Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
Incipit prohemium tercii libri.
O blisful light of which the bemes cleerc. [ 1]
Adorneth al the thridde heuene faire.
O sonnes lief o Ioues doughter deere.
Plesaunce of loue o goodly debonayre. [ 4]
In gentil hertes ay redy to repaire.
O verray cause of heele and of gladnesse.
Iheried be thi myght and thy goodnesse. [ 7]
In heuene and helle and salte see. [ 8]
Is felt thy myght / yif þat I whil decerne.
As man brid / best / fisshe / herbe / and greene tree.
The feele in tymes with vapour eterne. [ 11]
God loueth and to loue wol nat werne.
And in this world no lyues creature.
withouten loue is worth or may endure. [ 14]
The Iouys first to thikke effectes glaade. [fol. 42a] [ 15]
Thorugh which þat thinges lyuen al and be.
Commoeueden and amoreux hem maade.
On mortal thing / and as yow lyst ay ye. [ 18]
Yeue hym in loue ay ese or aduersite.
And in a thousand formes down hym sente.
ffor loue in erthe / and whom yow list he hente. [ 21]
The fierse Mars apaisen of his ire. [ 22]
And as yow list ye maken hertes digne.
Algates hem þat ye wol sette a fire.
They dreden shame / and vices they resigne. [ 25]
Ye don hem curteys ben ffresh and benygne.
And heyghe and lowe after a wyght entendith.
The Ioyes þat he hath / yowr myght it sendith. [ 28]
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Ye holden regne and hous in vnite. [ 29]
Ye sothfaste cause of frendship ben also.
Ye know al thikke couered qualite.
Of thinges which þat folkes wondre on so.
whan they kan naught construe how it may Io.
She louyth hym / or whi he louyth here.
Al why this ffissh and naught þat cometh to were. [ 35]
Ye folk a lawe han set in vniuerse. [ 36]
And this knowe I by hem þat louerys be.
That who so stryueth with yow hath the werse.
Now lady bright for thy benygnyte. [ 39]
At reuerence of hem þat seruen the.
whos clerk I am so teche me to deuyse.
Som Ioye of that is felt in thy seruyse. [ 42]
Ye in my naked herte sentement. [ 43]
In hielde / and do me shewe of thy swetnesse.
Caliope thi voys be now present.
ffor now is need / sestow nat my destresse. [ 46]
How þat I mot telle a non right the gladnesse.
Of Troilus to venus heryinge.
To which gladnesse / who nede hath god hym brynge. [ 49]
Explicit prohemium. tercii libri.
Incipit liber. tercius.
LAy al this meene while Troilus. [fol. 42b] [ 50]
Recordynge his lessoun in this manere.
May fey thought he thus wole I sey and thus.
That word is good / and this shal be my cheere.
Thus wol I pleyne vnto my lady deere.
This nyl I nat foryeten in no wyse.
God leue hym werken as he kan deuyse. [ 56]
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And lord so þat his herte gan to quappe. [ 57]
Herynge hir com / and sor for to sike.
And Pandarus þat ledde hir by the lappe.
Com neer / and gan in at the curteyne pike. [ 60]
And seide god do boote on alle syke.
Se who is heere yow comen to visite.
Lo heere is she yt is yowr deth to wite. [ 63]
Therwith it semede as he wepte almoost. [ 64]
ha.a.a. quod Troilus so reufully.
wher me be wo / almyghte god thow woost.
who is al there / I se naught trewly. [ 67]
Sire quod Criseide / it is Pandare and .I.
Ye swete herte alas I may nat ryse.
To knele / and do yow honour in som wyse. [ 70]
And dressed hym vpward and she right tho. [ 71]
Gan bothe hir handes softe vpon hym leye.
O for the loue of god / do ye nat so.
To me quod she / I what is this to seye. [ 74]
Sire comen am I to ȝow for causes tweye.
ffirst yow to thonke / and of youre lorship eke.
Continuance I wolde yow byseke. [ 77]
This Troilus þat herde this lady preye. [ 78]
Of lordshipe hym / wex neythir quyke ne dede.
Ne myghte a word for shame to hir seye.
Althogh men shulde smyten of his hede. [ 81]
But lord so he wax sodeynlich reede.
And sire his lessoun þat he wende konne.
To preyen hir was thorght his wit Ironne. [ 84]
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Criseide al this aspied wel Inogh. [fol. 43a] [ 85]
ffor she was wys and loued hym neuere the lasse.
Al nere he malapert or made it togh.
Or was to bold to synge a fool a masse. [ 88]
But whan his shame gan somwhat to passe.
Hise wordes as I may my rymes holde.
I wol yow telle as touchen bookes oolde. [ 91]
In chaunged voys right for his verrey drede. [ 92]
which voys ek quook / and therto his manere.
Goodly abayst and now his hewes reede.
Now pale / vnto Criseide his lady dere. [ 95]
with look down caste / and humble yold cheere.
Lo thalderfirste worde þat hym asterte.
was twyes mercy mercy swete herte. [ 98]
And stynte a while / and whan he myght out brynge. [ 99]
The nexte worde was god woot for I haue.
As ferforthlisch as I haue hadde konnynge.
Ben yowres al / god so my soule saue. [ 102]
And shal til þat I woful wight be graue.
And thogh I dar ne kan vnto yow pleyne.
Iwys I suffre nat the lasse peyne. [ 105]
Thus muche as now .o. wommanlich wyf. [ 106]
I may out brynge / and yif this yow displese.
That shal I wreke vpon myn owne lyf.
Right soon I trowe / and do yowr herte an ese. [ 109]
yif with my deth yowre wreththe may apese.
ffor sithen ye han herd me somwhat seye.
Now rechche I neuere how soon þat I deye. [ 112]
Page  107(17)
Therwith his manly sorwe to byholde. [ 113]
It myght haue maade a herte of stoon to rewe.
And Pandare wepe as he to watir wolde.
And Poked euere his nece newe and newe. [ 116]
And seide wo bigon ben hertes trewe.
ffor loue of god make of this thing a ende.
Or sle vs bothe atonys or we wende. [ 119]
I what quod she by god and by my trouthe. [fol. 43b] [ 120]
I not nat what ye wilne þat I seye.
I what quod he þat ye han on hym routhe.
ffor goddes loue / and doth hym nat to deye. [ 123]
Now thame thus quod she I wolde hym preye.
To telle me the fyn of his entente.
Yit wiste I neuere wel what þat he mente. [ 126]
What that I meene .o. swete herte dere. [ 127]
Quod Troilus .o. goodly fressh free.
That with the stremys of yowr eyen cleere.
Ye wolden frendly somtyme on me see. [ 130]
And thanne agreen þat I ben he.
withouten braunche of vice in any wyse.
In trouthe alwey / to don yow my seruyse. [ 133]
As to my lady right and chief resort. [ 134]
With al my wit and alle my diligence.
And I to han right as yow list confort.
Vnder your yerde egal to myn offence. [ 137]
As deth / yif þat I breke your defence.
And þat yow deigne me so muche honoure.
Me to comanden aught in any houre. [ 140]
Page  108(21)
And I ben yowr verray humble trewe. [ 141]
Secret / and in my peynes pacient.
And euere mo desiren fresshly newe.
To serue / and ben ay Ilyke diligent. [ 144]
And with good herte al holly yowr talent.
Receyuen wel / how soore þat me smerte.
Lo this mene I my owen swete herte. [ 147]
Quod Pandarus lo here an hard requeste. [ 148]
And resonable a lady for to werne.
Now Nece myn by Natal Iouis feeste.
were .I. a god ye shulden sterue as yerne. [ 151]
That heren wel this man wil no thing yerne.
But yowr honour / and sen hym almost sterue.
And ben so loth to suffren hym yow serue. [ 154]
With that she gan hir eyen on hym caste. [fol. 44a] [ 155]
fful esiliche / and ful debonairly.
Auysing hir and hied nat to faste.
with neuere a word / but seyde hym sobrely. [ 158]
Myn honour sauf I wel wel trewely.
But in swich forme / as ye gan now devyse.
Receyuen hym fully to my seruyse. [ 161]
Bysechynge hym for goddes loue þat he. [ 162]
wolde in honour of trowthe and gentilesse.
As I wel meene / ek meene wel to me.
And my honour with wit and bisinesse. [ 165]
Ay kepe / and yif I may don hym gladnesse.
ffrom hennes forth / Iwis I nyl nat feyne.
Now beth al hool / no lenger ye ne pleyne. [ 168]
Page  109(25)
But natheles this warne .I. yow quod she. [ 169]
A kynges son / althogh ye ben Iwys.
Ye shal no moore haue souereignete.
Of me in loue þan right in that cas is. [ 172]
Ny nyl forbere / yif þat ye don amys.
To wreththe yow / and whil þat ye me serue.
Cheryce yow / right aftir ye deserue. [ 175]
And shortly deere herte and al my knyght. [ 176]
Beth glad / and draweth yow to lustynesse.
And I shal trewly with al my ful myghte.
Yowre bitter torn into swetnesse. [ 179]
If .I. be she þat may do yow gladnesse.
For euery wo ye shul recouere a blisse.
And hym in armes toke and gan hym kisse. [ 182]
ffyl Pandarus on knees and vp hise eyen. [ 183]
To heuen threugh / and held hise hondes hye.
O mortal god quod he þat maist nat dyen.
Cupide I meene / of þis maist glorifie. [ 186]
And venus thowe maist maken melodye.
withouten hond me semyth þat in towne.
ffor this miracle Ich heere ech belle sowne. [ 189]
But ho no more as now of this matere. [fol. 44b] [ 190]
ffor why this folk wol comen vp anon.
That haue the lettre red lo I hem heere.
But I conIure the Criseide and oon. [ 193]
And two the Troilus whan thow maist gon.
That at myn hous ye ben at my warnynge.
ffor I ful wel shal shape yowre comynge. [ 196]
Page  110(29)
And esith ther yowre hertes right Inogh. [ 197]
And lat se which of yow shal bere the belle.
To speke of loue aright / therwith he lough.
ffor ther haue ye a leiser for to telle. [ 200]
Quod Troilus how longe swal I dwelle.
Or this be don./ quod he whan thow maist rise.
This thing shal be right as thow wolt deuyse. [ 203]
With that Eleyne and also deiphebus. [ 204]
Tho comen vpward right at the steyres ende.
And lord so tho gan gronen Troilus.
His brother and his sister for to blende. [ 207]
Quod Pandarus it tyme is þat we wende.
Take Nece myn yowr leue at al thre.
And let hem speke and cometh forth with me. [ 210]
She took hir leeue at hem ful thriftely. [ 211]
As she wel koude / and they hir reuerence.
Vnto the fulle deden hardely.
And speken wonder wel in hir absence. [ 214]
Of hir in preysynge of hir excellence.
Hir gouernaunce / hir wit / and hir manere.
Comendeden / it Ioye was to heere. [ 217]
Now lat hir wende vnto hir owen plase. [ 218]
And torne we to Troilus ayein.
That gan ful lightly of the lettre pace.
That Deiphebus hadde in the gardyn seyn. [ 221]
And of Eleyne / and hym he wolde fayn.
Delyuered ben / and seide þat hym leste.
To slepe / and after talis han reste. [ 224]
Page  111(33)
Eleyne hym kyste and took hir leue blyue. [fol. 45a] [ 225]
Deiphebus ek./ and hom wente euery wight.
And Pandarus as faste as he may dryue.
To Troilus tho com as lyne right. [ 228]
And on a paylet al þat gladde nyght.
