Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
Page  169
(5) (The Story)
LIggyng in Hoste as I haue tolde or thys [ 29]
The Grekys stronge A-boute Troyes tovn̄
Byfel that whan̄ that Phebus shynynge is
Vpon̄ the brest of hercules of lyon̄ [ 32]
That Ector wytħ ful many A bolde baron̄
Cast on̄ a day wyth grekes for to fyght
As he was wonte to greue hem̄ whan̄ he mygħt [ 35]
Not I longe or short it was be-twene [ 36]
This purpos And the day they fyghten̄ mente
But on̄ a day. wel armed bryght and shene
wyth spere in hande. and bigge bowes bente 1. [[These lines inverted in Harl. 1239.]] [ 39]
Ector and many worthy wygħt oute wente1
And in the berde a-non̄ wythouten̄ lette
her fommen on̄ the felde faste they mette [ 42]
The longe day with speres sharpe y-grounde [ 43]
with arowes dartes swerdes maces 1. [[? MS. mates]] felle
They fygħt And bring hors And man̄ to grounde
And with her Axes on̄ her braynes quelle [ 46]
But in the last oure the soutħ for to telle
The folke of Troye. so mys hym̄ self ledden̄
That with the worse. homward anyght they fledden̄ [ 49]
At Whiche day was taken̄ Antenor [leaf 36] [ 50]
Palidomas And also Menestes
Santipe Sarpedon̄ Polinestor
Polite and eke the troian̄ dan̄ Ruphes [ 53]
And other lee folk as phebuosos
For al Ector so that the folk of Troye
Drede the lese a gret part of hir loye [ 56]
Page  170(9)
To pryamus whas yeven̄ at his Requeste [ 57]
A tyme of trew. And tho they gan̄ to trete
hir prysonners to chaungen̄ mest and leste
And for to sourplus yeuen̄ sommes grete [ 60]
This this thing was cowde a-non̄ in euery strete
Bothe in thassege in tovne and euery where
And with the first. it com̄ to Calcas ere [ 63]
Whan̄ Calcas knewe this traitte shulde falle [ 64]
I consistorye a-monges the grekes soone
he gan̄ in thringe. fortħ with lordes olde
And sette hym there as he was wont to donne [ 67]
And with a ianged face he badde a bone
For loue of gode to that Reuerence
To stynte noyse And yeue hym Audience [ 70]
Than̄ seide he thus. loo lordes Icħ was [ 71]
Troian̄ as it is knowen̄ oute of drede
And yif that ye Remembre I am Calcas
That altherfist. yaf comfort to your nede [ 74]
And tolde wel how that ye shulden spede
For dredles thoro you shal in a stounde
Be troye ybrent. and betyn̄ dovn̄ to grounde [ 77]
Or in what fourme or in what maner wyse [ 78]
This toune to shende. and al your lyst to cheue
Ye haue me herde or this you devise
This knowen̄ ye. my lordes as I leue [ 81]
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
I come my-selfen̄ in my propre persone
To teche in this how you is best to doone [ 84]
Page  171(13)
Having vnto my treysour And my Rente [ 85]
Rygħt no Resport. to Respecte of your ese
Thus al my gode. I lefte and to you wente
wenynge in this my lordes you to plese [ 88]
But Al this losse dothe me no disese
I vouchesaf. as wysly I haue ioye
For you to lose al that I haue in troye [ 91]
Saue a dougħter that I lefte Allas [ 92]
Sleping At home whan̄ oute of troye I sterte
O sterne O cruel fadur that I was
how myght I haue in that so harde an̄ herte [ 95]
Allas I ne hade brought hir in hir sherte
For sorow of wych I wyl not lyue to morow
But yif ye my lordes Rewe on̄ my sorow [ 98]
For by that 1. [[that overlined later.]] cause I sawe now tyme or now [ 99]
For to deliueren Ich 2. [[MS. Ioh]] holde haue my pees
For now or neuer yif it like you
I may hyr haue Ryght soone or doutles [ 102]
O helpe And grace a-monge al this prees
Rewe on̄ this olde Kaytyf in distresse
Sithen I thurgħ you haue Al this distresse [ 105]
Ȝee haue now caugħt and fetred in pryson̄ [ 106]
Troyans y-now. And yif your wylles be
My chylde wych. may haue Redempcion
Now for the loue of gode and of bounte [ 109]
Oon̄ of so fele Allas so yeue hym me
What nede were it. this prayer where to werne
Syn̄ ye shal haue. bothe folkis And tovne as yerne [ 112]
Page  172(17)
On peryl on̄ my lyf hit shal not lye [leaf 36, back] [ 113]
Apollo hatħ me folde. feythfully
I haue eke founden̄. by Astronymye
By sorte And of Augury trewly [ 116]
And dar wel I say that tyme is faste by
That fyre And fflame on̄ Al that the tovn̄ shal sprede
And thus shal Troye turne in to Asshen̄ dede [ 119]
For certein Phebus And neptunus Also [ 120]
That maden the 1. [[the over line.]] walles of the tovne
Ben̄ Alwey wyth folke of Troye to wrothe
They wyll it eft. bringe to confusion̄ [ 123]
Ryght for despite of kynge lamedon̄
Be cause ne nolde paye hem hyr hyre
The tovne shal yit be sette vppon̄ a fyre [ 126]
Tellyng this tale Alwey this olde grey [ 127]
Humble in his speche And in his loke eke
The salt terys from̄ hys eyen̄ tweyn̄
Ful fast ran̄ dovn̄. by eyther cheke [ 130]
So longe he gan̄. of socour hem by-seche
That for to hele hym̄. of hys sykes sore
They yafe hym̄ Antenor wythouten more [ 133]
But who was glade y-nough but Calcas tho [ 134]
And of this thinges ful sone his nedes glade
On hem that shulde for tretys goo
And hem ful ofte specyally preyde [ 137]
For Antenor to bringe home Creseide
And whan̄ pryam̄ his sone gan̄ sende
Thambassedours streyght to Troye wende [ 140]
Page  173(21)
The cause y-tolde of hyr commynge the olde [ 141]
Pryam̄ the kynge. ful sone in general
lete hervpon̄ hys parlement to holde
Of wych theffecte to you Rehersyn shal [ 144]
Them-bassadours ben̄ Answerd for final
Theschange of prysonners And Al this nede
hem̄ lyketh wel. and forthe in̄ they procede [ 147]
This troilus was present in this place [ 148]
Whan̄ axed was Antenor for Creseide
For wych ful soon̄ changen̄ gan̄ his face
As he that wyth the wordes wel nygh deyde [ 151]
But natheles he to hit no worde sede
Lest men̄ shulde his Affection̄ espie
With mannes hert he gan̄ his sorowes drye [ 154]
And fuɫɫ of Anguyssħ And of grysly drede [ 155]
A-bode what other lordes wolde sey
And yf they wolde graunte as god forbede
Theschange of hyr than̄ thogh he thinges twey [ 158]
First how to saue hir honour And in that wey
Myght best theschange of hir withstonde
Ful faste he caste how al this myght stande [ 161]
loue hym̄ made Al prest to doon̄ hyr byde [ 162]
Or Rather dyen̄ than̄ she shulde goo
But Reson̄ seide hym̄ on̄ that other syde
With-outen̄ the Assent of hyr do not soo [ 165]
yif you debate it lest she be thy foo
And sey that thurgħ thy medelynge is y-blow
your brother loue ther it was erst vnknowe [ 168]
Page  174(25)
For wyche he gan̄ delybren̄ for the best [ 169]
That thogh the lordes wolden̄ that she wente
he wolde lete hem̄. graunte what hem̄ lyste
And telle hys lady fyrst what that they mente [ 172]
And whan̄ that she hade seide hym̄ hir entente
Ther-After wolde he werken̄ Also blyue
Thogħ Al the worlde a-yeine it wolde stryue [ 175]
Ector wyche that Wele the grekys Herde [leaf 37] [ 176]
For Antenor how they wolde haue Creseyde
Gan it withstonde. And soubrely answerde
I not who on̄ you thys charge leyde 1. [[These lines inverted in Harl. 1239.]] [ 179]
Syres she is no prysonner he seide1
But on̄ my parte. ye efte-sone hym telle
Whe vsen̄ here / no womān for to selle [ 182]
The noyse of the peple / than̄ vpstynt At onys [ 183]
As breme as blasse / of sorow. y-sette A-fyre
For Infortune / it wolde for the nones
They shulde hyr confusyon̄ desyre [ 186]
Ector quod they / what gost may you enspire
This womman thus to shelde and doon vs lese
Dain 2. [[or Dam]] Antenor / A wronge wey ye chese [ 189]
That so wyse / And eke so boulde a baroun̄ [ 190]
And whe haue nede. of folkis as men̄ may see
He is eke oon̄. the grettest of this tovn̄
O ector. lat that fantasye bee [ 193]
O kynge Pryam̄. thus sey we
That al oure voyce. is for to goon̄ Creseide
And to delyueren Antenor they preyde [ 196]
Page  175(29)
O Iuuenal lord. ful sothe is thy sentence [ 197]
That litel folkis wote what is to yerne
That the ne fynde. in hyre desyre offence
For cloude of errour let hem̄ to dyscerne [ 200]
what best is / loo / ensanple here as yerne
This folkis desyren. now deliueraunce
Of Antenor / that brougħt hem̄ to myschaunce [ 203]
For he was Aftyr traitor to the tovn̄ [ 204]
Of troye. Allas they quytte hym̄ oute to Rathe
O nyce worlde. loo thy dyscrecyon̄
Creseide wyche. that neuer dyde hym̄ scathe [ 207]
Shal now lenger in hyr blysse bathe
But Antenor he shal come home to tovn̄
And she shal oute thus seyde here and hown̄ [ 210]
For wyche delyuerid was by parlement [ 211]
For Antenor to yelden̄ oute Creseide
And hit pronounced by the presedente
Al-thogħ that Ector nay ful ofte preyde [ 214]
What finially what wyght so it wythseide
It whas for nought. it was and shulde
For substaunce of the parlement it wolde [ 217]
Departed oute of parlement echone [ 218]
This troilus wyth wordes moo
In-to his chaumbre. spede hym̄ fast allon̄
But if it were a man̄ of his or two [ 221]
The wyche he bade oute faste for to goo
Be-cause he wolde slepen̄ as he seyde
And hastely vpon̄ his bedde hym̄ leide [ 224]
Page  176(33)
And as in wynter leves ben̄ berafte [ 225]
Eche Aftyr other tyl the tre be bare
So that ther is but barke & braunche y-lefte
Lythe Troilus byrafte of eche welfare [ 228]
y-bounden̄ in the blake barke of care
Disposed wode oute of his witte to breyde
So sore hym̄ satte the exchange of Creseide [ 231]
He Ryseth hym vp and euery doure he shette [ 232]
And wyndow eke. And tho this sorowful man̄
Vppon his beddes syde dovn̄ hym̄ sette
Ful like a pale. ymage dede and wan̄ [ 235]
And in hys brest the heped woo began̄
Oute to braste. And he wrought in this wyse
In hys wodenesse. as I shal you devyse [ 238]
Rygħt as the wylde bole gynnyth to springe [lf. 37, bk.] [ 239]
Now here now there y-darted to the herte
And of his dethe Roreth a complenynge
Ryght so gan̄ he A-boute the chaumbre sterte [ 242]
Smytyng his brestes. ay with his fystes smerte
his hede to the walle his body dovn̄ to the grovnde
Ful ofte he swapped hymself to comfunde [ 245]
His eyen two for pitee of herte [ 246]
Oute stremeden̄ as swyfte welles tweye
The sobbes of his sorowes smerte
his speche hym Rafte vnnethes mygħt he seye [ 249]
O dethe Allas why nyltow do my deye
O-cursed be / that day that nature
Shope me to be a lives creature [ 252]
Page  177(37)
But afftyr whan̄ Al this furye And this Rage [ 253]
wyche that his herte twyst and faste thriste
By lengthe of tyme / somwhat gan̄ asswage
Vpp-on̄ his bedde he leyde hym̄ dovn̄ to Reste [ 256]
But tho gan̄ his terys more oute breste
That Wondir is the body may suffice
To haue this woo wyche I you devise [ 259]
Than̄ seide he thus fortune allas the whyle [ 260]
What haue I doon̄ what haue I thus a-gylte
how myghtstow for Routhe me by-gyle
Is ther no grace And shal I thus by spilt [ 263]
Thus shaɫɫ Creseide Awey for that thou wylte
Allas how maystow in thyn hert fynde
To be to me thus cruel And this vnkynde *. [[St. 40 followes here in the MS.]]
