Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
Page  169
Incipit Liber Quartus.
(5) (The Story)
LIggyng in oost as I haue seyde er this. [fol. 92b] [ 29]
The grekys stronge aboute Troie town.
Byfel that whan that Phebus shynyng is.
Upon the breste of Erculus lyoun. [ 32]
That Ector with ful many a bolde Baroun.
Caste on a day with Grekes for to fighte.
As he was wont to greue hem what he myghte.
Not I how longe or short it was bitwene. [ 36]
This purpos and that day they fighten mente.
But on a day wel armed brighte and shene.
Ector and many a worthi wight out wente. [ 39]
with spere in honde and bigge bowes bente.
And in the berde withouten lenger lette.
Hire fomen in the felde anon hem mette. [ 42]
The longe day with speres sharpe Igrounde. [ 43]
with arwes dartes swerdes maces felle.
They fighten and bringen hors and man to grounde.
And with hire axes out the braynes quelle. [ 46]
But in the laste shoure soth for to telle.
The folk of Troie hemseluen so mysledden
That with the wors at nyght homward they fledden. [ 49]
At which day was taken Antenore. [ 50]
Maugre Polydamas .or Monesteo.
Stantippe Sarpedon Polynestore.
Polite or ek the Troian daun Rupheo. [ 53]
And other lasse folk as Phebuseo.
So that for harm that day the folk of Troie.
Dredden to lese a gret part of hire Ioie. [ 56]
Page  170(9)
Of priamus was ȝeue a greke requeste. [ 57]
A tyme of trewe and tho they gonnen trete.
Hire prisoners to chaungen meste and leste.
And for the surplus ȝeuen sommes grete. [ 60]
This thing anon was couth in euery strete.
Bothe in thassege in town and euery where.
And with the firste it com to Calkas ere. [ 63]
Whan Calkas knew this tretis sholde holde. [fol. 93a] [ 64]
In consistorie amonge the grekes soone.
He gan In thringe forth with lordes olde.
And sette hym there as he was wonte to doone. [ 67]
And with a chaunged face hem bad a boone.
ffor loue of god so don that reuerence.
To stynte noyse and ȝeue hym audience. [ 70]
Than seyde he thus lo lordes myn ich was. [ 71]
Troian and it is knowen out of drede.
And if that ȝow remembre I am Calkas.
That alderfirst ȝaf comfort to ȝoure nede. [ 74]
And tolde wel how that ȝe shulden spede.
ffor dredeles thorugh ȝow shal in a stownde.
Ben Troie ybrend and beten down to grownde. [ 77]
And in what fourme or in what manere wise. [ 78]
This towne to shende and al ȝoure lust tacheue.
Ȝe han er this wel herde it me deuyse.
This knowe ȝe my lordes as I leue. [ 81]
And for the Grekis weren me so leeue.
I com my self in my propre persone.
To teche in this how ȝow was best to doone. [ 84]
Page  171(13)
Hauyng vnto my Tresore ne my rente. [ 85]
Right no resport to respect of ȝoure ese.
Thus al my good I leeste and to ȝow wente.
wenyng in this ȝow lordes for to plese. [ 88]
But al tha los ne doth me no disese.
I vouchesauf as wisly haue I Ioie.
ffor ȝow to lese al that I haue in Troie. [ 91]
Saue of a doughter that I lefte allas. [ 92]
Slepyng at home whanne out of Troie I sterte.
O sterne o cruel fader that I was.
How myghte I haue in that so harde an herte. [ 95]
Allas .I. ne hadde Ibroughte hire in hire sherte.
ffor sorwe of whiche I wol nought lyue to morwe.
But if ȝe lordes rewe vpon my sorwe. [ 98]
ffor by that cause I say no tyme er now. [fol. 93b] [ 99]
Hire to deliueren ich holden haue my pees.
But now or neuere if that it like ȝow.
I may hire haue right soone doughteles. [ 102]
O help and grace amonges al this prees.
Rewe on this olde Caytyf in destresse.
Syn I thorugh ȝow haue al this heuynesse. [ 105]
Ȝe haue now kaught and fetered in prisoune. [ 106]
Troians ynowe and if ȝoure willes be.
My childe with oon may han redempcioun.
Now for the loue of god and of bounte. [ 109]
Oon of so fele allas so ȝif hym me.
what nede were it this preiere for to werne.
Syn ȝe shul bothe han folk and town as ȝerne. [ 112]
Page  172(17)
On peril of my lif I shal nat lye. [ 113]
Appollo hath me tolde it feithfullye.
I haue ek founde it be astronomye.
By sort and by augurye ek trewelye. [ 116]
And dar wel say the tyme is faste by.
That fire and flaumbe on al the town shal sprede.
And thus shal Troie torne to asshen dede. [ 119]
ffor certein Phebus and Neptimus bothe. [ 120]
That makeden the walles of the town.
Ben with the folk of Troie alwey so wrothe.
That they wol brynge it to confusioun. [ 123]
Right in despit of kyng Lameadoun.
Bycause he nolde payen hem here hire.
The town of Troie shal ben sette on fire. [ 126]
Tellyng his olde tale alwey this olde greye. [ 127]
Humble in his speche and in his lokyng eke.
The salte teris from his eyen tweye.
fful fast ronnen down by either cheke. [ 130]
So longe he gan of socour hem biseke.
That for to hele hym of his sorwes soore.
They ȝaue hym Antenor withouten moore. [ 133]
But who was glad ynough but Calkas tho. [fol. 91a] [ 134]
And of this thyng ful soone hise nedes leyde.
On hem that sholden for the tretis go.
And hem for Antenor ful ofte preyde. [ 137]
To bryngen home kyng Toas and Criseyde.
And whan Priame his saue garde sente.
Thembassadours to Troie streight they wente. [ 140]
Page  173(21)
The cause Itolde of hire comyng. the olde. [ 141]
Priam the kyng ful soone in generale.
Let her vpon his perlement to holde.
Of which theffect rehercen ȝow I shal. [ 144]
Thembassadours ben answerd for fynal.
Theschaunge of Prisoners and al this nede.
Hem likethe wel. and forth In they procede. [ 147]
This Troilus was present in the place. [fol. 96b] [ 148]
whan axed was for Antenor Criseyde.
ffor which ful soone chaungen gan his face.
As he that with tho wordes wel neigh deyde. [ 151]
But natheles he no worde to it seyde.
List men sholde his affeccioun espye.
with mannes herte he gan his sorwes drye. [ 154]
And ful of angwissh and of grisly drede. [ 155]
Abode what lordes wolde vnto it seye.
And if they wolde graunte as god forbede.
Theschaunge of hire. than thoughte he thynges tweye. [ 158]
ffor how to saue hire honour and what weye.
He myghte best theschaunge of hire withstonde.
fful faste he caste how al this myghte stonde. [ 161]
Loue hym made al prest to don hire byde. [ 162]
And rather dyen than she sholde go.
But resoun seyde hym on that other syde.
withouten assent of hire no nat so. [ 165]
Lest for thi werk she wolde be thy fo.
And seyn that thorugh thy medlynge is Iblowe.
Ȝoure bother loue ther it was erst vnknowe. [ 168]
Page  174(25)
ffor which he gan deliberen for the beste. [ 169]
That though the lordes wolde that she wente.
He wolde lat hem graunte what hem leste.
And telle his lady first what that they mente. [ 172]
And whan that she hadde seyde hym hire entente.
Therafter wolde he werken also blyue.
Theigh al the world aȝeyn it wolde stryue. [ 175]
Ector which that wel the grekis herde. [ 176]
ffor Antenor how they wolde han Criseyde.
Gan it withstonde and sobrely answerde.
Syres she nys no prisonere he seyde. [ 179]
I not on ȝow who that this charge leyde.
But on my part ȝe may eftsones hem telle.
we vsen here no wommen for to selle. [ 182]
The noyse of peple vp stirte thanne at ones. [fol. 95a] [ 183]
As breme as blase of straw Isette on fire.
ffor infortune it wolde for the nones.
They sholden hire confusioun desire. [ 186]
Ector quod they what goost may ȝow enspyre.
This womman thus to shilde and don vs leese.
Daun antenor a wronge wey now ȝe chese. [ 189]
That is so wys and ek so bold baroun. [ 190]
And we han nede to folk as men may se.
He is ek on the grettest of this town.
O. Ector lat tho fantasies be. [ 193]
O kyng Priam quod they thus sygge we.
That al oure vois is to forgon Criseyde.
And to deliueren Antenor they preyde. [ 196]
Page  175(29)
O Iuuenal lord trewe is thy sentence. [ 197]
That litel wyten folk what is to ȝerne.
That they ne fynde in hire desire offence.
ffor cloude of errour lat hem discerne. [ 200]
what best is and lo here ensample as ȝerne.
This folk desiren now deliueraunce.
Of Antenor that brought hem to meschaunce. [ 203]
For he was after traitour to the town. [ 204]
Of Troye. allas they quyte hym out to rathe.
O Nyce world lo thy discrecioun.
Criseyde which that neuere dide hem scathe. [ 207]
Shal now no lenger in hire blisse bathe.
But Antenor he shal com hom to towne.
And she shal out thus seyde here howne. [ 210]
ffor which delibered was by perlement. [ 211]
For Antenor to ȝelden out Criseyde.
And it pronounced by the president.
Altheigh that Ector nay ful ofte preyde. [ 214]
And fynaly what wight that it withseyde.
It was for nought it moste ben and sholde.
ffor substaunce of the Perlement it wolde. [ 217]
Deperted out of Parlement echone. [fol. 95b] [ 218]
This Troilus withouten wordes mo.
Unto his chambre spedde hym faste allone.
But if it were aman of his or two. [ 221]
The which he bad oute faste for to go.
Bycause he wolde slepen as he seyde.
And hastily vpon his bedde hym leyde. [ 224]
Page  176(33)
And as in wynter leues ben birafte. [ 225]
Ech after other til the tree be bare.
So that ther nys but bark and braunche Ilafte.
Lith Troilus byraft of eche welfare. [ 228]
Ibounden in the blake bark of care.
Disposed wood out of his wit to breyde.
