Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.
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[Harleian 1239.]

(1) (Proem.)
THe double sorow of Troilus to telle [leaf 1] [ 1]
That was tho kynge Pryames sone of Troye
In lofyng how hys Auentures ffelle
Fro woo to wele and after owte of Ioye [ 4]
My purpos is or that I parte ȝow froye
Thesiphone thow helpe me to endite
Thes woofuɫɫ wers that wepen as I write [ 7]
(2) (Invocation.)
To the clepe I thow goddes of torment [ 8]
Thow cruel furye sorowyng euer in peyne
Helpe me that am that sorowful Instrument
That helpes louers as I can for to pleyne [ 11]
For wele sittes hit tho sothe for to seyne
A woofuɫɫ wyght to haue a drery fere
And to a sorowfuɫɫ tale a sory chere [ 14]
For I that god of love seruauntes serue [ 15]
Ne dar not to love for myne vnliklynesse
Preyen for spede aɫɫ schulde .I. therfore sterue
So ferre am I frome his helpe in derknnesse [ 18]
Botte natheles if thys may do gladnesse
To any lover and hys cause availe
Haue he thy þanke and myne be this travaile [ 21]
Page  2(4)
Bot ye loueres that bathen in gladnesse [ 22]
Ȝif ony drope of pitee in ȝow bee
Remembretħ ȝow on passed heuynesse
That ȝe haue felte and of thaduersite [ 25]
Of other folke and thynketh how that ye
Haue felte that loue durst ȝow displese
Or ȝe haue wonne hym with to grete an ese [ 28]
And prayes for hem that been in the cas [ 29]
Of troilus as ȝe may her-after here
That loue hem bryng in heuen to solas
And eke prayes to god that is so dere [ 32]
That I haue myght schewe in some manere
Suche peyne and woo as loues folke endure
In Troilus vncely aventure [ 35]
And biddes hem that been dispeyred [ 36]
In loue that neuer wyll recouered be
And eke for hem that falsly been appered
Thorogh wykked tonges be hyt he or sche [ 39]
Thus byddes god for his benignite
So grawnte hem sone owte of þis worlde to pace
That been despered owte of loues grace [ 42]
And eke byddeth for hem that been at ese [ 43]
That god hem grawnte aye gode perseuerawnce
And sende hem myght here ladyes so to plese
That it to loue bee worschipp and plesawnce [ 46]
For so hope I my sowle beste to avawnce
To prey for hem that loues seruantes bee
And wryte here woo and lyue in charite [ 49]
Page  3(8)
And for to haue on hem compassioun [ 50]
As though I were here owne brother dere
Now herkeneth with a gode intencioun
For nowe wyle I go streight to my matere [ 53]
In whiche ȝe schuɫɫ the double sorowes here
Of Troilus in louyng of Creseyde
And how that sche forsoke hym or sche deyde [ 56]
(9) (Story.)
IT ys wele wyst how that the grekes stronge [ 57]
In armes with a thowsand schyppes wente
To Troyewardes and tho Citee longe
Assegeden well ten ȝere or they stynte [ 60]
And in diuerse wyse and oone entente
Tho Ravischyng to wreken of Eleyne
By Paris done they wroghten al hir peyne [ 63]
Now feɫɫ hit soo that in the towne there was [leaf 1, back] [ 64]
Dwellyng a lorde of grete auctorite
A grete divine that cleped was Calcas
That in science soo expert was that he [ 67]
Knew weɫɫ that Troye schulde destroied bee
By answere of hys god that hyght thus
Dame Phebus or Apollo Delphicus [ 70]
Soo whane that Calkas knewe by calkelyng [ 71]
And eke by answer of this Apollo
That grekes schulde suche a peple bryng
Thorogh whiche that Troie most bee for-doo [ 74]
He cast a-non owte of the towne to goo
For wele wyst he by sorte that Troye schulde
Destroyed bee ȝee wolde who-so nolde [ 77]
Page  4(12)
For whiche for to depart schortly [ 78]
Toke purpos ffuɫɫ this forknowyng wise
And to the grekes hoste fuɫɫ priuely
He stale anon and they in curteys wise [ 81]
Hym diden bothe worschip and seruise
In tryst that he has knowyng hem to rede
In euery parell whiche that was to drede [ 84]
The noyce vp rose whan it was fyrst aspied [ 85]
Thorogh all the towne and openly was spokyn
That Calkas traytowre was fledde and allied
With hem of grece and casten to be wrokyn [ 88]
On hym that falsly had his feyth so brokyn
And seyden he and aɫɫ his kynne att onys
Ben worthy for to brenne felle and bonys [ 91]
Now had this Calkas loft in þis myschawnce [ 92]
Al vnwist of the false and wikked dede
His doughter whiche that was in grete penawnce
For of her lyf sche was ful ofte in drede [ 95]
As sche nyst what was best to rede
For bothe a widowe was sche and allone
Of ony frende to whome she durst her mone [ 98]
Creseide was this lady name al ryght [ 99]
As to my dome in al Troies citee
Vas noone so fayre for-passyng euery wight
So angelik was her face 1. [[face later]] her natif beaute [ 102]
That lyke a thinge Immortal semed sche
As Is an heuenlyche parfite creature
That downe were sent in scornyng of nature [ 105]
Page  5(16)
This lady whiche that alday herde at eere [ 106]
Her fadres schame. his falsnes and tresoun
Wel nygh owte of her witte for sorow and fere
In widowes habite blak of Samyte browne [ 109]
On knees she felle before Ector a downe
with pitous voys and tendrely wepyng
His mercy badde herself excusyng [ 112]
Now was this Ector pitows of nature [ 113]
And seyth that sche was so sorowfully begone
And that sche was so feyre a creature
Of his gudnes he gladed her annone. [ 116]
And seide lete ȝowre fadres treson̄ gon
Forthe with myschance and ȝe ȝowre self in Ioye
Dwellith with vs while ȝow gode lyst in Trye [ 119]
And alle tho honowre that men may do ȝow haue [ 120]
Als ferforthe as ȝowre fader dwelled here
Ȝe shul haue and ȝowre body schal men saue
As far as I may augħt enquere and here [ 123]
And sche hym thankith with ful humbly chere
And ofter wolde and hit had ben his wylle
And toke her leue and home and helde her stylle [ 126]
And in her hows sche abode with suche mene [leaf 2] [ 127]
As tyl her honowre nede was to be holde
And while sche was dwellyng in the Cite
Kept here estate and bothe of ȝonge and olde [ 130]
Ful wel beloued and wel men of her tolde
But whether that sche children had or noone
I rede it not therfore I lat it gone [ 133]
Page  6(20)
The thynges fellen as the do of werre [ 134]
Betwix hem of Troie and grekes ofte
For som day bothe they of Troie at derre
And eft the grekes fonde nothyng softe [ 137]
