Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
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(1) [Proem.]
O Blessfful Lygħt of wyche the Bemes Clere [ 1]
Adournetħ . al the thred heuen̄ faire
O sonnes lyf .o Ioves doughter dere
Plesaunce of love .O godely debouaire [ 4]
In gentyl hertis Redy to Repaire
O verray cause of hele . and of gladnesse
Y-heried be. thy myght and thy godnesse [ 7]
In heuen̄ and helle . in erthe and salt[e] see [ 8]
ys felt thy mygħt. of that I wole discerne
As man̄ birde best . fyssħ herbe and grene tre
The fele tymes wytħ . vapour eterne [ 11]
Gode louetħ and to loue . Wyl not werne
And in this worlde . no lyues creature
Wyth-outen̄ loue . is worthe or may endure [ 14]
Yee Ioves fyrst . to thilk effectes glade [ 15]
Thurgh wych that thinges lyven al and bee
Comenden and amoroux hem made
On mortal thinges . and as you lyst ay ye [ 18]
Yeue hem in loue. ese or Aduersitee
And in thousand fourmes dovn̄ hem sente
For̄ loue in erthe and whom you lyst he hente [ 21]
Yee fierse mars . apaisen of his Ire [ 22]
And as you lyst ye maken̄ hertes digne
Algates hem . that ye wole sette a fire
They dreden̄ shame . and vices they Resigne [ 25]
ye doon̄ hem̄ curteys . fressħ ben̄ and benigne
And higħ or lowe . after̄ wyght entendytħ
The Ioies that he hatħ your myght it sendith [ 28]
Page  104(5)
Yee holden̄ Reigne. and hous in vnite [ 29]
ye sothfaste cause. of frensshippe ben̄ alsoo
ye knowen̄ al thilk. couerd qualitee
Of thinges wyche. that folke on̄ whondren̄ soo [ 32]
Whan they can̄ noght. construe how it may Ioo
She loueth hym. or why he loueth here
As why this ffyssħ and noght that cometh to were [ 35]
Yee folke a lawe. han sette in vniuerse [ 36]
And this knowe. I be hem that louers bee
That who-so stryveth. wyth you hath the werse
Now lady brygħt. for thy benignite [ 39]
At reuerence of hem̄. that serven̄ the
Whos clerke I am. so techyth me to devise
Som Ioye of that. is felt in this seruise [ 42]
Yee in maked hertis. sentement / [ 43]
In hielde / and doo me shewe of thy swettenesse
Calyope thy voyce. be now presente
For now is nede. seystow. not my distresse [ 46]
how I moot telle / a-non̄ Ryght the gladenesse
Of Troilus. to Venus Heringe
To wyche. who neditħ hath. god hym bringe [ 49]
Explicit / perhenni tercij Libri
Incipit liber. tercius.
LAy Al this While the seid Troilus [ 50]
Recordyng his lesson. in this manere
May fay thogħt he. thus wyl I sey & thus
That wole pleyne. vn-to my lady dere [ 53]
That worde is gode. and thus shal be my chere
This nyl I not. forgeten̄ in no wysen̄
Gode leve hym werken̄ as he can̄ devise [ 56]
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And Lord So that His Hert[e] gan̄ to qwappe [leaf 21, back]
heryng hire come. and short[e] gan̄ to syke
And pandarus. that lede hir by thy lappe [ 60]
Come nere and gan̄. In at the curteyn
And seide. gode do boote on̄ al syke
She who is here. yoū comen̄ to visite
Loo here is she. that is youre dethe to wyte [ 63]
Therwyth it semed. as he wepte almost [ 64]
A. ha. quod Troilus so Rewfully
were me be wo .O myghty gode thou wost
who is al there. I sey not trewly [ 67]
Sir quod Creseide. it is Pandare and I
Ye swete hert. allas I may not ryse
To knele. and do you honour in som̄ wyse [ 70]
And dressed hym̄ vpward. and she Ryght thoo [ 71]
Gan̄ bothe her handes. softe vpon̄ hym̄ leye
O for the loue of gode. doo ye not soo
To me quod she. I what is this to seye [ 74]
Sir comen̄ am I. to you for causes tweye
First you to thanke. and of your lordshippe eke
Continuaunce. I wolde you beseche [ 77]
This Troilus that herde his lady prey [ 78]
Of lordssyppe. hym wax neither quyk ne dede
No worde myght /. for shame to hit sey
Al-thougħ men̄ sholden̄. smyte of his hede [ 81]
But lorde so he wax. sodeinlych Rede
And seid his lesson̄. that he wende konne
To preyen̄ hir. is thorougħ his wytte y-Ronne [ 84]
Page  106(13)
Creseide al this espied wel y-nougħ [ 85]
For she was wyse. and loued hym neuer the lesse
Al nere he malapert /. or made it tougħ
Or was to bolde. to synge a fool a messe [ 88]
But whan̄ his shame. gan somwhat to passe
his Resons as I may. my Rymes holde
y wole you telle. as techen̄ bokes olde [ 91]
IN changed voyce. Ryght for his verray drede [ 92]
wyche voyce eke qwoke. and therto his manere
Godely abasshed. and now his hewes Rede
Now pale. vnto Creseide his lady dere [ 95]
wyth loke dovn̄ cast. and humble y-yolden̄ chere
loo aldirfirst worde. that hym̄ asterte
was twyes mercy. mercy swete herte [ 98]
And stynt a while / and whan̄ he myght bringe [ 99]
The next worde. was gode wote for I haue
As feithfully. as I haue hade konnyng
Ben youres al. god so my soule saue [ 102]
And shal til that. I wooful. wyght be graue
And thogħ I ne dar. ne kan̄ vnto pleyne
I-wys I souffre. nougħt the lesse peyne [ 105]
Thus moche as now. O womanlyche wyf [ 106]
I may oute bringe. and yf this you displese
That shal I wreke vpon̄ myn̄ owne lyf
Ryght soone I trowe. and doon̄ your hert an̄ ese [ 109]
yif wyth my dethe. your hert[e] may appese
For syn̄ that ye. han herde me somwhat seye
Now Recche. I neuer. how soone that I deye [ 112]
Page  107(17)
Therwyth his manly. sorowes to be-holde [ 113]
hit myght han̄ made. an̄ hert of ston̄ to rewe
And Pandarus wept /. as he to water wolde
And poked euer. his nece newe and newe [ 116]
And seide wobegon̄. ben̄ hertes trewe
For loue of gode. make of this thinge an ende
Or slee vs bothe. at oones or ye wende [ 119]
I What quod She. by gode and by my trouth [leaf 22] [ 120]
I note neuer what. ye wyl that I sey
y what quod he. that ye han̄ on̄ hym̄ routhe
For goddes loue. and doon̄ hym̄ not to dye [ 123]
Now thus quod she. I wolde hym̄ prey
To telle me the fyn̄. of his entent
yit wyst I neuer wel. what he ment [ 126]
What that I meen̄ .O swete hert[e] dere [ 127]
Quod Troilus .o. ffresshe. godely. free
That wyth the stremes. of your eyen clere
ye wolde somtyme. frendly on̄ me see [ 130]
And that ye souffren̄. that I may be he
wythouten̄ braunche. of vice in ony wyse
In trouthe to doon̄. to you my seruise. 1. [[Yow for to serue lyke as ye wyl deuyse.—Caxton.]]
As to my lady Ryght. and chief Resort [ 134]
Wyth al my wytte. al my diligence
And I to han. Ryght as you lyst comfort
Vnder your yerde. egal to myn offense [ 137]
As dethe if that. I breke your defense
And that ye deyne. me so mochel honoure
Me to commanden. aught in any houre [ 140]
Page  108(21)
And I to be your verray humble trewe [ 141]
Secret. and in my peynes pacient
And euer moo. desiren fressħly newe
To serven̄ and ben̄. y-lyke diligent [ 144]
And wyth gode hert al holy your talent
Receyue in gre. how sore that me smert
loo this meen̄. I. myn̄ owne swete herte [ 147]
Qvod pandarus. loo here and herde Request [ 148]
And Raisnoble. a lady for to werne
Now nece myn̄. by natal Ioves feste
Were I a god ye shulden sterue as yerne [ 151]
That heren̄ wel. this man̄ wole nothing yerne
But your honour. and seen̄ hym̄ almost sterue
And ben̄ so lothe. to souffren̄ hym you to serve *. [[a blank line in MS.]] [ 154]
Wyth that she gan̄. he eyen̄ on̄ hym̄ to caste [ 155]
Ful esely and ful debonairly
A-vising hire. and hied not to fast
wyth neuer a worde. but seid hym̄ ful softly [ 158]
Myn̄ honour sauf. I wole wyl trewly
And in suche fourme. as he gan̄ now devise
Receyue hym̄ fully vn-to my seruise *. [[3 blank lines in MS.]] [ 161]
Be-sychyng hym̄ for goddes loue that he [ 162]
wolde in honour of trouthe. and gentilnesse
As I wyl meen̄. eke meen̄ wele to me
And myn̄ honour. wyth wytte besinesse [ 165]
Ay kepe. and yif I may dovn̄ hym̄ gladnesse
Fro henforth y-wys. I nyl not feyne
Now beth al hoole. no lenger ye ne pleyn *. [[2 blank lines in MS.]]
Page  109(25)
But natheles. this warn̄ I you quod she [ 169]
A kinges sone al-thogħ ye be ywys
ye shal haue no more soueraintee
Of me in loue. than ryght in this cas is [ 172]
Nyl not forbere. if that ye doon̄ a-mys
To whrathen̄ you. that whiles ye me serue
Cherice you Ryght aftyr ye deserve [ 175]
And Shortly Dere hert /. And al my Knygħt [leaf 22, back] [ 176]
Beth glade. and draweth you to lustynesse
And I shal trewly. wyth al my ful mygħt
Your bettur tournen. al in-to swettenesse [ 179]
Yif I be she. that may do you gladnesse
For euery woo. ye shal recouur a blisse
And hym in Armes toke. and kan̄ hym kysse [ 182]
Fyl pandarus. on̄ knees and vp his eyen̄ [ 183]
To heuen̄ he threwe. and hielde his handes hye
Immortal god. quod he / that mayst not dyen̄
Cupide I meen̄. of this maist glorifie [ 186]
And venus thou. maist maken̄ melodie
Wythouten̄ honde. me semeth that in tovne
For this miracle. I here eche belle sowne [ 189]
But hoo na more. os now of this matere [ 190]
For-why this folke. wyl come vp a-non̄
That han the lettre Redde. loo I hem here
But I coniure the. Creseide and oon̄ [ 193]
And two thou Troilus. whan̄ thou maist goon̄
That at myn̄ hous. ye ben̄ at myn̄ warnynge
For I wel shal shape. your commynge *. [[1 line blank in MS.]] [ 196]
Page  110(29)
And esetħ there your Hertis Rygħt y-nougħ [ 197]
And lat see wych . of you shal bere the belle
To speke of loue . and Ryght therwyth he lougħ
For there haue ye . a leyser for to telle [ 200]
Quod Troilus . how longe shal it dwelle
Ar this by doon̄ . quod he whan̄ thou maist Ryse
This thing shal be /. Rygħt as I you devise [ 203]
Wyth that / Eleyne . and also Deiphebus [ 204]
Tho comen̄ vpward . at the staiyr ende
And lord so than̄ gan Troilus growen̄
his brother and his suster for to blende [ 207]
Quod Pandarus it is tyme that we wende
Take nece myn̄ . your leue at al thre
And lat hem speke . and commeth forthe wytħ me [ 210]
SHe toke Hir Leue . at hem ful thriftfully [ 211]
As she wel cowde . and they hir Reuerence
Vn-to the fulɫ dyden̄ . hardely
And wonder wele . spaken̄ in hir absence [ 214]
Of hir . in preysyng . of hir excellence
hir gouernaunce . wytte and hir manere
Comendeden̄ . it Ioye was to here *. [[1 line blank in MS.]] [ 217]
Now Lat Hir Wende . to Hir owne place [ 218]
And tourne we . to Troilus a-geyn̄
That gan̄ ful ligħtfully . of the lettre pace
That Deiphebus hade in the gardeyn̄ seyn̄ [ 221]
And of Eleyne . and hym wolde feyn̄
Deliuered ben̄ . and seid that hym liste
To slepe . and after tales han̄ a reste *. [[1 line blank in MS.]] [ 224]
Page  111(33)
ELeyne Hym Kyste . and toke Hir leve Blyue [ 225]
Deiphebus eke . and home went euery wygħt
And pandarus as faste . as he may dryve
To troilus . tho come as lyne Rygħt [ 228]
And on̄ a palete . al that glade nygħt
By troilus he lay . wyth mery chere
To tale . and wel . whas hem . they were in fere [ 231]
WHan euery Wyght was voyded but they two [leaf 23] *. [[A third hand∣writing begins here.]]