So sore hym sat the chaungynge of Criseyde. [ 231]
He rist hym vp and euery dore he shette. [ 232]
And wyndow ek and tho this sorwful man.
Upon his beddes syde adown hym sette.
fful lik a dede ymage pale and wan. [ 235]
And in his brest the heped wo bygan.
Out breste and he to werken in this wise.
In his woodnesse. as I shal ȝow deuyse. [ 238]
Right as the wylde bole bygynneth sprynge. [fol. 96a] [ 239]
Now her now ther Idarted to the herte.
And of his dethe roreth in compleynynge.
Right so gan he aboute the chaumbre sterte. [ 242]
Smytyng his brest ay with his fistes smerte.
His hede to the wal his body to the grounde.
fful ofte he swapte hymseluen to confounde. [ 245]
His eyen two for pite of herte. [ 246]
Out stremeden as swifte welles tweye.
The heighe sobbes of his sorwes smerte.
His speche hym refte vnnethes myghte he seye. [ 249]
O deth allas why nyltow do me deye.
Acorsed be that day which that nature.
Shope me to ben a lyues creature. [ 252]
Page  177(37)
But after whan the furie and alle the rage. [ 253]
whiche that his herte twiste and fast threste.
By lengthe of tyme somwhat gan aswage.
Upon his bedde he leyde hym down to reste. [ 256]
But tho bygonne his teeris more out breste.
That wonder is the body may suffise.
To half this wo which that I ȝow douyse. [ 259]
Than seyde he thus fortune allas the while. [ 260]
what haue .I. don. what haue I thus agylte.
How myghtestow for rowthe me bygile.
Is ther no grace and shal I thus be spilte. [ 263]
Shal thus Creiseyde awey for that thow wilte.
Allas how maistow in thyn herte fynde.
To ben to me thus cruwel and vnkynde. [ 266]
Haue I the nought honoured al my lyue. [ 267]
As thow wel woost aboue the goddes alle.
whi wiltow me fro Ioie thus depriue.
O. Troilus what may men now the calle. [ 270]
But wrecche of wrecches out of honour falle.
Into miserie in which I wol bewaille.
Creiseyde allas til that the brethe me faille. [ 273]
Allas fortune if that my lif in Ioie. [fol. 96b] [ 274]
Displesed hadde vnto thi foule enuye.
why ne haddestow my fader kyng of Troye.
Byraft the lif or don my bretheren dye. [ 277]
Or slayn myself that thus compleyne and crye.
I combre world that may of no thyng serue.
But euere dye and neuere fulli sterue. [ 280]
Page  178(41)
If that Criseyde allone were me laft. 1. [[MS. last (sic.)]] [ 281]
Nought roughte I whider thow woldest me steere.
And here allas than hastow me biraft.
But euere more lo this is thi manere. [ 284]
To reue a wight that most is to hym deere.
To preue in that thi serful violence.
Thus am I lost ther helpeth no diffence. [ 287]
O verrey lord of loue .o. god allas. [ 288]
That knowest best myn herte and alle my thoughte.
what shal my sorwful lif don in this cas.
If .I. forgo that so deere haue boughte. [ 291]
Syn ȝe Criseyde and me han fully broughte.
Into ȝoure grace and bothe oure hertes seled.
How may ȝe suffre allas it be repeled. [ 294]
What I may don .I. shal while I may dure. [ 295]
On lyue in torment and in cruwel peyne.
This infortune. or this disauenture.
Allone as I was born Iwys compleyne. [ 298]
Ne neuere wol seen it shyne or reyne.
But ende I wol as Edippe in derkenesse.
My sorwful lif and dyen in distresse. [ 301]
O wery goost that errest to and fro. [ 302]
why nyltow fleen out of the wofulleste.
Body. that euere myghte on grounde go.
O soule lurkynge in this wo vnneste. [ 305]
file forth out of myn herte and lat it breste.
And folowe alwey Criseyde thi lady dere.
Thi righte place is now no lenger here. [ 308]
Page  179(45)
O woful eyen two syn ȝoure disport. [fol. 97a] [ 309]
was al to sen Criseyde eyen brighte.
what shol ȝe don but for my discomfort.
Stonden for naught and wepen out ȝoure sighte. [ 312]
Syn she is queynt that wont was ȝow to lighte.
In vayn fro this forth haue ich eyen tweye.
Ifourmed syn ȝoure vertue is aweye. [ 315]
O my Criseyde. o. lady souereigne. [ 316]
Of this woful soule. that thus crieth.
who shal now ȝeuen comfort to the peyne.
Allas no wight but whan myn herte dieth. [ 319]
My spirit which that so vnto ȝow hieth.
Receyue in gree for that shal ay ȝow serue.
fforthi no forse is though the body sterue. [ 322]
O ȝe loueris that heigh vpon the whiel. [ 323]
Ben set. of fortune in good auenture.
God leue that ȝe fynde ay loue of stiel.
And longe mote ȝoure lif in Ioie endure. [ 326]
But whan ȝe comen by my sepulture.
Remembreth that ȝoure felawe resteth there.
ffor I loued ek though ich vnworthi were. [ 329]
O oold vnholsom and myslyued man. [ 330]
Calkas I mene. allas what eiled the.
To ben a Greke syn thow art born Troian.
O Calkas which that wolt my bane be. [ 333]
In corsed tyme was thow born for me.
As wolde blisful Ioue for his Ioie.
That I the hadde wher I wolde in Troie. [ 336]
Page  180(49)
A thousand sikes hotter than the gleede. [ 337]
Out of his brest ech after other wente.
Medled with pleyntes new his wo to feede.
ffor which his woful teris neuere stente. [ 340]
And shortly so his peynes hym to rente.
And wex so mate that Ioie or penaunce.
He felethe non but lith forth in a traunce. [ 343]
Pandare whiche that in the parlement. [fol. 97b] [ 344]
Hadde herde what euery lord and burgeys seyde.
And how ful graunted was by oon assent.
ffor Antenor to ȝelden so Criseyde. [ 347]
Gan wel neigh wood out of his witte to breyde.
So that for wo he nyste what he mente.
But in a rees to Troilus he wente. [ 350]
A certeyn knyght that for the tyme kepte. [ 351]
The chambre door vndid it hym anon.
And Pandare that fu tendreliche wepte.
Into the derke chambre as stille as ston. [ 354]
Toward the bedde gan softely to gon.
So confus that he nyst what to seye.
ffor verray wo his wit was neigh aweye. [ 357]
And with his chiere and lokyng al totorne. [fol. 98a] [ 358]
ffor sorwe of this . and with his armes folden.
He stood this woful Troilus byforne.
And on his pitous face he gan byholden. [ 361]
But lord so ofte gan his herte colden.
Seyng his frend in wo whos heuynesse.
His herte slough as thoughte hym for destresse. [ 364]
Page  181(53)
This woful wight this Troilus that felte. [ 365]
His frend Pandare ycomen hym to se.
Gan as the snowe aȝeyn the sonne melte.
For which this sorwful Pandare of pitee. [ 368]
Gan for to wepe as tendreliche as he.
And specheles thus ben thise ilke tweye.
That neither myghte o word for sorwe seye. [ 371]
But at the laste this woful Troilus. [ 372]
Neigh ded for smert gan bresten out to rore.
And with a sorwful noise he seyde thus.
Amonge hise sobbes and his sikes sore. [ 375]
Lo Pandare I am ded withouten more.
Hastow nat herde at parlement he seyde.
ffor Antenore how lost is my Criseyde. [ 378]
This Pandarus ful dede and pale of hewe. [ 379]
fful pitously answerde and seyde ȝis.
As wisly were it fals as it is trewe.
That I haue herd and woot al how it is. [ 382]
O mercy god who wolde haue trowed this.
who wolde haue wende that in so litel a throwe.
ffortune oure Ioie wold han ouerethrowe. [ 385]
ffor in this worlde ther is no creature. [ 386]
As to my dome that euere saw ruyne.
Straunger than this thorugh cas or auenture.
But who may all eschue or al deuyne. [ 389]
Swich is this world. forthi I thus diffyne.
Ne trost no wight to fynden in fortune.
Ay propretee hire ȝiftes ben comune. [ 392]
Page  182(57)
But telle me this whi thow art now so mad. [fol. 98b] [ 393]
To sorwen thus. whi listow in this wise.
Syn thi desire al holly hastow had.
So that by right it oughte ynough suffise. [ 396]
But I that neuere felte in my seruyse.
A frendly cheere or lokyng of an eye.
Lat me thus wepe an wailen til I deye. [ 399]
And ouere al this as thow wel woost thiselne. [ 400]
This town is ful of ladys al aboute.
And to my doom fairer than swich twelue.
As euere she was shal I fynde in som route. [ 403]
Ȝee on or two withouten any doute.
fforthi be glad myn owen deere brother.
If she be lost. we shal recouere an other. [ 406]
What god forbede alwey that eche plesaunce. [ 407]
In o thing were and in non other wight.
If oon kan synge an other kan wel daunce.
If this be goodly she is glad and light. [ 410]
And this is faire and that kan good aright.
Eche for his vertue holden is for deere.
Both heroun and faucoun for ryuere. [ 413]
And ek as writ zanzis that was ful wys. [ 414]
The newe loue out chaceth ofte the olde.
And vpon newe cas lith newe awys.
Thenk ek thi lif to sauen artow holde. [ 417]
Swich fir by processe shal of kynde colde.
ffor syn it is but casuel plesaunce.
Som cas shal putte it oute of remembraunce. [ 420]
Page  183(61)
ffor also scure as day comth after nyght. [ 421]
The newe loue labour or oother wo.
Or elles selde seynge of a wight.
Don olde affecciouns alle ouere go. [ 424]
And for thi part thow shalt haue oon of tho.
Tabregge with thi bittre peynes smerte.
Absence of hire shal dryue hire oute of herte. [ 427]
Thise wordes seyde he for the nones alle. [fol. 99a] [ 428]
To help his frend lest he for sorwe deyde.
ffor douteles to don his wo to falle.
He rought nought what vnthrift that he seyde. [ 431]
But Troilus that neigh for sorwe deyde.
Took litel heede of al that euere he mente.