By Troilus he lay with blisful cheere.
To tale / and wel was hem they were Ifeere. [ 231]
Whan euery wight was voyded but they two. [ 232]
And al the dores weren faste Ishette.
To telle in short withoute wordes mo.
This Pandarus withouten any lette. [ 235]
Vp roos / and on his beddes side hym sette.
And gan to speken in a sobre wyse.
To Troilus as I shal yow deuyse. [ 238]
Myn alderleuest lord and broothre deere. [ 239]
God woot and thow þat it sat me so soore.
when I the say so languyssynge to yere.
ffor loue / of which thi wo wax alwey moore. [ 242]
That I with al my myght and al my loore.
Haue euere sithen do my bisynesse.
To bringe the to Ioye out of destresse. [ 245]
And haue it brought to swich plit as twow woost. [ 246]
So þat thorw me thow stondest now in weye.
To faren wel / I sey it for no boost.
And wostow why / for shame it is to seye. [ 249]
For the haue I bigonne a gamen pleye.
which þat I neuere don shal eft for oother.
Althogh he were a thowsand fold my brother. [ 252]
Page  112(37)
That is to seyn / for the am I bicomen. [ 253]
Bytwixen game and ernest swich a meene.
As maken wommen vnto men to comen.
Thow woost thi seluen what I wolde meene. [ 256]
ffor the haue I myn Nece of vices cleene.
So fully maad thy gentilesse triste.
That al shal ben right as thy seluen liste. [ 259]
But god þat al woot take I to witnesse. [fol. 45b] [ 260]
That neuere I this for coueitise wroughte.
But only tabregge þat destresse.
ffor which wel neygh thow deydest as me thoughte. [ 263]
But goode brother do now as the oughte.
ffor goddes loue / and kepe hir out of blame.
Sith thow art wys so kepe alwey hir name. [ 266]
For wel thow woost the name yit of here. [ 267]
Amonge the people. as who sey halwed is.
ffor neuere was ther wight I dar wel swere.
That euere wiste þat she dede amys. [ 270]
But wo is me þat I þat cause al this.
May thenken þat she is my Nece deere.
And I hir Em and traytour ek Ifeere. [ 273]
And were it wiste þat I thorugh myn engyn. [ 274]
Hadde in my Nece Iput this fantasie.
To don thi lust and hoolly to ben thyn.
whi al þe peeple walde vpon it crie. [ 277]
And seyn þat the worste trecherye.
Dide in this cas / þat euere was bigonne.
And she fordon / and thow right naught Iwonne. [ 280]
Page  113(41)
Wherfor or I wol further gon a paas. [ 281]
The preyen ich eft althogh thow shuldest dye.
That priuyte go with vs in this caas.
That is to seyn / þat thow vs neuere wreye. [ 284]
And be noght wroth thoght I the often preye.
To holden secre / swich an heigh matere.
ffor skilfull is thow woost wele my prayere. [ 287]
And thynke what wo ther hath bitid or this. [ 288]
ffor makynge of auauntes as men reede.
And what meschaunce in this world yit ther is.
ffor day to day right for þat wikked deede. [ 291]
ffor which this wyse clerkys þat been deede.
han writen or this as men yit teche vs yonge.
That first vertu is to kepe tonge. [ 294]
And nere it þat .I. wilne as now tabregge. [fol. 46a] [ 295]
Defusioun of speche / .I. koude almoost.
A thousand olde stories the alegge.
Of womman lost. thorugh fals and foolis boost. [ 298]
Prouerbes kanst thy selue Inowe and woost.
Ayeins þat vice / for to ben a labbe.
Thogh men soth seide as often as they gabbe. [ 301]
O tonge allas so often her byforn. [ 302]
Hath maade ful many lady bryght of hewe.
Seyd waylowey þat day þat I was born.
And many a maydes sorwe for to newe. [ 305]
And for the more part al is vntrewe.
That men of boste yelpe / and it were broght to preue.
Of kynde non auauntour is to leeue. [ 308]
Page  114(45)
Auauntour and a liere al is oon. [ 309]
As thus I pose a womman graunteth me.
Hir loue / and seyth þat oother 1. [the r in a later hand.] wol she non.
And I am sworn to holden it secree. [ 312]
And aftir .I. go telle it two or thre.
I. wis .I. am auauntour / at the leeste.
And liere / for I breke my byheeste. [ 315]
(46) (Much alterd in Caxton.)
Now looke thanne / yif they ben aught to blame. [ 316]
Swich manere folk / what shal I clepe hem what.
That hem auaunte of wemen and by name.
That neuere yit be hight them this ne that. [ 319]
No knewe hem moore than myn olde hat.
No wonder is so god me sende heele.
Theygh wommen dreden with vs men to deele. [ 322]
I sey nat this for no mystrust of yow. [ 323]
Ne for no wisman / but for foolis nyce.
And for the harm þat in the world is now.
As wel for folye ofte as for malice. [ 326]
ffor wel wot I in wyse folk þat vice.
No womman drat / yif she be wel auysed.
ffor wise ben / by foolis harm chastised. [ 329]
But now to purpos leve brother deere. [fol. 46b] [ 330]
Haue al this thyng / þat I haue in mynde.
And kepe the cloos / and be now of good cheere.
ffor at thi day thow shal me trewe fynde. [ 333]
I shal thy proces sette in swich a kynde.
And god toforn / þat it shal the suffise.
ffor it shal ben right as thow wolt deuyse. [ 336]
Page  115(49)
ffor wel I woot thow menest wel parde. [ 337]
Therfore I dar this fully vndirtake.
Thow woost ek / what thi lady grauntede the.
And day is set the chartres vp to make. [ 340]
Haue now good nyght / I may no lenger wake.
And bid for me sith thow art now in blisse.
That god me sende deth or soone lesse. [ 343]
Who myghte tellen half the Ioye or feeste. [ 344]
whiche at the soule of Troilus tho felte.
Herynge theffect of Pandarus byheste.
His olde wo þat made his herte swelte. [ 347]
Gan tho for Ioye wasten and to melte.
And al the richesse of his sikes sore.
Atones fledde / he felte of hem no moore. [ 350]
But right so as thise holtes and thise hayis. [ 351]
That han in wynter dede ben and drye.
Reuesten hem in grene whan þat may is.
whan euery lusti listeth best to pleye. [ 354]
Right in that selue wise soth to seye.
wax sodeynly his herte ful of Ioye.
That gladdere was ther neuere man in Troye. [ 357]
And gan his look on Pandarus vp caste. [ 358]
fful sobrely / and frendly for to se.
And seide frend in aperel the laste.
As wele the woost yif it remembre the. [ 361]
How neygh the deth for wo thow fownde me.
And how thow dedest al thy bysynesse.
To knowe of me the cause of my destresse. [ 364]
Page  116(53)
Thow woost how long þat ich forbar to seye. [fol. 47a] [ 365]
To the that art the man þat I beste triste.
And peril non was it to the bywreye.
That wiste I wele / but telle me yif the liste. [ 368]
Sith I so loth was þat thy self it wyste.
How dorste I mo tellen of this matere.
That quake now / and no man may vs heere. [ 371]
But natheles by þat god I the swere. [ 372]
That as hym list may al this worlde gouerne.
And yif I lye / achilles with his spere.
Myn herte cleue / al were my lif eterne. [ 375]
As I am mortal. yif I late and yerne.
wolde it bywreye / or dorste. or sholde konne.
ffor al the good þat god maad vndir sonne. [ 378]
That rather wolde I dye and determyne. [ 379]
As thinketh me now stokked in prison.
In wrechednesse / in filthe and in vermyne.
Captif to cruel kyng Agamenon. [ 382]
And this in al the templis of this town.
Vpon the goddes alle I wol the swere.
To morwe day / yif þat it liketh þe 1. [þe inserted by another hand.] here. [ 385]
And þat thow haste so muche Idon for me. [ 386]
That I ne may it neuere mo deserue.
This knowe ich wel / al myght I now for the.
A thousand tymes on a morwe sterue. [ 389]
.I. kan no more but I wol the serue.
Right as thy sclaue whider so thow wende.
For euere mo vnto my lyues ende. [ 392]
Page  117(57)
But here with al myn herte I the byseche. [ 393]
That neuere in me thow deme swich folye.
As I shal seyn / me thoughte by thy speche.
Þat this which thow doost me for compaignye. [ 396]
I sholde wene it were a bauderye.
I am nat wood al if I lewed be.
It is nat oon þat woot I wele parde. [ 399]
But he þat goth for golde or for Richesse. [fol. 47b] [ 400]
On swich messages / calle hym what the liste.
And this þat þow doost kalle it gentilesse.
Compassioun and feliship and triste. [ 403]
Depart it so / for wide where is wiste.
How þat ther is diuersite required.
Bytwixen thinges / like as I haue lered. [ 406]
And þat knowe I think nat ne weene. [ 407]
That this seruys a shame be or Iape.
I haue my faire suster Polixene.
Cassandre / Eleyne. or any of the frape. [ 410]
Be she neuere so faire or wel Ishape.
Telle me which thow wilt of euerychone.
To han for thyn / and lat me thanne allone. [ 413]
But sith thow haste Idon me þis seruyse. [ 414]
My lif to saue and for no hope of meede.
So for the loue of god this grete Emprise.
Parforme it out / for now is most nede. [ 417]
ffor heygh and logh withouten any drede.
I wol alwey thyne hestes al kepe.
Haue now good nyght / and lat vs bothe slepe. [ 420]
Page  118(61)
Thus held hym ich of oother wel apayed. [ 421]
That al the worlde ne myght it bet amende.
And on the morwe whan they were arayed.
Ech to his owene nedes gan entende. [ 424]
But Troilus thoght as the fir he brende.
ffor sharp desir of hope and of plesaunce.
He naught forgat his wyse gouernaunce. [ 427]
But in hym self with manhod gan restreyne. [ 428]
Eche rakel dede / and ech vnbridled cheere.
That al tho / þat lyuen soth to seyne.
Ne shold han wist by word or by manere. [ 431]
what þat he mente as touchynge this matere.
ffrom euery wight as fer as is the cloude.
He was so wel dissimulen he koude. [ 434]
And al this while which þat I yow denyse. [fol. 18a] [ 435]
This was his lyf with alle his fulle myght.
By day he was in martes heygh seruyse.
This is to seyn. in armes as a knyght. [ 438]
And for the moore part the longe nyght.
He lay and thought how þat he myght serue.
Hys lady best / hir thonk for to deserue. [ 441]
I nyl nat seyn that thogh he laye softe. [ 442]
That in his thoght he was somwhat disesed.
And þat he torned on his pilwes ofte.
And wolde of that he myssed han ben esed. [ 445]
But in swich cas men ben naught alwey plesed.
ffor aught I wot no more than was he.
That kan I deme of possibilite. [ 448]
Page  119(65)
And certein is to purpos for to go. [ 449]
This mene while as writen is in geste.
He say his lady som tyme and also.
She with hym spake whan þat he dorste or leste. [ 452]
And by hir bothe auys as was the beste.
Apointeden ful warly in this nede.
In euery thing how they wolden procede. [ 455]
But it was spoken in so short a wyse. [ 456]
In swych awayit alwey and in swich feere.
List any wight deuynen or deuyse.
wolde on this thing./ or to it leye an cere. [ 459]
That al this world. so lef to hem ne weere.
As cupide wolde hem a space sende.
To maken of hir speche aright a ende. [ 462]
(67) *. [[Caxton leaves out St. 67-71.]]