(39 : put as 40 in Harl. 1239)
Haue I the not honoured al my lyue 1. [[Between lines 267 & 268, Harl, 1239 has, by mistake, a line made up of 268 & 269: "As thou wyl woste from Ioye thus me depryus."]] [ 267]
As thou 2. [[As thou in another hand?]] wel wost / a-boue the goddes Alle
why wyltow from̄ Ioye thus me depryue
O. troylus what may men̄ / now the calle [ 270]
But wreche of wrecches / oute of honour falle
In-to miserye in wyche I wole bewaille
Creseide Allas / tyl that my breith me faille [ 273]
(40 : put as 39 in the MS.)*. [[Late sidenote: This Stanza misplaced in Pynsons Edition.]]
Allas fortune in that my lyf in Ioye [ 274]
Displesed hade vnto thy foule enfie
Wy nadestow my fadur kyng of Troye
Byrafte thy lyf or doon̄ my brethern̄ dye [ 277]
Or slayn̄ my-selfen̄ that thus complen̄ and crye
I combre the worlde that may no thing deserue
But Alwey dye / and neuer fully sterve *. [[See st. 39, which follows here in the MS.]]
Page  178(41)
Ȝif that Creseide / allone where me lefte [ 281]
Now Routħ I wyderward thou stere
And hyr Allas / than hastow me berafte
But euermo loo / this is thy manere [ 284]
To Reue A wyght. that most to hym̄ is dere
To preue in that / thy grevyl violence
Thus am I lost thus helpeth no defence [ 287]
O verray lord. of loue O god allas [ 288]
That knowyst best / my hert and al my thought
what shal my sorowfulɫ hert / doon̄ in this cas
Yif I forgoo that so dere I haue bougħt [ 291]
Syn ye Creseide. And me haue fully brougħt
Into your grace and bothe your hertis seled
how may ye souffre. allas it be Repelled [ 294]
What shaɫɫ I don̄ .I shal whilles y may dure [ 295]
On lyue in tourment And in cruel [peyne]
Thys infortune or this disaventure
Allas Allone ay as I was born̄. y-wys compleyne [ 298]
Ne neuer wyl I see it shyne or Reyne
Ne see no lyght And thus in derkenesse
My sorowful lyfe wyl enden̄ in distresse [ 301]
O Wery gost that errest too And froo [leaf 38] [ 302]
Wy nyltow flee / oute of the sorowfullest
Body. that euer myght. on̄ grounde goo
O soule lourkynge in this wrecchydnesse [ 305]
Fle fourutħ oute of my hert and let it brest
And folow Alway Creseide my lady dere
Thy Ryght is now no lenger to ben̄ here [ 308]
Page  179(45)
O woful eyen̄ too / syn̄ your disport [ 309]
was al to seen̄ Creseides eyen̄ brygħt
what shal ye doon̄ / but for my disconfort
Stondyn̄ for nogħt And wepen̄ oute your sygħt [ 312]
Syn̄ she is queynte. that you was wont to lygħt
In veyne from̄ this forth / haue I eyen̄ tweye
y-fourmed syn̄. your vertue is Aweye [ 315]
O my Creseide. o lady souerayn̄ [ 316]
O that woful soule. that thus cryetħ
who shal now yeue / confort to your peyne
Allas no wygħt / but when̄ my hert dyeth [ 319]
My spirit wycħ / that soo to you hyetħ
Receyuetħ in gre. for that I shal you serve
For now no force is / thogh the body sterue [ 322]
O ye louers that hye vpon̄ the whele [ 323]
Ben̄ sette of fortune in gode Auenture
Gode leue that ye fynde ay leue of stele
And longe mote ye. in Ioye endure [ 326]
And whan̄ ye come by my sepulture
Remembreth that youre felaw Restetħ there
For I loued eke / thogh I vnworthy were [ 329]
o 1. [[The initial letter is 1, but there is a small o by the side of it.]] Calcas vnholsom And mysleved man̄
Calcas I meen̄ / Allas what ailletħ the
To ben̄ A greke sitħ thou art born̄ Troyan̄
O Calkas wycħ that wylt my bane bee [ 333]
In cursed tyme were born̄ thou for me
As wolde blysfuɫɫ Ioue for his 2. [[his ocerlined later.]] Ioye
That I the hadde where that I wolde in Troye. [ 336]
Page  180(49)
a thosand sykes . hotter than̄ the glede [ 337]
Oute of his breste / ecħ after other wente
Medled with pleynte / new his woo to fede
Therwytħ his wofuɫɫ terys neuer stynte [ 340]
And shortly soo his sorowes hym̄ to-Rente
And wax so mate / that ioye ne penaunce
he felitħ noone / but lietħ forth in a traunce [ 343]
Pandare wycħ that in the parlement [ 344]
hade herde what euery lord and burges seide
And how fuɫɫ graunted was by on̄ Assente
For Antenor to chaunge soo Creseide [ 347]
Gan̄ wel nygħ oute of his wytte to breide
So that for whoo / he nyst what he mente
But in a Res // to Troilus he wente [ 350]
A certeine knyght / that for the tyme kepte [ 351]
This chaumbre doure vndide hit hym anon̄
And pandare that ful tenderly wepte
Into his derke chaumbre / as stylle as any ston̄ [ 354]
Toward the bedde / gan̄ softely gon̄
So confuse / that he nyst what to seye
For verray woo / his witte was al awey [ 357]
But wyth his chere and lokyng al to-torn̄ [ 358]
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
he stode this sorofuɫɫ Troilus beforn̄
And on̄ his pitous face he gan̄ beholden̄ [ 361]
And lord so often̄ gan̄ his hert to colden
Seyng his frynde in whoo whos hevinesse
his hert slougħ / as thougħt for distresse [ 364]
Page  181(53)
This wofuɫɫ wygħt thus Troilus that Felte [leaf 38, back] [ 365]
his frende pandare / y-comen̄ hym to see
Gan as the snowe a-yenist the sonne melte
For wycħ this wofull pandare of pitee [ 368]
Gan̄ for to wepe / as tendurly as he
And spechles thus / been̄ this ylke tweye
That neither mygħt a worde for sorwo seye [ 371]
But at the last this wofull Troilus [ 372]
For cruel hert / gan̄ bresten̄ oute to Rore
And with a soroufuɫɫ noyse he seyd thus
A-monges his sobbes / and sykes sore [ 375]
Loo pandare I am̄ dede wythouten̄ more
Hastow not herde / in parlement he seyde
For Antenor / how lost is my Creseide [ 378]
This Pandare ful dede and pale of hewe [ 379]
Ful pitously / answerde / and seid yis
As wysly were it fals as it is trewe
That I haue herde at parlement how it is [ 382]
And how ffor Antenor lost my Creseide is
who wolde haue wende / that in so a litel throwe
Fortune our ioye wolde haue ouer-throwe [ 385]
O in this worlde / is no creature [ 386]
As to my dome / that euer sawe Ruyne
Strenger then this thoro cas or A-venture
But who may alle ecchewe or diuine [ 389]
Suche is this worlde therfore I this diffine
Ne trust no wygħt / to fynden̄ in fortune
Ay proprete her yiftes been̄ commune [ 392]
Page  182(57)
But telle me thus / why Artow now thus made [ 393]
To sorowen thus why lyestow in this wyse
Syn̄ thy desyre / al holy as thou hadde
So that by rygħt. it ougħt y-now souffice [ 396]
But I that neuer fonde in my seruyse
A frendely chere or castyng of any eye
Lat me thus wepe and weyle tyl that I dye [ 399]
And ouer al this as thou wel woste thiselue [ 400]
This toune is fuɫ of ladys aɫɫ A-boute
And to my dome / fairer than̄ suche twelue
As euer she was shal I fynde in a Route [ 403]
Yee two or three wythouten̄ doute
For-thy by gladde / myn̄ one dere brother
yif she be lost . we shul Recouure an̄ other [ 406]
What gode for-bede / alwey that Iche plesaūn̄ce [ 407]
In one thinge were and in non̄ other wygħt
What oon̄ can̄ synge / A nother can̄ wel daunce
Yif this is faire she that can̄ gode arygħt [ 411]
Yif this by godely . thus is she gladde and lygħt [ 410]
Eche for his vertue. holden̄ is full dere
Bothe heyroner and faucon̄ for Ryuer [ 413]
And eke as wryte / Zanzis that was ful wyse [ 414]
The newe loue / oute chaseth ofte the olde
And vpon̄ new caas / lyeth new a-vise
And thinke thy lyf / to sauen̄ art thou holden̄ [ 417]
Swycħ fyre of proces / shal by kynde colde
For syn̄ it is / but casuel plesaunce
Som cas shal put it oute of Remembraunce [ 420]
Page  183(61)
For also sure as day cometħ aftyr nygħt [ 421]
The new loue chasetħ labour or other woo
Or elles sielde / seyng of a wyght
Doon̄ olde affections / alle ouer goo [ 424]
And for thy part / thou shalt haue oone or twoo
Tabbreggen̄ with thy bettur peynes smerte [leaf 39]
Absence of hyr shal dryue hyr oute of herte [ 427]
These wordes seide he for the nones Alle [ 428]
To helpe hys frynde / lest he for sorow dye
For doutles to make hys sorowes falle
He Rougħt noutħ what vnthryfte he seide [ 431]
But Troilus that nygħ / the sorow dyede
Toke litel hyede. of al that euer he mente
That oon̄ ere herde / At another it went oute [ 434]
But At the last he Answerde And seid freynde [ 435]
Thys lechecrafte or heled thus to bee
Were wele sitting / yf that I were A fynde
To traisen̄ hyr / that trew is vnto me [ 438]
I pray gode lete / this counsel neuer thee
But do me sterue / Rather Anon̄ here
Or I so doo As thou woldest me lere [ 441]
