself / his fate and ek nature.
And saue his lady euery creature. [ 210]
To bedde he goth and whieleth there and torneth. [fol. 96a]
In furie / as dostow Ixion in helle.
And in this wyse / he neygh til day soiourneth.
But tho bigan his herte a lite vnswelle. [ 214]
Thorugh teeris which þat gonnen vp to welle.
And pitously he cride vpon Criseide.
And to hymself right thus he spak and seyde. [ 217]
Where is myn owne lady lef and deere. [ 218]
wher is hir white brest wher is it where.
where ben hir armes and hir eyen cleere.
That yisternyght this tyme with me weere. [ 221]
Now may .I. wepe allone many a teere.
And graspe aboute I may but in this place.
Saue a pilwe I fynde naught tenbrace. [ 224]
Page  237(33)
How shal I don whan shal she come ayein. [ 225]
I not allas / why lat ich hir to go.
As wolde god ich hadde as tho ben slayn.
O. herte myn Criseide o swete fo. [ 228]
O. lady myn þat I loue and no mo.
Tho whom for euere mo myn herte I dowe.
Se how I deye / ye nyl me nat rescowe. [ 231]
Who seth yow now my right lode sterre. [ 232]
who sit or stant right now in yowr presence.
who kan conforten now yowr hertes werre.
Now I am gon whom yiue ye audience. [ 235]
who spekith for me right now in myn absence.
Allas no wight and þat is alle my care.
ffor wel .I. wot as yuele as I ye fare. [ 238]
How shulde I þus .x. dayes ful endure. [ 239]
whan I the firste nyght haue al this teene.
How shal she don ek sorful creature.
ffor tendrenesse / how shal she ek sustene. [ 242]
Swich wo for me / .o. pitous pale and greene.
Shal ben yowr fresshe wommanlisch face.
ffor longynge / er ye torne into this place. [ 245]
And whan he fille in any slomberynges. [fol. 96b] [ 246]
Anon bigynne he wolde for to grone.
And dremen of the dredfulleste thinges.
That myght ben / as meete he were allone. [ 249]
In place orible / makynge ay his moone.
Or meten that he was amonges alle.
His enemys / and in hir hondes falle. [ 252]
Page  238(37)
And therwithal his body shulde sterte. [ 253]
And with the sterte al sodeynly awake.
And swiche a tremour fele aboute his herte.
That of the feere hys body shulde quake. [ 256]
And therwithal he sholde a noyse make.
And seme as thought he sholde fallen depe.
ffrom heyghe oloft / and thanne he wolde wepe. [ 259]
And rewen on hymself so pitously. [ 260]
That wondir was to heere his fantasie.
Another tyme he sholde myghtily.
Conforte hymself / and seyn it was folye. [ 263]
So causeles swich drede for to drye.
And eft bygynne his aspre sorwes newe.
That euery man myghte on his sorwe rewe. [ 266]
Who koude telle aright or ful descryue. [ 267]
His wo / his pleynte / his langour and his pyne.
Naught alle the men þat han or ben on lyue.
Thow redere maist thyself ful wel deuyne. [ 270]
That swich a wo my wit kan nat defyne.
On ydel for to write it sholde .I. swynke.
whan þat my wit is weery it to thynke. [ 273]
On heuene yit the sterres weren seene. [ 274]
Although ful pale . Iwoxen was the moene.
And whyten gan the Orisonte sheene.
Al estward / as it wont is for to doone. [ 277]
And phebus with his rosy carte soone.
Gan aftir that to dresse hym vp to faare.
whan Troilus hath sent aftir Pandare. [ 280]
Page  239(41)
This Pandare that of al the day biforn. [fol. 97a] [ 281]
Ne myghte han comen Troilus to se.
Although he on his hed it hadde Isworn.
ffor with the kyng Priam al day was he. [ 284]
So þat it lay nat in his liberte.
Nowher to gon / but on the morwe he wente.
To Troilus whan þat he for hym sente. [ 287]
ffor in his herte he koude wel deuyne. [ 288]
That Troilus al nyght for sorwe wook.
And þat he wolde telle hym of his pyne.
This kneught wel Inough withoute book. [ 291]
ffor which to chaumbre streyght the wey he took.
And Troilus tho sobreliche he grette.
And on the bed ful soone he gan hym sette. [ 294]
Quod Troilus my Pandarus the sorwe. [ 295]
which þat I drie / I may nat longe endure.
I trowe I shal nat lyuen til tomorwe.
ffor which I wolde alweys on auenture. [ 298]
To the deuysen of my sepulture.
The forme / and of my moeble thow dispone.
Right as the semyth beest is for to doone. [ 301]
But of the fir and flaumbe funerral. [ 302]
In which my body brennen shal to gleede.
And of the feste and pleyes palestral.
At my vigile / I pray the take good heede. [ 305]
That þat be wel / and offre Mars my steede.
My swerd / myn helm / and leeue brother deere.
My swerd to Pallas yif þat shynneth cleere. [ 308]
Page  240(45)
The poudre in which myn herte Ibrend shal torne. [ 309]
That preye ich the thow take and it conserue.
In a vessell þat men clepith a vrne.
Of gold / and to my lady þat I serue. [ 312]
ffor loue of whom thus pitousliche I sterue.
So yiue it hire / and do me this plesaunce.
And preye hir kepe it for a remembraunce. [ 315]
ffor wel I fele by my maladye. [fol. 97b] [ 316]
And by my dremys now and yore ago.
Al certeinly / þat I mot nedes dye.
The owle ek which þat hete Escaphilo. [ 319]
Hath aftir me shright alle these nyghtes two.
And god Mercurie of me now woful wrechche.
The soule gide / and whan the liste it fechche. [ 322]
Pandare answerde / and seide Troilus. [ 323]
My deere frende as I haue told the yore.
That it is folie for to sorwen thus.
And causeles / for which I kan no moore. [ 326]
But whoso wol nat trowen red ne loore.
I kan nat sen in hym no remedye.
But lat hym wort 1. [t added in later hand.] hen with his fantasie.
But Troilus I prey the telle me now. [ 330]
yif þat thow trowe / or this þat any wight.
Hath loued paramours as wel as thow.
Ye god wot / and fro many a worthy knyght. [ 333]
Hath hise lady gon a fourtenyght.
And he nat yit made hauel 2. [sic.] del the fare.
what nede is the to maken al this care. [ 336]
Page  241(49)
Syn day by day thow maist thyseluen se. [ 337]
That from his loue / or ellis from his wyf.
A man mot twynnen of necessite.
Ye though he loue hir as his owne lif. [ 340]
Yit nyl he with hymself thus maken strif.
ffor wel thow wost my leeue brother deere.
That alwey frendes may nat ben Ifeere. [ 343]
How don this folk þat sen hir loues wedded. [ 344]
By frendes myght as it bitit ful ofte.
And sen hem in hir spouses bed Ibedded.
God woot they take it wysly fayre and softe. [ 347]
fforwhy good hope halt vp hir herte .o.lofte.
And for they kan a tyme of sorwe endure.
As tyme hem hert a tyme doth hem cure. [ 350]
So sholdestow endure and laten slyde. [fol. 98a] [ 351]
The tyme and fownd to be glad and lyght.
X dayes nys so longe naught tabide.
And syn she the to comen hath bihight. [ 354]
She nyl hir heste brekyn for no wight.
ffor drede the naught þat she nyl fynden weye.
To come ayein my lif þat dorste I leye. [ 357]
Thy sweuenes ek and al swich fantasie. [ 358]
Drif out / and lat hem faren to meschaunse.
ffor they proceden of thy malencolye.
That doth the feele in slepe al this penaunce. [ 361]
A straw for alle sweuenes signefiaunce.
God help me so I counte hem naught a beene.
Ther wot no man of right what dremes meene. [ 364]
Page  242(53)
ffor prestes of the temple tellen this. [ 365]
That dremys ben the reuelaciouns.
Of goddes / and as wel they telle Iwys.
That they ben infernals illusiouns. [ 368]
And leches seyn þat of complexiouns.
Proceden they / or fast or glotonye.
who wot in soth thus what they signyfie. [ 371]
Ek oothre seyn þat thorugh impressiouns. [ 372]
As yif a wight hath faste a thing in mynde.
That therof comen swich auisiouns.
And oothre seyn as they in bookys fynde. [ 375]
That aftir tymes of the yer be kynde.
Men dreme / and þat theffect goth by the moone.
But lef no dreme / for it is naught to doone. [ 378]
Wel worthe of dremes ay thise olde wyues. [ 379]
And trewelisch ek augurie of thise foolis.
ffor fere of which men wenen lese hir lyues.
As rauenes qualin / or shrichyng of thise oules. [ 382]
To trowen on it both fals and foul is.
Allas allas so noble a creature.
As is a man / shal dreden swich ordure. [ 385]
ffor which with al myn herte .I. the biseche. [fol. 98b] [ 386]
vnto thyself þat al this thow foryiue.
And ris now vp withoute more speche.
And lat vs caste how forth may beste be dryue. [ 389]
This tyme / and ek how fresshly we may lyue.
whan þat she comth / the which shal be right soone.
God help me so thy best is thus to doone. [ 392]
Page  243(57)
Ris lat vs speke of lusty lif in Troye. [ 393]
That we han led / and forth the tyme dryue.
And ek of tyme comyng vs reioye.
That bryngen shal oure blisse now so blyue. [ 396]
And langour of thies twyes dayes v.
we shal therwith so foryete oure oppresse.
That vel vnnethe it don shal vs duresse. [ 399]
This town is ful of lordes alboute. [ 400]
And trewes lasten al this meene while.
Gowe pleye vs in som lusty route.
To sarpedon nat hennes but a Mile. [ 403]
And thus thow shalt the tyme wel bigile.
And dryue it forth vnto þat blisful morwe.
That thow hir se þat cause is of thy sorwe. [ 406]
Now ris my deere brother Troilus. [ 407]
ffor certis it non honour is to the.
To wepe and in thy bed to Iouken thus.
ffor trewelische of on thyng trust me. [ 410]
yif thow thus ligge a day or two or thre.
The folk wol seyn þat thow for cowardise.
The feynest sik / and þat thow darst nat rise. [ 413]
This Troilus answerde o brother deere. [ 414]
This knowen folk þat han Isuffered peyne.
That though he wepe and make sorwful cheere.
That felith harm and smert in euery veyne. [ 417]
No wondir is / and though ich euere pleyne.