But thilke litel þat they spake or wroghte. [ 463]
Hise wise gost took ay of al swich heede.
It semed hir he wiste what she thoghte.
withouten word / so þat ther was no nede. [ 466]
To bidde hym aught to don or aught forbede.
ffor which hir thoght þat loue al come it late.
Of alle Ioye hadde opned hir the yate. [ 469]
And shortly of this proces for to pace. [fol. 48b] [ 470]
So wel his werk and wordes he bisette.
That he so ful stood in his lady grace.
That twenty thousand tymes or she lette. [ 473]
She thonked god she euere with hym mette.
So koude he hym gouerne in swich seruyse.
That al the world ne myght it bet deuyse. [ 476]
Page  120(69)
ffor why hym 1. [him inserted in a later hand.] fond she so discret in al. [ 477]
So secret / and of swich obeisaunce.
That wel she felte he was to hir a wal.
Of steel / and sheld from euery displeisaunce. [ 480]
That to ben in his good gouernaunce.
So wise he was / she was no moore afered.
I meene as fer / as oughte ben requered. [ 483]
And Pandarus to quyk alwey this fir. [ 484]
was euere ylike prest and diligent.
To ese his frend was set al his desir.
He shof ay on / he to and fro was sent. [ 487]
He lettres bare whan Troilus was absente.
That neuere wight as in his frendes nede.
Ne bar hym bet to don his frend to spede. [ 490]
But now paraunter som man wayten wolde. [ 491]
That euery word / or look / or sonde / or cheere.
Of Troilus / þat I rehersen sholde.
In al this while vnto his lady dere. [ 494]
I trowe it were a long thing for to heere.
Or of what wight þat stant in swich disioynte.
His wordes alle / or euery look to poynte. [ 497]
ffor sothe I haue nat herd it don or this. [ 498]
In story non / ne no man here ich wene.
And thogh I wolde I koude nat Iwys.
ffor ther was som Epistel hem bitwene. [ 501]
That wolde as seyth my auctour wel contene.
An hondred vers of which hym liste nat write.
How sholde I than a lyne of hit endite. [ 504]
Page  121(73)
But to the grete effect than seye I thus. [fol. 49a] [ 505]
That stondynge in concorde and in quyete.
Thise ilk two Criseide and Troilus.
As I haue seyd / and in this tyme swete. [ 508]
Saue only ofte myghte they nat meete.
Ne leiser han hir speche to fullfille.
That it bifell right as I shal yow telle. [ 511]
That Pandarus which alwey dede his myghte. [ 512]
Right for the fyn þat I shal speke of heere.
And for to bryngen to his hous som nyghte.
His faire Nece and Troilus Ifeere. [ 515]
Where as at leiser al this heygh matere.
Touchynge hir loue were at the fulle vp bownde.
Hadde as hym thought a tyme to it fownde. [ 518]
ffor he with gret deliberacioun. [ 519]
Hadde euery thing / þat herto myght auaille.
fforncast / and put in execucioun.
And neyther left for cost ne for trauaille. [ 522]
Come if hem list hem sholde no thing faille.
And for to ben in aught espied ther.
That thoughte he wel and impossibil weere. [ 525]
Dredeles it cleere was in the wynde. [ 526]
Of euery pie / of euery lette game.
Thus al is wel / for al this worlde is blynde.
In this matere / bothe wild and tame. [ 529]
This tymber is al redy vp to frame.
Vs lakkith naught / but that we weton wolde.
A certein houre / in which she comen sholde. [ 532]
Page  122(77)
And Troilus þat al this purueaunce. [ 533]
Knewgh at the fulle and wayted on it ay.
Hadde here vpon eke / maad his ordenaunce.
And fownde his cause / and therto al the aray. [ 536]
That yif þat he was myssed / nyght or day.
Ther while he was abouten this seruyse.
That he was gon to don his sacrefise. [ 539]
And moste at swich a temple allone wake. [fol. 49b] [ 540]
Answered of appollo for to be.
And first to sen the holy laurer quake.
Or þat apollo spake out of the tree. [ 543]
To telle hym whan þat grekis sholden flee.
And forthy lette hym no man god forbede.
But prey appollo þat he wolde hym spede. [ 546]
Now is ther litel moore for to doone. [ 547]
But Pandare vp and shortly for to seyne.
Right soone vpon the chaungyng of the moone.
whan lightles is the world a nyght or tweyne. [ 550]
And þat the wolkne shope hym for to reyne.
He streyght a morwe vnto his Nece wente.
Ye han wel herde the fyn of his entente. [ 553]
Whan he was there he gan anon to pleye. [ 554]
As he was wont / and at hym self to Iape.
And fynalich he swor and gan hir seye.
By this and þat / she sholde hym naught escape. [ 557]
Ne make hym lenger after hir to kape.
But certeynly she moste by hir leeue.
Com soupyn in his hous with hym at eue. [ 560]
Page  123(81)
At which she logh and gan hir faste excusen. [ 561]
And seyde / it reyneth. lo how sholde I gon.
Lat be quod he / ne stonde nat thus to musen.
This mot be don / ye shol be there anon. [ 564]
So at the laste herof they fille at oon.
Or elles softe he swor hir in hir eere.
He wolde neuere come ther she weere. [ 567]
And she agayne gan to hym for to rowne. [ 568]
And axed hem / yif Troilus was there.
He swor hir nay / for he was out of towne.
And seide Nece I pose that he were. [ 571]
Ye thorste neuere han the moore feere.
ffor rather than men sholde hym ther espie.
Me were leuer a thousand foolde dye. [ 574]
Nat liste myn Auctour fully to declare. [fol. 50a] [ 575]
what þat she thoght whan he seyde so.
That Troilus was out of towne Ifaare.
As yif he seid soth therof or no. [ 578]
But þat she graunted with hym for to go.
Withoute a wayt syn þat he hir bisoughte.
And as his Nece obeyed as hir oughte. [ 581]
But natheles yit gan she hym biseche. [ 582]
Al theygh with hym to gon it was no fere.
ffor to be war of gosissh poeples speche.
That dremen thinges which þat neuere were. [ 585]
And wel auyse hem whom he broughte there.
And seide hym Em. syn I most on yow triste.
Loke al be wel / for I do þat yow liste. [ 588]
Page  124(85)
He swor hir this by stokkys and by stoones. [ 589]
And by the goddes þat in heuen dwelle.
Or ellis were hym leuere fel and boones.
with Pluto kyng as depe bein in helle. [ 592]
As Tantalus / what shold I longe telle.
whan al was wele he roos and took his leeue.
And she to soper com whan it was eue. [ 595]
With a certein of hir owne men. [ 596]
And with hir fair Nece Antigone.
And oother of hir wommen ix or x.
But who was glad now. who as trowen ye. [ 599]
But Troilus / þat stod and myght it se.
Thorwe out a litel wyndowe in a stuwe.
Ther he byshet / syn mydnyght was in muwe. [ 602]
Vnwist of euery wight but of Pandare. [ 603]
But now to purpos whan þat she was come.
with alle Ioye and al frendes fare.
Hir Em anon in armes hath hir nome. [ 606]
And after to the soper alle and some.
whan tyme was to soper they hem sette.
God woot ther was no deynte for to fette. [ 609]
And after soper gonnen they to ryse. [fol. 50b] [ 610]
At ese wel with hertes frissh and glade.
And wel was hym þat koude best deuyse.
To liken hir. or þat hir laughen made. [ 613]
He song / she pleyde. he tolde tale of wade.
But at the laste as euery thing hath ende.
She toke hir leue. and nedes wolde wende. [ 616]
Page  125(89)
But .o. fortune executrice of wierdes. [ 617]
O. Influences of thise heuenes hye.
Soth is þat vndir god ye ben oure hierdes.
Thogh to vs beestes ben the causes wrye. [ 620]
This mene I now for she gan homward hye.
But execut was al biside hir leeue.
The goddes wil / for which she moste bleue. [ 623]
The bente moone with hir hornes paale. [ 624]
Saturne and Ioue in cancro Ioyned weere.
That swich a reyn from heuene gan avale.
That euere I maner womman þat was theere. [ 627]
Hadde of þat smoky reyn a varrey feere.
At which Pandare tho logh and seide thenne.
Now were it tyme a lady to gon henne. [ 630]
But good Nece yif I myghte euere plese. [ 631]
Yow any thing / than prey ich yow quod he.
To don myn herte as now so grete an ese.
As for to dwele hir al this nyght with me. [ 634]
ffor Nece this yowre owen hous parde.
Now by my trowthe / I sey it nat a game.
To wende as now / to me it weere a shame. [ 637]
Criseide which þat koude as muche good. [ 638]
As half a world / took hede of this preyere.
And syn it roon / and al was on a flood.
She thought as good chepe may I dwellen here. [ 641]
And graunte it gladly with a frendes cheere.
And haue a thank / as grucche and thanne abide.
ffor hom to gon / it may nat wel bitide. [ 644]
Page  126(93)
I wol quod she my vncle leef and deere. [fol. 51a] [ 645]
Syn þat yow list it skile is to be so.
I am right gladde with yow dwellen heere.
I seyde but a game I wold go. [ 648]
Iwys grannt mercy Nece quod he tho.
were it a game or no / soth for to telle.
Now am I glad syn þat ye wol dwelle. [ 651]
Thus al is wel / but þo bygan aryght. [ 652]
The newe daunce / and al the feste agayne.
But Pandarus if goodly hadde hee *. [[see in later hand over erasure.]] myghte.
He wolde han hied hir to bedde fayne. [ 655]
And seyde lorde this is a huge rayne.
This were a wedir for to slepyn Inne.
And that I rede vs soone to bigynne. [ 658]
And Nece woot ye where I shal yow leye. [ 659]
For þat we shal nat liggen for asonder.
And for ye nether shullen dar I seye.
Heeren noyse of reynes nor of thonder. [ 662]
By god right in my lite closet yonder.
And I wol in þat outter house allone.
Ben wardeyn of yow wommen euerychone. [ 665]
And in this myddel chaumbre that ye se. [ 666]
Shal yowre wommen slepyn wel and softe.
And al withInne shal yowr seluen be.
And yif ye liggen wel to nyght com ofte. [ 669]
But carith nought what wedir is o lofte.
The wyn anon / and whan so that yow liste.
Than is it tyme for to gon to reste. [ 672]
Page  127(97)
Ther was no moore / but heraftir soone. [ 673]
They voyde dronke / and trauers drawe anon.
Gan euery wight þat hadde nat to doone.
Moore in the place / out of the chaumbre gon. [ 676]
And alweye in this meene while it ron.
And blewgh therwith so wonderliche loude.
That wel neygh no man heeren oother koude. [ 679]
Tho Pandarus hir em right as hym oughte. [fol. 51b]
with womman swich as were hir most aboute.
fful glade vnto hir beddesside hir brought.
And took his leeue./ and gan ful lowe lowte. [ 683]
And seide / her at this closet dore withoute.
Right ouerthwart yowre wommen liggen alle.
That whom yow list of hem ye may hir calle. [ 686]
So whan þat she was in the closet leyde. [ 687]
And alle hir wommen forth by ordinaunce.
A bedde weren / ther as I haue seyd.
There was no moore to skippen ne to traunce. [ 690]
But beden gon to bedde with meschaunce.
yif any man was steryng any where.
And lat hem slepyn þat in bedde weere. [ 693]
But Pandarus þat wel koude ech a del. [ 694]
The olde daunce / and euery poynt therInue.
whan þat he sey þat al thing was wele.