She that 1. [[that overlined later.]] I serue what so thou seye [ 442]
To whom̄ myn̄ herte inhabite is by Rygħt
Shaɫɫ haue me holy / heres tyl that I dye
What pandarus / syn I haue hyr byhygħt [ 445]
I wole not been̄ / vntrew for no wygħt
But As hyr man̄ I wyl Ay lyue And sterue
And neuer other creature serue [ 448]
Page  184(65)
And there thou saist / thou shalt As fayre fynde [ 449]
As she lat bee / make no comparyson̄
To creature yfourmed hyr by kynde
O leue Pandare / in conclusion̄ [ 452]
I wole not been̄ / of thyn̄ opinion̄
Touchynge Al thys / therefore I the bescche
To holden̄ thy pees / thou sleest me with thy speche [ 455]
Thou biddest me / that I shulde loue A-nother̄ [ 456]
As fressħly new / And lat Creseide goo
It lietħ not in my pouer leue brother
And thougħ I mygħt / I wolde not do soo [ 459]
But kanstetow pleyn̄ / Raket to And froo
Oute netel in doke / now thys now that pandare
Now foule falle hyr̄ / that for thy woo has care [ 462]
Thou farest eke by me thou pandarus [ 463]
As he that whan̄ / A man̄ is woo be-goon̄
He cometħ to hym̄ / A pas And seitħ Rygħt Rygħt thus
Thenke not on̄ smerte / And thou shal feyle non̄ [ 466]
Thou must be fyrst / transmuen̄ As A ston̄
And Reue me my passyons Alle
Or thou so lightly do me woo to falle [ 469]
The detħ may wel oute of my brest departe [ 470]
The lyf so longe / may this sorwo myne
But fro my soule / shal Creseides darte
Oute neuer-moo / but doon̄ wytħ proserpine [ 473]
whan̄ I am dede / I wyl goo lyue in pyne
And the I wole eternable compleyne
Thys whoo And how that twynned be we tweyne [ 476]
Page  185(69)
Thou hast here made An̄ Argument ful fyne [ 477]
How that it shulde / A lesse peyne bee
Creseide to for-goo / for she was myne
And lyued in ese / And in felicite [ 480]
why gabbestow / that seide thus to me
That hym is worse / that is fro wele I-throwe
Than he had erste / noon̄ I-wele I-knowe [ 483]
But sey me thys syn ye that thynke so lygħt [ 484]
To chaunge so ay / in loue to and froo
Why hastow not / doon̄ besyly thy mygħt
To chaunge hyr that dothe the Al thy woo [ 487]
Why nyltow let hyr from̄ thy hert goo
why nylthou Love / A-nother Lady swete [leaf 39, back]
That may thyn hert / setten̄ in qiyete [ 490]
Ȝif thou hast hade / in love ay suche myschaunce [ 491]
And canst it not / from̄ thy hert dryue
I that lyued in lust & plesaunce
with hyr As moche As creature on lyue [ 494]
How shulde I that foryet And that as blyue
O where hastow ben̄ hyde so longe in mewe
That canst so wele / and fourmable Argue [ 497]
Nay pandarus nougħt wortħ is Al thy Rede [ 498]
But doutles for ougħt / that may befalle
with wordes moo I wole be dede
O detħ that ender / Art of sorowes Alle [ 501]
Come now sithen̄ / so ofte After the I calle
For Sely is that dethe / sothe for to Seyn̄
That ofte I-cleped / cometh And endyth peyne [ 504]
Page  186(73)
Wel wote I [whil] my lyf was in quiete [ 505]
Or dethe me slough .I. wolde haue yiven̄ hyre
But now [thy] commynge is to me so swete
That in thys worlde / nothing I so desire [ 508]
O dethe syn with thys sorow I Am on fyre
Thou ougħt me a-non̄ / in terys drenche
Or wytħ thy coulde / stroke my hert quenche [ 511]
Syn that thou sleest / so many in sondry wyse [ 512]
A-yens her wylle vnpreyde day And nygħt
Doo me / At Request / thys servise
Deliuere now / the worlde than doost thou Rygħt [ 515]
Of me that am / the woofullest whygħt
That euer was / for tyme is that I sterve
Syth in thys worlde of notħinge may I serue [ 518]
Thus Troilus / in terys can̄ distille [ 519]
As licour of lambek / ful faste
And pandarus. gan̄ holden̄ hym̄ stille
And to the grovnde / dovn̄ hys eyen̄ caste [ 522]
But natles / thus thougħt he At leste
what parde Rather / than̄ my felaw dye
yit shalt som̄-what / more to hym̄ seye [ 525]
And seide frende / sythe thou hast suche distresse [ 526]
And sithen̄ thou list myn̄ Argumentis to blame
why nyltow thy-selfen̄ helpe to Redresse
And with thy manhode / letten Al thys grame [ 529]
Goo Ravissħ her / ne canstow not for shame
And outher lette hyr / oute of tovne to fare
Or olde hyr stylle / and leve thys nyce care [ 532]
Page  187(77)
Art thou in Troye. and hast noon̄ hardiment [ 533]
To take a woman. wych that loueth the
And wolde hyr selfe ben̄ of thyn Assent
Now is not thys / A nyce vanite [ 536]
Ryse vp anon̄ / and let thys sorow bee
And kyde thou Art a mon̄ for in thys hour
I wole be dede / or she shal beleven our [ 539]
To thys Answerd hym Troy[lu]s ful softe [ 540]
And seide parde. leve brother dere
Al thys haue I my selfe thought ful ofte
And more thing than thou devised here [ 543]
And why thys thing is lefte thou shal wele here
And whan̄ thou me 1. [[me and an over∣lined later.]] hast yeue an 1. [[me and an over∣lined later.]] Audience
Ther-after maistow. telle al thy sentence [ 546]
Fyrst sitħ thou woost thys tovn̄ hath Al thys werr [ 547]
For Rauysshing of women̄ / so be myght
hit shulde not ben souffred me to erre
As it stont now or don̄ so grete vnrygħt [ 550]
I shulde haue blame / as moche as Any wygħt
My fadres graunt yif I so withstode [leaf 40]
Syn she is so chaunged for the tovnes gode [ 553]
I haue eke thougħt so it were hyr Assent [ 554]
To Axe of my fadur of hys grace
Than thynke I thys were Accusement
Syn̄ wol I wote I may hyr not purchace [ 557]
For sith my fadur / in so hygħ a place
As parlement hath hyr eschaunge seled
he nyl for me hys honour bee Repeled [ 560]
Page  188(81)
Yit drede I moste hyr hert to perturbe [ 561]
with violence yif I do suche A game
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
hit moste be sclaunder to hyr name [ 564]
And me were leuer deye than hyr dyffame
As nolde gode / but yf I shulde haue
Hyr honnour leuer / than my selfe saue [ 567]
Thus am I lost for ougħt that I can̄ see [ 568]
For certeine sitħ. I am hyr knygħt
I haue hyr honour / leuer yit than me
And in euery cas / As louer ougħt of Rygħt [ 571]
Thus am I with desire And loue twygħt
Desire for to distourben̄ hyr me Redytħ
And Reson wyl not so my hert dredytħ [ 574]
Thus wepinge / that he cowde neuer cese [ 575]
He seide Allas / how shal I wreche fare
For wele wote I Alwey now my loue tencrece
And hope is lasse And lasse Alwey pandare [ 578]
Encrecen eke / the causes of my care
So welaway. why nyl my hert breste
For while I lyue is litel hertis Reste [ 581]
Pandare Answerde / frende thou maist for me [ 582]
Doone As the list / but hade I hit so hote
And thin estate / she shulde goo with me
Thogħ Al thys tovn̄ cryed on̄ it be note [ 585]
I nolde sette / Al that noyse at a grote
For when̄ men̄ haue / wel cried than̄ lette he Rovn̄
For whonder lastetħ / but ix nygħt neuer in tovn̄ [ 588]
Page  189(85)
Devyne not in Reson̄ ay so depe [ 589]
Ne precyously / but helpe thyselfe anon̄
Bet is that other / than thy selfe wepe
And namely sitħ ye be bothe oon̄ [ 592]
Ryse vp for by hede myn̄ she shal not goon̄
And Rather by a litel / in blame founde
Than̄ sterve here As A knatte with-oute wounde [ 595]
Hit is no Rape in my dome. ne no vice [ 596]
Hyr to with-holden̄ / that thou louest most
Parauntere she may holden̄ the for nyce
To let hyr goo / thus to the grekys hoste [ 599]
Thenke eke fortune as wel thy-self wost
helpith hardy man̄ / to hys Empryse
And fleeth from̄ wrecches for hyr cowardise [ 602]
And thogħ thy lady. wolde a litel hyr greue [ 603]
Then̄ shalt thyn pees / ful wele herafter make
But As for me / certein I can̄ not leve
That she wolde As now for euel take [ 606]
why shulde than̄ / of ferde thyn̄ hert quake
Thenke how that parys / hath that is thy brother
A loue / And why shalt not thou haue a nother [ 609]
And Troilus O thing I dare wel swere [ 610]
That yf that Creseide. wych that is thy leffe
Now loueth the / As wel as thou doost here
Gode helpe me so / she nyl not take in greffe [ 613]
Thogħ thou doo / but Anon̄ in thys myschyeff
And yf she wylnetħ / fro the for to passe
Than she is fals / so loue here wele the lasse [ 616]
Page  190(89)
For-thy take hert / And thinke thus A knygħt [lf. 40, bk.] [ 617]
Thurgħ loue is broke euery law Alday
kythe now somwat thy coryage and thy mygħt
haue mercy on̄ thy self / for Any way [ 620]
lat not thys wrecchyd / woo thyn hert gnawe *. [[This line is repeated in Harl. 1239.]]