Or alwey wepe I nam nothing to blame.
Syn I haue lost the cause of al my game. [ 420]
Page  244(61)
But syn of fyn force I mot arise. [fol. 99a] [ 421]
I shal arise as soone as euere I may.
And god to whom myn herte I sacrifise.
So sende vs hastely the tenthe day. [ 424]
ffor was ther neuere fowel so fayn of May.
As I shal ben / whan þat she comth to Troye.
That cause is of my torment and my Ioye. [ 427]
But whider is thy red quod Troilus. [ 428]
That we may pleye vs beste in al this town.
By god my Conseil is quod Pandarus.
To ride and pleye vs with kyng sarpedoun. [ 431]
So longe of this they spaken vp and down.
To Troilus gan at the laste assente.
To rise / and forth to Sarpedoun they wente. [ 434]
This Sarpedoun as he þat honorable. [ 435]
was euere his lyue / and ful of heygh largesse.
with al þat myghte Iserued ben on table.
That deynte was / al coste it grete richesse. [ 438]
He fedde hym day by day / þat swich noblesse.
As seyden bothe the meste and ek the leste.
was neuere or þat day wist at any feste. [ 441]
Nor in this world ther is no Instrument. [ 442]
Delicious / thorwgh wynd or touche or corde.
As fer as euery wight hath euere wente.
That tonge telle or herte may recorde. [ 445]
That at the feste it nas wel herd acorde.
Nof ladys ek so fair a compaignye.
On daunce / or tho was neuere er seyn with eye. [ 448]
Page  245(65)
But what auaileth this to Troilus. [ 449]
That for his sorwe nothing of it roughte.
ffor euere in oon his herte pietus.
fful bisily Criseide his lady soughte. [ 452]
On hir was euere al that his herte thoughte.
Now this / now that so faste ymagnynge.
That glade Iwys kan hym no festeyinge. [ 455]
Thise ladys ek / þat at the feste ben. [fol. 99b] [ 458]
Syn þat he saugh his lady was aweye.
It was his sorwe opon hem for to sen.
Or for to heere on Instrument so pleye. [ 459]
ffor she þat of his herte berth the keye.
was absent / lo this was hys fantasie.
That no wight shuld maken melodye. [ 462]
Nor ther nys houre of al the day or nyght. [ 463]
whan he was there as no wight myght hym heere.
That he ne seide / o lufsom lady bright.
How han ye faren syn þat ye were heere. [ 466]
welcome Iwys myn owene lady deere.
Bur welawey al this nas but a maze.
ffortune his howue intendede bet to glaze. [ 469]
The lettres ek / þat she of olde tyme. [ 470]
Hadde hym sente / he wolde allone rede.
An hondred sithe / atwixen non and pryme.
Refigurynge hir shap / hir wommanhede. [ 473]
WithInne his herte / and euere word or dede.
That passed was / and thus he drof tanende.
The ferthe day / and thennes wolde he wende. [ 476]
Page  246(69)
And seide leue brother Pandarus. [ 477]
Intendestow þat we shal here bleue.
Til Sarpedoun wil forth conieyen vs.
Yit were it fairere / þat we took oure leue. [ 480]
ffor goddes loue / lat vs now soone at eue.
Oure leue take / and homward lat vs torne.
ffor treweliche I nyl nat this soiourne. [ 483]
Pandare answerde / be we comen hider. [ 484]
To fechchen fyr and rennen hom agayne.
God help me so I kan nat tellen whider.
we myghte gon / yif I shal sothely seyne. [ 487]
Ther any wight is of vs more fayn.
Than Sarpedoun / and yif we hennes hye.
Thus sodeynly / y holde it vileynye. [ 490]
Syn þat we seyden þat we wolde bleue. [fol. 100a] [ 491]
with hym a wowke / and now thus sodeynly.
The ferthe day to take of hym oure leue.
He wolde wondren on it trewely. [ 494]
Lat vs holde oure purpos fermaly.
And sithen þat we behighten hym to bide.
Hold forward now and after lat vs ride. [ 497]
Thus Pandarus with alle peyne and wo. [ 498]
Made hym to dwelle / and at the wikes ende.
Of Sarpedon they tooke hire leeue tho.
And on hir wey they spedden hem to wende. [ 501]
Quod Troilus / now lord me grace sende.
That I may fynden at myn home comynge.
Criseide comen / and therwith gan he synge. [ 504]
Page  247(73)
Ye haselwode thoughte this Pandare. [ 505]
And to hymself ful softelich he seyde.
God wot refreynden may this hoote faare.
Or Kalkas sende Troilus Criseide. [ 508]
But natheles he Iaped thus and seide.
And swor Iwys his herte hym wel bihighte.
She wolde come as soone as euere she myghte. [ 511]
Whan they to the Paleys were Icomen. [ 512]
Of Troilus / they down of hors alighte.
And to the chaumbre hir wey than han they nome.
And into tyme þat it gan to nyghte.
They gonne speken of Criseide the brighte.
And after this whan þat hem bothe leste.
They spedde hem fro the soper vnto reste. [ 518]
O morwe as soone as day bigan to cleere. [ 519]
This Troilus gan of his slep tabreide.
And to Pandarus his owene brother deere.
For loue of god ful pitoushiche 1. [sic] he seyde. [ 522]
Go we sen the Paleys of Criseide.
ffor syn we yit may han no moore feste.
So lat vs sen hir paleys at the leste. [ 525]
And therwithal his Meigne for to blende. [fol. 100b] [ 526]
A cause he fownd in towne for to go.
And to Criseides hous they gonne wende.
But lord this sely Troilus was wo. [ 529]
Hym thoughte his sorwful herte brast atwo.
ffor whan he saugh hir dores spedred alle.
wel nygh for sorwe adown he gan to falle. [ 532]
Page  248(77)
Therwith whan he was war and gan biholde. [ 533]
How shet was euery wyndowe of the place.
As frost hym thoughte his herte gan to colde.
ffor which with a chaunged dedlych 1. [over erasure] pale face.
withoute worde he forthby gan to pace.
And as god wolde he gan so faste ride.
That no wight of his contenaunce espide. [ 539]
Than seide he thus .O. paleys disolat. [ 540]
O. hous of houses whilom best Ihight.
O. paleys empty and disconsolat.
O. thow lanterne of which queynt is the light. [ 543]
O. Paleys whilom day þat now art nyght.
wel oughtestow to falle and I to dye.
Syn she is went þat wont was vs to gye. [ 546]
O paleys whilom crowne of houses alle. [ 547]
Enlumyned with sonne of alle blisse.
O. ryng fro which the ruby is out falle.
O. cause of wo þat cause hath ben of lisse. [ 550]
Yit syn I may no bet fayn wolde I kysse.
Thi colde dores / dorst I for this route.
And farewel shryne of which the seynt is oute. [ 553]
Therwith he caste on Pandarus his eye. [ 554]
with chaunged face . and pitous to byholde.
And whan he myghte his tyme aright espye.
Ay as he rod to Pandarus he tolde. [ 557]
His newe sorwe and ek his Ioyes olde.
So pitously and with so ded an hewe.
That eueri 2. [over erasure] wight myght on his sorwe rewe.
Page  249(81)
ffro thennesforth he rideth vp and down. [fol. 101a] [ 561]
And euery thing com hym to remembraunce.
As he rod forby places of the town.
In which he whilom hadde al his plesaunce. [ 564]
Lo yondir saugh ich last my lady daunce.
And in þat temple with hir eyen cleere.
Me kaughte first my righte lady deere. [ 567]
And yondir haue ich herd ful lustely. [ 568]
My deere herte laughe / and yonder pleye.
Saugh ich hir onys ek ful blisfully.
And yonder oonys to me gan she seye. [ 571]
Now goode sweete loue me wel I preye.
And yond so goodly gan she me biholde.
That to the deth myn herte is to hir holde. [ 574]
And at that corner in the yonder hous. [ 575]
Herde I myn alderleuest lady deere.
So wommanly with voys melodious.
Syngen so wel / so goodly and so cleere. [ 578]
That in my saule yit me thinketh ich heere.
The blisful sown / and in þat yonder place.
My lady first me took vnto hir grace. [ 581]
Than thoughte he thus / o blisful lord Cupide. [ 582]
whan I the proces haue in my momorie.
How thow me hast werried on euery side.
Men myghte a book make of hit / lik a storie. [ 585]
what nede is the to seke on me victorie.
Syn I am thyn / and holly at thy wille.
what Ioye 1. [over erasure] hast thow 1. [over erasure] thyn owene folk to spille. [ 588]
Page  250(85)
Wel hastow lord Iwroke on me thyn Ire. [ 589]
Thow myghty god and dredful for to greue.
Now mercy lord thow woste wel I desire.
Thy grace / most of alle lustes leeue. [ 592]
And leue and deye I wole in thy bileue.
ffor which I naxe in guerdon but o boone.
That thow Criseide ayein me sende soone. [ 595]
Destreyne hir herte as faste to retourne. [fol. 101b] [ 596]
As thow dost myn to longen hir to se.
That wot I wel þat she nyl so soiourne.
Now blisful god so cruel thow ne be. [ 599]
Vnto the blood of Troye I preye the.
As Iuno was vnto the blood thebane.
ffor which the folk / of thebes kaught hir bane. [ 602]
And aftir this he to the yates wente. [ 603]
There as Criseide outrod a ful good pas.
And vp and down ther made he many a wente.
And to hymself ful ofte he seide allas. [ 606]
ffrom hennes rod my blis and my solas.
As wolde blisful god now for his Ioye.
I myghte hir sen ayein come into Troye. [ 609]
And to the yonder hil I gan hir gide. [ 610]
Allas / and there I took of hir my leue.
And yond I saugh hir to hir fadir ride.
ffor sorwe of which myn herte wol to cleeue. [ 613]
And hider hom I kome whan it was eue.
And here I dwelle out cast from al Ioye.
And shal til I may sen hir eft in Troye. [ 616]
Page  251(89)
And of hymself ymagined he ofte. [ 617]
To ben deffet / and pale and waxen lesse.
Than he was wont / and þat men seiden softe.
what may it be / who kan the sothe gesse. [ 620]
why Troilus hath al this heuynesse.
And al this nas but his melencolye.
That he hadde of hymself swich fantasie. [ 623]
Another tyme / ymaginen he wolde. [ 624]
That euery wight þat wente by the weye.