And all the dorres weren fast y-shette
To telle in shorte with-outen wordes moo
Thys Pandarus with-outen ony lette [ 235]
Vp Roos and on hys beddes syde hym sette
An gan to spekyn in a soubur wyse
To troilus as I shal þou devyse [ 238]
Myn alderlyuyst lord and brother dere [ 239]
Gode wote and thou that it satte me so sore
Whan I the saw so languyssħing to yere
For loue of wycħe thy wo wex euer more [ 242]
That I wyth al my mygħt And Al my lore
Haue euer sythen doon my besynesse
To bringe the to Ioye oute of distresse [ 245]
And haue y-brougħt it to sucħ plite as thou wost [ 246]
So thurgħt me thou stondest now in wey
To faren wele I sey it for no boost
And wostow why . for shame it is to seye [ 249]
For the haue I a game bygonne to pleye
wycħ that I neuer . eft shal do for other
Al-thogħ he were a thousand tymes my brother [ 252]
Page  112(37)
THat is to say for the am I becomen [ 253]
Betwyx game and ernest suche a meen
As maken wommen vn-to men to comen
Al sey I nogħt. thou wost wele what I meen [ 256]
For the haue I my Nece of vices clene
So fully made thy gentylnesse to trust
That al shal be Rygħt as thy selfe lust [ 259]
But god that al wot take I to wytnesse [ 260]
That neuer I thy for couytyse wrougħt
But oonly for to a-brege that distresse
For wyche ful nygħt thou deydest as me thogħt [ 263]
But now gud brother doo as the ought
For goddes loue and kepe hire oute of blame
*. [[Line 266 is omitted in MS. Harl. 1239, but a blank is left for it.]]
For wel thou wost the name as it of hire [ 267]
A-monge the Pepul as who seyth halowed is
For that man is vnbore I dare wel swere
That euer wyst that she dide a-mys [ 270]
But wo is me that I that cause al this
May thynken that she is my nece dere
And I hir Eme. and traitour eke in fere [ 273]
And were it wyst that I thurgħ myn engyn̄ [ 274]
Had in myn Nece y-put thy fantasie
*. [[Line 276 is omitted in MS. Harl. 1239. No blank is left.]]
Why al þe worlde wolde vpon hit crie [ 277]
And seyen that I the warst trecherye
Did in thys cas that euer was be-gonne
And she fordonne And thou Rygħt nogħt y-wonne [ 280]
Page  113(41)
Wherfore ar I wole ferther goon a paas [ 281]
Yit eft I the besyche and fully seye
That pryuyte goo wyth vs in this cas
That is to seyn that thou vs neuer wrye [ 284]
And be not wrogħt thogħ I the ofte preye
To holden secree suche an higħ matere
For skilful is thou wost wel my prayer *. [[1 blank line in MS.]] [ 287]
And thynke what woo ther hath by-tyd er thys [ 288]
For makyng of a-vauntes as men Rede
And that myschance in this worlde yit ther is
Fro day to day Rygħt for that wycked dede [ 291]
For wych thes wyse clerkes that bene dede
Han euer thys prouerbe to vs yonge
That þe ffyrst vertu is. to kepe his tonge [ 294]
And ner that it I wyl as now tabbregge [leaf 23, back] [ 295]
Diffusion̄ of speche .I. cowde Almost
A thousand olde storyes the a-lege
Of wommen̄ lost. thorogh false and fools boost [ 298]
Prouerbes cast thi selfe y-now And wost
A-geins that vice for to ben A labbe
Al seyde men̄ sothe. as often̄ As thai gabbe [ 301]
O tonge allas. so often herebeforn̄ [ 302]
Hastow made many a lady bryght of hewe
Seyd welaway the day that I was born̄
And many a maydens sorow for to new [ 305]
And for the more part al is vntrewe
That men of yelpe and it were brogħt to preue
Of kynde noon a-vauntour is to leue [ 308]
Page  114(45)
A vauntour And a lyer al is oon̄ [ 309]
As thus I poose . a womman graunte me
Hyr loue . and seytht other wyl she non̄
And I am sworn̄ to holden it secree [ 312]
And aftyr I goo telle it two or thre
I-wys I am vauntour at the leste
And a lyer for I breke my heste [ 315]
(46) (Much alterd in Caxton.)
Now loke thenne yf they be aught to blame [ 316]
Swycħ maner folke what shaɫ I calle hem what
That hem a-vaunte of wommen and by name
There thai behight hem neuer this ne that [ 319]
Ne knowe hem more . than myn olde hatte
No wondyr ys so . gode me sende hele
Thogħ women̄ drede . wytħ vs men̄ to dele [ 322]
I say not thys . for no mystrust of ȝou [ 323]
Ne for no wyse man̄. but for folys nyce
And for the harme . that in this world is now
As wel for folye . oft as for malice [ 326]
For wel wot I . in wyse folke that vice
No woman̄ drat yf she be wel a-visede
For wyse men̄ been by folys harme chastised [ 329]
But now to purpos . leue brother dere [ 330]
Haue this thing . that I haue seyde in mynde
And kepe the clos . and be now of gode chere
For at thi day . thou shalt me trewe fynde [ 333]
I shal thi proces sette . in suche A kynde
And god toforn̄. that it shal the suffyce
For it shal been . Rygħt as thou wylt devise [ 336]
Page  115(49)
For wel wote I thou menest wel parde [ 337]
Ther-for I dare this fully vndyr-take
Thou wost eke what. thi ladi graunted the
And day is sette . the charters vp to make [ 340]
Haue now gode nygħt I may no lengur wake
And bidde for me . syn thou Art now in blisse
That gode me sende dethe or soone lysse [ 343]
Who mygħt tellen half the Ioye or feste [ 344]
Wyche that the soule . of Troylus tho felte
Herynge the effecte of Pandarus byheste
His olde woo . that made his herte swelte [ 347]
Gan tho for Ioye to wasten̄ and to melte
And aɫɫ the rychesse . of his sykes sore
At oones fledde . he felte of hem no more [ 350]
Ryght so As thes holtes And thes hayes [ 351]
That han in wynter . dede byn̄ And drye
Revesten̄ hem . in grene whan that may is
Whan euery lusty lustetħ best pleye [ 354]
Ryght in that sewe . wyse sothe to say
Wax sodeinlycħ his hert[e] ful of Ioye
That gladder was . ther neuer man̄ in Troye [ 357]
And gan His Loke on Pandarus to caste [leaf 24] [ 358]
Fuɫ souburly And frendly on̄ to see
And seyd frynd in Apryl the laste
As wel thou wost yf it remembre the [ 361]
How mygħt the dethe . for wo thou fonde me
And how thou didest Al thi besinesse
To know of me . the cause of my dystresse [ 364]
Page  116(53)
Thou wost how longe .I hit for-bare to sey [ 365]
To the that Art. the man that I most truste
And peryl was it non . to the to be-wrey
That wyst I wel but telle it yf the lyst [ 368]
Syth I so lotħ was . that thi self it wyst
How durst I moo tellen of thys matere
That quake now . And no wygħt may vs here [ 371]
But natheles by that god I the swere [ 372]
That as hym lyst may Al this worlde gouerne
And yf I lye Achilles with his spere
Myn hert cleue al ware my lyue eterne [ 375]
As I am mortal yif I lete or yerne
Wolde it by-wrye or drust or shulde konne
For Alɫ the gode . that gode made vndyre sonne [ 378]
That Radyr dye I wolde and determine [ 379]
As thinketh me . now stocked in pryson̄
In wrechednes . in fylthe And in wermyne
Captyf to cruel kynge Agamenōn̄ [ 382]
And thus in alle the temples of this tovn̄
Vpon the goddes Alle I wolde the swere
To morow day yf that the lyketħ here [ 385]
And that thou hast . y-doon so moche for me [ 386]
That I neuermore it may deserue
This know I wel . Al myght I now for the
A thousand tymes on A morow sterve [ 389]
I kan no more but that I wol the serue
Ryght As thou sclave whider so thou wende
For euermore vn-to my lyues ende [ 392]
Page  117(57)
But here with al myn hert I the be-syche [ 393]
That neuer in me . thou deme such folye
As I shal seyn . my thougħt by thy speche
That this wycħ . thou me doust for companye [ 396]
I shuld wene . it wer a bauderye
Y Am nowght wode . al yf I lewde be
It is not so . that wote I wyl pardee [ 399]
But he that gothe for golde or for Ryghtchesse [ 400]
On suche message calle hym what the lyst
And thys that thou doest calle it gentylnesse
Compassyon of ffellysshyp And trist [ 403]
Depart it soo for wyde wher is wyst
How ther is diuersite required
Be-twyxen thinges lyke as I haue lered [ 406]
And that thou knowe . I thinke not ne wene [ 407]
That this seruise A shame or be Iape
I haue my fayre Sustyr Pollexene
Cassandre Eleyne or ony of the frape [ 410]
Be she nende so fayr or wele y-shape
Telle me wych . thou wylt of euerychone
To han for thyn . And lat me thenne A-lonne [ 413]
But sytħ thou hast don me this seruise [ 414]
My lyue to saue And for non̄ hope of mede
So for the loue of gode this grete impryse
Parfourme it oute for now is most nede [ 417]
For hygħ and low with-outen̄ drede
I wole Alway thyn hestes kepe
Haue now gode nygħt . And lat vs Alle slepe [ 420]
Page  118(61)
THus Hielde hym eche of other wel apayed [lf. 24, bk.] [ 421]
That alle the worlde . ne mygħt it bet Amende
And on the morow . when they wher A-reyd
Eche to his one . nedes gan entende [ 424]
But Troylus thogħt as the fyre he brent
For sharpe desyre . of hope & of plesaunce
He nought for-gate . his gode gouernaunce [ 427]
But in hymself wyth manhode gan Restreyne [ 428]
Eche racle dede . And eche vnbrideled chere
That Alle . tho that lyuen̄ certeyne
Ne sholde an wyste . by worde or by manere [ 431]
What that he mente . as touching this matere
From euery whyght as fer as is the clowde
He whas . so wele dissemilen he cowde [ 434]
And alle the wyle . wyche that I you devise [ 435]
This whas his lyue . whytħ alɫ his myght
By day he whas . in martes hygħ seruise
That is to sey in Armes as a knyght [ 438]
And for the more part . the longe nyght.