The folke of Troie and thus fortune on lofte
And vnder eft gan hem to wele bothe
Aftur her cowrse aye while they weren wrothe [ 140]
But how this towne come to distruccion̄ [ 141]
Ne falleth noght to purpos me to telle
For it were here a longe disgression̄
ffor my matere and ȝow longe to dwelle [ 144]
But the Troian Iestes as they felle
In Omere or in Dares or in Dite
who-so that can̄ may rede hem as thye write [ 147]
But though that grekes hem of Troie schotten [ 148]
And her Cite beseged al a-bowte
Her olde vsage nolde they noght letten
As for to honowre her goddes ful devoute [ 151]
But aldermoste in honowre oute of doute
Thei hade a relyk hight Palladion
That was her trust abouen euerychone [ 154]
And so befell whan comen was the tyme [ 155]
Of April whan clothed is the mede
with newe grene of lusty were the prime
And swete smellen flowres white and rede [ 158]
In sondry wyse schewed as I ȝow rede
The folke of Troie her obseruaunce olde
Palladions feste for to holde [ 161]
Page  7(24)
And to the temple in al her best wise [ 162]
In general there went many a wyght
To herken of Palladions seruise
And namely so many a lusty knyght [ 165]
So many a mayden fresche and lady dere
Ful wel arayed bothe tho moste and leste
Ȝee bothe for the seson and the feste [ 168]
Amonge these other folke was Creseida [ 169]
In widowes habite blake but natheles
Right as owre fyrst lettre is now an A
In bewte furst so stode sche makeles [ 172]
Here godely lokyng gladed al the prece
Was neuer seyn thyng to been preised derre
Ne vnder clowd blake so bright a sterre [ 175]
As was Creseide as folke seyd euerychone [ 176]
That her behelden in here blak wede
And ȝit sche stode ful stylle an lowe allone
Behynde othere folke in lytel brede [ 179]
And nygh tho dore aye vnder schames drede
Symple of attire and debonaire of chere
with ful assured lokyng and manere [ 182]
This Troilus as he was wonte to gyde [ 183]
His ȝonge knyghtes lade hem vpe and downe
In thilk large temple on euery syde
Beholdyng aye tho ladyes of the towne [ 186]
Nowe here now there for no deuocion̄
Had he to none to reven hym his reste
Bot gan to prese and lake whom hym lyste [ 189]
Page  8(28)
And in his walke ful fast he gan to wayten [leaf 2, back] [ 190]
If knyght or squier of his companye
Gan for to sike or lat his eyen bayten
On any woman that he cowde aspye [ 193]
He wolde smyle and holde hit a folye
And sey hym thus god wote sche slepes softe
For loue of the whan thow turnest ful ofte [ 196]
I haue herde telde pardieux of ȝowre lyvyng [ 197]
Ȝe louers and ȝowre lewde obseruance
And whiche a labour folke haue in wynnyng
Of loue and in tho keping of doutance [ 200]
And whane ȝowre pray is loste woo and penance
O veray foles nyce and blynde been ȝee
Ther ys not oone can war by other bee [ 203]
And with that worde he gan caste vpe his browe [ 204]
Ascawnce loo is not this wele spoken
At whiche the god of loue gan loken rowe
Right for despite and hope for to be wroken [ 207]
He kydde a-noon his bowe was not tobroken
ffor sodeinly he hit hym atte the fulle
And ȝit as prowde a pecok gan he pulle [ 210]
O. blynde worlde o blynde entencion̄ [ 211]
How often falles al tho effecte contraire
Of surquidry and fowle presumpsion̄
For caught is proude and caught is debonaire [ 214]
This troilus is clomben on tho staire
And litel wenes that he mot descenden̄
But alday failleth thyng that foles wenden̄ [ 217]
Page  9(32)
As prowde bayarde gynnys for to skyppe [ 218]
Owte of the waye so prikketh hym his corne
Tyl he a lasche haue of tho longe whippe
Thane thenkith he though I prawnce al be-forne [ 221]
Fyrst in the trays ful fatte and new schorn
ȝit am I bot an horse and horses lawe
I most endure and with my ferys drawe [ 224]
So farde hit by this ferse and prwde knyght [ 225]
Though he a worthy kyng sone were
And wende nothyng had hade suche myght
A-ȝen his wille that schulde his hert stere [ 228]
Ȝitte with a loke his herte wax on fire
That he that nowe was moste in pride a-boue
Wax sodeynly moste subget vn-to loue [ 231]
For-thy ensample taketh of his man̄ [ 232]
Ȝe wise prowde and worthy folkes alle
To scorne loue whiche that so soone can̄
Tho fredom of ȝowre hertys to hym thralle [ 235]
For euer yt was and euer his schal befalle
That loue ys he that al thyng may bynde
For may no man fordoo the lawe of kynde [ 238]
That this be sothe has proued and dothe ȝit [ 239]
For this trow I ȝe knowen alle or some
Men reden nat that folke haue gretter wit
Thene they that haue ben most wyth loue I-nome [ 242]
And strengest folke therwith been ouercome
Tho worthiest and grettest of degree
This was and is and ȝit men schal hit see [ 245]
Page  10(36)
And truly it sitte wel to be soo [ 246]
For alderwisest haue therwith been plesed
And they that haue been aldermoste in woo
With loue haue ben comforted moste and esed [ 249]
And ofte it has tho cruel herte appesed
And worthy folke made worthier of name
And causes moste to drede vice and schame [ 252]
Now sithen it may not godely be withstonde [leaf 3] [ 253]
And is a thyng so vertuows in kynde
Refuses not to loue for to be bownde
Syn as hym self lyst he may ȝow bynde [ 256]
Tho ȝerde is bette that bowe wolde and wynde
Than that. that brest and therfor I ȝow reede
To folowe loue that ȝow so wele can leede [ 259]
But for to telle forthe in speciall [ 260]
As of this kynges sone of whiche I tolde
And lette other thynges Collaturall
Of hym thynke I. my tale forthe to holde [ 263]
Bothe of his Ioye and of his care colde
And al his werke as towchyng this matere
For I be-gan hit. I wyl therto refere [ 266]
With-ynne the temple he went hym forthe pleyng [ 267]
This Troilus of euery wight a-bowte
On this lady and nowe on that lokyng
Whether so sche were of towne or of with-owte [ 270]
And vpon cas befeɫɫ that thorogh a rowte
His eye perced and so depe it went
That on Creseide it smote and there it stynte [ 273]
Page  11(40)
And sodeinly he wax therwith astoned [ 274]
And gan her bettur beholde in thrifty wise
O mercy god thought he where hastow wonned
That art so fayre and godely to devise [ 277]
Therwith his hert began to sprede and rise