He thought he wolde vpon his werke bygynne. [ 697]
And gan the stewe dore al softe vnpynne.
And stille as stoone withouten lenger lette.
By Troilus adown right he hym sette. [ 700]
Page  128(101)
And shortly to the poynt right for to gon. [ 701]
Of al this thing he tolde hym worde and ende.
And seide mak the redy right anon.
ffor thow shal into heuen blisse wende. [ 704]
Now seint venus thow me grace sende.
Quod Troilus. for neuere yit no nede.
Hadde ich or now./ 1. [ne hal in later hand over erasure.] ne haluendel the drede. [ 707]
Quod Pandarus ne dred the neuer a del. [ 708]
ffor it shal ben right as thow wolt desire.
So thryue I this nyght shal I mak it wel.
Or casten al the gruel in the fire. [ 711]
Yit blisful venus this nyght thow me inspire.
Quod Troilus / as wis as .I. the serue.
And euere bet and bet shal til I sterue. [ 714]
An yif ich hadde o venus ful of myrthe. [fol. 52a] [ 715]
Aspectis badde. of Mars or of saturne.
Or thow combust / or lete were in my burthe.
Thy fader pray ich al that harm desturne. [ 718]
Of grace / and þat I glad ayein may turne.
ffor loue of hym thow louedest in the shawe.
I meene Adon þat with the boor was slawe. [ 721]
O Ioue ek for the loue of fayre Europe. [ 722]
The which in forme of bole awey thow fette.
Now help .o. mars thow with thi blody cope.
ffor loue of Cipris thow me naught ne lette. [ 725]
O phebus think whan Dane hir seluen shette.
Vnder the barke / and laurer wax for drede.
Yit for hir loue .o. help now at this nede. [ 728]
Page  129(105)
Mercurie for the loue of hierse eke. [ 729]
ffor which pallas was with aglauros wrothe.
Now helpe / and ek diane I the biseke.
That this viagge be nat to the loth. [ 732]
O fatal sustren / wiche or any cloth.
Me shapyn was / my destyne me sponne.
So helpith to this werke þat is bigonne. [ 735]
Quod Pandarus thow wrechched Mouses herte. [ 736]
Artow agast so / þat she wil the bite.
why don this furred cloke vpon thy sherte.
And folowe me / for I wol han the wyte. [ 739]
But bid and lat me gon biforn a lite.
And with that word he gan vndo a trappe.
And Troilus he broughte in by the lappe. [ 742]
The stierne wynd so loude gan it route. [ 743]
That no wyght oother noyse myght heere.
And they þat leyen at the dore withoute.
fful sikirly they slepten alle Ifeere. [ 746]
And Pandarus with a ful sobre cheere.
Goth to the dore anon withoute lette.
Ther as they leye /. and softelisch it shette. [ 749]
And as he come ayeinward pryuyly. [fol. 52b] [ 750]
His Nece awook / and asked who goth there.
My deere Nece quod he it am .I.
Ne wondreth naught ne haue of it no feere. [ 753]
And nere he com / and seyde hir in hir erere.
No word for loue of god I yow biseche.
Lat no wight rise and heeren of oure speche. [ 756]
Page  130(109)
What which wey be ye comen bendiste. [ 757]
Quod she / and how thus vnwist of hem alle.
Here at this lite trappe dore quod he.
Quod tho Criseide / lat me som wight calle. [ 760]
I god forbede þat it shulde falle.
Quod Pandarus / þat ye swich folie wroughte.
They myght demen þat they neuere er thoughte. [ 763]
It nys nat good a slepynge hownde to wake. [ 764]
Ne yiue a wight a cause to deuyne.
Yowre wommen slepyn alle I vndirtake.
So þat for hem the house men myght myne. [ 767]
And slepyn wollen til the sonne shyne.
And whanne my tale Ibrought is to a ende.
Vnwist right as I cam so wole I wende. [ 770]
Now Nece myn ye shal wel vndirstonde. [ 771]
Quod he / so as ye wommen demen alle.
That for to holden longe a man in honde.
And hym hir lief and deere herte calle. [ 774]
And maken hym at howue aboue a calle.
I meene as loue a nother in this meene while.
Sche doth hir self a shame and hym a gile. [ 777]
Now wherby þat I telle yow alle this. [ 778]
Ye woot yowr self as wele as any wyght.
How þat yowr loue all fully graunted is.
To Troilus the worthieste knyght. [ 781]
Oon of this world / and therto trouthe Iplyght.
That but it were on hym alonge / ye nolde.
Hym neuer falsen while ye lyuen sholde. [ 784]
Page  131(113)
Now stant it thus þat syn I fro yow wente. [fol. 53a] [ 785]
This Troilus right platly for to seyn.
Is thorwgh a goter by a pryue wente.
Into my chaumbre come in al this reyne. [ 788]
Vnwist of euery manere wight certeyn.
Saue of my selue as wisly haue I Ioye.
And by þat feyth I shal Pryam of Troye. [ 791]
And he is come in swich peyne and destresse. [ 792]
That but he be al fully wood by this.
He sodeynly moot falle into woodnesse.
But if god help and cause why this is. [ 795]
He seith hym tolde is of a frende of his.
How þat ye shulden looue on hatte horaste.
ffor sorwe of which this nyght shal ben his laste. [ 798]
Criseide which þat al this wonder herde. [ 799]
Gan therwith al aboute hir herte colde.
And with a sik she sodeynly answerde.
Allas I wende who so talis tolde. [ 802]
My deere herte wolde me nat holde.
So lightly fals / allas conceytes. wronge.
what harm they don / for now lyue I to longe. [ 805]
Horaste allas and falsen Troilus. [ 806]
I knowe hym nat god helpe me so quod she.
Allas what wikked spirit tolde hym thus.
Now certes Em tomorwe and I hym se. [ 809]
I shal of þat als ful excusen be.
As euere dide womman yif hym lyke.
And with that word she gan ful soore sike. [ 812]
Page  132(117)
O god quod she so wordly selynesse. [ 813]
which clerkes callen fals felicite.
Imedled is with many a bitternesse.
fful angwisshous. than is / god woot quod she. [ 816]
Condicioun of veyn prosperite.
ffor either Ioyes comen naught Ifeere.
Or ellis no wight / hath hem alwey heere. [ 819]
O brotel wele o wordly Ioye vnstable. [fol. 53b] [ 820]
with what wyght so thow be or how thow pleye.
Either he woot þat thow Ioye art muable.
Or woot it naught / it mote ben oon of tweye. [ 823]
Now if he woot it naught how may he seye.
That he hath verrey Ioye and selynesse.
That is of ignoraunce ay in dirknesse. [ 826]
Now if he woot þat Ioye is transitorie. [ 827]
As euere Ioye of worldly thing / moot flee.
Than euere tyme he þat hath in memorie.
The drede of leesynge makith hym þat he. [ 830]
May in no parfit selynesse be.
And yif to leese his Ioye he set a myte.
Than semeth þat Ioye is worth ful lite. [ 833]
Wherefore I wol deffyne in this manere. [ 834]
That trewely for aught I kan espie.
Ther is no verrey wele in this world heere.
But .o. thow wikked serpent Ialousie. [ 837]
Thow mysbyleued and enuyous folie.
why hastow Troilus made to me vntriste.
That neuere yit agilte hym þat I wiste. [ 840]
Page  133(121)
Quod Pandarus thus fallen is this case. [ 841]
why vncle myn quod she who tolde hym this.
why doth my deere herte thus allas.
Ye wot ye nece myn quod he what is. [ 844]
I hope al shal be wele þat is amys.
ffor ye may quenche al this yif þat yow leste.
And doth right so / for I holde it the be te. [ 847]
So shal I don tomorwe Iwys quod she. [ 848]
And god to forn. so þat it shal suffise.
To morwe allas / þat were a fayre quod he.
Nay nay it may not stonden in this wyse. [ 851]
ffor Nece thus writen clerkes wyse.
That peril is with drechchynge in Idrawe.
Nay swich aboodes ben nat worth an hawe. [ 854]
Nece al thing / hath tyme I dar avowe. [fol. 54a] [ 855]
ffor whan a chaumbre afire is or an halle.
Wel more nede is it sodeynly to rescowe.
Than to despute and axe amonges alle. [ 858]
How is this candel in the straw Ifalle.
A bendiste / for al among this fare.
The harm is don. and fare wel feldefare. [ 861]
And Nece myn take it nat agrief. [ 862]
Yif þat ye suffer hym al nyght in this wo.
God help me so ye hadde hym neuere lief.
That dar I seyn. now ther is but we two. [ 865]
But wel I woot þat ye wel nat do so.
Ye ben to wys to don so grete folie.
To putte his lif al nyght in Iupartie. [ 868]
Page  134(125)
Hadde ich hym neuere lief / by god I weene. [ 869]
Ye hadde neuere thing / so lief quod she.
Now by my thrift quod he þat shal be seene.
ffor syn ye maken this ensaumple of me. [ 872]
Yif ich al nyght wolde hym in sorwe se.
ffor al the tresor in the town of Troye.
I bidde god I neuere mot haue Ioye. [ 875]
Now look thanne if ye þat ben his loue. [ 876]
Shal putte his lif al nyght in Iupartye.
ffor thing of naught / now by þat god aboue.
Nat oonly this delay comth of folie. [ 879]
But of malice / yif I shal nat lye.
what platly / and ye suffre hym in destresse.
Ye neyther wisdom don ne gentilesse. [ 882]
Quod tho Criseide wol ye don o thing. [ 883]
And ye therwith shal stynten his disese.
Haue her and berith hym this blewe ring.
ffor ther nys no thyng / myght hym better plese. [ 886]
Saue I my self. ne moore his herte apese.
And seye my deere herte þat is sorwe.
Is causeles / þat shal be sen tomorwe. [ 889]
A ryng / quod he. ye haselwodes shaken. [fol. 51b] [ 890]
Ye Nece myn þat ryng moste haue a stoon.
That myghte dede men o lyue maken.
And swicħ a rong trowe I þat ye haue non. [ 893]
Discrecioun out of yowr hed is gon.
That fele I now quod he and þat is routhe.
O tyme Ilost wel maystow corsen slouthe. [ 896]
Page  135(129)
Wot ye nat wel þat noble and heygh corage. [ 897]
Ne sorweth nat or stynteth ek for lite.
But if a fool were a Ialous rage.
I nolde setten at his sorwe a myte. [ 900]
But feffe hym with a fewe wordes whyte.
Another day then þat I myght hym fynde.
But this thing stant al in a nother kynde. [ 903]
This is so gentil and so tendre of herte. [ 904]
That with the deth he wol his sorwe wreke.
ffor trusteth wel how soore þat he smerte.
He wol to yow no Ialous wordes speke. [ 907]
And forthy Nece or yt his herte breke.
So speke yowr self to hym. of this matere.
ffor with o word ye may his herte steere. [ 910]
Now haue I told what peril he is Inne. [ 911]
And his comyng / vnwist is to euere wight.
And parde harm may ther be non ne synne.
I wol my self ben with yow al this nyght. [ 914]
Ye knowe ek how it is yowre owen knyght.
And þat by right ye moste vpon hym triste.
And I al prest to fechche hym whenne yow liste. [ 917]
This accident so pitous was to heere. [ 918]
And ek so lik a soth at pryme face.
And Troilus hir knyght to hir so deere.
Hise pryue comynge and the siker place. [ 921]
That thogh þat she dede hym as tho a grace.
Considered al thinges as they stoode.