He lay and thogħt . how that myght serue
Hys lady best hire thonke for to deserue [ 441]
Wyl I not swere Al-thogħ he lay softe [ 442]
That in his thoght he was sumwhat dysesed
Ne that he turnytħ . on his pyllous ofte
And wolde of that he myssed haue ben essed [ 445]
But in suche cas . men ben not Al-wey plesed
For augħt I wote . namore than whas he
This kan I deme . of possibilite [ 448]
Page  119(65)
But certeyn is to purpos for to goo [ 449]
That in this while . As wrytten is in geste
He saugħ his lady . somtym And Also
She wytħ hym spake whan that she durst & liste [ 452]
And by her broder A-vyce As whas the best
Appointed ful warly in this nede
So as thay durst . how þat they wolde procede [ 455]
But it was spokyn . in so short A wyse [ 456]
In sucħ a-wayte And in sucħ fere
Lest any whygħt deuynen or deuise
Wolde of hem two . or to hit leye A nere [ 459]
That al the world so lief to hem ne were
As that Cupide / wolde hem grace sende
To make of hire Porpos Rygħt an ende [ 462]
(67) *. [[Caxton leaves out St. 67-71. Harl. 1293 (lf. 24, bk.) and 2932 (lf. 59, bk.) have em.]]
But tillȝ . litel that thai spake or wrogħt [ 463]
His wyse gost toke ay of Al swycħ hiede
Hire semed hit . he wyst what she tougħt
Wyth-outen̄ worde so . that it was no nede [ 466]
To bidde hym augħt to doo or ougħt for-bede
For wyche she thouȝgħt . that loue al come it late
Of al Ioye . hade opened hir the yate [ 469]
And shortly of this proces for to passe [ 470]
So wel his werke . and wordes he bysette
That he so ful stode in his lady grace
That twenty thousand tymes or she lette [ 473]
She thonked gode . she euer wyth hym mette
So kowde he hym gouerne in suche seruise
That Alle the worlde ne cowde it bot A-vyse [ 476]
Page  120(69)
For why sho fonde hym so discret in al [ 477]
So secret and of suche of obeyssance
That wel she felte . he was to hir a wal
Of stele And shelde from euery dysplesance [ 480]
That to be in hys gouernance gode
So wyse he was she nas namore afered
I meen as fer . as ougħt ben Required [ 483]
And Pandarus to quyl-ke alway the Fyre [leaf 25] [ 484]
Was euer y-lyke prest And diligent
To ese his frende was sette al his dysyr
He shoof ay on̄ he too And fro was sent [ 487]
He lettres bare whan Troylus was Absent
That neuer man as in his frendys nede
Ne bare hym bet than he wytħ-outen̄ drede [ 490]
But now p[ar]aunter . som men wayten wolde [ 491]
That euery worde . or soonde looke or chere
Of Troylus . that I Rehersen sholde
In al thys whyle vn-to his lady dere [ 494]
I trowe it were . A longe thinke for to hyre
Or of what whyght that stant in syche dysyointe
Hys wordes alle euery loke to poynte [ 497]
For southe I haue not herde it doon or this [ 498]
In story noon . ne no man here I weyne
And thogħ I wolde . y cowde not y-wys
For ther was som epistil hem by-twene [ 501]
That wolde as seyth myn Auctor wel contene
Nygħ halfe this boke . of wycħ hym lyst nat wrytte
How shulde I than of hit a lyne endite [ 504]
Page  121(73)
But to the grete effecte than sey I thus [ 505]
That stondyng in concorde And quiete
Thes ylke two Creseyde and Troylus
As I haue tolde . And in this tyme swete [ 508]
Saue oonly often mygħt they not meete
Ne leyser haue hir speches to fulfille
That byfel hit Rygħt as I shal you telle [ 511]
This Pandarus that euer did his mygħt [ 512]
Ryght for the fyn that I shal telle here
As for to bringe to his hous som nygħt
Hys fayre Nyce and Troylus infere [ 515]
Where as at leyser al this hygħ matere
Touching hir loue . were at the ful vp bounde
hade oute of doute . a tyme of hit y-founde [ 518]
For he wytħ gret deliberacion [ 519]
had euery thing that therto myght a-vaylle
Forncast and putte in execucion
And neyther lefte . for coste ne for trauaille [ 522]
Come hif hym list . hem shulde no thing faille
And for to ben . in aught espied there
That wyst he wel an Impossible it were [ 525]
And dredles it clere was in the wynde [ 526]
Of euery pye . and euery let game
Now al his wel . for al the worlde his blynde
In this matere bothe wylde and tame [ 529]
This tymbre is al Redi vp to frame
Vs lakketħ not but that we weten wolde
A certeyn houre . in wyche she come sholde [ 532]
Page  122(77)
And Troylus that al this purviance [ 533]
Knewe at the ful. and wayted on it ay
Had hervpon eke made grete ordinance
And fonde his cause ther-to. and his aray [ 536]
And yf that he where myssed nyght or day
Ther while he was a-bouten this seruise
That he was goon. to doon his sacryfice [ 539]
And most at suche a temple wake allone [ 540]
Answerd of Appollo for to be
An fyrst to see the holy laurer quake
Er that Appollo spake oute of tree [ 543]
To telle hym nexte. whan grekes shulde flee
And for-thy let hym no man god forbede
But pray Appollo. that he helpe in this nede [ 546]
Now is ther lityl more to Doon [leaf 25, back] [ 547]
But pandare vp And shortly to seyn
Ryght sone vpon the changging of the mone
Whan lygħtles is the worlde A nyght or twene [ 550]
And that the welken shope hym for to Reyne
And streyght A morowe vnto his nece wente
Ye haue wel herde the fyn of his entente [ 553]
When he was come. he gan A-non to pleye [ 554]
As he was wont. And of hym self to Iape
And finially he swore And gan hir seye
By this And that. she shulde hym not scape [ 557]
Ne lenger hym doon after hir to gape
But certeinly she must by hyr leve
Come soupen in his house wytħ hym at eve [ 560]
Page  123(81)
At wyche she lought And gan hir fast excuse [ 561]
And seyd it Reineth. loo how shulde I goon
Lat be quod he ne stande not thus to muse
This moot be doon. ye shal be there A-noon [ 564]
So At the last her-of they fylt at oon
Or ellys softe. he swore hire in hir ere
He shulde comen neuer ther as she were [ 567]
Sone Aftyr this. she to hym gan Rowne [ 568]
And axed hym. yif Troylus where there
He swore hir nay fore he was oute of toūn̄e
And seyd nece I pose that he where there [ 571]
You thurst han neuer more fere
For rather than myght hym ther espye
Me wher leuer A thousand folde to dye [ 574]
Now lyst myn Auctor fully to declare [ 575]
What that she tought. whan he seyd soo
That Troylus whas oute of she tovne y-fare
And yf he seyd soutħ therof or noo [ 578]
But that wythoute a-wayte wytħ hym to goo
She graunted hym syth he hyr that be-sought
And As his Nece. obeyd as hyr ought [ 581]
But natheles yit gan she hym be-syche [ 582]
Al-though wyth hym to gon it were no fere
For to be whare of gosisshe peples speche
That dremen thinges whicħ that neuer were [ 585]
And whel A-vyse hym. whom he brought there
And seyd hym Eme syn I most on you trust
loke al be whel. And doo now As you lust [ 588]
Page  124(85)
He swore here yis . by stokkes And by stones [ 589]
And by the goddes . that in heuen̄ dwellen̄
Or ellys wher hym leuer felle And bones
Wytħ pluto kying as depe ben in helle [ 592]
As Tantalus what sholde I more telle
whan he whas wel . he Roos And toke his leue
And she to souper . come whan it whas eve [ 595]
Wyth a certayn of hyr one men̄ [ 596]
And wytħ hyr fayr Nece Antigone
And other of hir fayr wommen .ix. or ten̄
But who whas gladde . now as trow ye [ 599]
But Troylus that stode . And myght it see
Thurgħ-oute a litel wyndow in a stewe
Ther he by-shette sy[n] mydnyght was in mewe [ 602]
Vnwyst of euery wyght but of Pandare [ 603]
But to the point . now whan she whas comen
Wytħ Alle Ioye And Alle frendys fare
Hire Eme A-non̄ in harmes hatħ he nome [ 606]
And aftyr to the soupeyr Alle And some
Whan tyme whas ful softe they hym sette
Gode wote ther whas no deynte for to fette [ 609]
And afftyr souper gonnen thei to Ryse [leaf 26] [ 610]
At ese wel wytħ hertes Fressħ And glade
And wel was hym that best cowde a-vyse
To liken hir or that hir laughen made [ 613]
He songe she pleyde he tolde A tale of wade
But at the last as euery thinge hathe ende
She toke hir leue . And nedes wolde she wende [ 616]
Page  125(89)
But O fortune executrice of wyerdes [ 617]
O influence of the euyn hye
Sothe is that vndir god ye ben our hierdes
Thought ben to vs best is ben the causes wrye [ 620]
This meene I now for she gan now homward hie
But execute was Al beside hir leve
The goddes wylle . for wych she most beleue [ 623]
The bent mone . wyth hir hornes pale [ 624]
Saturne And Iove in cancro Ioned were
That suche A Rayne fro heuen gan a-vale
That euery manere woman that was there [ 627]
hadde of the smoky Reyne a verray ferre
At qwycħ Pandare tho lought & seyd thenne
Now were it tyme a lady to gonne henne [ 630]
But gud Nece if I myght euer plese [ 631]
you any thing . than pray I quod he
To doon̄ myn hert . as now so grete an ese
As for to dwelle . here al nygħt with me [ 634]
For why this is . youre one hous pardee
And by my trougħt . I sey it not a game
To wende as now / it where a shame [ 637]
Creseyde wycħ that gowde as moche gowde [ 638]
As halfe a worlde toke hede of his prayere
And sitħ it Roon And All was on̄ a flode
She thougħt A gode chepe may I dwelle here [ 641]
And graunted it gladly with a frendis chere
And haue a thonke . as gruche . thenne a-byde
For home to gonne . it may not wel betyde [ 644]
Page  126(93)
I wole quod she myn̄ vncle lief and dere [ 645]
Syn that you lyst. it skylle is to be soo
I am Ryght gladde. wytħ you to dwelle here
I seyde but a game. I wolde goo [ 648]
y-wys graunted mercy. nece quod he tho
were it a game. nor southe for to tellen̄
Now am I gladde. syn that you lust to dwellen̄ [ 651]
Thus al is wel. but tho be-gan a-Ryght [ 652]
The newe Ioye and alle þe feste a-gein
But Pandarus. if godely had he mygħt
He wolde han hied hir to bedde fayn̄ [ 655]
And seyd lord this. is an huge Rayn̄
This were a wheder to slepen̄ inne
And that I Rede vs sone to be-gynne [ 658]
And Nece woot ye where I wold you leye [ 659]
For that ye shal not liggen fer a-sonder
And for ye neither. shullen dar̄ I seye
Here noyse of Raynes ne of thonder [ 662]
By god rygħt in my litil closet yonder
And I wolde in that vtter̄ hous allone
Be wardeyn̄ ouer your wommen̄ euerychone [ 665]
And in this mydil chambre that ye see [ 666]
Shal your̄ wommen slepen̄ wel & softe
And there I seyd shal your seluen̄ bee
And yf ye ligge wel to nygħt come ofte [ 669]
And caretħ not what wheder̄ is a-lofte
To wyn̄ a-non̄. And whan so that you liste
Than is it tyme for̄ to gon̄ to Rest [ 672]
Page  127(97)
Ther is namore but herafter soone [leaf 26, back] [ 673]
Thei dranke voyded and trauars drewe anon̄
Gan euery wyght that had not to do
More in the place out of the chambre gon̄ [ 676]
And euermore so sternliche it Roon̄
And blewe der-wyth. so wondirlich lowde
That wel nygh noman̄ heren other̄ cowde [ 679]
Tho pandarus hir Eme Ryght as hym ougħte [ 680]
wytħ women̄ suche as was her most a-boute
Ful glade vn-to her beddes syde hir brought
And toke his leue And gane ful lowe lowte [ 683]