And softly syke lest men myght hym here
And caught ayen his first pleying chere [ 280]
Sche was not with the leste of her stature [ 281]
But alle her lymmes so wele answeryng
Weren to wommanhode þat Creature
Nas neuer lasse mannysche in semyng [ 284]
And eke the pure wise of her moevyng
Schewed wele tha[t] men myght in her gesse
Honowre estate and womanly noblesse [ 287]
Tho Troilus right wonder wele with alle [ 288]
Gan for to lyke her moeuyng and her chere
Whiche somdel deignous was for sche lete falle
Her loke a-side in suyche manere [ 291]
Ascawnce what may I not stonden here
And after that her lokyng gan sche lyght
That neuer thoght hym seen so gode a sight [ 294]
And of her loke in hym ther gan to quycken [ 295]
So grete desire and suyche affeccion̄
That in his hertys botom it gan to stycken
Of hir his fixe and depe Impression̄ [ 298]
And thogh he erst hade poured vp and downe
He was tho gladde his hornes in to schrynke
Vnnethes wiste he how to loke or wynke [ 301]
Page  12(44)
Loo he that lette hym self so konnyng [ 302]
And scorned hem that loues peynes dryen
was ful vnware that loue had his dwellyng
with-ynne tho subtil stremes of here eyen [ 305]
That sodeinly hym thoght he felt dyen
Right with hir loke tho spirit of his herte
Blessed be loue that thus can folke conuerte [ 308]
Sche this in blake lykyng to Troilus [ 309]
Ouer al thynge he stode for to beholde
Ne his desire ne wherfore he stode thus
He nether chere made ne worde tolde [ 312]
But from aferre his manere for to holde
On other thynges some tyme his loke he caste
And eft on hire while that tho serues laste [ 315]
And after this nat fulliche al awhaped [leaf 3, back] [ 316]
Owte of tho temple al esely he wente
Repentyng hym that euery he had Iaped
Of loues folke lest fully tho discente [ 319]
Of scorn fell on hym self bot what he mente
Lest hit were wist on any maner syde
His woo he gan dissimelyn̄ and hyde [ 322]
Whan he was fro tho temple thus departed [ 323]
He streight a-non vnto the paleis turneth
Right with her loke thorogh schot and thorogh darted
Al feyneth he in lust that he soiorneth [ 326]
And al his chere and speche also he bourneth
And aye of loues seruantes euery while
Hym-self to wrye at hem he gan̄ to smyle [ 329]
Page  13(48)
And seid lord soo ȝe lyue alle in lyst [ 330]
Ȝe louers for the konnyngest of ȝow
That serues moste ententyfly and best
Hym tyt as ofte harme therof as prow [ 333]
Ȝowre hire is quyt a-ȝein. ȝe god wote how
Not wel for wel. bot scorne for gude servise
In feith ȝowre ordre is reuled in gode wyse [ 336]
In non certayn been alle ȝowre obseruance [ 337]
But hit a fewe cely poyntes bee
Nor nothing axeth so grete attendance
As dothe ȝowe lay and that knowe alle ȝe [ 340]
But that is not the warste as mote I the
But tolde I ȝow, tho warste poynt I leue
Al seid I sothe ȝe wolden at me greue [ 343]
But take this that ȝe louers oft escheue [ 344]
Or elles doon hit of gude entencion̄
Ful ofte thy lady wyl hit mys construe
And deme hit harme by here opynion̄ [ 347]
And ȝit if sche for other encheson̄
Be worthi than schal thow haue a grone a-non
Lorde wele is hym that may of ȝow been oon [ 350]
But for al this whan that he sawe his tyme [ 351]
He helde his pees noon other bote hym gayned
For loue began̄ his fethures so to lyme
That wel vnneth vntil his folke he feyned [ 354]
That other besy nedes hym distrened
For woo was hym that what to doo he nyst
But badde his folke to gon where that hem lyst [ 357]
Page  14(52)
And whan that he in chambre was a-lone [ 358]
He downe vpon̄ his beddes fete hym sette
And first he gan to syke and eft to grone
And thoght aye soo on her withowten lette [ 361]
That as he satte and woke his spirit mette
That he hir sawe and temple and al tho wise
Right of her loke and gan hit newe a-vyse [ 364]
Thus gan he make a mirrowr of his mynde [ 365]
In whiche he saw al holly her figure
And that he cowde wel in his hert fynde
It was to hym a right gude a-venture [ 368]
To loue suche oon and if he dide his cure
To serue her ȝit myght he falle in g[r]ace
Or elles for oon of hir seruaunce pace [ 371]
Imaginyng that trauaile ne grace [ 372]
Ne myght for so godely oon lorne
As sche ne hym for his desire noo schame
Al were hit wist but in pris and vp borne [ 375]
Of alle louers wel more than be-forne
Thus argumented he yn his ginnyng
Ful vnavised of his woo comyng [ 378]
Thus took he purpos loues craft to sewe *. [[2 leaves, 36 stanzas, lines 379-630, missing from Harl. 1239. Sup∣plied from Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 7-9.]
And thought he werkyn wolde preuyly
First he hid his desir in mewe
From euery wight I-born al ouerly 1. [[ouerly later.]] [ 382]
But he myght aught recouered ben ther-by
Remembryng hym þat loue to wide I-blowe
Ȝelt bittir fruyt though swete seed be sowe [ 385]
Page  15(56)
¶ And ouyr al þis ȝit moche more he thought [ 386]
what for to spede and what for to holden ynne
And what to arten what to loue he sought
And on a song / anoon right to be-gynne [ 389]
And gan loude on his sorwe for to wynne
For with good hope he gan fully assent
Creseid for to loue and nought repent [ 392]
¶ And of this song nought only the sentence [ 393]
As writ myn auctor called lollius
But pleynly saue oure tonge difference
I dar wel seyn in al þat Troilus [ 396]
Seide in his song loo euery word right thus
As I shal seyn and who so lust it here
Loo next this vers he may [it] fynden here [ 399]
(58) (Troilus's Song, from Petrarch's 88th Sonnet.)
¶ If no loue is o god what fele y so [ 400]
And ȝif loue is what thyng and wheche is he
Ȝif loue be good fro whennes cometh my wo
Ȝif it be wykke a wondir thyngeth me [ 403]
whan euery torment and aduersite
That cometh of it may to my sauour thynke
For ay thrist I þe more þat I drynke [ 406]
(59) (From Petrarch.)
¶ And ȝif þat [at] myn owyne lust [I] brenne [ 407]
From whenues cometh my pleynyng and myn pleynt
Þif harm agreue me wher-to pleyne I thenne
I not ne whi vn-wery þat I feynt [ 410]
O quyk deth o swet harm so queynte
How may of the / on me suche quantyte
But if þat I consente þat it be [ 413]
Page  16(60) (From Petrarch.)