Oon ere it herde. at oothir out it wente. [ 434]
But at the laste he answerde and seyde frende. [ 435]
This lechecraft. or heeled thus to be.
were wel sittyng if that I were a fende.
To traysen a wight that trewe is vnto me. [ 438]
I pray god lat this conseil neuere ythe.
But do me rather sterue anon right here.
Er I thus do as thow me woldest leere. [ 441]
She that I serue Iwis what so thow seye. [ 442]
To whom myn herte enhabit is by right.
Shal han me holy hires til that I deye.
ffor Pandarus syn I haue trouthe hire hight. [ 445]
I wol nat ben vntrewe for no wight.
But as hire man I wol ay lyue and sterue.
And neuere other creature serue. [ 448]
Page  184(65)
And ther thow seist thow shalt as faire fynde. [ 449]
As she, lat be make no comparisoun.
To creature yformed here by kynde.
O leue Pandare in conclusioun. [ 452]
I wol nat be of thyn opynyoun.
Touchyng al this for which I the biscche.
So holde thi pees thow sleest me with thi speche. [ 455]
Thow biddest me I shulde loue an other. [ 456]
Al fresshly newe and lat Criseyde go.
It lith nat in my power leeue brother.
And though I myght I wol nat do so. [ 459]
But kanstow playen raket to and fro.
Nittle in. dok out. now this now that Pandare.
Now foul falle hire for thi wo and care. [ 462]
Thow farest ek by me thow Pandarus. [fol. 99b] [ 463]
As he that whan a wight is wo bygon.
He cometh to hym a pass and seith right thus.
Thynk nat on smerte and thow shalt fele non. [ 466]
Thow moost me first transmewen in a ston.
And reue me my passions alle.
Er thow so wightly do my wo to falle. [ 469]
The deth may wel out of brest deperte. [ 470]
The lif. so longe may this sorwe myne.
But fro my soule shal Criseydes darte.
Out neuere mo but down with proserpyne. [ 473]
whan I am dede I wol go wonne in pyne.
And ther I wol eternaly compleyne.
My wo and how that twynned be we tweyne. [ 476]
Page  185(69)
Thow hast here made an argument for fyne. [ 477]
How that it sholde lasse peyne be.
Criseyde to forgon for she was myne.
And lyued in ese and in felicite. [ 480]
whi gabbestow that seydest vnto me.
That hym is wors that is fro wel ythrowe.
Than he hadde erst noon of that wel yknowe. [ 483]
But telle me now syn that the thynketh so light. [ 484]
To changen so in loue ay to and fro.
whi hastow nat don bisily thi myght.
To chaungen hire that doth the al thi wo. [ 487]
Why nyltow lete hire fro thyn herte go.
whi nyltow loue an othere lady swete.
That may thyn herte sette in quiete. [ 490]
[71-76 wanting in C.C.C. MS.]
Page  187(77)
Artow in Troie and hast non hardymente. [ 533]
To take a womman which that loueth the.
And wolde hire seluen of thyn assente.
Now is nat this a nyce vanitee. [ 536]
Ris vp anon. and lat this wepyng be.
And kith thow art a man for in this houre.
I wol ben dede or she shal bleuen oure. [ 539]
To this answerde hym Troilus ful softe. [fol. 100a] [ 540]
And seyde perde leue brother deere.
Al this haue I my self ȝet thought ful ofte.
And more thyng than thow deuysest here. [ 543]
But whi this thyng is laft thow shalt wel here.
And whan thow me hast ȝeue an audience.
Therafter maystow telle al thi sentence. [ 546]
ffirst syn thow woost this town hath al this werre. [ 547]
ffor rauysshyng of wommen so by myghte.
It sholde nought be suffred me to erre.
As it stant now ne don so grete vnrighte. [ 550]
I sholde han also blame of euery wight.
My fadres graunt if that I so withstoode.
Syn she is chaunged for the townes goode. [ 553]
I haue ek thought so it were hire assent. [ 554]
To axe hire at my fader of his grace.
Than thynke I this were hire accusement.
Syn wel I woot I may hire nought purchace. [ 557]
ffor syn my fader in so heigh a place.
As parlement hath hire eschaunge enseled.
He nyl for me his lettre be repeled. [ 560]
Page  188(81)
Ȝet drede I mooste hire herte to pertorbe. [ 561]
with violence if I do swich a game.
ffor if I wolde it openly destorbe.
It mooste be disclaimdre to hire name. [ 564]
And me were leuere ded than hire diffame.
As nold god but if I sholde haue.
Hire honour leuere than my lif to saue. [ 567]
Thus am I lost for aught that I kan see. [ 568]
ffor certeyn is syn that I am hire knyght.
I moste hire honour leuere han than me.
In euery cas as louere aught of right. [ 571]
Thus am I with desir and reson twight.
Desir for to destourben hire me redeth.
And reson nyl nat so myn herte dredeth. [ 574]
Thus wepyng that he koude neuere cesse. [fol. 100b] [ 575]
He seyde allas how shal I wrecche fare.
ffor wel fele I alwey my loue encresse.
And hope is lasse and lasse alway Pandare. [ 578]
Encressen ek the causes of my care.
So weilaway whi nyl myn herte breste.
ffor as in loue ther is but litel reste. [ 581]
Pandare answerde frend thow maiste for me. [ 582]
Don as the liste but hadde ich it so hoote.
And thyn estat she sholde go with me.
Though al this town cride on this thyng by note. [ 585]
I nold sette at al that noys a grote.
ffor whan men han wel cryde than wol they rowne.
Ek wonder last but nyne nyght neuere in towne. [ 588]
Page  189(85)
Deuyne not in resoun ay so depe. [ 589]
Ne corteisly. but help thi selue anon.
Bet is that othere than thi seluen wepe.
And namly syn ȝe two ben al on. [ 592]
Ris vp for by myn hed she shal not goon.
And rather be in blame a lite Ifounde.
Than sterue here as a gnat withouten wounde. [ 595]
It is no shame vnto ȝow no vice. [ 596]
Hire to witholden. that ȝe loue moost.
Peraunter she myghte holde the for nyce.
To laten hire go thus. vnto the grekis oost. [ 599]
Thenk ek fortune as wel thi seluen woost.
Helpeth hardy man vnto his enprise.
And weyueth wrecches for hire cowardise. [ 602]
And though thy lady wolde a lite hire greue. [ 603]
Thow shalt thi self thi pees hereafter make.
But as for me certeyn .I. kan nat leue.
That she wolde it as now for yuel take. [ 606]
whi sholde thanne of fered thyn herte quake.
Thenk ek how Paris hath that is thi brother.
A loue. and whi shaltow nat haue another. [ 609]
And Troilus .o. thyng I dar the swere. [fol. 101a] [ 610]
That if Criseyde which that is thi lief.
Now loueth the as wel as thow dost here.
God help me so she nyl nat take a grief. [ 613]
Theigh thow do boote anon in this meschief.
And if she wilneth fro the for to passe.
Thanne is she fals so loue hire wel the lasse. [ 616]
Page  190(89)
fforthi take herte and thynk right as a kynght. [ 617]
Thorugh loue is broken al day euery lawe.
Kith now somwhat thi corage and thi myght.
Haue mercy on thi self for eny awe. [ 620]
Lat nat this wrecchede wo thyn herte gnaw.
But manly sette the world on sex an seuene.
And if thow deye a martyr go to heuene. [ 623]
I wol my self ben with the at this dede. [ 624]
Theigh ich and al my kyn vpon a stownde.
Shulle in a strete as dogges liggen dede.
Thorugh girt with many a wide and blody wownde. [ 627]
In euery cas I wol a frende be founde.
And if the list here steruen as a wrecche.
A dieu. the deuel spede hym that recche. [ 630]
This Troilus gan with tho wordes quyken. [ 631]
And seyde frend graunt mercy ich assente.
But certeynly thow maist nat so me priken.
Ne peyne non ne may me so tormente. [ 634]
That for no cas it is nat myn entente.
At shorte wordes though I deyen sholde.
To rauysshen hire but if hireself it wolde. [ 637]
Whi so mene I quod Pandarus al this day. [ 638]
But telle me thanne hastow hire wil assayed.
That sorwest thus and he answerde hym nay.
wherof artow quod Pandare thanne amayed. [ 641]
That nost nat that she wol ben yuele appayed.
To rauysshen hire syn thow hast nought ben there.
But if that Ioue told it in thyn ere. [ 644]
Page  191(93)
fforthi ris vp as nought ne were anon. [fol. 101b] [ 645]
And wasshe thi face and to the kyng thow wende.
Or he may wondren whider thow art goon.
Thow most with wisdom hym and othere blende. [ 648]
Or vpon cas he may after the sende.
Er thow be war and shortly brother deere.
Be glad and lat me werke in this matere. [ 651]
ffor I shal shape it so that sikerly. [ 652]
Thow shalt this nyght som tyme in som manere.
Com speken with thi lady pryuely.
And by hire wordes ek as by hire cheere. [ 655]
Thow shalt ful sone aperceyue and wel here.
All hire entente and in this cas the beste.
And fare now wel for in this point I reste. [ 658]
The swifte fame which that false thynges. [fol. 102a] [ 659]
Egal reporteth lik the thynges trewe.
was thorughout Troie yfled with preste wynges.
ffro man to man and made this tale al newe. [ 662]
How Calkas doughter with hire bright hewe.
At parlement withouten wordes more.
Ygraunted was in chaunge of Antenore. [ 665]
The which tale anon right as Criseyde. [ 666]
Hadde herde she which that of hire fader roughte.
As in this cas right nought ne whan he deyde.
fful bisily to Iupiter bisoughte. [ 669]
Ȝe hem meschaunce that this tretis broughte.
But shortly lest thise tales sothe were.
She dorst at no wight asken it for fere. [ 672]
Page  192(97)
As she that hadde hire herte and al hire mynde. [ 673]
On Troilus Iset so wonder faste.
That al this world ne myghte hire loue vnbynde.
Ne Troilus out of hire herte caste. [ 676]
She wol ben his while that hire lif may laste.
And thus she brynneth both in loue and drede.