Hadde of hym routhe / and þat they seyn sholde.
I am right sory Troilus wol deye. [ 627]
And thus he drof a day forth or tweye.
As ye han herd / swich lif gan he lede.
As he þat stood bitwixen hope and drede. [ 630]
ffor which hym liked in his songes shewe. [fol. 102a] [ 631]
Thencheson of his wo as he best myghte.
And make a song of wordes but a fewe.
Somwhat his woful herte for to lighte. [ 634]
And whan he was from euery mannes sighte.
with softe voys he of his lady deere.
That absent was gan synge as ye may heere. [ 637]
(92) (Troylus's Song for Cressid)
O sterre of which I lost haue al the light. *. [Cantus troili] [ 638]
with herte soore wel aught I to biwaille.
That euere dirk in torment nyght by nyght.
Toward my deth with wynd in steere I saylle. [ 641]
ffor which the tenthe nyght yif þat I faylle.
The gidynge of thy bemes bright an houre.
Mi ship and me caribdis wol deuoure. [ 644]
Page  252(93)
This song when he thus songen hadde soone. [ 645]
He fil ayein into hise sikes olde.
And euery nyght / as he was 1. [over erasure] wonte to doone. 1. [over erasure]
He stood the bryght moone to biholde. [ 648]
And al his sorwe he to the moone tolde.
And seide Iwis whan thow art horned newe.
I shal be glad yif al the world be trewe. [ 651]
I saugh thyne hornes olde by the morwe. [ 652]
whan hennes rood my right lady deere.
That cause is of my torment and my sorwe.
ffor which o bryght latona the cleere. 2. [corr. from cheere] [ 655]
ffor loue of god ren faste aboute thy speere.
ffor whan thyne hornes newe gynne sprynge.
Than shal she come þat 3. [over erasure] may my 3. [over erasure] blisse brynge. [ 658]
The dayes moore / and lenger euery nyght. [ 659]
Than they ben wont to ben hym thought tho.
And þat sonne wente his cours vnright.
By lengere wey than it was wont to go. [ 662]
And seide Iwis me dredeth euer mo.
The sonnes sone Pheton be on lyue.
And þat his fadir carte amys he dryue. [ 665]
Vpon the walles faste ek wolde he walke. [fol. 102b] [ 666]
And on the grekys oost he wolde se.
And to hymself right thus he wolde talke.
Lo yonder is myn owene lady fre. [ 669]
Or elles yonder ther the tentes be.
And thennes comth this Eir þat is so swoote.
That in my soule I feele it doth me boote. [ 672]
Page  253(97)
And hardely this wynd þat moore and moore. [ 673]
Thus stowndmely encresceth in my face.
Is of my ladis depe sykes soore.
I preue it thus / for in no oother space. [ 676]
Of al this town / saue only in this place.
ffele I no wynd þat souneth so like peyne.
It seyth allas why twynned be we tweyne. [ 679]
This longe tyme he dryueth forth right thus. [ 680]
Til fully passed was the nynthe nyght.
And ay biside hym was this Pandarus.
That bisily dide al his fulle myght. [ 683]
Hym to conforte / and make his herte light.
Yiuynge hym hope alwey the tenthe morwe.
That she shal come / and stynten al his sorwe. [ 686]
On þat oother side was Criseide. [ 687]
with wommen fewe among / the grekys stronge
ffor which ful ofte a day allas she seide.
That I was born / wel may myn herte longe. [ 690]
After my deth / for now lyue I to longe.
Allas / and I ne may it nat amende.
ffor now is wors than euere yit I wende. [ 693]
My fadir nyl for nothyng don me grace. [ 694]
To goon ayein / for naught I kan hym queme.
And yif so be þat I my terme pace.
My Troilus shal in his herte deme. [ 697]
That I am fals / and so it may wel seme.
Thus shal I han vnthank on euery side.
That I was born so welowey the tide. [ 700]
Page  254(101)
And yif þat I me putte in Iupartye. [fol. 103a] [ 701]
To stele awey be nyght and it byfalle.
That I be kaught / I shal be holde espie.
Or ellis lo this drede I most of alle. [ 704]
yif in the hondes of som wrechche I falle.
I nam but lost / al be my herte trewe.
Now myghty god / thow on my sorwe rewe. [ 707]
fful pale Iwaxen was hir bright face. [ 708]
Hir lymes lene / as she þat alle the day.
Stood whan she dorste and lokede on the place.
Wher she was born / and ther she dweld hadde ay. [ 711]
And alle the nyght wepynge allas she lay.
And thus despeired out of alle cure.
She ledde hir lyf this woful creature. [ 714]
fful ofte a day she syghte ek for destresse. [ 715]
And in hirself she wente ay portreyinge.
Of Troilus / the grete worthynesse.
And alle his goodly wordes recordynge. [ 718]
Syn first that day hir loue bygan to sprynge.
And thus she sette hir woful herte in fyre.
Throwgh Remembraunce / of þat she gan desire. [ 721]
In al this world ther nys no cruel herte. [ 722]
That hir hadde herd compleynen in hir sorwe.
That nolde han wepen for hir peynes smerte.
So tendrely / she wepte bothe eue and morwe. [ 725]
Hir neded non teeris for to borwe.
And this was yit the worste of al hir peyne.
Ther nys no wight to whome she dorste hir pleyne. [ 728]
Page  255(105)
fful rewfully she lokede vpon Troye. [ 729]
Bihold the toures heyghe and ek the walles.
Allas quod she the plesaunce and the Ioye.
The which þat now al torned into galle is. [ 732]
Haue ich had ofte within tho yonder wallis.
O Troilus what dostow now she seide.
Lord wheither thow yit think vpon Criseide. [ 735]
Allas .I. ne hadde Itrowed on youre loore. [fol. 103b] [ 736]
And went with yow as ye me rede or this.
Than hadde I now nat siked half so soore.
who myght haue seide þat I hadde don amys. [ 739]
To stele awey with swich oon as he is.
But al to late comth the letuarie.
Whan men the cors vnto the graue carie. [ 742]
To late is now to speke of that matere. [ 743]
Prudence allas / oon of thyn eyen iij.
Me lakked alwey / or þat I com heere.
On tyme Ipassed wel remembred me. [ 746]
And present tyme ek koude ich wel see.
But futur tyme or I was in the snare.
Koude I nat se / þat causeth now my care. [ 749]
But natheles bitide what bitide. [ 750]
I shal tomorwe at nyght by est or west.
Out of this oost stelen in som maner side.
And gon with Troilus wher as hym leste. [ 753]
This purpos wol I holde and þat is beste.
No fors of wykked tonges Ianglerye.
ffor euere in loue han wrechches had enuye. [ 756]
Page  256(109)
ffor woso wol of euery word take hede. [ 757]
Or rulen hym by euery wightes wit.
Ne shal he neuere thryuen out of drede.
ffor þat that som men blamen euere yit. [ 760]
Lo oother maner folk comenden it.
And as for me / for alle swich variaunce.
ffelicite clepe I my suffisaunce. [ 763]
ffor which withouten any wordes mo. [ 764]
To Troye I wole as for conclusion.
But god it wot or fully monthes two.
She was ful fer fro þat entencioun. [ 767]
ffor bothen Troilus and Troyes town.
Shal knotteles thorwghout hir herte slyde.
ffor she wol take a purpos for tabide. [ 770]
This Diomede of whom yow telle I gan. [fol. 104a] [ 771]
Goth now with hymseluen arguynge.
with al the sleyght and al þat euere he kan.
How he may best with shortest taryinge. [ 774]
Into his net / Criseides herte brynge.
To this entente he koude neuere fyne.
To ffisshen hir he leyde out hook and lyne. [ 777]
But natheles wel in his herte he thoughte. [ 778]
That she nas nat withoute a loue in Troye.
ffor neuere sythen he hir thennes broughte.
Ne koude he sen hir laugh and maken Ioye. [ 781]
He nyste how best hir herte for tacoye.
But for to assaye he seide it naught ne greueth.
ffor he þat naught nasayeth naught nacheueth. [ 784]
Page  257(113)
Yit seide be to hymself vpon a nyght. [ 785]
Now am I nat a fool þat wot wel how.
Hir wo for loue is of another wight.
And hervpon to gon assay hir now. [ 788]
I may wel wite it nyl nat ben my prow.
ffor wyse folk in bookes it expresse.
Men shal nat wowe a wight in heuynesse. [ 791]
But whoso myghte wynnen swich a flour. [ 792]
ffrom hym / for whom she morneth nyght and day.
He myghte seyn he were a conquerour.
And right anon as he þat bold was ay. [ 795]
Thought in his herte happe how happe may.
Al sholde I deye .I. wol hir herte seche.
I. shal no moore lese but my speche. [ 798]
This Diomede as bookys vs declare. [ 799]
was in his nedes prest and corageus.
With styerne voys and myghty lymes square.
Hardy / testif / strong / and chiualrus. [ 802]
Of dedes / lyk his fader Tideus.
And som men seyn he was of tonge large.
And heir 1. [h erased] he was of Calidoyne and arge. [ 805]
Criseide mene was of hir stature. [fol. 104b] [ 806]
Therto of shap / of face and ek of chere.
Ther myghte be no fayrer creature.
And ofte tyme this was hir manere. [ 809]
To gon Itressed with hir heris clere.
Down by hir coler at hir bak bihynde.
which with a thred of golde she wolde bynde. [ 812]
Page  258(117)
And saue hir browes Ioyneden Ifeere. [ 813]
Ther nas no lakke in aught I kan espien.
But for to speken of hir eyen cleere.
Lo trewely they writen þat hir seyen. [ 816]
That Paradys stood formed in hir eyen.
And with riche beauute euere moore.
Strof loue in hir ay / which of hem was moore. [ 819]
She sobre was ek symple and wys withal. [ 820]
The beste Inorisshed ek / þat myghte be.
And goodlisch of hir speche in general.
Charitable / estalische lusty fre. [ 823]
Ne neuere mo ne lakkede hir pite.
Tendre herted slydynge of corage.
But trewely I kan nat telle hir age. [ 826]
And Troilus wel waxen was on highte. [ 827]
And complet formed by proporcioun.
So wel þat kynd it naughte amende myghte.
Yong / fressh / strong / and hardy as lyoun. [ 830]
Trewe as stele in ech condicioun.
Oon of the beste entechched creature.