But manly sette / the worlde on̄ syx And seven̄
And yf thou dye A martyr goo to heven̄ [ 623]
I wyl my seluen / be wyth the At thys dyde [ 624]
Thogh I And Al my kyn vpon̄ a stonde
Shul in a strete As dogges lygge dede
Thurgħ gyrt with many A depe and blody wounde [ 627]
In euery cas. I wyl A frynde be fonde
And yf the lyst here sterue As A wreche
A dieu / the deuel haue hym that Reche [ 630]
This Troilus gan̄ with that worde quykyn̄ [ 631]
And seid graunt mercy Ich Assente
But certeinly / thou may me not so prechen
Ne peyne me may / so tourment [ 634]
That for no cas / it is not myn̄ entent
At short wordes / thogħ I dyen̄ shulde
To Ravissħ her / but if herselfe wolde [ 637]
Pandare answerd / of that be As it may [ 638]
But telle than how / hastow hyrselfe Assaide
That sorowyst thus / and he Answerde nay
wher-of Artow / quod he thus Amayede [ 641]
That noost not / if she wyl be evil paide
To Ravissħ her / syn thou hast not ben there
But Any Angil. tolde it in thyn ere [ 644]
Page  191(93)
For-thy Ryse vp / As noght ne were A-non̄ [ 645]
And wassħ thy face / And to thy kynge thou wende
Or he may wonder / why thou art thus goon̄
Thou must wyth wysdom̄. hym and other blende [ 648]
Or vpon̄ cas / he may Afftyr the sende
Er thou were ware / And shortly brother dere
Be glade and let me. werke in thys matere [ 651]
For I shal shape it soo / that sykerly [ 652]
Thou shalt thys nygħt / som tyme in som manere
Come speke wyth thy lady / pryuely
And by her wordes / eke and by hyre chere [ 655]
Thou shalt fulɫ sone / parceuyn and wel here
Al hyr entent / And of thys cas the best
And fare now wele. for in thys cas I rest [ 658]
The swyft fame. wych that false thinges [ 659]
Egal Reportetħ / the thinges trewe
was thurgħ flede / wytħ prest wynges
Fro man̄ to man̄ / And made thys tale new [ 662]
How Calcas dougħter / wyth hyr bryght hew
At parlement / wytħ-oute wordes moo
I-grauntede was / in chaunge for antenor [ 665]
The wyche tale Anon̄ as Creseide [ 666]
Hade herde. she with that of her fadyr thougħt
As in thys cas / Ryght noght ne whan he deide
Ful besyly to Iupiter / she besought [ 669]
To yeue hym myschaunce / that this traitte brought
But shortly lest / these tales sothe were
She dorst of no wygħt / axen̄ it for fere [ 672]
Page  192(97)
As she that hade her thought and al hyr mynd [ 673]
On troilus by-sette / so wonder faste
That Al thys worlde / ne mygħt hyr loue vnbynde
Ne troilus oute of her hert cast [ 676]
She wole been̄ hys / wyth that hyre lyfe may last
And thus she brenneth / bothe in loue and drede
So that she nyst / what was best to Rede [ 679]
But As men̄ seyn / in tovnes al aboute [leaf 41] [ 680]
That women̄ vsen̄ / fryndes to visite
So to Creseide / of women̄ come a Route
For pitous Ioye / and wenden̄ her delite [ 683]
And wyth hyr tales / dere ynogh a myte
Thes women̄ that in the Cite dwelle
They sette hem̄ dovn̄ / and seide as I shal you telle [ 686]
Quod fyrst that oone / I am glade trewly [ 687]
Be-cause of you / that shal your fadyr see
A-noither saide / ywys so nam not I
For al to litel / hath she wyth vs bode [ 690]
The thirde Aunswerde / I hope ywys that she
Shal bringe vs / to pees on̄ euery side
That whan she gothe / Almyghty gode hyr gyde [ 693]
Tho wordes / and tho womannyssh thinges [ 694]
She herde as thogħ / she thennes were
For Al thys whyle / her hert on̄ other thing is
Al-thogħ the body / sat a-monge them̄ there [ 697]
Gode wote hyr aduertence / was elles-where
For troilus ful fast hyr soule sougħt
with-oute wordes moo / Alwey on̄ hym she thougħt [ 700]
Page  193(101)
These wommen that wenden̄ hyr so to plese [ 701]
A-boute nougħt / they gan̄ her tales spende
Swych vanite / can doon̄ her non̄ ese
As she that al thys / meen̄ tyme brende [ 704]
Of other passion̄ / than̄ that thay wende
So that she wende / anon̄ Rygħt for to die
For woo and wery / of that companye [ 707]
For wych no lenger / she myght restreyne [ 708]
her teres soo / they gonn̄ vp to welle
That yafe signes / of the bitter peyne
In wych hyr spiritt /. was and must dwelle [ 711]
Remembryng hyr / from̄ heven̄ in wych helle
She fallen̄ was / sith she forgotħt the sight
Of troilus and sorowfully the sygħt [ 714]
And thilke foles / sittinge hyr a-boute [ 715]
wenden̄ that she wepte and syghed sore
Be-cause that she / wolde from the Route
Depart and neuer pley wyth hym more [ 718]
And they that hade / knowen̄ hyr of yore
Sey hyr so wepe / and thought it kyndnesse
And eche of hem / wept eke for hyr distresse [ 721]
And besyly / they gon̄ hyr conforten̄ [ 722]
Of thinge gode wote / that she ful litel thoght
And wyth hyr / wordes wenden̄ hyr disporten̄
And to be glade / ful often̄ hyr by-sought [ 725]
But wych an ese / ther-wyth they hyr wrought
Ryght as a man̄. is esed to fele
For Ache of hede / to clawe hym on the hele [ 728]
Page  194(105)
But aftyr Al thys nyce vanite [ 729]
They token̄ hyr leue / and whome wenten̄ alle
Creseide ful of sorowful pitee
Into the chaumbre / vp wente the halle [ 732]
And on̄ hyr bede / for dede she gan̄ to falle
In purpos there / neuer for to Ryse
And thus she wrought As I shal you devise [ 735]
(106) *. [[St. 108 'The salt terys' follows here in the MS., leaf 41, foot.]]
Here clere Here / that sonnyssħ was of hewe [lf. 41, bk.] [ 736]
She Rente / And eke her longe fyngres smale
She wrange ful ofte / And bade on̄ hyr Rewe
And with the dethe / doo bote on̄ hir bale [ 739]
Hyr hew whylom brygħt / that tho was pale
Bare wyttenesse of hyr wo And hir constreynt
And thus she spake sobbynge in hir compleynt [ 742]
Allas quod she / oute of hys Regyon̄ [ 743]
I wooful wreche / and infortuned wygħt
And born̄ in cursed constillacion̄
Mote goon̄ / And thus departen̄ from̄ my knygħt [ 746]
woo worth that day / And namly that nygħt
On̄ wych I saw hym / fyrst with eyen tweyn̄
That causeth me / and Ich hym al thys peyne [ 749]
The salt terys / from̄ heyen̄ tweyn̄ [ 750]
Oute Ronne / as shour in Apryl swytħ
Hyr whyte brest / she bette and for the peyne
Afftyr the deyth / she cryed A thousande sithe [ 753]
Syn that he wonte / was hyr woo to lieth
She must forgoon̄ / for suche disauenture
She hielde herself / a forlost creature *. [[Sce St. 106.]] [ 756]
Page  195(109)
What shal he doon̄ / what shal I doo Also [ 757]
How shal I lyue / yif that from̄ hym̄ I twynne
A dere hert eke / that I loue soo
whoo shal that sorow / sleen̄ that ye been̄ inne [ 760]
O calcas fadyr / thyn be Al thys synne
And cursed bee that day wych that Agryue
Me of hyr body / bare to been̄ a-lyue [ 763]
To what fyn shulde I / lyue And sorowen̄ thus [ 764]
How shulde a fyssħ / with-oute water dure
what is Creseide worth from̄ Troilus
how shul A plaunte / or other creature [ 767]
lyue wyth-oute / hys kynde nature
For wych ful ofte / a byworde here I seye
That erthles / mote gryne soone deye [ 770]
I shal doo thus / sitħ neither swerde ne darte [ 771]
Dare I noon̄ handle / for the cruelte
That ylke day / I shal from you departe
yif sorow of that / nyl not my bane be [ 774]
There shal no mete / or drynke come in me
Tyl I my soule / oute of my brest vnbrethe
And thus my-seluen̄ / wol I doo to dethe [ 777]
And Troilus my clothes euerychone [ 778]
Shullen̄ blake bee / in tokenyng hert swete
That I am as oute / of thy world ygoon̄
That wont was you / to holden̄ in quiete [ 781]
And of myn ordre / til that dethe me mete
The obseruaunce / euer in your Absence
Shal sorow bee / compleynt And Abstinence [ 784]
Page  196(113)
Myn hert And eke / the wooful gost therinne [ 785]
Bequethe I / wyth youre spirit to compleyne
Eternally / for they shul neuer twynne
For theight in erthe / twynned be we tweyne [ 788]
Yit in the fielde / of pitee oute of peyne
There pluto Reyneth / shal we been in fere
As Orpheus / wyth erudices fere [ 791]
Thus hert myn / for Antenor Allas [ 792]
I soone shal be yolden̄ as I weyne
But how shuld ye doon̄ / in thys wooful cas
how shal your tendur hert thys sustene [ 795]
But hert myn̄ / for-yete sorow And tene
And me Also / for sothely for to sey
Soo yee welfare / I reche not for to dey [ 798]
How myght it euer Al Redde been̄ or ysonge [ 799]
The pleinte that she / made in hyr distresse
I not / but As for me my litel tonge
yif I discreven̄ wolde / her hevinesse [ 802]
hit shulde make / her sorow seme lesse
Than that it was / And chyldysshly deface
her hygħ compleinte / And therfore I it pace [ 805]
PAndare Wycħ / that sent from Troilus [leaf 42] [ 806]
Was to Creseide as ye han herde deuyse
That for the best /. it was Accorded thus
And he ful glade / to doon̄ hym thys seruyse [ 809]
Vnto Creseide / in A ful secre wyse
There she lay / in tourment and in Rage
Cam her to telle / holy hys message [ 812]
Page  197(117)
And fonde that she her-seluen̄ gan̄ to trete [ 813]
Ful pitously / for hyr salt terys
Hyr brest hyr face / I-bathed was ful wete
The myghty tresses / of hyr sonnyasħ heres [ 816]
Vnbreden̄ hanggyn / al aboute hyr eres
wych yafe hym signal matere
Of dethe / wych that woo she gan̄ desire [ 819]
Whan she hym sagħ / she gan̄ for shame a-non̄ [ 820]
Her ytery face / a-twyx hyr Armes / hyde
For wyche / thys pandare is so woobegon̄
That in chaumbre / he myght vnnethe Abyde [ 823]
As he that pitee felte on euery syde
For yif Creseide / hade erst complened hyr sore
Tho gan̄ she pleyn̄ / a thousande tymes more [ 826]
And in hyr aspre / pleynte thus she seide [ 827]
Myn Eme pandare / of Ioyes moo than woo
was causing first to me Creseide
That now transmued / ben̄ in cruel woo [ 830]
wheyther shal I say welcome or noo
That Althyrfyrst / me brought in-to seruyse
Of loue / Allas that endith in suche wyse [ 833]
Endith than loue in woo / ye ar men̄ lieth [ 834]
And euery worldes Ioye As thynketh me
Thende of blisse / ay sorow it occupieth
And who so troweth not / that it so be [ 837]
lete hym vpon̄ / me wooful wreche see
That my selfe hate / And ay my birth Acurse
Felyng Alwey fro wyk I goo to worse [ 840]
Page  198(121)
Who-so me seyth / seeth sorow al at onys [ 841]
Peyne tourment pleinte woo distresse
Oute of my sorowful body / harme ther non̄ is