So that she nyste what beste was to reede. [ 679]
But as men seen in towne and al aboute. [ 680]
That wommen vsen frendes to visite.
So to Criseyde of wommen com a route.
ffor pitous Ioie and wenden hire delite. [ 683]
And with hire tales deere ynough a myte.
Thise wommen which that in the Cite dwelle.
They sette hem down and seyde as I shall telle. [ 686]
Quod first that oon .I. am glad trewely. [ 687]
Bycause of ȝow that shal ȝoure fader see.
Another seyde ywis so nam nat I.
ffor al to litel hath she with vs be. [ 690]
Quod tho the thridde I hope ywis that she.
Shal bryngen vs the pees on euery syde.
That whan she goth almyghty god hire gide. [ 693]
Tho wordes and tho wommanysshe thynges. [fol. 102b] [ 694]
She herde hem right as though she thennes were.
ffor god it woot hire herte on othir thynges is.
Although the body satte amonge hem there. [ 697]
Hire aduertence is alwey elleswhere.
ffor Troilus ful faste hire soule soughte.
withouten worde on hym alwey she thoughte. [ 700]
Page  193(101)
Thise wommen that thus wenden hire to plese. [ 701]
Aboute naught gonne alle hire tales spende.
Swich vanyte ne kan don hire non ese.
As she that al this mene while brende. [ 704]
Of other passioun than that they wende.
So that she felte almost hire herte deye.
ffor wo and wery of that compaignie [ 707]
[Stanza 102 not in C. C. C. MS.]
And thilke fooles sittynge hire a boute. [ 715]
wenden that she wepte and siked sore.
Bycause that she sholde out of that route.
Deperten and neuere pleye with hem more. [ 718]
And they that hadde yknowen hire of ȝore.
Seigh hire so wepe and thoughte it kyndenesse.
And eche of hem wepte eke for hire destresse. [ 721]
And bisyly they gonnen hire comfort. [ 722]
Of thyng god woot on which she litel thoughte.
And with hire tales wenden hire disporten.
And to be glad they ofte hire bysoughte. [ 725]
But swiche an ese therwith they hire wroughte.
Right as a man is esed for to feele.
ffor ache of hed to clawen hym on his heele. [ 728]
Page  194(105)
But after al this nyce vanyte. [ 729]
They toke hire leue and home they wenten alle.
Criseyde ful of sorweful piete.
Into hire chambre vp went out of the halle. [ 732]
And on hire bed she gan for ded to falle.
In purpos neuere thennes for to rise.
And thus she wroughte as I shal ȝow deuyse. [ 735]
Hire ownded heer that sonnysshe was of hewe. [fol. 103a] [ 736]
She rente and ek hire fyngeres longe and smale.
She wrong ful oste and bad god on hire rewe.
And with the deth to doon boote on hire bale. [ 739]
Hire hew whilom bright that tho was pale.
Bar witnesse of hire wo and hire constreynte.
And thus she spak sobbyng in hire compleynte. [ 742]
Allas quod she out of this regioun. [ 743]
I woful wrecche and infortuned wight.
And born in corsed constellacioun.
Moot goon and thus deperten from my knyght. [ 746]
wo worth allas that ilke dayes light.
On which I saugh hym first with eyen tweyne.
That causeth me and ich hym al this peyne. [ 749]
Therwith the teris hire eyen two. [ 750]
Down falle. as shoure april swithe.
Hire white brest she bette and for the wo.
After the deth she cryed a thousand sithe. [ 753]
Syn he that wonte hire wo was for to lithe.
She moot forgon. for which disauenture.
She held hireself a forlost creature. [ 756]
Page  195(109)
She seyde how shal he don and ich also. [ 757]
How sholde I lyue if that I from hym twynne.
O deere herte eke that I loue so.
who shal that sorwe slen that ȝe ben Inne. [ 760]
O. Calkas fader thyn be al this synne.
O. moder myn that cleped were Argyue.
wo worth that day that thow me bere on lyue. [ 763]
To what fyn sholde I lyue and sorwen thus. [ 764]
How sholde a fisshe withouten water dure.
what is Criseyde worth from Troilus.
How sholde a plaunte or lyues creature. [ 767]
Lyue withouten his kynde noriture.
ffor which ful ofte a byword here I seye.
That rootles moot grene soone deye. [ 770]
I shal doon thus syn neither swerde ne darte. [fol. 103b] [ 771]
Dar I noon handle for the crueltee.
That ilke day that I from ȝow departe.
If sorwe of that nyl nat my bane be. [ 774]
Thanne shal no mete or drynke come in me.
Til I my soule of my breste vnshethe.
And thus myseluen wol I don to dethe. [ 777]
And Troilus my clothes euerychon. [ 778]
Shul blake ben in tokennyng herte swete.
That I am as out of this world agon.
That wonte was ȝow to setten in quiete. [ 781]
And of myn ordre ay til deth me mete.
The obseruance euere in ȝoure absence.
Shal sorwe ben. compleynt and abstinence. [ 784]
Page  196(113)
Myn herte and ek the woful goost therInne. [ 785]
Byquethe I with ȝoure spirit to compleyne.
Eternaly for they shal neuere twynne.
ffor though in erthe ytwynned be we tweyne. [ 788]
Ȝet in the feld of piete out of peyne.
That heighte Elisos shal we ben yfeere.
As Orpheus. and Erudice his fere. [ 791]
Thus herte myn for Antenor allas. [ 792]
I soone shal be chaunged as I wene.
But how shul ȝe don in this sorwful cas.
How shal ȝoure tendre herte this sustene. [ 795]
But herte myn forȝete this sorwe and tene.
And me also for sothely for to seye.
So ȝe wel fare I recche naught to deye. [ 798]
How myghte it euere yred ben or ysonge. [ 799]
The pleynte that she made in hire destresse.
I. not but as for me my litel tonge.
If I discryuen wolde hire heuynesse. [ 802]
It sholde make hire sorwe seme lesse.
Than that it was and childisshly deface.
Hire heigh compleynte. and therfore ich it pace. [ 805]
Pandare which that sent from Troilus. [fol. 104a] [ 806]
Was vnto Criseyde as ȝe han herde deuyse.
That for the beste it was acorded thus.
And he ful glad to doon hym that seruyse. [ 809]
Unto Criseyde in a ful secree wise.
Ther as she lay in torment and in rage.
Come hire to telle alle hooly his message. [ 812]
Page  197(117)
And fond that she hireseluen gan to trete. [ 813]
fful pitously for with hire salte teris.
Hire brest hire face ybathed was ful wete.
The myghty tresses of hire sonnysshe heeris. [ 816]
Unbroiden hangen al aboute hire eeris.
which ȝaf hym verray signal of matire.
Of deth which that hire herte gan desire. [ 819]
Whan she hym saugh she gan for sorwe anon. [fol. 104b] [ 820]
Hire tery face atwixe hire armes hide.
ffor which this Pandare is so wobygon.
That in the hous he myghte vnnethe abyde. [ 823]
As he that pitie felt on euery syde.
ffor if Criseyde hadde erst compleyned soore.
Tho gan she pleyne a thousand tymes more. [ 826]
And in hire aspre pleynte thus she seyde. [ 827]
Pandare first of Ioies mo than two.
was cause causyng vnto me Criseyde.
That now transmewed ben in cruel wo. [ 830]
wher shal I seye to ȝow welcom or no.
That alderfirst me broughte vnto seruyse.
Of loue allas that endeth in swich wise. [ 833]
Endeth thanne loue in wo. ȝe or men lieth. [ 834]
And al worldly blisse as thynketh me.
The ende of blisse ay sorwe it occupieth.
And who so troweth nat that it so be. [ 837]
Lat hym vpon me woful wrecche ysee.
That my self hate and ay my burthe acorse.
ffelyng alwey fro wyk I go to worse. [ 840]
Page  198(121)
Whoso me seeth . he seeth sorwe al atonys. [ 841]
Peyne torment pleynte wo distresse.
Out of my woful body harm ther noon is.
As angwissh langour cruel bitternesse. [ 844]
Anoy smerte drede fury and ek siknesse.
I trowe ywys from heuene teeris reyne.
ffor pite of myn aspre and cruel peyne. [ 847]
And thow my suster ful of discomfort. [ 848]
Quod Pandarus what thynkestow to do.
whi ne hastow to thyseluen som resport.
whi wiltow thus thiself allas fordo. [ 851]
Leef al this werke and take now heede to.
That I shal seyne and herkne of good entente.
This message which by me thi Troilus the sente. [ 854]
Tornede hire tho Criseyde a wo makynge. [fol. 105a] [ 855]
So grete that it a deth was for to see.
Allas quod she what wordes may ȝe brynge.
Than wol my deere herte seyn to me. [ 858]
which that I drede neuere mo to see.
wol he han pleynte or teris er I wende.
I haue ynough if he ther after sende. [ 861]
She was right swiche to seen in hire visage. [ 862]
As is that wight that men on beere bynde.
Hire face lik of Paradys the ymage.
was al ychaunged in another kynde. [ 865]
The pleye the laughter men was wont to fynde.
On hire an ek hire Ioies euerichone.
Ben fled and thus lith now Criseyde allone. [ 868]
Page  199(125)
Aboute hire eyen two purpre rynge. [ 869]
Bytrent in sothfast tokenyng of hire peyne.
That to biholde it was a dedely thyng.
ffor which Pandare myghte nat restreyne. [ 872]
The teeris from hise eighen for to reyne.
But natheles as he best myghte he seyde.
ffram Troilus thise wordes to Criseyde. [ 875]
Lo Nece .I. trow ȝe han herd al how. [ 876]
The kyng with othere lordes for the beste.
Hath made eschaunge of Antenor and ȝow.
That cause is of this sorwe and this vnreste. [ 879]
But how this cas dooth Troilus moleste.
That may non erthely mannes tonge seye.
ffor verray wo his wit is al aweye. [ 882]
ffor which we han so sorwed he and I. [ 883]
That into litel bothe it hadde vs slawe.
But thorugh my conseyl this day finaly.
He somwhat is fro wepynge now withdrawe. [ 886]
And semeth me that he desireth fawe.
with ȝow to ben al nyght for to deuyse.
