Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
Page  42(8)
IN may that moder is of monethes glade [ 50]
That fresche flowres bleve white and rede
Be quyk agayne that wynter dede made
And ful of bawme is fletyng euery made [ 53]
Whan Phebus dos his bright bemes sprede
Right in the white bole hit so betidde
As I schal synge on mayes day tho thirde [ 56]
THat Pandarus for al his vise speche [leaf 7, back] [ 57]
Felt eke his part of loues schotes kene
That cowde he neuer so wel of louyng preche
It made hewe a day ful ofte grene [ 60]
So schope hit hym that day to falle a tene
In loue for whiche in woo to bedde he wente
And made or hit were day ful many a wente [ 63]
THe swalowe proigned with a sorowful lay [ 64]
Whan moro kam gan make her wementyng
Why sche forschapen was and eue[r] lay
Pandare in bede half in a slomberyng [ 67]
Til sche so nygh hym made her chiteryng
How Terous gan forthe her suster take
That with tho noyce of her he gan to wake [ 70]
ANd gan to calle and dresse hym to rise [ 71]
Remembring hym his erand was to done
Frome Troilus and eke his grete emprise
And cast and knew in gude plite was tho mone [ 74]
To do viage and toke his wey ful sone
Vn-to his neces Paleys there beside
Now Ianus god of entre thou hym gyde [ 77]
Page  43(12)
WHan he was come vnto his nece place [ 78]
Where is my lady to here folke quod he
And they hym tolde and he forthe in gan pace
And fonde too other ladyes sette and sche [ 81]
Wiht-ynne a paved parlour and they thre
Herden a mayde rede hem tho geste
Of the sege of Thebes while hem lyst [ 84]
Quod Pandare madame god ȝoiw saue & se [ 85]
With al ȝowre boke and al the companye
Ey vncle now welcome y-wis quod sche
And vpe sche ros and by tho honde in hie [ 88]
Sche toke hym faste and seide this nyghtes thre
To gode mote hit torne of ȝou I mette
And with that worde sche dovne on benche hym sette [ 91]
Ȝe nece ȝe schal fare wel tho bette [ 92]
If god wil al this ȝere quod Pandarus
Bot I am sory that I haue ȝou lette
To herken of this boke ȝe preise thus [ 95]
For goddes loue what seys hit telle it vs
Is hit of loue o som gode ȝe may lere
Vncle quod sche ȝowre maistresse is not here [ 98]
With that they gan laugh and sche seide [ 99]
This romans is of Thebes that we rede
And we han herde how that kyng Layus dyde
Thorugh Edippus his sone and al his dede [ 102]
And here we stynt at thes lettres red
How tho bischope as the boke gan telle
Amphiorax fel thorugh the grounde to helle [ 105]
Page  44(16)
Quod Pandarus al this know I my self [ 106]
Of al thassege of Thebes and tho care
For therof been ther maked bokes twelf
But lat be this and telle me how ȝe fare [ 109]
Doo wey ȝoure wymple schewe ȝowre face bare
Doo wey ȝowre boke rise vp and lette vs daunce
And lat vs doo to may som obseruance [ 112]
I god forbede quod sche be ȝe madde [ 113]
Is that a widowes lyf so god ȝou saue
Be god ȝe make me right sore a-dradde
Ȝe be so wilde it semethe that ȝe raue [ 116]
It sat me wel bette ay ben in a caue
To bydde and rede on holy sainte lyues
Let maydenes goo to daunce and ȝonge wiues [ 119]
As euer thryve I quod Pandarus [leaf 8] [ 120]
Ȝit cowde I telle a thing to doo pleye
Now vncle dere quod sche telle it vs
For godes loue is than tho sege a-weye [ 123]
I am of grekes ferde so that I dye
Nay nay quod he as euer mote I thriue
It is a thing wel bette than suche fyue [ 126]
Ȝe holy god quod sche what thing is that [ 127]
What bette than suche fyve nay ywis
For al this worlde ne can I rede what
It schulde be som Iape I trowe it is [ 130]
And bot ȝowre seluen telle vs what hit ys
My witte is for tared hit to lene
As holpe me god I not nat what ȝe mene [ 133]
Page  45(20)
And I ȝowre borow ne neuer schal quod he [ 134]
This thing be tolde to ȝow so mote I thryue
And why so vncle myne why so quod sche
Be god quod he that I wil telle as blyue [ 137]
For prudder woman̄ ys ther non on lyue
And ȝe it wiste in al tho towne of Troie
I iape not so euer haue I ioie [ 140]
Then gan sche wonder more then be-fore [ 141]
A thousande folde and dovne her eyen caste
For neuer sythen tho tyme that sche was bore
To knowe thing desired sche so faste [ 144]
And with a syke sche seide hym atte tho laste
Now vncle myne I wil ȝow not displese
Nor axen that. that may do ȝow disese [ 147]
So after this with many wordes glade [ 148]
And frenly tales and mery chere
Of this and that they pleyden and gone wade
In many an vnkouthe glade and depe matere [ 151]
As frendes done whan thay ben mette in fere
Til sche be-gan̄ axen hym how Ector farde
That was tho wal of Troie and grekes ȝarde [ 154]
Ful wel I thanke it god quod Pandarus [ 155]
Saue in his arme he has a lityl wounde
And eke his fr[e]sche brother Troilus
Tho wyse worthy Ector tho seconde [ 158]
In whom that euery vertu lyste habounde
As al trouthe and al worthinesse
Wisdom honoure fredom and gentylnesse [ 161]
Page  46(24)
In gode sethe eme that lykes me [ 162]
They faren wel god saue hem bothe too
For truly I holde hit grete deynte
A kynges son in armes wel to doo [ 165]
And be of goode condicions ther-to
For grete power and moral vertu here
Is seldom seyn in oo persone in fere [ 168]
In gode fethe that ys sothe quod Pandarus [ 169]
Bo by trouthe the kyng has sones twene
That is to mene Ector and Troilus
That sarteinly though that I schulde dye [ 172]
They be as voide of vice dar I seye
As any men̄ that lyue vnder tho sonne
Her myght ys wyde knowe and what they konne. [ 175]
Of Ector nedith nothing for to telle [ 176]
In al this worlde is not a bettur knyght
Thenne he that is of worthines welle
And he wel more vertu has thenne myght [ 179]
This knowis many a wise and worthy wight
Tho same pris of Troilus I saye
God helpe me I knowe not suche tweye [ 182]
By god quod Sche of Ector that Is Sothe [leaf 8, back] [ 183]
Of Troilus tho same thinge trow I
For dredeles men tellen that he dothe
In armes day by day so worthily [ 186]
And beris hym here at home so gentelly
To euery wight that al price hase he
Of hem that me were leuest preised be [ 189]
Page  47(28)
Ȝe sey right sothe quod Pandarus [ 190]
For ȝisterday who-so had with hym been
Might haue wondred vppon Tr[o]ilus
For neuer ȝit so thikke a swarme of been̄ [ 193]
Ne flight as grekes fro hym gonne fleen̄
And thorogh tho felde in euery wightis ere
Ther nas no crye but Troilus is there [ 196]
Now here now there he huntted hem so faste [ 197]
Ther vas bot grekes blode and Troilus
Now hem he hurte and hom al downe he caste
Aye where he wente it was araied thus [ 200]
He was here dethe and schelde and lyf of hus
That as that day ther durst noon hym with-stonde
While that he helde his blody swerde in honde [ 203]
THer-to he is tho frendelyest man̄ [ 204]
Of grete estate that euer I sawe my lyue
And where hym lyste beste felischp kan
To suche as hym thinkes alle for to thriue [ 207]
And with that worde then Pandarus as bliue
Toke of hem leue and seid he wolde go henne
Nay blame haue I myn vncle quod sche thenne [ 210]
WHat eylleth ȝou to be thus wery soone [ 211]
And namely of wommen wil ȝe see
Nay sittes downe be god I haue to doone
With ȝow to speke of wisdom or ȝe goo [ 214]
And euery wight that was a-bowte hem too
That herde that gan far a-way to stande
While they too had al that hem lyst on hande [ 217]
Page  48(32)
WHan that her tale al brought was to an ende [ 218]
Of her estate and of here gouernance
Quod Pandarus now is it tyme I wende
But ȝit I seye arise and lette vs daunce [ 221]
And caste ȝoure widoues habite to myschaunce
what lyst ȝou thus ȝoure self to disfigure
Sithyn ȝow is tyd so gladde an auenture [ 224]
A wel bethoght for loue of god quod sche [ 225]
Schal I not witte what ȝe mene of this
No this thing axes leyser quod he
And eke me wolde myche greue ywis [ 228]
If I it tolde and ȝe hit toke a-mys
Ȝit were it bettur my tonge for to stylle
Than sey a sothe that were a-ȝenst ȝowre wille [ 231]
For nece by tho goddes Mynerve [ 232]
And Iupiter that makes tho thondryng
And by tho blisful Venus that I serve
Ȝe be tho womman in this worlde lyuyng [ 235]
With-owten paramours to my wuttyng
That I best loue and lothest am to greue
And ȝe that witten wel ȝoure self I leue [ 238]
I-wis vncle quod sche graunt mercy [ 239]
Ȝoure frendschipp haue I fonde euer ȝit
I am to no man holden truly
So myche as ȝow and haue so litel quyt [ 242]
And with tho grace of god enforthe my witte
As in my gilt I schal ȝou neuer offende
And if I haue or this I wil a-mende [ 245]
Page  49(36)
Bvt for the Loue of god I ȝou Beseche [leaf 9] [ 246]
As ȝe ben he that I most loue and truste
Lat be to me this freinde maner spece
And sey to me ȝoure nece what ȝe lyste [ 249]
And with that worde her vncle a-non her kyste
And seyde gladly leue nece dere
Take hit for gode that I schal sey ȝou here [ 252]
With that sche gan her loke doun caste [ 253]
And Pandarus to coughe gan a lyte
And seyd nece alwey lo to tho laste
How-so hit be that som men hem delite [ 256]
With subtil arte her talis to endyte
Ȝit for al that in her entencion̄
Her tale is al for som conclusion̄ [ 259]
And sithen tho end is euery tales strenghe [ 260]
And this matere is so behouely
What schulde I peynte or draw it on lenghe
To ȝou that ben my frende so feithfully [ 263]
And with that worde he gan right Inwardly
Beholde hir and loke in hir face
And seide o suche a myrrour gode grace [ 266]
Than thoght he thus if I my tale endite [ 267]
Aught harde or make a proces any while
Sche schal no fauoure haue ther-ynne but lyte