As Anguyssh langour / cruel bitternesse [ 844]
A-noye smerte / drede furye And eke sikenesse
I trowe ywys / from heuen teres Reyen
For pitee of my Aspre And cruel peyne [ 847]
And thow my suster / ful of disconfort [ 848]
Quod pandarus what thenkyst
why nastow to thyself som Resport
Why wyltow thus / Allas thyself for-doo [ 851]
Leue Al thys werke / And take now hedde too
What I shal sey / And herkyn of gode entent
Thys that by me / thy Troilus the sente [ 854]
Tourned hir tho Creseide A woo makyng [ 855]
Soo gret that it / A dethe was for to see
Allas quod she / what wordes may ye brynge
what wyl my dere hert sey to me [ 858]
wych that I drede / more to see
wyl ye haue pleynt / or terys or y wende
I haue ynogh / yif ther After sende [ 861]
She was Ryght such / to seen̄ in hir visage [ 862]
As is that wyght / that men̄ on̄ bere bynde
hyr face like / of paradise thymage
whas al y-chaunged in-to a-nother kynde [ 865]
The pleye the laugħter / that men̄ was wont to fynde
In hyr and other Ioyes euerychon̄
Ben̄ flede And thus for hem she lieth Allone [ 868]
Page  199(125)
Aboute hir eyne twoo a purpur Rynge [leaf 42, back] [ 869]
Be-trente in sothfastenes / tokenynge of hyr peyne
That to be-holde / it was A dedlyng thinge
For wycħ Pandare / myght not Restreyne [ 872]
The terys from hys eyen̄ for to Reyne
But natheles / as he best myght he seyde
From Troilus / thes wordes to Creseide [ 875]
LOs nece I trowe wele / ye han herde al how [ 876]
The kynge with outher / lordes for the best
hathe made thys chaunge / of.Antenor And you
That cause is of / thys woo and thys vnrest [ 879]
But how thys cas / Dothe Troilus maleste
That may not wordly / mannes tonge sey
As he that shortly / shapyth hym to dey [ 882]
For wych we han / so sorowed he And I [ 883]
That in-to litel / bothe it hade vs slawe
But thurgh my counseyl / thys day finially
He somwat hath / fro weping hym with-drawe [ 886]
And semeth me / that he desireth fawe
Wyth you to been̄ / Al nyght for to devise
Remedie of this / yif there were in Any wyse [ 889]
This short And pleyn̄ / the effect of my message [ 890]
And eke the best As my witte may comprehende
For ye that been̄ / of tourment in suche Rage
May to no longe / prologe As now entende [ 893]
And her-vpon̄ / he may hym answer And sende
And for the loue of god / my nece dere
So leue thys woo / or Troilus be here [ 896]
Page  200(129)
Grete is my woo / quod she And sighed sore [ 897]
As she that feleth / dedly sharp distresse
But yit to me / hys sorow is mochel more
That loue hym bete / than he hym selfe I gesse [ 900]
Allas for me / hath he sucħ hevinesse
Kan̄ he for me / so pitously compleyne
y-wys hys sorow / doubleth Al my peyne [ 903]
Greuous for me / gode wote is for to twynne [ 904]
Quod she / but yit it harder is to me
To seen̄ hym in that woo / that he is inne
For wyl I wote / it wyl my bane bee [ 907]
And dye I wyl / in certeine quod she
But hym come / or dethe thus me thretitħ
Dryue oute that goost / wycħe in my hert betitħ [ 910]
Thes wordes seide she / on hyr Armes twoo [ 911]
Ful gruf / And gan to wepen̄ pitously
Quod Pandarus / Allas why doo ye soo
Syn wel ye woot / the tyme is faste by [ 914]
That he shal come / A-ryse vp softly
That he you naught / be-wepen thus fynde
But he wyl han hym / wode oute of hys mynde [ 917]
For wyst he that / ye ferde in thys manere [ 918]
he wolde hym-self slee / And yif I wende
To han thys fare / he shulde not come here
For Al the golde that P[r]yam may dispende [ 921]
For to what fyn / he wolde A-non̄ pretende
That wote I wele · And therfore yit I sey
lat be thys sorow or platly / he wole dey [ 924]
Page  201(133)
And shapith you thus / sorow for to a-brege [ 925]
And not to encrece / O leef nece dere
And beyth to hym Rather / cause of flat than egge
And wyth som wysdom / ye hys sorow bete [ 928]
What helpith it / to wepen ful A strete
Or thogħ ye bothe / in salt terys drent
Bet is a tyme / of cure than of pleynt [ 931]
I meen thys / whan I hym Hyder Bringe [leaf 43] [ 932]
Syn ye been wyse and bothe of Assent
Soo shapith how / to distourbe thys goyng
Or come A-yen̄ / soone After ye been̄ went [ 935]
women bene wyse / of short A-visement
And lat see now / how shal your wytte A-vaylle
And that / that I can̄ helpe / yt shal not faille [ 938]
Goo quod Creseide and Vncle trewly [ 939]
I wyl doon̄ Al my myght me to Restreyne
For weping in hys sigħt And bysily
Hym for to glade .I shal doo al my peyne [ 942]
And in myn hert / seken̄ euery veyne
Yif to thys sore / may be founden̄ salue
hit shal not lackyn / certein on̄ my behalue [ 945]
1. [[The large initial letter is B, but there is a small g by the side of it.]] goth Pandarus And Troilus he sougħt [ 946]
Tyl in a temple / he fonde hym Al Allone
As he that of hys lyue no more Rougħt
But to the pitous / goddys euerychone [ 949]
He fast made hys compleynt And hys moon̄
Be-sykyng hem to sende hym other grace
Or fro thys worlde / to doon̄ hym̄ sone pace 2. [[Harl. 1239 omits from here to st. 156.]] [ 952]
Page  202(137)
[And shortely alle þe soþe for to seye *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [leaf 80.]
He was so fallen in despeire that day
That vtterly he shope hym for to deye
For riȝhte thus was his argumente aɫɫ daye [ 956]
He seide he nas but lorne weylaweye
For alle that comytħ comythe by necessite
Thus to be lorne it is my destenye [ 959]
For certeynly this wote I wele he seide [ 960]
That / for-sighte of dyuyne purveaunce
Hathe seene alle-wey me to for-gone Criseide
Syn god sethe euery thynge oute of doutance [ 963]
And hem dispositħ þoroughe his ordenaunce
In hir merites sothly for to be
As they schal turnen by predestyne [ 966]
But / naþeles who Allas schaɫɫ I leue [ 967]
For þer ben grete clerkys many one
That / destinye þorouȝe argumentes preue
And some men seyne þat nedely þere is none [ 970]
But þat free chois is ȝeuen vs euerycheone
O weylaway so slye arne clerkes olde
That I note whos oppinion I may holde [ 973]
For some men seyne if god seetħ aɫɫ byforne [ 974]
Ne god may not bene disceyued parde
Þen mote I fallen þouȝe men had it sworne
That purveaunce hathe sene to-fore to be [ 977]
wherfore ·I· sey þat frome eterne yf he
Hathe wiste byforne or þouȝte eke as oure dede
we haue no chois free · as þese clerkis rede· [ 980]
Page  203(141)
[For other thougħt nor oþer dede also *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 80, bk.]
Miȝte never bene but swiche as purveaunce
whiche may not be desceyued nevere moo
Hathe felid biforne with-oute ignoraunce [ 984]
For it þere myȝte be a varyaunce
To writhen oute for goddis puru[e]ynge
Þere nere no prescience of þinge comynge [ 987]
But / it were raþere an oppynyoun̄ [ 988]
Vncerteyne and no stedefaste for-seynge
And certes þat were an abusioun̄
That god schulde haue no parfite witynge [ 991]
More þan we men þat haue doue-to-vs wenynge
But swiche an erroure vpon̄ god to dresse
where fals and foule wicked cursynesse [ 994]
Eke this ys an oppinioun̄ of somme [ 995]
That haue hir Toppe fulle highe and smothe y-shore
They seyne riȝte þus þat þinge is not to come
For þat þe pres[i]ence hathe seene to-fore [ 998]
Þat is · schal come but they seyne þat þerfore
That it schaɫɫ com þerfore þe purveaunce
wote it / by-forne with-oute ignoraunce [ 1001]
And in this manere þis necessite [ 1002]
Retournetħ in his parte contrarie a-geyne
For nedefuɫɫ be-houetħ it not for to be
That þilke þinges fallen in certeyne [ 1005]
That bene purveide but nedely as þey seyne
Bihouetħ it þat þinges whiche þat falle
That þey in certeyne be purveide alle [ 1008]
Page  204(145)
[I mene as þouȝe I laboured me in þis *. [[Addit. 12,C44.]] [ 1009]
To enquere whiche þinge cause of which þinke he
As wheþer þat þe prescience of god ys
Þe certeyne cause of þe necessite [ 1012]
Of thynges þat to comen ben parde
As yf necessite of thynges comynge
Be cause certeyne of the purveynge [ 1015]
But nowe for I me nowȝte in swewynge [leaf 81] [ 1016]
How the ordre of Cause stonte but wele wote I
That I bihouetħ þat þe bifallynge
Of þinges wiste before certeinly [ 1019]
The necessarie alle seme it not / þere-by
That prescience putt / fallynge necessarie
To þinge to come be it foule or faire [ 1022]
For yf þer sitte a man ȝonde on a see [ 1023]
Then by necessite bihouetħ it /
That certes þine oppinion sothe be
þat weneste or coneteste þat he sitt [ 1026]
And ferþere-ouere nowe ageynwarde yitt /
Loo riȝte so is it of þe parte contrarie
As þus nowe herken for I nyl not tarie [ 1029]
I seye þat yf þe oppinioun of the [ 1030]
Be sothe for þat he sit / þen sey ·I· þis·
That he mote sitten by necessite
And þus necessite in eyþer ys
For in hym nede of syttyng ys I-wys
And in þe nede of sothe & þus for-sothe
Þer mote necessite bene in you bothe [ 1036]
Page  205(149)
[But þou mayste see þe man sitt not þerfore *. [[Addit. 12,044.]]
That in oppinioūn̄ of his sittynge sothe ys
But rather for þe man sitt / þere byfore
Þerfore ys þine oppynyoūn̄ sothe y-wys [ 1040]
And I· seye you · þe cause of sothe of this
Cometħ of hys sittynge ȝitt / necessite
ys entrechaunged bothe in hym and the [ 1043]
Thus in þis same wise oute of doutaunce [ 1044]
I may wele make as it semytħ me
My resonynge of goddis purveaunce
And of þo thynge þat in erthe falle [ 1047]
By swiche resoun men may wel y-see
That þese þinges that in erthe falle
That by necessite þey comen alle [ 1050]
¶ For al̄l̄-thougħ þat for thynge schal̄l̄ come y-wys [lf. 81, bk.]
Therfore as it purveide certeynly
Nouȝte þat it / cometħ for it purveide ys
Ȝitt naþeles by-houetħ it nedefully [ 1054]
That þinge to come be purveide truly
Or elles þynges þat purveide be
That þei · be-tyden by necessite [ 1057]
And þus suffisithe riȝte ynouȝe certeyne [ 1058]
For to distroye oure free choyce euere dele
But nowe ys this abusioūn̄ to seyne
That / fallynge of these thynges tempereɫɫ [ 1061]
ys cause · of goddys prescience eternel
Nowe trewly · þat is a fals sentence
That þinge to come schulde cause his prescience [ 1064]
Page  206(153)
What myȝte I wene yf I hade swiche a þoughte *. [[Addit. 12,044.]]