No wonder is / syn she dide al for goode. [ 924]
Page  136(133)
Criseide answerde as wysly god at reste. [fol. 55a] [ 925]
My soule brynge / as me is for hym wo.
And Em Iwys fayn wolde I don the beste.
Yif þat ich hadde a grace to do so. [ 928]
But wheither þat ye dwelle or for hym go.
I am til god me bettre mynde sende.
At dulearnoun right at my wittes ende. [ 931]
Quod Pandarus ye Nece wol ye heere. [ 932]
Dulcarnon called is fleemynge of wrechches.
It semyth hard for wrechches wol nat leere.
ffor verray slouth and oother wilful techches. [ 935]
This seide by hym þat ben nat worth to fechches.
But ye ben wys / and this matere on honde.
Nis neythir hard / ne skilful to withstonde. [ 938]
Than Em quod she doth herof as yow liste. [ 939]
But or he com I wol vp first arise.
And for the loue of god syn al my triste.
Is on yow to / and ye ben bothe wise. [ 942]
So werkith now in so discret a wise.
That ich honour may han and he plesaunce.
ffor I am here as in yowr gouernaunce. [ 945]
That is wel seyde quod he my Nece deere. [ 946]
Ther good thirft on þat wise gentil herte.
But liggith stille. and takith hym ryght heere.
It nedeth naught no further for hym sterte. [ 949]
And ech of yow ese oothre sorwes smerte.
ffor loue of god / and venus I the herye.
ffor soone hope I we shullen al be merye. [ 952]
Page  137(137)
This Troilus ful soon on knowe hym sette. [ 953]
fful sobrely / right by hir beddes hed.
And in his beste wyse his lady grette.
But lord so she wax sodeynlich reede. [ 956]
Ne thogh men sholden smyten of hir hede.
She myghte nat a word aryght out brynge.
So sodeynly / for his sodeyn comynge. [ 959]
But Pandarus þat so wel koude feele. [fol. 55b] [ 960]
In euery thing / to pleye anon bygan.
And seide Nece se how this lorde kan knele.
Now for yowr trowthe I seth this gentil man. [ 963]
And with þat worde / he for a cosshon ran.
And seide knelith now whil þat yow leste.
Ther god yowr hertes brynge soone at reste. [ 966]
Kan I nat seyn / for she bad hym nat rise. [ 967]
yif sorwe it putte out of hir remembraunce.
Or ellis þat she took it in the wise.
Of dewete / as for his obseruaunce. [ 970]
But wel wot I she dide hym this plesaunce.
That she hym kiste / altheygh she syghte soore.
And bad hym sitte adown withoute moore. [ 973]
Quod Pandarus now wol ye wel bigynne. [ 974]
Now doth hym sitten good Nece deere.
Vpon yowre beddes side al ther withInne.
That ech of yow the bet may oother heere. [ 977]
And with þat worde he drogh hym to the feere.
And tok a light / and fond his contenance.
As for to look vpon an old romaunce. [ 980]
Page  138(141)
Criseide þat was Troilus lady right. [ 981]
And cleere stood on a grownde of sikernesse.
Al thogh she hir seruaunt and hir knyght.
Ne sholde of right no vntrowth in hir gesse. [ 984]
Yit natheles considered hys destresse.
And þat loue is in cause of swiche folie.
Thus to hym spake she of his Ialousie. [ 987]
Lo herte myn / as wolde the excellence. [ 988]
Of loue / ayeins the which þat no man may.
Ne oughte ek goodly maken resistence.
And ek / bycause I felte wel and say. [ 991]
Yowre grete trouthe and seruyse euery day.
And þat yowr herte al myn was soth to seyne.
This drof me for te rewe vpon yowre peyne. [ 994]
And yowr goodnesse haue I fownden alwey yit. [fol. 56a] [ 995]
Of which my deere herte and al my knyght.
I thonk it yow as fer as I haue wit.
Al kan I naught so muche as it were right. [ 998]
And I emforth my connynge and my myght.
Haue and ay shal how soore þat me smerte.
Ben to yow trewe. and hool with al myn herte. [ 1001]
And dredeles this shal be fownde at preue. [ 1002]
But herte myn what al this is to seyne.
Shal wel be told / so þat ye nat yow greue.
Thogh I to yow right on yowre self compleyne. [ 1005]
ffor therwith mene I fynaly the peyne.
That halt yowr herte and myn in heuynesse.
ffully to slen / and euery wronge redresse. [ 1008]
Page  139(145)
My goode myn / not I for why ne how. [ 1009]
That Ialousie. allas / þat wykkid wyuere.
So causeles is cropen into yow.
The harm of which I wolde fayn delyuere. [ 1012]
Allas þat he al hool or of hym slyuere.
Sholde han his refut in so digne a place.
Ther Ioue hym soon oute of yowr herte arace. [ 1015]
But .o. thow Ioue .o. auctour of nature. [ 1016]
Is this an honour to thy deyte.
That folk vngiltif. suffren here iniure.
And he þat giltif is al quyt goth he. [ 1019]
O were it leueful for to pleyne on the.
That vndeserued suffrest Ialousie.
And that I wolde vpon the pleyne and crye. [ 1022]
Ek al my wo is this þat folk now vsen. [ 1023]
To seyn right thus / that Ialousie is loue.
And wolde a busshel venym al excusen.
ffor þat o greyn of loue is in it shoue. [ 1026]
But þat wot heygh god þat sit aboue.
yif it be liker loue / or hate and grame.
And after that it oughte bere his name. [ 1029]
But cerTein is som maner Ialousie. [fol. 56b] [ 1030]
Is excusable moor than som Iwis.
As whan cause is / and som swich fantasie.
with piete so wel repressed is. [ 1033]
Þat it vnneth doth or seith amys.
But goodly drynketh vp al his destresse.
And that excuse I for the gentilesse. [ 1036]
Page  140(149)
And som so ful of furye is despit. [ 1037]
That it sourmonteth his repressyoun.
But herte myn ye ben nat in þat plit.
That thanke I god / for which yowr passioun. [ 1040]
I wil nat calle it but illusioun.
Of habundaunce of loue and bisy cure.
That doth yowr herte this disese endure. [ 1043]
Of which I am right sory but nat wrothe. [ 1044]
But for my deuoir and yowr hertes reste.
wher so yow liste by ordal or by oth.
By sort / or in what wyse so yow leste. [ 1047]
ffor loue of god lat proeue it for the beste.
And yif þat I be giltif do me deye.
Allas what myghte I mor don or seye. [ 1050]
With that a fewe brighte teeris newe. [ 1051]
Oute of hir eyen fille and thus she seyde.
Now god thow woost in thoght ne dede vntrewe.
To Troilus was neuere yit Criseide. [ 1054]
With that hir hed down in the bed she leyde.
And with the shete it wreygh and syghte soore.
And held hir pees naught o word spak she moore. [ 1057]
But now help god to qwenche al this sorwe. [ 1058]
So hope I þat he shal / for he best may.
ffor I haue seyn of a ful mysty morwe.
ffolwen ful ofte a merye someres day. [ 1061]
And aftir wynter foloweth grene may.
Men sen al day and reden ek in storise.
That after sharpe shoures ben victories. [ 1064]
Page  141(153)
This Troilus when he hir wordes herde. [fol. 57a] [ 1065]
Haue ye care hym liste nat to slepe.
ffor it thoughte hym no strokes of a yerde.
To here or seyn Criseide his lady wepe. [ 1068]
But wel he felte aboute his herte crepe.
ffor euery teere which that Criseide asterte.
The Craumpe of deth to streyne hym by the herte. [ 1071]
And in his mynde he gan the tyme acorse. [ 1072]
Or he come ther / or that he was born.
ffor now is wikke Itorned into worse.
And al the labour he hath don biforn. [ 1075]
He wende it lost / he thoghte he nas but lorn.
O Pandarns thoghte he allas thy wyle.
Serueth of naught / so weylowey the whyle. [ 1078]
And therwithal he heng adown the hed. [ 1079]
And fel on knees / and sorwfullisch he sighte.
what myght he seyn he felt he nas but ded.
ffor wrothe was she þat sholde his sorwes lighte. [ 1082]
But natheles whan þat he spekyn myghte.
Than seid he thus / god wot þat of this game.
whan al is wist / thanne am I nat to blame. [ 1085]
Therwith the sorwe so his herte shette. [ 1086]
That from hise eyen fil ther naught a teere.
And cuery spirit his vigour in knette.
So they astoned or oppressed weere. [ 1089]
The felynge of sorwe or of his feere.
Or of aught ellis. fled was out of towne.
And downe he fil al sodeynly a swowne. [ 1092]
Page  142(157)
This was no litel sorwe for to se. [ 1093]
For al was hust / and Pandare vp as faste.
O nece pes / or we ben lost quod he.
Beth nat agast / but alwey at the laste. [ 1096]
ffor this or þat. he into the bedde hym caste.
And seide thef is this a mannys herte.
And of he rente al to his bare sherte. [ 1099]
And seide Nece but ye help vs now. [fol. 57b] [ 1100]
Iwis yowr owen Troilus is lorn.
Allas so wolde I and I wist how.
Allas so wolde I and I wist how.
fful fayn quod she / allas þat I was born. [ 1103]
Ye Nece myn wol ye pullen out the thorn.
That stykith in his herte quod Pandare.
Sey al foryiue / and stynt is al his fare. [ 1106]
Ye þat to me quod she ful leuere weere. [ 1107]
Than al the good the sonne aboute goth.
And therwithal she swor hym in his cere.
Iwis my dere herte I am nat wrothe. [ 1110]
Haue her my trouth and many another ooth.
Now speke to me. for it am I Criseide.
But al for naught / yit myghte nat abreyde. [ 1113]
Therwith his pous and paumes of his hondes. [ 1114]
They gan to frote / and ek his templis tweyne.
And to deliueren hym fro bittre bondes.
She ofte hym kiste / and shortly for to seyne. [ 1117]
Hym to reuoken she did alle hir peyne.
And at the laste. he gan his breth to drawe.
And of his swough / soone after þat adawe. [ 1120]
Page  143(161)
And gan bet mynde and reson to hym take. [ 1121]
But wonder soore he was abaist Iwys.
And with a sik whan he gan bet awake.
He seide o mercy god what thing is this. [ 1124]
why do ye with your seluen thus amys.
Quod tho Criseide. is this a mannes game.
what Troilus wol ye do thus for shame. [ 1127]
And therwithal hir arm ouer hym she leyde. [ 1128]
And al foryaf / and ofte tyme hym kyste.
He thonked hir / and to hir spake and seyde.
As fil to purpos for his hertes reste. [ 1131]
And she to þat answerde hym as hir leste.
And with hir goodly wordes hym desporte.
She gan / and ofte hise sorwes to comforte. [ 1134]
Quod Pandarus for aught I kan espien. [fol. 58a] [ 1135]
I nor this candel seruen here of naught.
Lyght is nat good for sik folkes yen.
But for the loue of god syn ye ben broughte. [ 1138]
In thus good plit / lat now non heuy thoghte.
Ben hangynge in the hertes of yow tweye.
And bare his candel to the chymenaye. [ 1141]
Soone aftir this though it no nede were. [ 1142]
whan she swiche oothes as hir liste deuyse.
Hadde of hem take / hir thought tho no feere.
Ne cause ek non. to bidde hym thennes ryse. [ 1145]
Yit lasse thing / than oothes may suffise.
In many a cas. for euery wight I gesse.
That loueth wel / meneth but gentilesse. [ 1148]
Page  144(165)
But in effect she wolde wit anon. [ 1149]
Of what man / and ek wher and also why.