Remedie in this if ther were any wyse. [ 889]
This shorte and pleyn theffect of my message. [fol. 105b] [ 890]
As ferforth as my wit kan comprehende.
ffor ȝe that ben of torment in swich rage.
May to no longe prologe as now entende. [ 893]
And herevpon ȝe may answere hym sende.
And for the loue of god my Nece deere.
So leue this wo er Troilus be here. [ 896]
Page  200(129)
Grete is my wo quod she and sighte soore. [ 897]
As she that feleth dedly sharp distresse.
But ȝit to me his sorwe is muchel more.
That loue hym bette than he hym self .I. gesse. [ 900]
Allas for me hath he swich heuynesse.
Kan he for me so pitously compleyne.
Iwis this sorwe doubleth al my peyne. [ 903]
Greuouse to me god woot is for to twynne. [ 904]
Quod she but ȝet it harder is to me.
To sen that sorwe which that he is Inne.
ffor wel woot I it wol my bane be. [ 907]
And deye I wolde in certeyn tho quod she.
But bid hym come er deth that thus me threteth.
Dryue ouȝt that goost which in myn herte he beteth. [ 910]
Thise wordes seyde she on hire armes two. [ 911]
ffil gruf and gan to wepen pitously.
Quod Pandarus allas whi do ȝe so.
Syn wel ȝe woot the tyme is fast by. [ 914]
That he shal come aris vp hastily.
That he ȝow nat bywopen thus ne fynde.
But ȝe wole haue hym wood out of his mynde. [ 917]
ffor wiste he that ȝe ferde in this manere. [ 918]
He wolde hymseluen sle and if I wende.
To han this fare. he sholde nat come here.
ffor al the good that Priam may dispende. [ 921]
ffor to what fyn he wolde anon pretende.
That knowe ich wel and forthi ȝet I seye.
So lef this sorwe or platly he wol deye. [ 924]
Page  201(133)
And shapeth ȝow his sorwe for tabregge. [fol. 106a] [ 925]
And nought encresse leeue Nece swete.
Beth rather to hym cause of flat than egge.
And with som wisdom ȝe his sorwes bete. [ 928]
what helpeth it to wepen ful a strete.
Or though ȝe bothe in salte teeris dreynte.
But is a tyme of cure ay than of pleynte. [ 931]
I mene thus. whan ich hym hider brynge. [ 932]
Syn ȝe be wise and bothe of oon assente.
So shapeth how destourbe ȝoure goynge.
Or come aȝeyn soon after ȝe be wente. [ 935]
women ben wise in short auysemente.
And lat sen how ȝoure wit shal now auaille.
And what that I may helpe it shal nat faille. [ 938]
Go quod Criseyde and Uncle trewely. [ 939]
I. shal don al my myght me to restreyne.
ffrom wepyng in his sighte and bisily.
Hym for to glade .I. shal don al my peyne. [ 942]
And in myn herte seken euery veyne.
If to this sore ther may be fonden salue.
It shal nat lakke certeyn on my halue. [ 945]
Gothe Pandarus and Troilus he soughte. [fol. 106b] [ 946]
Til in a temple he fonde hym al allone.
As he that of his lif no lenger roughte.
But to the pitouse goddes euerichone. [ 949]
fful tendrely he preyed and made his mone.
To doon hym sone out of this worlde to pace.
ffor wel he thoughte ther was non other grace. [ 952]
Page  202(137)
And shortly al the sothe for to seye. [ 953]
He was so fallen in despeir that day.
That outrely he shope hym for to deye.
ffor right thus was his argument alway. [ 956]
He seyde he nas but lorn weylaway.
ffor al that comth comth by necessitee.
Thus to ben lorn it is my destinee. [ 959]
ffor certeynly this wot I wel he seyde. [ 960]
That for sight of diuine purueyaunce.
Hathe seyn alwey me to forgone Criseyde.
Syn god seeth euery thyng out of doutaunce. [ 963]
And hem disponyth thorugh his ordinaunce.
In hire merites sothely for to be.
As they shul comen by predestyne. [ 966]
But natheles allas whom shal I leeue. [ 967]
ffor ther ben grete clerkes many oon.
That destyne thorugh argumentes preue.
And som men seyn that nedely ther is noon. [ 970]
But that fre chois is ȝeuen vs euerychon.
O. welaway so sleighe arn Clerkes olde.
That I not whos opynyoun I may holde. [ 973]
ffor som men seyn if god seth al biforn. [ 974]
Ne god may nat deceyued ben parde.
Than moot it fallen theigh men hadde it sworn.
That purueiance hath seyn byfore to be. [ 977]
wherfore I sey that from eterne if he.
Hath wist byforn oure thought ek as oure dede.
we han no fre chois as thise clerkes rede. [ 980]
Page  203(141)
ffor other thought nor other dede also. [fol. 107a] [ 981]
Myghte neuere ben but swich as purueyaunce.
which may nat ben deceyued neuere mo.
Hath feled byforn withouten ignoraunce. [ 984]
ffor yf ther myghte ben a variaunce.
To writhen out fro goddis purueyinge.
Ther nere no prescience of thyng commyng. [ 987]
But it were rather an opynyoun. [ 988]
Uncerteyn and no stedfaste for seynge.
And certes that were an abusioun.
That god sholde han no parfit clere wytynge. [ 991]
More than we men that han doutous wenynge.
But swich an errour vpon god to gesse.
were fals and foule and wikked corsednesse. [ 994]
Ek this is an opynyoun of some. [ 995]
That han hire top ful heighe and smothe yshore.
They seyn right this that thyng is nat to come.
ffor that the prescience hath seyn byfore. [ 998]
That it shal come but they seyen that therfore.
That it shal come therfore the purueyaunce.
woot it byforn withouten ignoraunce. [ 1001]
And in this manere this necessite. [ 1002]
Retorneth in his parte contrarie agayne.
ffor nedfully byhoueth it nat to bee.
That thilke thynges fallen in certayne. [ 1005]
That ben purueyed but nedly as they sayne.
Byhoueth it that thynges whiche that falle.
That they in certayn ben purueyed alle. [ 1008]
Page  204(145)
I mene as though I laboured me in this. [ 1009]
To enqueren which thyng cause of which thyng be.
As wheither that the prescience of god is.
The certeyn cause of the necessite. [ 1012]
Of thynes 1. [sic] that to comen ben parde.
Or if necessite of thyng comynge.
Be cause certeyn of the purueyinge. [ 1015]
But now nenforce .I. me nat in shewynge. [fol. 107b] [ 1016]
How the ordre of causes stant but wel woot .I.
That it byhoueth that the byfallyng.
Of thynges wiste byfor certeynly. [ 1019]
Be necessarie al seme it nat therby.
That prescience putte fallynge necessaire.
To thyng to come al falle it foule or faire. [ 1022]
ffor if ther sitte a man ȝond on a see. [ 1023]
Than by necessite bihoueth it.
That certes thyn opynyoun sooth be.
That wenest or coniectest that he sit. [ 1026]
And further ouere now aȝeyinward ȝit.
Lo right so is it of the parte contrarie.
As thus nowe herkne for I wol nat tarie. [ 1029]
I sey that if the opynyoun of the. [ 1030]
Be soth for that he sitte than sey I this.
That he mot siten by necessite.
And thus necessite in eyther is. [ 1033]
ffor in hym nede of sittynge is ywys.
And in the ned of soth and thus forsoth.
There mote necessite ben in ȝow bothe. [ 1036]
Page  205(149)
But thow mayst seyn the man sit nat therfore. [ 1037]
That thyn opynyoun of his sittynge soth is.
But rather for the man sit ther byfore.
Therfore is thyn opynyoun sothe ywis. [ 1040]
And I seye though the cause of soth of this.
Comth of his sittyng ȝet necessite.
Is entrechaunged both in hym and the. [ 1043]
Thus in the same wise out of doutaunce. [ 1044]
I may wel maken as it semeth me.
My resonyng of goddes purueyaunce.
An of the thynges that to comen be. [ 1047]
By which resoun men may wel yse.
That thilke thynges that in erthe falle.
That by necessite they comen alle. [ 1050]
ffor although that for thynge shal come ywys. [fol. 108a]
Therfore is it purueyed certeynly.
Nat that it comth for it purueyed is.
Ȝet natheles bihoueth it nedfully. [ 1054]
That thing to come be purueyde trewely.
Or elles thynges that purueyed be.
That they bitiden by necessite. [ 1057]
And this suffiseth right ynough certeyn. [ 1058]
ffor to destruye oure fre chois euery del.
But now is this abusioun to seyn.
That fallyng of the thynges temporel. [ 1061]
Is cause of goddes prescience eternel.
Now trewely that is a fals sentence.
That thyng to come sholde cause his prescience. [ 1064]
Page  206(153)
What myght I wene and I hadde swiche a thought. [ 1065]
But that god purueyeth thyng that is to come.
ffor that it is to come and ellis nought.
So myghte I wene that thynges alle and some. [ 1068]
That whilom ben byfalle and ouercome.
Ben cause of thilk souereyne purueyaunce.
That for woot al withouten ignoraunce. [ 1071]
And ouere al this ȝet sey I more herto. [ 1072]
That right as whan I wot ther is a thyng.
Iwys that thyng moot nedfully be so.
Ek right so whan I woot a thyng comyng. [ 1075]
So mot it come and thus the bifallyng.
Of thynges that ben wist bifore the tyde.
They mowe nat ben eschued on no syde. [ 1078]
Thanne seyde he thus almyghty Ioue in Trone. [ 1079]
That woost of al thyng the sothefastnesse.
Rewe on my sorwe or do me deyen sone.
Or bryng Criseyde and me fro this destresse. [ 1082]
And whil he was in al this heuynesse.
Disputyng with hym self in this matere.
Com Pandare in and seyde as ȝe may here. [ 1085]
O myghty god quod Pandarus in Trone. [fol. 108b] [ 1086]
I who say euere a wis man faren so.
whi Troilus what thinkestow to doone.
Hastow swich lust to ben thyn owen fo. [ 1089]
what perde ȝet is nat Criseyde ago.
whi luste the so thi self fordoon for drede.