And seyd her at the closet dore wytħ-owte
Rytħ ouerthwart your wommen̄ lyggen alle
That whom ye lust of hem ye may calle [ 686]
Soo whan that she was in the closed lede [ 687]
And alle hir̄ wommen̄ forth by ordinance
A bedde weren ther as I haue seyde
There was no more to skippen ne to daunce [ 690]
But bidden to goo to bedde wytħ myschaunce
yif any wygħt were stiring any where
And lat hem slepe. that a-bedde were [ 693]
But Pandarus that wel cowde eche a del [ 694]
The olde daunce and euery point ther[i]nne
Whan þat he sawgħ that alle þing whas wel
He thought he wolde vp-on̄ his werk beginne [ 697]
And gan the stew dore al softe vn-pynne
And stille as stone wyth-outen lenger lette
And down by Troilus dovn Ryght he hym sette [ 700]
Page  128(101)
And shortly to the point Ryght for to gon̄ [ 701]
Of al this werk he tolde hym worde and ende
And seyd make the Redy Ryght A-non̄
For to shat in-to heuene blisse wende [ 704]
Now blesful Venus /. thou me grace sende
Quod Troylus for neuer yit noo nede
had I er now. ne haluendel the drede [ 707]
Quod Pandarus ne drede the neuer a dele [ 708]
For it shal by Ryght as thou lyst desire
So thryvn I this nygħt shal I make it wel
Or casten al the gruel in the fyre [ 711]
Yit blesful Venus this myght thou me Enspire
Quod Troylus. as wys as I the serue
And euer bet And bet shal tyl I sterue [ 714]
And yf had O Venus ful of myght [ 715]
Aspectes bade. of mars or of saturne
Or thou combust. or let wer in my byrth
Thy ffadyr pray al thilke harme disturne [ 718]
Of grace And that I glade ayen my turne
For loue of hym thou louedest in the shawe
Y meen Adon̄. that wytħ the bore was slawe [ 721]
O Iove for the loue of fayr Europe [ 722]
The qwyche in fourme of bole Awey thou fette
Now helpe O Mars thou wytħ thy blody cope
For loue of Cyphres thou me naught ne lette [ 725]
O phebus. thinke whan dane her seluen̄ shete
Vnder the barke of laurer wexe for-drede
Yit for hir. O helpe now at this nede. [ 728]
Page  129(105)
Mercurie for the loue of hierse eke [ 729]
For qwycħ pallas was wyth aglauros wrougħt
Now helpe eke diane I the besyche
That this viage be not to the lougħt [ 732]
O fatal sustren. qwycħ or Any clothe
Me shapen was my desteyne me sponne
So helpetħ to this werke that is be-gonne [ 735]
Qvod pandarus thou Wreched mouses Herte [leaf 27] [ 736]
Ar-tow a-gast. so that she wole the byte
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
And folow me for I woll han the wytte [ 739]
But A-byde And let me gon̄ by-for a lite
And wyth that worde he gan̄ vn-don̄ a trappe
And Troylus he brought in by the lappe [ 742]
The steirne wynde so lowde gan to Rowte [ 743]
That no wyght other noyse myght here
And thei lat leyn. at the dore wyth-oute
Ful sikerly. thei slepten al in fere [ 746]
And pandarus with a ful soubre chere
Gothe to the dore A-non̄ with-outen̄ lette
There as they lay. And softly hit shette [ 749]
And as he come a-yen̄ward pryuely [ 750]
His Nece a-woke. And asked ho goth dere
My dere nece quod he it am I
Ne wonder notħ. ne haue it no fere [ 753]
And ner he come. and seyd her in here ere
No word for loue of god I you beseche
Lat no wygħt Rysen to here of oure speche [ 756]
Page  130(109)
What wycħ way be ye come benedicite [ 757]
Quod she and how vnwyst of hem alle
Here at this secre trappe dore quod he
Quod tho Creseyde. lat me som wyght calle [ 760]
I gode forbede that it shulde falle
Quod Pandarus that ye suche folye wrougħt
Thei myght deme þing that thei neuer thougħt [ 763]
Hit is not gode A sleping hounde to wake [ 764]
And a yeue a wyght cause to devyne
Your' wommen slepen alle I vndyr-take
And slepen̄ wole tyl that sonne shynne [ 768]
So that for them the hous men̄ mygħt myne [ 767]
And whan my tale y-brought is to A nende
Vn-wyst Ryght as I come so wyl I wende [ 770]
Now nece myn. ye shul wel vndir-stonde [ 771]
Quod he so as ye women̄ demen̄ alle
That for to holde longe a man in hande
And hym hir loue. and dere hert calle [ 774]
And maken hym. an hove a-boue a calle
I meen̄ as loue. a nother in this meen while
She dothe hir selfe a shame And hym begyle [ 777]
Now wherby that I telle you Alle this [ 778]
ye wote your selfe as wol as any wygħt
how that your loue al fully graunted is
To Troilus the worthiest knyght [ 781]
On of the worlde. and ther-to trought y-plygħt
That but it were on̄ hym a-longe ye wolde
hym neuer falsen while that ye lyven sholde [ 784]
Page  131(113)
Now stant it thus that sytħ I fro you went [ 785]
This troilus Ryght platly for to seyn̄
Is thorougħ A goter by a pryue went
In-to my chambre comen̄ in al this reyn̄ [ 788]
Vn-wyst of euery maner wyght certeyn̄
Saue of my self. as wis haue I loye
And by the feytħ. I shal pryam of Troye [ 791]
And he is come in syche peyne And distresse [ 792]
That but he be as fully wode by this
So sodenily mot falle in-to A wodnesse
But yif ye helpe. And cause why is this [ 795]
he seid hym-self tolde is of a frende of his
how þat he shulde louen̄ oon̄ atte horaste
For sorogħ of wycħ this nygħt shal ben his laste [ 798]
CReseide Wyoħ that this Wonder Herde [leaf 27, back] [ 799]
Gan sodenily a-boute her herte colde
And wyth a syke. she sorowfully Answerde
Allas I wolde haue wende wo tales tolde [ 802]
My dere hert wolde me not holde
So lyghtly fals Allas conceytys wronge
what harme thei doone for now lyve I to longe [ 805]
HOraste Allas. And falsen Troylus [ 806]
I knowe hym nowgħt. gode helpe me quod she
Allas qwat wycked spirit tolde hym thus
Now certes Eme to-morow and I hym see [ 809]
I shal therof. as fully excusen me
And euery did womman̄ yif hym lyke
And wytħ that worde she gan ful sore syke [ 812]
Page  132(117)
O gode quod she. so wordly selynesse [ 813]
wyche clerkes callen fals felicite
y-medlid wyth many a bitternesse
Ful Anguysshous that is god wote quod she [ 816]
Condicion̄ of veyne prosperite
For eyther Ioyes comen not in fere
Or ellys no wyght hath hem alwey here [ 819]
O brotel wele of mannes Ioye vnstable [ 820]
wytħ what that thou be or how thou play
Eyther ha whote that thou Ioye arte muable
Or woot it not. it moot ben oon of twey [ 823]
Now yf he wotte it nogħt how may he seye
That he hath verray Ioye and selynesse
That is of ignoraunce ay in derkenesse [ 826]
Now yif he woot that Ioye is transitorie [ 827]
As euery Ioye of wordly thing moot flee
Than euery tyme he that hath in memorie
The drede of lesing. makytħ hym that he [ 830]
May in no parfite selynesse bee
And yif to lese his Ioye he sette a myte
Than semetħ it that Ioie is wortħ for lite [ 833]
Wherfore I wole diffyne in this manere [ 834]
That truly for aught I can espie
There is no verray wele in this world here
But O thou wycked serpent Ialousie [ 837]
Thou misbeleved envyous folye
Why hastow made Troilus to me vntriste
That neuer yit a-gilte hym that I wyste [ 840]
Page  133(121)
Quod Pandarus this fallen is the cas [ 841]
Why vncle myn̄ quod she whoo tolde hym thus
Why douthe my dere hert thus allas
Ye whot ye nece myn quod he what is [ 844]
I hope al shal be wel that is-amys
For ye may quenche al this if that ye list
And dothe rygħt so. I holde it for the best [ 847]
SO shal I do to-morow y-wys quod she [ 848]
And gode to-forne. so that it shal suffice
To-morow quod he allas that where a faire
Nay nay it may not stonde in this wyse [ 851]
For Nece myn̄ thus writen̄ clerkes wyse
That peril is wyth drechyn̄g in y-drawe
Nay swycħ a-bodes ben not wortħ an hawe [ 854]
Nece al thinge hatħ tyme I dar a-vowe [ 855]
For whan a chambre a-fire is or an halle
Wel more is nede hit sodeinly Rescow
Than to disputen̄ And axe a-monges alle [ 858]
how is this candele In the strawe falle
A benedicite a-monges alle this fare
The harme is doon̄ and fare wel felde-fare [ 861]
And nece myn ne take Hit to no gryef [leaf 28] [ 862]
yif ye hym souffre al this nygħt in this woo
Gode helpe me soo he hade hym neuer lief
That dar I sey now ther is but we too [ 865]
But wel I wote. that ye wyl not do soo
Ye been to wysen̄ to doon̄ so grete folye
To putte his lyfe al nyght in iupardie [ 868]
Page  134(125)
Hadde I hym neuer lyef by godde I wene [ 869]
ye hadde neuer þing quod she so lyef
Now by my thryft / quod he that shal be seen
For syn ye make this ensample by me [ 872]
yf I wolde hym al nygħt in sorow see
For Al the tresoure in the tovne of Troye
I pray gode I neuer moot haue Ioye [ 875]
Now loke ye that bene his loue [ 876]
Shul putte his lyfe al nyght in [Iu]partie
For thing of noght now by that god a-boue
Not oonly this delay cometh of folie [ 879]
But of malice if that I shal not lye
what platly And yf ye souffre hym in distresse
Ye neither bounte. doon̄ ne gentilnesse [ 882]
Quod tho Creseide wyl ye do o thinge [ 883]
And ye therwyth. shal stynt Al his desesse
haue here and bereth hym this blew rynge
For ther is no thing myght bettur hym plese [ 886]
Saue I my self ne more his hert appesse
And sey my dere hert that his sorow
Is causeles that shal be seen to-morowe [ 889]
A Ring quod he hasilwode shaken [ 890]
Ye nece myne that Ring mote haue a stone
That mygħt dede men̄ a-lyue maken
And suche a ringe trow I that ye haue non̄ [ 893]
Dyscrecion̄ ys oute of your hede y-gon̄
That fele I now quod he and that is routhe
O tyme l-lost. wel maistow cursen slouthe [ 896]
Page  135(129)
Wote ye not wel. that noble and hie corage [ 897]
Ne soroutħ not ne styntetħ eke for lite
But yf a foule were in Ialouse rage
I nolde setten. At his sorow a myte [ 900]
But fefe hym wyth a fewe wordes white
A-noither dai whan that ye myght hym fynde
But this thinge. stant al in A-nother kynde [ 903]
This so gentil and so tendre of herte [ 904]
That wytħ his dethe he wole his sorowes werke
For trusteth wele how sorow that hym smert
he wole to you no Ialous wordes speke [ 907]
And for-thy nece er that his hert breke
So speke your selfe to hym of this matere
For wytħ a worde ye may his hert stere [ 910]
Now haue I tolde what peril that he is ine [ 911]
And his commynge vnwyst of euery wyght
Ne parde harme may ther noon be ther-in
I wole my selfe be wyth you al this nygħt [ 914]
Ye know eke how he is your one knyght
And that by Rygħt ye most vpon̄ hym trust
And I al prest to fecche hym whan ye lust [ 917]
This accident so pitous whas to here [ 918]
And eke so like a sothe at prime face
And troylus hir knyght to hir so dere
his priue commynge and eke siker place [ 921]
That thogħt that she did hym as thanne grace
Considered al thinges as they stode
No wonder nas syn she did al for gode [ 924]
Page  136(133)
CReseide Answerde as Wysly god at Reste [leaf 28, back] [ 925]
My soule bringe as me is for hym woo
And Eme y-wys fayn wolde I do the best
Yf I had grace for to do soo [ 928]
But wether that ye dwelle or for hym goo
I am til god me bettur mynde sende
At dulcarnon̄ Rygħt at my wyttes ende *. [id est fuga miserorum.]