¶ And ȝif that I consente I wrongfully [ 414]
Compleyne y-wys thus possed to and fro
Al stereles witħ-Inne a bot am I
A-myd þe see be-twix wyndes too [ 417]
That in Contrary stonden euere moo
Allas what is this wonder maladye
For hete of cold / for cold of hete I deye [ 420]
(End of Troilus's Song from Petrarch's 88th Sonnet.)
(61) *. [[leaf 6, 10 stanzas, in before leaf 7 in Addit. 12,044.]]
And to the god of loue / thus seide he [leaf 6] [ 421]
with petous vois o lord now ȝoures is
Mi spirit wheche that / augħt ȝoures be
Ȝow thanke I lord that han me brouħt to this [ 424]
But whedir goddes or womman I-wys
She be / I nougħt wheche that ȝe do me serue
But as hir man I wolde ay leue and sterue [ 427]
¶ Ȝe stonden in hir eyen mygħtily [ 428]
As in a place vn-to ȝou verri digne
Wherfore lorde ȝif my seruyse or .I.
May liken ȝow so betħ to me benyngne [ 431]
For myn estat Roial here I resigne
In-to here hand and witħ [ful] humble chere
By-come hir man as to my lady dere [ 434]
¶ In hym ne deignetħ spare blood Roial [ 435]
The fire of loue fro þe wheche god me blesse
Ne hym for-barred in no degre for alle
His vertu or his excellent prowesse [ 438]
But hold hym as his thralle lowe in distresse
And brent hym so in sondri wise ay newe
That sixti tyme a day he lost his hewe [ 441]
Page  17(64)
So moche day be day his owyn thougħt [ 442]
For lust of hir gan quyken and encrece
That euerycħ othir charge he sette at nougħt
For-thi ful ofte his hoot fir to sece [ 445]
To sen hir goodly look he gan to prece
For therbi to ben esid wel he wende
And ay the nere he was the more he brendo [ 448]
¶ For ay þe nere the fere the hattere is [ 449]
This trowe I ./ knowitħ al this companye
But were he fer or nere / I dar sey this
Be nygħt or day / for wisdom or folie [ 452]
His herte wheche that is his brestis ye
Was ay on hire that fairere was to sene
Than euere was Eleyne or Pollixene [ 455]
¶ Eke of the day þar passid nougħ[t] half an hour [lf. 6, bk.]
That to hym self he A thousand tyme seide
God goodly to whom I serue and labour
As I best can now wolde gode Creseide [ 459]
Ȝe wolde on me rewe or that I deide
My dere herte Allas myn hele and myn hewe
And myn lif is lost but ȝe wole on me rewe [ 462]
¶ Alle other dedis weren from hym fledde [ 463]
Bothe of thassege and his sauacion
Ne in him desir noon othir fownes bredde
But argumentes to his conclusion̄ [ 466]
That she of hym wolde haue compassion̄
And he to ben hir man while he may dure
Lo here is lif and from the detħ is cure [ 469]
Page  18(68)
¶ The sharpe shoures fel of armes preve [ 470]
That Ector or his othir bretheren deden
Ne make hym ones therfore to meve
And ȝit was he where men wentyn and reden [ 473]
Founden oon the best and lengest tyme a-biden
There perile was and eek dede succħ trauaile
In Armes that to thynke it was meruaile [ 476]
¶ But for oon hate he to the Grekes hadde [ 477]
Ne also for the rescous of the toun
Ne made hym thus in armes for to madde
But only loo for this conclusioun [ 480]
To liken hire the bette for his renoun
From day to day in armes so he spedde
That the grekes as detħ hym dredde [ 483]
¶ And from this fortħ tho reft hym loue his slepe [ 484]
And made hym mete his Foo And ek his sorwe
Gan multeplie that who-so toke kepe
It shewed in his hewe bothe eue and morwe [ 487]
Therfore a litel he gan hym to borwe
Of othir seknesse lest men of hym wende
That the hote fire of loue hym for-brende [ 490]
¶ And seide he hadde a feuere and ferde amys [leaf 8] [ 491]
But how it was serteyn I can nougħt seye
Ȝif that his ladi vndirstood nougħt this
Or feyned hire she nyst oon of the tweye [ 494]
But wel y rede that be no manere weye
Ne semed it that she on hym rougħt
Nor of his peyne or what so euere he thought [ 497]
Page  19(72)
¶ But han felt this Troilus swiche woo [ 498]
That he was wol nygħt wood for ay his drede
Was this that she some wigħt hadde loued soo
That neuer of hym thougħt haue taken hede [ 501]
For wheche hym thougħt he felt his herte blede
Nor of his woo ne durst he nat be-gynne
To tellyn hir for al this world to wynne [ 504]
¶ But he hadde a space from his care [ 505]
Thus to hym self / ful ofte he gan to pleyne
He seide o foole now art þow in the snare
That whilom Iappedest at loues peyne [ 508]
Now art þow hent now gnawe þyn owyn cheyne
Thow were ay wont eche louere reprehende
Of thyng fro wheche thow canst the not defende [ 511]
¶ What wole now euery louere seyn of thee [ 512]
Ȝif this be wist but euere in þyn absence
laugħen in Scorne and seyn lo there gotħ hee
That is þe man of so gret sapience [ 515]
That helde vs louyers leest in reuerence
Now thanked be god he may gon in þe daunce
Of hem that loue lest febly for tenaunce [ 518]
¶ But o thow woful troylus god wolde [ 519]
Sithen þow most louen thorgħ thi destenye
That thow bisette were on swyche on þat sholde
Knowe al thi woo al lakked hir petee [ 522]
But also cold in lovue towardes thee
Thi lady is as frost in wynter mone
And thow for-doon as snowe in fir is soone [ 525]
Page  20(76)
¶ God wolde y were arryued in the port [leaf 8, back] [ 526]
Of deth̄ to wh[i]che my sorewes wole me lede
A lord to me it were a gret confort
Thanne were I quyt of langusshyng in drede [ 529]
For be myn hed sorwe I blowe on brede
I xal be Iaped be a thousand tyme
More than that folk of whos foly men ryme [ 532]
¶ But now helpe god and she swete for whom [ 533]
Pleyne I caugh̄t neuer wigh̄t so faste
O mercy dere herte and helpe from