But god þat purveytħ thynge þat is to come
For that is to come and ellys nouȝte
So myȝte I wene þat thynges alle and some [ 1068]
That whilome bene be-falle and ouere-come
Bethe cause of thilke souereyne purveaunce
Þat for-wote alle withouten ignoraunce [ 1071]
And ouere alle this ȝitt / sey I more þerto [ 1072]
Þat / riȝte as whan I· wote there ys no thynge
Y-wys þat thynge mote nedefully be so
Eke riȝte so when I wote þere is a thynge [ 1075]
So mote it come and so by fallyng
Of thynges þat be wyste before that tyde
They mowe not bene eschewed on no wise syde [ 1078]
Then seide he þus almyȝti one in trone [ 1079]
That woste of alle this thynge the sothefastnes
Rewe on my sorowe or do me deie sone
Or brynge Criseide and me fro þis distresse [ 1082]
And while he was in aɫɫ thys heuynesse
Disputynge witħ hym self in thys matere
Came Pandar in and seid as ȝe may here] [ 1085]
O myghty gode / quod pandarus in Trone *. [[Harl. 1239.]] [ 1086]
Ey who saw euer / A wysman̄ faren̄ soo
Why Troilus what thinkestow to doon̄
Hastow suche lust / to bee thyn oone foo [ 1089]
what parde yit / is not Creseide A-goo
why lyst the soo / for-doon̄ thyselven̄ for drede
That in thyn hede / thyn eyen̄ semen̄ dede [ 1092]
Page  207(157)
Hastow not lyued / al thy lyue beforn̄ [ 1093]
Wythouten̄ hyr / and ferd ful wele at ese
Art for hyr / and for noon̄ other born
hath kynde the wrought hir oonly for to plese [ 1096]
Canstow not thynken̄ / thus in thys wyse
That on the thys / Ryght As ther fallen̄ chaunces
In loue Also / ther come And goo plesaunce[s] [ 1099]
And yit thys my wonder most of alle [ 1100]
why thou thus sorowyst / syn thou nost not yit
Touching hyr goyng how it shal falle
Ne yf she ben hir-selfe / distourben̄ hit [ 1103]
Thou hast not yit Assaide al hir witte
A man̄ may al betyme / hys necke bede
whan it shal of / and sorowen At the nede [ 1106]
For-thy take hede / what I shal the sey [ 1107]
I haue wyth hir y-spoke / And long y-bee
Soo As accorded was / betwyx vs twey
And euermore / me thynketh thus that she [ 1110]
hath som-what in hir 1. [[hir overlined later.]] hertis priuyte
Wher-with she can / yf I shal Ryght a-Rede
Stint Al thys thinge / of wych thou Art in drede [ 1113]
For wych my counseil is whan it is nyght [ 1114]
Thou to hir goo / And make of thys an ende
And blisful ynow 2. [[for Juno]] thurgh hir grete myght
Shal as I hope / hir grace vn-to us sende [ 1117]
Myn̄ hert seyth certaine / she shal not wende
And for-thy putte thy hert a whyle in Reste
And holde thy purpos / for it is the beste [ 1120]
Page  208(161)
Thys Troilus Answerd / and sighed sore [ 1121]
Thou seyst Ryght weɫɫ / And I wyl doo Ryght soo
And what hym lyst / he seide to hym more
But whan̄ that it was / tyme for to goo [ 1124]
Ful pryuely hym-self wythouten̄ moo
Vnto hyr come / As he was wont to doon̄
And how he wrought / I shal you telle soon̄ [ 1127]
Sothe is it Whan they gan̄ fyrst to mete [leaf 43, back] [ 1128]
Than gan̄ the sorow / hir hertis for to twyste
That neither of hem other myght grete
But hem in Armes / hente And softe kyste [ 1131]
The lesse wooful / of hem bothe nyste
what forto doon̄ / ne mygħt A worde oute brynge
As I seide erst / for sorow And for sobbing [ 1134]
The wooful terys / that they letten̄ falle [ 1135]
As bitter were oute of terrys kynde
For peyne As / is lygne Aloes or galle
So bitter terys / wepte not thurgh thy Rynde [ 1138]
The wooful Mirra / written̄ as I fynde
That in thys worlde nys so herde And hert
That nolde han Rewed vpon̄ hir peynes smert [ 1141]
But whan̄ hir wooful gestes tweyne [ 1142]
Retourned been̄ / there as hem ought to dwelle
And that somwhat / to waken̄ gan̄ the peyne
By lenghte of pleynte And ebben gan̄ the welle [ 1145]
Of hir terys and the 1. [[the overlined later; and euen as I added at the end.]] hertis vnswelle
And thus she lieth / wyth hewes pale and grene
That whylom̄ / was ful fair and fressh to seen̄ [ 1148]
Page  209(165)
[Syon ·I· deie and mercie I beseche *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [leaf 82, back.]
Helpe troilus and þerwitħalle hir face
Vpon his breste sche leide and loste speche
Hir woofuɫɫ spirit / frome hir propre place [ 1152]
Ryȝte witħ þe worde alle weye vpon po[i]nte to face
And þus sche liethe witħ hewes pale and grene
That whilom fresshe and faireste was to sene] [ 1155]
This Troilus / that gan̄ on̄ hyr beholde [ 1156]
Clepping hir name / And she lay for dede
with[outen] answere / And felte hir lymmys colde
her [eyen] trowen̄ vpward to hir hede [ 1159]
Thys sorowful man̄ / kan̄ now no manere Rede
But ofte tyme / hir colde mouthe he kyste
wher hym was woo / god and hym-selue it wyste [ 1162]
He Ryst hym vp / and streyght longe hir leyde [ 1163]
For signe of lyue / for ought he can̄ or may
Can̄ he not fynde / in no cas on̄ Creseide
For wych hys songe / ful ofte is welaway [ 1166]
And whan̄ he saugh / that specheles she lay
wyth sorowful voys / And hert of blysse Al bare
how seid how that she was / oute of thys worlde fare
Soo Afftyr that / he had hir longe compleyned [ 1170]
hys handys wrange / And seide that was to say
And wyth hys terys salt her brest be Reyned
And gan̄ tho terys / wypen̄ of And drye [ 1173]
And pitously gan̄ for the soule preye
And seide lord / that sette Art in thy Trone
Rewe eke on me / for I shal folowe hir soone [ 1176]
Page  210(169)
She colde was / And wyth-oute sentemente [ 1177]
For ought he wyst / And breith felte he non̄
And that was hym a prygnant Argument
That she oute of thys worlde ys goon̄ [ 1180]
And whan he saw / ther was non̄ other won̄
And gan̄ hyr lymmys / dressħ in suche manere
As men̄ doon̄ folk / that shulde be leyde manere 1. [[for on bere]]
And Afftyr thys wyth sterne And cruel herte [ 1184]
hys swerde A-non̄ / oute of the sheyth he twyght
hym self to sleen̄ / how sore that hym it 2. [[it overlined]] smert
Soo that hys soule / hir soule folow myght [ 1187]
There As the doom̄ / of mynos wolde it dyght
Syn loue And cruel / fortune it ne wolde
That in thys worlde / nomore he lyuen̄ shulde [ 1190]
Than seide he thus / fulfilled of hygħ disdeyne [ 1191]
O cruel Ioue / And thou fortune Aduerse
Thys Al And som̄ / that falseley han ye slayn̄
Creseide / And syn ye can̄ doo me no worse [ 1194]
Fy on̄ your myght / And werkes so diuerse
Thus cowardly / ye shaɫɫ me neuer wynne
Ther shal noo detħ / me fro my lady twynne [ 1197]
For in thys World / Syn̄ he haue sleyn̄ Hyr thus [leaf 44]
wyl lete And folow / hyr spirit forthe in hie
Shal neuer louer / sey that troilus
Dar not for fere / wyth hys lady dye [ 1201]
For certeine I wyl / bere hyr companye
But sith ye nyl not / souffre vs lyuen here
*. [[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]] [ 1204]
Page  211(173)
And thou Citee / wych that I lyfe in woo [ 1205]
And thou pryam / And brethern̄ Al in fere
And thou my modyr / fareth wel for I wyl goo
And Attropos / make Redy thou my bere [ 1208]
And thou my Creseide / swete lady dere
Receyue now my spirit wolde he seye
with swerd At herte / Redy for to dye [ 1211]
But as 1. [[as overlined.]] gode wolde / of swought ther-wyth shabreide [ 1212]
And gan̄ to syke / And troilus she criede
And he Answerd hert myn̄ Creseide
lyue ye yit / And let hys swerd oute glide [ 1215]
Yee hert myn̄ y-thonked be Cupide
Quod she / And therwyth-Al she sighed
And he be-gan̄ / comfort hir as he mygħt [ 1218]
Toke hir in Armes twoo / and kyssed hir ofte [ 1219]
And hir to glade / he dide al his entent
For wych hys gost that flykereth ay on̄ lofte
Ayen in-to hir hert / al softe wente [ 1222]
So that at laste / as hir eyne glente
A-syde a-non̄ / she gan̄ hys swerde espie
And it lay bare / and gan for ferd to crye [ 1225]
And axed hym why he it hade oute drawe [ 1226]
And Troilus a-non̄ / the cause tolde
And how hymselfe / ther-wyth he wolde haue slawe
For wych Creseide / on̄ hym̄ can tho beholde [ 1229]
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
And seide O mercy gode wyche A drede
Allas how nygh / we were bothe dede [ 1232]
Page  212(177)
Thanne yf I ne hade / spoke as / grace was [ 1233]
Ye wolde haue sleyn your selfe a-non̄ quod she
Yee doutles / And she answerd allas
For by that ylke lorde / that made me [ 1236]
I nolde a forlonge wey / on̄ lyue han̄ bee
Afftyr your dethe / to haue be crowned quene
For al the londe / the sonne shyneth shene [ 1239]
But wyth the selfe swerde / wych that here is [ 1240]
My selfe I wolde / haue slayn̄ quod she tho
But hoo / for whe haue Ryght y-now of thys
And lat vs Ryse / and streyght to bedde goo [ 1243]
And there let vs / speken̄ of oure woo
For by the morter / wycħ / that I see there brenne
Know I wele / that day is not for henne [ 1246]
Whenne they were in bedde in hir Armes folden̄ [ 1247]
Nought was it like / the nyghtes here beforn̄
For pitously eche / other gan̄ beholden̄
As they that hade / for Ioyes alle y-lorn̄ [ 1250]
Seying Allas that they were born̄
Tyl at the last / thys wooful wyght Creseide
To troilus / thes ylke wordes seide [ 1253]
Loo hert myn̄ wel wote ye thus quod she [ 1254]
That yf a wyght / alwey hys woo compleyne
And sekyth not / how helpen̄ for to bee
hit nys but folye / And encres of peyne [ 1257]
Syn̄ that here / assembled be we tweyne
To fynde boute of woo / that we ben̄ Inne
hit were Also tyme sone for to be-gynne [ 1260]
Page  213(181)
I Am A woman as Wel I wote [leaf 44, back] [ 1261]
And as I am A-vised sodenily
Soo wyl I telle / you while it is whote
Me thinketh thus / that neither ye ner I [ 1264]
Ought haue this woo / maken̄ skylfully
For ther is hert / y-nougħ for to Redresse
That yit is mys / And slen̄ thys hevinesse [ 1267]
Swych is woo / that we ben̄ Inne [ 1268]
For ought I woote / for nothing elles is
But for the cause / that we anon̄ shal twynne