And trowe I wolde her in my wille begile [ 270]
For tendre wittes wenen al be wyle
Where as they konne not pleinely vnderstonde
For-thy her witte to serue wolde I fonde [ 273]
Page  50(40)
And loked on her in a besy wise [ 274]
And sche was ware that he bihelde her soo
And seide lord so fast ȝe me a-vise
Sawe ȝe me neuer or nowe sey ȝe noo [ 277]
Ȝis ȝis quod he and bettur wil or I goo
Bot be my trouthe I thought now if ȝe
Be fortunate for nowe men schal hit se [ 280]
FOr to euery wight som godely aventure [ 281]
Som tyme is schape if he can hit receyuen
And if that he wil take of hit no cure
Whan that hit commes bot wilfully hit weyuen [ 284]
Loo neyther cas ne fortune hym deceuen
But right his owne slouthe and werecchednesse
And suche a wight is for to blame I gesse [ 287]
Gode a-venture o bele nece haue ȝe [ 288]
Ful lyghtly founde and ȝe konne hit take
And for tho loue of a god and eke of me
Katche it a-non lest a-uenture slake [ 291]
What schoulde I lenger proces to ȝow make
Gif me ȝoure hande for in this worlde is noone
If that ȝou lyst a wight so wel be-goone [ 294]
And sithen I speke of gode entencion̄ [ 295]
As I to ȝou haue tolde here be-forone
And loue as wel ȝowre honoure and renoun
As creature in al this worlde borne [ 298]
By alle tho othes that I haue ȝow sworne
And ȝe be wrothe therfore or wene I lye
Ne schal I neuer se ȝou eft with eye [ 301]
Page  51(44)
Bethe not a-gast ne quake not wherto [ 302]
Ne changes not for fere so ȝoure hewe
For herdely tho warst of this is doo
And thogh my tale as now be to ȝou newe [ 305]
Ȝit tryst alwey ȝe schal fynde me trewe
And were it thing that me thought vnsittyng
To ȝow wolde I no suche tales bryng [ 308]
Now my gode Eme For goddes Loue I prey [leaf 9, back] [ 309]
Quod sche come of and telle me what hit is
For both I am a-gast what ȝe wil sey
And eke hit me longes to witte ywis [ 312]
For whether it be wel or be amys
Sey on let me not in this fere dwelle
So wil I do now herken I schal telle [ 315]
NOw nece myn̄ tho kynges dere sone [ 316]
Tho gode wise worthy freche and free
Whiche for to do wel al-wey is his wone
Tho noble Troilus so loues the [ 319]
That bot ȝe helpe it wil is bane be
Loo here is al what schulde I more seye
Doo what ȝow lyst to make hym lyue or dye [ 322]
And if ȝe lat hym dye I wil sterue [ 323]
Haue here my troughe nece I wil not lyen
Al schulde I with this knyf my hert kerue
With that tho terys brest oute at his eyne [ 326]
And seide if ȝe do vs both dyene
Thus gilteles thane haue ȝe fysched fere
What mendes it ȝou though that we bothe apayre [ 329]
Page  52(48)
ALlas he that is my lorde so dere [ 330]
That trewe man that noble gentil knyght
That noght desires bot ȝowre frendely chere
I se hym dye there he gos vpright [ 333]
And hastes hym with al his ful myght
For to be slayne yf fortune wolde assente
Allas that god ȝou suche a beaut[e] sente [ 336]
Ȝif hit be so that ȝe so cruel be [ 337]
That of his dethe ȝe lyst not to recche
That is so trewe and worthy as we se
No more thenne of a Iaper or a wreche [ 340]
If ȝe be suche ȝour bewtee may not strecche
To make mendes of so cruel dede
Avisement is gode be-fore tho nede [ 343]
Woo worthe tho faire gemme vertules [ 344]
Woo worthe that herbe also that dos no bote
Woo worthe that bewte that is routheles
Woo worthe that wight that tredes eche thing vnder fote
And ȝe that ben so bewte crope and rote [ 348]
Ȝif therwith-al in ȝou ther be no bote
Than is hit harme that ȝe lyuo by my trouthe [ 350]
And also thinke wel that this is no gaude [ 351]
For me were leuer thou and I and he
Were hanged than I schulde be his baude
As hie as men̄ myght on vs alle see [ 354]
I am thyn Eme tho schame vere to me
Als wel as to the if that I schulde assent
Thorogh myn abette that thyn honoure wer schent [ 357]
Page  53(52)
Now vnderstonde for I ȝou not require [ 358]
To bynde ȝow to hym thorogh no be-heste
Bot only that ȝe make hym bettur chere
Than ȝe haue done or this and more feste [ 361]
So that his lyf be saued atte tho leeste
This al and som and pleynly owre entent
God helpe me so I ner other ment [ 364]
Loo this request is not bot siche ywis [ 365]
Ne doute of reson parde is ther non
I swete tho warste that ȝe dredden this is
Men wolde wonder to se hym come and goo [ 368]
There a-ȝenys answer I thus a-non
That euery wight bot he be fole of kynde
Will deme hit loue of frendschippe in his myndo [ 371]
WHat who wil deme thogh He se a man̄ [leaf 10] [ 372]
To temple go that he tho ymages eteth
Thinke eke how wel and wisely that he can̄
Gouerne hym self that he no thing forgeteth [ 375]
That where he comes he pris and thanke hym getith
And eke therto he schal come here so seelde
What fors were hit if al tho towne beheelde [ 378]
Suche loue of frendys regneth al this towne [ 379]
And wry ȝou in that mantel euermoo
And god so wis be my sauacione
As I haue seid ȝoure best ys so to doo [ 382]
But gode nece alwey to stynt his woo
So lat ȝoure daunger sugred be a lite
That of his dethe ȝe be not for to wite [ 385]
Page  54(56)
Creseide which that herde hym in this wise [ 386]
Thoght I schal fele what ȝe mene of this
Now eme quod sche what wolde ȝe deuise
What is ȝoure rede I schal don of this [ 389]
That is wel seide certeine quod he best is
That ȝe loue hym a-ȝen for his louyng
As loue for loue skilful guerdonyng [ 392]
THinke eke how elde wasteth euery hovre [ 393]
In eche of ȝou a party of bewte
And therfore or age the deuoure
Goo loue for olde ther wil no wight of the [ 396]
Lat this prouerbe a lore vn-to ȝou be
To late yware quod bewte whan it paste
And elde daunted daunger atte the laste [ 399]
THo kynges fole is wont to crye lowde [ 400]
Whan that hym thynkes a womman beris hir hye
So longe mote ȝe lyue and alle proude
Til crowes fete ben waxen vnder ȝowre eye [ 403]
And sende ȝou thenne a myrrour in to prye
In whiche that ȝe may see ȝoure face on morowe
I bidde wische ȝow no more sorowe [ 406]
With that he stynt and caste doune the hede [ 407]
And sche began to breste on and wepe a-non
And seide allas for woo why wer I not dede
For of this worlde tho fethe is al gon̄ [ 410]
Allas what schuld a strange vn-to mee doon̄
Whan he that for my beste frende I wende
Redes me to loue and schulde hit me defende [ 413]
Page  55(60)
ALLas I wolde haue trusted dovteles [ 414]
That if I thorogh my disauenture
Had loued other hym or Achilles
Ector or any mannes creature [ 417]
Ȝe wolde haue had no mercy nor mesure
On me bot alway had me in reproue
This fals wolde allas who may hit leue [ 420]
WHat is this al tho Ioie and al tho feste [ 421]
Is this ȝowre rede is this my blestful cas
Is this tho veray mede of beheste
Is al this paynted proces seide allas [ 424]
Right for this fyne O lady myn pallas
Thou in this dredeful cas for me purueye
For so stonyed am I that I deye [ 427]
With that sche gan ful sorowfully to syke [ 428]
A may it be no betur quod Pandarus
By god I schal no more com here this weke
And god be-fore that am mystrusted thus [ 431]
I se wel that ȝe sette lytel of hus
Or of oure dethe allas I woful wreche
Might he ȝit leue of me were not to recche [ 434]
O Cruel dethe o dispitous Marte [leaf 10, back] [ 435]
O furyes thre of helle on ȝou I crye
So lat me neuer oute of this hous departe
If that I ment harme or vilanye [ 438]
Bot sithen I see my lorde most nedes dye
And I with hym here I me schryue and seye
That wikkedly ȝe done hus bothe deye [ 441]
Page  56(64)
But sithen it likes ȝou that I be dede [ 442]
By neptunus that god is of tho see
From this forthe schal I neuer ete brede
Tyl I myne owne herte blode see [ 445]
For certeyne I wil dye als sone as he
And vpe stert and on his way he raught
Tyl sche a-gayne hym by tho lappe caught [ 448]
Creseide whiche that welnygh starued for fere [ 449]
So as sche was the ferfulleste wight
That myght be and herd eke with hir ere
And saw tho sorowful ernest of tho knyght [ 452]
And in his prayers eke sawe non vnright
And for tho herme that myght eke falle more
Sche gan to rewe and drede hir wonder sore [ 455]
And thought thus vnhappes fallen thykke [ 456]
Alday for loue and in suche manere cas
As men ben cruel in hemself and wykke
And if this man slee here hym self allas [ 459]
In my presence it wil be no solas
What men wolde of hit deme I can not seye
Hit nedes me ful slighly for to playe [ 462]
And with a sorowful sike sche seide thrys [ 463]
A lorde what me is tyd a sory chaunce
For myne estate lyes in a Iupartys
And eke myne Emes lyf as in balaunce [ 466]
But neuer tho les with gode gouernaunce
I schal so do myne honoure schal I kepe
And eke his lyf and stynt for to wepe [ 469]
Page  57(68)
Of harmes too the lesse is for to chese [ 470]
Ȝit had I leuer make hym gude chere
In honour thenne myne Emes lyf to lese
Ȝe seyn̄ that nothing elles ȝe me require [ 473]
No ywis quod he myn̄ owne nece dere
Now wel quod sche and I wil do my peyne
I schal myn herte a-ȝeyne my luste constreyne [ 476]
But that I wil not holde hym in honde [ 477]
Ne loue a man̄ ne can I not ne may
A-ȝens my wille bot elles wil I fonde
Myn honour saue plese hym fro day to day [ 480]
Therto nolde I nott ones haue seide nay
Bot that I drede as in my fantasie
But cesse cause ceseth maladie [ 483]
But here I make a protestacion̄ [ 484]
That in this proces if ȝe depper goo
That certenly for no saluacion
Of ȝou thogh that ȝe sterue bothe too [ 487]
Thogh al tho worlde in o day be my foo
Ne schal I neuer of hym haue other routhe
I graunte wel quod Pander be my trouthe [ 490]