He Ialous was / syn ther was cause non.
And ek the signe. þat he tok it by. [ 1152]
This bad she hym to telle hir bisyly.
Or ellis certein she bar hym on honde.
That this was don for malice hir to fonde. [ 1155]
Withoute moore shortly for to seyne. [ 1156]
He moste obeie vnto his lady heeste.
And for the lasse harm he most feyne.
He seide hir whan sho was at swiche a feste. [ 1159]
She myght on hym han loked at the leeste.
Not I nat what al deere Inogh a risshe.
As he þat nedes moste a cause fisshe. [ 1162]
Criseide answerde sweete al were it so. [ 1163]
what harm was þat syn I no yuel meene.
ffor by þat god þat wroght vs bothe two.
In alle thing is myn entente cleene. [ 1166]
Swiche argumentȝ ne ben nat worth a beene.
wil ye the childissh Ialousie contrefete.
Now weere it worthy þat ye were Ibeete. [ 1169]
Tho Troilus gan sorwfully to sike. [fol. 58b] [ 1170]
List she be wroth hym thoght his herte deyde.
And seide allas / vpon my sorwes sike.
Haue mercy sweete herte myn Criseide. [ 1173]
And yif þat in tho wordes þat I seyde.
Be any wronge I wil no more trespace.
Doth what yow leste I am al in yowr grace. [ 1176]
Page  145(169)
Criseide answerde of gilt misericorde. [ 1177]
This is to seyn / þat I foryiue al this.
And euer mo on this nyght yow recorde.
And beth wel war ye don no moore amys. [ 1180]
Nay deere herte myn quod he Iwys.
And now quod she þat I haue don yow smerte.
fforyiue it me myn owene sweete herte. [ 1183]
This Troilus with blysse of þat supprised [ 1184]
Putte al in goddes honde / as he þat mente.
No thing but wel / and sodeynly auysed.
He hir in armes faste to hym hente. [ 1187]
And Pandarus with a ful good entente.
Layde hym to slepe / and seyde if ye ben wise.
Swowneth nat now list moore folk aryse. [ 1190]
What myghte or may the sely larke seye. [ 1191]
when þat the sperhauk hath it in his foot.
I kan no moore / but of this ilk tweye.
To whom this tale sucre be or soot. [ 1194]
Thogh þat I tarie a yer som tyme I moot.
After my auctour telle of hir gladnesse.
As wel as I haue tolde hir heuynesse. [ 1197]
Criseide which þat felt hir thus Itake. [ 1198]
As writen clerkys in hir bookes oolde.
Right as an aspis lief she gan to quake.
whan she hym felte hir in armes folde. [ 1201]
And Troilus al hool of cares colde.
Gan thanken tho the bryghte goddes vij.
Thus sondry peynes bryngen folk in heuene. [ 1204]
Page  146(173)
This Troilus in armes gan hir streyne. [fol. 59a] [ 1205]
And seide o sweete as euere mote I gon.
Now be ye kaught / now is ther but we tweyne.
Now yeldeth yow / for oother boote is non. [ 1208]
To that Criseide answerde thus anon.
Ne hadde I or now my sweete herte deere.
Ben yolde / Iwys I were now nat here. [ 1211]
O soth is seide þat heled for to be. [ 1212]
As of a feuere. or oother gret siknesse.
Men moste drynke / as men may al day se.
fful bitter drynke / and for to han gladnesse. [ 1215]
Men drynken ofte peyne and gret destresse.
I meene it heere / as for this auenture.
That thorwgh a peyne hath fownden now his cure. [ 1218]
And now swetnesse semyth moore swete. [ 1219]
Than bitternesse assayed was biforn.
ffor out of wo in blisse now they fleete.
Non swich they felten syn they were born. [ 1222]
Now is this bet than bothe to belorn.
ffor loue of god take euery womman hede.
To werkyn thus when it comth to the nede. [ 1225]
Criseide al quyt from euery drede and teene. [ 1226]
As she þat Iuste cause hadde hym to triste.
Made hym swich feste / it Ioye was to seene.
whan she his trouth and cleene entent wiste. [ 1229]
And as aboute a tree with many a twiste.
Bytrent and with the swoote wodebynde.
Gan ech of hem in armes oother wynde. [ 1232]
Page  147(177)
And as the newe abaysed nyghtyngale. [ 1233]
That stynteth first whan she bigynneth synge.
whan þat she herith any hierde tale.
Or in the hegges any wight sterynge. [ 1236]
And aftir seker doth his voys out rynge.
Right so Criseide whan hir drede stente.
Opened hir herte and tolde al hir entente. [ 1239]
And right as he þat seith his deth Ishapen. [fol. 59b] [ 1240]
And deyen moste in aught þat he may gesse.
And sodeynly rescous doth hym eschapen.
And from his deth is brought in sikernesse. [ 1243]
ffor alle this world in swich present gladnesse.
Is Troilus / and hath his lady sweete.
with worse hap god lat vs neuere meete. [ 1246]
Hir armes smale / hir streyghte bak and softe. [ 1247]
Hir sydes longe / flessly smothe and white.
He gan to stroke / and good thrift bad ful ofte.
Hir snowissh throte. hir brestes rounde and lite. [ 1250]
Thus in this heuene he gan hym to delite.
And therwithal a thowsande tyme hir kiste.
That what to don for Ioye vnnethe he wiste. [ 1253]
Than seide he thus .o. loue .o. charite. [ 1254]
Thy modir ek Citherea the sweete.
After thi self nexte heried be she.
Venus mene I / the wel willy Planete. [ 1257]
And nexte yow ymeneus .I. the grete.
ffor neuere man was to yow goddes holde.
As I þat ye han broght fro cares colde. [ 1260]
Page  148(181)
Benygne loue thow holy bond of thinges. [ 1261]
who so wol grace / and liste yow naught honouren.
Lo his desir wol flee without wynges.
And noldestow of bounte hem socouren. [ 1264]
That seruen best / and moste alwey labouren.
Yit were al lost / þat dar I wel seyn certes.
But yif thy grace passed oure desertes. [ 1267]
And for thow me þat coude lest deserue. [ 1268]
Of hem þat nowmbred ben vnto thi grace.
Hast holpen / ther I likly was to sterue.
And by me bistowed in so heygh a place. [ 1271]
That thilke boundes may no blisse pace.
I kan no moore but laude and reuerence.
Be to thy bounte and thyn excellence. [ 1274]
And therwith Criseide anon he kiste. [fol. 60a] [ 1275]
Of which certein she felte no disese.
And thus seide he / now wolde god I wiste.
Myn herte sweete / how I yow myght plese. [ 1278]
what man quod he was euere thus at ese.
As I on whom the fayrest and the beste.
That euery say deyneth hir herte reste. [ 1281]
Here may men se þat mercy passeth right. [ 1282]
The experience of this is felte in me.
That am vnworthy to yow lady bright.
But herte myn of yowr benygnite. [ 1285]
So thinketh thogh þat I vnworthy be.
Yit moot I nede amenden in som wyse.
Right thorgh the vertu of your heygh seruyse. [ 1288]
Page  149(185)
And for the loue of god my lady deere. [ 1289]
Syn god hath wrought me for I shal yow serue.
As thus / he wol þat ye ben my steere.
To don me lif if þat yow list or sterue. [ 1292]
So techet me how þat I may deserue.
Yowr thonk / so þat I thorugh my ignoraunce.
Ne do no thing þat do yow displesaunce. [ 1295]
ffor certes fresshe wommanlich wyf. [ 1296]
This dar I seyn / þat trouth and diligence.
That shal ye fyndyn in me al my lif.
Ne I wil nat certeyn breken your defence. [ 1299]
And if I do present or in absence.
ffor loue of god let sle me with the dede.
yif þat it like vnto yowr wommanhede. [ 1302]
Iwys quod she myn owene hertes lust. [ 1303]
My grownde of ese . and al my herte deere.
Gramercy / for on þat is al my trust.
But lat vs falle awey fro this matere. [ 1306]
ffor this suffiseth which þat seyde is heere.
And at o word with outen repentance.
welcome my knyght / my pees / my suffisance. [ 1309]
Of hir delit . or Ioyes oon the leeste. [fol. 60b] [ 1310]
were impossible to my wit to seye.
But Iuggeth ye þat han ben at the feeste.
Of swhich gladnesse / if þat hem list pleye. [ 1313]
I kan no moore / but this ilke tweye.
That nyght bitwixen drede and sikernesse.
They felte in loue the grete worthynesse. [ 1316]
Page  150(189)
O blisful lyght of hem so longe Isought. [ 1317]
How blithe vnto hem bothe two thow weere.
why ne hadde ich swich oon with my soule I bought.
Ye or the leeste Ioye þat was there. [ 1320]
Awey thow foul daunger and thow feere.
And lat hem in this heuene blisse dwelle.
This is so heygh þat no man kan it telle. *. [[St. 190-1 are made 201-2 in Harl. MS. 1239, St. John's MS., and Caxton's text. Harl. 2302 (lf. 75, bk.), Addit. 12,044 (lf. 59, bk.), and Corpus 61 have em here.]] [ 1323]
But how al thoght I kan nat tellen al. [ 1324]
As kan my auctour of his excellence.
Yit haue I seyd and god toforn and shal.
In euery thing the gret of his sentence. [ 1327]
And yif þat I. at loues reuerence.
Haue any thing in eched for the beste.
Dothe therwithal right as yowr seluen liste. [ 1330]
ffor myne wordes heere and euery parte. [ 1331]
I speke hem alle vndir correccioun.
Of yow / þat feelyng han in loues arte.
And putte hem hool and yowr discrecioun. [ 1334]
Tencresce or make diminucioun.
Of my lange / and þat I yow biseche.
But now to purpos of my rather speche. [ 1337]
Thise ilk two þat ben in armes laft. [ 1338]
So loth to hem asonder gon it weere.
That ech from oother wende ben byraft.
Or ellis lo this was hir most feere. [ 1341]
List al this thing / but nyce dremys weere.
ffor which ful ofte ech of hem seyde o swete.
Clippe ich yow thus / or elles ich it meete. [ 1344]
Page  151(193)
And lord so he gan goodly on hir see. [ 1345]
That neuere his look ne blente from hir face.
And seide o deere herte may it be.
That this be soth þat ye ben in thise plase. [ 1348]
Ye herte myn. god thonk I of his grace.
Quod tho Criseide / and hirwithal hym kyste.
That where his spirit was for Ioye he nyste. [ 1351]
This Troilus ful ofte hir eyen two. [ 1352]
Gan for to kisse / and seyde o eyen cleere.
It war ye þat wroughten me this wo.
Ye humble nettes of my lady deere. [ 1355]
Though ther be mercy writen in yowr cheere.
God wot the text ful hard is sothe to fynde.
How koude ye withoute bond me bynde. [ 1358]
Therwith he gan hir faste in armes take. [fol. 61a] [ 1359]
And wel a thouusand tymes gan he sike.
Nat swich sorwful sikes as men make.
ffor sorwe / or elles whan þat folk ben sike. [ 1362]
But esy sikes swich as ben to like.
That shewed his affeccion withInne.
Of swich sikes koude he nat blyne. [ 1365]
Soone aftir this they spake of sondry thinges. [ 1366]
As fil to purpos for hir auenture.
And pleying entrechaungeden hir rynges.
Of which I kan nat tellen no scripture. [ 1369]
But wel I wot a broch gold and asure.
In which a ruby set was lik a herte.
