Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
Incipit prohemium secundi libri.
(1) (Proem.)
But of thise blake wawes for to sayle. [fol. 16b] [ 1]
O wynde o wynde the weder gynneth cleere.
ffor in this se the boot hath swich trauaile.
Of my comynge þat vnneth I it steere. [ 4]
This se clepe I the tempestous matere.
Of desespoir that Troilus was inne.
But now of hope the kalendes bygynne. [ 7]
(2) (Inuocacio.)
O lady myn that called art Cleo. [ 8]
Thow be my speede from this forth and my muse.
To ryme wel this book til I haue do.
Me nedeth heere no oother art to vse. [ 11]
fforwhi to euery louer I me excuse.
That of no sentement I this endite.
But out of latyn into my tonge it write. [ 14]
Wherfore .I. nyl haue neyther thonke ne blame. [ 15]
Of al this werke but prey ȝow mekely.
Disblameth me yif any worde be lame.
ffor as myn auctour seide so seye .I. [ 18]
Ek though I spake of loue vnfeelyngly.
No wondir is / for it nothinge of new is.
A blynde wight kan nat Iugen wel in hewis. [ 21]
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I knowe eke þat in forme of speche is chaunge. [ 22]
withinne a thowsand yer and wordes tho.
That hadden pris / now wonder nyce and straunge.
Vs thinketh hem / and yit they spake hem so. [ 25]
And spedde als wel in loue as men now do.
Ek for to wynnen loue in sondry ages.
In sondry londes sondry ben vsages. [ 28]
And forthy yif it happe in any wyse. [ 29]
That here be any louere in this plase
That herkneth as the story can deuyse.
How Troilus com til his lady grace. [ 32]
And thenketh / so nolde I nat loue purchase.
Or wondreth on his speche or his doinge.
I not / but it is me no wondrynge. [ 35]
ffor euery wight wiche that to Rome wente. [fol. 17a] [ 36]
Halt nat oo path nor alwey o manere.
Ek in som londe wer al þe game schente.
yif that men ferde in loue as men don heere. [ 39]
As thus / in opyn doing / or in chere.
In visitynge / in forme / or seyde hir sawes.
fforthi men seyn ech contre hath his lawes. [ 42]
Ek scarsly ben ther in this plase iij. [ 43]
That in loue seyde lik / and don in al.
ffor to thi purpos this may like the.
And the right naught / yit al is seyd or shal. [ 46]
Ek som men graue in tree som in ston wal.
As it bitit / but syn I haue bygonne.
Myn auctour shal I folwen if I konne. [ 49]
Explicit prohemium secundi libri.