Bot may I tryst wel to ȝou quod he [ 491]
That of this thing that ȝe haue heght me here
Ȝe wil hit holde truly vnto me
Ȝee doutles quod sche myn̄ vncle dere [ 494]
Nor that I schal haue cause in this matere
Quod he to pleyne or ofter ȝou to preche
Why no parde what nedes more speche [ 497]
Page  58(72)
THen fellen they in other talkes that were glade [leaf 11] [ 498]
Til at tho laste o gude Eme quod sche thoo
For his loue that hus bothe made
Telle me how fyrst ȝe wisten of his woo [ 501]
Wote noone of hit bot ȝe he seid noo
Kan he wel speke of loue quod sche I preye
Telle me for I tho bette schal me purueye [ 504]
THenne Pandarus a lytel gan to smyle [ 505]
And seide by my trouthe I schal ȝou telle
This other day not gone ful longe while
With-ynne tho pales garden by a welle [ 508]
Gan he and I wel half a day to dwelle
Right for to speke of an ordinaunce
How we tho grekes myght disauaunce [ 511]
Sone after that be-gan he to lepe [ 512]
And casten with our dartes to and froo
Til atte tho laste he seide he wolde slepe
And on tho grece downe he leyd hym thoo [ 515]
And I aftur gan romen to and froo
Til that I harde as that I welke allone
He be-gan ful wofully to grone [ 518]
THan gan I stalke hym softly behinde [ 519]
And sikerly tho sothe for to seyene
As I can̄ clepe aȝene now to my mynde
Right thus to loue he gan hym fore to pleyne [ 522]
Lorde haue routhe vpon̄ my peyne
Al haue I ben rebelle in myne entente
Now mea culpa lorde I me repente [ 525]
Page  59(76)
O god that at thy disposicion̄ [ 526]
Ledest tho fyn̄ by Iust puruiaunce
Of euery wight my low confession̄
Accepte in gree and sende me suche penaunce [ 529]
As likes the but from disesperaunce
That may my goste departe a-way fro the
Thou be my schelde for thy benignite [ 532]
For certes lorde so sore has sche me wondede [ 533]
That stode in blake with lokyng of hir eyen
That to my hertes bothome it is soundede
Thorough whicħ I wot I moste nedes deyen [ 536]
This is tho worste I der me not bewryen
And wel the hatter ben tho gledes rede
That men̄ hem wryen with asches pale and dede [ 539]
With that he smote his hede a-doune a-non̄ [ 540]
And gan to mottre I not what truly
And I with that gan̄ stille a-way to gon̄
And lette ther-of as nothing wiste had I [ 543]
And kome a-geyn a-non and stode hym by
And seide a-wake ȝe slepen al to longe
Hit semes not that loue dos ȝou to longe [ 546]
THat slepen so that no man may ȝou wake [ 547]
Who sawe euer or this so dulle a man̄
Ȝee frende quod he thogħ ȝoure hedes ake
For loue and lat me lyuen as I can̄ [ 550]
But thogh that he for woo was pale and wan̄
Ȝit made he there as fresche a countenaunce
As thogh he schulde haue ledde tho newe daunce [ 553]
Page  60(80)
THis passed forthe til nowe this other day [ 554]
It fel that I come romyng al allone
In-to his chambre and fonde how that he lay
Vp-on his bedde but man so sore grone [ 557]
Ne herde I neuer and what was his mone
Ne wiste I noght for as I was commyng
Al sodeinly he lofte his compleynyng [ 560]
OF whiche I toke somwhat Suspecion̄ [leaf 11, back] [ 561]
And ner I come and founde he weped sore
And god so wys by my sauacion̄
As neuer of thing had I no routhe more [ 564]
For neither with engyne ne with lore
Vnnethes myght I fro dethe hym kepe
That ȝit I fele myn herte for hym wepe [ 567]
And god wote neuer sithen that I was born̄ [ 568]
Was I so besy a man for to preche
Ne neuer was to wight so depe sworn̄
Or he me tolde who myght be his leche [ 571]
But now to ȝou reherce al this speche
Or alle his woful wordes for to sowne
Ne bidde me noght bot ȝe wil se me swoune [ 574]
But for to saue his lyf and elles noght [ 575]
And to noon of ȝour harme thus am I dryuen
And for tho loue of god that hus has wrought
Suche chere hym dothe that he and I may lyuen [ 578]
Now haue I plat to ȝou my herte schryuen
And sithen ȝe wote that myn entent ys clene
Take hede therof for I non euel mene [ 581]
Page  61(84)
And right gode thryft I prey to god haue ȝe [ 582]
That haue suche oon caught with-owten nette
And be tho wise as ȝe be faire to see
Wel is in tho rynge that Rubie is sette [ 585]
Were neuer too so wel y-mette
Whan ȝe ben his al hole and he is ȝoures
That myghty god vs graunte to se that houres [ 588]
Nay therof spake I nott a ha quod sche [ 589]
As helpe me god ȝe schenden euery dele
A mercy dere nece a-non quod he
What-so I spake I ment nat but wele [ 592]
By Mars the god that helmed is with stele
Now be not wrothe my blode my nece dere
Now wel quod sche for-ȝeuen be it here [ 595]
With this he toke his leue and whome he went [ 596]
A lorde so he was glade and wel begon̄
Creseide aros no lengar wolde sche stynt
Bot streight in to hir closet went a-noon̄ [ 599]
And sette hir doune as stylle as any ston̄
And euery word gan̄ vpe and doune to wynde
That he had seide as hit come her to mynde [ 602]
And was somdele astonyd in her thoght [ 603]
Right for tho new cas but whan that sche
Was ful auised then fonde sche Right noght
Of parill why sche ought a-ferde bee [ 606]
For man̄ may loue of possibilite
A woman so his herte may to-breste
And sche not to loue a-ȝen bot if her lyste [ 609]
Page  62(88)
But as sche satte allone and thoght thus [ 610]
Ascrye aros at scarmysche al with-owte
And men cryed in tho strete see Troilus
Has now putte to flight tho grekes rowte [ 613]
With that gan alle there men for to schoute
A goo we see cast vpe the ȝates wyde
For thorogh this strete he moste to paleys ryde [ 616]
For other way is fro tho ȝate noon̄ [ 617]
Of dardanus there open̄ is the cheyne
With that come he and alle his folke a-noon̄
An esy pace ridyng in rowtes towene [ 620]
Right as his happy day was sothe to seyne
Fro whiche men seyn may not distourbed bee
That schal be-tyde of necessitee [ 623]
THis Troilus Satte Vpon His Bay Stede [leaf 12] [ 624]
Al armed saue his hede ful richely
And wounded was his hors and gan to blede
On whiche he rod a pace ful softly [ 627]
But suche a knyghtly sight truly
As was on hym was not with-owten faille
To loke on Mars that god is of bataille [ 630]
So like a man̄ of armes and a knyght [ 631]
He was to seen fulfilled of high prowesse
For bothe he had a body and a myght
To do a thing as wel as herdinesse [ 634]
And eke to seen hym in his gere to dresse
So fresche so ȝonge so worthy semed hee
Hit was a heuen vpon hym to see [ 637]
Page  63(92)
His helme to-beton was in twenty places [ 638]
That by a tissue hing his bake behynde
His schelde to-dasched was with swerde and maces
In whiche men myghten many an arow fynde [ 641]
That thirled had nerf horne and rynde
And euer tho peple cried here comes owre Ioie
Next his brother halder vpe of Troie [ 644]
For whiche he wax a rede for schame [ 645]
Whan he tho peple vpon hym herde cryen
That to beholde hym it was noble game
How soberly he caste downe his eyen [ 648]
Creseide gan al his chere aspien
And lete it so soft in her herte synken
That to her self sche seid who gaf me drynken [ 651]
For of her owne thoght sche wax al rede [ 652]
Remembring hyr right thus lo this is he
Whiche that myn vncle sweres he mote be dede
Bot I on hym haue mercy and pitte [ 655]
And with that thoght for pure aschamed sche
Gan in her hede to pulle and that as faste
While he and alle tho peple forby paste [ 658]
And gan to caste and rollen vp and doune [ 659]
With-ynne her thoght his excellent prowesse
And his estate and also his renoune
His witte his schappe and eke his gentylnesse [ 662]
Bo moste his fauoure was for his distresse
Was al for here and thoght it was a routhe
To slee suche on if that he mente bot trouthe [ 665]
Page  64(96)
Now myght som envious Iangle thus [ 666]
That was a sodeyn loue how myght it bee
That sche so lightly loued Troilus
Right for tho first sight ȝe parde [ 669]
Now who so seide soo mote he neuer the
For euery thing a gynnyng has hit nede
Or al be wroght with-outen any drede [ 672]
For I sey not that sche so sodenly [ 673]
Gaf hym her loue bot that sche gan encline
To lyke hym first and I haue tolde ȝou why
And after that his manhede and his pyne [ 676]
Made loue with-ynne her harte for to myne
For whiche by proces and by gude seruise
He gate her loue and in no sodeyne wise [ 679]
And also blestfuɫɫ venus wel arayed [ 680]
Sat in hire seuenth hous of heuen tho
Disposed wel and with aspectes paied
To helpen sely Troilus of his woo [ 683]
And sothe sey sche was not al a foo
To Troilus in his natiuite
God wote that wel tho sonner spedde he [ 686]
Now lat vs stynt of Troilus a Throwe [leaf 12, back] [ 687]
That rides forthe 1. [[MS. forthe forthe]] and lat vs turne faste
Vnto Creseide that hyng her hed ful lowe
There as sche sat allone and gan to caste [ 690]
Where there that sche wolde appointe her atte tho laste
If it so were her Eme ne wolde sese
For Troilus vpon her for to prese [ 693]
Page  65(100)
And lord so sche gan̄ in her herte argue [ 694]
In this matere of whiche I haue ȝow tolde
And what to do best were and what escheue
That plited sche ful oft in many a folde [ 697]
Now was her harte warme now was it colde
And what sche thoght somwhat schal I write
As to myn auctor lysteth to endite [ 700]
Sche thought wel that Troilus persone [ 701]
Sche knew by sight and eke his gentilnesse
And thus sche seide al were it not to do
To graunte hym loue ȝit for his worthinesse [ 704]
It were honour with pleye and with gladnesse
In honeste with suche a lorde to dele
For myn estate and also for his hele [ 707]
EKe wel wot I my kynges sone is he [ 708]
And sithen he has to se me suche delite