Considered al / ther is namore a-mys [ 1271]
But what is thenne / A Remedie vnto thys
And that whe shape / vs sone for to mete
Thys al and som / my dere hert swete [ 1274]
Now I shal brynge / it wel A-boute [ 1275]
To come A-yen̄ / soone Aftyr I am goon̄
Ther-of am̄ I / no manere thinge in doute
For dredles / wythine a weke or twoo [ 1278]
I wyl been̄ here / And that it may be soo
By al Rygħt / and in a wordes fewe
I shal you wele / and hepe of weys shewe [ 1281]
For wych I wyl not / make longe sermon̄ [ 1282]
For tyme y-lost / may not Recouuered bee
But I wyl goo / to Ryght conclusion̄
And to the beste / in aught that I kan̄ see [ 1285]
But for the loue of gode / foryeue it me
yif I speke augħt / ayens your hertis Reste
For trewly / I speke hit as / for the beste [ 1288]
Page  214(185)
Make here I shal A protestacion̄ [ 1289]
That doutles / thys thing / that in effect I sey
Nys nat but to make you / my mocion̄
To fynde vnto / your helpe the next weye [ 1292]
And takyth it not / other-wyse I you prey
For in effect / what ye wyl me comawnde
I wyl it doo / for that is no demawnde [ 1295]
Now herkenyth me / as ye han vndirstonde [ 1296]
My wenddyng graunted / is / by parlement
So ferforth that it may not be wyth-stonde
For al thys worlde / as by my Iugement [ 1299]
And syn̄ ther helpith non̄ A-visement
As in thys cas / lat dryue it oute of mynde
And lat vs fonde / a bettyr way to fynde [ 1302]
To sothe is that / the [t]wynnyng of vs tweyne [ 1303]
Ful cruelly / oure hertis wolde a-noye
But hym be-houyth / som tyme to haue a peyne
That serueth loue / of he wolde haue Ioye [ 1306]
And syn I shal / no ferther oute of Troye
That I may Ryde / ayen̄ in halfe a morowe
hit ought the lasse / to causyn̄ vs to sorowe [ 1309]
Syn̄ that I shal not / so be hidde in mewe [ 1310]
That day by day / myn̄ one hert dere
Considereth now / that tyme it is of trewe
Ye may not faille / of myn̄ estat to-here [ 1313]
Or that trew be don̄ I shal ben̄ here
And thus haue ye / bothe Antenor y-wonne
And me Also / beth glade now yf ye konne [ 1316]
Page  215(189)
And thynke Ryght thus / Creseide is now agon̄ [ 1317]
But what she shal / come soone a-yein̄
And whan̄ allas / by gode Ryght a-non̄
Or dayes ten̄ / thys / aaufly dar I seyne [ 1320]
And that at erst / shal ye ben̄ so fayne
That I may haue / a liberte to dwelle
That al thys worlde / ne cowde our Ioyes telle [ 1323]
I seen̄ that often / ther as We be Ryght now [leaf 45] [ 1324]
Of pourviaunce / our counseil for to hide
Ye speke not with me / ner I with you
In fourtenyght / ne see you goo ne Ryde [ 1327]
May ye nought ten̄ / dayes than̄ abyde
For myn̄ honour / in swych an Aventure
Ye mowen elles / y-wys / litel endure [ 1330]
Ȝe knowen̄ eke wele / that al myn̄ kyn̄ is here [ 1331]
Al holy but yf it my fadyr bee
And eke myn̄ other thinges / al in fere
A namly my dere hert yee [ 1334]
whom I not leue for to see
For al thys worlde / as brode As it hath space
And elleys come I neuer oute of thys place [ 1337]
Why gesse ye / my fadyr in thys wyse [ 1338]
Coueiteth soo to see / me but for drede
lest in thys tovne / that folkes me despice
Be cause of hym / that doon̄ hath suche a dede [ 1341]
For what woote ye / what lyue ys that I lyde
And yf ye wyst / in Troye how wel I fare
Vs nedytħ not for my wendyng for to care [ 1344]
Page  216(193)
Ȝee seen̄ eke that euery day more and more [ 1345]
Men̄ trete of pees / And it supposed is
That men̄ the quene Eleyne shal Restore
And greykys Repairen / that is mys [ 1348]
So thogh ther confort non̄ but thys
That men̄ supposen̄ / pees on̄ euery syde
Ye may the bettur / At ese of hert Abyde [ 1351]
And yf that it bee / pees my dere hert [ 1352]
The nature of thys pees most nedys dryue
That men̄ must entercomne in-fere
And to and fro / Ryde eke And goo as blyue [ 1355]
As thykke al day / as been̄ fleen̄ from̄ an̄ hyue 1. [[MS. lyue]]
And euery wyght haue lyberty to be-leue
where as hym best lyst wyth-oute leue [ 1358]
And yf it so be / that pees ther may be non̄ [ 1359]
Yit hider though pees / ther neuer were
I mooste come / or whider shulde I goon̄
Or how myschaunce / shulde I dwelle dere [ 1362]
In hoste amonge / the grekys euer in fere
hit nyl not bee / and gode soo wysly Rede
My soule / as ye haue cause noon̄ to drede [ 1365]
Haue here a noiter cause yf it so bee [ 1366]
That of al thy thing / ne can̄ not you souffice
My fadir as ye knowen̄ wel parde
Is wolde / and olde is ful of couetise [ 1369]
And I Ryght now / haue founde a new gyse
wyth-oute nette / wherwyth I shal hym hente
And herkenyth now / yif that ye wyl Assente [ 1372]
Page  217(197)
But dere Troilus / men̄ seyn̄ that harde it is [ 1373]
The wol ful / and wheither hole to haue
This is / to seyn̄ / that men ful ofte ywys
Mote spende part / the Remanant to save [ 1376]
For ay wyth golde / men̄ may thert grave
Of hym that sette is / vppon̄ couetyse
And how I meen̄ / I shal you it devise [ 1379]
The moeble wych / that I haue in thys tovn̄ [ 1380]
Vnto my fadyr / shal I take and sey
That Ryght for trust and saluacion̄
hit seynt is from a frende of hys or twey [ 1383]
The wych frende besyly hym gan preye
To sende Aftyr more and that in hie
while that thys tovn̄ / stant thus in Iupartie [ 1386]
And that shal bee / an̄ huge quantite [leaf 45, back] [ 1387]
Thus shal I sey / lest folk it espied
Thys may be sent / by none but me
I shal eke wele / shewe hym yf pees bytyde [ 1390]
What frendes / that I haue on̄ euery syde
To doo the wrathe / of pryamus to passe
Towardys hym / and don̄ hym stonde in grace [ 1393]
Soo what for oo thing and for other swete [ 1394]
I shal hym soo / enchaunte with my sawes
That Ryght in heven̄ / hys soule shal he mete
For al Appollo / or hys clerkys lawes [ 1397]
Or calculing / availeth not thre hawes
Desire of golde / shal hye soule blende
That as me lyst / I shal wele make ande ende [ 1400]
Page  218(201)
Now yf he wolde ought / by hys shorte it preve [ 1401]
Yif thys be les / certeine I shal fonde
Distourben hym̄ / and plucke hym by the sleue
In myddys hys werk / or bere hym̄ fast on honde [ 1404]
That he hath not / the godes vndirstonde
For goodes speken̄ / in Amphilogies
And for oo sothe / they tellen̄ tweynty lyes [ 1407]
Eke drede fonde goddes / I suppose [ 1408]
Thus shal I seyn / and that is coward herte
Made hym a-mys / the goddes texte to glose
Whan̄ he from̄ Delphos / to the grekys sterte [ 1411]
And but I make hym / sone to conuerte
And doo my Rede / wyth-in day or tweyn̄
I wyl to you / oblyge me for to deyne [ 1414]
And trewly I wrytte as I fynde [ 1415]
That al thys she seyd / of gode entent
And that hir hert / trewe was [and] kynde
Towardes hym / and spake Ryght as she ment [ 1418]
And that she starf nye / for who whan̄ that she went
And was in purpos / euer for to be trewe
Thus wryten̄ thoo / that euer the Iestes knewe [ 1421]
Thys Troilus / wyth eres and hert y-sprade [ 1422]
herde al thys thinge / devisen to and froo
And veraly hym̄ semede that he hadde
The same witte / but yit to let hyr goo [ 1425]
hys hert mys / foryaf hym euermoo
But finially / he gan̄ hys hert wrest
To trusten̄ hir / And toke hit for the best [ 1428]
Page  219(205)
The wych the grete furye of hys penaunce [ 1429]
Was queynt wyth hope / and therwyth hem̄ betwene
Be-gan for Ioye / thamarouse daunce
And as the birdes / whan the sone is shyne [ 1432]
Deliten̄ in hyr songe / a-monge the leues grene
Ryght soo the wordes / that they spaken in fere
Delited hem̄ / and hir hertis clere [ 1435]
But nathles / thys wendyng of Creseide [ 1436]
For al thys worlde / ne may oute of hys mynde
For qwych ful ofte / he pitously hir preyde
That of hir heest he myght her trewe fynde [ 1439]
And seide certes yif ye be vnkynde
And but ye come / at the day sette in Troye
Shal I neuer / as in thys worlde haue Ioye [ 1442]
For Also sothe / as sonne vpryst on̄ morowe [ 1443]
And gode soo wysly / thou me wooful wreche
To reste brynge / oute of thys cruel sorow
I wyl my selfen̄ [sle] / yf that ye drecche [ 1446]
But of my dethe / though litel be to Recche
Yit or that ye me causyn̄ so to smerte
So Dwellen here / myn̄ one dere hert [ 1449]
For trewly / myn̄ one lady dere [leaf 46] [ 1450]
The sleightes yit / that I haue herde you stere
Ful shaply bee / to faille al in fere
For thus men̄ seyn̄ / that oon̄ thinketh the bere [ 1453]
But al anoither / thenkyth the leedere
Your fadyr ys wyse / and seide is oute of drede
Men̄ may the wyse / oute-Renne but not oute-Ryde [ 1456]
Page  220(209)
Hit is ful herde / to halten̄ vn-Aspied [ 1457]
Beforn̄ A crepul / for he can̄ the crafte
Your fadyr ys / in sleyigħt As Argus eyed
For Al be that / hys moeble hym berafte [ 1460]
Hys olde sleyght / is so yit so with hym lafte
Ye shal not blende hym / for your whoman̄hede
Ne feyne a-Ryght / And that is al my drede [ 1463]
I note yf pees / shal euer more betyde [ 1464]
But pees or now / for ernest or for game
I woote syn̄ Calcas / on̄ the grekys syde
hath onys ben̄ / And lost soo foule hys name [ 1467]
he dar no more come here ayen̄ for shame
For wycħ that wey / for ought I can̄ espie
To trusten̄ on̄ / is but A fantasie [ 1470]
Ȝe shal eke seen̄ / your fadyr shal you glose [ 1471]
To ben̄ a wyf / And as he can wele preche
he shal som greke / so preise And wel alose
That Ravissħ you / he shal with hys speche [ 1474]
Or doon̄ you doon̄ / by force As he shal teche
And Troilus on̄ hom / he wyl haue routhe
Shal causeles soo / sterue in hys trouthe [ 1477]
And vndyr thys your fadyr shal despise [ 1478]
Vs alle / And sey thys Citee is but lorn̄
And that siege / shal neuer a-ryse
For why the grekys / haue it alle sworn̄ [ 1481]
Til whe be slayn̄ / And doon̄ your walles torn̄
And thus he shal you / wyth hys wordes fere
That ay drede I. ye wyl beleuen̄ there [ 1484]