That is or shal whil þat the worlde may dure. [ 833]
And certeinlisch in storie / it is Ifounde. [ 834]
That Troilus was neuere vnto no wight.
As in his tyme / in no degre seconde.
Endurynge doth þat longeth to a knyght. [ 837]
Al myghte a geant passen hym of myght.
His herte ay with the first and with the beste.
Stood parigal to dor don þat hym leste. [ 840]
Page  259(121)
But for to tellen forth of Diomede. [fol. 105a] [ 841]
It fil þat aftir on the tenthe day.
Syn þat Criseide out of the cite yede.
This Diomede as fressh as braunche in may. [ 844]
Com to the tente ther as Kalkas lay.
And feyned hym with kalkas han to doone.
But what he mente I shal yow telle soone. [ 847]
Criseide at shorte wordes for to telle. [ 848]
welcomed hym and down hym by hir sette.
And he was ethe Inought to maken dwelle.
And aftir this withoute longe lette. [ 851]
The spices and the wyn men forth hem fette.
And forth they speke of this and that Ifeere.
As frendes don / of which som shal ye heere. [ 854]
He gan first fallen of the werre in speche. [ 855]
Bitwixen hem / and the folk of Troye town.
And of thasege / he gan hir ek biseche.
To telle hym what was hir opynyoun. [ 858]
ffro þat demande he so descendith down.
To axen hir yif þat hir straunge thoughte.
The grekis gise and werkis þat they wroghte. [ 861]
And why hir fadir tarieth so longe. [ 862]
To wedden hir vnto som worthy wight.
Criseide þat was in hir peynes stronge.
ffor loue of Troilus hir owene knyght. [ 865]
As ferforth as she konnynge hadde or myght.
Answerde hym tho / but as of his entente.
It semed nat she wiste what he mente. [ 868]
Page  260(125)
But natheles this ilke Diomede. [ 869]
Gan in hymself asseure and thus he seyde.
yif ich aright haue taken of yow heede.
Me thinkith thus .o. lady my Criseide. [ 872]
That syn .I. first hond on yowr bridel leyde.
Whan ye out come of Troye by the morwe.
Ne koude I neuere sen yow but in sorwe. [ 875]
Kan I nat seyn what may the cause be. [fol. 105b] [ 876]
But yif for loue of som Troiayn it weere.
The which right soore wolde athinken me.
That ye for any wight þat dwelleth there. [ 879]
Sholden spille a quarter of a tere.
Or pitously yowrseluen so bygile.
ffor dredeles it is nat worth the while. [ 882]
The folk of Troye as who seith al and some. [ 883]
In prison ben / as ye yowrseluen se.
Ne thenues shal nat oon on lyue come.
ffor al the gold atwixen soone and see. [ 886]
Trusteth wel and vndirstondeth me.
Ther shal nat oon to mercy gon on lyue.
Al were he lord of worldes twyes fyue. [ 889]
Swich wrech on hem for fecchinge of Eleyne. [ 890]
Ther shal ben take / or þat hennes wende.
That manes whiche goddes ben of peyne.
Shal ben agast þat grekis wol hem shende. [ 893]
And men shal drede vnto the wordes ende.
ffrom hennesforth to rauysshen any queene.
So cruel shal oure wreche on hem be seene. [ 896]
Page  261(129)
And but yif Kalkas lede vs with ambages. [ 897]
That is to seyn with double wordes slye.
Swich as men clepe a word with tho visages.
Ye shal wel knowen þat I naught ne lye. [ 900]
And al this thing right sen it with yowr eye.
And þat anon / ye nyl nat trowe how soone.
Now taketh hede / for it is for to doone. [ 903]
What wene ye yowr wyse fadir wolde. [ 904]
Haue ȝeuen antenor for yow anon.
yif he ne wiste þat the Cite sholde.
Destroyed ben / why nay so mote I gon. [ 907]
He knew ful wel ther shal nat shapen oon.
That Troian is / and for the grete feere.
He durst nat þat 1. [written between the lines.] ye dwelde lengere þere.
What wol ye moore lufsom lady deere. [fol. 106a] [ 911]
Lat Troye and Troian fro yowre herte pace.
Drif out þat bittre hope and make good cheere.
And clepe ayein the beaute of yowr face. [ 914]
That ye with salte teeris so deface.
ffor Troye is broughte in swich a Iupartye.
That it to saue is now no remedye. [ 917]
And thinketh wel ye shal in grekis fynde. [ 918]
A moore parfit loue or it be nyght.
Than any Troian is / and moore kynde.
And bet to seruen yow wol don his myght. [ 921]
And yif ye vouchesauf / my lady bright.
I. wol ben he to seruen yow myseluen.
Ye leuere than be kyng of Grecis xij. [ 924]
Page  262(133)
And with that worde he gan to waxen red. [ 925]
And in his speche a litel wight he quook.
And caste aside a litel wyght his hed.
And stynte a while / and aftirwarde awook. [ 928]
And sowbrelich on hir he threwgh his look.
And seide I am al be it yow no Ioye.
As gentil man as any wight in Troye. [ 931]
ffor yif my fadir Tideus he seyde. [ 932]
Ilyued hadde / .Ich hadde ben or this.
Of Calidoygne and arge a kyng Criseide.
And so hope I þat I shal yit Iwys. [ 935]
But he was slayn allas the moore harm is.
Vnhappely at Thebes al to rathe.
Polymyte and many a man to scathe. [ 938]
But herte myn syn þat I am yowr man. [ 939]
And ben the first of whom .I. seche grace.
To serue yow as hertely as I kan.
And euere shal while I to lyue haue space. [ 942]
So or þat I departe out of this place.
That ye me graunt þat I may tomorwe.
At bettre leiser telle yow my sorwe. [ 945]
What sholde I telle hise wordes þat he seyde. [fol. 106b] [ 946]
He spak Inought for o day at the meeste.
It preueth wel / he spak so þat Criseide.
Graunted on the morwe at this requeeste. [ 949]
ffor to speken with hym at the leeste.
So þat he nolde speke of swich matere.
And thus she to hym seide as ye may heere. [ 952]
Page  263(137)
As she þat hadde hir herte on Troilus. [ 953]
So faste / þat ther may it non arace.
And straungely she spak and seyde thus.
O. Diomede .I. loue þat ilke place. [ 956]
Ther I was born / and Ioues for his grace.
Deliuere it soone of al þat doth it care.
God for thy might so leue it wel to faare. [ 959]
That grekis wolde hir wraththe on Troye wreke [ 960]
Yif þat they myght .I. knowe it wel Iwys.
But it shal nat bifallen as ye speke.
And god toforn / and forthere of this. [ 963]
I wot my fadir wis and redy is.
And þat he me hath bought as ye me tolde.
So deere / I am the moore vnto hym holde. [ 966]
That Grekis ben of heyght condicioun. [ 967]
I wot ek wel / but certein men shal fynde.
As worthy folk / withInne Troye towne.
As konnynge / and as parfite and as kynde. [ 970]
As ben bitwixen Orcades and Inde.
And þat ye konne wel yowr lady serue.
I trow it wel / hir thank for to deserue. [ 973]
But as to speke of loue Iwys she seide. [ 974]
I hadde a lord to whom I wedded was.
The whos myn herte al was / til þat he deide.
And oother loue as help me now Pallas. [ 977]
Ther in myn herte nys / ne neuere was.
And þat ye ben of noble and heygh kynrede.
I haue wel herd it tellen out of drede. [ 980]
Page  264(141)
And þat doth me to han so grete a wonder. [fol. 107a] [ 981]
That ye wol scornen any womman so.
Ek god wot loue / and I ben fer asonder.
I am disposed bet so mote I go. [ 984]
Vnto my deth to pleyne and maken wo.
What I shal aftir don can .I. not seye.
But trewelisch as yit me list nat pleye. [ 987]
Myn herte is now in tribulacioun. [ 988]
And ye in armes bysi day bi day.
Herafter whan ye wonnen han the town.
Paraunter then so it happen may. [ 991]
That whan I se þat I neuere yit say.
Than wol I werke þat I neuere wroghte.
This worde to yow Inough suffisen oughte. [ 994]
To morwe ek wole .I. speken with yow fayn. [ 995]
So þat ye towchene naught of this matere.
And whan yow liste ye may come here ayein.
And or ye go thus muche I seye yow heere. [ 998]
As help me Pallas with hir heris cleere.
Yif þat I sholde on any greke han routhe.
It sholde be yowreseluen be my trouthe. [ 1001]
I seyn nat therfore þat I wol yow loue. [ 1002]
Ny sey nat nay but in conclusioun.
I meene wel be god þat sit aboue.
And therwithal she caste hir eyen down. [ 1005]
And gan to sike / and seide .o. Troye town.
Yet bidde I god in quiete and in reste.
I may the sen / or do myn herte breste. [ 1008]
Page  265(145)
But in effect and schortly for to seye. [ 1009]
This Diomede al fressly newe / ayein.
Gan pressen on and faste hir mercy preye.
And aftir this the sothe for to seyn. [ 1012]
Hir gloue he took of which he was ful feyn.
And fynaly / whan it was vaxen eue.
And al was wel he roos and took his leue. [ 1015]
The bryght venus folwede and ay taughte. [fol. 107b] [ 1016]
The wey / ther brode Phebus down alighte.
And Cinthea hir charhors ouerraughte.
To whirle out of the leoun if she myghte. [ 1019]
And signifer hise candeles sheweth brighte.
when þat Criseide vntil hir reste wente.
Inwith hir fadris faire brighte tente. [ 1022]
Retornynge in hir soule ay vp and down. [ 1023]
The wordes of this sodeyn Diomede.
His grete estat and perel of the town.
And þat she was allone and hadde nede. [ 1026]
Of frendes help / and thus bigan to breede.
The causes why / the soth for to telle.
That she took / fully purpos for to dwelle. [ 1029]
The morwen come and gostly for to speke. [ 1030]
This diomede is come vnto Criseide.
And shortly list þat ye my tale breke.
So wel he for hymseluen spake and seide [ 1033]
That al hir sikes soore adown he leyde.
And fynaly the sothe for to seyne.
He refte hir of the grete of al hir peyne. [ 1036]
Page  266(149)
And aftir this the storie tellith vs. [ 1037]
That she hym yaf the faire baye steede.
The which he onys wan of Troilus.
And ek a broche / and þat was litel nede. [ 1040]
That Troilus was / she yaf this Diomede.