If I wolde vtturly his sight flee
Paraunter he myght haue in dispite [ 711]
Thorogh whiche I myght stonde in worse plite
Now were I wise me hate to purchace
With-outen nede there I may stonde in grace [ 714]
In euery thing I wot there lyes mesure [ 715]
For thogh a man̄ forbede dronkennesse
He not forbedes that euery creature
Be drynkeles for alway I gesse [ 718]
And sithen I wote for me is his distresse
I aught not for that thing hym dispise
Sithen it is soo he menes in gode wise [ 721]
Page  66(104)
And eke I knowe of longe tyme a-goon [ 722]
His thewes gode and that he is not nyce
Navantour seith men certein he nys noon
To wise is he to do so grete a vice [ 725]
Ne als I nyl hym neuer so cherice
That he may make a vant by Iust cause
He schal me neuer bynde in suche a clause [ 728]
Now sette a cas the herdeste is ywis [ 729]
Men myghten deme that he loues me
What dishonour wer it vnto me this
May I hym lette of that why nay parde [ 732]
I know also and al day here and see
Men loue wommen al beside her leue
And whan hem lyst no more lat hem leue [ 735]
I thynk eke how he able is forto haue [ 736]
Of al this noble towne the thriftiest
To be his loue so sche her honour saue
For owte of dowte he is the worthiest [ 739]
Saue oonly Ector with that he is the best
And ȝit his lyf now lyes al my cure
But suche is loue and eke myn a-venture [ 742]
Ne me to loue a wonder is hit noght [ 743]
For wel I wote my self so god me spede
Al wolde I that no man̄ wiste of this thoght
I am oon tho feirest oute of drede [ 746]
And godelyst who so takes hede
And so men seyn̄ in al the tovne of Troie
What wonder is thogh he of me haue Ioie. [ 749]
Page  67(108)
I Am myne owne Womman wel at ese [leaf 13] [ 750]
I thanke it god as after myn̄ estate
Right ȝonge and stonde vntyed in lusty lese
With-owte Iolousie or suche debate [ 753]
Schal no housbonde sey to me chek mate
For ether they be ful of Ialousie
Or maisterful or louen nouuelrie [ 756]
WHat schal I doo to what fyn lyue I thus [ 757]
Schal I not loue in cas ȝif that me lyste
What parde I am not religious
And thogh that I myn̄ herte sette at reste [ 760]
Vpon this knyght that is tho worthieste
And kepe away myn̄ honour and myn̄ name
By al right it may do me no schame [ 763]
But right as whan the sonne schines bright [ 764]
In marche that oft tyme chaunges his face
And that a clowde is putte with wynde to flight
Which ouer-sparth tho sonne as for a space [ 767]
A cloudy thoght gan thorogh her herte pace
That ouer-spredde her bright thoghtes alle
So that for fere almost sche gan to falle [ 770]
THat thoght was this allas sithen I am free [ 771]
Schulde I now loue and putte in Iupartie
My sikernesse and thrallen libertee
Allas how dorste I thenke that folye [ 774]
May I not wel in other folke espie
Her dredeful Ioye her constreint and her peyne
Ther loues noon that sche ne has wey to pleyne [ 777]
Page  68(112)
For loue is ȝit the moste stormy lyf [ 778]
Right of hym self that euer was begonne
For euer some mystrust or nyce stryf
Ther is in loue some cloude is ouer that sonne [ 781]
Therto we wrecche wommen nothing konne
Whan hus is woo but wepe and sitte and thinke
Owre wreche is this owre owne wo we drynke [ 784]
ALso thes wicked tonges ben so preste [ 785]
To speke vs harme eke men be so vntrewe
That right a-noon as cessed is her luste
So ceses loue and forthe to loue a newe [ 788]
But harme y-doon is doon̄ who-so it rewe
For thogh thes men for loue hem first to-rende
Ful scharpe begynnyng brekes oft at ende [ 791]
How often tyme has hit I-knowen been [ 792]
Tho treson tha[t] to wommen has be doo
To what fyne is suche loue I can̄ not seen
Or where becomes hit whan hit is goo [ 795]
Ther is no wight that wote I trowe soo
Where it becomes loo no wight on hit sporneth
That erst was no thing in-to noght it tourneth [ 798]
How besy if I loue eke most I bee [ 799]
To plese hem that Iangle of loue and dremen
And toye hem that they sey no harme of me
For thogh ther be no cause ȝit hem semen [ 802]
Al be for harme that folke her frendes quemen
And who may stoppen euery wicked tonge
Or sowme of belles whenne that they ben ronge [ 805]
Page  69(116)
And after that her thoght gan to clere [ 806]
And seide he which that nothing vndertaketh
No thing acheves by hym lothe or dere
And with an other thoght herte quaketh [ 809]
Thenne slepes hope and after drede a-waketh
Now hote now colde bot thus be-twix twene
Sche rises vp and went her for to pleyne [ 812]
Adoune the Stayer a-non right there 1. [[MS. therere]] sche wente [leaf 13, back]
In-to tho gardyne with her neces thre
And vp and dovn the made many a wente
Floxippe and sche Tarbe and Antigone [ 816]
To pleyen that it Ioye was to see
And other of her wommen a grete rowte
Her folowed in the gardyn al a-bowte [ 819]
THis ȝerde was large and rayled alle tho aleys [ 820]
And schadoued wel with blosmed bowes grene
I-benched wel and sanded new atte tho weyes
In which sche walked arme in arme be-twene [ 823]
Til at tho laste Antigone the schene
Gan on a trochan songe to singe clere
That it a heuen was her voce to here [ 826]
(119) (Antigone's Song of Love. St. 1.)
Sche seide o loue to whome I haue and schal [ 827]
Ben humble subget trewe in myn entente
As I best can̄ to ȝow lorde ȝeue yche aɫɫ
For euer mo my hertes loue to-rente [ 830]
For neuer ȝit thy grace no wight sente
So blisful cause has me my lyf to lede
In al Ioie and seurte oute of drede [ 833]
Page  70(120) (Antigone's Song of Love. St. 2.)
Ȝe blisfull god han me so wel besette [ 834]
In loue ywis that al that beris lyf
Ymagen me coude how to be bette
For lord with-outen Ialousie or strif [ 837]
I loue oon which that is moste ententif
Te serue wel vnwery and vnfeyned
That euer was and leste with herme distrened [ 840]
As he that is the welle of worthinesse [ 841]
Of trougthe grounde myrrour̄ of godelyhed
Of witte Appollo stone of sikernesse
Of vertue rote of lust fynder and hed [ 844]
Thorogh whiche is al my sorow fro me dede
Ywis I loue hym best so dos he me
Now gode thryfte haue he where-so that he be [ 847]
WHome schulde I thanke bot ȝou god of loue [ 848]
Of al this blisse in whicħ I bathe begynne
And thanked be ȝe lord for that I loue
This is the right lyf that I am ynne [ 851]
To flemen alle maner vice and synne
This dos me so to vertu for to entende
That day by day in my wille I amende [ 854]
And who that seis that for to loue is wice [ 855]
Or thraldam thoght he fele in hit distresse
He other is envious or elles right nyce
Or is vnmyghty for his schrewdnesse [ 858]
To loue for suche manere folke I gesse
Diffamen loue as nothing of it knowe
They speken but thay bent neuer his bowe [ 861]
Page  71(124) (Antigone's Song of Love. St. 6.)
What is the sonne wars of kynde right [ 862]
Thogh that a man̄ for feblesse of his eyen
May not endure on hit to seen for bright
Or loue the warse though wrecches on hit cryen [ 865]
No wele is worthe that may no sorow dryen
And for-thy he that has an hede of verre
Fro caste of stones war hym in tho werre [ 868]
But I with al my herte and al my myght [ 869]
As I haue seid wil loue vnto my laste
My dere herte and al myn owne knyght
In whicħe myn̄ herte growen is so faste [ 872]
And his in me that it schal neuer laste
Al drede I first to loue hym to begynne
Now wote I wel ther is no peril Inne [ 875]
[End of Antigone's Song of Love.]
And of Her song Right With that worde Sche Stynt [leaf 14]
And therwith-al now nece quod Creseide
Who made this songe now with so gode entent
Antigone answerede anon and seide [ 879]
Madam ywis the godeliest mayde
Of grete estate in al the towne of troie
And lette her lyf in moste honour and Ioie [ 882]
For-sothe soo it semes by her songe [ 883]
Quod thenne Creseide an gan therwith to sike
And seide lorde is there suche blisse a-monge
Thes louers as they can̄ faire endite [ 886]
Ȝee ywis quod fresche Antigone the white
For alle the folke that han or ben a-lyue
Ne cowde wel the blisse of loue discryue [ 889]
Page  72(128)
But wene ȝe that euery wrecche wote [ 890]
Tho parfite Llysse of loue nay ywis
They wenen al be loue thoghe oon be hote
Do wey do wey they wot no thing of this [ 893]
Men mosten aske at saintes ȝit it is
Aught faire in heuen why for thay can̄ telle
And askes fendes is it foule in helle. [ 896]
Creseide vnto that purpos not answered [ 897]
But seide ywis it wil be nyght als faste
But euery worde whiche that sche of hir' hard
Sche gan to prente in hir' harte faste [ 900]
And aye gan̄ loue hir lesse to-agaste
Than it dide erst and synken in hir' herte
That sche vax somwhat able to conuerte [ 903]
THo dayes honnour' and the heuens eye [ 904]
Tho nyghtes foo al this clepe I tho sonne
Gan westren fast and douneward for to wrye
As he that had his dayes course y-ronne [ 907]
And white thynges wexen dymme and donne
For lacke of lyght and sterres for to appere
That sche and alle here folke went ynue in fere [ 910]
So whenne it lyked hir' to go to reste [ 911]
And voided weren thoo that voiden ought
Sche seide that to slepe wel hir' lyste
Her wommen sone in to her bede hir' brought [ 914]
Whan al wa[s] hust thenne lay sche stylle and thought
Of al this thing the manere and the wise
Reherse it nedes not for ȝe ben wise [ 917]
Page  73(132)
A Nightyngale vpon a sedre grene [ 918]
Vnder tho chambre wal there that sche lay
Ful lowde sange a-ȝen the mone schene
Paraunter in his byrdes wise a lay [ 921]
Of loue that made herte fresche and gay
That herkened sche so longe in gode entent