Page  221(213)
Ȝe shal seen eke / so many a lusty knyght [ 1485]
A-monge the grekys / ful of worthinesse
And eche of hem / with witte And herde of mygħt
To plesen̄ you / doon̄ Al theyr besinesse [ 1488]
That ye shal dullen̄ / of the Rudnesse
Of vs sely / Troyans but yf Ruthe
Remorde you / or vertu of your trouthe [ 1491]
And thys to me / so greuous ys to thenke [ 1492]
That from my brest / it wyl the soule Rende
Ne dredles in me ther can̄ not synke
A gode opinion̄ / if that ye wende [ 1495]
For why your fadyrs / sleightes wyl vs shende
And yf ye gon̄ / as I haue tolde you yore
So thenke I am / but dede with-oute more [ 1498]
For wych wyth humble trewe And pitous hert [ 1499]
A thousand tymes / mercy I you prey
Soo Rewyth on̄ me Aspre peynes smerte
And doth somwhat / as that I shal you sey [ 1502]
And lete vs stele / A-wey by-twyx vs twey
And thenke that folye is / syn̄ man̄ may chese
For Accident / his substance for to lese [ 1505]
I meen̄ thus / that sithen̄ we mow or day [ 1506]
wel stele a-way and be to-gedur so
what witte where it to putte in assay
In cas ye shulden̄ / to your fadyr goo [ 1509]
yif that ye myght / come ayen̄ or noo
Thus meen̄ I / that it were a grete folye
To putte that sikernesse in Iupardie [ 1512]
Page  222(217)
And vulgor[l]y / to speken̄ of substance [leaf 40, back] [ 1513]
Of tresour may we / bothe with vs lede
Y-nogh to lyue in honour And pleasance
Tyl vnto tyme // we shal be dede [ 1516]
And thus we may / eschuen̄ al the drede
For euery other way / ye kan̄ Recorde
Myn hert y-wys / may therwyth not accorde [ 1519]
And hardly / ne dredyth no pouerte [ 1520]
For I haue kyn̄ / and frendes ellyswere
That whe thogh comen̄ in your bare sherte
Vs shulde noither lake / golde ne gere [ 1523]
But be honoured / while that we dwelled there
Anon̄ goo we forth in myn̄ entente
Thys ys the best / yf that ye wyl Assente [ 1526]
Creseide wyth a syke Ryght in thys wyse *. [Responsio Creseide]
Answerd ywys / my dere hert trewe
whe may stele A-way as ye devise
Or fynde suche vnthryfty weys newe [ 1530]
But Afftyrward it wolde ful sore vs Rewe
And helpe me gode / so at my most nede
As causeles ye souffren̄ al thys drede [ 1533]
For thylke day. that I for cherysshyng *. [Nota primum]
Or for drede of fadyr / or other wyght
Or of estate / delite or for weddyng
Be false to you / my Troilus my knyght [ 1537]
Saturnus doughter Iuvo thorogh hyr myght
As wode as Athemante do me dwelle
Eternally in Stix / the pitte of helle [ 1540]
Page  223(221)
And thys on̄ euery gode celestial [ 1541]
I swere it you / And eke And eche godesse
On̄ euery Nymphe / And dette infernal
On̄ satury And fawny / more And lesse [ 1544]
That half goddes / ben̄ of wyldernesse
And Attrapos / my threde of lyf to breste
yif I be false / now trowyth me yf you lyste [ 1547]
And thou Symoys / As an arow clere [ 1548]
Thorogh Troye Ay Reinest doonward to the see
Bere wyttenesse of thys worde / that seide is here
That ylke day / that I vntrew bee [ 1551]
To troilus / myn̄ one hert free
That you Retourne / bacward to thy welle
And I wyth body / And soule synke in-to helle [ 1554]
But that ye speke / alwy thus for to goo [ 1555]
And letten̄ alle / your frendes gode forbede
For any woman̄ / that ye shulde doo soo
A[nd] namly whyle Troye hathe suche nede [ 1558]
Of helpe / And eke of oo thing take hede
yif thys were wyst / my lyf lay in balance
And your honour / gode shield vs fro myschance [ 1561]
And yf so bee / that pees herafter take [ 1562]
As alday happith / aftyr Angur game
why lorde the woo / and sorowe wolde make
That ye ne durst / come a-yen̄ for shame [ 1565]
And or ye empeiren̄ soo your name
Beth not to hasty / in thys hote fare
For hasty man̄ / wanted neuer care [ 1568]
Page  224(225)
What trowe ye / the peple al a-boute [ 1569]
Wolde of yt sey / it ys ful lygh to Rede
They wolde sey / and swere it oute of doute
That loue ne drof you / not to that dede [ 1572]
But lust voluptuous / and coward drede
Thus were al lost / y-wys myn̄ hert dere
Your honour / wych that shyneth now so clere [ 1575]
And Also thynketh on̄ myn̄ honeste [leaf 47] [ 1576]
That floureth yit / how foule I shulde it shende
And wyth that filthe / spotted shulde it bee
yif in thys fourme / I shulde forth wyth you wende [ 1579]
Ne thogh I lyued vnto the worldes ende
My name shulde I [not] /. ayenward wynne
Thus were I lost / And that were Rothe And synne [ 1582]
And forthy slee wyth Reson̄ al thys hete [ 1583]
Men seyn̄ the souffrant / ouercometh parde
Eke [who]so wele haue / leef he moote lete
Thys makyth vertue of necessete [ 1586]
Be pacient / and thenke / that lord is he
Of fortune Ay / that noght wyl of hyr Reche
And she ne daunteth / nothing but a wreche [ 1589]
And trusteth thus / that certes hert swete [ 1590]
Or Phebus suster / lucina the shene
The lyon passe / oute of hys ariete
I wyl ben̄ here / wythoute drede or wene [ 1593]
I meen̄ as helpe me Iuvo heuenes quene
The tenthe day / but yf dethe massaile
I wyl you seen / wythoute any faille [ 1596]
Page  225(229)
And now so thys be trewe quod troilus *. [Troylus]
I shal welle souffre vn-to the tenthe1. [[MS. x]] day
Syn that I see / that nedys it must be thus
But for the loue [of] gode yf it be may [ 1600]
So lete vs stele pryuely awey
And euer in oon̄ / as euer to lyue in Reste
Myn̄ hert seith / that it wyl be the beste *. [Creseide]
O mercy gode / what lyue is thys quod she [ 1604]
Allas ye slee me thus for verray tene
I see wyl now / that ye mystrusten̄ me
For by your wordes / it is ful wyl y-seen̄ [ 1607]
Now for the loue of Cinthea the shene
Mistruste me not / thus causeles for Routhe
Syn to be trewe / I haue you plyght my trouthe [ 1610]
And thynketh wel somtyme it is witte [ 1611]
To spende a tyme / A tyme for to wynne
Ne parde lorn̄ I nam̄ not from̄ you yit
Thogh that we bee / a day or two a twynne [ 1614]
Dryue oute your fantasie / you wythinne
And truste me / and leue eke your sorow
Or here my trouthe / I wyl not lyue to-morow [ 1617]
For yf ye wyste / he sore it dothe me smerte [ 1618]
Ye wolde cese of thys / for gode thou woost
The pure spirit / wepith in my hert
To se you wepen̄ / that I loue moost [ 1621]
And that I moot / goon̄ to the grekys hoste
Ye ner it that / I wist Remedie
To come a-yen̄ / Ryght here I wolde deye [ 1624]
Page  226(233)
But certes I am not so nyce A wygħt [ 1625]
That I ne can̄ / ymagin a way
To come a-yen / that day that / I haue hyght
For who may holde / A thing that wyl away [ 1628]
My fadyr noght / for al is queynt play
And by my thryfte / my wendyng oute of Troye
A-noither day shal turne vs al to Ioye [ 1631]
For-thy wyth al my hert I you beseche [ 1632]
Yif that you lust / doon̄ ought At my prayer̄
And for that loue / wych that I loue you eke
That or I depart / from̄ you here [ 1635]
And of so gode / A comfort and a chere
I may you seen̄ / that ye may bringe at Reste
Myn hert wych / that is poynt to breste [ 1638]
And ouer Al thys I pray you quod she thoo [lf. 47, bk.] [ 1639]
Myn̄ one hertis sothfast soufficiance
Syn̄ I am yowres / al hole wyth-oute moo
That whyle I am Absent no plesance [ 1642]
Of other woman̄ / do me from your Rememberance
For I am euer a-gast / for-why men̄ Rede
That loue is thing ay ful of besy drede [ 1645]
For in thys worlde / ther lyueth lady non̄ [ 1646]
yif that ye were vntrew as gode defende
That so be-traysed wher / or whoo beegon̄
As I that alɫ trothe in you entende [ 1649]
And dredles / yf that I other wende
I ner but dede / And her ye cause fynde
For goddys loue / so bethe me [not] vnkynde [ 1652]
Page  227(237)
To thys Answered Troilus and seide [ 1653]
Now gode to whom / ther is no thing ywys
Me glade as wys / I neuer but Creseide
Syn thylke day / I saw hir first with eye [ 1656]
was false / ne neuer shal tyl that I dye
At short wordes / wel ye may me leue
I can̄ no more / it shal be founde at preve [ 1659]
Graunt mercy god myn̄ Iwys quod she [ 1660]
And blisful venus / lat me neuer sterue
Or I may stonde / in plesaunce or degree
To quite hem wele / that so wel can̄ deserue [ 1663]
And while that god / my witte wylle conserue
I shal don soo / I haue yow trew so founde
That ay myn̄ honour to meward shal Rebounde [ 1666]
For trusteth wele / that your estat Ryal [ 1667]
Ne veyn̄ delite / nor oonly worthinesse
Of you in were / or tourney marcial
Ne pompe Aray / noblesse nor̄ eke Rychesse [ 1670]
Ne made me to Rewe / on̄ your distresse
But moral vertu / grounted vpon̄ trouthe
That was the cause / I first had on̄ you Routhe [ 1673]
Eke gentyl hert / and manhode that he hade [ 1674]
And that he hade / as me thought in despite
Euery thing that sovned in-to badde
As Rudnesse And peplyssħ appetite [ 1677]
And that your Reson̄ vndelith your delite
This made a-bouen̄ euery creature
That I was your / and shal whyl I may dure [ 1680]
Page  228(241)
And thys may lenghe / of yeres not for-doo [ 1681]
Ne Remuable / fortune deface
But Iupiter / that of hys myght may doo
The sorowful to be glade / so yeue vs grace [ 1684]
Or nyghtes ten̄ / to meten̄ in thys place
Soo that it may your hert [and] myn̄ souffice
And far now wele / for tyme is that ye Ryse [ 1687]
But Afftyr that they longe pleyned hade [ 1688]
And ofte ykyst / and streyght in Armes holde
The [day] gan̄ Ryse / and Troilus hym cledde
And Rewfully / hys lady can̄ beholde [ 1691]
As [he] that felte / dethes cares colde
And to hir grace / he gan̄ hym recommande
Wher hym̄ was woo / thys holde I no demande [ 1694]
For manes hede / ymagyn ne kan̄ [ 1695]
Nentendement considered / or tonge telle
The cruel peynes / of thys wooful man̄
That passen̄ euery / tourment doon̄ in helle [ 1698]
For whan̄ he saw / she ne myght dwelle
whiche that hys soule / oute of hys body Rente
wyth-oute more oute of the chaumbre went [ 1701]