That in thyn hed thyne eyen semen dede. [ 1092]
Page  207(157)
Hastow nat lyued many a ȝer byforn. [ 1093]
withouten hire and ferd ful wel atese.
Artow for hire and for noon other born.
Hath kynde the wroughte al only hire to plese. [ 1096]
Lat be and thynk right thus in thi disese.
That in the dees right as ther fallen chaunces.
Right so in loue ther come and gon plesaunces. [ 1099]
And ȝet this is a wonder moste of alle. [ 1100]
whi thow thus sorwest syn thow nost nat ȝit.
Touchyng hire goyng how that it shal falle.
Ne ȝif she kan hireself destourben it. [ 1103]
Thow hast nat ȝet assayed al hire wit.
A man may al bytyme his nekke beede.
whan it shal of and sorwen at the nede. [ 1106]
fforthi tak hede of that I shal seye. [ 1107]
I haue with hire yspoke and longe ybe.
So as acorded was bitwixe vs tweye.
And euere mor me thynketh thus that she. [ 1110]
Hath somwhat in hire hertes priuete.
wherwith she kan if I shal right arede.
Destourben al this of which thow art in drede. [ 1113]
ffor which my counseil is whan it is nyght. [ 1114]
Thow to hire go and make of this an ende.
And blisful Iuno 1. [[MS. Jame or Jaino]] thorugh hire gret myght.
Shal as I hope hire grace vs 2. [[sic]] to vs sende.
Myn herte seyth certeyn she shal nat wende.
And forthi put thyn herte a while in reste.
And holde this purpos for it is the beste. [ 1120]
Page  208(161)
This Troilus answerd and sighte soore. [fol. 109a] [ 1121]
Thow seist right wel and I wol don right so.
And what hym liste he seyde vnto it more.
And whan that it was tyme for to go. [ 1124]
fful pryuely hymself withouten mo.
Unto hire com as he was wont to doone.
And how they wroughte .I. shal ȝow tellen soone. [ 1127]
Soth is that whan they gonnen first to mete. [fol. 110a] [ 1128]
So gan the peyne hire hertes for to twiste.
That neyther of hem other myght grete.
But hem in armes toke and after kiste. [ 1131]
The lasse woful of hem bothe nyste.
wher that he was ne myghte .o. word out bryng.
As I seyde erst for wo and for sobbyng. [ 1134]
Tho woful teeris that they leten falle. [ 1135]
As bittre weren oute of teris kynde.
ffor peyne as in ligne aloes or galle.
So bittre teeris weep nought as I fynde. [ 1138]
The woful Mirra thorugh the bark and rynde.
That in this world ther nys so harde an herte.
That nolde han rewed on hire peynes smerte. [ 1141]
But whan hire wofulle weri goostes tweyne. [ 1142]
Retourned ben ther as hem owe to dwelle.
And that somwhat to wayken gan the peyne.
By lengthe of pleynte and ebben gan the welle. [ 1145]
Of hire teeris and the herte vnswelle.
with broken vois al hoors forshright Criseyde.
To Troilus thise ilke wordes seyde. [ 1148]
Page  209(165)
O Ioue I deye and mercy I beseche. [ 1149]
Help Troilus and therwithal hire face.
Upon his brest she leyde and lost speche.
Hire woful spirit from his propre place. [ 1152]
Right with the word alwey o poynt to pace.
And thus she lith with hewes pale and grene.
That whilom fresshe and fairest was to sene. [ 1155]
This Troilus that on hire gan biholde. [ 1156]
Clepyng hire name and she lay as for dede.
withouten answere and felte hire lymes colde.
Hire eyen throwen vpward to hire hede. [ 1159]
This sorwful man kan now noon other rede.
But ofte tyme hire colde mowthe he kiste.
wher hym was wo god and hymself it wiste. [ 1162]
He rist hym vp and long streight he hire leyde. [fol. 110b]
ffor signe of lif for aught he kan or may.
Kan he non fynde nothyng of Criseyde.
ffor which his song ful ofte is weylaway. [ 1166]
But whan he saugh that specheles she lay.
with sorweful vois and herte of blisse al bare.
He seyde how she was fro this world yfare. [ 1169]
So after that he longe hadde hire compleyned. [ 1170]
His hondes wrong and seyde that was to seye.
And with hise teeris salt hire brest byreyned.
He gan tho teeris wypen of ful dreye. [ 1173]
And pitously gan for the soule preye.
And seyde o lord that set art in thi trone.
Rewe ek on me for I shal folwe hire sone. [ 1176]
Page  210(169)
She colde was and withouten sentement. [ 1177]
ffor aught he woot for breth ne felte he non.
And this was hym a pregnant argument.
That she was forth out of this world agon. [ 1180]
And whan he say ther was non other woon.
He gan hire lymes dresse in swiche manere.
As men don hem that shal ben layde on beere. [ 1183]
And after this with sterne and cruel herte. [ 1184]
His swerde anon out of his shethe he twighte.
Hymself to slen how sore that hym smerte.
So that his soule hire soule folwen myghte. [ 1187]
Ther as the doom of Mynos wolde it dighte.
Syn loue and cruel fortune it no wolde.
That in this world he lenger lyuen sholde. [ 1190]
Than seyde he thus fulfillid of heigh desdayn. [ 1191]
O cruel Ioue and thow fortune aduerse.
This al and som that falsly haue ȝe slayn.
Criseyde and syn ȝe may do me no werse. [ 1194]
ffy on ȝoure myghte and werkes so dyuerse.
Thus cowardly ȝe shul me neuere wynne.
Ther shal no deth me fro my lady twynne. [ 1197]
ffor I this world syn ye haue slayn hire thus. [fol. 111a] [ 1198]
wol lete and folwe hire spirit low or hye.
Shal neuere louere seyn that Troilus.
Dar nat for fere with his lady dye. [ 1201]
ffor certeyn I wol beere hire compaignie.
But syn ȝe wol nat suffre vs lyuen here.
Ȝet suffreth that oure soules ben yfere. [ 1204]
Page  211(173)
And thow Cite which that I lyue in wo. [ 1205]
And thow Priam and bretheren al yfeere.
And thow my Moder farwel for I go.
And Atropes make redy thow my beere. [ 1208]
And thow Criseyde o swete herte deere.
Receyue now my spirit wolde he seye.
with swerde at herte al redy for to deye. [ 1211]
But as god wolde of swough therwith shabreyde. [ 1212]
And gan to sike and Troilus she cride.
And he answerde lady myn Criseyde.
Lyue ȝe ȝeet and leet his swerde down glide. [ 1215]
Ȝe herte myn that thonked be Cupide.
Quod she and therwith al she soore syghte.
And he bigan to glad hire as he myghte. [ 1218]
Took hire in armes two and kiste hire ofte. [ 1219]
And hire to glade he did al his entente.
ffor which hire goost that flikered ay o lofte.
Into hire woful herte aȝeyn it wente. [ 1222]
But at the laste as hire eye glente.
Asyde anon she gan his swerde espie.
As it lay bare and gan for fere crye. [ 1225]
And asked hym whi he it hadde out drawe. [ 1226]
And Troilus anon the cause hire tolde.
And how hymself therwith he wolde han slawe.
ffor which Criseyde vpon hym gan biholde. [ 1229]
And gan hym in hire armes faste folde.
And seyde o mercy god lo which a dede.
Allas how neigh we weren bothe dede. [ 1232]
Page  212(177)
Than if I nadde spoken as grace was. [fol. 111b] [ 1233]
Ȝe wolde han slayn ȝoure self anon quod she.
Ȝee douteles and she answerde allas.
ffor by that ilke lord that made me. [ 1236]
I nolde a forlonge wey on lyue haue be.
After ȝoure deth to han ben crowned Queene.
Of al that londe the sonne on shyneth sheene. [ 1239]
But with this selue swerde that here is. [ 1240]
My selue I wolde han slayn quod she tho.
But hoo for we han right ynough of this.
And lat vs rise and streght to bedde go. [ 1243]
And ther lat vs speken of oure wo.
ffor by the morter which that I se brenne.
Knowe I ful wel that day is nat far henne. [ 1246]
Whan they were in hire bed in armes folde. [ 1247]
Naught was it lik tho nyghtes hire byforn.
ffor pitously ech other gan byholde.
As they that hadden al hire blisse ylorn. [ 1250]
Bywaylinge ay the day that they were born.
Til at the laste this sorwful wight Criseyde.
To Troilus thise ilke wordes seyde. [ 1253]
Lo herte myn wel woot ȝe this quod she. [ 1254]
That if a wight alwey his wo compleyne.
And seketh nought how holpen for to be.
It nys but folie and encresse of peyne. [ 1257]
And syn that here assembled be we tweyne.
To fynde boote of wo that we ben Inne.
It were al tyme soone to bygynne. [ 1260]
Page  213(181)
I am a womman as ful wel ȝe woot. [ 1261]
And as I am awysed sodeynly.
So wol .I. telle ȝow whil it is hoot.
Me thynketh thus that nouther ȝe nor I. [ 1264]
Ought half this wo to maken skilfully.
ffor ther is art ynough for to redresse.
That ȝet is mys and slen this heuynesse. [ 1267]
Swich is the wo that we ben Inne. [fol. 112a] [ 1268]
ffor aught I woot for nothyng ellis is.
But for the cause that we sholden twynne.
Considered al ther nys namore amys. [ 1271]
But what is thanne a remede vnto this.
But that we shape vs soone for to meete.
This al and som my deere herte sweete. [ 1274]
Now that I shal wel bryngen it aboute. [ 1275]
To come aȝeyn soone after that I go.
Therof am I no manere thyng in doute.
ffor dredeles withInne a wowke or two. [ 1278]
I shal ben here and that it may be so.
By alle right and in a wordes fewe.
I shal ȝow wel an heepe of weyes shewe. [ 1281]
ffor which I wol nat make longe sermoun. [ 1282]
ffor tyme ylost may nought recouered be.
But I wol gon to my conclusioun.
And to the beste in aught that I kan see. [ 1285]
And for the loue of god forȝeue it me.