That at tho last the dede slepe her hent [ 924]
And as sche slepe a-non right tho her mette [ 925]
How that an egle federed white as bon̄
Vnder her breste hys longe clawes sette
And oute her harte he rente and that a-non̄ [ 928]
And dide his herte in to her breste to gon̄
Of whiche sche noght agroos ne nothing smerte
And forthe he flegh with herte loft for herte [ 931]
Now lete her slepe and we owre tale holde [ 932]
Of Troilus that is to palys riden
For tho scarmysche of tho whiche I tolde
And in his chambre sitte and has a-biden [ 935]
Til too or there of his messages ȝeden
For Pandarus and soughten hym so faste
Til they hym fonde and brought hym at tho last [ 938]
This Pandarus come leping in at oones [leaf 14 back] [ 939]
And seid thus who has ben wel y-bette
To-day with swerdes and with slynge stones
But Troilus that has goten hym an hete [ 942]
And gan to Iape and seide lorde ȝe swete
But rise and lat vs soupe and go to reste
And he answered hym go we where the liste [ 945]
Page  74(136)
With al the haste godely that they myght [ 946]
They spedde hem to tho souper and to bedde
And euery wight with-owte the dore hem dight
And where hem lyst vpon̄ here wey hem spedde [ 949]
But Troilus that thoght his herte bledde
For wo til that he herde som tydynge
He seid frende schal I now wepe or synge [ 952]
Quod Pandarus be stille and lat me slepe [ 953]
And don̄ thy hode thy nedes spedde bee
And chese if thou wilt synge daunce or lepe
At schort wordes thou schalt trust in me [ 956]
Sir my nece wil do wel by the
And loue the beste by god and by my trouthe
But lake of poursuite make in thy slouthe [ 959]
For thus ferforthe I haue thy werk begonne [ 960]
Fro day to day tyl this day be tho morowe
Hir loue and frenschipe haue I to the wonne
And therto has sche leyd her feith to borow [ 963]
Algate a fote is hameled of thy sorow
What scholde I lenger sermon of hit holde
As ȝe haue herde before he al hym tolde [ 966]
But right as floures thorog the colde of nyght [ 967]
Closed stoupen on her stalke lowe
Redressen hem a-ȝen the sonne bryght
And spreden on her kynde course by rowe [ 970]
Right so gan tho his eyen vpe to throwe
This Troilus and seide o venus dere
Thy myght thy grace y-heried be hit here [ 973]
Page  75(140)
And to Pander he hielde vp bothe his handes [ 974]
And seid lord al thyn be that I haue
For I am hole and brasten been my bandes
A thousand Troies who-so that me ȝaue [ 977]
Eche after other god so me wisse and saue
Ne myght me so glade loo myn herte
Hit spredes so for Ioye it wil oute-sterte [ 980]
But lord how schal I do how schal I lyuen [ 981]
Whan schal I next my dere hert see
How schal this longe tyme a-way be dryuen
Til that thou be a-ȝen at her fro me [ 984]
Thou maist answere a-byde a-vide but he
That hanges by tho nekke sothe to seyne
In grete disese abides for tho peyne [ 987]
Al esely now for tho loue of marte [ 988]
Quod Pandarus for euery thing has tyme
So longe a-biede til that tho nyght departe
For al so siker as thou lyest here by me [ 991]
And god be-fore I wil be there atte prime
And for thy warke somwhat as I schal saye
Or on som other wight this charge leye [ 994]
For parde god wote I haue euere ȝit [ 995]
Been redy the to serue and to this nyght
Haue I not fayned but eneforthe my witte
Doon al thy luste and schal with al my myght [ 998]
Doo now as I schal sey and fare a-right
And ȝif thou nylt. wite al thy self thy care
On me is noght a-longe thyn euyl fare [ 1001]
Page  76(144)
I Wote wel that thou Wisar art than I [leaf 15] [ 1002]
A thousand folde but if I were as thou
God helpe me soo as I wolde vtterly
Right of myn owne honde write her right now [ 1005]
A lettre in whiche I wolde her telle how
I ferde a-mysse and beseche of routhe
Now helpe thyself and leue it for no slouthe [ 1008]
And I myself schal ther-with to her gon̄ [ 1009]
And whan thou wottest that I am with hir there
Lepe thou vpon̄ a courser right a-non̄
Ȝe hardily right in thy beste gere [ 1012]
And ride forthe by tho place as noght were
And thou schalt fynde vs if I may sittyng
At som wyndow in-to tho strete lokyng [ 1015]
And if the lyst thenne maist thou vs salue [ 1016]
And vppon me make thy countenance
But by thy lyf be war and fast escheue
To tary ought god schilde hus fro myschance [ 1019]
Ryde forthe thy wey and holde thy gouernance
And we schal speke of the somwhat as I trowe
Whan̄ thou art gone to do thyn eres glowe [ 1022]
Touching thy lettre thou arte wise ynough [ 1023]
I wote thou nylt it deyneliche endite
As make it with thes argumentis tough
Ne scryuenysch or craftely thow write [ 1026]
Biblotte it with thy terys eke a lite
And thogh thou write a godely worde al softe
If it be gode reherse hit noght to ofte [ 1029]
Page  77(148)
For though tho best harpe vp-on lyue [ 1030]
Wolde on tho beste souned Ioly harpe
That euer was with alle his fyngres fyue
Touche ay oo streng or aye oo warble harpe. [ 1033]
Where is nayles / poynted neuer so sharpe *. [[At this line of the MS. a different handwriting begins.]]
Hit shulde make. euery whyght to dulle
To here is glec. and of his strokes fulle [ 1036]
Ne Iompre eke. no discordant thing in fere [ 1037]
Al thus to vsen. termes of phisyk
In loues termes. holde of thy matere
The fourme alway. and do that it be lyke [ 1040]
For yif a payntur wolde peynt a pyke
wyth asses fete. and hede it as an ape.
It cordytħ not. soo where it but a Iape [ 1043]
THis conseil liked wel vn-to Troilus [ 1044]
But as a dredful. louer he seid this
Allas my dere brother Pandarus
I am a-shamed. for to writte y-wys [ 1047]
Lest of myn Innocence I seid amys
Or that she nold it /. for despite Receyue
Than wer I dede. there mygħt nothing it weyue [ 1050]
To that Pandare. answerde yif the liste [ 1051]
Doo that I sey. and lat me therwytħ goon̄
And by that that lorde. fourmetħ est and west
I hope of it. to bring bring / an answere a-noon̄ [ 1054]
Of hir honde. and yif that thou nylt noon̄
lat be and sory mote he ben his lyue
A-yens thy lust. that helpetħ the to thrive [ 1057]
Page  78(152)
Quod Troilus. depardieux I assent [ 1058]
Syth that the list. I wole a-ryse and wrytte
And blessful gode. I prey wyth gode entent
The viage and the lettre I shal endite [ 1061]
Soo spede it wele. and tho Minerva the white
Yif thou me wytte. my lettre to devise
And sette hym doun̄. and wrote 1. [[MS. wrohote]] Ryghit in this wyse
(153) (Troilus's Letter.)
First He gan Her His Lady calle [leaf 15, back] [ 1065]
His hertis lyf / his lust. his sorowes leche
His blisse. and eke this other termes alle
That / in suche cause. thes louers alle seche [ 1068]
And in ful humble wyse. as in his speche
He gan hym. Recommande vn-to hir grace
To telle al how. it axetħ moche space [ 1071]
And afftyr this. he lowly he hir preide [ 1072]
To be not wrothe. thogħ he of his folye
So hardy was. to hir to write and seide
That loue it made. and elles must he dye [ 1075]
And pitously. gan mercy for to crye
And afftir that /. he seid and lied lowde
hym self was litel wrotħe. and lesse he cowde [ 1078]
And that she sholde. han his commynge excused [ 1079]
That litel was. and eke he drede hir soo
And his wrothnes. ay he excused
And afftyr that. gan he to calle his woo [ 1082]
But that was endeles. wythouten̄ hoo
and seid he wolde. alwey in trouthe hym holde
and Rede it ouer. and gan the lettre folde [ 1085]
(End of Troilus's Letter.)
Page  79(156)
And wyth his salte. teres gan 1. [[MS. gan teres]] he bathe [ 1086]
The ruby in his signet. and it sette
Vpon̄ the wex. deliuerliche and rathe
Therwytħ a thousand. tymes or he lette [ 1089]
He kyssed the lettre. that he shette
And seid lettre. O blesful destince
The shapen is. my lady shal the see [ 1092]
This Pandarus. toke and that be tyme [ 1093]
A morowe and to his. neces pales sterte
And faste he swore. that it was passed prime
And gan to Iape. and seid Y-Wys myn herte [ 1096]
So fresscħ it is. al-thogħ it sore smerte
I mey neuer slepe. a mays morowe
I haue a Ioly woo. a lusty sorow [ 1099]
Creseide whan that. she hir vncle herde [ 1100]
Wytħ dredful herte. and disirous to here
The cause of his commynge. thus answerde
Now be your fey. myn vncle quod she dere [ 1103]
Whate maner wyndes. gydetħ you now here
Telle vs your Ioly woo. and your penaunce
How ferfortħ be ye. putte in loues davnce [ 1106]
By gode quod he. I hope alwey be-hynde [ 1107]
And she to laugħ. it thougħt hir hert brest
Quod Pandarus / loke alwey. that ye fynde
Game in myn hode. but herkeneth yf you list [ 1110]
Ther is Rygħt comen now. in-to tovne a geste
A greke espie. and telleth new tithinges
For wycħe I come. to bringe you tydinges [ 1113]
Page  80(160)
In-to the garden̄. goo we and he shal here [ 1114]
Al priuely of this. a longe sermoun
Wytħ that they went /. arme in arme y-fere
In-to the garden. from the chambre dovn̄ [ 1117]
And whan that he. so ferre was / that the sovn̄
Of that he spake. noman heren mygħt
He seide her thus /. and oute the lettre plygħt [ 1120]
LOo he that is. al holy yours free [ 1121]
Hym Recommandith. lowly to your grace
And sent / you this lettre. here be me
A-visetħ you on hit. whan he han space [ 1124]
And of som godely. answere you purchace
Or helpe me gode. so pleinely for to seyn̄
He may not longe. lyven for his peyne [ 1127]
And dredfully. tho gan she stonde stille [leaf 16] [ 1128]
And toke nogħt. but al hir humble chere
Gan̄ for to change. and seid scrit ne bille
For loue of gode. that touchetħ suche matere [ 1131]
Ne bringe me none. and also vncle dere