Qvod pandarus ye Nece wole ye here [ 932]
Dulcarnon̄ is called flemynge of wrecches
hit semeth hard for wrecches wole not lere
For verray slouthe or othere wylful tacches [ 935]
This seid by hem that be not worthe two fecches
But ye be wyse and that ye han̄ on̄ hande
Nis neiter skylful ne hard to wythstonde [ 938]
Than Eme quod she. dothe her-of as ye lyst [ 939]
But or he come I wyl vp fyrst a-rise
And for the loue of god. syn̄ al my triste
Is on you two And ye ben bothe wyse [ 942]
So werketħ now. in so discrete a wyse
That I honour may haue and he plesaunce
For I ham here al in your gouernaunce [ 945]
That is wele seide quod he my nece dere [ 946]
There gode thryft on that wyse gentil herte
But liggetħ stille and takyth hym Ryght here
hit nedytħ not no ferther for hym sterte [ 949]
And eche of you ese other sorowes smerte
For the loue of gode and venus I the herie
For sone hope I. we shul be al merye [ 952]
Page  137(137)
[¶ This Troylus ful sone on knes him sette *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 54]
Ful sobirly rigħt be here beddes heed
And his beste wyse his lady grette
But lord so she wex sodeynly reed [ 956]
Ne thougħ men shulde smyte of hir heed
She coude nougħt / a word a rigħt outbryng
So sodeynly for his sodeyn comyng] [ 959]
But Pandarus that so wel koude fele [ 960]
In euery thing to play a-non̄ be-gan̄
And seyd nece how this lord can knele
Now for your trouthe se this gentil man̄ [ 963]
And wyth that worde. he for a qwessyon̄ Ran̄
And seid knelyth now while that you liste
There gode your hertes bringe sone to Reste [ 966]
Kan I nougħt sey for she bad hym not ryse [ 967]
yif sorow it putte oute of Remembrance
Or ellis that she toke it in the wyse
Of dewte as for his obseruance [ 970]
But wyle I fynde she did hym this plesaunce
That she hym kyssed thougħ she syked sore
And bade hym sitte a-dovn̄ wyth̄outen̄ more [ 973]
Quod Pandarus now wole ye wele be-gynne [ 974]
Now dothe hym sette. gode nece dere
vpon̄ your beddys syde al there wytħ-inne
That eche of you the better may other here [ 977]
And wytħ that worde he drowe hym to the fyre
And toke a lyght ande fonde his countenaunce
As for to loke vpon̄ an olde Romaunce [ 980]
Page  138(141)
Creseide that was Troylus lady Rygħt [ 981]
And clere stode vpon̄ a grounde of sykernesse
Al thought she hir seruaunt and hir knyght
Ne sholde of trouthe noon̄ vnrygħt in hir gesse [ 984]
yit natheles considered his distresse
And that is in cause of suche folye
Thus to hym spake she of his Ialousie [ 987]
Loo hert myn as wolde the excellence [ 988]
Of loue a-geyn the wycħ that noman̄ may
Ne ougħte eke godly maken resistence
And eke by-cause I felte wel and say [ 991]
Youre grete trouthe and seruise euery day
And that your hert al myn̄ was sothe to seyn̄
This drof me to Rewe vp-on̄ your peyn̄ [ 994]
And your godnesse haue I euer fonde yit [leaf 29] [ 995]
Of wych my dere hert And al my knyngħt
I thanke yit you as fer as I haue wytte
Al kan I not as moche as it were ryght [ 998]
And I henforth my konnynge And my myght
Haue And Ay shal how sore that me smerte
Ben to you trewe. and hoole wytħ al my herte [ 1001]
And dredles that shal be fonde at preue [ 1002]
But herte myn what al this is to seyn
Schal wel be tolde so that ye nought you greue
Though I to you Rygħt on your selfe compleyn [ 1005]
For ther-wytħ mene I finially the peyne
That shal your herte and myn̄ in heuinesse
Fully to sleen. and euery wrong Redresse [ 1008]
Page  139(145)
My gode hert myn̄. not I for why ne how [ 1009]
That Ialousy. allas that wykked wyuere
Thus causeles. is cropen in-to you
The harme of wycħ I wolde fayne delyuere [ 1012]
Allas that he al hoole. or of hym slyuer
Shulde haue is refute in so digne a place
There Iove hym soone oute of youre herte arace [ 1015]
But o thou Iove. o Auctor of nature [ 1016]
Is this an honour to thy deite
That folke vngylty. souffren hir Iniure
And who that gyltyf is. al quyte gothe he [ 1019]
O were it lyefful for to pleyne on the
That vndeserued. souffrest Ialousye
Of that I wolde. vpon̄ the peyne and crie [ 1022]
Eke al my who. is this that folke now vsen̄ [ 1023]
To seyn ryght thus. that Ialousye is love
And wolden a busshel of women al excusen
For that oo greyne of love is in it shove [ 1026]
But that wote higħ Iove that sitte a-boue
yif it be lyker loue. or hate or grame
And afftyr that it ought to bere hir name [ 1029]
But certeyn southe. som maner Ialousie [ 1030]
Is excusable. more than some y-wys
As whan cause is. and some syche fantasie
wytħ pytye so wel Repressed is [ 1033]
That it vnneth dothe or seyth a-mys
But godly drynketh vp al is distresse
And that excuse. I for gentilnesse [ 1036]
Page  140(149)
And some ful of furie is and dispite [ 1037]
That hit sourmontetħ his oppression̄
But herte myn ye be not in that plyte
That I thanke god. for wycħ your passion̄ [ 1040]
I wole not calle it but illusion̄
Of habundaunce of loue [and bysy cure 1. [[Not in Harl. 1239.]]]
That dothe your herte this dissese endure [ 1043]
Of qwych I am Ryght sory but not wrothe [ 1044]
But for my deuoir and your hertes Reste
where so you lyst. by ordal or by othe
By sorte. or in what wyse so that you lyst [ 1047]
For the loue of gode lete preue it for the best
And yif I be gylty. doon me dye
Allas what I more doon or seye [ 1050]
Wythe that a fewe bryght terys newe [ 1051]
Oute of hir eyne fillen and thus she saide
Now god thou wost. in thought ne dede vntrewe
To troilus was neuer yit Creseide [ 1054]
Wytħ that hir hede. dovn in the bedde she lede
And wytħ the shete. It wryed and syked sore
And hield hir pes no worde spake she no more [ 1057]
But now Helpe god to quenche al this sorow [leaf 29, back]
So hope I that. he shal for he best may
For I haue seyn. of a ful mysty morow
Follow ful ofte. a mery somers day [ 1061]
And afftyr wynter foloyth grene may
For men seyn al day. and Rede eke in storys
That aftyr sharpe schoures ben victories [ 1064]
Page  141(153) *. [[Caxton leaves out St. 153-160. Harl. 1239 (leaf 29, bk.) & 2392 (leaf 71, back) have em.]]
This Troilus whan he. hir wordes herde [ 1065]
Haue ye no care. hym lust not for to slepe
For it thought hym no stroykes of ayrde
To here or see. his lady Creseyde wepe [ 1068]
But wel he felt a-boute his hert crepe
For euery tere wycħ. that Creseyde asterte
The crampe of dethe. to strayn hym to the herte [ 1071]
And in his mynde. he gan the tyme a-curse [ 1072]
That euer he come there or that he was borne
For now is wyke. turned in-to worse
And al the labour. that he hath don̄ be-forn̄ [ 1075]
He went it lost. he thogħt it nas but lorn̄
O pandarus thogħt. he allas the while
Seruyth of noght. soo whelaway the while [ 1078]
And thus wyth-al he hyng a-doun his hede [ 1079]
And felle on kneys. and sorowfully he seyde
What myght he sey. he nas but dede
For wrothe whas she. that shulde his sorowes [lyghte 1. [[Not in Harl. 1230.]]]
But natheles. whan that he speke myght [ 1083]
Than seyde he thus gode whote that of his game
whan al is wyste. than am I not to blame [ 1085]
Therwyth the sorow so in his herte shette [ 1086]
That from his eyen fel ther not a tere
But euery spirit. his vigour in knytte
As they astoned. or oppressed were [ 1089]
The felyng of his sorow or of his feere
Or of ougħt ellys fledde was oute of tovne
And sodenily. dovne he fyl in sovne [ 1092]
Page  142(157)
This was no litel sorow for to see [ 1093]
For al was hussħt. And Pandarus vp as fast
O nece pes. or we be lost quod he
Beth not a-gast. but alwey at the last [ 1096]
For this or that. he hym in-to the bedde cast
And seyd thef this is a mannys hert
And of he Rente. al to his bare sherte [ 1099]
And seyd nece. but ye helpe vs now [ 1100]
y-wys your owne Troylus is lorn̄
Allas so wolde I and I wyst how
Ful fayn̄ quod she. Allas that I was born̄ [ 1103]
Ye Nece wole ye pulle oute the thorn̄
That styketh in his hert quod Pandare
Sey al foryeuen. And stynt al this fare [ 1106]
Ye that to me. quod she ful leuere were [ 1107]
Than al the gode. the sonne a-boute gothe
And ther-wyth-al she swore hym in his ere
y-wys my dere herte. I am not wrothe [ 1110]
Haue here my trouhetħ. And many other̄ othe
Now speke wyth me. for it am I Creseyde
But al for noght. yit myght he not a-breyde [ 1113]
Therewyth his pounce. and pames of his hondes [ 1114]
They gan to frote. and eke his temples twene
And to delyuer hym. fro bitter bondes
She ofte hym kyssed. and shortly for to seyn [ 1117]
hym to Rouoke. she did al hir payne
So at the laste. he gan̄ his brethe drawe
And of his sowne. sone aftyr̄ to A-dawe [ 1120]
Page  143(161)
And gane bettur mynde and Reson̄ to hym take [leaf 30] [ 1121]
But wonder sore he was a-bayst y-wys
And wyth a syke he gan bet a-wake
And seyd O mercy. god what thing is this [ 1124]
why do ye wyth your seluen thus A-mys
Quod tho Creseyde. is this a mannys game
what Troylus wyl ye doo thus for shame [ 1127]
And therwytħ-al hir harme on hym she lede [ 1128]
And al foryaf. and ofte tyme hym kyste
he thonked hir. and to hir spake and seyd
As fyl to purpos. for his hertes Reste [ 1131]
And she to that answerde as hir lyste
And wyth hir godely wordes hym to the disporte
She gan̄ and ofte his sorowes to comforte [ 1134]
Quod Pandarus for augħt I can̄ espien̄ [ 1135]
This lyght and I serue here of nogħt
Lyght is not gode for seke mennys eyen
But for the loue of gode syn that ye be brougħt [ 1138]
In this gude plyte. lat now no heuy thogħt
Be hangyn̄ in the hertes of you tweye
And bare his candel. vnto the Chemeneye [ 1141]
Sone aftyr this. thogħt it no nede were [ 1142]
whan she suche othes. as hir lyste devyse
Hade taken of hym. hyr thogħt tho no feere
Ne cause eke noon thennes to bydde hym Ryse [ 1145]
Yit lasse thing than othes may suffyse
In many a cas. for euery wight I gesse
That loueth wele. menetħ but gentylnesse [ 1148]
Page  144(165)
But in effecte. she wolde wete a-non̄ [ 1149]
Of what man̄. and eke and also why
He Ialousie was. sithe he cause noon̄
And eke the signe. why he toke it by [ 1152]
Thus bade she hym to telle hir besyly
Or ellys certeine she bare hym on honde
That it was doon̄ for malice hir to fonde [ 1155]
Wythouten more. shortly for to seyn [ 1156]
he most obeye. vn-to his lady heste
And for the lesse harme he most feyne
He seid whan that she whas at suche a feste [ 1159]
She myght on hym. haue lokede at the leste
Note I note what al derith now a Risshen
As he that nedith. muste a cause fysshen [ 1162]
Creseyde answerd. swete al were it soo [ 1163]
what harme whas. I noon euyl meene
For by that gode that 1. [[that overlined later.]] bought vs bothe two
In al thing is myn entent clene [ 1166]
Swych Argumentis be not worth a bene
wyl ye the childes Ialousie countrefete
Now were it worthy that ye were y-bete [ 1169]
Tho Troylus gan̄ sorowfully to syke [ 1170]
Lest she were wrothe. hym thogħt his hert died
And seyd allas vpon̄ my sorowes syke
Haue mercy my swete herte Creseide [ 1173]
And yf in the wordes that I seyd
Be any wronge I wole no more trespase
Doo what you lust I am al in your grace [ 1176]