If I speke aught aȝeyns ȝoure hertes reste.
ffor trewely .I. speke it for the beste. [ 1288]
Page  214(185)
Makyng alwey a protestacioun. [ 1289]
That now thise wordes which that I shal seye.
Nis but to shewen ȝow my mocioun.
To fynde vnto oure helpe the beste weye. [ 1292]
And taketh it non other wise .I. preye.
ffor in effect what so ȝe me comaunde.
That wol I don for that is no demaunde. [ 1295]
Now herkneth this ȝe han wel vnderstonde. [ 1296]
My goyng graunted is by parlement.
So ferforth that it may nat be withstonde.
ffor al this world as by my Iugement. [ 1299]
And syn ther helpeth non auisement.
To letten it lat it passe out of mynde.
And lat vs shape a bettre wey to fynde. [ 1302]
The soth is the twynnyng of vs tweyne. [fol. 112b] [ 1303]
wol vs disese and cruelich anoye.
But hym byhoueth som tyme han a peyne.
That serueth loue if that he wol haue Ioye. [ 1306]
And syn I shal no ferther out of Troie.
Than I may ride aȝeyn on half a morwe.
It oughte lesse causen vs to sorwe. [ 1309]
So as .I. shal not so ben hid in muwe. [ 1310]
That day by day myn owne herte deere.
Syn wel ȝe woot that it is now a trewe.
Ȝe shal ful wel al myn estat yheere. [ 1313]
And er that trewe is doon I shal ben heere.
And thanne haue ȝe both Antenore ywonne.
And me also beth glad now if ȝe konne. [ 1316]
Page  215(189)
And thenk right thus Criseyde is now agon. [ 1317]
But what she shal come hastiliche aȝeyn.
And whanne allas lo right anon.
Er dayes ten this dar I saufly seyn. [ 1320]
And than at erste shal we be so feyn.
So as we shal to gideres euere dwelle.
That al this world ne myghte oure blisse telle. [ 1323]
I se that ofte tyme there as we ben now. [ 1324]
That for the beste oure counseyl for to hide.
Ȝe spek nat with me nor I with ȝow.
In fourtenyght ne se ȝow go ne ride. [ 1327]
May ȝe naught ten dayes thanne abide.
ffor myn. honour in swich an auenture.
Iwys ȝe mowen ellis lite endure. [ 1330]
Ye knowe ek how that al my kynne is heere. [ 1331]
But if that onliche it my fader be.
And ek myn othere thynges alle yfeere.
And nameliche my deere herte ȝe. [ 1334]
whom that I nolde leuen for to se.
ffor al this world as wyde as it hath space.
Or ellis se iche neuere Ioues face. [ 1337]
Whi trowe ȝe my fader in this wise. [fol. 113a] [ 1338]
Coueyteth to se me but for drede.
Lest in this town that folkes me despise.
Bycause of hym for his vnhappy dede. [ 1341]
what woot my fader what lif that I lede.
ffor if he wiste in Troie how wel I fare.
Us nedeth for my wendyng nought care. [ 1344]
Page  216(193)
Ȝe sen that euery day ek more and more. [ 1345]
Men trete of pees and it supposid is.
That men the queene Eleyne shal restore.
And grekis vs restoren that is mys. [ 1348]
So though ther nere comforte non but this.
That men purposen pees on euery syde.
Ȝe may the bettre at ese of herte abyde. [ 1351]
ffor if that it be pees myn herte deere. [ 1352]
The nature of the pees moot nedes dryue.
That men moost entrecomunen yfeere.
And to and fro ek ride and gon as blyue. [ 1355]
Alday as thikke as been fleen from an hyue.
And euery wight han liberte to bleue.
where as hym liste the bet withouten leue. [ 1358]
And though so be that pees ther may be non. [ 1359]
Ȝet hider though ther pees neuere ne were.
I most come for whider sholde I gon.
Or how meschaunce sholde I dwelle there. [ 1362]
Among tho men of armes euere in feere.
ffor which as wisly god my soule rede.
I kan nat sen wherof ȝe sholden drede. [ 1365]
Haue here another wey if it so be. [ 1366]
That al this thyng ne may ȝow nat suffise.
My fader as ȝe knowen wel parde.
Is olde and elde is ful of coueytise. [ 1369]
And I right now haue founden al the gise.
withouten nette wherwith I shal hym hente.
And herkeneth now if that ȝe wol assente. [ 1372]
Page  217(197)
Lo Troilus men seyn that ful harde it is. [fol. 113b] [ 1373]
The wolf ful and whether hool to haue.
This is to seyn that men ful ofte Iwys.
Mote spenden parte the remenant for to saue. [ 1376]
ffor ay with gold men may the herte graue.
Of hym that set is vpon coueytise.
And how I mene .I. shal it ȝow deuyse. [ 1379]
The moeble which that I haue in this town. [ 1380]
Unto my fader shal I take and sey.
That right for trust and for sauacioun.
It sent is from a frende of his or tweye. [ 1383]
The which frendes feruentliche hym praye.
To senden after more and that in hie.
whil that this town stant thus in Iupartie. [ 1386]
And that shal ben an huge quantite. [ 1387]
Thus shal I seyn and that his cowarde herte.
Made hym amys the goddes texte to glose.
When he for fered out of Delphos sterte. [ 1390]
And but I make hym soon to conuerte.
And don my rede withInne a day or tweye.
I wol to ȝow oblige me to deye. [ 1393]

[Stanzas 200-202 not in C. C. C. MS.]

Page  218(203)
And treweliche as writen wel I fynde. [ 1415]
That al this thyng was seyde of good entente.
And that hire herte trewe was and kynde.
Towardes hym and spak right as she mente. [ 1418]
And that she starf for wo neigh whan she wente.
And was in purpos euere to be trewe.
Thus writen they that of hire werkes knewe. [ 1421]
This Troilus with herte and erys spradde. [ 1422]
Herde al this thyng deuysen to and fro.
And verreliche it semed that he hadde.
The selue wit but ȝet to late hire go. [ 1425]
His herte mys forȝat hym euere mo.
But fynaly he gan his herte wreste.
To trusten hire and took it for the beste. [ 1428]
Page  219(205)
ffor which the grete furie of his penaunce. [fol. 114a] [ 1429]
was queynt with hope and therwith hem bitwene.
Bigan for Ioie thamorouse daunce.
And as the briddes whanne the sonne is shene. [ 1432]
Deliten in hire songe in leues grene
Right so the wordes that they spake yfeere.
Delited hem and made hire hertes clere. [ 1435]
But natheles the wendyng of Criseyde. [ 1436]
ffor al this world may nat out of his mynde.
ffor which ful ofte he pitously hire preyde.
That of hire heste he myghte hire trewe fynde. [ 1439]
And seyde hire certes if ȝe be vnkynde.
And but ȝe come at day sette into Troye.
Ne shal I neuere haue hele honour ne Ioye. [ 1442]
ffor also soth as sonne vprist o morwe. [ 1443]
And god so wisly thow me woful wrecche.
To reste brynge out of this cruel sorwe.
I. wol my seluen sle if that ȝe drecche. [ 1446]
But of my though litel be to recche.
Ȝet er that ȝe me causen so to smerte.
Dwelle rather here myn owen swete herte. [ 1449]
ffor trewely myn owne lady deere. [ 1450]
Tho sleghtes ȝet that I haue herde ȝow stere.
fful shaply ben to faylen alle yfeere.
ffor thus men seyth that on thenketh the beere. [ 1453]
But al another thenketh his ledere.
Ȝoure syre is wys and seyde is oute of drede.
Men may the wise atrenne and naught atrede. [ 1456]
Page  220(209)
It is ful hard to halten vnespied. [ 1457]
Byfore a Crepel for he kan the crafte.
Ȝoure fader is in sleght as Argus eyed.
ffor Albe that his moeble is hym birafte. [ 1460]
His olde sleighte is ȝet with hym lafte.
ȝe shal nat blende hym for ȝoure wommanhede.
Ne feyne aright and that is al my drede. [ 1463]
I not if pees shal euere mo bitide. [fol. 114b] [ 1464]
But pees or no for ernest ne for game.
I. woot syn Calkas on the grekis syde.
Hath ones ben and lost so foule his name. [ 1467]
He dar nomore come here aȝeyn for shame.
ffor which that wey for aught I kan espie.
To trusten on nys but a fantasie. [ 1470]
Ȝe shal ek sen ȝoure fader shal ȝow glose. [ 1471]
To ben a wif and as he kan wel preche.
He shal som greke so preyse and wel allose.
That rauysshen he shal ȝow with his speche. [ 1474]
Or do ȝow don by force as he shal teche.
And Troilus of whom ȝe nyl han routhe.
Shal causeles so steruen in his trouthe. [ 1477]
And ouere al this ȝoure fader shal despise. [ 1478]
Us alle and seyn this Cite nys but lorne.
And that thassege neuere shal aryse.
ffor whi the gekis 1. [sic] han it alle sworne.
Til we be slayn an down oure walles torne.
And thus he shal ȝow with his wordes fere.
That ay drede I that ȝe wol bleuen there. [ 1484]
Page  221(213)
Ȝe shal ek seen so many a lusty knyghte. [ 1485]
Amonge the grekis ful of worthynesse.
And ech of hem with herte wit and myghte.
To plesen ȝow don al his bisynesse. [ 1488]
That ȝe shul dullen of the rudenesse.
Of vs sely Troians but if routhe.
Remorde ȝow or vertue of ȝoure trouthe. [ 1491]
And this to me so greuouse is to thynke. [ 1492]
That fro my breste it wol my soule rende.
Ne dredeles in me ther may nat synke.
A good opynyoun if that ȝe wende. [ 1495]
ffor whi ȝoure fadres sleghte wel vs shende.
And if ȝe gon as I haue told ȝow ȝore.
So thenk I nam but dede withoute more. [ 1498]
ffor which with humble trewe and pitous herte. [fol. 113a]
A thousand tymes mercy I ȝow preye.
So rueth on myn aspre peynes smerte.
And doth somwhat as that I shal ȝow seye. [ 1502]
And lat vs stele awey bitwixe vs tweye.