And ek the bet from sorwe hym to releue.
She made hym were a Pencel of hir sleue. [ 1043]
I fynde ek in stories elliswhere. [ 1044]
whan thorwgh the body hurt was Diomede.
Of Troilus / tho wep she many a teere.
whan þat she saugh hise wyde wowndes blede. [ 1047]
And that she took to kepyn hym good heede.
And for to hele hym of his sores smerte.
Men seyn I not / þat she yaf hym hir herte. [ 1050]
But trewely the Storie tellith vs. [fol. 108a] [ 1051]
Ther made neuere woman moore wo.
Then she / whan þat she falsed Troilus.
She seide allas for now is clene ago. [ 1054]
My name of trouthe in loue for euermo.
ffor I haue oon the gentileste.
Thas euere was / and on the worthieste. [ 1057]
Allas of me / vnto the worldes ende. [ 1058]
Shal neither ben Iwriten nor Isonge.
No good wood / for thise bookis wol me shende.
O. rolled shal I ben of mony a tonge. [ 1061]
Thorwghout this world my belle shal be ronge.
And womman most wol hate me of alle.
Allas þat swich a cas me sholde falle. [ 1064]
Page  267(153)
They wol seyn in as muche as in me is. [ 1065]
I haue hem don dishonour weylawey.
Al be I nat the firste þat dide amys.
what helpith that to don my blame awey. [ 1068]
But syn I se ther nys no 1. [written between the lines.] bettre wey.
And þat to late it is now for to rewe.
To Diomede algate I wol be trewe. [ 1071]
But Troilus syn I no bettre may. [ 1072]
And syn þat thus departen ye and .I.
Yit preye I god to yiue yow 2. [written between the lines.] right good day.
As for the gentilest trewely. [ 1075]
That euere I say to seruen feithfully.
And best kan ay his lady honour kepe.
And with þat word she brast anon to wepe. [ 1078]
And certes yow ne haten shal I neuere. [ 1079]
And frendes loue þat shal ye han of me.
And my good word al sholde I lyuen euere.
And trewelisch I wolde soory be. [ 1082]
ffor to sen yow in aduersite.
And gilteles I wot wel I yow leeue.
And al shal passe and thus take I my leeue. [ 1085]
But treweliche how longe it was bytweene. [fol. 108b] [ 1086]
That she forsook hym for this Diomede.
Ther nys no auctour tellith it I weene.
Take euery man now to his bookis heede. [ 1089]
He shal no terme fynden out of drede.
ffor though þat he bigan te wowe hir soone.
Er he hir wan yit was ther moore to doone. [ 1092]
Page  268(157)
Ne me ne list this sely womman chide. [ 1093]
ffurther than the storye wol deuyse.
Hir name allas is punysshed so wide.
That for hir gilt it ought Inoght suffise. [ 1096]
And yif I myght excuse hir any wyse.
ffor she so soory was for hir vntrowthe.
Iwis .I. wolde excuse hir yit for routhe. [ 1099]
This Troilus as I byfore haue tolde. [ 1100]
Thus dryueth forth as wel as he has myghte.
But often was his herte hoot and colde.
And namelich þat ilke tenthe nynght. 1. [sic.] [ 1103]
which on the morwen she hadde hym bihighte.
To come ayein / god wot ful litel reste.
Hadde he þat nyght / nothing to slep hym leste. [ 1106]
The laurer crowned Phebus with his heete. [ 1107]
Gan in his cours ay vpward as he wente.
To warmen of the est See the wawes weete.
And Nisus doughter song with fressh entente. [ 1110]
whan Troilus his Pandare aftir sente.
And on the walles of the town they pleyde.
To loke yif they kan sen ought of Criseide. [ 1113]
Til it was non they stoden for to se. [ 1114]
who þat ther come / and euery maner wight.
That com fro fer / they seyden it was she.
Til þat they kouden knowen hym aryght. [ 1117]
Now was his herte dul now was it lighte.
And thus biIaped stonden for to staare.
Aboute naught this Troilus and Pandare. [ 1120]
Page  269(161)
To Pandarus this Troilus tho seide. [fol. 109a] [ 1121]
ffor aught .I. wot bifor non sikirly.
Into this town ne comth naught Criseide.
She hath Inough to doone hardily. [ 1124]
To twynnen from hir fadir so trow .I.
Hir olde fadir wol yit make hir dyne.
Or þat she go / god yiue his herte pyne. [ 1127]
Pandare answerd it may wel be certein. [ 1128]
And forthy / lat vs dyne .I. the biseche.
And aftir non / thow maistowe come ayein.
And home they gon without moore speche. [ 1131]
And come ayein / but longe may they seche.
Or they fyndyn þat they aftir cape.
ffortune hem bothe thinketh for to Iape. [ 1134]
Quod Troilus I se wel now þat she. [ 1135]
Is taried with hir olde fadir so.
That er she come it wel neygh euene be.
Com forth .I. wole vnto the yate go. [ 1138]
Thise porters be vnkonnynge euere mo.
And I wol don hem holden vp the yate.
As naugh ne weere{punctel} although she com late. [ 1141]
The day goth faste / and aftir þat com eue. [ 1142]
And yit com naugh to Troilus Criseide.
He loketh forth by hegges by tre by greue.
And fer his heuede ouer the walle he leide. [ 1145]
And at the laste he torned hym and seide.
By god I wot hir menyng now Pandare.
Almost Iwis al newe was my care. [ 1148]
Page  270(165)
Now douteles this lady kan hir good. [ 1149]
I. wot she meneth riden pryuyly.
I. comende hir wysdom by my hood.
She nil nat maken poeple nycely. [ 1152]
Gaure on hir whan she comth but softely.
By nyght into the town she thinketh ride.
And deere brother think nat longe tabyde. [ 1155]
We han nat ellis for to doone Iwys. [fol. 109b] [ 1156]
And Pandarus now wiltow trowen me.
Haue hir my trouthe I se hir yond she is.
Heue vp thyn eyen man maistow nat se. [ 1159]
Pandare answerd nay so mot I the.
Al wrong by god what seistow man wher arte.
That I se yond nys but a fare carte. [ 1162]
Allas thow seist ful sothe quod Troilus. [ 1163]
But hardely it nys nat al for naught.
That in myn herte I now reioysse thus.
It is ayeins som good I haue a thought. [ 1166]
But I not how / but syn þat I was wrought.
Ne felt I swich a confort soth to seye.
She comth to nyght my lif þat dorste I leye. [ 1169]
Pandare answerde it may ben wel Inough. [ 1170]
And held with hym of alle þat euere he seyde.
But in his herte he thoughte and softely lough.
And to hym ful sobreliche he seide. [ 1173]
ffrom hesel wode ther Ioly robyn pleide.
Shal com al þat that thow abidest heere.
Ye farewel al the snought of ferne yere. [ 1176]
Page  271(169)
The wardeyn of the yates gan to calle. [ 1177]
The folk / which þat withoute 1. [with between the lines.] the yates weere.
And bad hem dryuen In hir bestes alle.
Or al the nyght they mosten bleuen there. [ 1180]
And fer in the nyght with many a teere.
This Troilus gan homward for to ride.
ffor wel he seth it helpith naught tabide. [ 1183]
But natheles he gladede hym in this. [ 1184]
He thoughte he mysacounted had his day.
And seide .I. vndirstonden haue amys.
ffor thilke nyght .I. laste Criseide say. [ 1187]
She seide .I. shal be hir yif þat I may.
Or þat the moone .o. deere herte sweete.
The lyoun passe out of his ariete. [ 1190]
ffor which she may yit holde hir biheste. [fol. 110a] [ 1191]
And on the morwe vnto the yate he wente.
And vp and down by west and ek by este.
Vpon the wallis made he many a wente. [ 1194]
But al for naught his hope alwey hym blente.
ffor which at nyght in sorwe and sikes soore.
He wente hym hom withouten any moore. [ 1197]
His hope al clene out of his herte fledde. [ 1198]
He ne hath wheron now lenger for to honge.
But for the peyne hym thoughte his herte bleede.
So were his throwes sharp and wondir stronge. [ 1201]
ffor whan he saugh þat she abood so longe.
He nyste what he Iugen of it myght.
Syn she hath brokyn þat she hym bihight. [ 1204]
Page  272(173)
The thridde / ferthe / fifte / sixte day. [ 1205]
After tho dayes x of which I tolde.
Bitwixen hope and drede his herte lay.
Yit somwhat tristynge in hir hestes olde. [ 1208]
But whan he saugh she nolde hir terme holde.
He kan now sen noon oother remedye.
But for to shape hym soone for to dye. [ 1211]
Therwith the wikked spirit god vs blesse. [ 1212]
which þat men clepith wood Ialousie.
Gan in hym crepe in al his heuynesse.
ffor which bycause he wolde sone dye. [ 1215]
He ne et / ne dronk / for his malencolie.
And ek from euery compaignye he fledde.
This was the lif / þat al this tyme he ledde. [ 1218]
He so defet was þat no maner of man. [ 1219]
Vnnethe hym myght knowe ther he wente.
So was he leene / and therto pale and wan.
And fieble þat he walkith by potente. [ 1222]
And with his Ire he thus hymseluen shente.
And whoso axed hym wherof hym smerte.
He seide his harm was al aboute his herte. [ 1225]
Priam ful ofte and ek / his moder deere. [fol. 110b] [ 1226]
His brethen and hise sustren gonne hym freyne.
why he so sorwful was in al hise cheere.
And what thing was the cause of al his peyne. [ 1229]
But al for naught he nolde his cause pleyne.
But seide he felte a greuous maladye.
Aboute his herte / and fayn he wolde dye. [ 1232]
Page  273(177)
So on a day he leide hym down to slepe. [ 1233]
And so bifil þat in his slepe he thoughte.
That in a forest faste he welke to wepe.
ffor loue of hir þat hym this peyne wroughte. [ 1236]
And vp and down as he the forest soughte.
Hym mette he say a boor with tuskes grete.
That-slep ayein the bryghte sonnes heete. [ 1239]
And by this boor faste in hir armes folde. [ 1240]
Lay kissynge ay his lady bright Criseide.
ffor sorwe of which whan he it gan biholde.
And for despite / out of his slep he breide. [ 1243]
And loude he cried on Pandarus and seide.
O. Pandarus now knowe I crop and roote.
I. nam but ded / ther nys no oother boote. [ 1246]
My lady bright Criseide hath me bitraiede. [ 1247]
In whom I trusted most of any wight.