The deth̄ for I wole that my lyf laste [ 536]
More than my self I wole loue ȝow to my last
And with̄ somme frendly look gladeth̄ me swete
Though̄ neuer mor thyng ȝe me be-hete [ 539]
¶ These wordes and ful many an othir to [ 540]
He spak and called euere in his compleynt
Hire name for to tellyn hir his wo
Til nygh̄ þat he in salte teres dreynt [ 543]
Al was for nough̄t she herde not his pleynt
And whanne þat he by-though̄t on that folye
A thousand fold his wo gan multeplye [ 546]
¶ By walkyng in his chambre thus a-lone [ 547]
A frend of his that called was pandare
Cam onys Inne on-war and herd hym grone
And sigh̄ his frend in suech̄ distresse and care [ 550]
Allas quod he ho causeth̄ al this fare
O mercy god what on-happe may this mene
Han now þus sone grekes mad ȝow lene [ 553]
Page  21(80)
¶ Or hastow some remors of consyence [ 554]
And art now falle in som deuocioun
And wailest for thy senne and thyn offence
And hast for ferd caugh̄t attricioun [ 557]
God saue hem þat be-seged han our toun
That so can leyn our Iolite on presse
And bryng oure / lusty folk to holynesse [ 560]
¶ These wordes seyde he for the nones alle [leaf 9] [ 561]
That with suych̄ thyng / he mygh̄t hym angry maken
And with mavgry don his wo to falle
As for the tyme and his corage awaken [ 564]
But wel he wyste as fer as tonges spaken
Ther nas a man of grettere hardynesse
Than he / ne more desired worthynesse [ 567]
¶ What cas quod Troylus or what auenture [ 568]
Hath gided the / to sen my langwysnesse
That am the refuse of euery creature
But for the loue of god / at my preynge [ 571]
Go hens awey / for certis my deyynge
Whil the d[i]sese and I mot / nede deye
Ther-fore go wey / there ne is no mor to seye [ 574]
¶ But ȝif thou wene I be þus seke for drede [ 575]
It is nough̄t so and þerfore scorne me nough̄t
Ther is an other thyng / I take of hede
Wel more than augh̄t / that Grekes han it wrough̄t [ 578]
Wheche cause is of my deth̄ / for sorwe and though̄t
But though̄ þat I. / nowe tell it the in lest
Be thou naugh̄t wroth̄ I hid it for the best [ 581]
Page  22(84)
¶ This Pandar that nygħ malt for woo and routhe [ 582]
Ful ofte seide allas what may this be
Now frende quod he / ȝif euere loue or trouthe
Hatħ ben or ys / be-twix the and me [ 585]
Ne do thow neuere / sweche a cruelte
To hiden fro thi frend / so gret a care
Wostow not wel / that I am Pandare [ 588]
¶ I wole parten witħ the / al thi peyne [ 589]
Ȝif it be so / I do the no counfort
As it is frendes rigħt / sotħ for to seyn
To entre partyng woo / as glad disport [ 592]
I haue and shal for trewe or fals report
In wrong and rigħt I loued the al my lyve
Hide not ȝour woo from me / but telle it blyve [ 595]
¶ Than gan this sorful Troylus to syke [leaf 9, back] [ 596]
And seide hym thus god leue it be my beste
To telle it thee for sitħ it may the lyke
Ȝit wole I telle it thougħ myn herte breste [ 599]
But wel wot I thou mast don me no reste
But lest þou deme I trist[e] not to the
Now herkene frend for þus it stant witħ me [ 602]
¶ Loue ayens þe wheche who-so defendetħ [ 603]
Hym seluyn moost / hym seluyn aldirlest auayletħ
Witħ despeir so soreweful me offendetħ
That streigħt on-to detħ myn herte failletħ [ 606]
Þer-to desir so brennyngly me assailetħ
That to ben slayn it were a grettere Ioye
To me than kyng of Grece ben and of troye [ 609]
Page  23(88)
¶ Suffisetħ this my frend Pandare [ 610]
That I haue seid for now wostow my wo
And for the loue of god my colde care
So hide it wel I told it neuere to mo [ 613]
For harmes mygħt folewen mo than to
Ȝif it were wist but be þow in gladnesse
And let me sterue vn-knowe of my distresse [ 616]
¶ Hougħ hastow thus vnkendely and long [ 617]
Hid this fro me thou fool quod Pandarus
Par auenture thow mygħt aftir siche on long
That myn avys a-noon may helpen vs [ 620]
Þis were a wundyre thyng quod Troylus
Thow coudest neuere in loue þi seluyn wisse
How mygħt þow bryng me to blisse [ 623]
¶ Thow Troilus now herken quod Pandare [ 624]
Þow I be nyce it happetħ often so
That on that exces doon ful euyl fare
By good counseɫɫ can kepe his frend ther-fro [ 627]
I haue my self seen eek a blynd man go
There as [he] fel that coude loken wyde
A fool may eke a wyseman ofte gyde [ 630]
A wheston is noo Kerving Instrument *. [[Harl. 1239,]] [leaf 4.] [ 631]
Bot ȝit hit makes scharpe keruyng toles
And there thou wost that I haue aught myswent
Escheue thou that for suche thing to the scole is [ 634]
Thus ought wyse men be war be folys
If thou so do thi wit is wel bewared
By his contrarie is euery thing declared [ 637]
Page  24(92)
For how myght euer swetnes haue be knowe [ 638]
To hym that neuer tasted bitternesse
Ne no man may be Inly gladde I trowe
That neuer was in sorow or som destresse [ 641]
Eke white by blak by schame eke worthinesse
Iche sette by other more for other semeth
As men may se and so the wise it demeth [ 644]
Syn this of too contraries is wo lore [ 645]
I that haue in loue so ofte assaied
Greuances ought knowe and wel the more
Conseillen the of that thow art a-mayed [ 648]
And eke the aught not ben yuel a-ppayed
Thogh I desire with the for to bere
Thyn heuy charge hit schal the lesse dere [ 651]
I wot wel that it fareth thus by me [ 652]
As to thy brother Parys an hierdesse
Which that I-cleped was Cenone
Wrote in a compleynte of hire heuynesse [ 655]
Ȝe say tho lettre that she wrote I gesse
Nay neuer ȝit ywys quod Troilus
Now herkeneth quod Pandare it was thus [ 658]
(95) (Oenone's Letter to Paris. 1 st.)