And thynk that folie is whan man may chose.
ffor accident his substaunce ay to lese. [ 1505]
I mene thus that syn we mowe er day. [ 1506]
wel stele awey and ben togidere so.
what wit were it to putten in assay.
In cas ȝe sholden to ȝoure fader go. [ 1509]
If that ȝe myghten come aȝeyn or no.
Thus mene I that were a grete folie.
To putte that sikernesse in Iupertie. [ 1512]
Page  222(217)
And vulgarly to speken of substaunce. [ 1513]
Of tresour may we bothe with vs lede.
Inough to lyue in honour and plesaunce.
Til into tyme that we shal ben dede. [ 1516]
And thus we maye eschuen al this drede.
For euerich other wey ȝe kan recorde.
Myn herte ywys may therwith naught acorde. [ 1519]
And hardily ne dredeth no pouertee. [ 1520]
For I haue kyn and frendes elleswhere.
That though we comen in oure bare sherte.
Us shold neyther lakken gold ne gere. [ 1523]
But ben honured while we dwelten there.
And go we anon for as in myn entente.
This is the beste if that ȝe wolle assente. [ 1526]
Criseyde with a sike right in this wise. [ 1527]
Answerde ywys my deere herte trewe.
we may wele stele awey as ȝe deuyse.
And fynden swich vnthrifty weyes newe. [ 1530]
But afterward ful soore it wol vs rewe.
And helpe me god so at my mooste nede.
As causeles ȝe suffren al this drede. [ 1533]
ffor thilk day that I for cherisyng. [fol. 115b] [ 1534]
Or drede of fader or for any other wight.
Or for estat delit or for weddyng.
Be fals to ȝow my Troilus my knyght. [ 1537]
Saturnes doughter Iuno thorugh hire myght.
As wood as athamante do me dwelle.
Eternalich in stix the put of helle. [ 1540]
Page  223(221)
And thus on euery god celestial. [ 1541]
I swere it ȝow and ek on eche goddesse.
On euery Nymphe and deite infernal.
On satiry and fawny more and lesse. [ 1544]
That halue goddes ben of wildrenesse.
And Attrepos my thred of lif to breste.
If I be fals now trowe me if ȝow leste. [ 1547]
And thow Symois that as an arwe clere. [ 1548]
Thorugh Troie rennest ay downward to the se.
Ber witnesse of this word that seyde is here.
That thilke day that ich vntrewe be. [ 1551]
To Troilus myn owene herte fre.
That thow retourne bakward to thi welle.
And I with body and soule synke in helle. [ 1554]
But that ȝe speke awey thus for to go. [ 1555]
And leten alle ȝoure frendes god forbede.
ffor any womman that ȝe sholden so.
And namly syn Troie hath now swich nede. [ 1558]
Of help and ek of o thyng taketh hede.
If this were wist my lif lay in balaunce.
And ȝoure honour god shilde us fro meschaunce. [ 1561]
And if so be that pees heere after take. [ 1562]
As alday happeth after anger game.
whi lord the sorwe and wo ȝe wolden make.
That ȝe ne dorste come aȝeyn for shame. [ 1565]
And er that ȝe Iuperten so ȝoure name.
Beth naught to hastif in this hoote fare.
ffor hastif man ne wanteth neuere care. [ 1568]
Page  224(225)
What trowe ȝe the peple ek al aboute. [fol. 116a] [ 1569]
wolde of it seye it is ful light tarede.
They wolden seye and swere it out of doute.
That loue ne drof ȝow naught to don this dede. [ 1572]
But lust volumptuous and coward drede.
Thus were al lost ywys myn herte deere.
Ȝoure honour which that now shyneth so clere. [ 1575]
And also thynketh on myn honeste. [ 1576]
That floureth ȝet how foule I sholde it shende.
And with what felthe it spotted sholde be.
If in this forme I sholde with ȝow wende. [ 1579]
Ne though I lyued vnto the werldes ende.
My name sholde I neuere aȝeynward wynne.
Thus were I loste and that were routhe and synne. [ 1582]
And forthi sle with resoun al this hete. [ 1583]
Men seyn the suffrant ouercomith parde.
Ek whoso wole han lief he lief moot lete.
Thus meketh vertue of necessite. [ 1586]
By pacience and thynk that lord is he.
Of fortune ay that naught wole of hire recche.
And she ne daunteth no wight but a wrecche. [ 1589]
And trusteth this that certes herte swete. [ 1590]
Er Phebus suster lucina the sheene.
The leoun passe out of this Ariete.
I wol ben here withouten any wene. [ 1593]
I mene as helpe me Iuno heuenes quene.
The tenthe day but if that deth messaile.
I wol ȝow sen withouten any faille. [ 1596]
Page  225(229)
And now so this be soth quod Troilus. [ 1597]
I shal wel suffre vnto the tenthe day.
Syn that I se that nede it mot be thus.
But for the loue of god if it be may. [ 1600]
So late vs stelen priuelich away.
ffor euere in oon as for to lyue in reste.
Myn herte seyth that it wol be the beste. [ 1603]
O mercy god what lif is this quod she. [fol. 116b] [ 1604]
Allas ȝe sle me thus for verray tene.
I se wel now that ȝe mystrusten me.
ffor by ȝoure wordes it is wel yseene. [ 1607]
Now for the loue of Cinthia the sheene.
Mistrusteth me nought thus causeles for routhe.
Syn to be trewe I haue ȝow plight my trouthe. [ 1610]
And thynketh wel that som tyme it is wit. [ 1611]
To spende a tyme a tyme for to wynne.
Ne parde lorn am I naught fro ȝow ȝit.
Though that we ben a day or two atwynne. [ 1614]
Drif out tho fantasies ȝow with Inne.
And trusteth me and leueth ek ȝoure sorwe.
Or here my trouthe I wol naught lyue tyl morwe. [ 1617]
ffor if ȝe wiste how soore it doth me smerte. [ 1618]
Ȝe wolde cesse of this for god thow woste.
The pure spirit wepeth in myn herte.
To se ȝow wepen that I loue moste. [ 1621]
And that I mot gon vnto the grekis ooste.
Ȝe nere it that I wiste remedie.
To come aȝeyn right here I wolde dye. [ 1624]
Page  226(233)
But certes I am naught so nyce a wight. [ 1625]
That I ne kan ymaginen a wey.
To come aȝeyn that day that I haue hight.
ffor who may holde a thing that wole awey. [ 1628]
My fader naught for al his queynte pley.
And by my thrift my wendyng out of Troie.
Another day shal torne vs alle to Ioie. [ 1631]
fforthi with al myn herte I ȝow biseke. [ 1632]
If that ȝow list don oughte for my preyere.
And for that loue which that I loue ȝow eke.
That er that I deperte fro ȝow here. [ 1635]
That of so good a confort and a cheere.
I may ȝow sen that ȝe may brynge at reste.
Myn herte which that is o poynt to breste. [ 1638]
And ouere al this I prey ȝow quod she tho. [fol. 117a] [ 1639]
Myn owene hertes sothfast suffisaunce.
Syn I am thyn al hole withouten mo.
That whil that I am absent no plesaunce. [ 1642]
Of oother do me fro ȝoure remembraunce.
ffor I am euere agast forwhy men rede.
That loue is thyng ay ful of bisy drede. [ 1645]
ffor in this world ther lyueth lady non. [ 1646]
If that ȝe were vntrewe as god defende.
That so bitraised were or wo bigone.
As I that alle trouthe in ȝow entende. [ 1649]
And douteles if that ich other wende.
I ner but dede and er ȝe cause fynde.
ffor goddes loue so beth me naught vnkynde. [ 1652]
Page  227(237)
To this answerde Troilus and seyde. [ 1653]
Now god to whom ther nys no cause ywrye.
Me glad as wys I neuere vnto Criseyde.
Syn thilk day I saugh hire first with ye. [ 1656]
was fals ne neuere shal til that I dye.
At shorte wordes wel ȝe may me leue.
I kan na more it shal be founde at preue. [ 1659]
Grant mercy goode myn Iwys quod she. [ 1660]
And blisful venus lat me neuere sterue.
Er I may stonde of plesaunce in degree.
To quyte hym wel that so wel kan deserue. [ 1663]
And while that god my wit wol me conserue.
I shal so don so trewe I haue ȝow founde.
That ay honour to meward shal rebounde. [ 1666]
ffor trusteth wel that ȝoure estat roiale. [ 1667]
Ne veyn delite nor only worthinesse.
Of ȝow in werre or torney Marciale.
Ne pompe array nobleye or ek richesse. [ 1670]
Ne made me to rewe on ȝoure destresse.
But moral vertue grounded vpon trouthe.
That was the cause I first hadde on ȝow routhe. [ 1673]
Eke gentil herte and manhode that ȝe hadde. [fol. 117b] [ 1674]
And that ȝe hadde as me thoughte in despit.
Euery thyng that souned into badde.
As rudenesse and poeplissh appetit. [ 1677]
And that ȝoure resoun bridlede ȝoure delit.
This made abouen euery creature.
That I was ȝoure and shal while I may dure. [ 1680]
Page  228(241)
And this may lengthe of ȝeres naught fordo. [ 1681]
Ne remuable fortune deface.
But Iuppiter that of his myght may do.
The sorwful to be glad so ȝeue vs grace. [ 1684]
Or nyghtes ten to meten in this place. *. [[MS. pace]]
So that it may ȝoure herte and myn suffise.
And fareth now wel for tyme is that ȝe rise. [ 1687]
And after that they longe ypleyned hadde. [ 1688]
And ofte ykist and streite in armes folde.
The day gan rise and Troilus hym cladde.
And rowfullich his lady gan byholde. [ 1691]
As he that felt dethes cares colde.
And to hire grace he gan hym recomaunde.
wher he was wo this holde I no demaunde. [ 1694]
ffor mannes hed ymagynen ne kan. [ 1695]
Nentendement considere ne tonge telle.
This cruele peynes of this sorwful man.
That passen euery torment down in helle. [ 1698]
ffor whan he saugh that she ne myghte dwelle.
which that his soule out of his herte rente.
withouten more out of the chaumbre he wente. [ 1701]
Explicit Liber Quartus.