Page  145(169)
Creseid Answerde of gilt mysericorde [ 1177]
This is to sey . that I foryeue al this
And euere more on this nyght you Recorde
And bethe wele ware . ye do no more A-mys [ 1180]
Nay dere hert myn quod he y-wys
And now quod she syn [I] haue doon̄ you smerte
Foryeue it me myn owne dere herte [ 1183]
This Troilus wyth Blisse of that Supprised [leaf 30, back] [ 1184]
Putte al in goddes hande. as he that mente
Nothing but wel and sodenily a-vised
He hir in harmes / fast to hym hente [ 1187]
And pandarus wyth a ful gode entente
leyde hym to slepe. and seyd yf ye be wyse
Soneth not now . lest moo folke a-ryse [ 1190]
What mygħt or may . the sely lark sey [ 1191]
whan the sparhake . hathe it in his fote
I can no more. but of this tweye
To whome this tale. sucre be or sote [ 1194]
Thogh that I tarye. a yere som tyme I moote
Afftyr myn auctor. tel of hir gladnesse
As wel as I haue . doon̄ tele her hevinesse [ 1197]
Creseide thus felte that she was y-take [ 1198]
As wryten clerkes in hir bokes olde
Ryght as an aspen leef . she gan to quake
whan she hym felte . in hir armes folde [ 1201]
And Troylus . al hole of cares colde
Gan thanken tho . the brygħt goddes seven
Thus thorogħ sondry peyns . bringe folke to heuen [ 1204]
Page  146(173)
This troylus in armes gan her strayn [ 1205]
And seyd O swete as euer mot I gon
Now be ye caugħt. now is ther but we tweyn
Now yeldytħ you. for other bote is non̄ [ 1208]
To that Creseide / answerd thus a-non
Ne had or now. my swete hert dere
Ben yolden y-wys. I nad not now ben here [ 1211]
O sothe is seide. that heled for to bee [ 1212]
As of a feuer. or other grete sikenes
Men must drynken. as men now alday see
Ful bitter drynke. and for to haue gladnes [ 1215]
Men drynken ofte peyne. and grete distresse
I meen it here. as for this aventure
That thurgħ a peyne. hatħ fonde now is cure [ 1218]
And now swete Nece. now semetħ more swete [ 1219]
That bitternesse. assaide was to-forn̄
For oute of woo / in blisse now they flete
Noon suche they felte. sith that they wer born̄ [ 1222]
Now is this bette. than bothe to be lorn
For the loue of gode. take euery woman hede
To werken thus. whan it comyth to the nede [ 1225]
Creseide al quite from euery drede or teene [ 1226]
As she that Ioust cause. hadde hym to truste
Made hym suche fest. that Ioie it was to seen
whan she his trouthe. and clene entent wyste [ 1229]
And as a-boute a tree wyth many a twyste
Be-trente and wryth. the sote wodebynde
Gan eche of hem. other in armes wynde [ 1232]
Page  147(177)
And as the new a-bassed Nigħtingale [ 1233]
That stinteth first whan she beginneth to synge
Whan that she beryth any hierde tale
Or in the hegge any wyght steryng [ 1236]
And aftir siker. dothe hir voyce out Ringe
Ryght so Creseide / whan hir drede stynte
Opened hir hert. and tolde al hir entente [ 1239]
And Ryght as he. that saw his dethe shapen [ 1240]
And die must in augħt that he gan gesse
And sodenily Rescous dothe hym escapen
And from his dethe / is brogħt in sykernesse [ 1243]
For this worlde. in swycħ present gladnesse
Is Troilus / and hath his lady swete
Wyth worse happe. gode let vs neuer mete [ 1246]
Hir Armes Smale. Hir streight Backe and Softe [ 1247]
hir sides longe flesshly smothe and white
he gan to stroke. And gode thrifte bade ful ofte
hir snow white throgħt. hir brestes Rounde and lite [ 1250]
Thus in this heuen̄. he gan̄ hym delite
And therwyth Al. A thousande tymes hir kyste
That what to doon̄ for Ioye vnnethe he wyste [ 1253]
Than̄ seide he thus .o lyf of charite [ 1254]
Thy moder eke. Athera the swete
After thy selfe. heried next be she
Venus meen I. þe welwylly planete [ 1257]
And next you. ymenus the grete
For neuer man̄ whas to you goddes more holde
Than I that he ye han̄ broght from cares colde [ 1260]
Page  148(181)
Benigne loue . thou holy bonde of thinges [ 1261]
who-so wyl grace . and lyst the not honour
loo his desir wyl flee . wyth-outen̄ wynges
And noldestow . of bounte hym socoure [ 1264]
That serven best . and moste alwey laboure
yit where al lost . that dar I wel sey certeys
But yif thy grace . passe oure desertes [ 1267]
And for-yeue me . that cowde lest deserue [ 1268]
Of hem that noumbrede been̄ vnto thy grace
hast holpen̄ . there I lykly whas to sterue
And me bystowede . in so higħ a place [ 1271]
That ilke boundes . may no blisse passe
I can̄ nomore but laude & Reuerence
Be to thy bounte . And to thy excellence [ 1274]
And therwythaule . Creseide a-non̄ he kyste [ 1275]
Of qwych certein she felt no disesse
And thus seide he . wolde gode I wyste
Myn̄ hert swete . how I you myght plese [ 1278]
What man̄ quod he . whas euer thus at ese
As I on̄ home . the fairst and the beste
That euer I saw . deynetħ hir hert to Reste [ 1281]
Here may meen seen that mercy passith rigħt [ 1282]
The experience of this . is felte in me
That am vnworthy . vn-to you lady brigħt
But hert myn̄ . of your benignite [ 1285]
So thinketħ . thougħ I vnworthy bee
yit must nedes . a-mende in som wyse
Right thurgħ the vertue . of your seruise [ 1288]
Page  149(185)
And for the loue of gode . my lady dere [ 1289]
Sith gode hatħ wrought me you to serue
As thus he wyll . how that ye be my stere
To doo me lyve . if that ye lust or sterve [ 1292]
So techith me . how that I may deserve
your thonke . so that [. . . . . no gap]
[no gap . . . . ] do you displesance [ 1295]
For certes . fresshe womanlich wyf [ 1296]
This dar I seyn̄ . that trouhte And diligence
That shal ye fynde in me al my lift
Ne I wole not certein breke your defense [ 1299]
And yf I doo . presente or in absence
For loue of gode . lat sle me with that dede
yif that it like . vnto your womanhede [ 1302]
I-wys quod she . myn̄ owne hertis truste [ 1303]
My grounde of ese . and al myn̄ hert dere
Granmercy for on̄ you . is al my truste
But let vs falle . a-way fro this matere [ 1306]
For this soufficetħ wyche that seide is here
And at oo worde . wyth-oute repentaunce
welcome my knygħt my pes . my soufficiance [ 1309]
Of her delite . or Ioyes oon̄ of the leste [leaf 31, back] [ 1310]
where impossible . to my wytte to say
But Iugeth ye that haue been at the feste
In suche gladnesse . yif that hem lust to pley [ 1313]
I can̄ no more . but thus . this ilke twey
That nygħt by-twyx . drede and sikernesse
They felte in loue / the grete worthinesse [ 1316]
Page  150(189)
O blisful nygħt. of hem̄ so longe ysought [ 1317]
How blithe vnto hem bothe to you were
why nade I. suche oon̄. wyth my soule bought
ye or the leste Ioye. that was there [ 1320]
A-wey thou foule. daunger and thou fere
And let hem. in this heven̄ blisse dwelle
That so higħ is. that no man̄ can̄ it telle [leaf 31 bk, st. 2] *. [[St. 190-1 are made 201-2 in Harl. MS. 1239, St. John's MS., and Caxton's text. Harl. 2392 (lf. 75, bk.), Addit. 12,044 (lf. 59, bk.), and Corpus 61 have em here.]] [ 1323]
But how al thogħ. I can̄ not alle [leaf 32, 4th stanza] [ 1324]
As can̄ myn̄ auctor. of his excellence
yit haue I seide. and god to-forn̄ shal
In euery thing. the grete of his sentence [ 1327]
And yif that I that loue Reuerence
haue ony thing /. in ėched for the beste
Doth therwythaule. Ryght as your self lyste [ 1330]
For my wordes here. and euery parte [leaf 32, 5th stanza] [ 1331]
I speke hem alle vnder correction̄
Of you that felyng. haue in loues arte
And putte hem̄. hole in your discrecion̄ [ 1334]
Tencrece. or make dimunucion̄
Of my langage. and that I you beseche
But now to purpos. of my Rather speche [ 1337]
This ilke two. that been̄ in arme lefte [leaf 31 bk, stanza 3] [ 1338]
So lothe to hem. a-sonder gone it were
That eche from. other wende be byrefte
Or ellys loo. this was hir moste fere [ 1341]
lest al this thinges. but dremes were
For wycħ ful ofte. eche of hem seide o swete
Clippe I you thus or elles I hit mete [ 1344]
Page  151(193)
And lorde so he gan godely on̄ her see [ 1345]
That euer his eye. blent from hir face
And seide o dere hert / may it bee
That this be sothe. that ye be in this place [ 1348]
Yee hert myn̄. gode thonke I of his grace
Quod tho Creseide. and therwytħ-al hym kyste
That were is spirit. was for Ioye he nyste [ 1351]
This troilus ful ofte hir eyen twoo [ 1352]
Gan for to kysse. and seid o eyen̄ clere
hit were ye. that wroughten me this whoo
Ye humble nettes. of my lady dere [ 1355]
Thogħ ther be mercy. wryten̄ in your chere
Gode wote that tixite. ful harde is sothe to fynde
How cowde ye me. wyth-outen̄ bonde bynde [ 1358]
Therwytħ he gan̄ hir faste in armes take [ 1359]
And wel a thousand tymes. gan̄ he sike
Noo suche sorowful sikes. as men̄ make
For sorwe. or elles whan that folke been̄ sike [ 1362]
But esy sikes. suche as been̄ to like
that sweyd his affection̄ wythinne
Of wych sykes. cowde he not blynne [ 1365]
Sone affter this spake they of sundry thinges [ 1366]
And fel to purpos. of her 1. [[her overlined later.]] a-venture
And pleying. enchaunged hir ringes
Of wych I can̄ not telle no scripture [ 1369]
But wel I wote. a broche golde and asure
Creseide hym yafe. and stake it on̄ his sherte [ 1372]
In wych a rubye. was sette like an̄ herte [ 1371]
Page  152(197)
Lorde trowe ye. a couetours wreche [ 1373]
That blametħ loue. and halt of hit despite
That of the peynes. that he gan moke 1. [[? MS. moker]] and teche
was euer rigħt yit. yeue hym suche delite [ 1376]
As in loue. a poynt in som plite
Nay doutles. for as gode me saue
So parfit Ioye. may no negarde haue [ 1379]
They wyl sey yis. but lorde so they lye [ 1380]
Thoo besy wreches. ful of who and drede
The[y] clepen̄ loue. a wodenesse for folye
But it shal fal hem. as I shal a-Rede [ 1383]
They shal for-goo. the white and eke the Rede
And lyue in who. there gode yeue hem̄ mysschance
And euery louer. in his trouthe avance [ 1386]
[¶ As wolde god the wrecches that despise *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 60]
Seruyse of loue / hadde erys also longe
As hadde Mida for his coueytise
And þerto dronken hadde / as hoot and as stronge [ 1390]
As Crassus dede / for his affectes wronge
To techen hem / þat þei ben in the vice
And loueres naugħt / al-thougħ þei helde hem nyce] [ 1393]
This ilke two of wyche I you seye [leaf 32] [ 1394]
whan̄ that hir hertes / bothe assured were
Than gonne they. to speke and pleye
And eke reherson̄. how and when and where [ 1397]
They knew hem first. but euer in woo and feere
That passed was. but al their besinesse
I-thonked gode. was tourned to gladnesse [ 1400]
Page  153(201)
And euer more whan̄ that they fille to speke [ 1401]
Of any woo. of suche. a tyme y-gonne
Wytħ kyssyng / al that tale shulde breke
And fallen̄ in a new Ioye a-non̄ [ 1404]
And diden al hir mygħt. sith they were oon̄
For to Recouuere blisse and been̄ at ese
And passed woo / wyth Ioye countrepese [ 1407]
Reson̄ wyl not. that I speke of slepe [ 1408]
For it acorditħ not. to my matere
Gode woote they toke / of that ful litel kepe
But leste 1. [[? MS. leste]] this nygħt. that was to hem so dere [ 1411]
Ne shulde in vayne / escape in no manere
hit was bysette. in Ioye and besinesse.