Phebus that first fonde art of medicine [ 659]
Quod sche and cowde in euery wightes care
Remedie and rede by herbes he knew fine
Ȝit to hym self his konnyng was ful bare [ 662]
For loue had hym so bownden in a snare
Al for the doughter of kyng Amete
That al his crafte ne cowde his sorowes bete [ 665]
Page  25(96)
Right so fare I vnhappily for me [ 666]
I loue oon best and that me smarteth sore
And ȝit paranter can I reden the
And not my self reproue me no more [ 669]
I haue no cause I wote wel for to sore
As dothe an hauke that lysteth for to playe
But to thyn helpe somwhat can I saye [ 672]
And of wo thing right siker maystow be [ 673]
That certeyne for to dye in the peyne
That I schal neuer to moo discouer the
Ne by my trouthe I kepe not restreyne [ 676]
The fro thi loue thogh that it were Eleyne
That is thi brother wyf if I it wyste
Be what sche be and loue her as the lyste [ 679]
Therfore as frende fullyche in me assure [ 680]
And telle me plat now what is thencheson̄
And finaly cause of wo that ȝe endure
For dowtes nothing myn entencion̄ [ 683]
Is not to yow of reprehencion̄
To speke as now for no wight may be-reve
A man to loue til hym lyst to leve [ 686]
And wittes wel bothe too been vices [ 687]
Mystrist alle or elles alle be-leve
But wel I wote the meene of hit no vice is
For to trusten sum man it is a proeue [ 690]
Of trouthe and for-thy wolde I fayne remoeve
Thy wronge conceite and do the som wight truste
Thy woo to telle and telle me ȝif the lyste [ 693]
Page  26(100)
The wise seith woo hym that is allone [leaf 4, back] [ 694]
For and he falle he has no helpe to rise
And sitħ thou hast a felow telle thy mone
For this is not certeyne the next vice [ 697]
To wynnen loue as techen vs tho wise
To walow and wepe as nybo tho quene
whos terys ȝit marble ben ysene [ 700]
Lat be thi wepyng and thy drerinesse [ 701]
And lat vs lessen woo with otheres speche
So may thy woful tyme seme lesse
Delite not in woo þi woo seche [ 704]
As done thes foles that hir sorowes eche
With sorowe when thay haue mysauenture
And lyst not to sechen other cure [ 707]
Men seyen to wreche is consolacion̄ [ 708]
To haue a-nother felow in his peyne
That ought wel ben owre oppynion̄
For bothe thou and I of loue we pleyne [ 711]
So ful of sorow am I sothe for to seyne
That certenly nomore harde grace
May sitte on me for-why ther is no space. [ 714]
If god wil thou art not a-gaste of me [ 715]
Lest I wolde of thy lady the begile
Thou wottyst thi-self whom that I loue parde
As I best can gon̄ sithen longe while [ 718]
And sithen thou wottist I do hit for no gyle
And seyst I am he whom thou tristest most
Telle me somwhat syn̄ al my woo thou wost [ 721]
Page  27(104)
Ȝit Troilus for al this no worde seide [ 722]
But longe he lay as stylle as he dede were
And after this with sikyng he a-breyde
And to Pandarus voys he lent his ere [ 725]
And vp his eyen cast he that in fere
Was Pandarus lest that in a frenesie
He schulde falle or elles sone dye [ 728]
And cryed awake ful wonderly and scharpe [ 729]
what slombrestow as yn a litargie
Or artow lyke an asse to the harpe
That herys sone whane men the strynges pley [ 732]
Bot in his mynde of that no melodie
May synke in hym to gladen for that he
So dulle is of his bestialite [ 735]
And with that pandare of his wordes stynte [ 736]
And Troilus ȝit hym nothing answered
For-thi to tellen was not his entente
To neuer man̄ for whom he so farde [ 739]
For it is seide men maken oft a ȝarde
With whiche tho maker is hym self beten̄
In sondry manere as tho wise treten̄ [ 742]
And namely in his cownsel tellynge [ 743]
That touches loue that ought to been secree
For of hym self it wyl noght owte springe
Bo[t] if that hit tho better gouerned bee [ 746]
Eke somtyme it is craft to seme flee
ffor thing which in effecte men hunte faste
Alle this gan Troilus in his herte caste [ 749]
Page  28(108)
But neuer the les whan he had herde hym crye [ 750]
A-wake. he gan to syke wonder sore
And seid frende thogh that I stylle lye
I am not defe now pes and crye no more [ 753]
For I haue harde thy prouerbes and thi lore
Bot suffre me my myschef to bewayllen
For thi prouerbes may me not a-vaillen [ 756]
Nor other cure canstow noon for me [leaf 5] [ 757]
Eke I wil not be cured I wil dye
What know I of the quene Nyobe
Let be thyn olde paroles I the praye [ 760]
No quod Pandare therfore I seye
Suche is delite of foles to be-wepe
Her woo but to seke bote thay ne kepe [ 763]
Now know I that reson in the feileth [ 764]
Bot telle me if I wist what sche were
For whom that al the this mysauenture ailleth
Dorst thou that I tolde her in hir ere [ 767]
Thy woo sithen thow derst not thi-self for fere
And hir besoght on the to haue som routhe
Why nay quod he by god and by my trouthe [ 770]
What not as bisely quod Pandarus [ 771]
As though myn owne lyf lay on this nede
No certes brother quod this Troilus
And why for that thou schuldest neuer spede [ 774]
Wostow that well. ȝe that is owte of drede
Quod Troilus for al that euer ȝe konne
Sche nyl to noon suche wrecche as I be wonne [ 777]
Page  29(112)
Quod Pandarus allas what may this be [ 778]
That thou dispered art thus causeles
what lyves not thy lady benedicite
How wostow soo that thou arte graceles [ 781]
Suche evel is not alwey boteles
Whi putte not Impossible thus thi cure
Syn thing to come is oft in a-venture [ 784]
I graunte wel that thou endurest woo [ 785]
As scharpe as dothe tho ticius in helle
Whos stomak foules tyren euer moo
That higħten vultures as bokes telle [ 788]
But I may not endure that thou dwelle
In so vnskilfull an opinion̄
That of thi woo is no curacion̄ [ 791]
But onys nyltow for thi coward hert [ 792]
And for thyn Ire and foly wilfulnes
For wantrust tellen of thy sorowes smart
Ne to thyn owne helpe doo besinesse [ 795]
As moche as speke a reson more or lesse
Bo[t] lyest as he that lyst of nothing recche
What woman̄ cowde loue suche a wrecche [ 798]
What may sche deme other of thy dethe [ 799]
If thou thus dye and sche not why hit is
Bot that for fere is ȝelden vp thy brethe
For grekes han beseged hus Iwis [ 802]
Lord what a thonke schalt thou haue of this
Thus wil sche sey and al tho town at onys
Tho wrecche is dede tho devil haue his bones [ 805]
Page  30(116)
Thou mayst allone here wepe erye and knele [ 806]
But loue a womman that sche wote it noght
And sche wil quyte the that thou schalt not fele
Vnknow vnkyst and lost that is not sowght [ 809]
What many a man̄ hathe loue ful dere bowght
Twenty wintur that his lady wist