She elliswhere hath now hir herte apaiede.
The blisful goddes thurght hir grete myght. [ 1250]
Han in my dreme Ishawed it ful right.
Thus in my dreme Criseide haue I biholde.
And al this thing / to Pandarus he tolde. [ 1253]
O my Criseide allas what subtilite. [ 1254]
what newe lust / what beaute / what science.
what wraththe of Iuste cause han ye te me.
what gilt of me what fel experience. [ 1257]
Hath from me reft / allas thyn aduertence.
O. trust .o. feith .o. depe aseurance.
who hath me reft Criseide al my plesaunce. [ 1260]
Page  274 [Stanzas 177-182 not in C. C. C. MS.]
Allas why let I yow from hennes go. [fol. 111a] [ 1261]
ffor which wel neyght out of my wit I breide.
who shal now trowe on any oothes mo.
God wot I wende. o. lady bright Criseide. [ 1264]
That euery word was gospel þat ye seide.
But who may bet bigile yif hym liste.
Than he on whom men weneth beste to triste. [ 1267]
What shal .I. don my Pandarus allas. [ 1268]
I fele now so sharp a newe peyne.
Syn þat ther lith no remedy in this cas.
That bet were it I with my hondes tweyne. [ 1271]
Myseluen slow / alwey than thus to pleyne.
ffor thorwgh the deth my wo sholde haue a ende.
Ther euery day with lif myselue I shende. [ 1274]
Pandare answerd and seide allas the while. [ 1275]
That .I. was born / haue I nat seide or this.
That dremys many a maner man bygile.
And why / for folk expound 1. [originally expounden.] hem amys. [ 1278]
How darstow seyn þat fals thy lady is.
ffor any drem / right for thy owene drede.
Lat be this thought thow kanst no dremys rede. [ 1281]
Peraunter ther thow dremyst of this boor. [ 1282]
It may so ben þat it may signifie.
Hir fadir which þat olde is and ek hoor.
Ayein the sonne lith vp 2. [sic] point to dye. [ 1285]
And she for sorwe gynnyth wepe and crye.
And kisseth hym ther he lith on the grownde.
Thus sholdestow thy dremys ryght expownde. [ 1288]
Page  275(185)
How myghte I than don quod Troilus. [ 1289]
To knowe of this / ye were it neuer so lite.
Now seistow wisly quod this Pandarus.
My red is this / syn thow kanst wel endite. [ 1292]
That hastily a lettre thow hir write.
Thorwgh which thow shalt bryngen it aboute.
To knowe a soth ther thow art in doute. [ 1295]
And se now why / for this I dar wel seyn. [fol. 111b] [ 1296]
That yif so is þat she vntrewe be.
I kan not trowen she wol write ayein.
And yif she write thow shalt ful soone se. [ 1299]
As wheither she hath any liberte.
To come ayein / or ellis in som clause.
Yif she be let she wol assigne a cause. [ 1302]
Thow hast nat writen hir syn þat she wente. [ 1303]
Nor she to the / and this I durste leye.
Ther may swich cause ben in hir entente.
That hardely thow wolt thyseluen seye. [ 1306]
That hir abood the beste is for yow tweye.
Now write hir than / and thow shalt feele soone.
A soth of this ther nys no moore to doone. [ 1309]
Acorded ben to this conclusioun. [ 1310]
And þat anon thise ilke lordes two.
And hastily sit Troilus adown.
And rolleth in his herte to and fro. [ 1313]
How he may beste discryuen hir this wo.
And to Criseide is owene lady deere.
He wrot right thus / and seide as ye shal heere. [ 1316]
Page  276(189) (Troilus's Letter to Criseyde)
Right fresshe flour whos I ben haue and shal. [ 1317]
withouten part of elliswhere seruise. *. [litera Troili]
with herte / body / lif / lust / thought and al.
I. woful wight in euerich humble wyse. [ 1320]
That tonge telle or herte may deuyse.
As ofte as matere occupieth place.
Me recomaunde vnto yowr noble grace. [ 1323]
Liketh yow to wetyn sweete herte. [ 1324]
As ye wel knowe how longe tyme agon.
That ye me left in aspre peynes smerte.
whan þat ye wente / of which yit boote non. [ 1327]
Haue I non hadde / but euere wors bigon.
ffro day to day am I / and so mot dwelle.
whil it yow list of wele and wo my welle. [ 1330]
ffor which to yow with dredful herte trewe. [fol. 112a] [ 1331]
I write / as he þat sorwe drifth to write.
My wo / þat euerich houre encrescith newe.
Compleynig as I dar / or kan endite. [ 1334]
And þat it defaced is þat may ye wite.
The teeris which þat fro myn eyen reyne. 1. [MS. þeyne]
That wolden speke yif þat they koude and pleyne. [ 1337]
Yow first biseche .I. þat yowr eyen cleere. [ 1338]
To loke on this defouled ye nat holde.
And ouere al this þat ye my lady deere.
Wol vouchesauf this lettre to biholde. [ 1341]
And by the cause ek of my cares colde.
That sleth my wit / yif ought amys masterte.
fforyiue it me myn owne sweete herte. [ 1344]
Page  277(193) (Troilus's Letter to Criseyde, continued)
Yif any seruant dorste or oughte of right. [ 1345]
Vpon his lady pitously compleyne.
Than wene .I. þat ich oughte ben þat wight.
Considered this þat ye thise monthes tweyne. [ 1348]
Han taried / ther ye seyden soth to seyne.
But daies x. ye nolde in oost soiourne.
But in two Monthes yit ye nat retorne. [ 1351]
But for as muche as me mot nedes like. [ 1352]
Al þat yow list / I dar nat pleyne moore.
But humblely with sorwful sykes sike.
Yow write ich myn vnrest sorowes soore. [ 1355]
ffro day to day desiringe euere moore.
To knowen fully yif yowre wille it were.
How ye han ferd / and don whyl ye be there. [ 1358]
The whos welfare and hele ek god encrese. [ 1359]
In honour swich þat vpward in degree.
It groue alwey / so þat it neuere cesse.
Right as yowre herte ay kan my lady free. [ 1362]
Deuyse I prey to god so mote it be.
And graunte þat ye soone upon me rewe.
Als wisly as in al I am to yow trewe. [ 1365]
And yif yow liketh knowen of the fare. [fol. 112b] [ 1366]
Of me / whos wo ther may no wit descryue.
I. kan no moore but chiste of euery care.
At writynge of this lettre I was on lyue. [ 1369]
Al redy out of my woful gost to dryue.
which I delaye and holde hym yit in honde.
Vpon the sighte of matere of yowre sonde. [ 1372]
Page  278(197) (Troilus's Letter continued)
Myn eyen two in veyn with whiche .I. see. [ 1373]
Of sorwful teris salt arn woxen wellis.
My song / in pleynte of myn aduersite.
My good in harm myn ese ek woxen helle is. [ 1376]
My Ioye in wo I kan seye yow naught ellis.
But torned is / for which my lif I warie.
Euerych Ioye or ese in his contrarie. [ 1379]
Which with yowre comynge home ayein to Troye. [ 1380]
ye may redresse / and moore a thousand sithe.
Than euerych hadde / encressen in me Ioye.
ffor was ther neuere herte yit so blithe. [ 1383]
To han hys lif / as I shal ben as swithe.
As I yow see / and though no maner routhe.
Commoue yow / yit thinketh on yowr trouthe. [ 1386]
And yif so be my gilt hath deth deserued. [ 1387]
Or yif yow list no moore vpon me se.
In guerdon yit of þat I haue yow serued.
Biseche I yow myn hertes lady free. [ 1390]
That hervpon ye wolden writen me.
ffor loue of god / my right lood sterre.
That deth may make an ende vpon my werre. [ 1393]
Yif oother cause aught do yow for to dwelle. [ 1394]
That with yowr lettre ye me reconforte.
ffor though to me yowr absence is an helle.
with pacience I wol my wo conporte. [ 1397]
And with yowre lettre of hope I wol desporte.
Now writeth sweete / and lat me thus nat pleyne.
with hope or deth delyuereth me fro peyne. [ 1400]
Page  279(201) (Troilus's Letter continued)
Iwis myn owene deere herte trewe. [fol. 113a] [ 1401]
I wot þat whan ye nexte vpon me se.
So lost haue I myn hele and ek myn hewe.
Criseide shal nat konne knowen me. [ 1404]
Iwys myn hertes day my lady free.
So thursteth ay myn herte to biholde.
Yowre beaute / þat my lif vnnethe I holde. [ 1407]
I sey na moore / al haue .I. for to seye. [ 1408]
To yow / wel moore than I tellen may.
But wheither þat ye do me lyue or deye.
Yit prey I god so yiue yow right good day. [ 1411]
And fareth wel goodly faire fresshe may.
As she þat lif or deth me may comande.
And to yowre trouth ay I me recomande. [ 1414]
With heele swich þat but ye yiuen me. [ 1415]
The same heele / I shal non heele haue.
In yow lieth whan yow list þat it so be.
The day / on which me clothen shal my graue. [ 1418]
In yow my lif / in yow myght for to saue.
Me from disese / of alle peynes smerte.
And fare now wel myn owene sweete herte. [ 1421]
le vostre T.
[Letter ends.]
This lettre forth was sent vnto Criseide. [ 1422]
Of which hir answere in effect was this.
Ful pitously she wrot ayein and seide.
That also soone as þat she myght Iwys. [ 1425]
She wolde come / and mende al þat was mys.
And fynaly she wrot and seide hym thanne.
She wolde come / ye but she nyste whanne. [ 1428]
Page  280(205)
But in hir lettre made she swiche festes. [ 1429]
That wonder was / and swerth she loueth hym best.
Of which he fond but butmeles bihestes.
But Troilus thow maist now est or west. [ 1432]
Pipe in any yuy lief yif þat the lest.
Thus goth the world god shilde vs fro meschaunce.
And euery wight þat meneth trouthe auaunce. [ 1435]
Encressen gan the wo fro day to nyght. [fol. 113b] [ 1436]
Of Troilus / for taryinge of Criseide.
And lassen gan his hope and ek his myght.
ffor which al down he in his bed hym leide. [ 1439]
He ne et / ne dronk / ne slep / ne word seide.