To myn estat. haue more Rewarde I preye
Than to his lust. what sholde I more seye [ 1134]
And loketħ now. yif this be Resonable [ 1135]
And let nogħt. for fauour ne for slouthe
To seyn̄ a sothe. now were it conuenable
To myn̄ estat. by gode and by your trouthe [ 1138]
To taken hit /. or to han on hym routhe
In harmyng of my-self / or in repreve
Bere it a-yen̄. for hym that ye on̄ leve [ 1141]
Page  81(164)
This Pandarus. gan on̄ hir for to stare [ 1142]
And seide now is this. the grettest wonder
That euer I saw. let be this nece fare
To dethe mote I smyten̄ been̄ wytħ thonder [ 1145]
yif for the Cite wych that stondith yonder
Wolde I a lettre. vn-to you bringe or take
To harme of you. what lust ye thus it make [ 1148]
But thus ye faren. wel nygħt alle and some [ 1149]
That ye that must / desireth you to serue
Of hym to recche lest /. where he be-come
And whedere that he. lyue or ellys sterue [ 1152]
But for al that / that I may deserue
Refusitħ it not /. quod he and hent / hert faste
And in hir bosom. the lettre dovn he thriste [ 1155]
And seide her now. caste it alwey a-noon̄ [ 1156]
That folke may see. and gavren on vs twey
Quod she I can̄. a-bide til they be goon̄
And gan to smyle. and seyd Eme I prey [ 1159]
Suche answere as you lyst. your self purvey
For truly I nyl no lettre wryte
No than wyl I. quod he so ye endite [ 1162]
Therwytħ sho lougħ. and seid go we dyne [ 1163]
And he gan at hym-self. to Iapyn faste
And seyde nece. I haue so gret a pyne
For loue. that euery day other day fast [ 1166]
And gan̄ his beste. Iapes forth to caste
And made hir soo. to laugħ at his folye
That she for laughter. wende for to dye [ 1169]
Page  82(168)
And whan that she was comen̄ in-to the halle [ 1170]
Now Eme quod she. we wyl goo dyne a-non̄
And gan̄ som of hir women̄ to hir calle
And streigħt in-to hir chambre gan̄ she gan̄ [ 1173]
But of hir besines. this was oon
A-monges other thinges. oute of drede
Ful priuely. this lettre for to Rede [ 1176]
Avysed worde by worde. in euery lyne [ 1177]
And fonde no lake. she thougħt he cowde his gode
And vp it putte. and went hir in to dyne
But Pandarus / that in a stody stode [ 1180]
Er he was ware. she toke hym by the hode
And seid ye were caught. er ye wyst
I vouche sauf quod he. doo what ye lyst [ 1183]
Tho wysshen they. and sette hem dovn̄ to mete [ 1184]
And aftyr noon̄. ful slyghly pandarus
And gan̄ drawe hym to the wyndowe nexte the strete
And seid Nece. who hatħ a-rayde thus [ 1187]
The yonder hous / that stant a-for yen̄ vs
Wycħ hous quod she. and gan̄ for to be-holde
And knew it wele. and whos it was hym̄ tolde [ 1190]
And Fellen Forth. in speche of thinges Smale [leaf 16, back]
And setten in the. wyndow bothe twey
Whan Pandarus saugh. tyme vn-to his tale
And saugh wel. that her folke were a-weye [ 1194]
Now nece myn̄. quod he telle on̄ I sey
How liketh you. the lettre that ye wote
Kan he ther-on̄. for by my trouthe I note [ 1197]
Page  83(172)
Therwyth al Rosy hewede tho wax she [ 1198]
And gan̄ to homme. and seid so I troye
A-quyte hym wel. for goddes loue quod he
My-self to medes. wole the lettre sowe [ 1201]
And helde his handis vp and satte on̄ knowe
Now gode nece. be ye neuer so lite
yeue me the labour. hit to sowe and plite [ 1204]
Yee for I can̄ soo. wryten̄ quod she tho [ 1205]
And eke I note. what I shulde to hym seye
Nay nece quod pandare. sey not soo
yit at the leste. thanketh hym I prey [ 1208]
Of his gode wylle. and do-the hym not to dye
Now for the loue. of me my nece dere
Refusitħ not. at this tyme my prayere [ 1211]
Bepardieux quod she. god leue al be wele [ 1212]
God helpe me soo. this is the first lettre
That euer I wrote ye al or any deel
And in-to a closet. for to a-vise hir bettur [ 1215]
She went a-non̄. and gan̄ hir hert vnfettur
Oute of disdeydens. put a lite
And sette hir dovn̄. and a lettre wryte [ 1218]
Of qwych to telle. in short myn̄ entent [ 1219]
Theffect as fer. as I can̄ vndirstonde
She thanked hym. of al that he wel mente
Towardis hire but holden̄ hym in honde [ 1222]
She wolde noght. ne hir self bonde
In loue but as his suster hym to plese
She wolde fayn̄. to doon̄ his hert an̄ ese [ 1225]
Page  84(176)
She shitte it. and in to Pandarus gan̄ gon̄ [ 1226]
There as he satte. and loked in-to the strete
And dovn̄ she sette hir. be hym̄ on̄ a ston̄
Of Iasper on a quessyhon̄ golde y-bete [ 1229]
And seid as wysly. helpe me gode the grete
I neuer did a thing. wyth more peyne
Than wryten this. to wyche ye me constreyne [ 1232]
And toke it hym / he thonked hir and seide [ 1233]
Gode wote of thing /. ful lothe ofte be-gonne
Cometh ende gode. and nece myn̄ Creseide
That ye to hym. of harde now ben y-wonne [ 1236]
He ought be glade. by gode and yonder sonne
For why men̄ seyn̄. Impressyons ligħt
Ful lightly ben̄. ay Redy to the flyght [ 1239]
But ye han̄ pleide. the Tirant ny to longe [ 1240]
And harde was it. your hert for to graue
Now stynt that ye. no lenger on̄ hit honge
Al wolde ye the fourme. of davnger save [ 1243]
And hastyth you. to doon̄ hym Ioye haue
For trusteth wel to longe y-dovn̄ hardnesse
Causeth despite. ful ofte for distresse [ 1246]
And Rigħt as they declared this matere [ 1247]
Loo Troilus Rigħt at the stretes ende
Come Riding. wyth his tenteth some y fere
Al softly and thitherwarde gan̄ bende [ 1250]
There as they satte as whey his was to wende
To paleys warde. and Pandarus hym espiede
And seide nece. y sec who cometh here Ride [ 1253]
Page  85(180)
O Fleith note In. He seyth. vs I Suppose [leaf 17] [ 1254]
lest he may thinke. that ye hym estue
Nay nay. quod she. and wax as Rede as Rose
Wyth that he gan hir humble to salue [ 1257]
Wyth dredful chere. and ofte his hewes newe
And vp his looke. debonairely he caste
And bekked on̄ pandare. and forthe he paste [ 1260]
Gode wot yif he. sat on̄ his hors aryght [ 1261]
Or godely was besen. that ilke day
Gode wote where he was. lyke a manly knygħt
What shulde I drecche. or telle of his aray [ 1264]
Creseide wyche. that al this thinges say
To telle in shorte. hir liked al in fere
his persone his aray. his loke his chere [ 1267]
His godely manere. and his gentilnesse [ 1268]
So wel that neuer sith. that she was born̄
Ne hade she suche Routhe. of his distresse
And how that she. hath ben harde herbeforn̄ [ 1271]
To gode hope I. she hayth caught a thorn̄
She shall not pulle it. oute this nexte wyke
Gode sende moo. suche thornes on̄ to pyke [ 1274]
Pandare wych. that stode hir faste by [ 1275]
Felt Iren̄ hote. and he be-gan̄ to smyte
And seid Nece I pray you hartely
Telle me that I shal axen̄ you a lite [ 1278]
A woman that were of his dethe to wytte
Wythouten̄ his gilte. but for her lake of routhe
Were it wel doon̄. quod she nay nay by my trouthe [ 1281]
Page  86(184)
God helpe me soo. quod he ye sey me southe [ 1282]
ye felen̄ wel your self /. that I not lye
loo yonde he rydith. quod she so he dothe
Wele quod Pandare. as I haue tolde you thrye [ 1285]
lat be your nyce. shame and your folye
And speke wyth hym. in esyng of his hert
lat nycete not doo. you bothe smerte [ 1288]
But theron̄ was to heuen̄ And to drone [ 1289]
Considered al thing. it may not be
And why for shame. and eke it were to soone
To graunten̄ hym̄. so grete a liberte [ 1292]
For pleinly al hir entent. as seid she
was to loue hym. vnwyst yf she mygħt
And guerdon̄ hym̄. wyth nothing but wyth sygħt [ 1295]
But pandarus thought it shal not be soo [ 1296]
yif that I may. this nyce opinion̄
Shal not ben̄ holden̄. fully yer[e]s two
What shulde I make. of this a longe sermon̄ [ 1299]
he must assent. on̄ that conclusion̄
As for the tyme. and whan̄ that it was eve
And al was wele. he ros and toke is leue [ 1302]
And on̄ his wey. ful fast homward he spedde [ 1303]
And rygħt for Ioye. he felt his hert[e] davnce
And Troilus he fonde. allone a-bedde
That lay as doon. as thes louers in a traunce [ 1306]
Be-twyxen hope. and derke disesperance
But Pandarus. rygħt at his commyng
he songe. as who seith. som-what I bringe [ 1309]
Page  87(188)
And seide. who is in his bedde so soone [ 1310]
I-buryed thus. it am I. frende quod he
Who Troilus. nay helpe me soo the mone
Quod pandarus. thou shalt a-ryse and see [ 1313]
A charme that was. now rygħt send to the
The wyche can̄ helen̄. the of thyn accesse
Yif thou doo forth. wyth al thy besinesse [ 1316]
Yee thurgħ the myght of gode quod Troilus [lf. 17, bk.] [ 1317]
And pandarus. gan hym the lettre take
And seid pardieux. god hath holpen vs
Haue here a lygħt. and loke on̄ this blake [ 1320]
But ofte gan̄ the hert. to glade and quake
Of Troilus. whille that he gan̄ it Rede
Soo as the wordes. yaue hym hope and drede [ 1323]
*. [[The usual colourd initial letter is omitted here.]] but finially he toke. al for the beste
That she hym wrote. for somwhat he behelde
On̄ wycħ he thought. he myght his hert[e] Reste
Al couerde she. the wordes vnder shelde [ 1327]
Thus to the more worthy part he helde
That what for hope. and pandarus byheste
His grete whoo. foryede he atte leste [ 1330]
But as whe may. al day your self see [ 1331]
Thurgħ more wode. or cole the more fyre
Rygħt so encres of hope. of what it bee
Therewyth ful ofte. encrecyth eke desire [ 1334]
Or as an̄ ook. comyth of a litel spire
Soo thurgħ this lettre. wych that she hym sende
Encrecen̄ kan̄. desire of wyche he brende [ 1337]
Page  88(192)
1. [[The usual colourd initial letter is omitted here.]] wherfore I sey alway that day and nygħt
This troilus gan̄ to desiren̄ more
Than̄ he did erst. thurgħ hope and did his mygħt