That neuer ȝit his ladyes mothe he kyst [ 812]
What schulde he therfore falle in dispeer [ 813]
Or be recreant for his owne tene
Or slee hym self al be his lady faire
Nay nay but euer in oon be fresche and grene [ 816]
To serue and loue his dere hertys quene
And thynke it is a guerdon̄ hir to serue
A thousand folde more then he can deserue [ 819]
And of that worde toke hede Troilus [leaf 5, back] [ 820]
And thoght a-non what foly he was Inne
And how that sothe hym seid Pandarus
That for to slee hym self myght he not wynne [ 823]
But bothe do vnmanhode and a synne
And of his dethe his lady not to wyte
For of his woo god wote sche knew ful lyte [ 826]
And with that thoght he gan ful sore syke [ 827]
And seide allas what is me best to doo
To whom Pandere answered if the lyke
Tho best is that thou telle me al thi woo [ 830]
And haue my trouthe bot thou fynde it soo
I be thy bote or that I be ful longe
To peces do me drawe and sithen honge [ 833]
Page  31(120)
Ȝee so seys thow quod Troilus tho allas [ 834]
But god wote it is not tho rather soo
Ful hard were hit to helpe in this cas
For wel fynde I that fortune is my foo [ 837]
Ne alle tho folke that ride can or goo
May of hir cruel wele tho harme withstonde
For as her list sche pleys with free and bonde [ 840]
Quod Pandarus than blamestow fortune [ 841]
For thou art worthe ȝee now at erst I see
Wotyst not thou wel that fortune is comune
To euery maner wigħt in som degree [ 844]
And ȝit thou hast this comfort loo parde
That as her ioyes mosten ouer gon̄
So mote here sorowes passen euery-chon̄ [ 847]
For ȝif her whele stynt any thing to tourne [ 848]
Than cesed sche fortune a-non to bee
Now sitħ her whele by no wey may soiourne
What wostow ȝif her mutabilite [ 851]
Right as thiself lyst wole done by the
Or that sche be not fer fro thin helpyng
Perantur thou hast cause for to syng [ 854]
And therfore mostow whate I the beseche [ 855]
Lat be thy woo and tornyng to the grounde
For who-so list haue helyng of his leche
To hym bihoues first vnwry his wounde [ 858]
To cerberus in helle aye be I bounde
were hit for my sister all thy sorow
Be my wille sche scholde be thyn to morow [ 861]
Page  32(124)
Loke vp I say and telle me what sche is [ 862]
A-non that I may goo aboute thy nede
Know I her ought for my loue telle me this
Than wolde I hope the rather for to spede [ 865]
To gan the veyne of Troilus to spede
For he was hitte and waxid al rede for schame
A ha quod pandare here beginnes game [ 868]
And with that worde he gan hy[m] for to schake [ 869]
And seide thef thou schalt her name telle
But then gan cely Troilus for to quake
As thogh men schulde haue ledde hym in to helle [ 872]
And seide allas of al my woo the welle
Then is my swete foo called Creseide
And welnygh with the worde for fere he deide [ 875]
And whan that Pandare herde her name neuen [ 876]
Lord he was glade and seid frend so dere
Now fare a-right for Ioves name in heuene
Loue hathe besette the wel be of gode chere [ 879]
For of gode name wisdom and manere
Sche has I-nogh and eke of gentilnesse
If sche be faire thou wost thy-self I gesse [ 882]
Ne neuer saw a more bountevous [leaf 6] [ 883]
Of hir estate ne gladder ne of speche
A frendelier ne a more gracious
Forto doo wel ne lasse had ned to seche [ 886]
what forto done and al this bette to eche
In honowre to as far as sche may streche
A kynges hert semes by her a wreche
Page  33(128)
[And for-thi / looke of good confort that thou be *. [[Harl. 2392,]] [lf. 16, bk.]
for certenli / the firste poynt is this
of noble corage / thou ordeyne the
to haue pes / witħ thi seluen I-wis [ 893]
so ouhtest thou / for noght but good it is
to louyn weel / & in a worthi place
Men auħt not to clepe it hap / but grace] [ 896]
And also thinke and ther-with glade the [ 897]
That sithen thi lady vertuous is al
So folowith hit that there is som pitte
A-monges alle these other in general [ 900]
And for-thy se that thou in special
Requyre not that is a-ȝens her name
For vertu streccheth not hym self to schame [ 903]
1. [[Addit. 12,044,not in Harl. 1239.]] [lf. 13, bk.] [¶ But wel is me / that euere that I was borne [ 904]
Þat thow bisette art / in so good a place
For my trouthe / in loue I durst haue sworne
The shuldest neuere / a tyd / thus faire a grace [ 907]
And wostow why / for thow were wond to chace
At loue in scorne / and for despite hym calle
Seynt Idiot / lorde of these fooles alle [ 910]
¶ How often hastow made / thy nece Iapes [ 911]
And seyde / that loues seruauntes euerychone
Of nycete / ben verry goddes Apes
Lyggyng a bedde / and make hem for to grone [ 914]
And somme wold meche / he meten al-on
And somme thow seidist / hadde a blaunche feuere
And preidest god / he shulde neuere keuere [ 917]
Page  34(132)
[¶ And somme of hem / took on hym for the colde *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 14]
More þanne I-now / so seydest þou ful ofte
And somme han feyned oftyn tyme / and tolde
How þat þey waken / whanne thei slepen softe [ 921]
And thus they wolde haue brougħt hem self a-lofte
And nathelees / were vndir at the laste
Thus seidest þou / and Impedist ful faste [ 924]
¶ Ȝyt seidest thow / that þe more part [ 925]
These loueres / wolde spekyn / in generaɫɫ
And thougħten that is / was a sekir art
For faylyng / for tassayen ouer aɫɫ [ 928]
Now may I Iape of the / ȝif þat y shaɫɫ
But natheles / thougħ þat I sholde deye
That þou art noon of thoo / I dar wel seye [ 931]
¶ Now bete thi brest / and sey to god of loue [ 932]
Thy grace lorde / for now y me repent
Ȝif I mysspak / for now my self I loue
Þus sey witħ al thyn herte / in good entent [ 935]
Quod Troylus / a lord I me repent
And prey to the / my Iapes thow for-ȝeue
And I schal neuere-more / whil I leue [ 938]
¶ Thow seist wel quod Pandarus / and now I hope [ 939]
That thow þi goddes wratthe hast al apesed
And syn thow hast wepyn / many a drope
And seide sweche thynk / wher-with þi god is plesed [ 942]
Wolde now neuere god / but þou were esed
And thynk wel she / of whom a-rist al þi wo
Here-aftir / may thi confort be also [ 945]
Page  35(136)
[¶ For thilke ground / that bereth the weedes wykke [ 946]
Beretħ ek these blosmes / herbes as ful ofte *. [[Addit. 12,044]]
Next the foule netle / rougħ and þikke
The rose wexit sote. / smothe and softe [ 949]
And next þe valeye / is þe hiɫɫ a-lofte
And next the derke nygħt / .the glad morwe
And also Ioye is next / the fyn of sorwe [ 952]
¶ Now loke that / atempre be thy brydeɫɫ *. [[Addit. 12,044,]] [lf. 14, bk.]