Ymagynynge ay þat she was vnkynde.
ffor which wel neygh he wex out of his mynde. [ 1442]
This drem / of which .I. tolde haue ek byforn. [ 1443]
May neuere come out of his remembraunce.
He thought ay wel he hadde his lady lorn.
And þat that Ioues of hise purueiaunce. [ 1446]
Hym shewed hadde in slep the signefiaunce.
Of hir vntrowthe / and his disauenture.
And that this boor was shewed hym in figure. [ 1449]
ffor which he for Sibile hys suster sente. [ 1450]
That called was Cassandre ek al aboute.
And al his drem he tolde hir or he stynte.
And hir bisought assoillen hym the doute. [ 1453]
Of the stronge boor with tuskes stoute.
And fynaly withInne a litel stownde.
Cassandre hym gan right thus his drem expownde. [ 1456]
Page  281(209)
She gan first smyle / and seide o brother deere. [ 1457]
Yif thow a soth of this desirest knowe.
Thow moste a fewe of olde stories heere.
To purpos how þat fortune ouirthrowe. [ 1460]
Hath lordes olde / thorwgh wiche withIn a trowe.
Thow wel this boor shal knowe and of what kynde.
He comen is / as men in bookes fynde. [ 1463]
Diane which þat wroth was and in Ire. [ 1464]
ffor grekis nolden don hir sacrifise.
Ne encens vpon hir auter sette afire.
She for þat grekis gonne hir so despise. [ 1467]
wrak hir in a wonder cruel wyse.
ffor with a boor as gret as oxe in stalle.
She made vp frete here corn and vynes alle. [ 1470]
To sle this boor was al the contre reised. [fol. 114a] [ 1471]
Amonges whiche ther com this boor to se.
A mayde / oon of this world the best Ipreysed.
And Meleagre lord of þat cuntre. [ 1474]
He loued so this fressh mayde fre.
That with his manhod or he wolde stente.
This boor he slought / and hir the hed he sente. [ 1477]
Of which as olde bookis tellen vs. [ 1478]
Ther ros a contek / and a gret enuye.
And of this lorde descended Tideus.
By lygne / or ellis olde bookis lye. [ 1481]
But how this Meleagre gan to dye.
Thorwgh his modir / wol I yow nat telle.
ffor al to longe it were for to dwelle. [ 1484]
Page  282(213)
She tolde ek how Tideus or she stente. [ 1485]
Vnto the strong Cite of Thebes.
To cleymen kyngdom of the Cite wente.
ffor his felawe daun Polimytes. [ 1488]
Of which the brother daun Ethiocles.
fful wrongfully of Thebes held the strenght.
This told she by proces al by lenghte. [ 1491]
She tolde ek how Hemonydes asterte. [ 1492]
whan Tideus slough fifty knyghtes stoute.
She tolde ek alle the prophecies by herte.
And how that vij kynges with hir route. [ 1495]
Bisegeden the Cite al aboute.
And of the holy serpent and the welle.
And of the furies al she gan hym telle. [ 1498]
[Argument of the 12 Books of Statius's Thebais.]
Associat profugum tideo primus Polimitem.
Tidea legatum docet insideasque secundus.
Tercius heumoduden canit et vates latitantes.
Quartus habet Reges in euntes prelia septem.
Mox furie lenne quinto narratur et anguis.
Archemori bustum{punctel} sexto ludyque leguntur.
Dat graios thebes et vatem septimus vnbris. 1. [sic]
Octauo cecidit tideus spes vita pelasgis.
Ypomedon nono moritur cum parthonopea.
Fulmine percussus. Decimo cappaneus superatur.
Vndecimo sese perimunt per vulnera fratres.
Argiua fientem narrat duodenus et ignem.
Page  283(215)
Of archimoris burynge and the pleyes. [fol. 111b] [ 1499]
And how Amphiorax fil thorwgh the grownde.
How Tideus was slayn lord of Argeys.
And how ypomedon with blody wownde. [ 1502]
And ek Parthonope in litel stownde.
Ben slayn / and how Cappaneus the proude.
with thonder dynt was slayn þat cride loude. [ 1505]
She gan ek telle hym how þat aither brother. [ 1506]
Ethiocles / and Polimite also.
At a scarmuche ech of hem slough oother.
And of Argiues wepynge and hir wo. [ 1509]
And how the town was brent she tolde ek tho.
And so descendith down fro gestes olde.
To Diomede / and thus she spak and tolde. [ 1512]
This ilke boor betokeneth Diomede. [ 1513]
Tideus sone / þat down descended is.
ffro Meleagre / þat made the boor to bleede.
And thy lady wher she be Iwys. [ 1516]
This Diomede hir herte hath and sho his.
wep if thow wolt or lef for out of doute.
This Diomede is Inne and thow art oute. [ 1519]
Thow seyst nat soth quod he thow sorcerisse. [ 1520]
with al thy fals gost of prophecie.
Thow wenest ben a gret deuynerisse.
Now sestow nat this fool of fantasie. [ 1523]
Peyneth hir on ladyes for to lye.
Awey quod he ther Ioues yiue the sorwe.
Thow shalt ben fals paraunter yit to morwe. [ 1526]
Page  284(219)
Als wel thow myghtest lyen on alceste. [ 1527]
That was of al creature but men lye.
That euere weren kyndest and the beste.
ffor whan hir housband was in Iupartye. [ 1530]
To deye hymself but if she wolde dye.
She ches to dye and ek to gon to helle.
And starf anon / as vs the bookys telle. [ 1533]
Cassandre goth and he with cruel herte. [fol. 115a] [ 1534]
fforȝat his wo for angre of hir speche.
And from his bed al sodeynly he sterte.
As though al hool hym hadde made a leche. [ 1537]
And day by day he gan enquere and seche.
A soth of this with alle his ful cure.
And thus he drieth forth his auenture. [ 1540]
ffortune which þat permutacioun. [ 1541]
Of thinges hath / as it is committed.
By purueaunce and disposicioun.
Of heygh Ioue / as regnes shal be flitted. [ 1544]
ffro folk in folk / or whan they shal ben flitted.
Gan pulle awey / the fetheris bryght of Troye.
ffro day to day til they ben bare of Ioye. [ 1547]
Among al this the fyn of the Parodye. [ 1548]
Of Ector / gan aprochen wonder blyue.
The fate wolde his soule sholde vnbodye.
And shapen hadde a Meene it out to dryue. [ 1551]
Ayein which fate him helpeth not to stryue.
But on a day to fyghten gan he wende.
At which allas he kaughte hys lyues ende. [ 1554]
Page  285(223)
ffor which me thinketh euery maner wyght. [ 1555]
That haunteth armes / oughte to biwaille.
The deth of hym þat was so noble a knyght.
ffor as he drough a kyng by thauentaille. [ 1558]
Vnwar of this / Achilles thorgh the maille.
And thorugh the body gan hym for to ryue.
And thus this worthy knyght was brough of lyue. [ 1561]
ffor whom as olde bookis tellen vs. [ 1562]
was made swich wo / þat tonge it may nat telle.
And namely the sorwe of Troilus.
That nexte hym was of worthynesse welle. [ 1565]
And in this wo gan Troilus to dwelle.
That what for sorwe and loue and for vnreste.
fful ofte a day he bad his herte breste. [ 1568]
But natheles though he gan hym despeire. [fol. 113b] [ 1569]
And drede þat his lady was vntrewe.
yit ay on hir his herte gan repeire.
And as this loueris don he sought ay newe. [ 1572]
To gete ayeind Criseide bright of hewe.
And in his herte he wente hir excusynge.
That Kalkas caused al hir taryinge. [ 1575]
And ofte tyme was in purpos gret. [ 1576]
Hymseluen lik a pilgrym to degise.
To sen hir / but he may nat contrefete.
To ben vnknowe of folk þat weren wise. [ 1579]
Ne fynde excuse aright þat may suffise.
yif he among the grekis knowen weere.
ffor which he wep ful ofte and mony a teere. [ 1582]
Page  286(227)
To hir he wrot yit oft tyme al newe. [ 1583]
fful pitously / he lefte it nat for slouthe.
Bisechinge hir þat syn þat he was trewe.
That she wol come ayein and holde hir trouth. [ 1586]
ffor whieh Criseide vpon a day for routhe.
I take it so towchinge al this matere.
wrot hym ayein and seide as ye may heere. [ 1589]
(228) (Criseyde's Letter to Troilus)
Cupides sone ensaumple of goodlihede. [ 1590]
O. swerd of knyghthede sours of gentilesse. *. [litera Criseidis]
How myght a wight in torment and in drede.
And heleles / yow sende as yit gladnesse. [ 1593]
I herteles .I. sike I in destresse.
Syn ye with me nor I with yow may deele.
Yow neither sende ich herte may ne hele. [ 1596]
Yowre lettres ful the papir al Ipleynted. [ 1597]
Conceyued hath myn hertes piete.
I haue ek seyn with teeris al depaynded.
yowre lettre and how þat ye requiren me. [ 1600]
To come ayein / which yit ne may nat be.
But why / last þat this lettre fownden weere.
No mencioun ne make I now for feere. [ 1603]
Greuous to me god wot in yowre vnreste. [fol. 116a] [ 1604]
Yowre haste and þat the goddes ordinance.
It semyth nat ye take it for the beste.
Nor oother thing nys in youre remembrance. [ 1607]
As thinketh me but oonly yowre plesaunce.
But beth nat wrothe and þat I yow biseche.
ffor þat I tarie / is al for wykked speche. [ 1610]
Page  287(231) (Criseyde's Letter continued)
ffor I haue herd wel moore than I wende. [ 1611]
Touchynge vs two / how thinges han Istonde.
which I shal with dissimulynge amende.
And beth nat wroth I haue ek vndirstonde. [ 1614]
how ye ne don but holden me in honde.
But now no fors I kan nat in yow gesse.
But alle trouthe and alle gentilesse. [ 1617]
Come I wole but yit in swich disioynte. [ 1618]
I stonde as now þat what yer or what day.
That this shal ben / þat kan I naught poynte.
But in effect I preye yow as I may. [ 1621]
Of yowr good word / and of yowr frendshipe ay.
ffor trewely whil þat my lif may dure.
As for a frend ye may in me assure. [ 1624]
Yit prey ich yow on yuel ye ne take. [ 1625]
That it is short which þat I to yow write.
I dar nat ther 1. [r added by later hand.] I am wel lettres make.
Ny neuere yit koude ek wel endite. [ 1628]
Ek grete effect men write in place lite.