Of al that sovneth in-to gentilnesse [ 1414]
(203) *. [[Stanzas 190 (But how al-thogh) and 191 (For my wordes here) follow here in Harl. 1239 and the St. John's MS.]]
Whan that the Cok comune Astrologer [ 1415]
Gan on̄ his brest. bete. and afftyr crowe
And lucifer the dayes messanger
Gan for to rise. and oute her stremes throwe [ 1418]
And estward Roos. to hym that cowde it knowe
Fortuna maior. that a-noon̄ Creseide
wyth hert sore. to Troilus thus seide [ 1421]
Myn hertis lyf / my trust and my plesaunce [ 1422]
That I was born̄. allas what me is woo
That day of vs. must make disseueraunce
For tyme it is. to Ryse and hens goo [ 1425]
Or elles I am. but lost for euermoo
O nyght allas. why nylt thou houer vs houe
As longe whan Almena. lay by Ioue [ 1428]
Page  154(205)
O blake nygħt. as folke in bokes rede [ 1429]
That shapen art. by gode this worlde to hide
At certein tymes. wyth thy blake wede
That vnder that. men myght in Rest a-bide [ 1432]
wele outen̄ bestes. to pleyn and folke to chide
That dere as day. wolde vs with labour breste
That thou thus fleest. and deynetħ vs to Reste [ 1435]
Thou doost allas. to shortly thyn̄ office [ 1436]
Thou Rakel nyght. there gode maker of kynde
For thou soo dovnwarde. hastest of malice
The course. and to our emysperie bynde [ 1439]
That neuer moo. vnder the grounde thou wynde
For thurgħ thy Rakel hying oute of Troie
haue I for-gon̄. thus hastely my Ioye [ 1442]
THis troilus. that wyth tho wordes felte [leaf 32, back] [ 1443]
As thought hym tho. for pitous distresse
The blody teres. from his hert melte
As he that neuer. yit suche heuinesse [ 1446]
Assaide hade. oute of so grete gladnesse
Gan̄ therwythalle Creseide. his lady dere
In Armes streyne. and seid in thus manere [ 1449]
O cruel day. accuser of the Ioye [ 1450]
That loue and nygħt. haue stolen and fast wryen̄
Accursed bee. thy commyng in-to troye
For euery bore. hath oon̄. of thy bryght eyen̄ [ 1453]
Envioous day. what lust the so tespien
what hastow lost. what sekestow in this place
So gode the ligħt. quenche for his grace [ 1456]
Page  155(209)
Allas what haue. thes louers the agilte [ 1457]
Dispitous day. thyn̄ [be the] peyne of helle
For many a louere. hastow sleen̄ and wylte
Thy pourynge. in wyl nowher lat hem dwelle [ 1460]
what proferest thou. thy lyght here for to selle
Goo selle hit hem. that smale. seles graue
we wyl the nougħt. vs nedith no day haue [ 1463]
And eke the same. tyme than wolde he chide [ 1464]
And seide o foole. wyl may men̄ the despise
That hast al nyght. the dawnynge by thy syde
And souffrest hir. so soone vp fro the rise [ 1467]
For to dissesen louers. in this wyse
what holde Inne thy hede. there thou and eke thy morowe
And pray to gode soo. yeue you bothe sorowe [ 1470]
Therwyth ful sore. he siked and thus seide [ 1471]
My lady Rygħt. and of me wele and woo
The verray Rote .o godely myn̄ Creseide
And shal I Rise. allas and shal I soo [ 1474]
Now fele I that. myn̄ hert moot a-two
For how shulde I. my lyfe an houre saue
Sith that wytħ you. is al the lyf I haue [ 1477]
What shal I do. for certeys I not how [ 1478]
Ne whan̄ allas. I may the tyme see
That in this place. I may be efte with you
And of my lyf. gode wote how that shal bee [ 1481]
Syn that desire Right now so streynetħ me
That I am dede. a-non̄ but I Recourne
how shul I longe. allas fro you soiourne [ 1484]
Page  156(213)
But natheles myn̄ owne lady bryght [ 1485]
yit where it soo. that I wyst vutterly
That I your owne seruant. and your knygħt
Where in your herte. shitte as fermely [ 1488]
As ye in myn̄. the wych thing trewly
Me leuer were. than these worldes tweyne
Yit shulde I bet endure my peyne [ 1491]
To that Creseide answerde thus a-non̄ [ 1492]
And wyth a sike. she seide hert dere
The game y-wys. so forforthe is goon̄
That erst shal phebus. falle fro his spere [ 1495]
And euery Egle. be the hawkes fere
And euery Roche. oute of his place sterte
Or troilus oute. of Creseides hert [ 1498]
Ȝee be so depe. wyth-inne my hert [ 1499]
Al-thougħ I wolde. tourne of my thought
As wysly. verray gode. my soule saue
To dye in the peyne. I cowde nought [ 1502]
And for the loue of gode. that vs hath wrought
lat in your brayne other fantasie
So crepe that hit. cause me to dye [ 1505]
And that ye me Wolde. haue as faste in mynde [leaf 33] [ 1506]
As I haue you. that cowde I you besyche
And yf I wyst. sothely that to fynde
Gode mygħt not a poynt my Ioyes eche [ 1509]
But hert myn̄. wythouten more speche
Be to me trewe. or elles were it routhe
For I am thyn. by gode and by my trouthe [ 1512]
Page  157(217)
Betħ glade for-thy. and lyfe in sikernesse [ 1513]
Thus seide I neuer. or now. ne shal to moo
And yf to you. it were a grete gladnesse
To tourne a-yen̄. soone afftyr that ye goo [ 1516]
As ffayne wolde I. as ye that it were soo
As wysly gode. myn̄ hert bringe at Reste
And hym in armes. toke and ofte kyste [ 1519]
Ayeine his wylle. sith it mot nedes bee [ 1520]
This Troilus vp Ros. and fast hym cledde
And in his armes toke his lady free
An hundred tymes. and on̄ his wey hym spedde [ 1523]
And wyth suche voyce. as thogħ his hert bledde
he seide faireth wele. dere hert swete
There gode vs graunte. sounde and sauf to mete [ 1526]
To wycħe no worde. for sorow she answerde [ 1527]
So sore gan̄ his partynge. her distreyne
And Troilus vn-to his paleys ferde
And woo-be-gon̄. as she was sothe to seyne [ 1530]
So harde hym wronge. of sharpe desire the peyne
For to been efte. there he was in plesaunce
That hit may neuer. oute of his Rememberance [ 1533]
Retourned to his paleys Royal soone [ 1534]
he softe in-to his bedde gan̄ slynke
To slepe longe. as he was wont to doone
But al for nygħt. he may lye wel and wynke [ 1537]
But slepe ne may ther. in his hert synke
Thinking how she. for whome desire hym̄ brende
A thousande tyme. was wortħ more than he wende [ 1540]
Page  158(221)
And in his thougħt gan̄ vp and dovn̄ to wynde [ 1541]
The leest poynt . that to hym was plesaunce [ [1544]]
And fermelycħ . impressynge in his mynde
The leste point . that to hym was plesaunce [ 1544]
And verray . of ilke Remembraunce
Desir al new . hym brende and lust to brede
Gan̄ more than̄ erst . and yit toke he noon̄ heede [ 1547]
Creseide also . Rygħt in the selfe wyse [ 1548]
Of Troilus . gan̄ in hir hert shitte
his worthinesse . his lust his dedes wyse
his gentilnesse . and how she with hym mette [ 1551]
Thankinge loue . he so wel hir by-sette
Disiringe efte . to haue hyr hert dere
In suche a plyte . she durst make hym̄ chere [ 1554]
Pandare a morowen̄ . wyche that comen̄ was [ 1555]
Vn-to his Nece . and gan̄ her faire grete
Seide al this nygħt . so Reyned it allas
That al my drede is . that ye my nece swete [ 1558]
haue litel leyser . hade to slepe and mete
Al nygħt quod he . hath Reyn̄ so doon̄ me wake
That som of vs. for gode his hede may ake [ 1561]
And ner he come . and seide how stant it now [ 1562]
This bright morowe. Nece how can̄ ye fare
Creseide answerde . neuer the bete for you
Fox that ye bee . gode yeue you harde care [ 1565]
Gode helpe me soo . ye causede al this fare
Thogħ I quod she . for alle youre wordes whyte
who-so seytħ you . knowytħ you ful lite [ 1568]
Page  159(225)
Wytħ that She gan̄ . hir Face For to wryen̄ [lf. 33, bk.] [ 1569]
wyth the shete . and wax for shame al Rede
And pandarus . gan vndyr for to pryen̄
And seide nece . if that I shal be dede [ 1572]
haue here a swerde / . and smyte of my hede
wyth that his harme . al sodenily he thruste
Vnder hir neke . and at the last hir kyste [ 1575]
I passe al that . wych nedith not to seyn̄ [ 1576]
What gode foryaue . his dethe and she also
For-yaue / and with hir vncle gan̄ to pleyen̄
For other cause . was ther noon̄ but soo [ 1579]
But of this thinge . Rygħt to the effecte to goo
whan tyme was . home to hir house she wente
And pandarus . hath holy hir entent [ 1582]
Now tourne we a-geyne to Troilus [ 1583]
That Resteles . ful longe . a bedde lay
And pryuely sent . after Pandarus
To hym to come . in al haste he may [ 1586]
he come a-noon̄ . not oones seid he nay
And Troilus ful sikerly . he grete
And dovn̄ vp-on̄ his beddes hede hym sette [ 1589]
This Troilus wyth al the effection̄ [ 1590]
Of frendes loue . that hertes mowe devise
To pandarus . on̄ knees felle a-dovn̄
And or that he . wolde of the place a-Rise [ 1593]
he gan̄ hum̄ thonken̄ . in his best wyse
A thousand tyme . and gan̄ [t]he day blisse
That he was born̄ . to bringe hym̄ fro distresse [ 1596]
Page  160(229)
And seide o frende . of frendes alder best [ 1597]
That euer was . the sothe for to telle
Thou haste in heuen̄ . my soule brought to Reste
From conciton̄ . the fyrye flode of helle [ 1600]
That thogħ I myght a thousande tymes selle
Vpon̄ a day . my lyf in thy seruise
he moght not a mote in tha souffice [ 1603]
The sonne with that aɫɫ the worlde may see *. [[A fresh handwriting begins here.]]