And for the best / ay suffre to that tyde
Or ellis al labour / is on ydeɫɫ
He hastetħ wel / that wysely can a-byde [ 956]
Be diligent and trew / and ay wel hyde
Be lusty free / perseuere in thi seruyse
And al is wel / ȝif þou werche in this wyse [ 959]
¶ But he þat departid is / in euery place [ 960]
Is nougħ where hool / as wrytyn clerkys wyse
What wondir is / thougħ suyche on haue no grace
Eke wostow / how. it fareth of som seruyse [ 963]
As plant / a tre / or herbe in sondry wyse
And on the morwe / pul it be-liue
No wondir is / thougħ it may not thryue [ 966]
¶ And syn that god of loue / hatħ the be-stowed [ 967]
In place digne / on to þi wurthynesse
Stond fast for to good port hast þou rowed
And of thy self / for ony heuynesse [ 970]
Hope al-wey wel / for but ȝif drerynesse
Or honure hast oure bothis labour shende
I hope of this / to make a good ende] *. [[Addit. 12,044 bit ends.]]
Page  36(140)
And wotys thou not why I am the lesse a-ferde *. [[Harl. 1239,]] [leaf 6.] [ 974]
Of this matere with my nece to trete
For this haue I ofte herde sey and lerede
Was neuer man̄ nor woman̄ ȝit begete [ 977]
That was vnate to souffren loues hete
Celestyal or elles loue of kynde
For-thi som grace I hope in hir to fynde [ 980]
And for to speke of her in special [ 981]
Hir bewte to bethenk and hir ȝouthe
It sitte her noght to be celestial
As ȝit thogh that hir lyst bothe and couthe [ 984]
Bot truly it sitte hir wel right vouthe
A worthy knyght to loue and cherise
And bot sche doo I holde hit for a vice [ 987]
THerfore I am and wil be al redy [ 988]
To peyn me to do ȝow this servise
For bothe ȝow to plese this hope I
Herafterward for ȝe be bothe wise [ 991]
And can hit conseile kepe in suche wise
That no man̄ schal tho wiser of hit be
And so we may be glade alle thre [ 994]
And be my trouthe I haue right now of the [ 995]
A gude conseit in my witte as I gesse
And what it is I wil now that thou se
I thinke that sithe loue of his godenesse [ 998]
Has the conuerted oute of wikkednesse
That thou schalt be tho best post I weue
Of alle his laye and moste his foos greue [ 1001]
Page  37(144)
Ensample why se now thees grete clerkes [ 1002]
That aldermoste a-ȝen lawe
Han ben conuerted from her wicked werkes
Thorogh grace of god that lyst hem to hym drawe [ 1005]
Than ar thoo folke that can moste gode in lawe
And strengest feithed as I vnderstonde
And konne an erroure alderbest withstonde [ 1008]
WHan Troilus had herd Pandare assented [ 1009]
To be his helpe in louyng of Creseide
Wax of his woo as who seis vnturmented
Bot hotter wax his loue and than he seide [ 1012]
With soure chere al-thoght his hert pleide
Now blestful Venus helpe or that I sterve
Of the Pandare I may som thanke deserue [ 1015]
But dere frende how schal my woo be lesse [ 1016]
Til this be done and gud eke telle me this
How wiltow sey of me and my distresse
Lest sche be wrothe this drede I most yvis [ 1019]
Or wil not here ne trowe what it is
Allas this drede I and eke for the manere
Of the hyre Eeme sche wil no suche thing here [ 1022]
QVod Pandarus thou hast a ful grete care [leaf 6, back] [ 1023]
Lest at the Churle falle owte of the mone
Why lord I hate of the thi nyce fare
Why entremete of that thou hast to done [ 1026]
For goddes loue I bidde the a bone
So lat me a-lone and hit schal be thi beste
Why frende quod he now do right as the lyste [ 1029]
Page  38(148)
But herke Pandare wo worde for I nolde [ 1030]
That thou wendest in me so grete folye
That to my lady I desire schulde
That towcheth harme or ony vilanye [ 1033]
For dredeles me were leuer to dye
Then sche of me ought elles vnderstode
But that that myght sowne vnto gode [ 1036]
THenne lougħ Pandare and a-non answerede [ 1037]
And I thy borogh. fy no wight dos bot soo
I rought not thogh that sche stode and herde
How that thou seist but fare-wel I wil goo [ 1040]
A dieu be glad god spede vs bothe too
Ȝeve me this laboure and this besinesse
And of my spede be thine al the swetnesse [ 1043]
THo Troilus gan dovn on knees to falle [ 1044]
And Pandare in his armes hent faste
And seide now fy on tho grekes alle
Ȝit parde god schal helpe at the laste [ 1047]
And dredeles if that my lyf may laste
And god to-forne loo som of hem schal smerte
And ȝit me thinkes that this avant may sterte [ 1050]
Now Pandarus I can no more seye [ 1051]
But thou wise. thou wost. thou mayst. thou arte aɫɫ
My lif my dethe hole in thy honde I leye
Helpe now quod he. ȝis by my trouthe I schal [ 1054]
God ȝelde the frende as this in special
Quod Troilus that thou me recommaunde
Tyl hir that may me to the dethe commaunde [ 1057]
Page  39(152)
THis Pandarus tho desyrus to serue [ 1058]
His ful frende tho seid in this manere
Fare-wel and that I wil thy thanke deserue
Haue her my trouthe and that thou schalt wel here [ 1061]
And went his weye thinkyng on this matere
And how he beste myght her beseche of grace
And fynde a leyser therto and a space [ 1064]
For euery wight that has a hous to fovnde [ 1065]
Ne renneth not tho warke for to begynne
With rakel honde but he wil byde a stounde
And sette hertis lyne oute fro with-Inne [ 1068]
Alderfirst his purpos for to wynne
Al this Pandare in his hert thought
And caste his werke ful wisely or he wrought [ 1071]
BVt Troilus lay then no lenger downe [ 1072]
Bot vp a-non vpon his stede bay
And in tho felde he pleyde tho lyone
Woo was tho greke that met with hym that day [ 1075]
And in tho towne his manere to fore ay
So godely was and gate hym so in grace
That eche hym loued that loked in his face [ 1078]
For he be-come tho frendelist wight [ 1079]
Tho gentillest and eke tho moste free
Tho thryftiest and won the beste knyght
That in his tyme was or myght bee [ 1082]
Dede were his Iapes and his cruelte
His higħ porte and his manere straunge
And eche of hem gan to a vertu chaunge [ 1085]
Page  40(156)
Now Lat vs Stynt of Troilus a Stovnde [leaf 7] [ 1086]
That fares like a man̄ that hurt is sore
And is somdel aking of his wovnde
I-blessed wel but heled no del more [ 1089]
And as an esy pacient the lore
Abitte of hym that goth a-boute his cure.
And thus he dries forthe his a-venture [ 1092]
[End of Book I: no gap in MS.]