Thentente is al and nat the lettre space.
And fareth now wel god haue yow in his grace. [ 1631]
[Letter ends.]
This Troilus this lettre thoughte al straunge. [ 1632]
whan he it saugh / and sorwfully he sighte.
Hym thoughte it lik a kalendes of chaunge.
But fynaly he ful ne trowen myghte. [ 1635]
That she ne wolde hym holden þat she highte.
ffor with ful yeuel wil liste hym to leue.
That loueth wel / in swiche cas though hym greue. [ 1638]
Page  288(235)
But natheles men seith þat at the laste. [fol. 110b] [ 1639]
ffor ony thing men shal the sothe se.
And swich a cas bitide and þat as faste.
That Troilus / wel vndirstode þat she. [ 1642]
Nas nat so kynde / as þat hir ought be.
And finaly he now wot out of doute.
That al is lost þat he has ben aboute. [ 1645]
Stood on a day in his malencolie. [ 1646]
This Troilus and in suspicioun.
Of hir / for whom he wende for to dye.
And so bifel þat thorwghout Troye town. [ 1649]
As was the gise Iborn was vp and down.
A maner cote armure as seith the storie.
Biforn Deiphebe in signe of his victorie. [ 1652]
The wiche cote as telleth lollius. [ 1653]
Deiphebe it hadde Irent fro Diomede.
The same day / and whan this Troilus.
It saugh / he gan to taken of it heete. [ 1656]
Auysynge of the lengthe and of the brede.
And al the werk / but as he gan biholde.
fful sodeynliche his herte gan to colde. [ 1659]
As he þat on the coler fond withInne. [ 1660]
A broche / þat he Criseide yaf þat morwe.
That she from Troye moste nedes twynne.
In remembrance of hym and of his sorwe. [ 1663]
And she hym leide ayein hir feith to borwe.
To kepe it ay / but now ful wel he wiste.
Hys lady was no lenger on to triste. [ 1666]
Page  289(239)
He goth hym hom and gan ful soone sende. [ 1667]
ffor Pandarus / and al this newe chaunce.
And of this broche he tolde hym worde and ende.
Compleyinge 1. [sic] of hir hertes variaunce. [ 1670]
Hys longe loue / hys trouthe and his penaunce.
And aftir deth withouten wordes moore.
fful faste he cride his reste hym to restore. [ 1673]
Than spake he thus .o. lady bright Criseide. [fol. 117a] [ 1674]
wher is yowre feith / and wher is yowre biheste.
wher is yowre loue / wher is yowr trouth he seide.
Of Diomede haue ye now al this feste. [ 1677]
Allas I wolde han trowed at the leste.
That syn ye nolde in trouthe to me stonde.
That ye thus nolde han holden me in honde. [ 1680]
Who shal now trowe on any oothes mo. [ 1681]
Allas I noldde neuere han wende or this.
That ye Criseide koude han chaunged so.
Ne but I hadde agilt and don amys. [ 1684]
So cruel wende I nat yowre herte Iwis.
To sle me thus / allas yowre name of Trouthe.
Is now fordon and þat is al my routhe. [ 1687]
Was ther no nother broche yow liste lete. [ 1688]
To feffe with yowre newe loue quod he.
But thilk broch þat I with teeris weete.
yow yaf / as for a remembraunce of me. [ 1691]
Non oother cause allas ne hadden ye.
But for despit and ek for þat ye mente.
Al outrely to shewen yowre entente. [ 1694]
Page  290(243)
Thorwgh which I se þat clene out of youre mynde. [ 1695]
Ye han me caste and I ne kan nor may.
ffor al this world / withInne myn herte fynde.
To vnlouen yow a quarter of a day. [ 1698]
In corsed tyme I born was weilaway.
That yow þat don me al this wo endure.
Yit loue I best of any creature. [ 1701]
Now god quod he me sende yit the grace. [ 1702]
That I may meten with this Diomede.
And trewely yif I haue myght and space.
Yit shal I mak I hope his sides bleede. [ 1705]
O god quod he þat oughtest taken heede.
To furthren trouth / and wronges to punyce.
why nyltow don a vengeance of this vice. [ 1708]
O Pandare þat in dremis for to triste. [fol. 117b] [ 1709]
Me blamed hath / and wont art ofte vpbreide.
Now maistow sen thyself yif þat the liste.
How trewe is now thy Nece bright Criseide. [ 1712]
In sondre formes god it wot he seide.
The goddes shewen both Ioye and teene.
In slep / and in my drem it is now seene. [ 1715]
And certeinly withoute moore speche. [ 1716]
ffrom hennesforth as ferforth as I may.
My owene deth in armes wol I seche.
I recheche nat how soone be the day. [ 1719]
But trewely Criseide sweete may.
whom I haue ay with al my myght Iserued.
That ye thus don I ne haue it nat deserued. [ 1722]
Page  291(247)
This Pandarus þat alle this thinges herde. [ 1723]
And wiste wel he seide a soth of this.
He nat a word ayein to hym answerde.
ffor sory of his frendes sorwe he is. [ 1726]
And shamed for his Nece hath don amys.
And stant astoned of thise causes tweye.
As stille as stoon a worde ne koude he seye. [ 1729]
But at the laste thus he spake and seide. [ 1730]
My brother deere I may the do no moore.
what sholde I seye I hate Iwys Criseide.
God wot I wol hate hir euere moore. [ 1733]
And þat thow me besougtest don of yoore.
Hauynge vnto myn honour ne my reste.
Right no reward I dede al þat the leste. [ 1736]
Yif .I. dede aught þat myght liken the. [ 1737]
It is me leef and of this tresoun now.
God wot þa it a sorwe is vnto me.
And dredeles for hertes ese of yow. [ 1740]
Right fayn amende it wold 1. [wold—how over erasure.] I wist I how.
And fro this world almyghty god I preye.
Deliuere me soone .I. kan no moore seye. [ 1743]
Gret was the sorwe and pleynte of Troilus. [fol. 118a] [ 1744]
But forth hir cours fortune ay gan to holde.
Criseide loueth the sone of Tideus.
And Troilus mot wepe in cares colde. [ 1747]
Swich is this world woso it kan biholde.
That in ich estat is litel hertes reste.
God leue vs for to take it for the beest. [ 1750]
Page  292(251)
In many cruel bataille out of drede. [ 1751]
Of Troilus / this ilke noble knyght.
As men may in thise olde bookes rede.
was seen his kynyghthod and his grete myght. [ 1754]
And dredeles his Ire day and nyght.
fful cruely the grekis ay aboughte.
And alwey most this Diomede he soughte. [ 1757]
And ofte tyme I fynde þat they mette. [ 1758]
with blody strokes and with wordes grete.
Assayinge how hir speris weren whette.
And god it wot with many cruel hete. [ 1761]
Gan Troilus vpon his helm to beete.
But natheles fortune it naught ne wolde.
Of oothris hond þat eythir deye sholde. [ 1764]
And yif I hadde Itaken for to writen. [ 1765]
The armes of thise ilke worthy man.
Thanne wolde I of his batailles enditen.
But forth þat I to writen first bigan. [ 1768]
Of his loue I haue seide as I can.
Hise worthy dedes woso list hem heere.
Red dares / he kun telle hem alle Ifeere. [ 1771]
Bisechinge euery lady bright of hewe. [ 1772]
And euery gentil woman what she be.
That al be þat Criseide was vntrewe.
That for þat gilt ye be nat wroth with me. [ 1775]
Ye may hir gilt in oother bookis se.
And gladlier .I. wol write yif yow leste.
Penelopes trouthe and good alceste. [ 1778]
Page  293(255)
Ny sey nat this al only for thise men. [fol. 118b] [ 1779]
But most for wommen that bitraysed be.
Thorugh fals folk / god yiue hem sorwe amen.
That with hir grete wit and subtilite. [ 1782]
Bi traise yow / and þat commoueth me.
To speke / and in effect yow alle I preye.
Beth war of men and herkeneth what I seye. [ 1785]
Go litel book / go litel myn Tragedye. [ 1786]
Ther god thy makere yit or þat he dye.
So sende myght to make in som Comedye.
But litel book no makynge thow nenuye. [ 1789]
But subgit be to alle poesie.
And kys the steppes wher as thow sest space.
Virgile / Ouide / Omer / lucan /. and stace. [ 1792]
And for ther is so gret diuersite. [ 1793]
In Inglisshe / and in writynge of oure tonge.
So prey to god / þat non myswrite the.
Ne the mysmetre for defaute of tonge. [ 1796]
And red wherso thow be or ellis songe.
That thow be vndirstonde god biseche.
But yit to purpos of my rather speche. [ 1799]
The wrechche as I bigan yow for to seye. [ 1800]
Of Troilus / the grekis boughten deere.
ffor thousandes hise handes maden deye.
As he þat was withouten any peere. [ 1803]
Saue Ector in his tyme as I kan heere.
But weylawey / saue only goddes wille.
fful pitously hym slough the fierse Achille. [ 1806]
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And whan þat he was slayn in this manere. [ 1807]
His lighte goost ful blisfully is went.
Into the holwenesse of the viij speere.
In conuers letynge euerich Element. [ 1810]
And ther he saugh with ful auysement.
The erratyk sterres herknynge Ermonye.
with sounes ful of heuenyssh melodye. [ 1813]
And down from thennes faste he gan auyse. [fol. 119a] [ 1814]
This litel spot with erthe þat with the se.
Enbraced is / and fully gan despise.
This wrechched world / and held al vanyte. [ 1817]
To respect of the pleyn felicite.
That is in heuene aboue / and at the laste.
Ther he was slayn / his lokynge down he caste. [ 1820]
And in hymself he lough right at the wo. [ 1821]
Of hem þat wepen for his deth so faste.
And dampned al oure werk / þat folweth so.
The blynde lust / the which ne may nat laste. [ 1824]
And sholden al oure herte on heuene caste.
And forth he wente shortly for to telle.
Ther as Mercurie sortede hym to dwelle. [ 1827]
Swich fyn hath lo this Troilus for loue. [ 1828]
Swich fyn hath al his grete worthynesse.
Swich fyn hath his estat real aboue.
Swich fyn his lust / swich fyn hath his noblesse. [ 1831]
Swych fyn hath false worldes brutelnesse.
And thus bigan his louynge of Criseide.
As I haue told / and in this wise he deide. [ 1834]