Criseida him yaf / and stak it on his sherte. [ 1372]
Page  152(197)
Lord trowen ye a coueitous or a wrechche. [ 1373]
That blameth loue / and halt of it despit.
That of the pans þat he kan mokre and kechche.
was euer yit Iyiue hym swich delit. [ 1376]
As is in loue in o point in som plit.
Nay douteles / for also god me saue.
So parfit Ioye may no nigard haue. [ 1379]
They wol sey yis / but lord so þat thei lye. [ 1380]
Tho bisy wrechches ful of wo and drede.
They clepyn loue a woodnesse or folye.
But it shal falle hem as I shal yow rede. [ 1383]
They shal forgon the white and ek the rede.
And lyue in wo / ther god yif hem meschaunce.
And euery louere in his trouthe auaunce. [ 1386]
As wolde god thise wrechches þat despise. [ 1387]
Seruyse of loue / hadde eris also longe.
As hadde Mida ful of coueytise.
And therto dronken hadde as hoote and stronge. [ 1390]
As crassus dide for hise affectes wronge.
To techen hem þat couetise is vice.
And loue is vertu thogh men halde it nyce. [ 1393]
Thise ilke two of which þat I yow seye. [fol. 61b] [ 1394]
whan hir hertes ful assured weere.
Tho gonnen they to speke and to pleye.
And ek rehersyn how / and whan and wheere. [ 1397]
They knewe hem first and euery wo and feere.
That passed was / but al þat heuynesse.
I thonked god was torned to gladnesse. [ 1400]
Page  153(201)
And euere mo whan þat hem fil to speke. [ 1401]
Of any wo / of which a tyme agon.
with kyssynge al þat tale sholde breke.
And fallen in a newe Ioye anon. [ 1404]
And deden al hir myght syn they where oon.
ffor to recoueren blysse and ben at esye.
And passed wo with Ioye countrepeyse. [ 1407]
Reson wol nat þat I speke of slep. [ 1408]
ffor it acordeth naught to my matere.
God woot they toke of hit ful litel kep.
But list this nyght þat was to hem so deere. [ 1411]
Ne sholde in veyn eschap in no manere.
It was biset in Ioye and besynesse.
Of al þat souneth into gentilesse. [ 1414]
Whan þat the Cok comune astrologer. [fol. 62a] [ 1415]
Gan on his brest / to beete and after crowe.
And lucifer the dayes messager.
Gan for to rise / and oute hir stremyes throwe. [ 1418]
And estward ros to hym þat koude it knowe.
ffortuna maior þat anon Criseide.
with herte soore to Troilus thus seyde. [ 1421]
Myn hertes lif my trust and my plesaunce. [ 1422]
That I was born allas what me is wo.
That day of vs moot maken disseueraunce.
ffor tyme it is to rise and hennes go. [ 1425]
Or ellis I am lost for euer mo.
O nyght allas / why nyltow ouer vs houe.
As longe / as whan Almena lay by Ioue. [ 1428]
Page  154(205)
O blake nyght as folk in bookes reede. [ 1429]
That shapen art by god / this world to hide.
At certein tymes with thy blake weede.
That vndir that men myght in rest abide. [ 1432]
wel outen bestes pleyne. and folk the chide.
That there as day with labour wolde vs breste.
That thow thus fleest / and deynes vs nat reste. [ 1435]
Thow doost allas to shortly thy office. [ 1436]
Thow rakel nyght / ther god makere of kynde.
ffor thow so downward hasteth of malice.
The corse / and to oure emyspye bynde. [ 1439]
That neuer mo vnder the grownde thow wynde.
ffor thorugh thy rakel lying out of Troye.
Haue I forgon thus hastely my Ioye. [ 1442]
This Troilus þat with tho wordes felte. [ 1443]
As thoughte hym tho. for pitous destresse.
The blody teeris from his herte melte.
As he þat neuere yit swich heuynesse. [ 1446]
Assayed hadde out of so gret gladnesse.
Gan therwithal Criseide his lady deere.
In armes streyne / and seid in this manere. [ 1449]
O cruel day accusour of the Ioye. [fol. 62b] [ 1450]
That loue and nyght han stole and faste Iwryen.
Acorsed be thi comynge into Troye.
ffor euery bore hath oon of thy bryght eyen. [ 1453]
Enuyous day what list the to espien.
what hastow lost / what sekist thow this plase.
Ther god thy light so quenche for his grace. [ 1456]
Page  155(209)
Allas what han thise loueris the agilt. [ 1457]
Despitous day / thyn be the pyne of helle.
ffor mony louere hastow slayn and wilt.
Thy pourynge in wol no wher late hem dwelle. [ 1460]
what profrestow thy light her for to selle.
Go selle it hem þat smale seelis graue.
we wil the naught / vs nedeth no day haue. [ 1463]
And ek the sonne titan wolde he chide. [ 1464]
And seyd o fool wel may men the despise.
That hast al nyght the dawynge by thy side.
And suffrest hir so soone vp fro the rise. [ 1467]
ffor to disesen loueris in thise wise.
what holde thy bed ther thow and ek thy morwe.
I prey to god so yiue yow bothe sorwe. [ 1470]
Therwith ful soore he sight and thus he seyde. [ 1471]
My lady right. and of my wele and wo.
The verray roote / .o. goodly myn Criseide.
And shal.I arise / allas and shal I so. [ 1474]
Now feele I þat myn herte moot a two.
ffor how shuld I my lyue an houre saue.
Syn þat with yow is al the lif Ich haue. [ 1477]
What shal I don / for certes I not how. [ 1478]
Ne whanne allas I may the tyme se.
That in this plit I may ben eft with yow.
And of my lif / god wot I shal be. [ 1481]
Syn þat desir right now so streyneth me.
That I am dede anon but I retorne.
How sholde I longe allas fro yow soiorne. [ 1484]
Page  156(213)
But natheles my owne lady bright. [fol. 63a] [ 1485]
Yit were it so þat I wist outrely.
That I yowr owene seruant and yowr knyght.
were in yowre herte Ishet as fermely. [ 1488]
As ye in myn / the which thing trewely.
Me leuere were / than this worldes tweyne.
Yit sholde I bet enduren al my peyne. [ 1491]
To þat Cryseide answerde thus anon. [ 1492]
And with a sik she seyde .o. herte deere.
The game Iwys so ferforth now is gon.
That erst shal Phebus fallen fro his speere. [ 1495]
And euerich egle ben the haukes feere.
And euery Roche out of his place sterte.
Ar Troilus out of Criseide herte. [ 1498]
Ye ben so deepe In with my herte Igraue. [ 1499]
That thogh I wolde it torne out of my thoghte.
As wysly verray god my soule haue.
To deyen in the peyne I koude noght. [ 1502]
And for the loue of god þat vs hath wroghte.
Lat in yowr brayn non oother fantasie.
So crepe / þat it cause me to dye. [ 1505]
An þat ye me wolde han as faste in mynde. [ 1506]
As I haue yow / þat wold I yow biseche.
And yif I wist sothly þat to fynde.
God myghte nat a poynt my Ioyes eche. [ 1509]
But herte myn withoute moore speche.
Beth to me trowe / or ellis wher it routhe.
ffor I am thyn by god and by my trowthe. [ 1512]
Page  157(217)
Beth glad forthy and lyue in sekernesse. [ 1513]
Thus seyd I neuer or now ne shal to mo.
And yif to yow it were a gret gladnesse.
To torne ayein son aftir þat ye go. [ 1516]
As fayn wolde I as ye it were so.
As wysly god my herte brynge at reste.
And hym in armes tok and ofte kiste. [ 1519]
Ayein his wil syn it moot nedes be. [fol. 63b] [ 1520]
This Troilus vp ros and faste hym cledde.
And in his armes took his lady free.
An hundreth tyme / and on his way hym spedde. [ 1523]
And with swich voys as thoght his herte blede.
He seide fare wele dere herte swette.
Ther god vs graunt sounde and soone mette. [ 1526]
To which no worde for sorwe she ne answerde. [ 1527]
So soore gan his partyng hir destreyne.
And Troilus vnto his plays ferde.
As wobigon as she was soth to seyne. [ 1530]
So harde hym wrong / of sharp desir the peyne.
ffor to ben eft ther he was in plesaunce.
That it may neuere out of his remembrance. [ 1533]
Retorneth to his real paleys soone. [ 1534]
He softe into his bed gan to for slynke.
To slepe longe as he was wont to doone.
But al for naught he may wel ligge and wynke. [ 1537]
But slepe ne may ther in his herte synke.
Thynkyng how sho for whom desir hym brende.
A thousand fold was worth moore than he wende. [ 1540]
Page  158(221)
And in this thought gan vp and down to wynde. [ 1541]
Hir wordes alle and euery contenaunce.
And fermelisch enpressen in his mynde.
The leste poynt þat to hym was plesaunce. [ 1544]
And verrelich of thilke remembrance.
Desir al new hym brende . and lust to breede.
Gan moor than erst / and yit took he no heede. [ 1547]
Criseide also right in the selue wyse. [ 1548]
Of Troilus gan in hir herte shette.
His worthynesse / his lust / his dedes wyse.
His gentilesse . and how she with hym mette. [ 1551]
Thonkynge lone / he so wel hir bisette.
Desiringe eft to han hir herte deere.
In swich a plit she dorste mak hym cheere. [ 1554]
Pandare of morwe which þat comen was. [fol. 64a] [ 1555]
Vnto his Nece / and gan hir faire greete.
Seide / al this nyght so reyned it allas.
That al my drede is þat ye Nece sweete. [ 1558]
Han litel leiser had to slepe and meete.
Al nyght quod he so reyn hath don me wake.
That som of vs for god hir hede may ake. [ 1561]
And nere he come and seide how stant it now. [ 1562]
This bright morwe Nece how kan ye fare.
Criseide answerde neuere the bet for yow.
ffox þat ye ben / god yiue yow herde care. [ 1565]
God help me so ye caused al this fare.
Trow I quod she / for al yowr wordes white.
O who so seth yow knoweth yow ful lite. [ 1568]
Page  159(225)
With þat she gan hir face for to wrye. [ 1569]
with the shete / and wax for shame al reed.
And Pandarus gan vndir for to prye.
And seide Nece / if þat I shal be ded. [ 1572]
Haue her a swerde / and smyteth of my heed.
with that his arm al sodeynly he threste.
Vndir hir nekke / and at the laste hir kiste. [ 1575]
Passe al þat which nedeth naugh to seye. [ 1576]
what god foryaf his deth / an she also.
fforyaf and with hir vncle gan to pleye.
ffor oother cause was ther non than so. [ 1579]
But of this thing / right to theffect to go.
wen tyme was hom to hir house she wente.
And Pandarus hath hoolly his entente. [ 1582]
Now torne we ayein to Troilus. [ 1583]
That resteles ful longe a bedde lay.
And pryuyly sente aftir Pandarus.
To hym to come in al the haste he may. [ 1586]
He come anon / nat onys seyd he nay.
And Troilus ful sobrelich he grette.
And down vpon his biddesside hym sette. [ 1589]
This Troilus with al the affeccioun. [fol. 61b] [ 1590]
Of frendes loue / þat herte may deuyse.
To Pandarus / on knowes fel adown.
And or þat he wolde of the plase rise. [ 1593]
He gan hym thonken in his beste wyse.
A thousand tyme / and gan the day to blisse.
That he was born / to brynge hym fro destresse. [ 1596]
Page  160(229)
And seide .o. frend of frendes the alderbeste. [ 1597]
That euere was / the soth for to telle.