To presen hir oon̄. as pandarus lore [ 1341]
And wryten̄ to hire. of his sorowes sore
Fro day to day he lette it not refreide
That by pandare. he wrot somwhat or seide [ 1344]
And did also his other obseruances [ 1345]
That til a louer. longeth in this cas
And afftyr this dees fellen̄ on̄ chances
So whas he other glade. or seide allas [ 1348]
And hielde afftyr. his gestes ay his pas
And afftir suche answers as he hade
Soo were his dees. sory or gladde [ 1351]
1. [[The usual colourd initial letter is omitted here.]] but to pandare alwey was Recours [ 1352]
And pitously. gan̄ ay to hym to pleyne
And hym bysought /. of Rede and som socoure
And pandarus. that seigħt his wode peyne [ 1355]
Wax wel nygħ dede. for routh sothe to seyne
And besily wyth alle his hert[e] caste
Som̄ of his woo. to sleen̄ and that as faste [ 1358]
And seid lorde and frende. and brother dere [ 1359]
Gode wote 1. [[th overlined.]] that thy disese. doothe me woo
But wyltow styntyn̄. al this wooful chere
And by my trouthe. or hit be dayes twoo [ 1362]
And to-forn̄. yit shal I it shape soo
That thou shalt come in to a certeine place
There as thou maist. pray hir thi self of grace [ 1365]
Page  89(196)
1. [[The usual large initial letter is omitted here.]] and certeinly I note yif thou it wost
But thoo that ben̄. expert in loue it sey
It is oon̄ of the thinges. that further moost
A man̄ to haue. a leser for to prey [ 1369]
And a siker place. his woo for̄ to bewrey
For in gode hert. it mot som routhe impresse
To here and see. the giltles in distresse [ 1372]
Paranter thinkestow. thogħ it be soo [ 1373]
That kynde wolde. doon̄ hir to be-gynne
To han̄ a manere. Routhe vp-on̄ the woo
Seyth daunger nay. thou shalt me neuer wynne [ 1376]
So rulytħ hir. her hertis goste wythinne
That thogħ she bent. yit she stant on̄ Rote
What in effect. is this vn-to thy boote [ 1379]
THenke here a-geyns. Whan that sturdy ooke [leaf 18] [ 1380]
On wych men̄ hakke. ofte for the noons
Receuyd hathe. the happy fallyng stroke
The grete sweyght. dothe it come al at oones [ 1383]
As doon̄ the Rokkes. and this mylstones
For swyftetur cours. cometh thing that is of weight
Whan̄ it descendeth. than̄ doon̄ thes thinges ligħt [ 1386]
But Reede that blowytħ doon̄. wytħ euery wynde [ 1387]
Ful lygħtly cesse wynde. it wole aryse
But soo wyl not an̄ hooke. whan it is caste
Hit nedith me not. the longe to forvise [ 1390]
Men shal reiosen. of a grete emprise
Acheued wel. and stant wyth-outen̄ doute
Al haue men̄ been. the lenger theraboute [ 1393]
Page  90(200)
But. Troilus yit telle me yf the liste [ 1394]
A thing. now qwych. I schal axe the
Wych is thy brother. that thou louest beste
As in thy veray hertis. priuetee [ 1397]
y-wys my dere brother. Deiphebus quod he
Now quod pandare. or houres twyes twelue
he shal the ese. vnwyst of hit hym selfue [ 1400]
Now lat malone . and werken̄ as I may [ 1401]
Quod he . and to Depheibus went he tho
whicħ hade his lorde . and grete frynde ben̄ ay
Saue Troilus no man̄ . he loued soo [ 1404]
To tellen in short / . wythouten̄ wordes moo
Quod pandarus . I prey you that ye be [ 1407]
Yis parde quod Dephebus wel thou wost [ 1408]
In al that euer I may . and gode to-forn̄
Al ner it but . for man̄ I loue most
My brother Troilus . but sey me wherfore [ 1411]
Hit is . for sitħ the day that I was bore
I nas ne neuer . moo to ben I thenke
Ayeins a thinge . that myght the forthenke [ 1414]
Pandare gan̄ hym thanke . and to hym seide [ 1415]
Loo sir . I haue a lady in this tovn̄
That is my Nece . and calle is Creseide
Wycħ som̄ men̄ wolde doovn oppression [ 1418]
And wrongfully . han̄ her possession
Wherfore of your lordshippe . I you beseche
To been oure frynde . wytħouten more speche [ 1421]
Page  91(204)
Deiphebus hym answerde. o is not this [ 1422]
That thou spakest of. to me this strangely
Creseide my frende . pandare he seid sir yis
Than neditħ. quod dephebus hardely [ 1425]
No more to speke . for trustetħ wel that I
Wole ben her Champion̄ . wyth spere and yerde
I Rought not . thogħ al her foos it herde [ 1428]
But telle me thou . that wost al this matere [ 1429]
how myght I best . a-vaillen now lat see
Quod pandarus yif / . ye my lorde soo dere
wolden as now . doo this honour to me [ 1432]
To prayen her to-morow . loo that she
Com vnto you . her pleintes to devise
her Aduersaries wolden of hit agrise [ 1435]
And yf that more . I durst pray you as now [ 1436]
And chargen you . to haue so grete trauaille
To han̄ som of your brethern here with you
That myghten to her cause. bette a-vaille [ 1439]
Than wote I wel . she mygħt neuer faille
For to ben holpen̄ . what at your instaunce
what wyth here othere . fryndis gouernaunce [ 1442]
Dephebus qwyche that comen̄ was of / kynde [lf. 18, bk.] [ 1443]
To al honour and bounte . to consente.
Answerde it shal be don̄ . and I kan̄ fynde
yit grete helpe . to this in myn̄ entente [ 1446]
What wyltow sey . yif I for Elen sent
To speke of this . I trowe it be the beste
For she may leden . Parys as her lyste [ 1449]
Page  92(208)
Of Ector wyche. that is my lorde my brother [ 1450]
hit nedith noght. to prey hym frende to be
For I haue herde hym. oo tyme and eke other
Speke of Creside suche honour that he [ 1453]
May sey no bette. suche happe to hym hath she
hit nedith nogħt. his helpes for to craue
he shal be. suche Ryght as we wole hym haue [ 1456]
Speke thou thiself / Also to Troilus [ 1457]
On my by-halue. and prey hym with vs dyne
Syr al this shal be doon̄ quod Pandarus
And toke his leue. and neuer gan̄ to fyne [ 1460]
But vn to his neces hous. as streght as lyne
He come and fonde her. fro the mete a-rise
And sette hym dovn̄. and spak Ryght in this wyse [ 1463]
He seide O veray god. so haue I Ronne [ 1464]
Loo nece myn̄. see ye not how I swete
I not whether ye me the more thonke konne
Be ye noght ware. how fals poliphete [ 1467]
Is now a-boute. efte sones for to plete
And bringe on̄ you. aduocacies newe
I no quod she. and changed al her hewe [ 1470]
What is he more a-boute me to drecche [ 1471]
And doon̄ me wronge. what shal I doon̄ allas
yit for my selfe. nothing nolde I recche
Nere it for Antenor and Eneas [ 1474]
That ben̄ his frendes in suche maner cas
But for the loue of gode myn̄ vncle dere
No fors for that. lat hym haue al in fere [ 1477]
Page  93(212)
Wythouten̄ that I haue y-nogħ for vs [ 1478]
Nay quod Pandare. it shal nothinge be soo
For I haue ben̄ Ryght now at deiphebus
And Ector and myn other lordes moo [ 1481]
And shortly maked. eche of hem̄ his foo
That by my thryft. he shal it neuer wynne
For aught he gan̄. whan so that he begynne [ 1484]
And as they easten̄ what was beste to doon̄ [ 1485]
Deiphebus of his one curtesie
Come hir to praye. in his propre persone
To holden hym on the morow companye [ 1488]
At dyner. wych she wolde not denye
But godely gan̄ tyl is praire obeye
he thonked her. and went vpon̄ his weye [ 1491]
Whan this was doon̄. this Pandarus vp a-non̄ [ 1492]
To telle in short. ande forthe he gan to wende
To troilus as stylle as any ston̄
And al this thinge. he tolde hym worde and ende [ 1495]
And how that he. Deiphebus gan to blende
And seide hym̄ now. is tyme yif thou konne
To bere the wele. tomorow. and al is wonne [ 1498]
Now speke now pray. now pitously compleyne [ 1499]
let not for nyce shame. or drede or slouthe
Som tyme a man̄. mot telle his one peyne
Byleve it. and she shal han on̄ the Routhe [ 1502]
Thou shal be sauede. by thy feythe and trouthe
But wel wote I. that thou arte now in drede
And what it is. I ley I kan̄ a-rede [ 1505]
Page  94(216)
THou thinkest now. How Shulde I doon̄ al this [leaf 19]
For by my cheres. must folke espie
That ffor hir loue. is that I fare a-mys
yit hade I leuer. vnwyst for sorow dye [ 1509]
Now thinke not soo. for thou doost grete folye
For ryght now. I haue fonde oo manere
Of sleight. for to eoueren al thy chere [ 1512]
Thou shalt goon̄ ouer nyght bylyve [ 1513]
vn-to Dephebus hous. as the to pleye
Thy malady a-wey. the bette to dryue
For why thou semest. syke sothe to seye [ 1516]
And afftyr that. dovn̄ in thy bedde the leye
And sey thou maist. no lengur vp endure
And lye there Ryght. and byde thyn a-venture [ 1519]
Sey that thy feuere. is wonte the for to take [ 1520]
The same tyme. and lasten tyl a morowe
And lat see now. how wel thou kanst it make
For pardy syke is he. that is in sorowe [ 1523]
Goo now farwel. and Venus here to borowe
I hope and thou. this purpos holde ferme
Thy grace she shal. fully there conferme [ 1526]
Qvod Troilus y-wys thou ned[e]les [ 1527]
Conseillest me. that sykelych y me feyne
For I am syke in ernest douteles
So that wel nygh. [I] sterve for the peyne [ 1530]
Quod Pandarus thou shalt the bettur pleyne
And haste the lesse. nede to counterfete
For hym men̄ demen̄ hote. that men seen swete [ 1533]
Page  95(220)
Loo holde the at thy tryst clos And I [ 1534]
Shal wel the dere. vnto thy bowe dryue
Therwyth he toke. his leue al softly
And Troilus to paleys. went blyve [ 1537]
So glade ne was he. neuer in al his lyue
And to pandarus rede. gan̄ al assente
And in-to Deiphebus. hous at nyght he wente [ 1540]
What nedyth you. to tellen̄ al the chere [ 1541]
That deiphebus. vnto his brother made
Or his accesse. or his sykelych manere
how men̄ gan̄ hym̄. wyth clothes for to lade [ 1544]
Whan̄ he was leyde. and how men̄ wolde hym̄ glade
But al for noght. he helde forthe the wyse
That ye han̄ herde. Pandare er this devise [ 1547]
But Certein is or Troilus hym̄ leyde [ 1548]
Deiphebus hade y-prayde hym ouer nyght