Seygħ neuer my lyfe yet der I say
So Inly faire and godeli is sche
Whos I am and schaɫɫ tiɫɫ þat I deye [ 1607]
Than that I am heers may iche bodei seye
That thanked bee the heygh worthynesse
Of loue and eke and eke thei kynde besinesse [ 1610]
This hastow me no litiɫɫ thinge yeve [ 1611]
For wiche to the obliged be for aye
My life for wher for througħ thyne helpe I liue
Or els dede had I been̄ many a day [ 1614]
And with that worde downe in his bedde he lay
And Panderus fuɫɫ soberly him herde
Tiɫɫ aɫɫ was sayde and thus him answerd [ 1617]
My dere frende yef I have doon̄ for the [ 1618]
In any caas god wote it is me lyfe
And am as gladde as may of hit bee
God helpe me so but take itt not on greefe [ 1621]
For the love of god be ware of this myscheffe
That there as thou art brought now yin þi blisse
And thou thei selfe cause hit not to mysse [ 1624]
Page  161(233)
For O fortune scharpe aduersite *. [[l. 1-4, Boethiue and Dante.]] [ 1625]
The worst kynde of fortune is this
A man to have be in prosperite
And hit remembryng whan it Passid is [ 1628]
Thou art wysse I-nough there-fore do not amys
Be not rakyɫɫ thogh that thou sitte warme
For ief thou bee serten it woɫɫ the harme [ 1631]
Thou art at ese And Holde the nowe there-yn [leaf 34] [ 1632]
For also soure as rede is euery fire
As grette crafte is to kepe weɫɫ as wynne
Bridiɫɫ aɫɫwey weɫɫ thei speche and thei desir [ 1635]
For worldly ioye hange not but by a wyre
That preuyth weɫɫ itt brekit aɫɫ day so ofte
For-thei nede is to pley with hit softe [ 1638]
Quod troylus I hope and god be-forn̄ [ 1639]
Mi dere frende I hope me so to bere
That my gilt ther schaɫɫ no thing be lorn̄
Ne I wiɫɫ rakle as for to wrathin here [ 1642]
Hit nedith not thus mantene ofte to stere
For wistow myn̄ hert weɫɫ Pandare
Bi god of thus thou wolst lituɫɫ care [ 1645]
Tho gan he teɫɫ hym selfe of his gladde nyght [ 1646]
And where-of his hart drede and howe
And saide frende as I am trewe knytħ
And by that feithe I shaɫɫ to god & you [ 1649]
I had hit neuer halfe so hote as nowe
And ay the more desire bidteħ
To love here best the more hit me delitetħ [ 1652]
Page  162(237)
I not my selfe wisly what it is [ 1653]
But nowe I fele a newe qualite
Ye aɫɫ a-nodur than I dide or this
Pander answered and saide thus þat he [ 1656]
That ons may in heven̄ blisse be
He felith othir wayis der I lay
Than thilke tyme he herde furst of hit sai [ 1659]
This is o Worde for aɫɫ this Troyllus [ 1660]
Was neuer fuɫɫ to speke of this mater
and for to present vp to Pandarus
The bountte of his ladi dere [ 1663]
[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]
His tale was euer spanne newe to be-gynne
Till that nyght parted hem A-twynne [ 1666]
Soone aftur this for that fortune wolde [ 1667]
I-come was the blisfuɫɫ tyme swete
That troyllus was warnid that he shulde
There he was erst Creysed his ladi mete [ 1670]
For whiche he felte for yoie is hert flete
and feithfully can̄ aɫɫ the goddis herye
And lette se nowe ieff he can be merye [ 1673]
And holdn̄ was the forme & aɫɫ the wise [ 1674]
Of heire comyng. & his aɫɫ-so
As wast erst wiche neded not deuise
But playnli to the fecte for to go [ 1677]
In yoie and seurte Panderus hem two
A-bedde browght when hem bothe liste
And thus they be in quiette and in reste [ 1680]
Page  163(241)
Nath nedith to you seth thei be mette [ 1681]
To Axe of me yef thei blithe were
Ief erst was weɫɫ tho was bette
A thousant folde this nede not to enquere [ 1684]
A-goo was euery sorowe and fere
And botħ I-wis thei hadde & so thei wentte
As moche yoye as tonge coude teɫɫ or sende [ 1687]
This is no litiɫɫ thyng for to sei [ 1688]
This passit euery witte to deuise
For eche of hem can othur lust Areye
Felicite the wiche that this clerkis wise [ 1691]
Comenden soo ne may not here souffise
This Ioie may not writtyn be with ynke
This passith aɫɫ that aney hert may thynke [ 1694]
But crueɫɫ dai so well-a-way the stounde [ 1695]
Gan for to Proche as bi Syngnis knewe [leaf 34, back]
For wiche hem thougħt thei felt dethis wonde
So woo was them that Changing was there hewe [ 1698]
And dai thei can̄ dispisin newe
Callyng hit traytour enuyous & worse
And bitturly the dais light thei coursse [ 1701]
Quod troylus alas nowe I ware [ 1702]
That Pireys swifte stede thre
Whiche that drawun forthe the sonnis chare
haue gon̄ som̄ bi-path in dispite of me [ 1705]
That makith it sone dai for to be
And for the sone him hastith for to Rise
Ne shaɫɫ I neuer do him sacrifis [ 1708]
Page  164(245)
But nedus dai depart he must sone [ 1709]
And whan here sp[e]che donne was & hir scher
Thei tweyne a-none as thei be wont to donne
And settyn tyme of metyng efte in fere [ 1712]
And maney a nyght the wrought yn this maner
And thus fortune in a tyme ledde in Ioye
Creseide and eke this kyngis sone of Troye [ 1715]
In sufficiaunt in blisse & in singinges [ 1716]
Tis Troilus gan aɫɫ his life lede
He spendith Ioustith and makith festinges
ye yeuith frely and ofte changit wedis [ 1719]
And hielde a-boute hym ay with-outh drede
A worde of folke as com hym weɫɫ of kynde
The fairist & the best that he coude fynde [ 1722]
That suche A voice of hym was & a steuen̄ 1. [[? MS. stonen̄]]
Throught aɫɫ the worlde of honoure & largesse
That it vp ronge in-to the yeate of heuen̄
And as in love he was in souche gladnes [ 1726]
That in his herte he demd as I gesse
That there is louer in this worlde at ese
So weɫɫ as he and thus can loue hym Plese [ 1729]
The godely hede or beuate wiche that kynde [ 1730]
In any othir ladi had I-sette
Can not the mountaunce of a knot on-binde
A-boute his hert of Cressettis nette [ 1733]
He was so narowe machid and knette
That it vndur in any maner side
That nil not be for aught that may be-tide [ 1736]
Page  165(249)
And bi the honde ful ofte he wolde take [ 1737]
This Pandarus and in-to garden lede
And suche a fest and Proces make
hym of Creyseide and of hir womanhede [ 1740]
& of hir beute with-outh drede
hit was an heuen̄ his worde to here
And than he wolde singe in this maner [ 1743]
(250) (Troilus's Song of Love, 1; adapted from Boethius.)
Love that on̄ see and of erthe goueraunce [ 1744]
Loue that his hestis hath in heuen̄ heye
Loue that with a holesome alliaunce
halt peples Ioynyd as hym lust hem gye [ 1747]
Loue that kennyth lawe of companye
And couples doth in vertu to dweɫɫ
*. [[Omitted in Harl. 1239. No gap for it.]] [ 1750]
(251) (Troilus's Song. 2.)
That þe worlde with feyth wiche þat is stabuɫɫ [ 1751]
Diuerseth soe his stoundis concordyng
That elementȝ that byn discordabuɫɫ
Holdith A-boute perpetueɫɫ doyng [ 1754]
That phebus mote forthe his rosi dai brynge
And that the mone hath lordeschipe ouer the *. [[nyghtes]]
Aɫɫ this dothe loue y-heride be his myghtes [ 1757]
(252) (Troilus's Song. 3.)
That that the see þat gredi is to flowyng [ 1758]
Constreynyth to a serten ende soo 1. [[Leaf 34 bk. of Harl. 1239 ends with lines 1758-9, and leaf 35 begins with the same in the former hand, and with a few differences in the spelling:—"That that the See / that gredy ys to flowyn Constreyneth to a certein ende soo."]]
his flodes that so fersly they ne grevyn̄ [leaf 35] *. [[in the old hand again.]]
To drenchen erthe and euer more moo [ 1761]
And yif that loue. ouguħt hys brydyl goo
Al that loueth / a-sonder shal lepe
And lost were aɫɫ / that loue holt now to kepe [ 1764]
Page  166(253) (Troilus's Song. 4.)
So wolde gode that Auctor is of kynde [ 1765]
That with hys bonde. lowe of hys vertu lyst
To cheryssone hertes. and alle fast bynde
That from̄ hys bonde they wey no wygħt oute wyste [ 1768]
And hertes tolde hem. wolde I that he twyste
To make hem loue / and that hem̄ lyst ay Rewe
On̄ hertes and kepe hem̄ that ben̄ trewe [ 1771]
In alle nedes. for the tovnes werre [ 1772]
he was and ay. the fyrst in armes dygħt
And certeinly but yif that bokes erre
Save Ector most in drede of any wygħt [ 1775]
And thys encreyse of hardynesse and mygħt
Com hym of loue. hys lady thonke to wynne
That haltred hatħ. hys sprite with-ynne [ 1778]
(255) [Caxton puts St. 255 after 259. Harl. 1239 has it here.]
In tyme of trew. on̄ haukynge wolde he Ryde [ 1779]
Or ellys hunte boor. beere or lyoun
The smale bestes. lete he goo besyde
And whaan that he / com Rydynge in-to tovne [ 1782]
Full ofte hys lady. From̄ a wyndow dovne
As fressħ as faucoun. cometh oute of mewe
Ful gladly was. hym Redy to salewe [ 1785]
And moste of vertu and loue was hys speche [ 1786]
And in despite. hade he al wrechydnesse
And doutles no nede. was hym beseche
To honour hem̄ that hade worthinesse [ 1789]
And hesen̄ hem that were in distresse
And glade was he. yif any wyght wel ferde
That louer was whan he it wyst or herde [ 1792]
Page  167(257)
For sothe to seyne. he lost helde euery wyght [ 1793]
But yif he were in loues. hygħ seruise
I meen̄ folke that oughtene it be be Rygħt
And ouer aɫɫ thys so wel he cowde devise [ 1796]
Of sentement and in-to vncoutħ wyse
Al hys aray. that euery louer thougħte
That al was wel what-soo he seide or wrogħt [ 1799]
Al-tho he be come of blode Ryal [ 1800]
hym lyst at pryde not for to chase
Benigne he was to eche in general
For wych he gat hym thonke in euery place [ 1803]
This wolde loue / y-heryed by hys grace
That Pryde Envie Ire And auarice
he gan to fle / and euery other vice [ 1806]
Thou lady bryght / the doughter of dyon̄ [ 1807]
Thy blynde and wynged sone eke daine 1. [[Or dame]] Cupide
your sustrene nyne2. [[MS. ix.]] eke that at Elykone
In hil parnaso listene for tabide [ 1810]
That ye dus ferre haue dyned me to gyde
I cane no more. but syth that ye wyl wende
Ye heried be. for ay wyth-oute ende [ 1813]
Thurgħ you haue I seide fully in my songe [ 1814]
The effecte and Ioye of Troylus seruise
Al be that ther was. som̄ disese amonge
As to myne Auctor listeth to devise [ 1817]
My fierde booke ende. this wyse
And Troilus in luste and quiete
Is wyth Creseide hys one lady swete [ 1820]
Explicit Liber iiijtus [leaf 35, back]