Thow hast in heuene Ibrought my soule at reste.
ffro flagitoun the feery flood of helle. [ 1600]
That thought I myght a thousand tymes selle.
Vpon a day / my lif in thy seruyse.
It myght nat a moote in þat suffise. [ 1603]
The sonne which þat al the world may se. [ 1604]
Say neuere yit my lif þat dar I leye.
So Inly fair / and goodly as is she.
whos I am al / and shal til þat I deye. [ 1607]
And þat I thus am hyrs dar I seye.
That thonked be the heygh worthynesse.
Of loue / and ek thy kynde bisynesse. [ 1610]
Thus hastow me no litel thinge Iyiue. [ 1611]
ffor which to the obliged be for ay.
My lif / and why / for thorugh thy helpe I lyue.
Or ellis ded hadde I ben mony a day. [ 1614]
And with that word down in his bed he lay.
And Pandarus ful sobrelich hym herde.
Til al was seyde / and thanne he thus answerde. [ 1617]
My deere frend yif I haue don for the. [ 1618]
In any cas / god woot it is me lief.
And am as gladde as man may of it be.
God help me so / but take it naught a grief. [ 1621]
ffor loue of god be war of this myschief.
That ther as now thow brought art in thy blisse.
That thow thy self ne cause it nat to mysse. [ 1624]
Page  161(233)
ffor of fortunes sharp aduersite. [fol. 65a] [ 1625]
The worste kynde of infortune is this.
A man to han ben in prosperite.
And it remembreth whan it passed is. [ 1628]
Thart wyse Inogh forthy do nat amyse.
Be nat to rakel thogh thowe sitte warme.
ffor yif thow be certein it wil the harme. [ 1631]
Thow art at ese / and holde the wel þerInne. [ 1632]
ffor also seur as reed is euery fire.
As gret a craft is kepe wel as wynne.
Bridle alwey wel thy speche and thy desire. [ 1635]
ffor worldly Ioy halt nat but by a wire.
That proeueth wel it brest alday so ofte.
fforthy nede is to wirken with it softe. [ 1638]
Quod Troilus / I hope and god biforn. [ 1639]
My deere frend / þat I shal so me bere.
That in my gylt ther shal no thing be lorn.
Ne I wol nat rakly as for to greuen here. [ 1642]
It nedeth nat this matere of to 1. [over an erasure.] tere.
ffor wistestow my herte wel Pandare.
By god of this thow woldest litel care. [ 1645]
Tho gan he telle hym of hise glade nyght. [ 1646]
And whereof first hys herte drede and how.
And seyde frende / as I am trewe knyght.
And by þat feith I shal to god and yow. [ 1649]
I hadde it neuere half so hoote as now.
And ay the more yt 2. [sic.] desir me biteth.
To loue hir beste the moore it me deliteth. [ 1652]
Page  162(237)
I not my self nat wisly what it is. [ 1653]
But now I feele a newe qualite.
Ye al a nother than I dede or þis.
Pandare answerde and seide thus þat he. [ 1656]
That oonys may in heuene blis be.
He feeleth oother weyes dar I leye.
Than thilk tyme he first herde of it seye. [ 1659]
This is a worde for al / this Troilus. [fol. 65b] [ 1660]
was neuere ful to speke of this matere.
And for to preyse vnto Pandarus.
The bounte of his right lady deere. [ 1663]
And Pandarus to thanke and maken cheere.
This tale was ay spannew to bygynne.
Til at the nyght departed hem atwynne. [ 1666]
Soone after this / for þat fortune it wolde. [ 1667]
Icomen was the blisful tyme sweete.
That Troilus was warned þat he sholde.
Ther he was erst Criseide his lady meete. [ 1670]
ffor which he felte his herte in Ioye fleete.
And feithfully gan alle the goddes herye.
And lat se now / yif that he kan be merye. [ 1673]
And holden was the forme and al the wise. [ 1674]
Of hir commynge / and ek of his also.
As it was erst / which nedith naught deuyse.
But pleynly to the effect right for to go. [ 1677]
In Ioye and suerte Pandarus hem two.
Abedde broughte / whan hem bothe liste.
And thus they ben in quiete and in reste. [ 1680]
Page  163(241)
Nat nedith it to yow syn they ben met. [ 1681]
To ax at me / yif þat they blithe weere.
ffor yif it erst was wele tho was it bet.
A thousand fold / this nedeth nat enqueere. [ 1684]
Agon was euery drede and euery feere.
And bothe Iwys they hadde / and so they wende.
As muche Ioye as herte may comprende. [ 1687]
This nys no litel thing of for to seye. [ 1688]
This passeth euery wit for to deuyse.
ffor eche of hem gan oothres lust obeye.
ffelicite wiche at this clerkis wyse. [ 1691]
Comenden so / ne may nat hir suffise.
This Ioye may nat writen be with Inke.
This passeth al / þat herte may bithynke. [ 1694]
But cruel day so weylawey the stownde. [fol. 66a] [ 1695]
Gan for to taproche / as they by signes knewe.
ffor which hem thoughte feelen dethes wownde.
So wo was hem þat chaungen gan hir hewe. [ 1698]
And day they gonnen to despise al newe.
Callynge it traytour enuyous and worse.
And bitterly the dayes light they corse. [ 1701]
Quod Troilus allas now am I war. [ 1702]
That pirora and the swifte steedes thre.
which þat drawen forth the sonnes char.
Han gon som bipath in dispit of me. [ 1705]
That maketh it so soone day to be.
And for the sonne hym hasteth thus to rise.
Ne shal I neuere don hym sacrifise. [ 1708]
Page  164(245)
But nedes day departe hem moste soone. [ 1709]
And whan hir speche Idon was and hir cheere.
They twynne anon / as they ben wont to don.
And setten tyme of metynge eft Ifere. [ 1712]
And many a nyght they wroght in this manere.
And thus fortune a tyme ledde in Ioye.
Criseide / and ek this kynges sone of Troye. [ 1715]
In suffisaunce / in blisse / and in syngynges. [ 1716]
This Troilus gan al hise lif to lede.
He spendith / Iousteth / makith festynges.
He yeueth frely ofte. and chaungeth weede. [ 1719]
And helde aboute hym ay withouten drede.
A world of folk / as kam hym wele of kynde.
The fressheste / and the beste he koude fynde. [ 1722]
That swich a voys of hym was and a steuene. [ 1723]
Thorwghout the worlde of honour and largesse.
That it vp rong / vnto the yate of heuene.
And as in loue he was in swich gladnesse. [ 1726]
That in his herte he demed as I gesse.
That ther nys louere in this world at ese.
So wel as he / and thus gan loue hym plese. [ 1729]
The goodlihede or bounte which þat kynde. [fol. 66b] [ 1730]
In any oother lady hadde Iset.
Kan nat the mountenaunce of a knotte vnbynde.
Aboute his herte of al Criseides net. [ 1733]
He was so narwe Imasket and Iknet.
That it vndon on any maner side.
That nyl nat ben for aught þat may bitide. [ 1736]
Page  165(249)
And by the hond ful ofte he wolde take. [ 1737]
This Pandarus and into gardyn leede.
And swich a feeste and swich a proces make.
Hym of Criseide / and of hir wommanhede. [ 1740]
And of hir beaute / þat withouten drede.
It was an heuene his wordes for to here.
And thanne he wolde synge in this manere. [ 1743]
(250) (Troilus's Song of Love, 1; adapted from Boethius.)
Loue þat of erthe and see hath gouernaunce. *. [[Cantus troili]]
Loue þat hise hestes hath in heuenes hye.
Loue which þat with an holsom alliance.
Halt peoples Ioygned as hym list hem gye. [ 1747]
Loue þat enditeth lawe of compaignye.
And couples doth in vertu for to dwelle.
Bynd this acord þat I haue told and telle. [ 1750]
(251) (Troilus's Song. 2.)
That þat the world with feith þat is 1. [sic] vnstable. [ 1751]
Dyuerseth so hise stowndes concordynge.
That elementȝ þat ben so discordable.
Holde in a bond perpetuely durynge. [ 1754]
That phebus moote his roosy day forth brynge.
And þat the moone hath lordshippes ouer the nyghtes.
Al this doth loue. ay heried be hise myghtes. [ 1757]
(252) (Troilus's Song. 3.)
That þat the see that gredy is to flowen. [ 1758]
Constreyneth to a certein ende so.
His floodes / þat so fiersly they ne growen.
To drenchen erthe and alle for euer mo. [ 1761]
And yif þat loue aught let his bridel go.
Al þat now loueth asonder shal lepe.
And lost were al þat loue halt now to hepe. [ 1764]
Page  166(253) (Troilus's Song. 4.)
So wolde god þat auctour is of kynde. [fol. 67a] [ 1765]
That with his bond loue of his vertu liste.
To cerclen hertes alle and faste bynde.
That from his bond no wight the wey out wiste. [ 1768]
And hertes colde hem wolde I þat he twiste.
To make hem loue / and þat hem liste ay rewe.
And hertes soore / and kepe hem þat be trewe. [ 1771]
In alle nedes for the townes werre. [ 1772]
He was / and ay the first in armes dight.
And certeinly but yif þat bookes erre.
Saue Ector moost Idrede of any wight. [ 1775]
And this Encres of hardinesse and myght.
Com hym of loue. his lady thonk to wynne.
That altered his spirit so withInne. [ 1778]
In tyme of trewe. on hawkynde wolde he ride. [ 1779]
Or ellis hont / boor. bere. or lyon.
The smale beestes leet he gon biside.
And whan þat he com rydyng into town. [ 1782]
fful ofte his lady from hir wyndow down.
As fresshe as faucon comen out of muwe.
fful redy was hym goodly to saluwe. [ 1785]
And moost of loue and vertu was his speche. [ 1786]
And in despit hadde alle wrechchednesse.
And douteles no nede was hym biseche.
To honouren hem þat hadden worthynesse. [ 1789]
And esen hem þat weren in destresse.
And glad was he if any wight wel farde.
That louere was. wan it wiste or harde. [ 1792]
Page  167(257)
ffor soth to seyn he lost held euery wight. [ 1793]
But yif he were in loues heygh seruyse.
I. meene folk þat oughte it ben of ryght.
And ouer al this so wel koude he deuyse. [ 1796]
Of sentement / and in so vnkouth wyse.
Alle his array / þat euery louere thoughte.
That al was wel what so he seyde or wroughte. [ 1799]
And thogh that he be come of blood royal. [fol. 67b] [ 1800]
Hym liste of pryde at no wight for to chace.
Benygne he was to ech in general.
ffor which he gat hym thonk in euery place. [ 1803]
This wolde loue Iheried be his grace.
That pride / enuye / and ire and auarice.
He gan to fle. and euerich oother vice. [ 1806]
Yow lady bright the doughter to dyone. [ 1807]
Thy blynde and wynged sone ek daun kupide.
Yow sustres ix ek þat by Elicone.
In hill parnaso lysten for tabide. [ 1810]
That ye thus fer han deyned me to gide.
I kan na moore / but syn þat ye wol wende.
Ye heried ben for ay withouten ende. [ 1813]
Thowrgh yow haue I seyd fully in my song. [ 1814]
The effect and Ioye of Troilus seruyse.
Al be that ther was som disese among.
As to my auctour listeth to deuyse. [ 1817]
Mi thridde book now end ich in this wyse.
And Troilus in lust and in quiete.
Is with Criseide his owne herte swete. [ 1820]
Explicit liber tercius.