To bene a frende. and helping to Creseide
Gode wote that he grauntede anon̄ Ryght [ 1551]
To bene here frynde. wyth al his ful myght
But suche a nede. was to prey hym̄ thenne
As for to bidde. a wode man̄ for to Renne [ 1554]
The morow come. and nyghyn gan̄ the tyme [ 1555]
Of meltyde. that the feir quene Eleyne
Shope her to been. an̄ hour affter pryme
Wyth deiphebus. to whom̄ she nolde not feyne [ 1558]
But as his suster. homely sothe to seyne
She come to dyner. in her pleyne entente
But gode and pandare. Wyst al what this mente [ 1561]
Page  96(224)
Come Creseide eke. al innocent of this [ 1562]
Ant-igone. hir suster Tharbe also
But flee we now. prolixite best is
For loue of gode. and lat vs streigħt / goo [ 1565]
Ryght to theffecte. wythoute tales moo
Why al this folke. assembled in this place
And late vs of hir saluynges pace [ 1568]
Grete Honour Did hem Deiphebus certeine [leaf 19, back] [ 1569]
And fede hem wel. wyth al that myght lyke
But euermor. allas was his Refreine
My gode brother Troilus the syke [ 1572]
lyeth yit. and therwyth-al he gan̄ to syke
And afftyr that. he peyned hym to glade
hem as he mygħt. and gode chere made [ 1575]
Compleyned eke. Eleyne of his syknes [ 1576]
So feithfully. þat pites was to here
And euery wyght gan̄. wexen for accesse
A leche a-non̄. and seid in this manere [ 1579]
Men curen folke. this charme I wole you lere
But there satte oon̄. al lyst she noght to teche
That thogħ best. cowder I yit been̄ his leche [ 1582]
After compleynt. hym gonnen̄ they to preise [ 1583]
As folke doon̄ yit. whan̄ som wyght has be-gonne
To preise a man̄ and wyth prys hym Reise
A thousand folde. yit higher than̄ the sonne [ 1586]
He is. he can̄ that fewe folkes konne
And Pandarus. of that they wolde afferme
he naught for-gat. her preisyng to conferme [ 1589]
Page  97(228)
Herd al this thing. Creseide wel y-nogħ [ 1590]
And euery worde. gan̄ for to notifie
For wych. wyth sobre chere hir hert[e] lougħ
For who is that. ne wolde hir glorifie [ 1593]
To mowen suche a knyght dovn̄ lyue or dye
But al passe I. lest ye to longe dwelle
For. for oo fyn̄. is al that euer I telle [ 1596]
The tyme come. fro dyner for to Ryse [ 1597]
And as hem̄ ougħt. aryson̄ euerichon̄
And gonne a whyle. of this and that devise
But pandarus. brake al this speche a-non̄ [ 1600]
And seid to deiphebus. wole ye gon̄
yif your wyl be. as I you preide
To speke here of nedes Creseide [ 1603]
Eleyne wych. that by the 1. [[the is overlined in the MS.]] hande hir hielde
Toke first the tale. and seide go we blyue
And godely on̄ Creseide. she byhielde
And seide Ioves. let hym̄ neuer thryve [ 1607]
That douthe you harme. And brynge hym̄ sone of lyue
And yif me sorow. but he shal it Rewe
yif that I may. And al folke be trewe [ 1610]
Telle thou thy neces cas quod dephebus [ 1611]
To Pandarus. for thou canste it / best it telle
My lordes. and my ladyes it stant thus
What sholde I lenger. quod he doo dwelle [ 1614]
he ronge hem oute. a proces lyke a belle
Vpon̄ hir foo. that higħt Poliphete
So heynous. that men̄ myght on̄ it spete [ 1617]
Page  98(232)
Answerde of this. eche worse of hem then other [ 1618]
And Poliphete. they gonnen̄ thus to warien̄
And honged be sucħe on̄. where he my brother
And so he shal. for hit ne may noght varien̄ [ 1621]
What shulde I lenger. in this tale tarien
Pleinlych al at oones. they hir behighten̄
To been̄ hir helpe. in al that euer they mygħten̄ [ 1624]
Spake than Eleyne. and seide pandarus [ 1625]
Wote not my lorde. my brother this matere
I meen Ector. or wote it Troilus
he seide ye. but wole ye now me here [ 1628]
Me thinketh thus. sith that Troilus is here
It were gode. yif that ye wolde assent
She tolde hym̄ her self. al this er she wente [ 1631]
For He wole Haue. hir gref. the more at the herte [leaf 20]
Be cause loo. that she lady is
And by your leue. I wole but Rygħt in sterte
And do you wytte. and that a-non̄ y-wys [ 1635]
yif that he slepe. or wole ought here of this
And in he lepte. and seide hym in his ere
Gode haue thy soule. I-brought haue I thy bere [ 1638]
To smyle of this. tho gan̄ Troilus [ 1639]
And Pandarus wythouten̄ Rekennyng
Oute wente a-non̄. to Eleyne and deiphebus
And seid hem. so ther be no taryng [ 1642]
Ne more prees. he wole wel that ye bringe
Creseide my lady. that is here
And as he may. enduren̄ he wole here [ 1645]
Page  99(236)
1. [[The usual colourd initial is omitted here.]] but wel wote I the chambre is but lyte
And fewe. folke may make it lyghtly warme
Now loketh ye. for I wole haue no wyte
To bringe in prees. þat myghten doon̄ hym harme [ 1649]
Or hym disesen for myn̄ better Arme
Where it be bettur. she byde tyl eft soones
Now loketh ye. that knowen what to don̄ is [ 1652]
I sey for me best is. as I kan̄ knowe [ 1653]
That no wyght In. went but ye tweye
But it where I. for I can in a throwe
Reherse hir cause. vnlike that she can̄ seye [ 1656]
And afftyr this she may hym oones preye
To ben gode lorde. in short and take hir leue
This may not mochel. of his ese hym reue [ 1659]
1and eke for she. is straunge he wole for-bere [ 1660]
his ese. wych that. hym thar not for you
Eke other thing. that touchet not to here
That secrete is. and for the tovnes prowe [ 1663]
he wole you telle I wote it wel ryght now
And they that nothing knew of his entent
wyth-outen̄ more. to Troilus in they wente [ 1666]
Eleyne in al her godely softly wyse [ 1667]
Gan hym salue. and womanly to pleye
And seid alweys. ye wyst ye must a-ryse
Now fair brother. beth al hole I preye [ 1670]
And gan̄ her arme. Rygħt ouer his shulder leye
And hym wyth al her wytte. to Reconforte
As she best couthe. she gan̄ hym to disporte [ 1673]
Page  100(240)
1. [[The usual colourd initial is omitted here.]] so afftyr this quod she we yow be-seche
My dere brother. Deiphebus and .I.
For loue of gode. and so dothe pandare eke
To ben gode lorde. and frynde Ryght hertely [ 1677]
Vn-to Creseide. wych that certeinly
Receuith wronge. as wote wel here pandare
That can̄ here cause. bette than̄ I declare [ 1680]
This Pandarus. gan̄ new his tonge affile [ 1681]
And al her cas. Reherse. and that a-noon̄
Whan̄ it was seide soone afftyr in a while
Quod Troilus. as sone as I may gon̄ [ 1684]
I wole ryght fayn̄. wyth al my myght be oon̄
haue gode my trouthe. hir cause to susteyne
Gode thryft haue ye. quod Eleyne the quene [ 1687]
1quod Pandarus and it your wylle be [ 1688]
That she may take. hir leve er that she goo
Or ellys gode for-bede it quod he
yif that she vouche sauf. for to do soo [ 1691]
And wyth that worde. quod Troilus ye two
Deiphebus and my suster leve and dere
To you haue I. to speke of oo matere [ 1694]
To Ben a-vised by your Rede the Bettur [leaf 20, back] [ 1695]
And fonde as hape was at his beddis hede
The copie of a tretis. and a lettre
That Ector had hym sent to axen Rede [ 1698]
yif suche a man̄ was worthy for be dede
Wote I not who. but in a grisly wyse
he preide hem a-non̄. on̄ hit a-vise [ 1701]
Page  101(244)
Deiphebus gan̄ the lettre for to vnfolde [ 1702]
In ernest grete. so did Eleyne the quene
And Romyng faste. hit gonne to be-holde
Dovnward a steyr. in-to an̄ herber grene [ 1705]
This ilke thinge. they Redden̄ hem be-tweyn̄
And largely. the mountenance of an̄ houre
They gonne on̄ it. to Reden̄ and to poure [ 1708]
Now lat hem Rede. and tourne we a-non̄ [ 1709]
To pandarus. that gan̄ ful faste prye
That al was wel. and oute he gan̄ to gon̄
In-to the grete chambre. that in hye [ 1712]
And seid gode saue. al this Companye
Come nece myn̄. my lady quene Elene
A-bydeth you. so dothe my lordes tweyne [ 1715]
Rys. take wyth you. youre Nece Antigone [ 1716]
Or whom you lust. or no fors hardely
The lesse pres the bette. come forthe wyth me
And loke that. thonken̄ humbly [ 1719]
hem Al thre. and whan̄ ye may godely
your tyme y-see. taketħ of hem̄ your leve
lest we to longe. his restes hym byreve [ 1722]
Al innocent of pandarus entent [ 1723]
Quod tho Creseide. goo we vncle dere
And arme in Arme. inward wyth hym she went
A-vised wel. hire wordes and hire chere [ 1726]
And pandarus in ernestful manere
Seid al folke. for goddes loue I prey
Styntetħ ryght here. and softly you pleye [ 1729]
Page  102(248)
Aviseth you what folke . ben here wytħ-inne [ 1730]
And in what plyte . oon̄ is gode hym̄ amende
And inward thus . ful softly he gan̄ be-gynne
Nece I coniure you . and hygly you defende [ 1733]
On his by-halue . that soule vs al sende
And in the vertu of the corownes tweyne
Sle not this man̄ that hath for̄ you this peyne [ 1736]
Fy on̄ the 1. [[the overlined]] devil wycħ on̄ his he [ 1737]
And in what plyte . he lyeth com̄ of a-non̄
Thenke of suche taried . tide but lost is
That wole ye seyn̄ . bothe whan̄ ye been̄ oon̄ [ 1740]
Secondly . there yit deyuenytħ noon̄
Vpon̄ you two . come of now yif ye konne
while folke is blent . loo al the tyme is wonne [ 1743]
In tyteryng poursuyte and dylayes [ 1744]
The folke devyne . and waggen̄ at a stre
And thogh ye wolde . han aftyr̄ mery dayes
Than̄ dare ye nogħt . and why for she and she [ 1747]
Spake suche a worde . thus loked he and he
last tyme y-lost . I dare not wyth hym dele
Come of therfore . and bringhet hym̄ to hele [ 1750]
But now to you . ye louers that ben̄ here [ 1751]
Whas Troilus not in a kankedort
That lay and myght . wysperyng of hem̄ here
And thogħt. O lorde. Ryght now renneth my sort [ 1754]
Fully to deye . or han̄ a-non̄ comfort
And whas the first . tyme he shulde hire preye
Of loue .O mygħty . gode What shal he seye [ 1757]
[End of Book II.]